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The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana • Page 1

The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana • Page 1

Fort Wayne, Indiana
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it mi I'i IV Hoi 9 seven days a week is worth more than heroism once a year WEATHER FORECAST FOE FORI? WAYNE AND VICINITY. PROBABLY' FAIR AND COM. TINTED COOL 'most TONIGHT i. Wht 4 mmnt emitted He Sentinel is the Only Newspaper in Fort Wayne Receiving tie Associated Press News Dispatches ESTABLISHED 1833. TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 23, 191G.


London, April 25. (3)25 p. Augustine Birrell, chief secretary for Ireland, announced in tho house of commons today that grave disturbance fcroke out In DuVIn yesterday. Jfo added that troops had been sent to the Irish capital and that the situation wa now well In liand, Mr, Kirre'1 said that Iwelte persons hul been killed befoer the disturbances vre quelled. Hold Several Section of City, Mr Birrell declared that thp'rebeb vvcru In possessio iiof four or live differ, ent parts.

of tbe city of Dublin. Ho ald announced that four or Ave soldiers had been killed. Mr. Kirrelf made hia announcement in reply to a. question by Commoner Craig immediately otter the assembling of the louse.

Postoffice Seized. He ssid that the postomce had been forcibly taken possession of and that lelegraphlo communictalon had been cut. tin the tpurse of the day. however, Mr. Birrell, MhU soldier arrived from Curraugh and the situation was now well in hand, although as communlca tion km still exceedingly difficult ho was unable to give any further partlc The thief secretary for Ireland declared he could not say whether any persons had been arrested; neither could he give any names.

Twelve Lives Are Lost. Speaking from the information lie hah itemed bo could say that twelve Jit ea had been. lost. Communication with Dublin, he said, still vns very difficult. At 7 o'clock last night, Mr.

Birrell said, four or five different parts of Dub. Iin were in possession of the rebels, but lie said they did not control th whole place, MILK DEALERS WILL For the purpose of perfecting a permanent organiz ation to he known as the "Mill Doalcra Protective, association, of J'ort Wayne." the dairymen of Fort Wayne and vicinity will meet Wednesday evening In the assembly room of tho court house. A meeting was to have oen held a couple weeks ago, but ecause of the inclemency of the weather it until a later date. Tbe objects of th organization of for the mutual protection of each member anl ths united co operation of ail members for the betterment and uplifii in of the, conditions confronting tha milk dealers'bf Fort Wayne. Any dairyman or owner of a dairy In the city of Fori Wayne or vicinity, selluur milk in the city of Fort Wavnc, is eligible membership! LOYAL LODGE TO ENTERTAIN.

Uyal lodge. No. 85, Ladies' Auxiliary tha B. R. T.

will give a public pedr ty at Unity halt Wednejiday night LAST WlliUTE HEWS 2R 000 TELEGRAMS OPPOSE WAR ACTION April 25. Twen telegrams pro teeing against action which Blight mean war with Germany feegan pouring in on Senator! Sherman and Lewis, of Illinois, last jsight and rtill were arriving today. Although signed by individuals in Illinois tho telegrams followed prepared forms and were prepaid, WAGER DECLAEBfl HE IS DTOOOENT MAN Indianapolis, April 25. Lrnn Wager, who is aeeiued of Hlling Mr. and Mrs.

Ancell Jjown, Ms parepta ln laW, and who was "brought to this oHy for safe keeping from tfae fail at Ver. Miljbs, did today that had teratv VWtiBtteortaM. GERMAN NAVY IN THE GAME Kaiser's Cruiser Squadron Raids Lowestoft on the English Coast. tDASH AWAY CLEAR AFTER BOMBARDING i New German Assaults in Verdun Region Make Little Gain. London, Aprir German cruiser squadron rajdod Lowestoft on the English coast this morning.

