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'''Jk it f', i pinjuio'. lkira rrnr vfA' 't. umco, 1Mb, The Weather Unsettled tonicllt and Thnmrlav rnlra Cooler Thursday afternoon and night. o1f lsabJlabea B.Otlasi Eatsbllabsaia; XII. he I nrf CITY EDITION' 20 PAGES PRICE 3 CENTS CLEANUP DEMANDED Governor McOray, Opening Conference of Qoverpora Today, Declares Prohibition la Up to Presidents DRY LAW ENFORCEMENT IS PRINCIPAL ISSUE McOray'n Statement Bombshell At Meeting' and Brings' Forth Addresses Approval.

FORT WAYNE, WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17, 1923. Ijioonrl Uil oo Associated lrea United Free. AjCUHUU VV irUO International News Service GUT IN GAS RATES HERE ANNOUNCED i GERMANY WILL GOAL IS USE IRON HAND Preparations Made for Drastic Measures, Against Saxony and Berlin FOQD RIOtT" 'CONTINUE $185,000 mnmnwiM, nim Mrvitp trvrain uai iilt art Prohibition never can be strtotljr en fe roed "until ther.r la a thorough house cleaning' In tt 'personnel of tha national dry law force and the federal prohibition unit la placed squarely1 under the direction and re ponalblllty of the president of the United States." Thla startling charge, echoing theT challenge of Oovem6r 'Plnchot, of Penneylvaila, to the citizenship con ference In Washington that I'renl dent Coolldge personally assume di rection or tne liquor Jaw enrorce ment. wan made here today by Qoy ernor MoCray, of Indiana, who de llTered the addreaa of welcome to the opening session of the fifteenth annual conference of state governors. Falling like a bombshell upon the thirty two governors assembled for the meeting, McCray'a declaration thruat (he prohibition question Immediately to the fore as the chief oohtroveraal problem of the conference, dwarfing the other subjects on tfhe regularly scheduled program for the three day gathering.

Other state executive followed McCray's lead, but with less sensational convlotlona, and Indications from theae discussions were that all will not be harmony when the governors gather st Prealdent Coolldge's "law and order" conference at trfe white houae next Saturday The general feeling waa that states are ready to co operate with rhe national administration In upholding the law ir certain changes are made In the present federal system of law en forcement. Governor Plnchot added Are to the prohibition discussion by renewing nla appeal that President Coolldge assume personal responsibility for the enforcement of the dry law. Plnchot charged that thousand of gallons of Illicit liquor are flooded over the country through the Issuance of snurleua withdrawal permits In "Washington. Until thla prno tlee can be stopped, Plnchot said, state government face an atmoet Impossible task In running down Illicit boose. FWr Separate tTnlt.

Aa th. flrat jMfr to secure more satisfactory result. AMcCray sug wetted that the prdhlbttlon 'unit be taken from the treasury department and made a separate entity of the federal government.wlth the chief office under personal direction of the prealdent. With the change, MoCray thought there should follow a gen eral housecleanlng. "Too often federal enforcement of floera are not In sympathy with the law, ne aaio.

"umciaia or mis character should be cleaned out of the service." Governor Parker, of Louisiana. Joined with McCray In denunciation1 of what he termed 'drinking at the law among wealthy classes In the country and even among high officials In Washington." 'Thl la the sort of thing, Mo Cray declared, whlch la largely responsible for the apparent widespread disrespect for the Volstead act. When persona of wealth and PAA VldilstA ttlM lSLW. 'get away with It while the average lltlUTRIITUQ American eltlaen la fined aVid often 1 II I I1U I flO sent to Jail for carrying a flask, then you have a condition that breeds an archy and contempt of law." State Have Burden. WTilI pointing out the reepohal hlllty of the federal government In the matter of law enforcement.

Ho Cray was extremely careful to declare that state Also shared a burden In the work, that of throwing assistance to the administration In enforcing statutes that are a part of the law of the land. For lie pledged co operation of Indlaruv to Prealdent Coolldge In theyftftit against liquor. over nor a Trinaie, Virginia; hid BERLIN. Oct. 3 7.

