Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 1, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1895
Page 5
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oliday Novelties eckwear! Handkerchiefs Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWEN T THE HATTER. GOING fVWflY. Said one of our Customers, but I want you to save my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR I stick to him. You Suit me to a T, E, PLURIBUS UNUM! TUCKER & YOUNG, TtlB PEftRL 8TRE.ET TfllLORS. P. J. PITZLIN, of 3L Lojls, Is orKMilzlnB Classen In Physical Culture. Ireryonewlflhlni: to Join c«n obintn full parti IcolnrsM 'I WKL,JL'M 1'IUAll WTOIIK, MusniK, INC., Bee. M, 189-1. I Wo hnvo been mem' cm or P. J I'ltzlln AthiPtlc PUSH and lmv» npen w-11 ploiu>r(l with Ills method Culture. Prof ttizlln Is ft iiiKl liven itreut wire Hint _jch pupil li- correct y Instructed In ewy mov. (we heartily rcucomcnd h'm '0 »rij one desTl"K lit- IMI K<nilen-an nid thoiouK OdBrstandu bis business. |F L Wiichtrll H M WInnus M D ICH .Anthony 1' W hea'h iDLBanto EUS Muddy Waltwr Scott |ThosLByan will Meyers Artlrat W Case DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MOKN1HG. FEB. 1. Wax cnodlee nt Tomorrow is ground hog day. McKeon'sste&m laundry—cood work Wax cardies, got them nt Foley'--, Mies OHvo Broalor is rick <U her (lOmo on Flfih street. I Coolfy of this city had been |r»Dtod an i riglnal pension, ' The half veur!? examinations are progress In tbo cUy schools. Sullivan has resigned the Lo- ansport aponcy fur the Cole browory Peru. |.Wm. O'Connor of Remington, Ind., Bt fipo to hio bud and was burned to Ho was Insane. John Bush, the father of tho two |lusb, boys who were burned, one of hem fatftl y, at 'the Orphans' Home aceotly. baa been fouol at Henry la Clinton towcsblp. Ihe Ladles Auxiliary to the B. of R. T., will give n supper on iho eeing of February 20, at tbo resl- lenoe of Mrs. Guorce Crawchaw. ]19 lanal street. Price 15 cente. Every. |ody Is Invited. Peru Chronicle: All the sturdy news- Japera printed In English at Losrans- ort publish tho paper of tho Paators 1 l»soclatlon of that citv, and It will Ftranslated acd published in the bermaa papers. Awarded Hghest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; MOST PERFECT MADE. . ^re Grape Cream <.' Tartar Powder. Frea i Ammonia, Alum o, <wy othir adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. Get wax candles at Fole^'e. Parlor oandlee, all ehadei, at Foley's. Fur capes, only 10 left, ChlnBi seal H 28—Soldeu Rule. Mra John W. Barnes will entertain a number of friends at dinner this evening. WlllUm Carmel has returned from Cincinnati wtero he spent a few days on business. Mis* Carrie Moore is filling ft petition In the office of Superintendent A. H Douglass of tho city schools. Furn must po this week. Come, make us an offer on them at the Golden Rule—W. D Pratt, Trustee. Mrs. Scott Reese of Twelve Mile, whose lefi leg was amputated recently is eald to boon the road to recovery. 1 Our Club" is cnaklnp preparations for a bal! to be t iven soon. They intend making It the tociety event of tho season. Mr. and Mrs. E W. Alexander en- tertuiood a party ot friends last even icjf in honor of Mr. ind Mrs. H. L, Troxol of Toledo. • Miller Util captured tho prize, L: waioh cbarm in tbe competitive drill held by Canton Logaasport, No, 15, Wednesday night, Mrs. Goorgo Murphy, upon whom an operation was pel-formed Wedncs dtiy. is reported to be dolug very woll by her physician. Mrs. J. T. McXary entertained a number of friends at progressive eucnre \Vadnesday evening at her home on Broadway. Tho Trado PiUaco is bnjoying one of tho best dress poods trade ever In their experience; new goods nod such low price?. No wonder! Mary Smith, aged 65 year?, has been removed horn the Home for the Friendless to ihe Count7 Icfirmary. She is eaid to bo insane. John Croll is able to bo out on the streets again after being confloed for 9, vcral weeks with Injuries received in a runaway at Attica, Ind. Prof. Wile Berry has been secured to take charge ol tho art department ut tbe Smlthson College when Prof. G. W. Michael opens iho Inssitutior. It is said that Fred Van Orraan, tbe well known hotel roan, has refused to take the management of the new Richmond hotel, now being erected. The ladles of the Christian church will serve suoper at the home of Mr?. D. C. Justice this, Friday, evening. Supper 15 cents to which all are invited. Lost—Oa Monday, batweeo tt-aroaan Catholic school and the South Side, a. regnlla of tha St. Joseph's Sociei. 