The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, January 12, 1934
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Served by the United Press BEYTHEVILLE COCRIEK NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHKA KT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST Mistou!?! ~^~^ T * ^-^ 8 E.X " ™ ? * - VOL. XXX—NO. 255 Blyllicville Daily News Blytlievllle Courier Mississippi Valley leader Ulytlicvillc llcriilil Hl.YTiIKVn,l.K, ARKANSAS. FRIDAY, JANUARY 12. 1<>;M SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS FUTRELL FAVORS AID FOR CITY DISTRICTS Record Breaking Pacific Flight Completed as Scheduled. Discord Drowns Out Rudy Vallec's Love Song Vallce. the former Fay Webb, branding it a "shaKcdown." HONOLULU. Jan. 12. (UP)—Into the Illustrioils log of Ihc U. S. navy, in which John Paul Jones and bluff John Barry made Ihe first notations, was written today the record shattering flight-of six giant navy sea'planes from the mainland al.San Francisco to their permanent base al I'earl Harbor, Honolulu. Traveling at a speed ihe navy's first heroes never dreamed v;as possible, the intrepid squadron, V.-P- 10 on nav7 records, triumphed over murky skies and annoying cross winds to sel Ihe planes down in Ihe harbor here just 24 hours and 48 mlnules aflcr Uicy had left th; mainland, 2,150 nautical mile;, away. Crowd Roars Welcome To fre 30 naval flyers, led by Lt Com. Knelfler McGinnis. the fact tfiat they had pet a world's retort for long distance non-stop movement of planes in mass formation and had broken ihe record for fly• ing time to the iblands, were matters of apparently little moment. •- Commander MrGinnis In the • fla-; plane 10 P-l was the firsl to rlight. The roar of" the motors .->-as swept under 'v.< ihe. deafening shouts from the 20.000 person; v,'ho crowded the beaches and the j. Hies Ihut fringe the harbor. One Each Minute The planes >iind"(1 at intervals of one minute. The last plane dipped to ,the water at. 12:35 <5:IJ5 Centrol' v starjdnrd time). Firsl circ^ng oytt (he ,„,-_. " Honolulu "arid dipping "their "wings' in picturesque salu'e the squadron !\wu westward to the naval base a; Pearl Harbor nnd dropped to the water on its own fairway so that when all had reached a staiul- ttill Hie squadron rode at anchor hi the same formalion maintained on Ihe flight from the mainland.'David ordered the trial adjourned Judge G. E. Keck Will Be On Bench for Term Which Starts Monday. f-Viviiil casts of iinnsiiul Interest besides His usual rim of per- ttnal injury and damage ncllons nw:,[| disposition i'l the January leij!i of circull civ.l court opening fccri' Monday. Juc'uc Ci. E. Keck of tills cliy will i.'Hsidc over Ihe two weeks term. One of the most sensational and bitterly fought legal battles in Los Angeles' nistoiy is believed Impending,. as Rudy Valhje. famed crooner, prepares to fight the separate maintenance suit of Mrs. Vallee charges Rudy misconduct wilh Alice Faye, blond rnoio singer, and uvo "Jane Uors." Vallce hlU back by impugning his wile's conduct, and promising astounding revelations 1C he is "pushed." JURY FOR TIUIL Huey Says Roosevelt NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 12. (UP)— ! Senator Hucy p. Long claimed thai | he had won President Roosevelt; : over to "my redistribution of wcaltn ' fight," ns he plungfd into the New \ f » 1- II .'1 Rrt ' "S'". u» ui; piuiigril mio IMP New _,. , _ ,- . _ Lourt Adjourns Until Mon-<Orleans mayorai campaign today. |Lharles L. Mack, ramec ' - - - • : •- - m L?"j;i Comedian, Dies in Ari- day Because of .Defendants Weakness. - r;7 cMicac"ci,"-Sah." 12' >(up»-o—r# jury was