The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana on November 18, 1909 · Page 4
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The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 4

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1909
Page 4
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"'vaiv'v WMStm, ' - 1wwiw,i"ii, i'SK' - l'1' ft For 1 $ JDreds t.T J. M' iif '3 & r;'.v"''' Tf W I 'W 'J'l'L'P'lM'uVl lMlU'llUlLL,rtffliWiWWWll'l'lU.'iriJ.ll!' !JI"ifM'J'll")".MlJ' yj I.("III.HJUV.,'T1I.IW'HW IJI ivf?'v"' lyi,vu'li',i;liu'i!'i . - ,,., THEwF0BT WAVlE J0U0NAt!A'ZmE,'J v" ' f T aVj, r . T WJl - ATOTO V l 7Wi'V 2SSOH2 i; Wl ttM W w $ V Kir: is' V fi 1'' Ky 1 m fe Occasions Vou want all your apparel in rood form. If the, tut is right Jrjd the rest, is wrong, you are s much out of place as a mule ftijched to an automobile I " Be Correct By; fitting out at our stores; where you know you gtt what fashion dictates. i it Cloves, Ties, Shirts, Handkerchiefs, JeVelryt Silk Vote, Vests, Opera Hats, Etc. 'See our Correct Dress Chart KH.BOHNE&BRO. rSaatfeafl AHa1 a Uah Mi and UU Calhoun StrMt. The fort Wayne Journal - Gazeltc it . aivftiMKik nr AiftAr.iATnn vrehil .i5 1 ""'" - t .wmw. - w - s .. . y t ' B w !. r"0 ' IP rf I I' WStl W r" . J. f 4 - ii RNAU - OAie - rrR company. 7IS U4N1VN 9XIUUI&T NO. 141. e HB FOT WAYNE JOURNAL. KBTABIJSHED UU PORT WAYNE GAZETTE. ESTABLISHED IMS. tf f ' M geoond - elas matter n v - jt" " LHT. BID! OOP7. . " Sunday, single copy. . . S cents Dally end Sunday per Mk by carrier la Fort Wayne . t eente Wily And Sunday by carrier In fjtlee nd town outside of Fort Ways ... . IS cents 'a, BT MAIL m ADVANCE! Dalm with ftaaday, on year M , wltheat Sunday on year i . kn. - IeHr. with Sunder, on month Ii'l Tl)Uv MlhMil HnnJa nnA mintK .. f thnday Ihuo. on yuf V Sunday lam, on month IH to ant'and tyrannical than they are today. Thlr dnvlUflah ljlacla art mora numwoua. longar and, alroncar than aver ferrore, and they are rach In out In all dlractlona and gobbling up atray Indapandanta that they pr vlvualy oveAunked or dldnt need The atari (mat, for Inatanca, admlta that It now oontrola SS par cnt of the total "Iron and ateel prodnct t( the United State And here l the augar truat charged with ewlndllng the government out of over $1,000,001) of cuatoma dutle. The New York World aaya that the auger truat ha been guilt f - 4h following offeoaea J. llrlMng political commltteea . Seeking to Influence United Gtatei aenatore. by atork tlpa 'and other financial tranaaotlona. t. Accepting rebate In violation of the Interatate commerce law. i. Stealing from the United State government through weighing fraud. I Conaplrlng to ruin Independent 1 augar Tenner . Violating peralatently the Sherman antl - truat law. T. Ualng ehort - welrht acalea. . Blacklisting grocer who handled inaepenaeni augar. Importing cheap contract labor, 10.' Violating factory and health rawa. Commenting on the eltuatlon. the World declare that "no high official waa oyer criminally preaecuted or convicted for any of theae offenaea. The only Indictment ever found agalAat any of them were returned recently by a grand jury after the truat had con - feaaed In open court that It had violated the Sherman law. The relation of the truat to government have long been Intimate and Intricate Ita ao - tlvltlea In congrea have rightly teen described a a acandal The reaon for It long and profitable Immunity haye never been eiplalned What bet ter work for the purification of government and commerce could a con - refllonal committee nerfnrm tttnn in clear up thla extraordinary myeteryT" Another victory for Quaker Oats The 'experts at the Alaska' - Yukon Exposition said there is only one besf oatmeal; it is Quaker Qat8. Regater at tatAM It (ala. "Thursday, Nevembe i moatb . 