The derm art federal government la preparing to use drastic measures against Sax ony unteaa conditions 4here show Trffmeaiate Improvement, It waa learned today, The military director already has been ordered to proceed with dissolution of the so called "red hundred companies." It is Indicated he will use soldiers If neceaaarv. Herlln officials were ordered todav to use sharper meaeuree aaralnat rioter If repetition of yesterday' demon at rat Ion are attempted In defiance of the nrovlalons of the limit ed state of alege. Arrests of some of the ringleaders In yesterday demonstrations are proceeding and authorities ordered police today to arrest women and girls If they lead the way In the riots. City authorities must preserve order by force. It was directed.

If they are unable to prevent disturbances by providing bread Vorwaerta, on the new directions, said that the government la In sharp dealing with Sax ony, but pointed out that hitherto It has taken no steps against the illegal organisations it llavarla or against the general Bavarian defiance of the relch Government reports from the occu tenance funds during tlio year provided the budaet total of pled areas indicated many places are 1 1185,000 Is ralaed. The tiintl does not aimosc wunout potatoea. such Total of FuncAto Be Raised In Council ofvpcial Agencies Drive Anfiaflnced At Meet Ing; This j6on. SLIGHTLY HIGHER THAN LAST FIGURE This Year's'' Budget However Includes Boy Scout and Jap. anese Earthquake Appro priation.

A goal of $185,000 to be raised in the comhiunity fund campaign during the week of Uctober Z'J was announced at a luncheon of team captains for the drive at noon today at the Chamber of Commerce. The total is a considerable reduction from estimates of the amountR needed by the 20 social service agencies financed by the community fund for the coming year. The 20 orfcatllsntlona financed by the community Xurul are pledged not to mtna dinner Rflmpalgntl for maln aurmg tlio coming From $30 Clerk to Millionaire, But It Qoesn't Surprise Wife mlat It was reported are prohibitively priced Food riots were exDected In minv places, (t was said, today, because the unemployment doles, thnuirh in tently doubled, amount to barely two cents a day. After yesterday's riots 1n the heart of Uerlln, revealing the Imminent menace of hunger to the country, city officials announced the sale ft American and Argentina froloU meats at less than current prices. Even with money, purchases of potatoes, meat, butter, lard and bread were made with greatest difficulty.

Th government had decided. It became known today, to commence Immediately to build up a governmental grain reserve of from half a million to a million and a half tons. I Inolude provision for erection oX new aSBSSBBSSSav JaaPBesaak yS 'ssaPBl 'BSBsssssssmaaaaRi2l ''VaaBSSSSSSSslBBBBBBBBflsn aBBsssssasBsssssBSBHBlKr jrrSBSBSBSBSBSaSSSSSl Wl BSssssssaBPlssssKKIPiil I I BBSSSSSSsVasssBassssTsaiwPI 1 I 1mm I I mMjWSwzM stsasV iaiMa I U. JMsssssin.lG. Ill I 1 BtP Tf SsfeWyiSSBBBBSt; I assssMBBlH9ssvsl BSsssssaasMlHfflr 1 lBSSSSSSsKSiCfSinlF BSSSSSSlPiffilillKfiBBSBW XaaaasaHKSsr a Mr.

and Mrs. Glenn Billingcleyw More lllotlnir. Ma.l MANNHEIM, Oermany. Ocl. man was killed and several Injured, In severe rioting bat ween police 'and demonstrators here last night.

Polios fired on the demonstrators when they refused, to obey an order to disperse. Patrols passed through the streets today forbidding all gatherings ASK JURY PROBE OF WITNESSES Attorney for Mrs. Stokes De mand Grand Jury Investigation of Plaintiff's Witnesses. 'ADMITTED buildings The community fund now covers all organisations which ordinarily ask maintenance funds of Fort Wayne In campaigns with tho exception of lhs Y. M.

A. and tho Anli Tubet culbsls league. I.aM yer the community fund asked Fort Wayne for 1175,000 Tho total for the 1923 campaign Is hut higher, despite the fact tho rioj tw airaHtaiiMMi hmmi NEW YORK, Oct. 17 Demand for a grand Jury Investigation of all wit nesses wno nave so Tar testified In the divorce trial of William Karl Dodge Hioties. 7J year old millionaire turfman, against his younar wife.

Helen El wood Btokee. was mads on District pn. by Samuel Uotermyerv nier nt Mrs. Stokes' Iod. South Carolina; NafV TeMasiichieagOA uederworld to appenr as wlt nn Xfjt.taaehiiaMttM nA TtiMa Wv.