completed at 11:48 a. m. today to determine the fate of Dr. Alice Lindsay Wynekoop, charged with as sensational" a crime as has slariled the city in a decade. Immediately after the N jury had been selected Judge Joseph B. "The president (or banking legislation as my redistribution of w'ealth pro- jeram," Leu? said. Among Ihe which have jrr.tted more lhan ordinary Inter u-l are: an action by Ihe iccclver "or tin- Agricultural Finance cor- Matlon against Sam Thomas 'oiriu-r secretary or the cor[>ora- ;iou and his surety company, n .'i UUGUS pio^cullon complalnl lU'.ainst J. F. Livingslon, local rncr- clnmi. by Phillip George. Liixorn nierrliani. and a suit by T. G former A'kaiisas-Mlssour P'-wer company chief engineer (gainst Ihe SoPliiwestern Bel Telephone cornpan", charging in jury by Ihe unaulliorli'.ed revela Urn cf his personal lelephone bill ' Kxiu-rted to Ask Writ H Ls generally undersiood tlm Ihe controversy between Munlclpa Judge C. A. Cunningham nnd th ciEomm court will reach a hea sometime during the lerrn here Jud^e Cunningham Is expccled aik a writ of mandamus lu com pel Ihe quorum coiirt. composed o Justices of thr- iTace. lo mak the appropriation 'c-r the munlcipa court that it iefus(d lo authorize at its Jan. 1 si-sslr.n. Another suii. ior-t In process c iltgatlon.'may flna"-y be passed o zona Hospital. "tired But Hapoy Allhough obviously iallgucd from Iheir arduous an-ii'ght fliglu, Ihe members of the C'i'.ws of the six p'anes did not appear to be ev hmsted. They were happy and Mniling when they stepped ashore Irom Navy tugs ar.d shook hands FIBE DESTROYS until 10 n. m. Monday. The adjournment was ordered,i-p il was undersiood, because of the I weakened condition of Dr. Wynekoop. The jury, qualified to send tlie once eminent physician to the electric chair if It finds her guilty ! -MESA. Ariz.: Jan. 12. (UP)-: i Charles E. Mack, whose droll humor . In the "Two Black Crows" partner- r-loymcnl of ship delighted millions of listen. ers for years, is dead. He was fatally injured last night near this small deserl town when I his aulomobile overturned, pinning " is har< •him in the machine. Will! him Keck will i.lth enthusiastic welcomcrs, including many of their limner to!-,, leagues now stationed at the nnvali? c °P 'ookcd on emotionless I a ° e j face more like a dealh mask a human countenance. sla 5' ln E " cr daughter-in-law, and fire department officials dependent on re- u:-:iemencs of a civil service na- iini! Instead of political connection v :th the .currein administration, it is hardly pawible that Judge Keck will pass on the action, I were his partner, George Moran.' : hich has been heard entirely and Mack",so-far by Judge Ni-il Killoiigh, but latter, may be iisked lo come ay fln next Postoffice Is Ready When an Orator Can Bo Found JUM when lllylhcvilk 1 people will art calling for llielr mall ami Iniy- )g their jxKlage .slumps til Uoii The assfcjlnnl secretary o( llic Iroasmy hus asked l'o.stm:islt-r Elkins to U-t sonic local o federal building, bulll at n I arrnnge tin- festive occiifloii. Tn'e osl o[ nearly SICK),000 »i Uic'-cor- ! pustm:,.sii>) |jassed this ldi-:i aluim fr of Broadway lind Walnut, stem- 1 lo tile chamber of coi ' I loduy lo <le]H>ml uiKin Hie sue-' es'c Postmaster J. H: Elklns may ave in his search lor-.somebody lo cdlciUo the .structure. • • • 'Hie building Is complete, nnd all nuipmcnt except a smnll amouni .- - -ininerce, bin Ihe chamber was not interested Mr. Elklns is waiting for volunteers Monday, Junmiry '22. has Ix-ei tentatively sel us the date [or the opening of business in the ".