Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on February 22, 1973 · Page 1
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 1

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1973
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Good Morningl Today h Thursday February 22, 1973 NEWS -HERALD "There Is one thing stronger than all flie armies of the world; and that Is an Ide* whose time has come." —Victor Hugo A Florida Freedom Newspaper Vol. 3 — No. 295 The World's Most Beautiful Beaches Panama City, Florida Telephone 763-7621 Four Sections 32 Pages Price 10 Cents NEWS BRIEFS Freighters Ease Past Mlnefielcls WASHINGTON (UPI) — Ten Communist block freighters trapped behind American minefields in Haiphong Harbor have been safely guided out to sea by North Vietnamese authorities in the past their own rislc without any (direct) U.S. 12 days, the Pentagon said Wednesday. Defense Department sources said the ships were able to negotiate the dangerous 10-mile waterway leading to Hai- pong from the Tonkin Gulf because of information supplied to North Vietnam by the United States. But the Defense De. partment stressed that the ships "left at assistance or guidance." RANGOON (UPI) — At least 170 persons were missing and presumed dead Wednesday after a Japanese freighter and a crowded ferryboat collided in a Rangoon River. The ferry, filled with office workers and schoolchildren returning home at the end of the afternoon, collided head-on with the Japanese cargo ship, the Bombary Maru, which was steaming downstream. WASHINGTON (UPI) — Soviet Communist Party Chairman Leonid I. Brezh­ nev has written President Nixon that the Vietnam peace agreement "has a tremendous significance" and opens new possibilities for improving Soviet-American relations. Disclosed Wednesday by White House sources, Brezhnev's letter congratulated Nixon on the Jan. 27 signing of the agreement in Paris was believed to have coincided with the White House announcement a weelc later that Henry A. Kissinger would visit Peking as well as Hanoi this month. VIENTIANE (UPI) — Amid hopes their new peace agreement would endure, Laotian government and Ctommu- nist officials prepared Wednesday for a cease-fire scheduled to go into effect at noon Thursday (midnight EST Wednesday). In advance of the scheduled cease-fire, the fighting that has wracked Laos for the past 10 years increased between progovernment forces, C3IA-sponsored irregular forces and Communist troops, military reports said. BUENOS AIRES (UPI) ~ Henry Lee, 53, Argentine industrialist who was kid­ naped by political extremists two weeks ago has been freed by his captors, police announced Wednesday. It was not known if any ransom was paid for his release. NEW YORK (UPI) — Frank Costello, the one-time "prime minister of the underworld," was buried Wednesday following a quiet, simple funeral that reflected the last years of his life. There was no Mass or music' at the Frank E. Campbell funeral home where his widow, Loretta, and some 50 persons attended the short, private services. SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (UPI) - Waitress Barbara Valentine has demanded $20,000 for a tossed salad. Miss Valentine filed suit against Harry Ghiringhelli, owner of a restaurant in Fairfax, Calif., charging that he tossed the salad at her "without provocation." LONDON (UPI) — A former member of the Irish Republican Army said Wednesday that Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., helped IRA gunmen enter the United States to raise funds for the underground army's forces In Northern Ireland. Kennedy's office denied the charge. PARTLY CLOUDY Partly cloudy and not much change in temperatures through Friday. Nortlierly winds 5 to 12 miles per iiour. Low tonight upper 30s except low 40s along the coast. High today and Friday low 60s. Panama City high 1:43 p.m., low none; Port St. Joe high 2:02 p.m., low none; Apalachicola high 8:33 a.m., 6:40 p.m., low 1:42 a.m. 12:26 p.m.; sunrise 6:13 a.m. sunset 5:34 p.m. River readings: Woodruff Dam, 58.5, Blountstown 18. Gulf water temperature 58. Airliner Shot Down By Israelis; 74 Die (By United Press International) Israeli warplanes shot down a Libyan Boeing 727 airliner Wednesday, killing 74 of the 83 persons aboard, after it strayed over the occupied Sinai Peninsula and refused orders to land, a Tel Aviv military spokesman said. Egypt called it "an act of mass murder" and threatened Arab retaliation." The Isra:eli spokesman said