Meniiiw Aura. Three wltesses, so far. have admitted false statements on the stand. It was on these admissions Unter rnyer demanded grand Jury probe. ESCAPED FROM PRISON BUT BROKEN LEG HALTS FLIGHT Youth Gets Away From Mary land irison But Broken Bone Halts Ilim At Depot.

rs TAKEN TO HOSPITAL Cox, Massachusetts, and Rosa, Wyo ming, agreed that the weaK spoTS in the nresent svstem must be eradi cated before prohibition can beoom? mo percent eirective." Followlng McCrays welcoming re marks, to which a response was oiade bytovernor xaoAAaster, ox outn i liota, Oovenvor Morgan of West Virginia, discussed state and federal test ation needs. Declaring that fthere are too, many tax exempt aeouniies on the market," Qovernor Brandob, of Alabama, "urged that exemptions. If at 11, be limited to the small Investors who are trying to build homes? The governors' assembled In Indianapolis early this morning and motored the 111 miles to West Baden, hey stopped for visit at'tha University of Indiana and. for luncheon at Bedford. Agricultural relief and prison rel xorin are tne iwains hisbiwioiw jiai ed on the program for tomorrow.

4 Thirty seven Attend, WEST HADBN, Ind, Oct. lT aey rnors or executive representatives of ST states and territories earn here today for thLflfteenth annual con ferenCe of governors, prepared to discuss i and regional problems and t9 organise their program for meeting in numoiivn aniunia; with Presldejnt Coolldge, to consider prohlfcltlonwforceraent and related luestlons. These governors are registered at conference headquarters: Alabama. IV. W.iBrandon; William B.

Connecticut, Charles Temple ton; Delaware, WlllUm D. Denney; Florida. C. A. Hardeei Georgia.

CllfTordT M. Walkeri, "Warren McCray Oovernor John) llammlll: liOulslana. M. Park er: Maine. P.

Baxter Massaehu setts, runennwg m. jqx Aiicnigan, Alex. J.tOrosabeoki Minnesota. A. O.

Preus; Missouri, Arthur Hyde; Montana. J. Dixon: New Hampshire, Fred H. Brown) New Jersey, Ueorge Sllier; New Mexico, James F. Hlnklei North Carolina, Camsron Morrison: 'North Dakota.

It. A. Nestoi; Oregon. A. It.

Smith, repre senUng Oovernor Walter M. Pierce uuTora Finohotl BoSth counsel today. In making his request. Produced a statement alimail hv Joseph Doss, a Chicago Italian, in which It Is charged various sums of money were to members of the Pennsylvania I '( Continued; on' Pare Mine.) i at Snr a. ien raaa.1 OcW.

17 In the Union fetation last night a ticket to New York. In his hand and the announcer railing his train, the body of Frederick 11, failed to equal his courage and a daring 1 wr irveuum irom ine state penitentiary nere railed, j. According to Ramoa own story he had planned his escape weeks ago. To scale the J6 foot penitentiary wall he had Improvised a hook and rope ana last mgnt, finding an opportunity, reached the top of the wall. There a guard saw him.

fired and Ramos fell outside tho wall with a broken leg, lie prison authorities searched for him, Ramos crawled some distance away and hailed a passing' automobile. He told the driver he had been struck by a taxicab, but that he must get the train for New Tork. At the Un. Ion station Ramos managed to buy a ticket and reach a seat In the concourse, but when his train was called he could not rise. Seeing the youth was; Injured a railroad officer naa nun taKen to a nospjtai.

Meanwhile penitentiary officials had Issued a general alarm which reached police headquarters Just as ins nospiist maae its aociaent report. The description In the two reports tallied so accurately that officers went to the hospital to Investl gats. Confronted by the polloe Ramos admitted his IdenUty and after receiving lat aid treatment was taken baolr to the Benltentlary hospital. community fund. In addition to the Hoy Soout budget for 1124 the total for the community fund campaign Includes S10.0O0 advnnoed by the local chapter of the Red Cross for the Japanese dieaster.

relief fund. This ad vance accounts for the entire ln orease over the total asked of Fort Wayne last year for the fund. Savings have been effected In many budgets addition, last year, being the first year of the perstlefl of the community fund, the esU matea were based largely upon conjectures as to demanda upon the organizations The experience of tne vr.nous agencies foi the first alt months of 1(23 enables the community fund to save money for the cltl EBDB. Budgets Are Trimmed. In three extended i budget committee of the Council of ouuiaai Agencies careruify considered the budgets of each of the 20 organizations Many reductions were made by the budget committee, the committee taking an attitude that extensions of work were being made rapidly enough.

