Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on February 22, 1973 · Page 12
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 12

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1973
Page 12
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Pasrc 4B XEWS-HERAT.D, Panama City, Fla., Thursday, Fcbniary 23, 1973 PEOPLE Entertainer Blasts ^Distorted Image HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) — Entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. says the^ current wave of m o V i es glamorizing black pimps and hustlers in a setting of violence and greed are giving^ a distorted Image of the American black. "I am not opposed to one movie like 'Super Tly,' the slnr said during his visit to promote the Sammy-Davis Jr. Greater Hartford Open Golf tournament. "Twenty of them got to be too many. We need something to counteract the ripoffs." MOSCOW (UPI) - General Socretai-y Leonid I. Brezhnez of the Soviet Communist party left by train for Prague Tuesday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of a Communist government in Czechoslovakia, the Tass news agency said. LONDON (UPI) — A miniature of King Charles H by Samuel Cooper, given by the King to his favorite girlfriend Nell Gwynn, was sold at Christie's salesroom Tuesday for $26,500. "It was a world auction record for the, artist," a spokesman said. "The previous record for a Cooper miniature was $6,000." The miniature, signed and dated 1661, was sent for sale anonymously and was bought by a private foreign buyer, he said. , BERLIN (UPI) — East German border guards suspecting a refugee plot to flee to the West shot at an ice truck Tuesday but later apologized and said it was a mistake. West Berlin police said border guards fired two shots at a West Berlin truck that daily picks up ice at Eastern plant and brings it over the border to West Berlin. One shot went through the left front fender and blew out a tire. "I beg your pardon" a border guard officer said to the shocked driver. "It was a mistake." The driver changed the fire and continued his Journey. BONN (UPI) — Robert S. McNamara, president of the World Bank, arrived in Bonn Tuesday for two days of talks with government officials on financial aid to developing nations, government spokesmen said. McNamara later conferred with Finance Minister Helmut Schmidt and Erhard Epplcr, the minister for economic cooperation. He was scheduled to meet Chancellor Willy Brandt and President Gustav Heinemann Wednesday. BOGOTA (UPI) — Thirty- for.r Colombian stowaways seized Feb. 15 aboard the Chilean freighter Aconcagua at Jacksonville, Fla., have been returned to Bogota by air for trial, authorities reported Tuesday. SALT LAKE CITY (UPI) The University of Utah dormitory food service wanted to honor George Washington on President's Day, so they baked a cherry pie—containing 30,000 cherries. Jay Jones, chief baker at the university's Ballif Hall, was the pie's architect and builder. He said the billion calorie monstrosity Weighed 230 pounds, was 19 feet around, and cost $100. Jones said the big pastry was eaten completely at Monday's noon meal, with 