The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 8, 1943
Page 1
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VOLUME XL—NO. 45. Bjythevjlte DtUy Newi Blythevllie Herald Blytlievllie Courier 'Mississippi V»U*y LE COURIER NEWS ^NEWBTAPEIl OF NIOBTHEAST AHKAN8A8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI *• '? V »v/$' #"1"*; HLYTHKVjLLK.:-AlU<ANSAS, SATUUDAY, MAY 8, .V \<> ' Today's War Commentary Record of Failures Axis Now Must Dig-Up Now Alibis By THOMAS I. DUNOIIUE of Untied IVess Adolf Hitler and Company have a lot of ex|)!;iiiiinjf to do lo their people. Everything, it seems, has gnnc wrong with the aflairs of the Axis firm. n , G M C !' in , B ' )MCe boilstei1 lhilt Berlhl Wl)ul 'l "oviii- be bomhccl. But it is being bombod. . Hi tier onco «aid Rnglund would be vvi|,e,| from the face of the earth and that Buropc was improvable to invasion. .LngJiiml today is the attack base for millions of superbly equipped troops, poised for an imminent invasion of the Continent. Hitler once declared that tlic * : Antiy was utterly broken and SINGI/B COPIES VIVK CENTS'/;-? FINAL ATTACKS IN TUNISIA would never rise again. The Russians today nre more power/Hi than ever and arc hammering apart tlic last Nazi bridgehead in the Caucasus. The Germans once scoffed nt the British In Africa as military Idiots and they prepared for a triumphal inarch into Cairo and the Nile. Valley. Today, the British and Americans arc running the Nazis into the Mediterranean from 'their lust, foothold on the Af- lican continent. Called Us Soft i Tlic Nazis once belittled the Americans as a nation of' weaklings —too soft and too decadent, to flglit. Today, American fighting men are giving the lie to the Axis assertions on land, sea and In the uir, The Gennnns once claimed to have achieved unbreakable solidarity and collaboration among the peoples of' Europe under their sbrcalled New Order. Today, ; the European peoples arc In the throes of an underground civil war against Nazi rule. 'The Luftwaffe, with which Hitler believed hc could conquer tUe world, lias bceii paled by the tremendous aerial armadas of the Allies. i From. beginning to end, 'it Ls a record of failure^ for the Axis despite jits impressive early victories. Now., tlie. . iion are salhcriiig around the continent. '- •'•, The Gerinans are jumpy; the Italians resigned. Italy's racist party leader, Carlo Scorza, lias betrayed Italian; resignation with tliC'.statcment: J'' • "If we must fall, we will .see to it that, we fall with fine dignity, with honor, so that 'tliose who follow us may continue to live with dignity and honor.' ' ' See tmpeiiding Kooin The Germans must see the handwriting on the wall, but they 'Jo not yet admit the possibility of defeat. . The closest they have conic is lo concede the possibility ol a German withdrawn! behind their so-called Siegfried line if nn Allied invasion ol the continent succeeds. ; For every tactical setback they have suffered, the Germans have dug up an explanation for their people. It was always a "move to shorten the line" when the Germans retreated. And when German cities were bombed the Na?,is claimed that uniinixirtant damage resulted, then told of imaginary retaliatory raids on the enemy.' Stalingrad, the. Germans were Informed, was important because it gave tlic Nazis time to adjust