0 r 18,y09. y !1BJ 7 It I estimated that. It expenditures r' and Income continue a at present, the United State government will face a deilclt of 111.000.000 at the end of the ( ipreaent fiscal year. And thla with the ' new tarlft law, wluoh President Tatt 'yays la the beat ever passed. In full .operation. MERELY THE OPENINQ QUN. r Bay the Indianapolis New . .) t r nriin ine rvpuDiiooji pexty lorn oy " ' internal dissension of a portentou fstK (Character an energetic oppoaition par f,W .ty Imbued with definite prlprlple and J Hi, the' conviction of them could be of In valuable service to the country. (front Or) a casual feaOer. unac - lejnted; with Ui pepullar policies and thf 'equally peculiar mental processe efjth Indlanapella News, might con dude that that paper I deeply Inter - eated In strengthening the democratic Jiarty. But nothing Just now I far 'the from It Intention The con troUIng ownership of the New la re - imbUcan, and "money talk" At leat ' IU VM through" that paper when it finds It necessary to reestablish Its irMlUonal '"Independence' by attempting to" tear dowrn Instead of trying to Build npr an 'oirposltlon party" From hf en until the elose of the next tat campaign the eeteemed. New Will, stoutly support the republican party, while at the same time bewail 'Ing - jthe perversenesa of the democrats u rezusug io ipiiow lis lean . . A v TROUBLE AT WA8HINOTON. A Washington dispatch say that there will be no Important legislation at the session of congress which begins next month The republicans have a majority In both house and sepate, but they are divided Into two hostile camps The Insurgents declare that they will not play1 with the Al - drlch - Cannon crowd The old cellar door down whlcly they all used to slide In harmony has ceased to be attractive to those who have Insurged The seriousness of the republican situation la thus referred to In the dispatch above mentioned "The fact Is, and publlo men every where are taking note or It. the party In power la so rent with dissensions as to make agreement on any legislative program seemingly very difficult An ertort is to ne raaoa within trie next two or three weeks to patch up some of the disagreements The president Intends to use whatever Influence he I able to exert In bringing about har. mony Soma westerner who have come to town within the last few days say ioey propose to lake it on themselves to say to the president that unless the republican party get togeth er fori the coming ae)onot Qongres It will sorely loose the 'house of representatives next year, arid possibly the preeraency in 111 "mee western ere declare that the oartv situation I a good deal more alarming than public men who have not been about a areat deal realise ' money. With Improvement of the waterway production would be stimu lated because of the certainty of teaching a market The proposition la self - evident, hut It cannot he brought to accomplishment Without the adop tion of a aettled policy on the part of the federal government such aa the National River and Harbors congress advance, and auch as must, eventu aUy, ba adopted by the congress of the United State. The corrdng seaw sion or me congress at wasmngion on December S, and 10 will outstrip Ita predecessors In the fact that H will assemble wAfffthe knowledge that It platform "A Policy. Not a Project" meeta with the cordial approval of all Interests, with only persistence needed to produce the desired result. o PEACE IN NOBLE AND LAGRANGE. (South' Bend Times.) Before the civil war Noblejpnd La' froT r. I AlurvftiiYsincr . a, (lin'VywiwlMl. - I VIEW OF INDIANA. it . '.' ..7i - r ; 1 in; a, recent issue me inaianapon lj StfTfCOplee h article from the Port - t,ian uresoman in wpicn la considered tha.affsct of tha.temneranee ss'ltatlnn ' U'5 rt, political results In thla state ,'VTho H The Oregon paper attribute the d C teat of the republicans to their attl. jtude In favor of what It calls a "prae - , tlcally prohibitive liquor law." In the course of the artcle Is the following The state of Indiana presents a curious) and Instructive Illustration of the, effecta of the agitation and effort so inw' pronipiuon among people - who, while alive to the abuses that attend an unregulated liquor traffic, yet have no Intention of suppressing, It entirely. But the liquor question. In Indiana remains aa unsettled Jm before, and Indiana, will worry with t Jt theae many year, till finally ., seasonable regulation and restriction, . auch a have been established In other r ,, - grtet states, will prevail In Indiana." ,'i ''a a .matter ef fact, the democrat yj.i nt InAlAnA desjirved all th snortaas "A K they achieved In 1S0S. and more, wlth - y out),TpiwaQV " W" iwnpirrsncv qura - J ' ' , tlon. Doubtless their reassertlon of e xna ' nunorioprincipie or ine parry vriin nspovft w iue njvr ws ini' t J - porUnt, tut It wa not,al. The demo - orat loi party, "la. Jrx"" "beleve In strict Mgiiatlon of the liquor trafflc i 'lha atfletii; thi hatterbuflt is not a 'problhiuoWty. H also stand for V 'aigooi many other' things that are ,'; eseerlttil'ta'the public welfare and I I .entitled 'JovtSuoceas on general prin ciple, t i VL ONE'.OFTHE PP8TED TRUSTS The aorcallid trust - iustlng Rooaa - X1t' dmtnlsWatloit never busted a Ingle 'trust. - A';matler of, fact, the trusts, were never roee Impudent, defl - afiV'' lA. m,"oln ' NXVa chance your UXLDRAICII VSA MnnAIVMn 1IIIIU ...... nuiun w STSTQ BITTERS:: J wffppJT - jPBpw '!. I.,.. 1" f . XJv ."If ..tit J L.',afilJ - .ir." Bkk. X4C ,r. ."' 1, H ' - W - l. from ona that run down to one of per fect health 1 t h Bitters. TJur 6t years' record prove thla It I for THE ONE MEANS OP RELIEF. On October 37 the car shortage amounted to 3H.0OO cars, an Increase In the short space of two week from a shortsge of 33 00O reported on October T, with the certainty of further decrease In the number of freight cara, a fact which shipper and receiver must race and for the added cost of which the entire country must pay. The fact that the great railway system are placing orders for more ear gives no sign of present relief, nor does the fact argue for reJtefMn the future. It ta always to be remembered that the ftrowth of trade and commerce far outstrip the effort of the 'railway io aeep pace witn iu io neueve) otherwise would be to deny the patent facts of paat growth, so enormous and so continuous aa to call from President Hill the statement (Hat It would cost the railways of the country the expenditure of 11,000,000,000 annually for five year to come up to the demands of trade and commerce It was a frank confeeslon. But It was a confession which carries Its own refutation with It While the railways are engaged In their expenditure of 11,000,000 000 annually, the country would be developing at a rats even greater, and the catching up of the railways could be accomplished only on the Impossible condition that the trade and commerce of all sections of the United States should remain at a standstill There le but one method through whloh relief from car shortage can be had That method la in the Im provement" of the Inland waterways of the country. With the Inland waterway Improved, the additional facilities demanded by shippers by rail could be afforded. The fact of enormous devel opment, and. theXact that with each year the Or shortages grow more se rious and more costly and disastrous. are the surest guarantee that there are freight offerings amply sufficient In volume to tax !h capacity of both mean of transportation, and that the relief which ahlpper and receiver d mand would enure to the relief ef the railway There cannot. In the