The warships I remained fa tho vicinity for about 20 luiiniii (jiiwi aviuy near auer xne IxmiUi.llli" df tlie horn mi. I iandiligoii two li(ht HrltisJi cnltaers and a destroyer winch engaged thorn. Acordiiig to thellritUli official statement ut tho raid the material damage vas prnbalilv ininnl)lcant Tli en ualtios reported are two men, ono woman and ihitd killml. The IMtish war ships jhat were strnck by (Jcrnian shells were not, sunk, the press bureau announcement declares. Strike at Dead Man's Jlill.

The (iorinana after' heavily bombarding the position, drove home three, sue assaults last night in the region of Dead Man's hill torthwest of Ver dun. Tho complete repulse of the first 'two attacks is claimed by l'nrli nliirh declares thut the 1hird attack, although assittcd by lho use of gns, also broke down, the Urmans suffering heavy losses In ih ir" siinl but rrinllMi fort to advnnce. Further tohe west on the lino another Cermaii effort, an attempt to ear ly an advanced post at the Avocourt redoubt, also resulted in lauure. The German bombardment at Dunkirk was resumed this 'morning, sit bombs beint dropped, A wofnan was killed an4 three men. wounded.

Mote Russians in France. Russia baa sent additional troop to the western front. Another contingent arrived at Marseilles this morning, The first contingent, described ns "a strong force," reached Marseilles last Thursday and was sent north almost at once, pre xin'dblY Little fiont Constantinople rpports virtual cersa tion of tha fighting along the Tigris following tlia defeat of the latest l'rit lull attempt to rtdvaftce toward Kut el Amara. Hood conditions along tho (Continued on Page 2. Column 4.) PLAN FQR DISTRICT ATHLETIC MEET Four Schools Decide on May 6, and Fort Wayne Track, 'AA A ift rrrVrViVrViVWVVMrVA RALPH MILLER HOME AFTER JOURNEY OF ADVENTURES.

BSBSBSSBSH 'SB bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbHttKS Lbbbbbbbb! sbbbbbbbsbsbtSSSSSRv4 Sl' bbbbbbbbbI JJJJJJJJJJJJJKHrag' '3bbbbbb1 JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJKrV IbbbbbbbbI aBBBBBBBBBBBBflnf 'i' LH BBBBBBBBBBBBIBBBBr ''i bbbbbbbbbbbIsbbW Xl ff 'rh LbbH BaaVj' liitW' K'' BBBBBBBBBBWMBk BIBBBBBBBBBbI BBBBBBBBBBBBkkHR BBBBBBBBBBBM IUM 4 th y. bbbbbbT 4 V. V'lliWi VfMit JBRbbbbbI FbbbbbbbbbbbbbW 'M i IbUhUi isaaBUMslSHIaBBBBBBBl LbbbbS BiMli. JBffijH JB. XyiW 'WlJ JbbbbbbbbIRiM SBBBBBBBBBak ff JHaHaH LbbbbbbbbbbbHHbbHbW fJJSSSSSSiJSSBHBlBKiBBBBBBVits1' allllllliHaliaBllSBflBBBBBBBBBiBfBt4 'MMTLSmOKSBSsBM BBBBHPBBBBBBBBBHsBBBBBBBtsBBBBBBBBBBalli Wff BsVCL VeVwBHiKriy j38bbbbbbMI JKOTF sHalllllllHBaiBBBBBBW fV IT 7 "virAsVBBBBBBi ''WOM fflEffiWIWaWT Iirw ii'SIIIIMIIIIIMllMalSI I 1 I bpy, arrived in the tity Tuesday on his returi from a trip to tHHitli America, in the course of which he was suspected of being fugitive and was thrown intoi prison, At a meeting Ttld in this city Monday evening final arrangements were completed by tbe northwestern Indiana district high school track and field meet, and tho date was set for Saturday afternoon.

May C. Tbe schools represented will i For Wayne high, Blufftoit high, Decatur hijth and Columbia 4 City hiu. Capuin George E. jroade was apiioint ed rfferte; gchumseker, of Concordia college, starter i Miller, pf head field judge clerk, A. Jforrln, of nlufftoili wcorer.

A. Ileising, of Fort Wayre. J. Ritter, of Fort Wayne, and Silvester, of IllulTton, will be (im en. The program la as follows) Oi hundred yard dsshj high jumps 220 dash; running broad jump.