1 -. Finder will bo rewarded by reporting at this cGk'6. R S Mountain takes the position of mataperof tho Bridge City Manufac. turlng compay, makers Of flivorieg extracts. Mr. Mountain succeeds Waller Villler?. Jfo 5 In answering an alarm sent in yesterday morning from box 25 located at Third and Market streets, mido a mlatake and answered box 85 located near the A. M. E. church. LEGISLiTIYE NOTES. The Houwe In The Interem of Economy Aboll-hea •*«> Uiiutc- ceftiu-y O.Uce H*1<1 By » Republican. Indianapolis. Jan. 31. The House Ways auQ Mean* committee has learaed thnt there are eighty veterans of the civil war 'In fifty poor houses of ibe State. These will be cared lor in the State Soldiers' Home ehould the legislature .pass the appropriation for tbat purpose. It is eald that ibe advocates of the State Soldiers' Hume bill have claimed tbat tbero were about one thousand veterans in »He county houses. * W v Another act of the House along Ihe Hoe of economy .was the passage of a bill to abolish the office of natural ga» supervisor. Several membare from the gae belt spoke In favor of doing away with the office as did also Speaker Adams. The bill wau passed—yeas, 76; nays 3. Tho man legislated out. of office Is J. G. Leach of Jtukomo, a Republican. * * * TbeSenaleand House committees on Benevolent Institutions will leave Indianapolis at eleven o'clock Friday morning on a special tr?in on tLe Pan Handle for Logansport where they will visit'the insane hospital at Long Cliff. They will also visit other Institutions before returning- to Indianapolis. * V * The House by a vote of 73 to 8, passed the bill to prohibit in any fire nauranoe policy what Is kcown ai the 80 per cent, clause. This bill was endorsed by leading business men throughout the State. Other changes n the Insurance laws are probable. * * * The bill to make It unlawful to ool- ect toll on any gravel road not t*e ve eel wide, and having lose than twelve nches of gravel on it, after a general discussion of its merits, was kil.ed, a motiun to strike out the enacting being carried. Election of a Blxhop. An excoanife »avs: The election c a olehop for the Episcopal diocese o Indiana occurs at Indianapolis Feb ruary 6. A bishop cannoi be take; from one dloee=e into another. Tn general cannot) permit a missionar. bishop to be called to a diocese. Th Indiana consiiiuiion requires tbe elec lion of sums "presbyter." Thb choic may be from any place In tae Ualiei Slates. A b'snop-elect must be 30 years of age; 40 years Is esteemc sufficiently young and 60 is too old. There are ove •1000 presbyters la the United Slates, of whom douotle;3 5G are too young 1 , aad 1.000 too old 10 h elected biobop. Of another 1,00' some would not accept, some wouii not be adapted, aud many would not be known to the- diocese elec-ing Toe choice ia almost invariaol; between tbe atfes o( 40 and 35 years There are uo -'candidates " Any presbyter openly Scekitg the offiee would be certuin cot io obtain. U About 50U prefbylors are qualified subjects of choice, an averse o( abou ten to each oiuouse. Nu uuo can SHJ beforehand, to a surety, v?bo will bi elected. APOLLO LODGE HALL. A bill that passed the House today without a dissenting voice requires treet railway companies to piovlde ocloi-ed vestibules OD the fronts of all ars during the winter months for the roteoiion of motormec. * ^ Senator Vaile is preparing .a bill making cities and counties