The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, September 8, 1932
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Served by the United Press BIYTHEVILLE COUIHER NEWS THE DOMJNANT NEWSPAPER OP KORTHEA ST^Ar^A^™^": ± * *~* T f kj VOL. XXIX—NO. HO Blythevllle Daily News. BlytlwvJlle Herald. Mississippi valley Leader. Blytheville Courier. AUKANS/TmiliSDAY, SK ESTIMA11PUTS^ COTTON DOWN $5 A SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS | Ruth Seeking Doctor's , Verdict on Series Play | "Miss America" Ele. flT ! ALBANV, N. y. Sept. 8 ITJP)—! ! George Herman Ruth', en route - to N'c'.v York for treatment for ab-1 domlnul pains, declare tod.iv ;in j ! examination by a physician would j determine wlulhcr he would par- I -licipatc In the world series should I I Use Yankees svln the American! f P 11 C league pennant. | Ot riltrelj Lam- Inten-Hn-ecl by a United Press I his! 11111:11 .i;v.i:u u> 11 UIIIKJu I JTCS naip Outlines Admit!- ' coli -«pomlenl as he lay In hi • • , n ""'""' compartment, Ruth said: isrvjdon <• Irogram. ; " J f<?cl nal «o good." ' The Babe lay In Ihe compart HOT SPRINGS. ARK.. Sept. 8 —•Economy. reor-anlzaUon alH , I'nfunn In rla'." governm?!it was d"- \ slaved in tip iho dntv as t».-ri]i n^ : (he nuriinv of the Incomlne Futrell ! admlnistraiiou by Chancellor C. E. { Johnson, of Texarkaua, hi hi.s kev- nntc sosech nnon asumntion of the temporaiy chairmanship of the Democratic state convenllon here today. Recauso he managed the Fut- )c)l campaion Johnson's keynote speech was taken bv the dclo°ntes us being thnrolv exnresslve of the Dcmccratic nominee's ideas. After a plea for united support for Garner and a whole hearted en- finr.wncnt of the democratic national olfU f o»-'ii. .Tohnsnn "*'r] that the vote of 47 per cent of thc.Ar- fc!">sas el-o'ornte for .fudge ^ Put- rell constituted a mnn'late lor the followin" stile nroernm: 'fll SuhrnissJon hv ihr- [effsla- t"re nf n rrn=tilutinnn amendment to definit^h- curtail Ie5iv- Jatlve appropriations. '8) A balance! school budjel, which (hro elimination nf waste, diversion rf schnol funds to nthn- channels nnd fair distribution fj?twe«n clement* ry .••chonK and institutions nt higher education wonla rtdnce net rxnenses ind at lh^ sawn lime rrrvi,i p f nr ( rtp . text Qo^, 13) Pbcin? Hie stal^ ,-^nitfn- "arv on ,i sell-suprxirtin^ basis, thru apnoinlment of ablf com- mi«<ioncrs. "whi> will be heW to strict arccnntability for prodnc- ment *' llri " sheet drawn dcl ' llls chln - IIe <ton runs and exp«nditnre<: made, -ip (>-- . ipanatemfnt of this In- i-tilulion.'' t. v -. v , t ; (41 Complete reornnnation of the hlfhwnv denartmrnt and » ch.'jjirr. in the lair mikfn? It run. slhl- for thr covcrnor lo remove Mrhwnr commi^loners'fnr cansp nihrr than 'Vnnviclinn of crime" (51 Plrlct liTfitalion (if- rlate bonH issues "except hy dlrert vole of Ihe r*o|>l»'* and roll nivment bv the state of Old Rnad Improvemetil bonds, as "•ell as (he <lrreci obHtaHons nf tlie fl^ln. which now approx- imitc Sl-10.000,000. (61 Promni comji'etfon of the insane asvlum. (7) Elimination of abases in (h- ronfrdpra(- uen'ion svstcm and nrorer maintenance of the ronfcfltr.ilc' Home. f(i) Additional snnnorl fnr the indipont blind pension fund. 'f) Reoroniiation nf the hrmkrnj depwlment "for the hcncflt cf devosliors anl hot for the heneflt of liquidatins: a^cnls and employees - and friends." UOI A constant effort to carry mil the clear mandate nf the Tn(cr s cf Arkansas to rt&usp slate «nerweb SO percent thru elimination of useless departments and other unnentssary lii'rd-ns on the people. In the seven cornered gubernatorial contest the policies advocated by Judire J. Marion Futrell were affirmatively endorsed bv forty-seven percent of the vote of Ihe tniirc state." said Johnson. "I assert with confidence that no creator expression of the peo- fl'e ivns ever