•-.. building. Hut iipiiiirenily U all dc- f furniture mis been Installed. Buij' K ' n(k on wl 'tll"- l r someone i-an '01 he post office and treasury de-! IO " M tl) m '" tc ine ''"i-isnry spcecti. arlmcnts have u son of unwril-1 °' collrsc ll ls generally supposed en law llial nil new federal build-1 1|K " '"tlmaU'ly the building will be IKS must be dedicated wllli some! 1 " 11 lo ," se »»ywny-ile<l)callon or hid of public program before they {,',' 0 ,.*'., lU '.?. 1 !;., °". L , to Iollow *"<* re put Into use. " '' SEMITE HUTS MEETIIE DEBTS Provides lor Assumption in Full of Half of Paving Costs. a course would break a precedent and that might lake a long time. z,d^, 0 r e """* sw < - i is;vs5.s^jsf r£ standstill now. , bmhKS! . v ,, |h Unc , e Sain m ^ L. E. lull, engineer who super- halls of black and gold marble ised coiiitructlon of the building, as notified Ihc treasury depart- which he has provided for them, it Is up lo them lo waste no lime I nenl linn a Ls ready for dedlca- fixing up a program. l v.iililn -Uic next two weeks. is. thecaction 'brought by- form rVMp'loyK^'Sf. UuV-Vty -to ,-cornpel Die' cily council 10 create a police end fire commission and make em- wo Injured' Fiehlinc bis wife and daughier. and vvu Jlljureu r 1 g" l "^,sennett, prominent niin proi f lames at Delta riant |.They were injured. Sennett Lasl Night. . ducer. I haps seriously. Mack died wilh a smile on his | lips shortly after being brought to The Delta Gin al Manila was dc- ; n local hospital. Moran sat by his _' stroyed by fire of unknown origin I bedside.'weeping. hcr j about 8:15 o'clock last The - Tn Navy circles I:ere it has been truited about for some time that The men chosen to determine the woman's fate ranged in age in event the squadion successfully from Just over t]le , " al ]jmjt of completed the Hanallan hop fromi 2 i | O middle age. California. i>ermiss-on would be ex-! . " tended for the fh';;ht to continue „ ground Ihe world While no oili-lb rial recognition of this proposal is t^tainable. high N.ivy men have opined privately thnt "it is an ex- in-mely likely de-.-lopmenl." -erly was covered by about 000 insurance. -IIs wife, suffering from abrasions ! on head and body, was In an ad' j joining room. She did not hear for n]le 0[ wllh I robably both the police commis- L.'OD suit and the municipal court i;iatter to be heard by ihe Wynne jurist. Sufs Telephone Company Seal asks S2.D99 of the telephone company, lie alleges that by showing iiis personal telephone statement to a power company official i BEIUJME Two Accidentally Slain in Shooting Following Quarrel Over Land. BAKER, Fla., Jan. 12. ,(UP) — Dispute over a strip of land Dial caused the death of three' persons, two of them being killed by mistake, -was Investigated by authorities today. Leroy Shaw, 2C, Is expected to die as a result of Ihc shooting -here last night. Shaw shot and :ktlled A; B..,MorrIs, 55, and hls'ton, abb- art, IB.'after his father, L. L. Shaw-, was shot and killed by Auron Baker 45. . , Baker, a school blis driver, Is being held in jail at'Creslvicw. According lo testimony given before a coroner's Jury. Shaw and his son disputed with Baker over' ownership of n 12-foot strip of land where their properties join. After the Slmws had built a fence, Baker moved it. 