financially esponsible fc» property destroyed In lots. It Is framed after tte PuDn- ylvunia law. * The Senate committee-on cities and owns reported in favor of the Green's pension fund bill aud urged Its UeSUgO. For Thq Soldte«'» Homo Ls.fuyotteCj.il: W. V Sioy, one of 10 lending acd aost wideawake merchiinid of ibis city, bus p edg=d ylf to raise, by bis own dunmlon ad subscriptions from $500 to £2 51 0 fnrtfoo erection and maintenance of a chapel on the grounds of tho proposed Soldiers' Home, on the \Ve=i Side, pi-ovldacl that tho State Legisla ture will vote £10U,UuO for the erec tlou of the Home, etc. HJ is satisfied he can raise tho moaev by *5 subscriptions frum each of three hundred people In tha city, county and State, tlo will Individual ly provide the plaa= and specifications eod superintend the work of erecting, me building and sea that It is kept In repair. Too church or chupel will bo undenominational ad to religion, ano free for the uso of all. Mr. S toy's" pian is a good one, und he wllls^e that H is carried out, provided tbe ieneral Assembly does U duty towards tbe Horns. Heal EmuU 1 Tranxfer*. List of transfers ol real estiite In Cans coanlj reported bj Frank H. Wlppermiin, abstraoter DI titles, conveyancer and notctry pu&llc. Insurance and loan ai;ent, tltlfs to ro;il estate examined and defective titles pe-rTeetfd. Money to loan M lowest rates. Office 205 Fourth street dircctlj opposite tne Court House entrance, LOjjansport »-nt Jc Kennedy to Frank Pottmyer l.,l 3 West End add $ 2JO 00 tltnn Dunham '0 it. A. Jordan Iota 5 toSou -e-c Lonan _ 500 OU T p. Rlchason to S. B Rlcbit'on und 4. F. LoQ'lm.n e \-'l lot ?J S. 1L n It), ton'.- «<lrt 'SCO 00 Leonard Klstlrr to J. D. Tinnnons lots IT7 Mid M H n HI to Roy 1 C nier 15000 MnryA. Hoover to '-oruthu r-latk pt se qrS'ClT Adams tp _ 20000 Joh- Hooivr MCh.lstl a Mplerpt .-ame sec us :ib-ve.. CbM rvHiivt-n to l.Vo Wlllt.-ns. eta'., und 1 5 n 1 L'.-e 31. Jucfcsun tn S Henry Clapper and wife .-w ijr nw qr sec 4.i-iid i- l-isl-i' lie ur sec .- Jefferson town-ill' and utlier lands Irm Kt'p.boi^ r to-liis. an.! K*tt* Kor- /cw mv ijr MY QT anU w 1 - >ec. £"J No;.If tp — LOII'.MI '. '"nuii'toi: to lliiam Kerlln w 4 It t'5'2 It lot 1 Anderson lrk;it 1 HaMSli io Him n Kerlla eo2 It lot I .iiiJor-on ado —...„, l>edieati'd Lu.i .\iai.t lit Tbe Uniform Utiuk, mill Tuii< L.llles. The new hall of Apuilo Ledge No 26, K. of P., on Pearl andJMarbei S 8 , was filled last night wilh socially Inclined knights wlih ihetr wives, their sisters and their lady friends. The social was given by the Uniform Rank, and waa a part of the dedlca lion of the new quarters of Apollo lodg-a. An elegant sup per WAB served by the ladles Culp'e orchestra furnished tbe music foi the daaciotf. whl^h was kept up by the younff people until after mid nififht. It was a very pleasant social event. "Wolhlnir Tmture, Kolhlff Hiiro" Rev. JJDQ Lloid Jr , of (jrent Fails,' Mont .recommended Ely's Cream B ID to me. I can etnpbuslza his stalement: ' it Is a uositlve cure for caturrb If ueed as directed —Rev Francis W. Poole, Pastor Cpotral Preobyteriao Church, Helens, Men' It Is tbe 'medicine above all other;" for catarrh, and Is worth Us w^ipht in told. I can use Ely's Cream Balm with safe-y and It does all ih»t 1- claimed for It.—B. W. Sperry, Hartford, Coon. . _ Flued fjr SeJIIniT I' «l»or to a lllaor. Edward Muronoy, tbe saloonlst, plead gulliy In ih^ Circuit Court yo^- lordtty tnocning to selling liquor to a minor. He WHS fiin- $20 and coats Tli:> I>| I>nriin ui Culled Out. At U'Donoeii's livery biro yes'er- dny morning a Quo burned out. The department WH.S called out. No damage resulted 50 00 700 CO 2WOCO I •IcOO ro ! 