nature of things. be hostility In competition between the liver end the rail Last year the up per Ohio held In lease lot mora than six months U.OOO.OOO' bushels of coal which the manufacturing interests of the middle and lower Ohio needed and could not have because of th con tlnued low water In the Ohio At Off - den, in Utah there are now 75 000 tons of sugar beets awaiting the time when the railways can handle them Because of low water In the Ohio the 16 000 000 bushels of seal were valueless So are the 7S.00O tons Of liugan beets, with the lack of value extending to the labor that would have been employed In the factories If the Indigestion. coal had been recehed or If the sugar Costjvsness, beets cou)d be moved QbldSr Grippe, Without meads: oT transportation arid Malaria, production la a, wests of time ..and grange counties were) Infested b; bands of counterfeiters and horse - thieves The court and county offi cials were unable or unwilling to sup press this cort of lawlessness so the desperadoes became more and more arrogant and defiant In their operations Thla aroused the slumbering lion the wrath of law - abiding, well - disposed, order - loving icltlsens They banded themselves together under the name of "Regulators," kept their eye on th blacklegs, planned to rapture their leader and Dut a auletua on their ufWle operations. At Diamond Lake, about two milea southeast of Ugonler, they hanged the leader of the oualaws, named McDougal, and from that time on Noble and Lo go counties enjoyeu Immunity horse - stealing, the passing or counterfeit money, etc, etc ah nonor to tnose Heguiatersi a few ot tnem sre still living ... lo - See our great display of Hand 1150 PATTEItSON - FLETCIItan CO. n ENLARGED FREEDOM IN BRITISH INDIA, BUT NOT ENOUGH. (New Tort World.) Momentous beyond most recent con stitutional ctiangea la the granting ef an enlarged , measure of home rule to British India. It affects mora than 100,000,000 people, unaccustomed to aelf - government and divided and tro - Ule to eaohlhen, . . In the central l government the change substitutes a viceroy 'ixni hell of 170, IT per cent, eleetlve. forgone ot lie, or wnom si per cent, were elected. The elective member are still a mi nority, the council Itself Is ruled from Westminster But greater powers are given to local and provincial councils also, and the government nas long educated natives to take an Increasing share In Indian courts and govern hents Representation la not a simple mat ter. Religions, races and special In tereata choose members, not geograph ical district Hucn complicated ar - ransrementa At a complicated country. In which leas than One - fourth of i the neoole sneak anv one ot the 147 Ian guagea; In which the Gaekwsr of Baroda. the Nlsam of Hyderabad and the Maharajah of Mysore hold sover - Sign rank and nominally rule ono - iniro f the land, , Seventy rr cent Of the neoole are Brahmlnletlc In religion, il Mohammedan The Hindoo can outvote the Moslems, but theirs Is not a fighting faith. Bom 10,000.000 are Buddhist; Two Million faithful Sikhs worship by the Oranth and fight for the British. Ascetic Jains, fire - worshipping Par - sees, few but powerful by their wealth all these and more must be repre sented Conflict of creeds and raeea alone permit a handful ot British officials, 78.000 British and 111,000 native troops and 7T000 volunteer and reservists to keep peace in tne vast realm . Of late peace has been uneasy. Jtlcn East Indiana favor British rule, but the poor and the ambitious Chare un der It The so - called seditious Ires ha had to be1 chastened. Assaults and riots grow In frequency There have been murders in railway carriages almost suggesting the revival of thuggery Yesterday two bombs were thrown at Lord Mlnto InAhme - dalad Bealdes the political 'India for the