registered under like circumstances and any person. whether li« b? legislator or private r 'li?rn. who mipht undertake to thwnrl the expressed will of the P'oale will be overwh;lmeci hy ad- ''•"w f\'iWr. senliment nnd con- siGnod to immediale iwlitical ob- lu-io-v "This convention crai, c of the demo- pledces that cvrrv «vcry effort to reduce the cost sorcrnrnent to a minimum nnd legitimate influence b noon the next :t this economic "Give to the people of the Unlt- cn Mates. ROV. Roosevelt as the I" 1 Pff'ldent and Speaker C-ar_,... . as .. Ollr nest vice president: broucht to bear IfSlJlr.turc to eff ••c'.ult. St Francis County Man's! Ric^ht fo County Nomination Upheld. HOT SPRINGS, Sect. B (UPJ — Charges questioning the'democracy of Charles Fleming. St. Francis county judge-elect, were dismissed here today by the State Democratic Central Committee. The committee said that since no action was taken by the St. Francis board of election two years ago when Fleming wns elected representative that the question of his democracy is now out of. their jurisdiction. HOT SPRINGS, Sept 8. CUP) — Arkansas' two-day Democratic state convention opened here at noon today. After the preliminaries, the calling to order by Lamar Williamson, :hairman of th'e state central committee and the Invocation by Rev. Marlon Boggs, Judge c. E. John- ion of.-Texarkana delivered the keynote .address. ABIOTIC the -most important functions of the convention will be-the election of a new state central committee. Lee Miles, Little Rock, Is slated for the chairmanship and Harvey Combs. Littic Rock, present assistant ,«fcretar'y, is" slai?d .t>r election as • secretary. • • • Judge J. Marion Futrell of Paragould, nominee for jrovernor. will address the convention tomorrow-, as will I,ce Cazort. nominee for lieutenant governor. Tlie latter'.nomination was assured recently when Frank Milwee of Brinklcy- announced he would not contest thr election'. ; U. S. Senator'Joe-T. Robinson, vice-p'residenlial. candidate in 1928. was expected to speak to live convention today.. Basil'Baker of Jonesboro already has bsen named permanent chairman. W.' V. Tompklus ol Prescott was Ihc-first chDlce for chnirmsi- but he was unable to attend because;of the illne&s of 'his -wife. ' Miss Wilma Ruth Burns of Caruthersville Dies CARUTETERSVILLE. Mo.—Wilmr Ruth Burnes, 20. daughter of Mr and Mrs. Lester Bumes of.this city, died at the family home Tuesday afternoon at 5:30 of 'pneumonia. Miss Burnes had lived in Caruth- ersvllle all her life and was edu- :ated in the public schools here. Since her graduation from high school in 1931 she had been em- filoycd in" the office of Dr. A. R. Conrad. Miss Bumfs hnd plann-rd :o attend nnrses training school in Memphis this fall. She was ill only five days. She is survived by her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Durnes. and one brother. Robert, and numerous other relatives. Funeral service.! will be hslcl Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the Methodist church. ' of which Miss Burnes was a member, with the Rev. Carleton R. Wade officiating, with Interment in Little Prairie cemetery, in charge of H S smith Undertaking company. r. government advocated ri ^ d by tllc * tlonnl , » M1m m: give to the rr-U n ns - M«'on Pi't- rolrfe thn °''; next ffvcrnorand the bv ht, ? P rin ^Ples advocated wm lav, „" a ncw Po"!«l day ' nnd Stock Price* ' "' r ™ '" c _b«" saved to posterity." Bswcn of the ,i,i. „ :; c -, A. T. and T ......... ne 1-3 Anaconda Copper ...... 173-4 Auburn — '. ........... 68 Caterpillar Tractor ... 12 1-4 Chrysler ............... 19 3-8 Cities Service ........... s 1.3 Coca Cola ........... 103 1-4 Continental Baking .... 73.4 General Electric ....... -21 1-2 General Motors ........ 18 1-2 Middlewest Utilities ...... 3.4 Montgomery Ward ..... 