1,018 persons joining the feast. SACRAMENTO, Calif. (UPI) - Two sisters who came here from the Middle East several years ago say the belly dance is being "vulgarly used" in the United States. The truth of our native dance has been prostituted," said Rawad and Aida Akkawi, who teach a course at Sacramento State University in Baladi (or Oriental) dancing. "We were very much hurt because the dance was vulgarly used," said Aida, a stdent ^ the university. "The girls didn't know what they were doing. All they were doing in the nightclubs was shaldng..." Rawad said, "Here the main objective is to seduce this or that solicit drinks or to get money." YOUR NEWS-HHAID Grocery Check List _ r\»En».wms . BAKKRVPHnmicra ,^ rKF.nRiFs BRF.W _ inH:iu.o.'*criir5 vui-ircorKTAiL ^BOLIABUNS , „„ „, ^ J • CA1.SVI' GI|AmRl!lT CRACKERS „„_^ ^CIIOCOLATB MARASCHlNOCHERRlESf, CAKE ^COCO.V PEACHES _^CODKIES • • , , ^ COCONUV PEARS ^•BKVERAftES COFFKE PINEAPPLE ^,COOKINCOIL .FRyiT JUICES , BEER 1 ConNSTARCll BAKED BEAM.*: CARU.BEVERV,ES_ • ^CREAMOFTAm'AR BEETS ' ,.WNE . CORN .. T „ BABYFOOD ^TLOUR.ALl.PURrOSfi GREEN on LIMA BEANS.,, „. CANDY ^ W,OUI(.CAKE MIXED VEGKTADLtS CEREAL • • ^ FnOSTINCMI.V PF:\S • . ... ^CHOCOLATE SYRUP ^CELATIN- .POT.\TOi;S-wniTE,S \nE^ PACKAGED DINNERS ^ GRITS PUMPKIN • . " . poT.vrocHips ^MACAnovr KAUEIIKRAUT _BNACKFOODS • ^MAYONVAWK TOM.VrOES PETFOOD MILK TOMATO SAI.'CE ,PAi15P ^ CIGARETTES ^MiX.KIS^-.L'ir , , . SCHOOLSfPI'MKS ^MIXKS,CAKK- VEGCTARLBJUTCES. J. . MIXES. OTHER. CHICKEN' . rAPERCOOVSiclb... , j__SHlSTARD ^BAI^PAPER. .'.. . , ^NOODLES MEAT .. \ BAGS.PLASTIO - , ^NOTS MAlNttlSHes . . BATHROOMTISSUS. - ,; , PEPPER • . ... . CRANBERRVSAUCC .- . TOIL ^ . : ^POTATOE &lKSrWr, ^PUDDINGS- JELlYbBJA^^ • rWEZERSOFVW" ^POTATOE &lKSrWr, ^PUDDINGS- OtIVKS HANKIES .MCE- PFjVNOTBtnTEB NAPKINS ^•SALADBRESSINC PICKLES.«ELtSHE8. ..PAPER PLATES' • , ^SALT SAUCES. GRAVIES ^ PAPER TOWELS^SHORTENING • . SOUPS • _ PICNICSUPPLIES , ^SPACHETn- PLASTIC WRAP ^SPICES SANDWICH BAGS . - ^SUGAR.BROWN • SHELFPAPER sitr.Aii.,rnS-p. , , ifWKtKSinMnn. .. 3 ^S0CAR.GRANULATn> YlllIirJOICES ' ^•SVHUP.CORN i'RUir HOtSEHOLOSUPPtlES ^ ^SYRUP.PANCAKE POTATO PRODUCTS . . BABYSUPPUES r , ^ mVF.KTENER OTHERVEGETABLES BLEACH *, , TEA mil BLUING ^•VANILM SEAFOOD CLEANER-ALL-PURPOSE WNECAR • MEATIIEMS CLEANER-BATHROOM ^ WORCESTERSHIRE . DINNERS CLEA^'ER-BRASS. COPPER. PIZZAS- CLEANER-OVEN • ENTREES • WAX ' HOU.S CLEANER-WI.NDOW . BREAD DOl'GH CL)iANSKR ^ PI:T..VIMIW^SIII:H ,_, PIES "fTRNrn'HKPOf,isn APPLES ', ,, • OTHEROESSERTS .GADGIiTS • BANANAS SNACK m-MS LIGHT BULBS- ^BLDEBERRIES. SHOE POLISH . nnirnpnillT MAT^^IIl-S j;n»P_l.-ACF. -LEMONS . • .• MEATS SOAP-LAL-NDRY ""MELONS ,, FISH • .STARCH GROUND BfiF^ .TOpTHPICh'S pFACHKS OTHERBEEFCOTS mTERhOFlEXER • PEAKS PORK • PINKAPPLE HAM • . *jf.nMS 1 BACON • i_ 8TRA\VBEBHIES • .SAUSAGE • OTHER • ,., TBANKFtTRTEnS IIRfGlTEVS . VEAI. • liOBBYPlNS • „ PRODUCE-VEU.. LIVER IIAIII SPRAY • , LUNCHEON MEATS HEAUACHi; REMEDIES • CHICKEN •• • -. LOTIONS BRUSSELS SPROUTS •TURKEY RAZORBLADES CABBAGF, OTHERPOOLTHV . SANITARYNAPKIN.S- CARROT."