The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1938
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1938. BLYTHEVJLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TAGE FlVrf s^vsaaswc 1 m WANT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per lino lor consecutive insertions: One time per line ............ ICte two times per line per day . . .OBc riiree times per line per day ..Dec >lx times per lino per day ____ 05c Konth rate per line .......... tide 75c / A hlVie filon ,"ards oi Tlmnks 50c & Minimum cliargo 50c Ads ordered for llirce or six i and stopped belore expira will be charged for the nuin- tcr of limes the ndd appeared and ,l]ustmcnl of bill nmde. All Classified Advertising copy (ubmittcd by persons residing out- tide of the city must be accompanied . by cash. Rates may be tasily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular *serllons takes the'one time rate. No responsibility will be taken or more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory SAVE MONEY ON COAl7 at coal Del. ui yard n'lillc Rig Lump ton 5.25 e'lS SxlO tun 5,25 0.25 3*6 ton 5.20 «.'«! Nut ton 4.80 5.M Stohf r ton 4.75 5.75 Mine run ton 4.75 2 room furnished apartment with; private bath. 621 Walnut. Phone Goo<l true tor and It's equipment £0fi. Available after the first, I cheap. Write Eox "11", Courier 19-ck-lf New, nalli, MO. 3 j'ootu furnished house. lights, Reasonable.' Plwne lfl-pk-2'i Km Dished iiparlmcnt, 209 West Kentucky, Mrs. Sisk, Phone 465- W. 19-ck-lf Two unfurnished looms. Couple prfferrcd. Ol'l Park. 18-pk-i2 room house, H.YV. 18 at Coppcdge Ciiu. C. F. Dunn. lR-pk-25 40 acres with good 5-room house barn, •! miles south Manila. All in cultivation. $150 cash, $250 rent note. Jess Bryant, Manila P. O. n-pk-20 5 room apartment, prlratc bath Mrs. Wendell Phillips, phone :161. n-ck-21 Newly decorated 3 room furnished apartment. 313 No. Second, phone 788. If-ck-U 5.V3 K.tJU Blue Kibbon big lump 7.00 Blue Kibbon 3.\B 6.75 Slack ton 3.00 ::.' CURVE IN CAFE v On Highway Cl at Holland ' Phones 5 F-l and 878 A Announcement w. Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1044 Ch.'ckarawba 1'hone C73 Shoe Repairing Everything for your slices. Free Delivery. Phone 120. Quality Shoe Shop :i room fuin. apt. with ball). New ly (ieeornteil. Call 29-1, 1117 w. Ash. 8-cli-tf 4 room house, bnth. gnraee. C09 So. LiiJte. Ca;i SC7-J. I5-ck-tl 2 room furnished apartment. 108 W. Kentucky, Phone U83. or 3 room furn. apts. One 2 room apt. viiistairs. 914 Hearn. 12-pk-2-12 Furnished comfortable bedroom 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-U Modern furnished room, heated with B;IS. Private bathroom am garage. Phone 410. G-ck-2-G One comfortable bedroom. Cal Mrs. S. S. Sternbcrg;, 084. 120? Holly. 2B-ck-2J 2 room unfurnished apartment Very reasonable. 701 W. Ash o call 1008. 23-ck-t 2 comfortable bedrooms, private balh. Gentlemen preferred, phow TO4-W or 161. 7-ck-tf. I Furnished Mrs. S. Batteries BATTtRT SERV1UE J. Ben Clune Phone 8 Bt 'f om Jadown's Glass HAVE The Top Of Your Furniture With Glass All designs cut fc finished. CALL. US house on Holly. Ca S. Sterubcrg at 081. 12-ck- Lost Coin purse: containing $7.00. Tnund notify Mrs. Annie SUike Huffman, Ark. ID-pk-'- e\vs. OR HALE: Four rooms iiml batU, 1222 Holly. $100 cash will linn- lc. Phone 100. E. D. Ferguson. 19-ck-ll or Sale—Nice C room stucco residence located 512 North Fir< •ii'BKin, small rioim pa.vnicnl. Call QUALITY SHOE SHOP Ms a & 10, 1100 block on Henm Bargain, Cull 805. n-ck-21 Vlll sacrifice my heautiful 7-roon modern, insulated home, llard- •ood floors, furnace heat. Garage t servant's house. Beautiful Innm t shrubbery. Corner lot. J. T "hillips, 1301 liearn, Cull 288. SUBURBAN ACREAGE 1-1 acres. 