tlicir front. Tunisia, llir.y probably will be told, was of similar importance because it gave the Nazis lime to strengthen their .soulhcm fortifications. Now, it's reported, tile loudspeakers are (joins; up again in Berlin. Hiller, Gocbbcls' or Goering apparently arc about to do some more explaining to their bewildered people who once thought "it couldn't " Arkansas Briefs MTTI,E KOCK, May 8 till') —Fred Malhcs, th« accused !:layc» nf J. E. 1'arr of Jones-. boro, is quflteit as . saying hc shot Parr only when he went for his Bun. The report was fubmitlcd hy Dr. A. C. Knlh, supcririienrterit -of" the : Stale HoypiUI where Malhcs ha.s been under nhscn-aUon. ,''."'. ! Dr. Kqlb says that » 50-page report shou's re.senlmenl Parr on the iiartol bolhMath'es and bis wiff. ' HOT'SPRINGS, May ft U)'l') —John I'. KlioiHs of Kansas CUy, Mo,, says it is the duty of lawyers tn tell government officials to slap tinkering with pur • form of Rovernmcnt. Rhodes, a member of the Missouri bar, was the main speaker at the first si-«iim of the 46Mi annual meeting'of tlin Arkansas Bar Associ.ilimi at Hot Springs. Rhodes put it this way: "They must say to our pov- crnmcntal authorities: Get on with Ihe winning of the war, , : stop dreaming and show some capacity for intelligence and bold leadership.". president of''(he Arkansas b:'ir • to.succeed Hartley Wooltcn of Hot Springs. happen here." I'allcru Drawing on the past for a pattern. it. is not difficult to imagine what Hitler nr his aides will say if they are preparing a public address. They will again go Into n long discourse on the alleged iniquities (if Versailles. They will hurl imprecations at the Jewish war mongers and the capitalistic plutocracies. They will warn again of the awful dangers of Communism against which Hie Axis is fighting in the cast. They will scream of Allied terror raids on churches. <irl monument.;, civilians and other non-military objectives. They will warn the peoples of Europe once more that they must fight with Germany when the Allies invade the continent, or sec their lands become a vast battle- Held "where death and misery would roam." And finalls', Ihcy again will hold out the olive branch on their bayonets, seeking peace K-iillc they still have whole skins. 'As for the German ptjbple, they iiavc heard the whole diatribe many times before. They probably will be unimpressed, save irerhaps lo realize even stroiigcr Ihan ever Ihat they arc traveling n one-way road, at the end of which is cer- lain defeat. One is inclined to wonder whether the German willingness to make war 'Mil be as strong as It Is now when they hear their leaders again trying to explain away the Allied ascendancy on all fronts, LITTLE ROCK, Slav 8 (tlf) '.—Aitjr. Gen. Guy Williams has upheld the. validity'<if'(lie 1913 Butane-gas- amRnrlatnry act. lie fays Its legislative intent is shown clearly ilesnitc a technical error in its Hording. I.abor Commissioner W. J. McCain fimstioncd the law's validity because il xoutchl lo amend a non-r.