'Hie Slmws attempted to halt Baker as he rode in u school bus. They followed him to Morris' slorc, where the shaws apparenlly tried to grab Baker, who drew a gun, killing the elder Shaw and then wounding the son. The. Morrises were accidentally killed In the shooting. him. Attaches said she was on the «,( t h out h ls permission the tele- ays Feeble Minder! Illegally Sterilized Two men, C. B. Moultrie and j verge of collapse ^^^^^^^^^ r ^^^ wr.ere the black faced stage, screen New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 12 lU: Cciton closed barcl-. steady, open high low .Ian 1076 !078 1075 March 10H7 1091 1078 M&y 1102 H08 1035 July 1117 1122 HOS Get 1136 I HO 1127 L-ec 115l 1152 1H5 close 1075 1078 1095 1108 1129 1145 Spots closed quie'. at 1105. off 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS .Ian. 12 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high lo\v J;in 1014 IG75 101-1 March 1085 108fl 1015 !/;&>• 1101 HOC 1093 July 1116 1120 1105 Ocl 1132 I13G 1125 THc 1147 1148 1141 DETROIT, Jan. 12. (UP)—Inves- gation of charges thai employes of Ihe Wavne County Training School used trickery in administer- j the sterilization law on feeble minded inmates was underway today by the Wayne county board of auditors. Edward H. Williams, new member of the board, charged l^at he had been informed that tlie rights of between 25 and 30 boys and girls had been violated. In most of the said, neither Ir.e cases. Williams individuals nor . their parenls were in court, sterilization must be authorized by parents and the probate court. In many instances. Williams charged, parents unable to speak English signed permits for operations. Spots "(I 6. closed sir-ady at close I070b 1078 1M4 1110 1128 1142 1078. Closing Stock Price* A. T. and T 114 1-4 Anaconda Copper 133-4 Bethlehem steel 3G 3-4 Chrysler 51 1-8 Cities Service 21-2 Coca Cola 37 I-I General American Tank 3£ General Elcclric 19 1-2 Gen;ral Motors 35 International Harvester 39 1-4 M:ddlewcst Utilities 3-lG Montgomery Ward 221-8 New York Central 33 5-8 Packard 37-8 Phillip? Petroleum — 153-8 Radio G 7-8 Simmons Beds 18 1-3 St. Louis-San rvanclsco 2 1-2 Standard of N. J. 44 1-2 Texas Co 233-8 U. S. step] :.. «T 5'« trc fire and sustained injuries. Moultrie was brought to ttie Bly- Iheville hospital and was repotted :o have sustained rib fractures. McMasters was said lo have been less seriously injured. [phone company caused his dismissal. ^His discharge as chief engineer of the company resulted from and radio comedians were a motion picture. interpretation given his telephone to make i statement by Die power company 'as reflecting disloyalty to the pres- The trip had been in the nature en administration of the company. iw controlled indirectly through federal receivership, Seal charges. The fire is said to have originated in the engine room of the gin. The gin proper and the cotton house were destroyed but t!:e office building ar.d seed house were saved. The fire was the second gin fire at Manila this season. The Herron gin was destroyed earlier in the season. Two other gins, including tr-.e Delta gin, were threatened at the time and spread of.the flames was averted only nfier Bly- thevitle firemen had been called to the scene. li 'cmiscot Officials I Fourth Preparing 1934 Budget; Clay County Nfack's death ended an 18-year partnership with Moran. Several years ago they quarreled and parted bill eventually patched up their differences and resumed the act that long before made tnem famous. Mack was" 40 years old. Ford Refused Money to Aid Detroit Banks WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 (UPI- A last minute appeal from high government officials in February.' ity and Casualty company of New- York, Is sought by Roy Nelson, receiver for Ihe corporation for which Tliomas was secretary and treasurer. Thomas is at present under Indictment for embezzlement. The case has been set down for trial Jan. 16. Phillip George WOK arrested on complaint of Livingston on a bad check charge. The charge was