141-4 | Fear Storm Will Strike East Coast! WASHINGTON. Sept. U IU1M— O.ib and storm warnings were i)':-«!avre| iodny along the entire ACaiulc seaboard from Cwp-e Hnl- l"r;is lo Ecislparl. Me., as the Un- Hfd Stales wonlher bureau n>- imrli-d a huvricnre moving rapid- ! 1'-' northward abiiut 500 mill's off thorc. ' I HAMILTON. Sent. 8 Million Voter This picture v.lll give you a fair Idea of thj ryc-milne slshts which sreeled visitors to Wlldwocd. N. J., the other day. Dorothy Hun:i 'center), entered as "AIlss Camden," wns cro'.vi-crt "Miss America" al the annual Wildwood beauty pageant. Estelle Kiirk HofU. ns "Mls> Kev,- Jersey." and Mildred Johnson' (right), as "Miss Georgia," were • two cl her comely competitors. Doctors of Northeast .Ar-1 W. F. Robinson of Memphis in Charge of Office Opened Wednesday. kansas Will Meet Here' Next Month, OSCEOLA, Ark. —Plans were made ana committees named at the • meeting of • the . OSCEOLA, Ark.-Thc Mid-South Cotton Growers association opened a branch office in Osceola Wednrs- County Medical . association here cay .with headquarters in the Driv- Tuesday evening for the onleriaiu-j er Chevrolet building. W. P. Rob- ment of the Northeast Arkansg' i Inson of Memphis is manager of the Medical association at Blytr.eviUe office. Mr." Robinson ivas in the c—- : -;n business ters esvsral years ago ami has^ a wide acquaintance ov-3r Mississippi counly. The Mid-Sauth association I'm; season is offering new arrangements for ' the season's pools. Mr. Robinson said, and in the place of last year's seasonal pool, Is operating what is known as the "valuation pool." in which final settb- sometime in October. The m;etiiig was the first of tlw fall season, resuming regular monthly, meetings after a summer's vacation; and was well attended. On the program was a talk by 3r. . Gilbert Levy of Memphis' on "Meningitis," and an Interesting case report re ad .by Dr. T. F. Hudson of Ijitxora. • Dr. W. J. sheddan, president of the association, named the following committees lo arrange for entertainment of the Northeast Arkansas Medical association meeting in Blytheville: • Finance commiitce: Dr. F. L. Hus- Tn addition to the new valuation pool, the association will operale It! *-uidjii;e committee: Dr F L Hus- *T 'wv^inMun uiu band of Blytheville; 'Dr. L. D Mas- • °P llonal . ca sh sa!c nnd sey. Osceola; Dr. N. B.' Ellis Wil- -— _ Ion pools substantially as before. Mr Robinson said. Market reports wii' son; Dr. V. R. Fox, Manila- Dr j Roblnson sM- Market reports wii' A. E. Robinson, Leachvllle. i te tecclvc d three time.5 a day. at .Commiitce on arrangements' Dr ! 8 . a ' m -' Jl *•'"•• and ] P- 1 "-. he Husband, Dr. P. D . Smith and Dr. , Sald ' , . - . *j, *jiiiiiii ti[i(| LJI I- R. Johnson, all of B!yth«v!Il<! Reception committee: Dr. A. M Washburn, Dr. Settles Old Injury Action for $22,500 CARDONDAiE. 111.. Sept. 8 (UP) Five years " " . after his 9-year-old M?s. C. W. Afflick Heads Association Mrs. C. W. Afflick was clect-d president of the Blylhsvillc Library association in a meeting of the board of directors Tuesday evening. Other officers named aic: Mrs. C. R. Babcock. vice president; Mrs. Fdear Boriun. secretary; Dr. . ° V ° r by B " au - ' L ' H - Moore trcasurcr :— •••• u '^i wj jtji HU- i tomoblle. causing loss of a leg J I MI i , ., H. McClcan. Carbondaln famcr „ " C ,T r e l e , cli?( l ™<™ bcr * of ths todav settled nut nf ™,, T f rl ™ ' board nrc Mrs - Bahcock. Dr. Moore and C. A. Cunningham. Mrs. ,7. W. today settled out of court" for *22 500 with Carl Griffin, alleged drivr-r of the machine. Suing for $95.000. McLean was T ake .Village. Ark.. Jury, but af- • ler reviewing evidence for a new , The case attracted tlon during the vears sed before Griffin wa | and brought to trial. located.! New York Central 30 ...... Packard ................ 5 Radio .................. 12 1-8 Simmons Beds ........ 