\|stent section of tdn 1341 Bulanc-gas statute. Williams says Ilic 1941 scclion number apparently is a misprint. , One Man Seeks Two Divorces At Once Divorces from Iwo women at the same time was tlic aim of one man who has filed suit for divorce In Chancery Court. ' Franklin Scotl Hainil fled suit for a divorce from Mrs Melba Calri- wcll Hamil because lie had married her 'without being: divorced from Mrs. Ruth Brooke Hamil, from whom he also is seeking a divorce. In the suit, the plaintiff declares that his first ivlfe, Mrs. Ruth Brooke Hamil, told him that she had secured a divorce from him so hc brlievcd himself unmarried when he was wed to Mrs Mclba Caldwell Hamil. With tlic annulment of the marriage to his second wife granted in vacation, the divorce from his first wife has not yet been granted. Other divorces granted recently Include Thclma C. Atkins vs Joe Atkins; Ruby Pritchard Sanford vs Cnllen Landls Sanford and John Anderson vs Cora Anderson. Other divorces filed were: Bobbie Graves vs James .R. Graves; Roy Clifton Barger vs Evelyn Bargcr; Joe Necdham vs Pauline Nccdham; Wade R. Slmiwon vs Maxine Martin Simpson; Mayna W Farmer vs Ruth. Farmer; John Slivka vs Elsie Slivka; Audrey Carson vs R. U Carson; Virginia Roberts vs Gall Roberts; Vettrus Davidson vs Burl Davidson; Elrien Hood vs Clara Hood; Michael Lanzara vs Valeria Lamara; Curl Sveel vs Elizabeth Sweet; R. u Maples vs Raymond Jj. Maples; D. F. Anderson vs Elstc Anderson; L. E. Gordon Vs Virginia Gordon; Tom Maybcrry vs Chrisline Mayberry. In 15 minutes bj ah — the Chinese land there, are reports that a foicc of Jnps trying to cross Tung Ting Lake by launch hns been itpuhed Half of the troops arc icporlcd lo have been wiped out when the (lest roye'ri four of the launches.' .r' ' Apparently 'lh.c Jajxs .110 . . s to cnptiircciiangsha—vital Chinese communlcntjon. and.Uran.'.niititloii center just-.below' Tung Ting I akc 'Ihe -report of: the .Chinese success'aiie Central .News Agency,? r^'' ;. ' '"'-''' * General Rain Needed For Crops and Gardens The showers of yesterday af- ernoon registered .10 of an Inch icre and with overcast skies this nornlng, It was believed thai more ram might fall during the weekend to relieve the farm crops nnd vie ory gardens, badly In need of moisture. A general rain Is needed throughout the county and no reports have been received of any such amount of rain falling yesterday. Are Promised Help ST.' LpyiS,"iyS7i; <up}-A federal -fuel admirnvstratiqn official assure.'? oil producers they'll get more help to meet the nations bll shortage.') - ..•-;'.;:• ' D., R. Knowltdli, production director of the War Petroleum' Administration, tojd an oil producers convention, that.the War production Board , Is .doing all it can "to Bet them more steel fol . c<| i li[)mcilt K-ith which W brlris in new wells Said Knowllon: '"The time has now-conic, 'to'trade' steel for oil" Rut he points out Ihat the demand by other • induslrips for steel hns not been eaftd.i'Republican Congressman . plorsor of Missouri cnarged at, the convention that Price Administrator Brown's refusal to approve : a 35-ccnt per barrel increase for otudoi.oll would contribute to a tHfeatfcning oil sliorl- New Orleans ^Cotton Mch. May July Oct. Dec. July Sep. open high low close prcl 2000 2002 1908 1099 300'' 2055 205S 2C53 2052 205^ 2030 2031 z02s ?mo arm 2013 20l'3 ,2010 2013 2015 2003 2003 '2001 2002 BOOS Dec. Chicago Rye open hlch low'close Olil? 89',i Enemy Positions Softened For Ground Drive Up North Coast - • ' ".. .- - l>.v Unllnl I'rri-j 'i Allied uirniuii in the South Pacific aro•uinlimiim; lo sol 1 !Sn •!'