! ^ 1 . SHA.MPOO ^BUBJU . , WAVJNopiEAM , _ ^COBN , BUTTER.. .TAMPONS. CUCUMBERS CHEESE CARLIC CHEESE SPREADS TOOTHPASTE.BRt;SH ^ CREEN PEPPERS CREAM. COFFEE LETTUCE, ONIONS qREAM.WHIPPINO OTHERS DIPS' JEAS EGGS , POTATOES ICE CREAM. SHERBET J^MISHM. ^SPINACH, ,aiiLK. ..jams sau&. PUBLISHED FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF OUR CUSTOMERS... TO MAKE GROCERY SHOPPING EASY. sss» ORESN r STAMP NEWS-HERALD, Panama City, Fla,, Thursday, Febraary 32, 1973 Page 3B HICKORY SMOXm OTAMPa ilAMS Save on Ywir "Chopping..;' .sh«>P PiiSly W kx I v! •/< PORK Lom SUCB SWIFTPREMIUM BUHERBALL TURKEYS ...vdiere you get Penny Pinchin' Prices every day! oneeN STAMPS OR TOMS This Week's FEi PLATE VALUABLE COUPONy^ FACKAGi: OF48 TETLEY TEA BAGS < WITH THIS COUPON ....2-28<73 ONLY One Coupon pwpuieli{ae--^alfd thru. PKSGLYWIGGLY 2-28-734 MjumEuHoosi^ 1#BAG „;STYBIORII "korysmokeb mi ROMAN MiALOR WORLD BACON HI «JlMAMrA #*e REG. LOAVES 1# PACKAGE emit CUT R» PORK CHOPS u. cum CUT LOIN CHOPS 1# TUBS 00 Crri 00 NORTHERN aiMlf ^NE WITH 7.00 ORDER) VALUABLE TISSUE 4R0LLPKG. NORTHERN TOWELS URGE ROLL lOOIREE m GREEN STAMPS wmipmciMSEOF 7«00ORiR0RE COaPOIIBPnESia24,1973 COUPON DEU AND BAKERY L SPECIAL ORekiM r arrAMPal FRESH, CRISP LETTUCE HUB JUICT TOMATOES PACK CELLO BUNCH BMNSNESM «M«M«««M »««««^p\r^ »10* ESCAROLL • • • RUNCH KRAFT 32 OZ. SIZE CMEASE LIMIT ONE WITH 7.00 ORBER) MAYONNAISE CHICKEN OF THE SEA TUNA. i'T 6ROTTIE CARTONS Piwdtpoiit (UMIT3) NABISCO PREMIUM SALTMES .^x NABISCOPIEMIUM m^i. CNOCPIHWHEELS 53* PILLSRUtY HSCIIITS «'AK CAMPBEU. TONATO SOUP MORTONS • BLUEBERRY MUFFINS 9oz. 49< • MINIDO-NUTS 100Z. 49< BEANS D £4/l MNBHEAM STYLE kJ k ROAST TURKEY %LBL • • • GIBLET CRJiiVir* • • • APPLE A CHERRY PT. PT. lEAMSTYLE ^ ySlifW LWDYCRi 303 Wi/ M || CAM W/ N PARADE 303 ^ ^99^ »MHOLE 4% /OOt PARADE'A 303 ^ /OO sssssi LUX LIQUpiAKE DOWNY WAf™ CAN N LIMAS ^ moiM ATOES CAN 22 OZ. OR OXYDOL (GIANT SIZE) 120Z. GIBSON DISCOUNT CENTER B36W.11TH STREET MHIVHUAREA 2404R.5TH $TRntr LYNN HAVEN 617 OHIO AVE. BEACH AREA 6700W.HWY.9B ST. ANDREW 2901W.HWY.9S OPEN AUDAY SUNDAY tiOHEOPEN ^^^VEBBOmilNVRieHTYOUMirQOANTITNS •I SECURITY FORCES for French President Georgei Pompidou (liatless, bad^imfl) outside tlie Imperial palace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian capital, include a snarling cheetah on leash. Romney Exits Television Show DETROIT (UPI) - George Romney, whose 1968 presidential campaign started on the skids following his famous "brainwash" statement on a Detroit television show, stormed the set of the same show in this month, it was revealed. Romney, who resigned as secretary of housing and urban development following President Nixon re-election last November, took off his head microphone, tossed it on the floor, and stalked off the stage during an interview with Lou Gordon The incident occurred during a taping Feb. 10 for a show to be aired Saturday night. The show's transcript was released Tuesday. Roniney's abrupt exit followed this remark by Gordon: "You're stiU an idealist, aren't you?" Romney described himself as a "practical idealist." cited examples of how he has applied his ideals