410 raid dash i pole rsultf 220 yard hurdle shot put half mile run; mile rum discus tm 6i Jap yard hurdle; half mils relay. RALPH MILLER BACK AFTERJDVENTURES Returns from South America Where Ho Was Held Prisoners JTalph Miller, ton of II. M. Miller, of iVoutli Callioiin street, and rrnident of this city until six moiilln ng, airned Tuesduv mrning froiu Huciio Airtit, South Anifrkrn, lifter a. scrjc of luii ralting adtentures which Would do credit to a Inovie star.

Leaving Chicugo it months auo hi mil led fiutn New ork for lliiji South Mneridan port, nud a) he stepped from the Milne pUnk of Ids steamer. wa, Ucd" and ilcci utWle Jr arrpnt. Ill strange land and without friends upon wlioiii he.roilll tall, ho was tlnust intJ prison and as confined, untried and mi' listened to for, many "weeks 'fhen tlw ullkinls received information to the effect that he was not thrfman they were after ami wing illller va luniisl loose. After regaining his health and AtrciiKth after hli losst conlinemcnt ho remained several weeks in Argentine, but after his first experience could not see the sunny side of the southern republic So he simply packed up and came hnmo. When atdced for bis impressions regarding the new country, he displaced no fever of enthusiasm.

"Of course," he said. American wnvs are not our ways, aild I didn't like them In fact my experiences were not such as to make me feel like ever crossing tho equator TOM IS STILL HOLDING OUT Taggart's Mind Unchanged Regarding Senatorial Nomination. BLUFFTON MAN SAYS DEMOCRATS WANT HIM Party Leaders Gather at Indianapolis for State Convention. YOUTH INTERRED HERE Stating that he wished to have hi wife rvmembt her boy ns a. before he left home, X.

I). Abrahartien, rather of Uy Alruh. uuscn, who diod at SL Joseph hospital from injuries which he suffered "hen ho fell from a freight train, ordered the body interred tt denwood. Funeral services were held from Schooo Ankenbruck's parlors' At 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The father of the unfortunate )ad ar rircd in Fort Wayne Tuesday rooming, coming here with the Intention of tak lug the bod back to MinnednoUs.

However, when he saw bow badly mangled the body was he decided to have his son burled here. It will be remembered thst the de ceased is tho youth who was found along the abash railroad by hngineer Mills Sunday evening, uhring from badly fractured skull. The father stated flat no one knew of the boy' whereabouts until be received a telegram announcing hi iitalh, Indianapolis, April 23. Xotwjth standing the fnct that there seems to he an almost unanimous sentiment for Senator Thomas. Tuggart to make the race for the nhort term for United Mates' senator, there seemed likelihood that he would decline the nomination if gncn bun at the democratic state contention hero tomorrow.

The senator arrived from French lick this "morning and declared be had not changed his mind In the least and did not want Uio nomination, of his closest political friend went so far a to say mat under no circumstances would he accept, if tho convention nominated him. continued today, however, to fqree his nomination at the convention. Bluffton Man Urges. At a meeting or the deinoYiraUaTIalo central committee todav William A. Ktlnkle, of Ulnfflon, thairman of the Kighth district, made ft ech declaring that tha.

democracy wanted Taggart to make the rate. While Jie was speaking Senator Taggart ramo and. there, was a practically unanimous rwiucsi from the committee that ho Vonscnt In Teplj to a remark by State Chairman Korbly, Senator (Continued en Psge Column DELEGATION TO STATE CONVENTION More than fifty Allen county democrats, Incliidlng the delegates, at noon Tuesday In a epeclal 'car or be Fort Wayne and Northern Jntllana Traction company's tin for liidlnnapolla to be In attendance at the democratic state convention which In that city Wednesday The special car JeavMs; here at noon will arrive In the Capitol city wtween 4:10 and o'e'ok. A Uite number left on earlier carsv Monuments in Memory of Heroes of Former Years BELATED HONOR TO JOHNNY APPLESEED I Monument to His Memory to Be Unveiled in Swin noy Park, May 5. Arrangements for tlm unveiling of a monument In Mwinnej par in lneinorj pf Chapman, more familiarly knowp as Johnny, Applesel, whose Iwdy is buried In the Archer irmetery northeast of the city, to taWc place on Friday afteruoon.