The budget aommlttee will hold another meeting, captains of the teams were told at noon today, before the budgets of each individual agency are announced Budgets aa they are at present make a total of II.IOD more than the 1186,000 total to be raised In the campaign. The budget committee will consider the figures and reduce them to the total agreed upon by the finance committee as the campaign goal. Economy of administration and lovei cost or; raising the funds are shown In a compilation of the sums to be devoted to various phaWss of the workWn 1124. Agencies doing work smons chil dren are aAklng for a total of $17, 987.89 In the drive, percent of the total fund. The agencies doing thla waork are the Children's flervlce club.

Opportunity Circle. King's Daughters, the Day Nursery. Plxlev Relief home. Sick Children's Aid society end the l'tiineran Children's Friend association. For nurslna and health work, un flertahon majnly by the Red Cross publlo health nursing service and the visiting nurse league, a total of $19.

89 60 la asked In the campaign, percent of the total. For work of solving social problems. Involving actual relief giving and case work, a total of 26 Is asked, 22 9 per cent of the campaign total. The Family Service bureau, formerly the Associated rh.H. ties; the Associated Cathollo CharU ties.

tne federationor Jewish Charities, the Rescue Hbme and Mission, the Workers for the Blind and the Salvation Army are grouped under this division. For character building and recreational work a total of nv Is provided In the budget. 34 4 6 per ouy ooouts, a newcomer In the ranks of agencies financed by the community fond; the T. W. A and the Phyllis Wheatley Social Center.are grouped under this classification, FZE ot lh campaign will bs 1 percent of the total to be raised, it Is estimated.

rtaifiaia Ingle fund campaign, managed by any one of the agsnolss. would cost mm tons percent of the fund total, figures show. Administration Cost Atria 1 1. Administration of the. community fund throughout the year.

Including ma coat ot collections ana auditing, will corfiprlse only 5 percent of the total fund. This administrative work, In addition. Includes m. general co relation ot the work of the variousvarious agendas, preventing duolloatlon and saving many tlmss the total administrative oost through economies in service ana management. The administrative work figure also includes the cost of conducting the social service exchange, a confidential list off clients maintained by the Council of Social Agencies and UMMtshv alt of.

the awannliatAd avmn. cles. In this list will bs found com 1 prete histories of all cases handled by the agencies and reports on the relief and services rendered. In this mannsr the professional charity seeker la sllmlnated and adequate service la assured for those deserving It. The cost of conducting the campaign.

Inolndlng printing of campaign Supples, all salaries and Incl WICHITA. Kan Ort. 17 tVom a $30 A week clerk In a Wichita establishment to a life on Broadway on a millionaire's Is the exp'erionce of Glenn liullngsley. And Olenn apparently likes the change, Judging from what Mrs, IlllllngHloy. who formerly was Miss Iva Beaver and one of Wichita's young women, says.

But she would have been content to remain lust a contented hniisowfro so long as ah had Bruce. The young wife, however had dreamed of sudden riches, to when announcement was made that her husband was the son of IaRV 1111 llnssley, ewnesa of the Theodore Roosevelt Apartment hotel, ooverlng 88 New York city blocks, she didn't lose her head ever sudden riches. The STRAIN JELLING ON LLOYD GEORGE Ex Premier of Britain, Suffer ing From Cold and Fatigue, Must Cancel Engagements. TO CONSERVE STRENGTH ItllllnHloyH now nrn nettled ih Ootham and aro lunn.nff a trip across tli wiitera tho coming niim rriflr Mm. llllllngf Ioy recently visited her mother here Tho elder HllllnKflleya ncpn rated In jTsOuIflYlllo.

wlion Olenn waa a youngtitei'. Ho remembered Uttlo of early In which he had plenty. He only remembered life after hit mother married nffatn, for riches did not accompany the Mocond marriage ThrouKh net I dent the youth learned that he van the son of the New Vork mllllonafi The father also learned of the wherenbuutH of hla aon about th? name time Olonn tead of his father a nuoocan They were reunited as faat as train could carry the youth from Wichita, to New York. CHICAGO, Oot 17 "Imperative orders" have been Issued by David Lloyd Qeorge's personal plprnlcian. for rigid restriction of the famous Briton aoclal engagement for the remainder of hla American tour, Sir William Houtherland.

private aecre tary to Lloyd Oaorge, announced today. Boufcherland'a announcement said that Lloyd George la suffering from at cold complicated by fatigue. For thla reason, when the physician found the former premier had a tern Serature, lie ordered him to atay Jr. ed thla afternoon and to curtail all octal engagements. Lloyd Oeorge, however, will dellvar tils scheduled addreaa here tonight.