nine persons survived the desert crash 12 miles east of the Suez Canal. Libya's Tripoli ii4 JETLINER SHOT DOWN - An Israeli military spokesman said Israeli Air Force interceptors shot down a Libyan Boeing 727 with at least 83 persons aboard after it wandered over the occupied Sinai Peninsula and refused orders to land. The announcement listed 74 persons killed. (UPI) Petain s Body Retrieved PARIS (UPI) - French police Wednesday recovered the body of Marshal Philippe Petain, the hero of World War I who was convicted as a traitor after World War n. They arrested a right- wing politician who said he led the "commando group" which stole the body from its exile grave. The body, missing since Sunday, will be returned to its burial i>lace on the Island of Yeu Thursday, police said. They did not disclose where it had been found. The discovery of the body, on the 57th anniversary of the Battle of Verdun which won Petain fame during World War I, came several hours after police arrested Hubert Massol, a 35-year-old advertising executive, as he told a news conference near the Arch of Triumph that he masterminded the theft. Police had strengthened security at historic sites throughout France in the event the grave robbers might try to rebury the body at the Verdun national cemetery or another public monument. Massol, who is seeking a National Assembly seat in the French elections March 4 and 11, told 20 newsmen he organized the theft of Petain's double casket from its grave "I am the leader of the commando group thai carried away the remains of Marshal Petain from the cemetery of the Island of Yeu," he said. "The coffm is hidden in the Paris region, but I will not give the location until I am assured in writing by the president that the coffin will be placed in the crypt of Les Invalides until it is transferred to Douaumont." Douaumont is the site of Petain's World War I victory against the Germans. But he later governed France during World War II for the Nazis and died in prison in 1951. Asked why he took Petain's body, Massol, 35, said, "It was my duty. I have always been a personal admirer 61 Gen, Petain." Officers arrested Massol during his news conference and hustled him off to the criminal brigade's Quai des Orfevres headquarters. A police source said that after begin­ ning their interrogation of Massol, an advertising executive,' officers believed he was telling the truth at least in part. Massol said he was a member of the right-wing political group. Republican Alliance, and a candidate for the National Asssembly from Paris* 19th arrondisse- ment in the March elections, police said. Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour, leader of the Republican Alliance, said he knows Massol well and that Massol usually tells the truth. Massol joined five other persons already being questioned at the Puai des Orfevres by Commissaire Louis Poiblanc and his inveistigators. Police said these included three ultra- rightwingers including a former National Assembly member and a woman reported to have been driving a mini-bus police say the casket was transported in. Quake Jolts Caiifornia POINT MUGU, Calif. (UPI) - A roU- ing earthquake centered on the coast northwest of Los Angeles surged across Southern California early Wednesday, smashing hundreds of windows, scattering merchandise from shelves and injuring at least three persons. The jolt was the strongest in the area since the destructive San Fernando Valley temblor of Feb. 9, 1971, and once again millions of persons were shaken awake when heir beds undulated in the shock waves. The quake struck at 6:^6 a.m. PST (9 :46 a.m. EST) and registered a moderate 5.75 on the Richter Scale. The damage was confined mainly to the Oxnard and Camarillo areas of Ven- Explosion Kills Four COOPERSBURG, Pa. (UPI) - At least four persons were killed and two were reported missing Wednesday in an explosion that levelled a three-story apartment building. At least 17 persons were injured by the blast, which destroyed the concrete block building about noon. State police said some of the injured were burned seriously, while at least two were treated and released. Among the missing was a gas company repairman who had been sent to the apartment to check on a reported gas leak. M. A. Coleman Jr. Dies; Funeral Today Mr. Marvin A Coleman Jr., 53, prominent Panama City businessman and civic leader, died Wednesday at 6:30 a.m. in a local hospital. Funeral services will be held today at 3 p.m. in the