11 1-2 Standard of N. J ....... sg Texas Co .............. 17 3-8 U. S. Steel ........... 48 7-8 Cardweil Woman Dies as Result of Dog Bite PARAGOULD, i Sheriff's Tax Settlement : Incorrectly Given A Upographlcal error resulted (n .' an inaccuracy in the report of ' Sheriff W. W. Shaver's tax se;t:e- ment with the stale, published Wednesday's Courier News. as moving northward In this idiiily turiny. causing grave anx- iv In Bermuda. The exact posUloir'of the storm was nol known and nn anxious wns sjxml by the Lslandeis. storm signal Itllcatlng that ll's hurricane was "wllhln C03 miles •as hoisted at: 5:30 y. m. yesler- day. The luinicnn'e wns revolted moving north, jiorthcusl. „ Afjainsl Formei- Banker and Son. WYNNE. Ark.-J. p. Roderick, former urcsldpnl of the defunct Bank of T-eachvlllc 1 was clcarc'l I °"" ~" """ '•*•"•' n"»v 1,1, « . ~i-~..t* » ,..'.... , . nntl beru smnpgled in to them Supt. W. T. McDnvld snld. Wln- teis, Sailth and Andrews, armed rith two pistols nnrt an nutomntlc by n • circuit court Jury late yes- 'Trtav of r< charer of rccclvliv; deposits while knowing his bank in Iw insolvent. The bank failed In November, 1030. Trial of Roderick In Cross rountv circuit court here followed removal of the care from the Mis- s'Esinpl county circuit court at Dlythcville on n change of venue. Roderick nnd , his Bon, Earl Rod- crick',-former carhlcr of the bank,who • was" Indicted" on ' similar ' chorees were granlcd venue changes alter their counsel contended that n fair trial could not be obtained in Mississippi county. ,, Prosecuting attorney S. L. Gladish refused • to dismiss other Indictments agninjt the elder Roderick and Indictments against Earl Roderick after the former Roucy Raton. Slayer of U. S. Miirstal, Amoiiti Esc;inc<l Prisoners. PAHC'IIMAN, Miss.. Rcpt. H .UP) clln , „ of , rrn ^ a United Slates denuty marslial, HHKlf their escape from the Male :>i'lsuu fnrin horc today by holding up (\n luriikcy with guns, llfii llcclne In llr,? Itofiiltnl cur. Honey f.'ulon, member of the so-called Eaton K»n8, and serving n life term for the murder of U. H. Deputy Miivslml Clyde Rivers, ambuslxHt two years HBO on the highway In Qultman counly, was one of the six who escaped. The prisoners stole an aiilomo- blle. nffims rcvcnlcil. to make their pscfipe. The nlhcrs who escaped are: O. n. WinliH-s. scrvhi'; 15 years for robbing (he Bank ol Como tit Como, Allsn., six months ago; J. T. Conner, serving 1 years lor highway robbery In Clark county; Armour Andrews, serving a Mrm fo- murder in Ihe dealh of n man In Jones counly; Clifford. Smllli. who has served one year of a life term for murder, ant! Tom Q. Dear, serving 3 years for larceny. 'I'hc men held up Orover Wnr- . night turnkey, with nuns that More than a million Mexicans can'l he wrong, so Senorlla Ofella Lar- rlva, above, has been named qu-eii for th.e 28th anniversary of Tor- rcpn. Her voles ran mure than' a million above htr ncaiest rival's. bank president was freed by the jury on one charge. No dntc had been , r et for trbl of the former bankers on the remaining indictments when court adjourned until Monday. Actress Too III To Attend Coroner's Inquest, Her Lawyer Says. LOS ANGEIiES. Sept. 8. (UP1 — Jean Harlow, plallnum blonrt screen star, pleaded physical unfitness today and was excused from givino testimony at a coroner's Inquest called to s?ek a motive for lY.e suicide of her husband, Paul Bsrn. The slai- inu-Je her pl!a through her attorney, Mendel Silvcrbcrg. who informed Ccroner Frank Np.nce she wa.5 still Incapacitated from shock suffered when Bern's body, a bullet wound In the head, was found Monday. Miss Harlow held a secret conference with the brother of her dead husband today to discuss intimate details of their life prc-cedlnp the motion picture director's suicide. Even :he studio officials and frljnds who Imv; bc-?n Mis? Harlow's counselors sii:ce Bern s':o! himself were barrel. . ,. _ a . ,i. w. Scckini; a k3y to his broth'r'f Bad-x Mrs. Bonim. Mr s Afflick. death Hfnry R.'rn went to the home T. j. Mahnn, Ray Worlhinglon ol Mhs Barlow's mother, whcr; the --' - -'-- ttclress has seduced herself since the Irag3dy. Cardweil Man Escapes As Fire Destroys Home CARDWEfX, Mo.