The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1955 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1955
Page 16
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(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,1988 , Lonardi Makes Triumphal Entry Into Buenos Aires BUENOS AIRES (AP) — Maj. Gen. Eduardo Lonardi Bttd* a triumphal entry into Buenos Aires today to take control of the provisional government of Argentina on behalf of the victoriou* rebels. ^ The airfield in suburban Palermo was tightly guarded by troops and police armed with machlneguns. A red carpet was rolled out lor Lonardi. Thousands of citizens crowded around the airport limits, cheering wildly and waving flags. The military guards held them back firmly but made no move to dampen their enthusiasm. The planes which accompanied Lonardi from Cordoba were freshly painted with a huge V for Victory and with a cross — a reminder that the revolution was Commodity And Stock Markets- N«w Y*rit Oct . Dec . Mar . M.y 3252 3277 , 3262 . 3268 3264 3284 3265 3275 3247 3269 3255 3261 New Ortamt Cotton Oct 3254 Deo 3279 Mar 3272 May 3269 CnfTO^^ Dec .... 202% Mar .... a04 3259 3285 3279 3276 3245 3270 3269 3265 3247 3269 3255 3261 3270 3265 pec . M»y . Nov . Jan . Nov . M»r 133 . 18SV4 .. 234 .. 233 .. 236 Vi .. 341% 204% 205 135% 142% 132% 138 239 "/ 2 242'i 242 >4 247'/4 234 239 2361/j 241% 203% 2045/8 134% 141% 238^4 241'/ 2 240 245!/ 2 N«w Y»rk Stocks A T and T 181 Amer Tobacco 78 3-4 Anaconda Copper 75 3-8 Beth Steel 163 5-8 Chrysler 96 1-8 Coca-Cola 135 Oen Electric 52 Gen Motors .' 1433-4 Montgomery Ward 92 1-2 N Y Central 46 1-8 Int Harvester 39 1-4 Republic Steel 53 1-4 Radio 51 Socony Vacuum 61 3-4 Studebaker 97-8 Standard of N J 138 3-8 Texas Corp 113 1-2 Sears 113 TJ S Steel 61 1-2 LiVeifocfc NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI., HV-USDA—Hogs 8,500; fairly active; 200 Ib up 25-35 lower; 190 Ib down mostly 25 lower; sows steady to 26 lower; several hundred head U. S. No. 1 and 2 grade 200-240 Ib 16.60-65; bulk mixed lots U. S. No. 1, 2 and 3 grade 200-260 Ib 16.35-50: 180-190 Ib largely 16.00-25; 140-170 Ib 14.25-16.75; 100-130 Ib 12.25-13.75; BOWS under 400 Ib largely 14.5015.50; 400 Ib up 13.50-14.50;. Cattle 700, calves 400; mostly aetady cleanup trade throughout: bulk canner and cutter cows 7.009.50; utility and commercial cows mainly 10.00-11.50; utility nnd commercial bulls 11.50-13.50; light canner bulls down to 10.00; vealers unchanged; good and choice largely 19.00-23.00; high choice and prime 24.00-2«.00. PROLIFIC PITCHER Cy Young, major league baseball pitcher who won 511 games, including three no-hitters, during stay in the majors, holds record for most games won and his mark has never been approached. reused in part by President Juan D. Peron's feud with the Roman Catholic Church. Before leaving Cordoba, Lonardi spoke of the possibility Peron might be brought to trial. "We want to make it impossible for him to again damage the country," Lonardi told a news conference. "In case he is brought to trial, the ex-president will present himself as any other Argentine and enjoy ali the guarantees and rights established in the constitution." Criminal Charges He did not expand on the possibility of a trial, but if this look place rt would be on criminal charges. The asylum granted Peron by Paraguay would prevent his arrest as a political prisoner. A 21-gun salute roared over the River Plate as Lonardi stepped from the DCS which brought him here. He wore the green field uniform of the Argentine army, with a red and white general's cap. Despite tanks and guards, the crowd surged toward the plane. It was halted for a moment as a band played the national anthem, then pushed on again. A motorcycle escort helped the provisional President reach the airport building, about 100 feet from the plane, but he appeared to be more carried by the crowd than walking Women waved white handkerchiefs in a traditional gesture of welcome and the crowd shouted: "Viva Lonardi." Greeting him were Rear Adm. Isaac Rojas, who led the Argentine navy to victory in the rebellion, and Gen. Leonides Forcher, who led the delegation of Loyalists which negotiated peace terms with ten rebels. The revolution leader's entry into Buenos Aires was preceded by an order from the provisional government for the arrest of all Peron supporters in the national Congress. Earlier, the new regime had dissolved the Congress, in which Peronista party members held all 34 Senate seats and all but 12 places in the 155-member lower house. They Like It ITAMA, Japan (.7) — Japanese farmers and sympathizers for j weeks have demonstrated against enlarging the U. S. Itami Air Base. Four hundred cabaret operators, pub owners and laundrymen — who enjoy a brisk business with U. S. servicemen — turned out yesterday in a demonstration against the demonstrators. Johnson Improving TEMPLE, Tex. (#) ~ Doctors at Scott and White Memorial Hospitals said yesterday that Sen. Lyndon Johnson (D-Tex) is making very satisfactory progress. He suffered a heart attack this summer. The Senate majority leader flew here for an examination and left immediately for his home at Johnson City, Tex. GEM THEATRE "Oseeola's Finest" • SAT. NIGHT 10:30 SUN. • MON. • TUES. September 24-25-26-27 ROCK 'N' ROLL HITS THE SCREEN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN BETTY 6RABLE SHEREE NORTH BOB CUNNINGS CHARLES COBURN TOMMY NOONAN LONG-HAUL TRUCK INSURANCE U«it«l fc». C«. 111W. Main Ph.3-6812 THIS ONE WAS BAGGED — There's, nothing unusual about alligator bags in a luggage room, but who ever saw a bagged alligator there? This one shocked an attendant at an airline checkroom in Frankfurt, Germany, until he discovered it was stuffed. It was brought from Venezuela as a souvenir by a German traveler. MOIOTOV (Continued from Page 1) "throws doubt on the work of the Disarmament Commission set up by the General Assembly." Molotov made no reference to the message which Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin sent to Eisenhower earlier this week on the disarmament question. He made it clear, however, that Russia definitely wants to link the Eisenhower plan to Russia's demands for a ban on atomic and hydrogen weapons . "Must Speak Up" Declaring that the "termination Lattimore Bock At Johns Hopkins BALTIMORE (#) — Owen Lattimore has returned to work as a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University, a university spokesman said, yester- of the armaments race must regarded as the primary jective," the Soviet foreign minister said: "The United Nations must speak up emphatically against the arms race and in favor of reducing armaments, outlawing '' atomic and hydrogen weapons and removing the danger of another war." Following the example of Dulles, Molotov spoke in mild tones and avoided the sharp attacks which the delegates had heard so often in previous years. Also, like Dulles, he hailed the Big Four summit talks in Geneva last July as a turning point in international relations. He called | the meeting "the most important j interrmtionnl event of recent! times" and said it had "exerted I a profound influence on the inter- iVutional atmosphere." BULGANIN (Continued from Pag* H lion of military establishments. In Washington, U.S. officials were reported to regard the Bulganin reply as generally encouraging in tone. Some of them were understood to feel the Premier attached strings. Others felt it was not even a conditional acceptance but rather essentially a restatement of longstanding soviet policy on disarment. S Main PolnU There seemed to be agreement in Washington, however, that the reply is not a rejection of the Eisenhower plan, and that it leaves the door open for further negotiation in the U.N. Disarmament subcommittee. Bulganin's message, it was learned, contained these three main points: 1. Any aerial inspection arrangement and swapping of military establishment blueprints must be elements of general disarmament program. 2. This program should provide for prompt renunciation and abolition of all atomic weapons. • 3. It should apply to all military bases of both countries, including those on foreign soil. Since the Geneva summit meeting the Soviet Union never has specifically rejected the Eisenhower plan. But it has called for dismantling U.S. overseas bases, withdrawal of troops from Germany, and for steps to improve trade and cultural relations between East and West. The President was returning to Denver after four days of trout fishing and general relaxation at a ranch owned by an old friend, investment banker Aksel Kielsen, Par Eastern affairs specialist, was placed on leave with pay in December, 1952, pending disposition of a federal grand'jury indictment charging him with perjury. He was accused of lying to a Senate subcommittee when he denied he was a follower of the Communist line or promoter of Communist interests. Four major counts of the indictment were dismissed as too "Nebulous and indefinite" and the others were dropped by the government last June 30. Warmer Icebox CADILLAC, Mich. IB — Cadillac hopes to lose its unwanted distinction of being "Michigan's icebox." Temperature reports will be read this winter at the Consumers Power Co. pumping station on Lake Cadillac instead of at the city airport, where residents say it's from 5 to 10 degrees colder. Umbrellas Multiply OSAKA, Japan BV-Stationmaster Taro Matsumoto gave up smoking and with the savings bought 20 umbrellas for loan without charge or signature