subsequently dismissed by Municipal Judge c. A. Cunningham. George alleges his reputation was injured by what he terms malicious prosecution. Livingston's action, the local merchant claims, was taken 011- LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 12. (UP) — 'Hie Evans amendment providing 50 er cent relief for municipal road iiprovenient dUlrlcls will be ac- ep'.ablc lo Governor Fulrell. Senior Johnson, member of Ihe sen- U' conmiiltcu-that helped drafl ihe ic-w refunding bill, said today. The amendment passed the ten- ate. II provides for the issuance of wo scries of bonds, designated "A" ud "B. 11 . The "A" bonds represent ialf the municipal obligations for Living slntc highway continuations il'sc slate will not assume cost of other city paving) and bear the same rates of Interest and jnatur- ly dates as the municipal road improvement district bonds. The "B" Londs are to be Ifsuett 'or. the .second half of the municipal .dls- i-Icl obligations for paving hlgh- •ay d,:illnuation.s nnd do not be- , gin maturing iinti; all "A" bonds have been paid. Allhough Johnson believed more money would have lo be raised to care "for the amendment, Senator Evans said Ihe estimated $1.625.000 Increase under the refunding bill would be ample. Both houses today waded further Into a slack of amendments to the refunding bill. The senale, by a vole of 15 to 12, struck out a provision in the bill to give the refunding commission blankel powers to make contracts. ' -' . A bill by Senator Lavlnc glyin.--' county clerks, on a salary .basis' fees for .services, in redempUfm". of- d,e- The. Rev. Carl Bassett, of California, will begin an evangelistic meeting at the First Baptist church Sunday. Oovernor Futrell this nHernbon signed -the bill appropriating a second ilS.OOO for expenses of the session. . ; - " ' Senator W. H. Abington of White county said bo will not accept pay from this second appropriation. "We came here expecting to be paid .only $12,000 for the session/ 1 he said. "I think we' should net accept more pay." Snowstorm Halts Search for Fan Dancer Lost on Canadian Lake. WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Jan. 12 IUP)—A heavy s:'o«slorm today Hid up the alrplaiH 1 search for Tay Baker, fan d-xrer, and Pilot Bill May, reported !osl somewhere on (rozcn Lake Wmnipegosls. Jack Crosby, operating manager u; the Northwest AeiJI Marine, nnd n mechanic verc scheduled ID lifl their plan.- into the skies :-sain today alter yesterday's fog pi-evented search, but a heavy I new held him 0:1 the ground. Meanwhile the narooned flyers, outfitted In fleece-lined togs, still vere missing soii'cvvhcre on the ICO mile stretch b.-nveen The Pas Piggott Youth Killed Under .Wheels of Truck PIGGOTT. Ark., Jan. 12. (UP)>- Funrral services were held here'ib' day for Paul Baly, 17, of-Piggott, Annavpntlv Sr>t AiireP' 1 """" 1 last nigilt u "° ho " rs after rtppaicntiy OCl rtine|be inB cnls j,f,d under the wheels of to Hide Identity of Dead Person. 'DOVER, O.. Jan. 12 (UP)—A charred body without head, arms or legs, taken [rom tr.e rumble- scat of a furiously burning automobile, lay in city morgue here today while authorities attempted to determine Ihe sex of the victim. The body had teen wrapped In an nil soaked blanket and fired with the ttulomobile, apparently In an effort to wij>e out all trace of the victim's identity. Coroner Albem Balmer of New a truck. Baty's fatlw, W. R. Baty. operates the Baty truck line between Memphis and St. Louis. , • Tile accident occurred as Baty attempted to climb on a CWA truck • to ride to a gasoline station. His truck was standing on the highway, out of gasoline. The CWA truck wns driven by Parish nobbins of Piggoll. 