5 room house, barn on grovel road, right In cdcc ol Blytlievillc. Ollercd for few days :il great bargain. Terry Abstract & It rally Co. 'l3-ck-tl| Main * SIli MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. Ne-v .Cstrc.x Tonic TnblcU cbntntu raw oyster luvlgorators und other stimulants. One dose starts iia'.v pep. Viiliie $1.00. S|Kclnl price !)!)(.'. Call, write kirby Bros. Drug Stoic increase your income iiy learning n profession thut will afford constant employment. En loll now l» the Beauty Culture classes slurllug Jan. at the Culture Second Kaglc School o[ Bcauly Cooper Bldg, Walnut Sis., niyllicvlllc, Ark. State ap proved school nicctlng nil require tnents lor Arkansas and Missouri Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers HoHrm biHouanrf*, cnnAllptl'on i Iti-ndaclicn. Active I.Ivor Pfll* |ttt At thr real CRIIBI) or j-nur nhi|fj;Ut)t)«ii »no uiftko yea fuel liko j> new I>PI-»OE. •oar »;ateta of lur^his ^loliont Actlre Uv«r I'HJa. tttrtotfft, K«Q((O. Raid kt »H Klrbj Tlni^ Btoru*. Duchess to See 'Pearl' Married Maciws f'KtlTH, Australia At Bars <Ul>)-lilVorls JUulio Service KXPKRT HAIHO SERVICE O»i|>k'ie lyiric Of 1'AHTS, -TUHKS, UTKK1KS Hitnliiwiiy ApiiliaiK'c Co. HUiNKV WKRNKK I'lione -'J- 5 jto keep American blue and while iMMC.iu'6 In the local zoo so far liiivi.- proml minvnlllDg. 'Iliey IHIVO suiTrrcled in biting Itwlr wiiy through Iho 18 UHUBC wire of tliclv cago.i und returning to freedom. FRBU 1NSTUUCTION8 in Idlest styles Knitting "BKHNAT" KNITTING VAKN« Mrs. l,es|ic Hooper 1100 Clilckasnwbu Phono 703 Grocery store, cheap. Mrs. Herb Thompson, 1011 W. Hose. ll-ck-25 Complete 10 volume an of Standard Reference Books with loose eat binder. Call 233 or 102. ID-fa-fa MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. WALLPAPER Ne«- 1Q38 patterns. Close prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 ALLEY~00i> Repairing Gun repairs. Guaranteed work, E M. Darnon. 315 E. Mnln. Living High In Australia SYDNEY UJP) — Colin Clarke, statistical lecturer of Cnmbrkleo University, is nulhorlly for the statement Hint the Australian standard or living is KO high that, a person can spend half his Income on necessities, "insipid or being a sign of economic weakness." lie declared, "this in reality is n sign of economic strength." rtootlilack's Sic" Confuslne Many a gem has shown with duller luster than lovely nask.i Ivnnovic Banaz, above, known as the "I'earl ot Dubrovnik" nn<l whoso wedding the Ouclicss of Kent svill attend. Known throughout Kui'ope for her beauty, (lie 23-yciir-tjld Ynj'o- Slnviiin bcniily will marry Knj;- liph Geoffrey Kennedy, who won her ader a whiihvind courtship. "Hfd." thr Ciimbi'ldge police headquarters bootblack, luir. a sign on lil.s- box that proclnlnts, "SMnes: .' cenls a ml 10 cents." Asked the dlf fcrence, the boy explaini';!: "l'\>i CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP) — live cents I shilie one shoe." USED CARS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, Hfuiicile Co-etts Preferred i KENT, O. lUD-Mfii ill Kent i Stale University, prefer brunettes. Seventy-llva per ccnlj of the mslcs wrllelpiillng In « poll by Knmpus Daw, campus humor iiwenr.liic, ilsclostd their preference for brunette women, 'lliey also voted al- mojst unanimously »g»lnst the "beinitllul i>ul dumb" typo of cowl. ELKCTKIO & ACETYLENE INC'. WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Bar ksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 Oldest almanacs. In manuscript lorin