Mav 5, were comldeted Tue dav bj 1'rof. Riehards, associate in horticultural work of the Purdue tx. pcrinient station Uesldes the mbnuirtent which is to be erect fd h'wfuney park, an ornamental iron fence Is to be built around pplc seed's grme In t(ie cemetery, whichf altliough there is no marker, it Is believed ha been loeateil The npproximato location of the grave was known tin have teji near tne large treo in tho northeast comer of the cemetery and in 1804 when the sexton Was digging a grave rm dug into a rough box siith as Annleseed was buried in. It was tW only box of th kipd In the cvmetry. In tlie uox wn tne eneioion of what I believed to haie been Apple seed, Started in Ohio.

The aeitation a monument In honor of Applesecd. who is tf ponsible more than any other man for the many apple orchards In Uhlo sni niirtheafterit Indiaria, was first statted hv the Ohm Horticultural society. 'I was taken up by tho Indiana Tortlcnltural society and through the tcuerotity of Stephen II. Fleming, who" 'i defraying the greater portiorf of the itpense. s.

belated appreeistipn of thrf vnrK of Appleseed Is to be expreisert In ne form, oi a monument to his mem rv. A large boulder, six feet high and four fert aeros. has bceii secured from the faun of tintMicl) Kramer nud In the ecmre of a few davs till lo be moved lu "dinner park On tin IkmiMt is to be pla.Vi) bfonre tnhlef eighteen in he square, with ppjned' picture and the following inscription Mohnnv Apple teed l.lohn CliopmanK lorn In Massa chusetts, 177ft, died near Fort "Wayne. It1 bnrieil in tlie Pavld Archer ce'me tery nioneer apple grower pf Indiana and Ohio, the Indian Horticultural cietv ancl all thne endeavoring to arry on tlie vork lie nobly conv nieneed join In dedicating this monu irtfnt to the mCjinory of bt derd." Program Is Completed. Prominent horticulturist of.

both In diana and Ohio will take part 1n the Unveiling exercises, whllr 'the unretlln address will be delivered hv Hon. R. II Flemings The following proeram ha been arrangedi Adrlress by M'illJsnt Vnllnn, jr. uaporte. president of the In'lianv irorlleiiltural )cietyt apple by the clijldren of'thn Fot Wavne schoolst adIres by William IfoseVj piayor of Vort "Wavne; address on 'Ohio Jnt crest in Apple ceed," br Tr AlfrM Vivian denn ftf tbe Ohio Sle Agricultural coilegej placing of histnrfcal document In the monu hienf.

Prof. Wnmthiiry. chief of horticulture, Purdue university! Unveiling speech by Hon Stephen Jl Hcmingi sonjr by school children; trip to Archer temetcfy to visit grave of Appleseed. CHARITIES MAY BE FORCEDJO CLOSE I'nless $500 or ftiud be forthcoming to carry on the work until tho end vf the ear tho Associated Charities Of t'ort 'Wayne may forced to close, its ofHcq and suspc'hd Its activities. Thiv was disclosed Monday afternoon in the rejMirts jiubmitted by Secretary 0.

V. Mohler and Treasurer Hi McDonald at a mooting of the association' execu tive committee at the O'ermah Ameriefln National bank. The reports showed l.evy draft on the funds of the aocietv during the past winter. The statemeni was msda aa the meeting that utile there sliall Ins repletion of the funds at an day the association's office in ill" city hall will have to closed Tho executive board appointed, a eor mittee to find way to make the wort of th thltities more effective. Rev, Tome Uiclnirman and with him assnehfted II.

'Pcheiniann, Jfrs. 1 hanaga, Itabbl aron Ueintein and Mr O. X. fjufdlin, Mr. A.

