The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 25, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUiMK 1—NO. 2118. THE BLYTHEVnAE ARMY AW CORPS NEWS Published dally except Sundays In the Interest of Ihe personnel "' the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blylheville, by the Blythcvllle Courier News, it contains the news of the Air Jiaso. How They Say It In The Air Corps <lloss;uy of Air Forces slang: Bend the Ihrollli-™To fly plane or dfii'c vehicle nliovc normal |>PC(l. liobliill—Dishonorable discharge. Bruce—ItaBBWiUPd iKKllion of nUonlloii. lluck private Any private soldier. Uuddy—Close friend. lliiltoiipd up-Orders carried out. Currying a lipnvy load—Fatigued or melancholy. Class A u:i.s.s—Keward for effi- oii'iipy and yood contlnct; iwinils absence al nil time:; when not on duly. Company punishment — Punishment fixed hy company commander. Crah—Chronic rnmiitalne.r. Daily details—iJufly work schedule issued hy first scrKeanl. Diiii; how—Everything okay. . Dog show—Foot inspection. DS—Detached service; away from orguiiizntion. Foxhole—pit dug hy n soldier, a one-man trench. Frog slicker—A bayonet. C. I. War—Maneuver. Hull and freeze —Assume Ihc position of alieiillon. Hold it down—Suppress the noise, a.s in classroom, etc. Homing device—A pnss or furlough. Hoi shot—Anybody who is good nl his joh. Low on amps and voltage—hacks ambition and inen.s. Medics—The Medical Corps. Noncom—A noncommissioned officer. Olf Ihn beam—Incorrect. Orderly room—Squadron headquarters. Over the hump—To retire after 30 years of service. Enlisted Men Who , Can Qualify Will Be Appointed Aviation Students IMIslwl men who want to fly can become liaison pilots of the Air Organic Observation' Units of the Army Air Forces, provided they have the qualifications. Men who have hud <>'0 hours or more of flyiiiK lime during the last in months, or who are graduates of Hie CAA War Trflbilnjf Service I iaison Course are wanted, accord- in« to notice received from headquarters of the Southeast Training Center. Applicants who f|iin)|fy will be triin.sffrred lo tlie Liaison Trainee Hcplnceinenl Center at Waco. Te.x for processing and flight evaluation They then will be transferred In grade to Army Air Forces Centra Liaison Flying School at Lame; Tex., for six weeks in advanc liaison pilot training. Staff .sergeant stains with linlso pilot, rating :md duty will) Die A Organic Observation Units will given who complete t course. ARKANSAS, l-'KIDAY, Win Third Consecutive Vic- lory In Intcr-Squadrou Softball League The Medics defeated the 32011 team 5-:i for their third KliuinlH victory In nn Inter-squndron softball league yaiue Wednesday nftev- IIOOIl. Ki'i'iier, star pitcher for Ihe Medics, was the outsUindhu; player. In aclditiun lo his fine pltcbliif; he smashed two hard triples ami accounted for two of the inns lo put the Medics up In front. In oilier Biimes the 701st dcfeiil- etl Ihe Flying Administration Officers tl-1 for Iheh- second victory The liox score of Ihe Medtcs- 326th gnme wn-s: Medics Al! U it EiiKcbreslon ss 4 Silverman st •! C/cnik'ckl rf Peashooter—A pnrsiui plane Peep sisjhl-An expert yumier. I*'" roller Mcdlcn! dnjinrlme- enlisted man, or hospital atlcti. ant. liceimental monkey—The dru major. Hnnner—A messenger. Skirt patrol—Search for fern nine companionship. Superman ill awers—Woolen tn Turn "cm over—start engines Walklc-THlkio—Porlalilt! radio r ceivlng and sending njijiarntiis Wool IPS—Winter clothing. Yellow legs—Cavalryman. ^Make Believe With a Purpose decoy success M s leaves and pamlp top,"and "clotlT" dummy truck are ''* ^"engineers at March Field, Calif., who h,,;M FUNNY BUSINESS |, a, 1( | get by-ynu o uy » from llio 1311, Bomb.' Sqiiiulron .make me nervous!" Stlmac of .. Kroupa 2nd . Hnrtnian 3rd Platlto 1st .. Joslnsky If .. Piyor c Kerner p ... 