The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 8
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EICrUT THURSDAY, JANUAkY 1 If, STILUS The) 7 Direct Republican Party Strategy the : ; ;Rp u '5ublican National Chairman Predicts Shocks (or Confident Democrats. BY WILLIS THOR3JTON KEA Sm-Ice Staff Corrfsiwndenl ., .WASHINGTON, Jan. D. — The '•Republican Parly, like llie nmiden described in a famous Book, "Is . hot dead, but slcepeth." An. there, are .signs thai it is beginning lo awaken from Hie horrors 9! the nightmare of 1932. . Come to tlie capital office building "where (he Republican Nntton- . al Committee occupies almost an entire floor of offices, and talk to Its chairman, Everett Sanders, who 'iised to be secretary to President Coolldge in the clays when tile 1 party '• was grander, even if not quite so old. Walk tnrough a reception room between two six-fool enlarged portraits of Calvin Coolidgc and Herbert Hoover, into (lie office of Sunders, wlio also sits between Coolldee and Hoover portraits, and those desk bears n small bronze bust of Hoover, and a smnll elephant waving an American flag In liLs trunk. CONFIDENT OF COMKUACK ,. Sanders hasn't heard of the demise of the G. 0. P. •-. (The party WE>S 'dead' in 1912,'' he reminisces. "We dldn'l have ft single Republican In either house of Congress from Indiana then. And the DemK'ratic Party supposed to he dead after .Wording landslide. -..."I've seen ibese majorities come. . and I've seen them go. There will be .a revulsion against this administration when the shoveling out of money has to slop. Personally. I expect to sec definite signs of 11 by September." .:";Now September Is the magic month when the campaign for congressional elections gets under jfay, and present plans of the -Republican organization converge on "this election. AIM AT HOUSE CONTROL Representative Chester C. Bolton of Cleveland, three-lime Republican winner, is head of the congressional committee which already is organWn? to make a fight in ever)' district which stands o chance in this fall's election. ; His work is more Immediate than that of Senator Daniel O. Hastings of Wilmington, Del., who • is organizing \he senatorial • campaign, but .who 'is not ,expected really to make much, progress this year. _ ...) "We aim nt nothing less than control of' the House next winter," . soys 'Sanders. .'. The,national committee isn't in bad shape at all regarding money, according "to Sanders. He says the present deficit is only about, S1CO.- 000. That's really nothing as those things V-go, for- the triumphant Democratic Party itself is $543.112 In the red, and the Republicans bobbed up with a deficit ol n million, in-1920. So the problem of the new treasurer, George Eulmer Get?, of Chicago, is' not as tough a? you might expect-for a party as badly beaten as were the Republicans in 1632. Getz Is 68, head of a big coal company, director in three bonks and hall a dozen corporations, and served in France during the World War as associate director of general relief work for the Red Cross in 1917-18. GOES AFTER FUMDS He's Just starting now on his task, of beginning the flow into Republican coffers, eliminating that $160,000 deficit, and providing funds to help in those congressional elections in Ihe fall. And, incidentally, building the financial machinery to go Into tlie /ray in 1936. All the regular party activities, such as the women's division (Mis. Ellis A. Yost) and the research division (Bennett Gordon) are doing their daily stint in offices branching off the corridors of the floor—altogether some dozen or more of peimanent employes CENTER WORK IN STATES Th« T real work being done nt present, Sanders explains, is in ihe states,-and national .hcadmurters « Ihe smallest pan-of itr Sanders has been making n N3HD1W pulp and then cul into very thin | Id stand 24 hours again. Tr,en " slices. Discard seeds and white pith In the center. Add cold water and let stand over night. In the morning cook until the peel Is very tender. It will take several hours. Set aside again until the measure and use three cups to four cups fruit and Juice. Cook until ihick and pour Into s'.erilizott Jelly glasses. Cover with paraflnc. marmalade, milk, coffee BHEAKFAST: Stewed prunes. fried potatoes, ten minute cabbage carrot, an d raisin salad, cup cakes with maple sauce. ra ilk. coffee next morning. Then add .sugar | cereal, cream, plain omelet, toast, IIV SISTER MARY NKA Son-Ire Stair Writer and cook until the syrup thickens. Tiirn into sterilized glasses and cover with paraline when cold. This will make twelve large glasses of marmalade. Kiimquals make a delicious niar- I'H-haps you are a little .....