"Word will be sent out today to the si ai el. oiner twines on na iuui lua. luiwur Ms anal renentlona and other aoclal en gagements must be cancelled, Houtherland said. Due to the cold. Lloyd George tires easily, Boutheirland said, and It was decided to cancel all except hln speaking engagements In order to reserve hla atrength.

FLOOD PASSES OKLAHOMA CITY High Waters Sweep Down North Canadian River Leav ing Two Deaths and Loss. MORE CITIES MENACED NEW PLAN FOR BRIDGE FAVORED Widening of Clay Street to Improve Approach to Main Street1 Site Suggested. "BEST THING YET" BAKER a.t.,, I 1 A new plan for tho bridge, calling for the widening of Clay street bo that a much broader approach would be offered from Columbia street to tho Main street site was presented to tho county corn; missioners today and met with the approval of that body. Clay Htreet would be about 135 feet wide near the Junction with Columbia and about 110 feet wide near the bridge entrance. The plan also nhows a broad approach extending to Superior street The plan waa said to have been dealgned after a bridge approach In Chicago "It looks hettti to me than any plan I have seen yet." A Uakei, piesldent of the board of commis Hlonera, said "Unless the engineers can see some objection to lt, undoubtedly It Is ihe best solution of the bridge problem Our whole tinublo has been to take care of both Main and Columbia streets My opinion la that the bridge nhould be located near Main street, but I believe also that Columbia atieet Is entitled to a big.

broad approach such as thla new plan provides' Thomas ftheelmn, a. member of the hoatd. said that he. also, waa well Impressed with the plan, which was presented by citizens Interested In helping to solve the bridge problem Tho commissioners said today that while they previously had believed the equidistant plan, whereby the western bridge terminus would be between Columbia and Alain streets, might be adopted since It seemed to offer the nearest solution of the dif ficulties, they believe that unfavorable action will be taken on It Huch a plan as tha new one would comu much nearer to serving the needs and would nob tend to traffic congestion, It was pointed out. INJURY CAUSES CHILD'S DEATH Occic Belle Hoffmcycr, Aged Four, Who Was Struck By Automobile, Dies in Hospital.

CHEST WAS CRUSHED In. Jur tea suffered yhen eh waft struck by an automobile driven by Walter II. Hellmann, 733 Itpnnlon avenue, on llunniou avenue Monday iifteroon caused the death of Occle Iletle Hoffneyer, aged 4. daughter of Mr. arid Mrs.

Otto lloffmtyer, of Kendallvllle. in the Bt. Joseph hoa ultal here late Tuesday night. Three ribs were fractured and the littlo girl was otherwise Injured Internally when one of the wheels of the automobile passed over her chest, nurses at the hospital said Ilellmann In a report to the police declared he was diving about 10 miles an hour at the time of the ufccjdent. He said that the child ran 4tfi Into the street directly In front of his machine llecause of cars parked along both side of th'b at root, Ilellmann said It waa impossible for him to see the child soon enough to avoid hitting her.

The body of the chlfd was taken to Kendallvllle for burial COMPANY ASSENTS Public Service OommUaion Will Issue Order Friday Ite. duoing Kates of Northern Indiana Company. $100,000 SAVING YEARLY IN FOUR CITIES, RESULT Solith Bend, Mishawaka and. River Park Also Get Lower Rates By Virtue of Order to Which Company Agrees. (V M0 LEGION IN HOT KLANMTTLE Resolutions Committee Gets Down to Personal Encounter in Discussing Problem.