32Blh Bra lilt 3rd \Varsha\ sf Mcl'hearsoi) 1st O'llalh-ron If .. Kolos 2nd Udlcos c Kufcy cf Hurllle «; Riddle rf Seiford ]> 38 10 5 All li K 0 0 Capliiin Mease To Take Course At Motor School Capt. William H. Mease, officer ill charge of the Motor Pool at the Blylheville Army Air Field, will leave this week to take a week's course in aulomollvc prcvcnlalive maintenance at the Ordnance Automotive School, Atlanta, Ga. Captain Mease, a former Pine Grove, Pa., tanner, first enlisted In the Pennsylvania Nntiunal Guard In 1916 and saw duty as a sergeant on the, Mexican border. 1Q16-1917. lie went overseas as first lieutenant of infantry with the lOtli Division. Recalled to active duty in e;i);ly 19-11, he was Kla- lioned at Itultu'iilo'wn Gap, pa., m captain wilh the Quartermaster Corps, and was transferred to Spence Field, Cia., in January. Ifl42, He was assigned to duly at Uly- tlievlllc lasl June, one of the first officers to report here. While he is stationed In Ijly- theville, the captain and Mrs. Mease reside at 911 1-2 Walnut St. Praises Support Of Allied Airmen Allitd air power provided ground forces in the North African campaign a measure of aid and support prabably never before attained on any tattlefronl, writes Di'iff. Gen. Laurance S. Killer in the July issue of AIR FORCE, official service journal. This coojwratiou was accomplished from the air by he Northwest African Tuelical Air Force of which General Kulcr was :hc American Deputy Commander. 'It was something far superior, as iroved by results, in organization to anything the Germans had ever ;volvcd," General Kulcr states. ". . It is the pattern of (lie future, the way in which air power in collaboration with armies in Ihe field will beat the enemy and win the war." Back From Burma: Gaunt Fighters Return From Battle SUBSCRIPTION HATES ON REQUEST Music KU Polka Dots To Re Dance Feature 'The "Polkn Dols" a group of mil- slciuns of tin; 35lsl AAF liiuul which scored n rollckfng lilt during he conceit Tu«;duy nluhl nt the [' Thriller, will pluy. polkas and IMIIsh (Innce imisli,- ul tlie dimee onltjhl i\', the Post Ifectuallon Hull. Music for general dniiclng will lie by the band's M piece orclicslni. Commnntly Service Corps girls ' lllyllievlUc, Mississippi County Missouri towns will Im r Weary and hoarded, Australian troops debark from a transport after l)eli. K flown out ol a Htirmu hal lie w,nc to „„ nihcd h.,sc in A.«,,m, imlln. HrllMt rnkllnu parlies, supplle I y ,d ,e" m d ,, I "" ™°_cam«l on a war behind Jap linos In Hmnia. hlaslin u enemy's railways a, du, ply is rr\i o I 1' •> 1 he soldiers Fru Swingsters WiU. Play For Dance Tlie GI Swingslcrs, a group of imsicians of the 351sb AAF Band. will provide Ihc music at the weekly Informal dance of the Noncommissioned Officers Club tomorrow night. Special features of Ihc evening will Include a clarinet solo by Tech. Sergl. James B. Harding, who is iu charge of arrangements Sergeant Harding will play a mcd- ey of college tunes. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Idle Hickory Inn ACTOM from High School PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Beat Prices Kirby Drug Stores Friend and Samnrllnn In lime ol distress, the Anurlcnn Ited Cross, us Ihc volunteer agency created and supported hy the dollars and goodwill of the American ircoplc, extends ft helping hand lo the mail In the Service who happens to be in tough hick-. A field director Is on duty at many Army stations. He can gel prompt Information nnd notion anywhere In the country tlr.oiigh (lie nnttomvlde orjjnn- iittition of county chapters of the Red Crass. Tn this column the field director at the Blylheville Army Air Field discusses examples of his work wllh lull protection of the confidence- of those who consult him. HY VKKn J,. SWAN, Field Direrlor American Kcd Cross Yes, we've seen 11 happen here it the Ulylhcvillc Army Air Field. Nearly every lime a soldier's rcl- ilivcs plan a -surprise visit some- tiling {iocs wrong. Maybe he's off on a pass; mny- he he's In the hospital; maybe ne'-s been unexpectedly transfer- L'cil. Ills folks Just ciin'l under- Mild 11, and often they have lo «a hack home with- oul seeing him. Frequently, the "surprise visitors nsk .someone from the Red Cross of- Mr. S\n»n fice lo locale the man. 11 they plnn lo extend their visit or lo wall until a man on furlough returns lo camp. wc may bo asked lo help them find a ])lace to .slay. The fault isn't nlwiiys Kilh ihe parents lln ,i rc i,,uvcs nn ,i fricnrts wlin come to visit servicemen unannounced, it wouldn't happen if the men would Impress npim their folks never | 0 jilati -i surprise visit; if they would insist, on visitors notifying (hem well in a<hnnccso that necessary arranije- meiila could lie made al lids cm] nien the visitors would be spared disappointment and ixjssihly C nn- siucraUo expense. Tn limes of peace. Java exports more ten than China. Skating Kvcry Afternoon And GUY GEAN'S SKATING RINK i.ornfril on Sonfh Second SI. Across From ,\nl|. (;,,. ir( I Armory SPECIAL RATKS Fnr Service Men Wi. 519 Repair Service That Is Fully Guaranteed! Expert Mechanics—Body Men Lee Motor Sales Group Of Flying Instructors Transfer To Stuttgart Field Five Hying Instructors nf Ihe Hlj'llievlllc Army Air Field have IH-I-II irnnsfi-rrcd to the stiill|>url. Army Air Field, where they will continue In |lu-lr diiUi-s of instnn.1- llni; aviation cadets In advanced lu'lii-piigliu- flying (rnln;ii|{ sciiiml. 'I'licy lire: Cupt, Inlin s. Klein, Flriil. Lieut. Jo-an A. Dllwnrlli and •Second Llculs, William i). Arnold, Richard !•-, Mackenzie and Winston It. Wordsworth. Captain Klein cnme ID Blythcvlllc us n si-cmid llenleiianl, hist .Inly mid has received two promotions since then, lie has been assistant siiuiidnin commander, lie formerly lived in Adnms. Nehr. I Iculenunt Hilwortli ciunc to l!ly- tci'lllc In January from Maxwell Held, Ala...Commissioned I'cb. 20, liill.- he wusnai'i-i'pteili for , llylni; Iralninj! UK a .sliidi-iil officer In February, lo-IS. He Is n ijnuluale ill Aeroitatiliciil Kuuiiicei'liiK and lii Aeronautics nl Uulslaim Stole University, and look re.seurch Kindles nl Ciillfnnilii Inslltulo of Tn-hnology, When culled to aellve duly In; wns cngiifwd In acnuly- nuiulcs und preliminary ileslun work wllh Con.sulKliiled Aircraft Corp. Lieutenant Arnold received his wings mill commission upon completion of advanced Hluht lrnlnli)|> all the Dlylhuvllli! Army Air Meld April W iinil WHS assigned (o c iniy here us u lllnht Instrucior. Ueulenaiil Minkenle also eom- Jilelcil his nilviintrd flluhl traliilui' here inu! was commissioned April •Menu-mini Wordsworth fjrml- ualed with Ihc cadels who weic commissioned hen; J.vli. |(j [j(.f ()r ,, hls r ncccptance n.s n flyim; ,. n ,|,. t ' he wits a hunk i-lcrk. Ills brother ls inslgii In Ihe