!' , J r ! - " 0 . SIU( J"» in N «v Guinea to pave Ihu wuv-for tlic grpniul drive up (ho north coiiHt . , Two fyiuTs of- Liberators ;uid Flying Koi-lnisscs hit Main^Tf 9i !U ! eSn barS °i ?"i ll '° I10! '"' «horo^«lo«l<iv with u cad of 21 tons ol hiRh explosives. Urge lire* were ir-fi l)uriiing- at tyie.MwhHMtf airdrome iind siinnlv The double-barreled attack WHS . . ._ Uie hcflvlast raid made: on the base at Madnng 1 since the war begun.' And nt Iho'same lime lioslon attack planes conliniicd liammeilns; Ihc enemy af) jviubb where our Bioimd forces lire creeping toward Snlitmaun—also'on the coast. The aerial atsaults! on New Guinea come at a • time- when there are reports that the -Japs arc mnss- Inu troops along, the shores of Ihc Island. - •;••' H is believed.that Ihc Jiip s will make a determined. cfrorl to stop the Allied limd drivo up (he coast In the/far.i North Pacific, the Americans how'entrenched in A, n _ chllka, in Ihc AlciiUiins, point out that they're—as v they put It themselves—half, way' to Tokyo However, some- observers believe that Amchitka iimy-.first be : used us a bnse for.'a drive to retake Kiska and Attu Isliuid.s. A.«, t,ui^ is only aout from Kiska. CEILING PRICES RESElJFiDS Will Become Effective In 150 Cities Of The Nation Monday llV Illlllcil I'lTOS Uncle Sam has fired new salvoes In HID war iiyalnst., the hlyh cost of living. New food pi Ice ceilings will KO Into effect In 150 titles Monday Unlike oaillu celling thcj will not vary from merchant to merchant. Tlicj will ippl> unlfoimly [hroueh- out the comnninlly, Hie new ceiling's will be made public tomorrow Anj thcj ^111 bo publhhcdhi pamphlet lonn for live ecnvenleny: of housewives ' In the meantime, price official's ha\e set up the machinci j to bc- Bln n loll-back of food prices on Ihe first of June Tlicj plan >to moic foo<l cost-i back to wheie thcs were In^SLptciiibcr 15th Bavirigs will vary,tiom 10 pel cent foi most meats to^i-i high as W per cent for some \egelabtej; i Part of Ihe loll-back plan In- \olves a goveuimeiit subsidy >io _ from Ihe farmer "at one figure and re-s;ll it • to (h c processor at a lower nne. N Subsidies are n part'of 'the price control systems of Fngland and Canada. And l>rlcc Administrator •Brown rcvcalcs : thai government funds already nrc in use lo lielp .control Hie prices of tomatoes, JKBS, sweet corn and snap beans. ' Labor leaders seem gratlfcd thai the roll-back Is on-the way. Dul tlicy say t will not halt their campaign (o..restore the War Labor Board's power to remedy unjust 01- micYiiiRl conditions.. The'board Itself has asked for the return of Ibis jiowrr. The Senate Finance Committee fill miill oi'cr amendments (o Us pay-as-you-go lax bill today The committee has ngrccrl to adopt principles of (he riuml'plan ' • Bui II Is drafting nmciulniciils lo prevent windfalls to wealthy' lax- payers.. ' The bin will reach Ihe Scimlo floor next week. New York Cotton Mch. May July Oct. open high low close prcl. 1DV2 1073' 1070 IS73 1911 2022 2022 2021 2022 2023 2001 2001 I!lfl7 I9[) n 201)-) ins* i!)8< inso 1084 insi 1973 1!TM 1010 I07A 1972 Saskatchewan. Canada, produced 3.082,000 pounds of honey in 1910 Tlie province had '1170'beekeepers that year. In_ New Gumea When British and Americans Met In Africa szzs^BWH^jg^^ ""— : t v ** v* " , muf ** J«> . ' . ^^-f.^, J „„ . IP . » - .