H. Perfoel Is chairman of the general organization A movement to unify the charitebh wnrk of Various orgnhlrations Was cussevl at tbe meeting. WILSON OOES TO VOTE. Washington, April 15 President Wilson left at I o'clock this mnrnlnar foi I'rlnoe tnn to cast ht votn In the state preslr dent(al primary DvirlrK the dsy Jllr Wilson will parttrlpate In ceremony of ptantlns a tree to, mark tli route of the Lincoln highway through lYlpceton The president, who was acr nrnpsnted by Mr. Wllsnn, will return to Wshlne ton early tonight TO ERECT MONUMENT AT HARMAR'S EORD Homer Gordon Davisson is Given Commission by the A.

RT's, The Daughters of, tho American revolution lmve signed a commlsolon with Homer Gordon Duvisson, director of tho Fort Wajno AM school, for a monument to the si Idlers who fell in the battle of lfarmar'i J'ord, Im be irrcted on the Iakeeide dike at the scen of tho massacre, "he. monument will be. unveiled with ap iropriate leremonlrs on the morning Of Jim 8( women's day in the Fort Wayne reiitcnnial celebration. The monument will cousin of a bouldpr five? feet high placed upon squiirn foundation of concrete, with brenro plati upon its side Mr. Davis son is working on tlie casts for these, plates at pnsrnt, nn.I tliej Will be reaJy for casting within a short time.

Committers from the Daughter of tlie American Revolution havo gone over the historical document ami limps thoroughly, and by comparing them with the rior banks of tlay have found practically the ot whuli was the north fnd 6f the ford. Her6 it i tho nionu meot Will Ih pbiced. The work on the foundation wiH be started wiOiin a few weeks, to islve it an opportunity to harden nfbcientjy to Allow Jhe placing of the stottc uppn It. The boulder will be stood uiind on tlid foundation, and the, plates be placed on the iidos Mr, Davisson has maile a plaster cast from which tie brorio plate will lie mode, and pn'rtrnva it sirne fiom (liJ awful battle. The vie5.

1 mmle looking down stream, and shows' sugges tlons'of lilrkiiifl Indians Hn the shrub bery, while tho soldiers, struggling to Hielr waists in tho tiver. being Jul died bv tho Are of the nmhnshed I'cd men Another plate will riirry an invrip tion. to the memory of the heroes who Ml This will be the flrst of msny battle sites in the vicinity of this city to be marked by a monument. Of course Old Fort park ha been preserved, but with the exception of it and ho YAatne trai'e Monument there are no lo his torital piarkers. AND TEACHERS MEET Gather at Zion's Lutheran 4 Church for a Two Day Session.

In order to dUiixs questions and matters pertaining to the maintenance and progress of the parochial schools, seventyseventy five ministers and teachers of the Lutheran churih of the Fort "Wayne district met at Zion's Lutheran church Tuesday This will be a two day se. sion continuing Wednesday morning and closing edm aday afternoon Itcv dcorgc Koch, of Preble, read a paper on "The J'arnhles of which was followed by a general discus sion. This discussion pisCtiially sumed the? entire morning session and was continued Tuesday afternoon. The business session will be hcU Wednesday morning when the time and place for next year's meeting will be decided upon. Ttev.

Philip WnmWsns pastor of Kmniail Lutheran church, presided at the meeting TlcV. n. C. Mueller is secretary of tho organisation, and Rev. S.

(Stock is senior of the conference. Worship service will be held Tuesday evening at tho rhurch'and Jlev. Mr. 1Mhop Xf Uingenrrill deliver thr ser mon. lloly communion will also bo celebrated at this time.

The Ladies' society el the congregation of which Rev. 11. Lnehr Is pastor, served dinner to all delegates at noon Tuesday, NEW HIMiOL BUILDINGJS URGED An enthusiastic meeting' was held Monilar veiling Ht Kew Haven In the interest of the erection of a new high rhonl buildlnir. which. It Was pointed out by tho speakers of the evening, At torney n.