200 00 1 10 1 tin Xoilcrn InralM H.M.S tartC9 meflicinaliy, in keeping with olber luxuries. A remedy must tja pleasantly acceptable ia form, purely wholes-one In compositlor, truly beneficial in effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really ill ha consu'ts a physician; if constipated he uses the gentle family laxative Syrup of Figs. A HAIRY GHOST. Growsomo Talo of n Traveler Who Hail Been Strunslcil In Ucd. A gentleman ol the old school, who in his youth traveled widely in the south and west, tolls of the following- remarkable experience. There were neither steamboats, railways, nor telegraph nor express companies in those days, so the traveler who had business carried money and pistols bolted about his waist. This particular traveler, with a companion, was journeying 1 to a la-acl sale, aud the pair had between them sonic five thousand dollars. Set- tJcrs were few and far between; it was difficult often to Gnd a house of call f or themselves and their horst;s. Ouo nijjht they were forced to stop at a roadside tavern whose keeper was not thought to be above suspicion. So the two friends insisted upon .sleeping in the same room and after they were in it took precautions ng-ainst being- robbed and murdered. It was an upper room, with log- walls, no fireplaces, a single door rind two tiny windows nailed tight in then- frames. Investigation satisfied them that there was no trap door in the bare floor, nor any concealed . way of ingress, so, after barring- the door securely, they went to sleep, each with his money under his pillow and a cocked pistol handy. Along- toward two o'clock the relator awoke to find bifr, sinewy hands with a strangling- griD on his throat, and what seemed like a heavy figure kneeling upon his chest. lie could not cry out, but, being- an exceptionally strong Q aD, rose upright in bed, struggled fiercely with bis assailant, who felt as though hv.- were naked anrl covered with lo:;;r hair. •After a minute he managed to east the thing violently from him. It foil upon the floor with a hard, uull. jarring- sound. His companion, who had by th.Us time awakened, called: "'What's that?" "Thieves. StranjrU-rs:" pa.'iu-J the other. "Strike a light—ur wo s'.iall be • taurdei-ec!.'' The Indications Are Tfiat Walker & Raucli nave toe Kind ol Rubbers and Overshoes you want. Try it on. Wf\LKER 5c RflUOH 420 Sroadway. For Fine Printing. Job You will find the Journal - Rooms unsurpassed. LETTER HBftDS INVITATIONS NOTEHEttDS, PROGRAMS, STATEMENTS, GflRDS, ENVELOPES f\ SPtGiflbTY. You get our fig ures and we'll do the work. Do not-fail to call on the JOURNAL for Job Printing. "A HANDFUL OF DIRT MAY BE A HOUSEFUL OF SHAME." CLEAN HOUSE WITH SAPOLIO ale'of another'traveler who had beeu 'ound dead in the room they liaJ Occu- liccl, with crael black marks about his .hroat, though the door had io be broken in and the landlord proved beyond peradventure that ho was innocent of any complicity .in the sudden taking °^- —Chicago Ticius. THE GRAMMAR OF BABIES. I3v.t when the lijht was str'.:ck it showed nothing: whatever. There was no one in the roo^i besides their rvro selves. The door was fast, th-,' window had not, been tor.clietLthere '.vas no craak or crevice in the Jo;; wall through which anything biirg'er than a mcusu could have come and g-or.c. The two men sat up the rest of the nijrht. each vrith a finger on tho hararacr of his i>istol, but they sa\v nc-r heard anything more i until they left at daylight. But some ' weeks after rhev heard c. c They Jluko Some of Their Own ID Spite of All rrcc;iutlon». A month after our first baby was born we resolved to settle by experiment a question whieh we had dis- usacd for months, namely, whether a hild's tendency to violate the rules of rammar is innate or is acquired hrongb the sense of hearing. My wife declared that all children, o matter what Uieir surroundings, vill say: "Me wants sugar," until they re taught that it. is proper to say: "I vant sugar;" while I contended that a hild would speak grammatically fro;n lie beginning if it were not; permitted ohonr any ungraminatic.",! talk. \Yc had little difficulty in making the xperiment thorough. \Ve were living n a little cottage three inilos from'the earest village. VTo had lint one scrv- nt. an