-„, ,„„ u.v u , short i | na! ff. !> ls °- Was h fruit and cut this winter when it com.-s to jel- > '", t " 1 " ? lces - ncmove s»eds. cover ' with cold water and let stand 24 hours. Simmer until tender and Mrs.-Kill's A. Yost She's director, women's division, Republican National committee. i'lvcreft SajidfMs He's cliuirman of the Republican National Committee. most or of trips which the country, will cover conferring with slate and local leaders on the coming congressional . campaign, and Missouri. Massachusetts, and Illinois arc going to see evidence soon that the Grnml Old PiirLy Is not ns dead as it looks. .There Is little tendency nt na- nl committee, hut mantalns offices {objectionable measures, meanwhile In the cnplinl and generally Is | nailing for one or more of the believed lo be in clcse touch wilh ^government's policies to bog down tlie former chief executive. \ in a big way. The committee has hart no direct; Then ' they will leap on that, tpiobably lale In ihe session. dealings with. Hoover of late. Cl. O, P. strategy In Con«re.'is this winter Is not very definite. It Is plain, however. Hint any suc- tlonal hcadquavlcrs lo try to flood in the congressional elections Ihe country with publicity, and i in ihe. fall depends on making Ihis department, skeletonized, Is •. some sovl of a showing In llie House that will prove to the electorate that the parly still is nllve. which proved miner definitely unpopular when published in the newspapers. . "The best pamphlet we could send out right now," soy.s Sanders, "would be copies of the last Democratic' platform, without comment. In fact, I'm thinking of doing Hint." But no publicity campaign coin- lying low for the present. A few pamphlets have been sent out to parly workers, some of Sanders believes Hint. Ihe oppor-1 tnnllles for the minority lo express! Whether this Indicates a reform in the affairs of the Grand Old Party or not. no one can say. but us you step off the elevator the first thins; thai greek your eye on Ihc Republican floor ib a sign that says, "No beggars or peddlers allowed." lies anil Jams.' If so now is a good limp 10 make some of the delicious marmalades from citrus fruits. The . tans of these marmalades will bej irlb^ed later 'in the season, ion, i when Jaded spring a]i;«".i:i's aie, nmling encouragement. j One- very cheap an:l rxi'dlent | maiTiiiiliido Is ma-Jo v.ilti ( us ;i "lillir." much ihe taini; idea- thai our thrifty forebears follow- j ctl when they added pumpkin lo apple butler. Neverl.M'ies;, this cuiToi and orange nmmahdc is' wi-11 llnvorcd but. n;t t|iii!c as .sliarp and distinctive as the puie urarijje vaiii'ty. It's .specially sii!::ih!r fcr children, loo. Carrot .11:irnmi:i<H> One jioimd carrots, l i lemons, I orange. 5 tups sugar. ' Waih and scrape carrots and pin through foud chopper, ajuoc/i juice from lemons and mil rinds j through food chopper, Barely cover rnrrois and lemon rinds with writer I aim cook until tender. Cm cran^n |_in very thin slices, removing seeds if necessary. Combine siijiar and bmoii juice and add 1-2 cup Loil- :ng water. Add prepared orange ar:d cooked Carrol mixture. Cook niiiil a litlle of the mixture, tested fn a coltl saucer, iclllc-.:. Hour inw .similized ulasses and cover with iiarafinc when rolti. ComMmilion Marmalailr This marmalade Is less insin n marmalade marie entirely wil'ri oranges, so if yosir family lines not like the Wller taste usually associated witli orange marmalade, try (his recipe. One large grapefruit, i large or- n »se. 1 large lcm(m or i-.vo s'liall ones, 14 cups cold water, in cups gi-niiiMnlcd sugar. Wash fmii nm | W j| M dry CM mto quarters through the peel and ROXY Last Time Today MAT. and Nite—lOc - 25c LUNCHEON: Curried oysters rusty rolls, dried apricct whip, ponge dro|K, milk, tea. DINNER: Cube steak, French G. G. Caudill General Insurance 10S N. Phone 791 j I IT ~t I Thursday & Friday • • JL Y Mat. 2:30, iri-25c Nite 6:45, 10-35c itself will \K very great, and that II owes a definite duty to Ihe country to bo a rcnl opposition and not simply swallow whole''ev- erything that is offered by the riemocralic majority. IlliHT MAY HE TAKGF.T Senator Hustings has indicated that the mounting federal debt will Sixty-five America are - surance poli< million psrsons In protectecl by ]ifc |n . parab!