NHVII! All- Corps. Married Couples Attend VSO Dance .Tjilrly soldiers and their wives attundiicl n murrlcd cuiiplm- dunce Wciincsday ni(;hl nt, the USO, three «f them ijdngliiK aloiij; a siimpl,- of Ihc next Kencriitlun. The ncxl |>en- cration was represented by Kennelli :t months, son of s-rgt. and Airs. KcimcUi Ky,,; ooiinn .Jean, •! moiillisi, daughter of Corp. and Mr.s. Prank Momlh. and Joy Karlc 8 months, daughter uf Stuff Kerel' and Mrs. Karl i!n]j. Mr.s. Bancroft Terry look charge »f (lie Illtlc ipicsis, while her hus- lianit ucled as masUr ol ceicmonlcs In an unexpected emergency she called upon hj,,j ( nr cwinsel mid siiKucstlons bill pot no advice tluit seemed practical or constructive ami in the end i,,,[| lo call mnma from (h» dance floor. Volunteer helpm in the USO staff Included Mrs. C. I'cnn, host- Mrs. Seymour Katitrowil/, attendance; Mrs. V. O. Mllii-v w ',,n| -•;!«:; Mr.s. Jack Thro, cluin'iy (.iuc.sts included Mrs. ./nines K Mocdy. Masalllon, Ohio; and Mrs' II- f>. Moore. Vatdosla, Oa visit- mi; Mr.s. K. Kovnian. Policing The Grounds Corp. itolirrl j. Morgan, mlddle- wfilght on 11 1C Post Ut>x\np Temii I ruins on cold \, m - nm \ )0 c(M1 t I.'||;:IM, nnd ddcsn't worry, '['hu won-ylng Is done hy atulf fj|. rg i, .li"«;ie !,. clciiKiiiUs, hoxiiii! cinicli mid manncer of UK; leiun. •Slafr Sei'itl. .leniine Davidson, a IMnl crow chief, picked up (lie ,:ht report of a vIsilliiB ship that )md Just arrlverj, und saw lhal Ihc pilot was mimed K. n. Davidson nnd the co-pilot c. K. Davidson fhe c:o-pilol, H airncd ,, M wns tlie sergeant's second cousin. They never hud met before. The first adobe hmisi north ol _. «"M|-H. IIV1I LM (Ji bun (••ivinclKcfi mut erected In Marin cminly by an Imllan chief who learned the avl of brlckmak- fioin Spanish explorers. {land, the s[iii- f ;eon is royal fish since the king caught. The Modern lee 1(01 COOI.KUATOIl For Economy anil Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone HI 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. LANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dKkjr ft Wnlnut ft,. 153 FHTEO «Y Doctors J. L uri J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BI,YTHEVH,LK SINCE 1922 Why buy new rfiocs when we c.iti |ii]l monlha or real RCtvlce, gootl np- pearattcc, comfort. In your vr* scftl rool\scar ftt motteiit conl. H-flLT€RS OUBLITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MAIN ST. BPTICRL STORE 200 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Just Received New Assortment CHROMIUM FOG LAMP SETS DRIVING LIGHTS LOY EICH Fhone ?? "f mil They assemble at (he .. Muln HUM, mill \vill be trans- lorli'd to and from Ihe Air lluse >}' Army trucks. hut Me Said There Were 1313 Beans In Jar, But Number Really Was 1314 Spiiil. 1). W. lliiiinu, an aircraft 11,'rluuiU' of Ilu> 70Ist b'qiiadron, lc«vi\s nuthlng to clmnoc, "In my Itiie of work," wti! ihe. sernciint. 'yon cjin'l iiffoid In dike chiinces." And so It Is fhtil, today, Seriieiuil lliiijiin l:i u disappointed man. [|u Ijiii'ssed llicni wiji' isui beans in Phil Jar on a luble In the o of Iho USC). 'And he wax ruiiK. The current connl WIIM 1:|I4, "I can't iinder.Hliind 11," said {icr- cniit llottnn, "I was sure ihrre would ue only KIIII." lie (hut us It imiy, Serncnnt !lo- l!