old negro, who did outdoor ork exclusively and slept in an out- bousn. Our only regular visitors \vcrc the <;octor and the minister, both well- educated men; and \vc resolved that our boy should not be within earshot when anyone called whose ability to speak pure English could be disputed. Of course we tct a pood example ourselves. V.'c refrained from baby talk; used only the most polished language in the presence of our boy, aud took particular pains to repeat before him in grammatical style those expressions tt'hijh r.ro y.illillly tho dr^t in a child's vocabulary. For instance, when he was less than a year old, he would sit in his mother's lap. staring at us, while I remarked seriously and with great distinctness: "I want no water;" and my wife would say in an equally impressive manner: "No, I do not want any." Then when we thought that the little fellow must have gained some idea oi the proper use of negatives, my wife would offer a suggestion of this sort: '-'William, the cups arc empty;" and .[ would proclaim that "my hands are cold." AVe knew it would be -useless at that time to try to teach him anything-, but I cherished an abiding faith that the memorv of our polished conversation would remain with him. My wife had no such faith, but she adhered loyally to her agreement to make the experiment as thorough as possible. V.'hen our boy had passed his fifteenth month we be.Tar! to look forward anxiously to the result of the experiment. We were sure that never in his brief life had he heard an ungrammatical sentence, and we agreed that his first expression -would forever settle the question involved. When he was sixteen months old lie began to name articles of food with some distinctness. A moEth later he could couple two words. Then came the climax. He was just eighteen raontns and twelve days old when he launched his tirst sentence, and, I may add, knocked my pet theory into a cocked hat. It happened at the breakfast table. My wife was telling .roe that little Willy's appetite 1 seemed s to. lie failing i«ti»l-ir na& .i-W»s''^trriiiir'.-to tetaethim face and said with a terrible distinctness: "Me don't want no dam!" My wife was generous. She did not laugh aloud. She did not say: "I told you so." But she was right. The tendency to violate the rules of grammar is born in man, as the tendency tp commit sin is bom in him.—Youth's Companion. Complimented. She had married a youug. na-val o2J,- cer and was so pleased over it that sho had gone with him into a little house on a side street and was running it herself. "Have you any beans?" she inquired of the grocer's clerk during the first week of her incumbency. "Do you wish navy beannV" he asked politely. "Oh, ecrUi.inly," she twittered, "flow clever of you to guess \ve weren't army peoplc." And the dork almost ijiokcd on the ball of twine he stuck in his mouth to control hi.i emotions.—Detroit Free Press. GODEYS MAGAZIN. IH3O. Volume CXXX begin* Jan. 18O5 During 1SUS GODEY'S 55ii;Az!t,K will contain a scries of articles ent!t'.«<l "FAIR WOMEN," wlilib will contain liaJf-tone i.l-turen ol tah mo«f beaut ful w -men of tbi woridt —of Ain«rU-!i. t£n^iand, Krauce, Aiuirl^ 9i din unU other cotUitries. A series of articles on WOMEN ARTISTS OF THE DAY. and tbelr work, *>eautlla] lllajtrated. THE FAMOUS tWOMEN SERIES Inw'tcbwlU he described tbi» famoo» wimivior'H«wnrl(l. nartlcalarlj tnuao . There win «L.o u« lila'l'ated arttcl»» on Art. and rrnvel; tiKMcties: SnocJ Stories; trials, Poetry, Boole tevtars, ttc. THE FASHION DEPARTMENT n-hich for jears hisg^vm th* Kvst r^(I an.!! .MilJiis, 18 of [),ir:lcular m^re-si te woint IL GO-VJ'.S is 'lK.)nctlj - woman'* Zl1» f-l Itf fBilSO^S .TJ-6 SUCd *S t" »>o-al wal> iMinix-ts-r .b" timl y. »'<» me io* prkx Misigs it *:tatn ill*, reaca Subscrlption SI a year. Ten. cent* a number, Se-i<J threa two-cent ctsraps icrs lor a satap.e copy. to Qtt The Godey Co., 32-34 Lafayette Place SEW YORK.

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