•* ri~ **', ^'•i'-tf Bombs Dumped. In Harbor . Area Of Norwegian Port .Start Many Fires ',r' ' tty «VlH ? l^«w ;*;•v-'-i-i Swedish reports sny Unit a hc'iivy force of British bombers '. raided tlie Norwegian port ol Narvik last The rnldcrs .started a number of lirc-s witli a heavy loud-of bomb; dropped on the harbor area. One bomb blow up an ammunition dump. Narvik Is a key port of northern Norway and bus been the cenlci- of speculation as u possible point Allied Invasion of Norway city Is almost 1.G30 Li^luning Swiftnes^ Ma^ Mark A11%1 Javasion, Expcrls Agree •j- Ihiitcil.l'rrss ., i 11)0 Of STSI^ .^H9 «'«W dm- for ai Tlie mile.' mile: from- Scnl.laiul nhd Is. 000 from Iceland. .Meanwhile, iodny I-ondon had JU- First daylight nlcrl this month. It lasted one hour, but the city was not- attacked. A few planes Ihat approached alert. Thames ralunry caused of Ihe enemy . craft were shot down. Three German raiders were shot, down last .night over the southeri coast of Engtnnd. Lute Bulletins WASHINGTON, May fl Ull'l —The ,'>n»lc l-'iiwntc OiiinniU- (Ce (ud;iy vtilcd I'K <o 7 la rcc- nniinriul lh;il Ihe Srnale pass (he Kiiinl pay-as-j-nu-cn plan fnr lomrlclc foiclvcncss of one yearVi on Alomlny, NKIV VOKK, »|»y «. ((?!•)- 'I'hc London rinlio rrimrls Unit Ilic !!cy of Tunis hail lied from Tunisia In Italy, Guard Oil Pipe Equipment Owners Deduct Fines For Unauthorized Walkouts; Miners Again Quit . •. Hy lliillcil rress The wildcat strike Is at work In (lie milfoil's coal fields again. ; Miners have .left the pits of three mines in ai> many, strikes. Their grievance grows out of (lie ivnve of. iinmithorlxcd wnlkouls that broke out before Ihe 'miIon wcrklng ngreemenl.s' rnn out lust Frldny night.. The union cpnlriids provide Unit Ilic miners, may he fined for.un- uulliorl/f-d work Moppnses. When Ihe companies'deducted lines from the fiiii/pay-chccks since the beginning of the IS-dny truce—UK; sloppngrs followed. 'I'hc miners mmplaln that , In some cases a.s miich us $8.;.w,i.s taken from their paychecks. ' pirlclnls. tit the United Mine Workws—mixioiis to keep theft lo lliu first ' time In clear through from Cllhinllji sue;-, with cninpHrnlivc safety It Is us If.(he Allies luid suddenly been presented yvlil, „ m ||| (on ions of extra shipping ll|ln - t | lo (jeoBi-nphy of the world had bceti altered. German mid Italian warships nlrea'dy are 'reported hurry In Ij .for shelter-in Kalian nnd Greek ports nnd a Is even reported Unit Nn/.i Clrand Admiral Doeult/ Is pulling u-hiirils mil pt the Mcd- Uomiiienii bemuse of the ovci- whclinlne Allied nlrpowcr CAPE BON and Bizerte Fall To Alliej, Yesterday; Figh'l- ing Still Heavy llv .(lulled Tresci 'Ihe AUIes iiro fanning out In Tunisia and limiting "down the, remtmnts or ihc Axis aunles. Onl> one stiong orfianl^ed Axis >U'o ifimilni It Is a body of the Atilca corps htlll lighting against tin ircmh nnd tho Bilthli Eighth Anny iiionnd Hnghouan. ... voteians of the icticnt, thioiigh Llbja, yielded Pont, Du rilis anil otliti giouiul to (lie Iicnch toduy. nut these dolmans "-" l^liiR to hold onto,the Oudnu, Mtni'c Du Zlt and Don Fichu .K>rb, (lustorcd mound Zoffhotfan to (jive sonie all prolcUlon until u new Axb, lino can bs cstablKhcd on iccky Don I'eninsnln cast of Tunb J ho aermuns-aiKl .some ol the l|nllinifi_from th Q TunU, urea lire JlceliiR uictlpltnuiy Into Cap Don niid me takln K tin, ,)W (eirlble pinilslmicnt fiom llui nil any n rn>y i'Mi wns subjected to tlcncuil Elscnlionci told noVNilOU Odiiy (hut (hnrr would bo no letup I" Hie fury of tho Allied attacks until cvcis Ociiimu had been driven fiom Africa 'Ihe rinihi body of tho qcrmiin urlson which n tu from Blzert" or Tunis or has lied b'y t,™ '^Cap Ion or Sicily Hopelessly tTftUPcd me Ucrmaii foicci around Tcbourbn n nil olhcr htratcBb po)nt,s ThousniKb, of AxK trooivi.