—The home of T. G. stanfli], in the south part of Cardweil. was completely burnxl. and Mr. Stanfill barely escaped being seriously Injured by the fire about 2 o'clcck Wednesday morning. The house was a small frame held up Warren ns he was putting a prisoner in, the cage cnrly loday then fled to tl?e yard, Joined the others nnd took the hospital car ind escaped. .. .._ Abandon Fight to Save $4,000,000-Control Svstem. BROWNSVILLE. Tex.. Sept. B. fuP)—Alandonlng e/forls to save levees alone the 1 south branch of the S4.000.000 flood control system in the lower Rio Grande valley, workers today concentrated their, fight nt Mcrccc'es and Weslaco. The crest of the grsalest Rio Orande flood in the half century was expected lo reach IhDse point- today as It rolled seaward, leaving death and destruction behind. All patrols were called from U- vecs on the south branch of .-the floodwny s^.ein when a barrier broke before the flood near Mission, Tex. None was reported drowned in the lower valley during a dny of anxiety and fear but were destroyed and the flood control system was cxpeclKl to be almost ruined. At Hidalgo some 200 persons face a week long period of Isolation. They were marooned when spread- Ing waters surrounded the town. Pood was s?nt in in boats but relief workers said stron? currents made removal before the water re-' ceded Impracticable, Plans Drive for Comnul- sory Protection Against Unemployment. WASHINGTON, Scpl. 8 (UP)— Compulsory unemployment Insurance, now for by Industry and enacted by- state laws, was described today, by President William Urcene as an Immediate objective of the American Federation of Labor. Oreene told .the' United Pre« .a model Insurance bill win btln? drafted. Tlie program will he sub- mitted'to the federation convention In Cincinnati alter the -presidential election, '-We found, that constitutional Inhibitions would b»r a federal unemployment Insurance law." Oreene snld. "We wanted a federal 1 law but have abandoned that project. We will seek enactment of .state laws throughout the union.': • ..The federation has not previously demanded compulsory unemployment Insurance. Phillips County to Vote on Salarv Reductions - HELENA. Aik.—Over five hundred names of Phillips county voters were secured en the pell- tton providing for an initiated act to reduce salaries of 'Phillips county officials, it was reported by officials of the Phillips Counly Taxpayers Association, sponsors of the .Initiated, act. The proposed act provides foi tolal reductions of approximately . ' *u,ln Ilv4llk-l*vrll3 Ul rtlJpl VAUUUWl V ! h °' JS , a "? s ° f ?° !l!lrs S15 ' OCO annually In salaries and deputy allowances of the variou- toiinty officers, and also provide.' for the feeding of prisoners in the county jail at cost, v.ith a maximum fixed at 50c cents n day foi each prisoner. .The principal reductions ore in the treasurer's, counly and circui' clerks' and assessor's oflices.'whciv lotal reductions In salary nnd deputy hire approximate S7.-500. Census Bureau Rcrx>rts 865,232 Rales Ginned to September 1. NEW YORK. Sept. 8. (UP)- A Molciil break ol more limn 55 a bale took place on [he cotton nnr- >l loday when Ihe government Is- • ued a croi) rowort tlwt was more (han GOO.OOO bales over trader's ex- - IK'dallons. Recovery wns slight and October closed 10J points under y.