ddto from, the I3lh century. PRESCRIPTIONS AHK OUR SPECIALTY FOWLER DRUG STORE FARM POWER UNITS J-lght Plant- 110 Volt — 3000 Wiitt I'OWBIt RH« SAW Hecunil Hand Safes BARKSDALE MFG. CO. MO No, Kecoml SI. J. C, EVANS BOX eat Ulythcvlllo, Avk. DlUrlrt Maniici-r HAMILTON TKUST VVND Hjioiisorcd By Hiunlllon 15c|x»ltors Corp. FARM LOANS »5»* Md Up Arkan»a> and Miuoirl lawttt raits—lgw«t CICIKOM Also clly propettle* JWN H. KASSEHMAN Thoinaa Ijincl Co. Ofllce P. O. Box 470, Phono 637. USED TRUCKS &CARS HIM ClK'V. I'lcll-Up ....... «1 1UJI Toril Coach e uod tlrfs 5SJ^ I IMP. liilprjiallonal I'lckup fl7,". All TnicUs (iiiiirunlucti To 1'itns Slalc Ins|H!i:<ioit Delta Implements, Inc. Ear-Corn -WANTED- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MALDEN GRAJN CO. W. 0. UCCVCH, AKCIII So. It. It. Street IH.vthcvilk-, Ark. Phone 555 Now. I/ocxt<U at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KimAKDS, Propriety AV makes ot Rebuilt Typewriters, Adding M«chlnti »n( CalcnUlois—Ktpulrlnn—ltrt»—ltll*on« a COBB FUNERAL HOME m.u«n«. Wantea Our classes in Beauty Culture arei in full swill?. Visit our Khoul and let ILS meet you and show you ( our school. We be glad to' Phone rive full details. Eagle School of Beauty Culture. Cooper Bklg., 2nd Paint & Wallpaper Co. & Walnut, Biythcville, Ark. Phone 111 S. 2nd 319. Room and Board Steam heated room with board 803 W. Asl). Phone 1S1. ll-ck-2-ll Help Wanted man with small capital to operate service station. Call E. B. Woodsan, 410. 13 c fc 20. Feminine Air Pilot i (HORIZONTAL' \l, 5 Famous 1 , flyer pictured ,. ' here. 10 Hodgepodge.' 11 Pronoun. 12 To sharpen a razor. 13 Sour. 14 Secondary law 15 Postscript. 16 Sheltered place. / 18 Form of "be." 19 Electrical unit, r 21 Collection of facts. Answer to Previous Puzzle 40 Grave. 23 Type standard 43 Monster. 25 Fiber knote. 45 Musical note. 27 Habbils. 29 She recently * set a new , record for ^ . flying. 31 Compound ether. 33 To relax. . 35 Opposile of higher. 37 To espouse. 3U Morindin dye. 46 The tip. 48 Beverage.- v 49 Keltic. 150 Biscuit. 51 Javelins. 53 Golf device:. , r )5 Duration. 57 Also. ' 58 Cubic meter. 19 She flew from" Australia to' ; 20 Valuable' ; properly. 22 Apart. 24 Mountainous."V 26 Church bench. 27 Masculine pronoun, 28 Measure ot, nrea. 30 Indian. 32 Jogs. 3< Markets. 36 Salt of olcic acid. 38 She is a girl. 41 Myself.-, 63 Dycstufi'. VERTICAL. 1 An iota. 2 To pass away. 42 Soldier's extra 3 Melodies. pay. 4 Negative word 43 Music drama. 5 Per. ft To depart. ' 6 Your. 47 Eyebrow. , 7 Hindu weigh! 50 Orchestra. 8 Glossy paint. 52 Toward. B Recent. 5-1 Snaky fish, 60Writing fluid. 11 To crumble. 5G3.1410. 61, 62 Her native 14 Wager. 58 Southeast, land. 17 Comfort. 59 Half an em. WOTTA WOMAN! HOVKAWOW? A GORILLA' MEMlf HE MUST WAMTA 6ET SOME-' WHERE ELSE IN A HURRY! MV6OSH,TH' S!RL5 MUST BE ITJ AN AWFUL JAM!.' LISTEN TO TMCT UPROAR.! ALL RIGHT, WU— I JUS f ONE APS OUTA HERE,...AM X GOMNA HAFTA WOEK ON THREE MORE? COPR. 19^6 By MC* SERVICE. INC. T.'M. REG. U. S."PAT. OfV! BOOTS AND HER RUDR1KS FRECKLES AND HIS THK KKMAl.Ii OF T»K WELL, WOTTA WE LE'S GO TO VEAH. I'M )THE/ ASKED FOR. VOU CftH'T AVOU OOUBLE-CEOSS BET Itt THE ONE WHO HAS A GRUDGE TO SETTLE, GET M.E ! IF ANYBODY SHOOTS THAT HOOK-NOSED TOLf CAT, GONG TO DO TELL NO TALES, CHIEF. THAT'S ONE Of THE RULES YOU '_«D DOWN WASH TUBBS / HKJ-HEAKTEI) IGOSH.I <WCW WHERE WELL JGET J-IOMEY EK'OUGM "TO PAY HIS IM SORRY ABOUT THAT BABY, SOJ. THAT'S OKAY DOORMAT IS W03SI BUT TWE W ' CAW STILL "THE RIGHT TAKJWG ME'iM AWD QMK1G K<E FOOD.' BE HOSPITAL AMD t>OCTOR BILLS

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