to rail passengers caught in sudden showers. Passengers returned the umbrellas so diligently I that Matsumoto now has 36. $7 SPECTACULAR i SPORTS Memphis SEPT • 23 THRU OCT* I Soutlft Greitesl fxposituMili World's Championship RODiO TWICE DAILY! FRSEf FORD A DAY ATTENDANCE PRIZES!! Z\ IT'S THE TOPS! PERSGfY 5 TIMES WORLD'S I CHAMPION OMt HIS HORSE "MIDNIGHT" ^m Chief Evergreen Tree J /* Rufe Davis Jerry Jerome MAMMOTH Farm Equipment Machingry_ghow w*fa WMPS Talent Contest W4G AGRICULTURAL SHOW ,4H £ FFA MMOMTMTIOM, BIG CASH SAVINGS AT SAFEWAY EVERY DAY! It's Safeway policy lo keep grocery prices at least 3% below shelf prices at stores which "gives" trading stamps. This means cash savings to our customers of 3c and more on a dollar's purchases — every day of the week. And remember, Safeway offers weekly specials which mean even more savings. This Ad Effective Saturday, Sept. 24 Pirates Gold, Sugar Honey Graham Lb. Box 23/4 Lb. Box Crackers Prem, Spam, or Treet — Canned Meal ":• 38 C Swans Down Fluffy Mix Cake Flour Our Low Price — Hershey's Cocoa - 68 C Parkay or Sunnybank Margarine - 26 C Big Tender Peas Green Giant 19 C Our Low Price Purex '.r 30 C Gentle Bleach WhileMagic- 29 C DON'T FORGET! Safeway will meet the lowest advertised price of every competitor —Item by Item—day by day in Blytheville. Quality considered. Minor Damage In Two Wracks Minor damage was reported In two automobile accidents — one this morning and one yesterday — according to police reports. At 8 a.m. today near the Intersection ot Main and Broadway, a car driven by Charles Crews, 1010 McHaney, struck the rear end of a 1954 station wagon driven by Arnold Verhoeven as it was backing from the curb on Main Street. Damage was limited to the headlight and right front fender of Crews' 1949 Tudor car and the Verhoeven car had a broken glass in its tail light. yesterday near Chickasawba and Sixth Street a car driven by Mrs. Roy Kirksey, 133 Hollywood, struck the rear end of a Lion Oil Co. truck driven by Jimmy Flanagan as the truck, going east on Chickasawba, was attempting a left turn onto Sixth Street. There was minor damage to the car and none to the truck. TILL (Continued from Page 1) time at from eight days to two weeks. Doubted Identification Defense attorneys asked Dr. Otken: "In your opinion, could anyone have identified the body?" Dr Otken answered: "I don't think so." Q. If he had been his brother, could he? A. I doubt it. Q. His mother? A. I doubt it. All three witnesses said the body was bloated and badly decomposed. This was a critical point because only three days elapsed from the time Till was taken from his uncle's home until the body was found by a teen-aged fisherman. The defense concentrated its questioning; on identification, the heart of the state's case. If the st/ite failed in jurors' eyes to prove Till was murdered, Bryant and Milam could not be convicted of killing: him. Heavy Damage From Typhoon New Officers Elected by FTA MANILA W—The season's worst typhoon cut a path of destruction through six northern Philippine provinces today with lao-mile-an- hour winds. There were no immediate reports of casualties. The storm swept through thousands of homes, toppled telephone communication poles, uprooted trees and destroyed vast croplands. There are 1,796 languages spoken in the world. The Future Tradesmen of Arkun- sas Club at Blytheville High School in a'special election recently elected a new slate of officers. Those elected were: President, John Parish; Vice Pres., Gerald Snyder; Sec. and Treas., Mary Jane White; Reporter, Peggy Rowe; Sergeant-at-arms, James Thome. Sponsors are Mr. J, P. Sweat and Mr. Warford. Read Courier News Classified Ad«. turvfilled dayi art m itore TO entire family < at thii year's Arkansai Livestock Show, Oct. 3-8, in Little Rock. Some of the nation'i top cowboys and cowgirl* will provide action-packed highlights in the World'* Championship Rod«o. Tex William*, famous radio, television and record pertonality, will appear as guest star durina the show. . and spillt feature the big, mile- way of the Royal American ! Make a date now to attend the Liv«tock Show, Oct. 3-8, in Li Arkansas Livestock Shew & Rodeo Roosevelt Road Little Rock M teen m POST take a look at yourself In ETON FLANNEL looming larger than ever in popularity, the exclusive flannel K tailored by Hart Schaffner & Marx with all the esteem its soft, luxurious weave deserves. Classic Eton Flannel Mite are notable for their ease of drape, their shape retention and wearabiiity ... and their respect for a reasonable price-tag. Try one on in this new Trend model... and let our fitting room mirror reflect the new look of trim, straightforward naturalness in men's

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