and then said: "Lou, you haven't changed, either. You throw all the dirt you can, in as short a time as you can, and all of the mosquitos and everything. And then you expect a fellow to sit here and undertake to answer all of it in just two or three minutes. And it's impossible." Romney sighed, took of the microphone and walked away. He is later seen walking back towards Gordon and shaking his finger at the televisicm commentator. It was on Gordon's show in August, 1967, when Romney was governor of Michigan, that he said of a visit be had made to Vietnam in the course of his presidential campaigning: "When I came back from Vietnam, I just had the greatest brainwashing anybody could get." The remarks, directed mainly at Pentagon officials, made national headlines and had a detrimental effect on Romney's p o pu 1 a r i t y. He eventually stepped down as a presidential candidate. In the latest Interview with Gordon, Romney, complained he had not been given the opportunity to speak at his plans for the future. He accused Gordon of harping on controversial issues of the past. Gordon tried to keep Romney from leaving by asking him it he would like to tape another segment in which he could elaborate on his plans for the future. Romney is currently involved in the formation of a national consumers organiza* tion Riot Erupts At Concert ADELAIDE, Australia (UPI) — Four policemen were injured and 40 rock music fans arrested Tuesday night when a mob of about 4,(K)0 tried to get into a packed Rolling Stones concert. Police said 9,000 orderly fans had filled the stadium to capacity, leaving about 4,000 outside unable to get in. In theur frenzy to get into the Memorial Drive stadium, the crowd tore up barbed wire fences, hurled beer cans and fought about 100 policemen. Mick Jagger, leader of the British rock group, said Wednesday he knew nothing about the riot outside the stadium. "We just don't know anything about it," he said. "We were playing at the time and everybody in the audience was beautiful." A, B, C Best They Can Do FRESNO, Calif. (UPI) — After six children, the Fred Williams' family is running out of obvious names. So Williams and his wife gave their newest arrivals—triplet girls—the temporary names, "A," "B" and "C" after their birth Thursday. The girls, bom nine weeks premature, joined five boys and one girl in the family. The babies are In special newborn treatment facilities at Valley ChUdren's Hoepiteal. IT'S TIME FOR A CHARGE FOR THE BETTEIU VOTE FOR TOM HIPPS COMMISSIONER WARD 4 TUES.FEB.27lh • Tom Hipps is a public minded man. Ha will serv» the <:ity v/ith dignity, with integrity and purpose. A vote for Tom Hipps is a vote for effectivo diy government. • Tom Hipps has his fingers on the pulse of Panama City. He knows its people and its needs. Vote for Tom Hipps for Commissinner in Ward IV. You will be olad you did. He will serve you welL • Tom Hipps is not seeking eledon to the dly commission in Ward IV to be elegible to receive a pension. Tom Hipps is seeking the office to contribute to the progress of our city. I')

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