Wallace Memorial Presbyterian Church, with the Rev, Richard L. Scoggins officiating. Burial will be in Greenwood Cemetery. Mr. Coleman was a member of the Wallace Memorial Presbyterian Church, the Elks Club, the St. Andrew's Bay Yacht Club, Signal Hill Country Club, the Port Authority, a director of the First National Bank, lifetime member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and formerly served as director of the Panama City Cbamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club and the Housing Authority. He was a distributor for Gulf Oil Company in Panama City at the time of his death. Mr. Coleman, resided at 606 Bunkers Cove Road with his wife, Mrs. Alice Webber Coleman. He is also survived by one son, William H. (Buster) Coleman, of Panama City, one daughter, Mrs. E. G (Beth) Branch, of Montgomery, Ala., his mother, Mrs. Lou Ellen Coleman, of Panama City; one brother, Frank C^oleman, of Panama City; two sisters, Mrs. Martha C. White, of Panama City and Mrs. H. M. Reed Jr,, of Mobile, Ala., and five grandchildren. Smith Funeral Honie is in charge of arrangments. A4. A, Coleman, Jr. tura County although it was felt as far south as Palm Springs. Nearly all the store windows were shattered along a two-mile stretch of Oxnard Boulevard, accoustical ceilings collapsed at several department stores, water pipes ruptured and chimneys toppled. Merchandise was spilled from the shelves of 35 stores at the Esplanade shopping center in Oxnard. Virtually the entire stock of a supermarket in the Twin Centers shopping area was dumped. A woman in Santa Monica, about 40 miles from the epicenter, said, the noise woke me up and it just about bumped me out of bed. The whole building was shaking and I could hear the stuff in the closets moving around." in Upland, al)out 80 miles west, it was felt as "almost a circular, rolling motion. Almost as if the house moved in a circle...more of a rolling than a shock." Three men were admitted to St. John 's Hospital in Oxnard. One broke his hip in a fall running out a church, another suffered toot lacerations from broken glass, and the third was hit on the head by a "falling object." Don Anderson, director of the Seis- inoiogical Laboratory of the California temblor as a "moderate, certainly not a maior" earthquake. In contrast to the 5.75 Richter reading of Wednesday's quake, the San Fernando Valley olt which killed 65 persons in 1971 registered 6,4. Damage in the Oxnard area was estimated at at least $1 million. "The deeper we get into this thing, the more damage we're finding," said Police Lt. Max Ipson. Penn Central Sees $222.11 Million Loss PHILADELPHIA (UPI) - The bankrupt Penn Central Railroad Wednesday reported a net loss of $222.8 million for 1972. Trustees of the line said the ordinary loss was $197.9 million. However, $24.9 million less than the $2S4.5 million loss Tropical Storm Agnes last June. The 1972 ordinary net loss was $89.6 million less than the $284 5 million loss posed by the railroad in 1971. Trustees said freight revenues in 1972 were $1.6 billion, a 4.7 per cent increase above the $1.5 billion in 1971. Total revenues rose 2,8 per cent to $1.8 billion for 1972. radio, however, said the plane was carrying 106 passengers of various nationalities and nine crew members when it lost its way in bad weather. The French radio said the Libyan jetliner's crew members were French. Israelis Attack Terrorist Camp Inside Lebanon TEL AVIV (UPI) - Israel said its Wednesday raid deep into Lebanon against the alleged hideouts of those responsible for the Lod airport and Munich massacres was a "preventive action that forestalled similar attacks. "The action was taken against persons who were being trained and equipped to go into the wide world and kill us," Foreign Mmister Abba Eban said. "The action saved the lives of many who could bcnoroe victims of those killers. "It'.i part of the Israeli policy of taking preventive action," Eban added. Referring to the raid into Lebanon, senior officials said, "We have information of quite a number of plans, quite detailed and we believe that at least some of them were postponed by this raid." Refusing to give details, he added: "I would say that it's a logical assumption to believe that such an action has forestalled quite a number of terrorist actions, spectacular or not." The officer said the targets, two locations on the northern outskirts of Tripoli 125 miles north of Israeli territory, had a "long history" of serving