The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1950
Page 7
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MONDAY, JULY 10, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN 5 Known Dead As Cloudbursts Hit Nebraska 13 Inches of Rain fffalls in 7 Hours On Town of 6,000 OMAHA, Nebr., July 1C. (API Nebraska counted five dead and a550.v;ed flood damage lively U> run Into the millions of dollars today as the result, of clouribursting weekend rains that duni[)cd as mui';i as 13 inches of water in seven hour:, The Known victims were occupants of a ravr caught in a flast: flood on a highway about 14 mile; north of Fullcrton in East Centra Nebr asks. But York, about 40 miles south fast of Fullerton, took the brunt, () the fabulous downpour. While wa Ur in the jrovcrnment weather ob server's rain tf.'iuge clinibrd to 13.1 inches, overflow from Beaver Cicol normally about six feet wirtc, sprcn over approximately one-fourth c Ihe city of some 0,000 persons. About 200 resiclenis of the soul part o! town were rescued by boa and truck. The National Guards men were called out, temporary shelter was provided in the city auditorium and the Ked Cro=s put Us disaster relief machinery in full operation. ard hit also was Beaver Crrss- a town of about 500 some 20 miles southeast of York. Approximately one-fourth ot the town was flooded. National Guardsmen, employing "ducks" (amphibious vehicles! helped «tth evacuations. Water Subsides Quickly Beaver Crossing itself received than two inche.s of rain but runoff water piled up around the town. The water, quick to come up, wa.i quick to subside. Most nooii Mi, residents of York and other communities moved back to begin rehabilitation work today. York's first flood in 25 years developed into a series of races with the stork. Two boys and » girl were born after their mothers were jcs- cucd from flood waters. One of the mothers, Mrs. Charles Powers, •waded through neck-deep water to high ground. National Guardsmen picked her up in a "duck" and took her to a hospital where her baby, s boy, was born a few minutes later. Approximately 50 persons were at the York Country Club when the roof blew off and into a nearby cornfield. There were no casualties The five victims of the Hood near rullerton were Ray Bogner, 33, o" Kastnlgs, Neb.; his wife, 28; tlici two children, Anna, 4 nnd 'Tommy Stand a. niece, Mnrlene Schumach 'JR 8. daURhlcr of Mr. and Mrs. Raj : Schumacher of Petersburg. I owns lions. 200. There INEVITABLE IN WAR—Every war has its refugees, and the battle in Korea is no exception. The boatload of civilians, above, mostly women and children, is seen "somewhere in Korea" waiting to leave war area. The refugees arrived safely at Fukuoka, Japan, Birmingham Launches Drive Against Jobless Communists Obliging Judge Doubles Defendant's Sentence FREDBRICKSBURG, Va., Jtil 10.- (AP)— Homer smith, 51, wa sentenced in police court Satur day to six months for vagrancy an drunkenness. He counted on his fingers. And a surprised Judge agreed Ui his request when Smith pleaded; "How about making it 12 months, Judge? 1 don't, want to get out of j?.il in the winter." Czechs Charge illegal Flights U.S. Air Force Denies Use of 'Verboten' Routes PRAGUE, July MO. iff) — The Czech government chnrfied today that American military planes have been (Lying over Czechoslovakia. II vlncc Into Sat "fiirt there might be "consequences" day, but the if they kept it up. to' run high, The government also claimed I Army "undeniable proof" that such planes have .spread the Colorado beetle— the potato bug—over this country antl Eastern Germany. The Kovrign Ministry made both protests, Prague radio reported, In notes tinned over to the United States Embassy bore Tlie embassy last Friday had Riven the ministry a diplomatic denial of the poUilo-bug charges, first made In n government proclamation the week before. The note on the planes cited some eight InMmicc.s of flights of American military planes from Germany over Czechoslovakia territory between July i nnd July 4. it said these flights violated International law. Charge Denied WIESBADEN. Germany, July 10. (&)—& U.S. Air Force spokesman today branded "utterly ridiculous" charges that American planes from Germany hnd marie illegal flights over Czechoslovakia. The Czechoslovak government today protested that American planes had made illegal flights over that country between July 1 and 4, and also had bombarded Czech crops with potato bugs. The spokesman said; "There is really nothing to say about such wild charges except that they are utterly ridiculous and absolutely untrue." 