MAY KEEP FROM FLOOR ELWELL AND KEENAN SLAYERS ARE KNOWN Police Commissioner Enright, Says Polloe Need One Percent Moihft Evidence. HOPE TO CLOSE CASE MUNCIE PUBLISHER WILL APPEAL FROM SENTENCE MUNCIE, Oct 17. George) Dale, local publisher today announced he will take an appeal from a antenc of Ave months In prison nd a Sboo nne for criminal unci against Ueorge a cigar dealer. After Icna than two hours' delib eration a qlroult court Jury last nhrht found Dale guilty on a grand Jury Indictment charging libel. The charges grew out of Dale's assertion that Roeger was a "draft dodger and m.

leader In the K. K. IC." Koeger admitted In court that he waa a member of the klan. but ro duoed papers to show that he had been exempted from military service (luring the war. pale will go on trial Friday on another grand Jury indictment charging violation of th liquor law.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla Oct. 17 Flood waters from the North Canadian river, whioh took a toll of two Uvea and caused $8,000,000 damage in Oklahoma City, swept down stream today, theratenlng smaller cities. The overflow here receded so that many of the IB, 000 persons driven from their lowland homes when the city reservoir broke, releasing a great wall of water, were able to return. About 2,000 were stilt being cared for In schools 'and churches and other publlo buddings. Unable to obtain nrfiat from rack Ingtown, cut off by' the flood, ar rangements were being made to ruati supplies nere rrom Kansas City ftt.

Joe and Omaha. Xwo Uvea are known to have been lost. Mrs. n. II.

Loose and daughter, Clara, aged eight, were drowned when their boat capslsed while they were trying to reach safety. Mr. Loose and another daughter clung to a tree and were rescued. PURDUE INSTRUCTOR IS KILLED BY BICYCLIST (V MIOOMIt B) NBW YOKJC. Oct 17 The slayers of Joeoph 11 Klwell and of Dorothy King Keenan, victims In two of New York's most notorious unsolved murder mysteries, are known to the police, according to Police Commissioner Knrlght, but the evidence is Insufficient to warrant arrests Klwell.

aportsma and bridge expert, was slain In his apartment one night In May, 1920, after he had been host at a roof garden party. Dorothy Keenan, ISrooadway "butterfly," waa slain In her Apartment off fifth laat March Speaking over the radio last night on "police Mr Knrlght eald: "In theae unsolved cases our books are not closed until the last principal Involved la dead. About the Klwell and Dot King mysteries many of theae cases are not mysteries, to the police department. The murderers are known, but we have been unable to get the 1 percent additional legal evidence to make arrests. "The department never nleepa.

we hope some day to getx tha other 1 percent of evidence. It is better to be sure ofyour shot than to miss." SAN FRANCISCO. Oct 17 Debate which was reported to have reached! the atage of personal encounter, was waged In the resolutions committee of the American Legion national convention today over the Ku Klux Klan Issue. While the committee waa meeting behind closed doors, discussing a resolution condemning the klan, voices were raised so loidly that reporters outside the meeting place could hear the vlftoroue debate which waa followed by sounds indicating violent disturbance. It waa known that a number of members of the committee both pro and antl klan men are anxious to keep the resolution from reach ing the convention floor INDIANAPOLIS, Oct.

17. Gas rates in Fort Wayne, South Bend. Mishawaka and IUver Park will ho ordered reduced kt the regular Friday conference of the public service commission, it was an nounced at the commission's offices today The reduction, it wns said, will save the consumer ti in the four places approximately $100,000 annually. This reduction, It waa Mated. Is the result of the eprlal Investigation by ComrnlHHloner Oscar I tat a Into the Northern Indiana Gas A Klectrlc company.

hich serves the municipalities. It was stated the company ofTiglala agreed to accept a reduction Jn rates The commission. It was pointed out, has effected a reduction In utility a rates In a number of localities. Including Illchmond, Clary, Mill town. Whiting, Knightstown, Knst Chicago.

Attica and Hammond, and Commissioner Hattn, who has charge of the special rases, says he hopes to bring1 about reductions in other communities DIDNT SEE A LOAD OF LUMBER; TWO ARE HURT Tstrarstfc ro rum nmwrn mmMTrMBLt STUROIS, Oct. 17. ArthurArthur Paultia has a fractured right arm and a broken rib and Fred Heoht la nursing a bruised chest as a result of a collision of Ilecht'e automobile with a load of lumber a half mile north of thla city yesterday. llecht failed to see the load of lumber and crashed into the rear and of It, demollehlng hla tar and Inning himself and his companion eneath It. LAFAYETTE.

Oct 17. Elmer Andrews, 43. an Instructor at Purdue university, was fatally hurt here Tuesday afterrfoon when he was struck and knocked to the pavement bl a. bicycle ridden by W(llrrd Drown In West Lafayette He died In a hospital Tuesday night. Andrews stepped back to avoid be ing struck by an automobile, di rectly In the path of the bicycle.