as training bases for attacks abroad. Striking from the sea in rubber dinghies and by helicopter, the commandoes reported achieving complete surprise, killing several dozen guerrillas, and virtually destroying their bases while losing eight wounded in less than two hours of fighting. Lebanese ambassndor Edouard Ghorra, in a complaint to the U.N. Security fnimni'. sp 'd 30 persons were killed and 20 iniured in the fommanrln r=iid. Tt was tho deepest Israeli raid into Lebanon. "Amon^ those who trained at these bases were members of foreign under- grotind organizations such as Ko/o Okla- moto and the murderers of Munich," a militiiry spokesman said. Ckamoto was the survivor of a three- man Japanese suicide squad that killed 2'i persons and wounded 79 at Lod airport May .30, Eleven Israeli Olympians were slain in Munich Sept. 5 by Black September guerrillas. f SHAKEUP - An unidentified man attempts to squeeze into a telephone booth at Oxnard, Calif., after a long, rolling earthquake hit the Southern California area Wednesday. The most serious damage was reported about 90 miles north of Los Angeles. (UPI) Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir expressed the government's "deep sorrow" for the crash of the plane. She said Israel "regrets that the Libyan pilot did not heed the repeated warnings which were given him in accordance with international procedures." The shooting down of the civilian airliner followed by hours a raid by Israeli commandos deep into Lebanon to hit what Israel said were two Arab guerrilla camps. The two events were bound to make more difficult United States efforts to start talks about Middle East peace. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat 's security adviser, Hafez Ismail, was in London en route to Washington Thursday to confer Friday with President Nixon and U.S. Secretary of State William P. Rogers, and Mrs. Meir is scheduled to go to Washington next month. In Cairo, an Egyptian government spokesman condemned the downing of the airliner as "an act of mass murder against innocent and unarmed civilians—this is air piracy which goes beyond anyone's imagination." The spokesman said the Israelis "will be made to pay dearly for this and will receive their just punishment at the hands of the Arabs." According to the official Israeli version of the airliner disaster, the trl-jet Arab airliner had flown over Israeli positions along the Suez Canal, over a military airbase and had penetrated 50 miles into the Sinai desert when the air force moved. "Attempts were made to contact the aircraft, but it did not respond to signals," the spokesman said, adding that the Israeli pilots were speaking to the aircraft over their radios. The announcement said the Israeli pilots instructed the Boeing to land in accordance with international procedures. "When the aircraft did not comply to instructions and to warning shots," it added, "it was intercepted by Israeli planes. "The hit plane landed within the Sinai area, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) beyond the canal and exploded." Military helicopters flew through sandstorms to the scene with medical teams to evacuate the survivors to hospitals. Israeli military sources said the 727 may have become lost in sandstorms. Technicians were reported searching the wreckage for the "black box" recorder to explain what happened. The national radio noted that the aircraft was on a northeasterly heading toward Tel Aviv much of the time. It recalled reports, unconfirmed, that Arab gueiTillas planned to hijack a commercial airliner and crash it into Tel Aviv. The Israeli military command said the airliner was en route from Bahrein to Alexandria, but a Libyan broadcast said the aircraft was on a flight from Benghazi, Libya, to Cairo when it was downed. Israeli Minister without Portfolio Israel Galili called the incident a "tragedy. "Israel had no intention of hitting this plane." he said "Our pilots behaved according to all international rules. "It is hard to understand why the pilot of the Libyan plane behaved like he did and did not respond," Galili said. J- There s More News Inside Roomful of parents hears school board discuss rezoning. For this and other state, area and local stories, see page IC. Pensacola-Chipola playoff set for Friday night at Niceville. See sports pagei 1D-3D. Index Abby M Bridge 2B Comics «C Deaths Editorial 4A Society 6A-7A Sports ID-SD Stocks 70 y

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