^.hoth Gfiman ami Ilnllnnviilrend/hnvo YtnenitcKd but Osnoial Elsonhow- «r:, communique said no flcurci Were yet available , ," •> 'Hie Allied mnstcry ol ^he iilr lakes' It fdoublful If tho GoWns ii oiijatn/P-Bny hlrong de(cme>,n C«|> lion Uhcrc arc three" ' * * rii tho CHfitjthore ,0^ lii.4 .!^V^"plKprb^ feJ *.,., but no port'or tvin deep n eep fw niicliomge, And Iho Ax(s titc- flceliiB/ronilun^ ore diued nn (i .trl -.--.^.- .... ,. UT ,v,L I/IF V| I Tie renmhiliis , A.vls.Islmicl b.isc.s, '/lgl.[l ' - -o « 11» ••'. i-uiii iu UiJ,-j(.',-) r Sicily, I'antellarla, Safdlnlii, Crclc and Ihe Dodcbniieiiu'l r.s-lnnds lose much iif lliclr cffcctlvencKs with the collnjise of.Axis power In Af- rlcn. The hcllef Hint at lenst one of the Allied Invasion will he launched lit the inidcnlitc of Europe from (he Nfedlterranean springs from Ihe fact. Hint, the Allied have three nrinic'.s In the Mediterranean area Hint didn't lake pint Iti the battl? of Tunisia. One IE the I'h-ai. Corjis of the Anieiicn fifth nriny (.•oinmanilci'i; by Gen: Mark darken Is somewhere In rrench North Africa. And the llilltsh Ninth and Tenth Annies arc somewhere between Iraf| mid Tunisia—Just where Is a military secret. As sunn as Ihe Tunisia mopping -, - , . _, ,,.^ VMUfV.)! i|N/| , _ nnd hfivo lost guns, vehicles and ammunition. , \ ' The cJinncM of a'ny consldci iljlu nunibei, of.llicm cstaijlng by sc ,i »ic not good elUicr Tlio Allied aii foice lias sunk 42 merchant shipb nn.lfoui Axts.dosliojti(,ln the List diijs off Tunisia and in the Ian porls Sevcnlccn of the »or c sunk jciterrlay. Home radio Inforincd the ilnllnn people nl noon today of Ihc M\ of BVcrto and 'lunls The Her «'i mdfo .admitted the fall -of but clalmnd [hat street . ' • '"•M' mi;" i» wun as inc i uinsin nunip IIB truce aBiccmcht-nmiiadc..! miners'I up is over,'the llrltlsh First and who had iitayl duii-n n Jones mid Eishlli Armies, Gen. Uradlcy's Scc- Uiiiyhlln .VStpcl Corporation mine ' " ' ' ncnr PillKbitr.Kh lo K o bnck lo work, but no sooner hnd this been ac- _. complishcd company's than workers in Shainiopin mine the : guards standing * a tch on a road near lllmo. Mo., where construction company employees, arc layiugi pl|K. Men and equipment can be si!en in !hc background. <NEA tclcphoto). Circenc County, I'a., (|ult, apjmrcnl- y In synipatliy for the original •ilrlkers. '^, r ;, f.'imtlni- 'dliiii'tiles have cloned down lie Khi2& mine at Princeton, hid •ind thu St. C'lnlrcsville, Ol,t 0 , mine of Ihe Hntuifl (Joal Company. Union ol/iclnls In western Pennsylvania have••elvcn wnrnliiE that cnnli.icl,'; nrc signed when the trncc'cnds on May 18th, tlic men nuiitn will f|ijil work. The govcrnmcnl hns not tndi- raled how if will ticl In the crish. nu. President .norecvclt Indlenlcd yesterday t.htil he did not cancel nnd would not lolcralc annllier stopjiage. - > New York Stock* 152 i-a Amer Tobacco ... Annconda Copper Ticth Sleel Chrysler Coca Cola .