<: to toat engineered by Chas.! be the llrsl point of attack, and he is rallying Ills senatorial cohorts on that. Held. ' You HLcd nol cxiKcL lo see In Michelson for the Democrats Ls iv immediate prospect. STRATEGY IN DOUBT Lawrence Rllchle. former sccrc-1 cither house general upposllion on lary to President Hoover, has no I partisan lines. G. O. P. strategy direct connection with the nation-j appears now to be to support less About 80 per cenl of the population of Haiti is engaged In agriculture. 666 Cardui has freed , many women from is,: J neriodic discomfort CARDUI » K O A Screec/V \of promise Wi» VEMEE TEASDAlt 1 MAYO METHOT r IADIO SIDNEY M.ACKMEI Victor* FOX NEWS—COMEDY Friday & Saturday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c HOOT GIBSON in ' • -! A Man's Land SERIAL - - CARTOON Where There's the WILL There's Always a Laugh! ... and when he's teamed with ZaSu Pitts, it's a panic ~~"'-vp" WILL with ZASU PITTS Rochelle Hudson Florence Desmond Harry Green ^ Eugene Pallette Directed by James Cruie .Screen play by Ralph Spence, ond Sanyo Levien ; .l«»d an Ih* ilory "Gftin Di«*' by Ann* Cameion CARTOON - - OUR GANG COMKDY Liquid, Ta'jlels, Salve, Nose. Drops Chrahs Malaria In I) days, Colris first day, llrail.ichc.s or Neuralsia in JO minute*. Fine T/ixalive and Tonic Most Speedy Remedies Known 'frtwnrork 'Mis The'Storv! PEN NIY'S WHITE GOODS VALUES! 4JAV£ you PeadThe WANT-ADS To-day Sheets made to Penney'i rigid specification* I Softer finish, iofter "feel" — more wc*rl The*e prieei bring record savings 1 Nationwide SHEETS 88c 99" SIZE 81" x Thousands of women prefrr this siic for all-round use! 42" x 36" GASES, only Closely woven! That's why they to so smooth!mid wear so well! BIG, THICK TERRY Wash Cloths \2xl2Tsizel Plain and checkered centers I Closely knit! Long wearing 1 For Sale 3 Bundles - 25c Special attention large orders. ^CHICAGO MILL & LUMBER CO. COLONIAL Bedspreads /or only $1.64 THROW one over your bed . . . and presto!—you feel its lovely, brightening influence! Compare the quality, the low price . . . you, too will say they're outstanding! * Jaoquard designs! • Scalloped cdgesi B£*; This Value's Keeping Lots of Polks liusy! NUTONE PRINTS Thckindilut n»ke .it fun to i e w I weave, 36 in. Wash well. I0C Yard Men's' White Handkerchiefs Hemstitched I Large sizf— 17 x 17". Get a big supply at tills barg.iin price E Compare our price! Part-Linen Crasli TOWELING Yard* UnblcadicdIFnr heavy ki'.chtn and w.islirootr, duty I NEW CRETONNES Excellent patterns. lor slip covers, romforters. i n (trapes. Yarn IUC ATJ.-L1NEN DAMASK Snowy white, beautiful quality, will last for voarsl Yard $1.19 MEN'S WOHK I'ANTS Famous for long service- <<i cover I, well u-In- (Ji OQ forced. «p 1 *LI v HOYS' SHIRTS Atlnchcd roK n .r nnrt ixxrkcl- iKrcnlos. lancv print.s. A n Rich ' WC PENNEYP J220-222 W. Main _]Jlythcvillo, Ark. TIME EXTENDED Federal Judge Martineau has made an order extending the benefits of the order referred to in the .rawing advertisement to February 1st, with the express provision that it will not he extended again. • • ' - • NOTICE TO LANDOWNERS • *•»» Read the Following Carefully: N o^\ if nT- 1 ! 1 !? W f ?!? "?° re th ^ a . n tw ° 7 £ars ago for draina «e taxes due Drainage District No. » or J»ub-Distnct No. 3 of Drainage Distnct N,). 9, you can pay the receiver. FIFTY (50 r ) PER CENT of the tax for which the land was sold, and no effort will be made to collect the balance of said tax, or subsequent tax, prior to November 1, 1934. the Chancery cOtf*** "** ^ ** ^ *""* ^ ^ tw ° ycars ago - y° u can P av » he Clerk of . FIFTY (50"-) PER CENT of the tax for which the land was sold, and no effort wiD be made to collect the balance of said tax or subsequent delinquent tax, until November 1, 1934. ' drainage tax is delinquent and your land has not been sold you can pay the ••— Court ' of FIFTY (50*) PER CENT or subsequent taxes, until November 1. 1934. ° C aanceo prior to February 1, 1934. S ma e tne '• ) "'" «<fr (5> ^ V^'H^^^notpaySO'. by February 1, 1934, he will lose the benefit of this Oiltr, and will be subject to penalties and costs. Thi" da lhC 0° rd b r °™ H Tqrt° hn *" Marlineau> Federal Jud * e > ma ^ October 24, 1933. E. N. THLFELDT, Receiver, 905 Rector Bldg., Little Rock, Ark. A. G. MEEHAN, Stuttgart, Ark. Attorney for Sub-Dist. No. 3 of Drainage Dist. No. 9. Many large landowners, such as Lee Wilson & Company, have signified their intention of taking advantage of the above offer (44-52), J. T. COSTON, Osceola, Ark. Attorney for Drainage Dist. No. 9

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