Indians" movement, the British have been troubled by a trade boycott which. In the arulae of aesthetlo pro test agalnat the supersedence ot artistic Indian fabrics by, ugly western stuff, aim at all British goods. There Is cause for protest, The British home government gete nearly? half Its revenue from customs and excise. But In British India the customs, produce less than the epium tax, the excise Is but twice aa fruitful aa the salt tax, the poor peasant bear the heaviest burden, and an 'execs of IH0.MO.00S of British goodsTr annually poured Into a land whose rich men dasxle all eyea with their blsilng gems, bat whose poor are the poorest on earth. In ten years tip - to 18J1 the population ot India Increased 10 .per cent. In ten year to 1901 IV grew 1 per cent The disappearance of 11.000,009 human beings la ascribed, to famine too vast for charity to relieve and, dlseaae which religious scruples forbid sanitation to check The people press Upon the overburdened soli These are problems grave enough to appall the wlaest In the empire which yesterday took another step toward the self - rule of a people divided by race, creed, language and century - old hatreds. njpL - rra 'K (By K 1st News Bureau ) KENDALLV1LLB, Ind, Nov. - Mrs. O H Drown went to Ugonler yesterday for'a, visit with friends. Mr nd Mrs. '.Jamas Joray are sew tertalnlng. their guest Miss Florence McKenskv off Lime. The Mesdsms Flora Bitter and Pearl Mlllr.(ef.AahIfy, are guests ot soodj nenney ana family. W A oeldea. end j Charles Thomp - o', whO? have. bh visiting W.. I. lev W A. ael4en"amd i Charles Thoj , rsturhedvto their homes to inarmnv ana Mrs who have. been visiting and Mr. K D. Waugh lontb, returned to their nr. n. Iabell. J, J i HI darrein has returned , from a - Islt with, hi mother. Mr. Hose Oor elf, at LeOilo, - who ha been 111 with Qoiden, day, John - Oar 'andfaailly man nnaro. .wno (Jacob MoCIure an for in oast mont home In Mrlton.iW. Va, yesterday. Mrs. Jsjllue. Kami .returned last aw1 8ou,h Dmd Mrs,' John dippinger left last even Ing for a vWt.wHh her daughter. Mrs. James Mshon, at JCalamaioo. , w Mn '8, BJ Marshall returned, to he home m Oary yesterday after attending; the funeral of her mother, Mra, w. sri. istruBai. vlsl reir. pneumonia. , , t . a Mr. and Mrs., John Alabaugh eater, talned a number of their friends Tuesday evening in honor of their brth day. The evening waa spent .with games and rausloj and refreshments were served.1 Mr. Weaver and daughter Myrtle went to Omhen yesterday after a. visit with W. r. Shaffsr and wife. Their home i I id Wakefield, Neb. Mrs, J. J - .Merer, who recently moved. to, .Monroe, was vlsUIng Mrs. iraxisr ana' outer irienaa 'jfueeaay evening. Mr. Mayer conducts a notion store at Monroe. ' H H. MacOmber, superintendent 'of the Flint .Walling plant, left yesterday for New York, where he will start on s voyage to Ilueno Ayres, South. America.! In the Interest of the eerdpsrtyi He expect to be gone three irionth.' isxhA'. - FUnt WaJMnK com pany haa a, Urge trade In South America, , . Claude Ressler. - .who Is emoloved at the W. II. Ilelgn shop on North Main street, met with a painful accident yesterday, when as - a result of a fall the spout of an oil can nentrated hi nana. ut. Hardy Greased the woup The funeral of Mrs. Christina Ban - H,,n ..lit ft, V,!., .. .., T ...,.., ( .rail ajn ,.IVIU ! uiv UHlUDiai church In A villa Friday at 11 o'clock, the cortege leaving the residence at 10 SO. Interment in the Lutheran cemetery. Mrs. A. A. Goodwin, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs A R. Cole, returned to her, home yesterday In Chi cago. Mn and Mrs Fred Borough, who have been' - tUttlUg1 Mr and Mrs Fred Oretslnger, returned to their home In Plttabura; yesterday. Mrs. WUIard Rumbaugh. who has been th guest of friends here, re. turned to, her