123 Are Killed as Earthquakes Rock North Central Colombia BOGOTA, Columbia, July 10. <>V) —At least 123 persons perished, in weekend earlho.uakc.s which rocket! North Central Colombia, destroying rvnrt crippling communion- Reports from the strickcr said the death toll may reach was no estimate of the number Injured hi the ftnir quakes, which struck north Hantandcr province into Saturday awl c;\rly Sun- figure was expected Unoffirlal reports reaching Call jild the town of Salazar, nuranla nnd Toledo had been destroyed. A dispatch to Ihe Bogota newspaper F.I Tlcmpo said several shocks imd been reported at Cucuta, the provincial capital, which was completely destroyed by an eart-hqunke C5 years ago. No serious damage was reported, however. troops and ponce m the devastated region are aiding the victims, and trying to keep order, The Colombian government h n ,s rushed doctors, nurses and medicines by plane, Food and supplies for the homeless, including ion Is are bciiH; flown iti from Bogota. Official sources snlri telegraph nnd telephone lines were down while highways and roads were split by deep cleavages, An official report sent In to President Miiriimo Ospina PC re/, gave the, death toll, as recorded so far: Arbolcdas. 10 in the lown and Cuculilla, 40 hi the rural sections. GO In the surrounding rural area; with the figure expected to mount; Barrieri tos three, Qucbradahonda five, Montccristo, five. The privlncial governor reported Arbnleclas and Cucutilla as "almost destroyed" and saUl mnn> houses were damaged in other towns, including Salazar, San . rie Avila. Mutfztica r> n d Toledo where two churches were levelled Pope Canonizes EcuadoreanGirl VATICAN C1TV, July 10. Wl— Pope pins XII raised Maria Anna d<; ramies to sainthood yesterday or offering her lite 300 years ago so plague - stricken Ecuadorean. uiglit be spared. Some 40.000 persons, including 10 ai'dinnls and 50 bishops, attended the canonization in St. Peter's Hrt.slllca—seventh and last o( the 1350 Holy Year. Maria, known as the "I.ily of Quito." died In K plague In 1645, when only 20. after praying that her life be taken and the peiyjle of Quito soared. The Pop* fixed May 26, anniversary of her 1 death, as the date on which the new saint is to be revered, 21 Die in Crash Of French Plane CASABLANCA, French Morocco. July 10. l/Pj—Twenty-one persons were killed in the crash of a French jassengcr plane soon after It took >ff from Casablanca Airport yesterday. Nine surviving passengers were njureci, eight of them critically. A woman and her child Jiving near :he crash scene were burned severely when a blazing piece of wreckage fell on their house. AH those aboard the plane, a DC-3 on a flight from Pails to Dakar, were French. The plane Robbers Pose as G-Men; Rob Firm of $4,000 CHICAGO, July 10. WV-"This Is a G-man," the caller said, "We're sending over a couple ol men to look at your books," Ten minutes later two men arrived at the Sheridan-Irving Park Currency Exchange. Manager Oscar lllrschel, 07, let them into tha case, then asked for their Identification. One man knocked him to the flcor and the other tied him up. They tor* $3,150 )ust deliverer! by armored car and S1.795 from an opm safe and fled In an automobile. The "G-man robbery" occurred Friday. was operated by Atglc-Azur (Blue Eagle) Line. It was the fourth French crash in less than a month and brought to more than 100 tha air number of dead in those disasters. LA Admits it Rained LOS ANGELES, July 10. (/!')—F'oi the first time in M years, July has brought rain to Los Angeles. The weatherman proudly announced Saturday there was me* surablc precipitation Friday. Exactly .01 ot nn inch. BIRMINGHAM, Ala.,, July 10. (/F)ly," he added, "I won't be able to irmingham is making it tough on arrest those, who have a visible nown Communists without visible leans of support. The chairman of the party in Ala- ama, Sam Hill. Jr., was arrested aturday on charges of vagrancy nd other arrests will follow, said 'ublic Safety Commissioner E. C. :onnor. He estimated there are about 100 'ommunisls in the Birmingham rca, Arrests will be confined to those igainst whom vagrancy charges can le pressed, he said. "Unfortunate- means of support." Hall was taken at his home. He told officers he wns southern eiit- tor of the Daily Worker, Communist Party organ. Police also, arrested Paul Thomas Rose, alias Rosen bloom, 23, on charges of vagrancy and o( changing name to conceal He was listed as land, N. J. Both men were Identity. native of Lake- later freed on Helen Holmes, Silent Star, Dies BURBANK, Calif,, July 10. CAP) —Death has taken frpiner sfteut serial star Helen Holmes at- the age of 58. Holmc.s was best known for "The Hazards of Helen," shortly before Pearl White's ''Ferns of Pauline." She died Saturday alter .suffering five years from a heart condition. Funeral services will be held tomorrow. bond for trial tonight. was nires ted while passing out circulars protesting U. S. intervention in Korea, Detective Captain C. L, Pierce reported. He .said Rose admitted being a member of the Communist Party. Arresting officers said Hall's home was a "regular warehouse of Com- immJsl propaganda." Hospital Patient Dies In Plunge From Window HOT SPRINGS, Ark., July 10. (/Pf —A patient plunged to his death Irom a fourth floor window at St. Joseph's Hospital hero Saturday. He was Earl R. Fleming, 40, of Forrest City, A coroner's report said Fleming leaped from the window after eluding a nurse trying to stop him. A veteran of World War Two, Fleming was admitted to the hospital July 4. He was thft twenty-second violent, death reported In Arkansas last, week. 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