He was thiown to the brick navement and suffered a fractured akull He died without regaining conscious a ess. Androws had been an Instructor In history at Purdue since 1920, com tog here fim Greenfield, where be was principal of the nigh school lie was a graduate of Indiana unl veralty. YOUTH WHO VIOLATES LIQUUH LAW IS NNkU Mro nM MMwm.mmH tmmi! DEFIANCE, Oct 17 George Nichols, aged 19. was fined 9100 and costs by Probate Judge C. W.

Palmer, Tuesday, after Nichols pleaded guilty to transporting Intoxicating liquor Prosecutor Victor L. Mansfield, because of the youth of the offender, asked for leniency and withdrew a charge of possession also placed against the youngster. Nichols was one of three men apprehended In an automobile on the liaker road, near here, laat Wednesday G. Weslenburger and L. E.

Moore, alao accused of liquor law violation, will be arraigned Wed nesday or Thursday. TEXAS CONSTABLE AND SHERIFF IN FATAL DUEL MARSHALL, Tex Oct 17 The sheriff of Marlon county and the constable of Jefferson met on the main street there last night 'and without a word shot each other to death. Roth men. Rodgers, the sheriff, and W. Proctor, the constable, were past B0 years of age The constable shoved the sheriff agatnat a water hydrant, the few persons who witnessed the Shooting told the police.

But while the sheriff momentarily lost control of hla legs, his hand gripped his whipped out the weapon and fired. He hit Proctor once In the hip and again In the heart. Shots from the constable's, pistol crossed with those of Rodgers The conatable shot the sheriff through the head while the latter was stum bling and slipping; to ground I A niAisa Vint I A fanam (Ua nnnatiikl. I Weapon went wild. At that point the eyewitnesses' story was hazy, the ponce said.

According to police, the trouble arose, possibly, through court papers given through the constable not being served and In a fine being lm posed OTi thewherlfP aubaeTiucrntly" Both men had families. They had long been residents of the county New Rates Announced. INDIANAPOLIS." Ind Oct Iff Reduced rates on gas charged by the Northern Indiana Gas A Electric company, at Fort Wayne, South Rend, Mishawaka and River Park, as ordered by the publlo service commission, will give patrons a saving of about 9100,000 a year, Oscar Ratts. vice chairman ot, the commission. said today.

It woe estimated that about one half of thla amount would be saved by gas roneumei a In Fort Wayne alone The rates for Fort Wgyno will be 60 cents a 1,000 cubic feet for the first 400 cubic feet. $1 25 a 1,000 for the next 9,600,, 9t 20 a 1.000 for the next 20.000, 1 15 a 1.000 for the next 20 000. 9106 a 1.000 for the next 160,000, and 76 cents for all over 200 000 Preaent rates are 91 86 a 1,000 for the first 10 000. 91 26 a 1.000 for the next 20,000, 91 16 a 1.000 for the next 20,000, 91 06 for the next 160, A and 76 cents for all over 200, 000 The rates for South Bend, Mlsha Continued on Page Nine.) JAMES A. M'REA DIES IN PITTSDURGH HOSPITAL Vice President of Pennsylvania Railroad Company Succumbs to Illness Today.

Roth were office serving flrat terms ia MAYOR HYLAN SUFFERS A RELAPSE AT SARATOGA, STICKS HEAD OUT OF SAND CAR; MEETS DEATH THIRD OF MILLION LOOT IN WERNER WAREHOUSE raVwwm MIMI CHICAGO. Oct. 17. Stocka and bonds valued at 9250.000, the estate of Lou I a Ehrhardt, board of trade operator, formed part ot the loot of our glare who robbed the wrnf broth era warehouse bete Sunday, police were Informed today. Dosens of other safety boxes were burned open with acetylene torches.

The total loo( was estimated at 9360,000. i LOGANSPORT PHYSICIAN FIRES BULLET INTO BRAIN Contlnnd on Fsc. Nine) av laimiMia a.aa. SOUTH BEND. Ind While at Irk Ins his hd sana car.

Oct. J.7. out of m. Alnser "Walters. 15.

was airucn on ins neaa ana almost Instantly klllsd by a passing street oar. UWIM V.M.) LOQAN8POTIT, Ind, Oct. 17. Despondency over 111 health was attributed today aa the cause ot tha suicide ot Joseph Collins. Logans port phyalclsn.

whoso body was found In bis ofTlcs by apatlsnt Ut. rest.rday. Collins had, fired a bullet hrouf his brain. NEW TORK, Oct. If Mayor John B.