home In Albion yeater. day. The T. C. ?I. company will place Incandescent street lights at the Inter section of Oarden and Oak street for the convenience of their passengers. Manager A,. J. Purlntort conferred with the street committee regarding the placing of th lights. According td the reports of the election inspector, whose bills were presented at the council meeting Tuesday evening, the coat of the city election! held November 1 .amounted to. SS4t,T0 Thla amount.. (H 3(J,lee than, four veara ask '.Uf'.t ' Th KSpdaltvlUe l'llhlans are, s - us - il at prmeni jowiiur ior a noma. f matter, of a location, - , for a Pythian building baa been up for discussion and It J understood the trustees, consisting ot Herman Kreuaer. C M. Cae and J C Gillian haVe Several loca tlons In sight and at the meeting Tuesday evening It was decided to continue their Investigation for an other week Thereila some talk In the city of (ITe Raber - Lang company engaging In the manufacture of automobiles In addition to its cement machinery business The company talked of Increas Ing Its capital stock from 160.000 to 1100.000. Should the project be ear - " rled out It will require the erection of I a two - story building SOxlOO feet. A number of local parties have signified their willingness to subscribe for stock. It looks like It would be a go. The production or "Pinafore," which I being put on by Mr. Kellogg: In this city, I attracting considerable atten - l.iy.1 aiiiu tvv M wu.V) "irrr - tj r if" r Quality "J2ril Xf iLaV ) il unts mtt ,(U But tliAt ii not all; variety of styles and good taste in the matter of essential. Here iyc pay attention to vatfiety and styley JlwjIVt VssfnmflAiia1ilw in minr) mn tu m nrts. - ts - nl trt VMI irItndld StOCkS v "Vi J ", at'v - a'aa - iga. - awaaSgj uuh - M V tvi) - w j w - w - - - i ft to rJioo8yrom, affording you wiriest pi - tfor.your ttijstc, whlaWjtnd U.i W fit ' . ! . , ' Savings in the Suit Room Tn fashion makers abroad and al homo have given' us great thing thli season In the, way of women'. apparel and, recent purchase enabls va to offer unusual value. For Instance) 'i " nt,td.an4seml - fltttd coat. suit, coal 4J to II Inch long, pleated ".''I yll v 'W - drtV at rt. chotae - of broadcloths, cheviot, herrlagbon stud worsteds., lit value " Women's .broadcloth coat. 14 Inches long, ball lined and foil Uaed,'back u and wanted colors. ;A iv garmeht for lit, . ' V "" ' ) .'' Women's silk rain coat's In plain, and fancy stripe, extra. vraod value t 114.50 and 111(0 and 110, ''." ' A choice variety of popular atyles In cape In right color, length front SS to St inches, prlooa liioo, tll - so, suoo, sisooto, J ana fi. Ml coot, sixes from II to II year. New co - ed styles. Ill It valseo t 114.10 1 . r'" ' Tlianksgiving Linens Make your Thanksgiving table attractive, with snowy napery and attractive China and glassware. The beat of food' poorly served Is not enjoyable. We, Can be of great service to you In .supplying your Thanksgiving needs. , f v Linen damask that are linen, at lie. lie, II 00. !Mt II I and op to lilt a yard with many beautiful pattern to chooso 'front. ' , ' Napklna to match damasks; excellent values In and else at from 13 00 to IS (0 a dosen Table set, cjoth and napkins to match, sixes to fit any table at any p"le you care to pay. i Lunch clothe, tfav ploths, doylies, scarfs, etcA wonderful sasortmeaU Values and price that will please. Visit our china department on th third floor for anything yoo may need for table use or decoration. ' , ' Attention Men There I always something; reW and good for you In our, f urnlahlng departmentdepartment - Better get In the habit of looking here for your fixing, Juat now we offer a lot of swell styles In shirt with pleated front and attached cuffs 11.50 value at 1100 each. , Nobby silks In