-s- terday's close. Hugo blocks of colon w-n-c (lumped on (he market after It rc- cuened following the usual sus- ncmlon, of ircdhic for Ihe burctu i r-|wrt. Selling gained momentum ! as Ihc session pro?ressed nnd slop ''-loss orders were uncovered nn tha war down. The stock market gav c ground slowly today under pressure of oc:e of (lie heaviest realizing movements since the siart of the present advance last July. Tra-J- Ini; totaled 5,«0,COO shares. WASHINGTON. Sept. 8. (UP)— The department cf agriculture today estimated production of cotton in the United Slates this yzai-' at 11,310,000 bales compared with a 1931 crop of 17.083,000 hnbs. :: ' At the same tlins Ihc census bureau reported 805.232 rimnrnc: bales j had been ginned from Ihc 1D32 crcu prior to Ssplcmber 1. compared with 5CS.763 bales lo the sanir: date In W31, and 1,879,010 In 1D30. Tlie agriculture department osli- ninted the condition of the H'32 crop on September 1 at SS.o per ccr.t of normal and reported 'tnerc i\ai '. an Indicated abandonment for the seoson of l.S psr cjnt. ' Last month the department es- llmatttl 1932 production »t 11,305,000 bales, or S.ISO.W}"/bales !;ss than fftf-'yHTys' f :,v arid' 3553,000 K«s than (he nverags'of th= Insl'rivc yeorj. , . M7.» Vomit fn Acr? The yleld-of lint cotton for harvest was estimated at 147.8 pounds per acre anj-the indicated a,r2a left for harvest, was placed at 26,611.000 ]res. last month It was said the. prospects for' the crop were more uncertain than usual because of heavy toll weevil Infestation -throughout much of the belt. The-following table shows ir-.e estimated yield per acre in pounds by stales for 1932. compared to the actual yield per acre last year, and the estimated production by states In thousands of bales, compared to the actual production last, year: • Yield per Acre Proc'ucflon- 1932 1931 1932 1031 Virginia 190 289 30 42 N.-Carolina'.. 195 271 514 755 3. Carolina.. IC3 24S 599 1,005 Georgia 130 101 795 1383 Florida 185 175 1C '« Missouri 260 307 187 329 Tennessee ... ISO 250 392 ' 584 AIa '«ma 132 200 835 1420 Mississippi ... 135 203 1,064 17fil Arkansas .... ue 255 1.04.1. 1907 Louisiana .... 140 220 513 909 Texas -141 Oklahoma .... 150 New Mexico California .. Arizona Others Total 385 •145 355 327 220 165 4.092 "5,320 173 928 1,907 412 91 101 •MO 114 177 313 84 115 363 10 10 147.3201.211.31017,000 NP,W York Cotton NEW YORK, S.-Mjt. 8. (UP)— Cot- Ion closed barely steady. Op3ii Hifh Low Close J;1 » ...... 027 03-1 803 341 Mar ...... S38 050 823 y ..... 345 955 335 J uly ..... 949 SCI 840 °"t- ..... 903 915 735 « ...... 932 030 800 ___ Spts closed at 795. off 105, quiet. 825 835 844 788 805 ^ .VEVV ORLEANS, Sept. 8. IUP>— Cotton closed Open High LOT close 928 932 S12 813 012 957 055 912 529 Jan. Mar. M.iy July Oct. D3C. 039 950 957 910 325 923 833 840 954 835 842b 790 SOS Spots closed ni 792. off 95, steady. ~ .'-P.KANSAS-Fair. warmer In tw>iiBTst portion tonight. Friday '••a-tlv cloudy, warmer. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr., the =' sne naa il *erea m> cficcjs lor $2i.8H'Jo.• monly called tl'e "n-nv addition" *A\* ^<lr *~ t I "" *- lv uuy, warmer. dle'd^ ?tate" 1 M\-« ! «»85 a sO«2 Settl< ' m(! " 1 •"; r h * CaUS ° Ot "* " re ' s " ot known '1 * '*? "W J WrUf Q Cvn-vt^- According to the officl died today, stata^.ws^WSSO.M, as^rep^ When Mr. StanHIl was awakened / 7, " ^^f^ observer, Charles Phillip en on her the amount of the payment to be was in flames.°but 'he wcarxfa'rtth ^M *", ^ " olc that Pttul Bc ">. movie dirccror. wrote to nisi iTnhy'wa; 7™e?rees' r an( nr. i " cr - mactc loaay corwctly, but said ;'nt only slight bums about the body ° montlls ' Jcan Harlfw, the platinum blend Him act- Immn. 56 degrees cloudy car card- | he-hadl'«™« s lyl»ld $23,745.87 iu-; Tho house aud Its cMiteuls were a rfss ' ' llst Mnn '» killed himself In their honeymoon residence m| voar a ^° »": maximum j M«d of S7WS.87. l lolalloss . | a Hollywood canyon. --- | ^™ «-«5«f ,<>"" . Today » tempera- mum. 70 cteerees, clear.

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