Xlylan, after two weeks of Improvement from his attack of pneumonia In Saratoga Springs, suf fered a relapso yesterday due to nervous Indigestion. As a result he has been ordered by his physicians to remain In absolute quiet for at least two weeks and all visitors except members of his Immediate fam ily be barred from the alck room. CALL TROOPS TO HANDLE SITUATION IN ISLANDS (V IHfllMallOMl Ht VI MANILA, Oct 17 Regular army troops have been called upon to deal with the situation in the province of I Lanao, where three school teachers, as a rod man with the Pennsylvania, two constabulary officers and eight. Year after year he won promotion. WON HONOR IN WAR tmr ioia( friii) PITTSRUROII.

0ct J. A. Mcllea, vlce piesldent In charge of the central region of tho Pennsyl vania railroad, died hero today of pneumonia. Colonel Ale Ilea had been 111 leas than a week, but his condition was such that little hopo has been entertained for hlb recovery. Colonel Mcl(ca.

born in Philadelphia In 1876, won rapid promotion 4fVraIlrowdwork i elelng frontr rod man to vice piesldent of one of the most Important regions of the Penn aylvanla system I lis In France during the Woi Id war won for him the distinguished service cross and he win mado an officer oft the French Legion of Honor He also was prominent In banking clr clen, having aeivcd as vice president of the Bankers' Trust company, of New York Colonel Mcjlea received his early education in Ht Paul's school. Concord, II He was a Yale graduate of the class of 1896, and In the same year he entered railroad work soldiers natlcs. wero killed by Moro fa NAME NEW VISITING NURSE Anti Tuberoulosis League Adds to Its Staff. Appointment of Miss nn AVlndle s.s visiting tuberculosis nursd has Deen announcea Dy hiu uertruae executive secretary of the Fort Wayne Antl Tuberculosls leagus. Mlsa Windle Is a resident of Findlay, and a graduate of the Olock ner Hospital and Sanitarium, Colorado Springs.

She Is also a post graduate In tuberculosis work nt Colorado Sprlnga and Denver. Miss Windle will tie In charge of crusade work In the school, of thla city and will work under the supervision of Mlsa Gtertrude Barber, executive seoretary. Difficulty In handling the Morns has been Increasing1 during the past few months. Up until the present time the Philippine constabulary has hMn fltllA In hnndla th. tii.tln a was believed that with the death of Akbar, a fanatical leader, who claimed powers to withstand bullets and defy airplanes, the movement which he headed would eollapss.

Ills followers were defeated in sanguinary battle three1 months ago wiui aiie oonstaouiary, put the movement which Started In Zulu apparently has spread to Lanao, Which Is located on Mlndanano Island. Prior to their defeat the followers of AKoar naa tnreatened to wipe out tho constabulary force, which Is made, up ot Filipinos. BULLETIN (ay MMaiatBa MANILA, Oct. IT. The Philippine legislature today, after one of the stormiest sessions In Its history, adopted Sergio Osemena's resolution approving tha action of the irtdnn dence commission of laat July In demanding the recall of lover iror General Leonard Wood.

BULLETIN a fi O0IMia ajM) KANSAS CITY, Oct 17 The fourth game of the junior world series between Baltimore and Kart sa City was postponed today on adbount of wet grounA He served in the maintenance of way department as assistant engineer, and engineer of the lines west, was superintendent of the Cincinnati division and general superintendent and general manager of the Lonir Island railroad. With the advent of war. Colonel Mcllea responded fo the call of the nation. He was general manager and later was named deputy director general of transportation with tho American expeditionary forces. jt the end of hostilities he be came associated with the New York bank.

In October of 1920. he was named vice president of the central region of the PennayUanla railroad, which post he held up to the time of hla death The widow and one daughter. Agi liea; two sons. Charles and James A Jr, and hla mother survive. ONE KILLED AND FIVE ENTOMBED IN MINE (r MteeiaTaB BINGHAM.

Utah. Oct. 17. One man wax killed and five entombed by a cave In In the Utah Apex Metal mine here late yesterday. Twenty men were In the mine at the time of the accident, but 14 escaped A rescue party, after having been driven back repeatedly by additional rock falls, early today had gotten within sight of the body of Dan Eden, the 66 year old mine fore man.

The men entombed Include Joseph Nerd en, mine superintendent. v. 'f 5 a MV a v.t.

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