Jiarper anq junerinienUent D. O. McComb, of the Allen county schools, is aWlittelv essential if the hlirh school commission is to be kDl The meeting was held at the Center school and was attended by a large number of Adam township Citizens. The present bcilding is inadequate lo meet ahe requirements of the atate board of education ami unless a new building Is erected it is not at all im probable that state board will tail! nKj J.UO cuiuiuiaaivu. AWARDS ARE UXORIOUS Sentinel's Big Campaign is Most Attractive in 4 Every Way.

MANY ARE TAKING HOLD WITH A VIM Race Will Be Interesting, Instructive and Very Profitable to All. BRIIKilXG 'the gap that lies betweetf happiness and discontent I a faculty which some of us lack, but many of i attain Kver since the trend of modem times had its inception, when luxuries heretofore unthought of came into lietng, lifetimes have been spent in tlie, desire to cross the abjss that sen, rates, life of commonplace, and a life that carries vvith it the pleasures of umlouded' minds and happy hearts. Perhaps nothing contributes more to. wanU bringing forth latent qualities than. the contest, superior ability matched against higher accomplish menti.

Wher to or more are pitted Against cn(h pther, the common goal being just at tho Jiorjron, every effort brought to lMiir In the endeavor to be tho tirst to arrive. Auto, in High Favor. Thus it is with the many joling wo nien who vvill be calling ui9n eeryre source at their command, to vvin the luxurious, automobiles to lie? awarded by The Xentlnel in jts great "popularity raiiipaign," Automobile, despite Its common use, Is still a duxiiry to many of us. Without It, many lonesome hearts are sient In contemplation of tho many hours of pleasure that tould lid exper ieiKCiI Jf i)no had an automobile. It places rm within reach of the lakes and the summer resorts, it places you within hearing of the music of ha king the purple of waterfall.

Thought of an automobile, its high powered motor throbbing ceaselessly, somehow nfe inseparably associated! with tliniipbl of pleasurp And rightly for to own one Is t(i be the master o'f jour vvhiins, and nlljdaccs are within reach That is hppineSi just across from discontent. And that is what scores of women will be striving for in The Sentinel "popularily campaign." llapplpess cannot bought so easily as it can le earned Overcoming obstacles to rcm li jour greatest desire makes the ultlinnto 'achievement far more alluring. Eighteen Will Be Fortunate. In The Sentinel eighteen vpnng women ivill be awnrded prizes: in return for their ciTorts in seenrihtt sub vriftiohs to The Sentinel. In addition hf tlii eterv randHlato wt winning prize will rrcvhf a cash commission of ten per cent on nil new subscription nionei turned in bv herself for every (Continued on Page 2, Column Sl LONDONJOR TRIAL Titled Britisher Thwarted in Effort to Land Arms in Ireland.

J.ondon, April 2 It i announced ofncialiy that Mr iioger i aseinent was brought tp Ixwdon on Sunday for trial. Ilie announcenient loliowi "Sir Roger Casement, who was arrested in connection villi an abortive attempt to land amis in Ireland from a Umoaii rested, was biougbt to London on Sunday marring. He was met at Huston by olhccra trom Scotland Yard and 1 mw detained in military cus tody. It is understood evidence of hi proccrduigs in liermany iue tho outbreak of tbe war will be prcnluccd at bis triaL" Owing probably to the llntish censorship, only the bare facts in connection with tbe arrest of Sir ftocer Casement and the present situation in Ireland have been made public'. It Was an' pounced officially last night that an attempt was made last week to land arms and ammunition in Ireland from Ger man auxiliary under the guise of a 'neutral merchant ship in 'conjunction with a German submarine.

The auxiliary was snnk and a number of prisoners, Sir linger, were ftVade. In mn other London aVpatrh it was indicated that unsettled conditions prevail in Ire land. An unsuccessful attempt we msde Sunday to wreck a train near Marylmmugh, southwest of Dublin. "Sir Kncer wha was leader of the sep aratist facJion In Ireland, went to Her Iin after the outbreak ihe war with the intention. It wa said, to open negotiation between the German govern, menl and the anti English party in Inland.

Jti 'i 1 I 4 1 II a 0.

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