stylish neckwear. A big - new line Juat In, SOo each. ' Umbrellas A wise person carries an urnbrella at an tlmei. Any on can carry one when It rains. We are ready with, an unusually good stock of the peweat and best In Umbrellas. Better select your Christmas gift now while the showing; 1 complete y , Special values for men and women at 1 00, $1.10, $1.75, 00. II 35, IN and up to 111, x Fancy Linens and Art Goods A busy department these day filled e It ( with dainty Suggestion's for home use and decoration. Beautiful stamped pieces juat In and In time to be made up for Christmas gifts and host of thing all ready to use. Our own importation of cluny lace and hand embroidered doylies, squares, center pieces lunch cloth and scarfs wlllbe found attractive. , , Special values In Batenberg squares and scarfs at It 00, $U5, and IL60. A special lot of cluny, lace trimmed, lOlnch squares and 14 - Inch scarf at lOo each Huvidreds of pretty things In pillows, pin cushions, vrork bigs, hat pin - , holders, pillow tops, ete. Hill v .le event '"Th numerous drill and the spectacular feature of the performance promises to surpass tnat or uia Kookh," which was given here several For a cab call up ,1301. QOLDEN WEDDING OP AOED DEKALB COUPLE. (By Klst News Bureau.) AUBURN. lad.. Nov. 17 - rMr, and Mra John Funk, residing near Concord, this county, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary to - day, The guests at the, event were (ho relatives and friends tot Mr. Funk I aenrentv. ad his wife Is slxty - alne years old. the aged couple. three aad his wife Is slxty - alne veari They have resided In - thl county during he greater portion of their Urea. " 0 ii W want to, talk underwear to you to - day. t . (" I 1 1JI ..' '.I' ' !t :v S v' .' 'i u 1 1.4 , HJ " f t. - i - , - Y Business Is a Great Battlefield Napoleon said. "Providence is on the sldo of the heaviesi batUilionsv' That, 1 .. .l.I. ..!.,. ..,. .f ,..J! 1 i .J,AM. .,! a L - . ,1 t L, tL - 1 a. I nil viuy aiiuviici way ua aajruiK umi, viciui v (.uiucs, tu uic aiiuv uii lias, uio uch equipment, js the' best drilled, is most skillfully corjirnanded and which outnumbers its enemy,' 1 ' Upon the Battlefield of Business the tame conditions prevail. The merchant who hat the capital, the genius of organization, the finest equipment, tr best drilled . assistants and the most efficient all - around management of his business is luxe tawin tin tJie struggle for business supremacy, Luck is practically 'aft unknown quantity in the business wvrld. Mentis the only thing which counU ,fct 1 ,t t vyaynff Thii house isncAv ori'iti fortyfsccondyearof iWsinesicareer'in Fort1 and the fiftieth since its original organizaronirathecityfNew.York.'j Up to November I of this yrWhe .sales for. the ten months, since January J if exceed those of any year in me rustoryxn int nrnv , . Doesn t it occur tf t trie: hrm. L t ".r . t. voujtnat a dusih nnest that, has .continued toiflounsh and to rrrow thrOufth a full halfVenturVmust have a lot of merit in iti anct if vou'are ahewv corner to Fort Wayne, fiil'ifthe'beal assurance 'you cthawinrithe beU place in this city at which to do your trading in the lines of goods which we carry?' Foster Furniture and Carpet Co. ,rf?' - lw m "m r - i U V fs S?J 4im JtjA fi aV - H - .h S '"VSjJl i i if ltnii ' 'illt?s,, f Hiiftvwi - wfc li k - Twt HM UI ft Jr - C I ' 1 Y . - , "! tJ"S,' - i jt i1ite Wru :m t?tff) ji., . rfii i& r i AJ Aivy i . Af H ,:t TT I 'A i ' ""U .t iiJ,..l.. t Vlil "Wf rH" Tl ....... ... .j - a. t - .v.i r , tM I L. i - i. - , - . - . ,"., .. i. - .. ,T7T T; . .. - ' TSVJ ., v'M . ai w .Ltesjt - ui - , ii'r.'r mibZd t ssr rrr . rsi &it - ZiM sssMSMs iSiii si sawgaj - sawgawgawgawgawgawgawgawg ., MWsi - wgawgawgawgawgaw ) m, t DaBBBwaasss ,

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