1 Last year unty was 4-H club champion of Arkansas. Tiie accident occurred at Pollard, near here. • ... 'Manila Slayer Asks 1933, for Ford Motor company fir,-';' 1 ' nrter George's check had been and Winnlpcgrsis. Philadelphia, after a preliminary ! investigation, said he believed from tlie bone formalion lhat the victim was a woman, but llic body was so badly charred that It .was Impossible definitely to determine Ihc ?x. The coroner had not been able Lo determine, cither, whether the missing head, anus, and legs had been severed from Ihe body and carried away by Ife murdered, or burned oft in the (ire. CARUTHERSVILLE. MO.-Conny officials have been engaged for .he past few days preparing the ready budget for 1934 for Pemiscot county, under the new law recently adopted in Ibis stale, designed lo assist county governments to operate within their Incomes. Tlie estimates are to be filed with County Court. Clerk E. S. Huffman, within the next few days, and he' Is lo lay the 1934 budget before the county court for examination. Final approval Is to be given by February. D 1 B»P i'l' » aildl11 nld to avert collapse of llic tutnpd dcwn twicc b> ' tlLs l):>nk Thi people On KCIiet LISIS'Detroit banking structure was re- casc is o11 cnl1 ' Many Injury Cases A long list of personal injury and . fused by Henry Ford, his son. Ed- COHN1NG. Ark.. Jan. 12 (UP) sel, told the senale banking com—More than one-fourth the pop-1 mittcc today, illation of Clay county—1400 fam- jdanmge suits await trial. Included In a dramatic story of events; iil'^ 8 rou l> are: Jim Rogers vs. J Mich- i^'hityfarm Construction which culimlnated in the Mich- company. ilics representing 7000 persons — are on relief rolls of the-Emergency Relief Ci learned today. = .^ __ „,.„._, Dr. Pllmer Patterson, field work- j assistant "secretary'""of " J Tr'e"a'sury|" <N J n<s Monday; George Dancls vs er for ihe commission, has order-1 Ballentlne that the Ford com-! WDlf Arlan, first Friday; Earl Maed B reduction. J : , nttl^ll lulMLIllllllfu 111 UlC .Ml^ll- '. ,!_-. ri; , ,, j -oils of the.Emer- ig an bank holiday early last year,! ,, 3 ',T lielMlay: "' , C " Campbell, ad- •ommlsslon, it was Edsel .said Henry Ford was "quite i . r " lnl f u ' ator - Mendenall heirs, vs i angry" at suggestions by former "'"W 11 ™ Construction company. ' . f, ", _, '„ E5COnrf MAnrta v n^rtro** n-»» Chicago Wheat Work on Town Woodpile i pany subordinate Its deposits ar.d | S"s jra^ Mathls^ Bus Line provide additional capital for t" * """ """ "•""-— - ~ Guardian Detroit Union group. William P. Dowd and 1 Albrechdts vs. Coca Cola Bottling i company, second Tuesday; J. L. N'ibers vs. St. Louis Southwestern -, . . .i __ . . .'-«*.io YO. Ol. LAJULa OUmllM uslcill Good for Hot Meal i Barber Charged With : R »"»ay company, first Thursday; "aiuer inargea nun Iten TnomDS(m .„ T ,_ oimvdee Mks Baker, .vheriuled to begin an 18 weeks lour from here to the Pacific coast Wednesday, left 'Mie Pas Tuesdav morning, she v>:red her agent here, expecting ;o arrive for refrriing at Winnl- I.rgmLs two hours later. Possession of Liquor May Julv May Juh- open, high low clo-.r 8.5 1-2 87 1-4 8S 3-8 80 7-3 8* 1-4 85 1-2 83 7-3 35 1-2 FRIENDSHIP. N". Y. (UP)—The village of Friendship adopted a novel way of feeding transient un-1 w. J. Speck, proprietor of a | employed who pass through this, Main street barber shop, is slated Itnunicipnlity. [ 0 [ acc lr j a i (n municipal Chicago Corn open 52 1-4 53 1-2 high 52 3-4 M 1-4 low 52 M 1-2 close 52 3-8 54 A municipal woodpile was es-|thts afternoon on a cr.arge of II