«n wnu Mm tineiislin- conlesl. To- nl(ihl nl (ho dance, at the I'osl Iti'cvoallmi Hull. ti.w. nnnlcls dhvclor iif tin- uao. will present I lie winner wllh (lie Jnr of beans and a cciiiflcnle allcslhuj that he Is cumplon guisscer uf the Ulvlhc- vlllfl Army Air Flold. Bi'cond best uues.1 wn.'i by .Scrct. Stanley lloruwskl (if the .'I2(ith, lie eni'sstd i:tl)2. The UIICMCS ranised from 250 lo <80fl. Inter - Squadron Softball 1-caguc Games PlayeH Tuesday Afternoon : The Athletic Detriment dcftat- ed Ihc Flying Administrative Officers 9-8 In an Inter-squadron sofltmll league game.'Tuesday nf- '"riiooii. Fine fielding and sound hilling was shown hy both Icniiw. 'Hie losers pluyed good Ijall. Capttilu 1'nrl*- rhlise, of Ihe Flyliuj Officers, was the outstanding player for his' team. In addition lo Jils fine field-' liil! ho hailed two out of three and iH'comilcd for two of the rims. '.In nil other game the Orimnncb Finance, defeated the Mill 7-5. Bo'Sc-, icore of the At.'ireilc Uepiiriineiil— Officers: Athletic Dcparlmenl • .. ' Ah If H Anijell ss 4 3 )j Weil 1st . Tuhhs and Owens If 'Lady 1 Anticipates A Blessed Event Lady, fnlthful mascot of the US 1st AAP Hand, hus liceu conspicuously absent from band formation of lule. Inquiry revealed the reason—she Is about lo have, n family. Lady, a rcidslercd KiiKllsl)' bull don of hlnli iK'dlRrcc, 1ms been u fnmlllar sluht nroiind the groHnds since Jnniiury, when she wn« sold nt,« War Bond - avijsllon -Bule In Osccoln, and presented lo the band by Hie 1). K. Wilson Company, which bid her In with lh« Dntirts. Wherever the hand went, Ihcre went l.iuly, trotltni; aloiiK on her fashionably Ixiwcd legs, always present for parades and reviews, always In formation when the band escorted cadets from llielr niiarlcrs to (he flfuliL line. ft Is pxpi'cU'd Ilinl Lnily will he back at her usual post before IOIIK, and It h speculated that h) due course of lime a half-doxcn pujvi, more or less, may accompany her. BUY ASPIRIN thai can do more for you tlian SI. Jostah i. Joseph A»]ii SMALL LOANS Of Eut Main Loin C«. I. Hkb phc mm DEFI Adnms p Pliinor ;ii'd cr lllLSCll I! Schi'lebor Fulre ,sf Hying Officers l-ungaii p Smllh 3rd 1st Howard c Wrliiht ss McNIvcn lit MS'CI- 2nd " 4 Tcwnlll cf i 0 l) 0 1 22 2 1 2 1 2 'l 1 p 0 6 1 1 13 (I Ab H it . 1 00 .311 .411 .322 .411 .411 1 1 •- 37 9 a Maiden Will Play lilytheville Sunday MiiSden Air Field ball players comer here Sunday. to mccl ilia UAKP lean) In .a uanitf on the Air Uase field, at :i o'clock. - . The IJAFF lenm ts Irnlnlng for Ihe All Service Tournament July 2, ,'t and 'I In Memphis, lii whlcli" seven Army Icuiiis and a Navy'.' (cam will he matched ln-» aetltxl- AmoiiR HIK IJlnyei's nre blg')eh«ii(-rs- and nn nccuimututon of ilcllt and 'Hie Bljthuvllle learn may »«ll wsl (Inough the finals, on July 4, and If they do they |>robably will foifelt Hit- July .5 schc<hile<i game to Newport. ... WK FII.I, AI.I, DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AM) SAVK YOU MONEY STEWART'S Drug Stor e Main * Lake I'hone 2KJ Flowers For Every Occa- sum ... Funeral designs, wedding flowers, cor- THE FLOWER SHOP WK HEWER 01ENCOE HOTEL BUKJ. Tlione 491 Officers'' Uniforms Compare Ilic fabric and workmanship or these fine garmtnls Ix-foro buying! Keller lilotiHCs ..37.75 Elasliijue Trousers 137S I'inks .Summer Trousers Summer Shirts .. Trousers 13.75 13.75 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE* Ther«'« no wider election of «h»«ng needs, cosmetic*, norelUe*. etc., In Blylheville than »t RobUuoo'*. l*t«t MiftHnm rmm Uln Mnrlce-uQdwIcbeil Service Men! Meet Your Frieodi at Kobnioa'sl HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations BODY OF UNIFORM SHIRTS MADE SMALLEft Kh*M 75e; Tropic*],: »1, May Garruoa Caps — Accenories —

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