-,.,..., Gen Electric '..'..'. Gen Motors...!!.,. Montgomery Ward N Y Central In I Harvester .... North Am Aviation Republic Steel Hiullo . ..-:. Socony Vactiitm . Stndcbakcr' . Standard of N J .. Texas Corp Packard•. , .. U S Steel flG ' 29 BS 75 100 37 52 42 in Gfi 13 17 12 13 12 56 4 J 50 l-l 1-2 7-8 1-2 7-8 3-B 3-4 3-8 5-8 7-8 3-1 1-8 , . ond Corps ot Ihe American Fiftli and Ihe /•Vouch Armies of Generals Glrnild and Ix; Clerc will be remly for new assignment. 1 ;. Hitler Is sure Hint one nnd possibly two or three thrust.-, will be made nt his Euroiiean clliidcl by llirsc lorccs. And he also dreads the possibility that the big 'Allied forces concentrated in Brllaln, Northern 111 Tunis ,, Vi o"'"b u" 111 nuns , United, Press Correspondent Ed- «nd Besttle reveal'; that as a mater of fnct a trctncndoa'i celebia- 'Oii-find not street (Ightlng-h l>ccn toliiR on, In Tunis Tlie French iwpuince u In a ilglil rain to cheer U mid hurl flowers 'at truck* French the strfcls .to Tlic cro*d United Frctt ' mnns .on the Kit.ian lirldgehend tn the Caucasus are being , pounded so sever ly. by ' (lie Russians,., Ihcy can't , cntch" ttielr brculh. ' . , 'I'lle Red Army Is keeping up irtou attacks Ijoth day and night 1-ast night the Russ'lans sliiugFi- - jnfiintry baltallon- ' lercd a normally 1000 men. 'Picy also destroyed 21 German artillery and mortiir batteries and smashed 'CO maelilnc gun nests. ' " And yesterday the Russian'; shattered^ nine Cierman coiuitcr- nltticks to "drive closer lo the l.tfilUl. Hl'l tl^vu t Ik IJI IUUII, iVUl LI1C1 II "nm^nil liU Ul t W HUOUt l(J tllfi lil rrelaiul nnd Iceland will strike at Sea ,l)avkl -base, of 'Novorossisk the same lime -> anywhere from Northcrn Norway to Ihe Pyrenees. Clncafio Wheat Sep. oncn liinh low rinse l-U'.i I43W 143% Hit '.4 M3',-i H-Vsi l-I4Vi 143 '/j 14H4 141 R south cud of the Kuban brld<'e- hcad. •••._:• • .....-.?.• The nussliin mtdnlght commu- nique revealed . that 'a sudden fmasli •,iioar -the Latvian frotUlcr sonlhwcsl of Vclikic Luki has lib- crated several towns from Hnzl rule: ' Careless Motorists Endanger Fliers By Use Of Spotlights Motorists who would watch planes (af;c off at, Blythevllie' Army Air Field must park farther away from Ilic field because of (lie danger having been Incurred by sonic motorists usins IJiclr spotlights lo wnlch the planes climb into the nir nl- nlghl, it wns'announced today. Tlie arra next lo the |xist Is to l:e. restricted' for parking on this newly built stale'roart and if 1110- torisUs do not adlicre io the new ruling, more drastic measures .will be taken, It was said. • • A iixjtlight'wielded by a motorist several tilghis ago'so blinded the .pllol'shi a take-off that a crash'CCiHd easily i have occurred had not Ihe pilot used his instruments ; for''directions, . it was announced. Tlie',planes (akc off In such n direction Ihat cars parked Imnie- rii.itcly Adjacent to' the rtinin en- trance.of Uie field aic directly under the shljxs, tthen they arc only a short distance from the gioimd. to make parking in that area very hazardous,'officials have said. Sheriff .Hale Jackson tod»y asked the • cpoperfttfon of % t>ie public, in prevent big »hy hazards to' these aviators who »re,doing their best to help win' the war. '

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