labllshed in the rear of a Main Street slorc. A. "gentleman of the read" cnn get a 20 cent meal. Po || ce c!atm t o have found a: ticket for a local restaurant for a quantity of liquor concealed under; half hours work on the pile. • the flo0r of a r(Xm ,„ lh£ d , cp , n ' Hlggins vs. Charles F. Morris, first Friday; Carson L. Alley vs. Coppedge. first Friday: vs. Vollmer and Son. Eskridge vs. - l1Ure(1 "> : Oscar King Succumbs to Accident Injuries Injuries received wren he was struck by a car on Highway 18 about 12 miles west of here Tuesday proved fatal to Oscar King, 48- year-old Rcseland farmer, when he died at two o'clock this morning at the BIytheville hospial. j Funeral services will be held at ?. o'clock this afternoon at the L. O. Mess Undertaking parlors on Main street, with the Rev. J. L. Babe Ruth Agrees on Terms for 1934 Season ...» ..« --------- a carge a - Tn , , legal possession of intoxicating H- ' J!' nU > rr1<1 . rm Construction company, quor n a public, place. i 0 "' , Prlda ^ *; M ' Tl ' nler : adim "_ ,, , , . . , , i istrator, vs. Frisco railroad. The wood Is furnished by thej raid yesterday. Is understood county welfare commissioner and j that Speck denies knowledge cf ts given In needy persons. presence nf liquor In Ihe place Court Honse Auctioned MARION. 111. (UP)—Tlie city of Marlon recently purchased the Williamson county court house at an auction"cole. NEW YORK. Jan. 12 (UP) — Babe Ruth, noted home run slug- r,<r of the Now York Yankees, today conferred win Col. Jacob ifuppcrt, owner of Ihe club, and agreed on terms tr~ the 1934 sea- inn. Officials of the club said that ihe terms of Ruth's 1034 contract •vpuld not te revealed until Mon- c'ay morning whet: the Babe will formally sign. for Release on Bond The plea of Soula Boiling, charged with the murder of Paul Cody, for admission to bond, made at a habeas corpus hearing nl Osceola Thursday, was taken under advisement by Circuit Judge O E. Keck. Boiling shot and fatally wound-' cd Cody on the streets of Manila several weeks ago. Boiling waived preliminary examination In municipal court here fallowing Cody's (ieath and was ordered held In jail to await action of the grand jury. Claude F. Cooper and Oscar n ndl:r, local lawyers, represented aolling, and W. L^.'n Smith, deputy prosecutor, appeared for tlie state. B. Y. P. U. Conference to Meet at Charleston CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. —The \ewsoni officiating. Interment will i sikcston B. Y. P. U. Divisional con- be made at North Sawba cemetery. I ference of wh , ch M(ss J;wc! wi ,_ The deceased, who had made his home with a sister, Mrs. Ota Ker- bougri, Is also survived by another sister, Mrs. Victoria Keith of Memphis, and two brothers, J. R. King of Poplar Corner and Ollie King of Cnlfxleo. cal. liams of this city is president, will convene for IIs annual two-day meeting Friday and Saturday. January 19 and 20 at Charlestoii. This division, one of twenty-two In the state, embraces six counties in ftouthrtisf Wedding Day Postponed TRACY, Ca!. (UP) — Amellano Lopez's wedding day- was postponed 25 days when Justice S. S. MeLaln sentenced him to serve a t.°rm of than many days for reckless driving. WEATHER Arkansas—Pair, somewhat colder In west portion tonight. Saturday fair, somewhat colder in cast and south perilous. Memphis and vicinity— Cloudy tonight. Saturday fair and colder. Sunday cloudy and warmer. . The maximum temperature here ycsterday was 53,- minimum 31. clear, according to Samuel P. Norris. official weather observer. Rainfall during the night was .07 of an Inch.

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