The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1950
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 10, 1050 BLVTHBVIM.E (ARK.V COUKIER NEWS PAGE HVB "\ Ford UAW Local Votes to Require Anti-Red Pledges 550 Union Officials ust Sign or Face ossible Ouster DETROIT, July 10. Wj — Ford la cal 600, giant of the CIO United Auto Workers Union, svill rca>iir Its 550 officials to sign anti-Corn munist pledges, The General Council of the 60 000 member local voted today. 7 to 63, to establish the pledge quireinent. It gave the local's ofti cinls until August 1 to sign th pledges, on penalty of riossll) ouster. The action Is the flrst such o record for any UAW local. It wa made as part of a general nolle of support of President Truman fo his action in Korea, ami condemn; tton of the Soviet Union. Meets Opposition The measure, proposed by Ca Stellato, newly-elected local pies dent, met with bitter opposition. One opponent warned that it would set the pattern for loyalty pledges from all industrial workers. "Tills will be called witch-hunting," Stellato said. "But how can that charge be justified when American soldiers are being killed in Korea? " "Slae- pledge reads: ' ^hereby pledge that I owe allegiance to the government ot the United States and no other. "I support the policy ot the CIO as that policy may be determined by majority opinion within my union. "I further state that. I am not a member of the Communist Party, Fascist Party, or Ku K]ux Klan, nor do I support the policy and the program of Soviet Russia and its satellite nations, nor will I -distribute leaflets or other forms of literature or petitions in favor of such policy or program." IT SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES—The news from Korea, which U. S. military men all over th* world are watching with keen personal interest, seems all too familiar to these veteran G. I.'f at Mitchel Kield Air Force Base, New York. All of them, with ears glued to (lie radio, were stationed in Korea during the U. S. occupailon, except the two WAFs, who saw foreign service in the Pacific. Lett to riijht, arc: Sgt. Alex Cole, Pvt. Francis Obcrer, Capt. Francis Foster, U. Herbert Keenan, v_ WAP Cpl. Anna O/imoh, WAF Sgt Evelyn Leonard and Sgf. Frank Aubuchon. War Briefs To Discuss Manpower WASHINGTON*. July 10. <3'l—Top American labor leaders will discuss the nation's manpower rcquire- Friday night. nients tomorrow Stuart $13 Million Set For Road Work LITTLE ROCK, July 10. (1P> — More than $13.000.000 in road and bridge construction has been contracted by the Arkansas Highway Commission so far this year. The commission awarded contracts for 97.8 miles of new roads and 21 bridges. Combined successful bids on the jobs amounted to $2,106.351. This was about $303.649 below the estimated cost of the projects. Symington, chairman of the Na- iional Security Resources Board. Steve Leo. assistant to Symington, said the meeting is "In no way an urgent one," and was scheduled before the Korean crisis started. "Naturally, the Korean situation will have its effect on the meeting." he added. Representatives of the AFL, CIO, machinists union, united mine workers and railroad trainmen will attend the session. Leo said it is one of several which have been held "from time to time with officials of labor and management to discuss security matters." Red Youth Rally Flops FRANKFURT. Ger.. July 10. W)— A scheduled Communist youth (P DJ> demonstration against American intervention in Korea fizzled out today. The "Free German Youth" had slated the demonstration in front ot American headquarters here but only 15 women, five children and a dog appeared. The little sroup was sent away by officers of some 200 German police who had ringed the spacious ground. American military police at three times their normal strength guarded buildings. There was some talk that the demonstrators planned to come back with more sympathizers but police were inclined to discoun this. Gernuin police however se up a patrol around the grounds. MORE MORE MORE MORE 4ntu that "it was the South Korean r actionarics under the instigation America ntmperialists that invade North Korea." The communists suspended publication of the North China Daily News for three days. lice Try, Anyway HOUSTON, Tex., July 10. (fl>)— emitting ofllcers here appreciate le spirit of the World War II vet- ,ln who wrote that lie would like serve his country again. They had to decline the offer <?cause of the man's present adress: The Texas Slate Penitentiary. K THE PKOBATK COURT FOB I UK CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS n the Matter ol the Estate f Lem Smith, deceased No. 1928 NOTICE or SAW: OF REAI. ESTATE TO PAY UKRTS Notice is hereby given that W. C. HigRlnsoii as administrator ol the state of Lem Smith, deceased, will t 10:00 o'clock A.M. July 31, 1950 \t the front door of ttie couitiiouse Blytheville, Arkansas offer for ale at public auction to the hi; bidder for cash the following Inscribed property of Lem Smith deceased, situated in Mississippi lounty, Arkansas, to-wil-, Lot Seven (7), Block One (1), Hollipeter Second Addition U) t v e Clly ol Blytheville, Arkansas. Tula sale Is made for the purnos of paying debts of Lem Smith, de ceased, and Is conducted under th laws of ArkaJisas and is -subject- t the approval of the Probate cour for the Chickasawba District, o Mississippi County, Arkansas Cause No. 1928. The ndmlnlstrnto reserves the right to reject all Mrt. for any reason whatsoever. This July 6th, 1050. W. C. Hlgglnson. Administrator of the Esta' of Lem Smith, deceased Marcus Bvrard, atty. (or Estate 1|10-n-24 ^ rd Created '}ank Created MANILA, July 10. (/Pi— The De fense Department announced Friday the creation of four integrity boards to eliminate or prevent corruption in the Philippine nrmed forces. They will be allocated to the lour military districts of the Philippines. OTICK OF CHANTING OF UQUOK FEKMIT Notice is hereby given that the onimlssioner of Revenue of the .at* of Arkansas has Issued a per- \lt No. 221 to Harvey W. Stewart o sell and dispense vinous or spirit- ous liquors for beverage at retail n the premises described as 218 A Main, Blytheville. This permit Issued on the 1st day t July 1950 and expired on the 30th ay of June 1951, Harvey W. Stewart 7-3 7-10 KOTtCK OF GRANTING Or I.IQUOK PKRMIT Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner o! Revenue of the Slate of Arkansas has issued a permit No. 217 to L. M. Cliappell to sell and dispense vinous Or spirituous liquors for leverage at retail on the premises described as 32Q East Main, Blytheville. Tliis permit issued on the 1st day or July 1950 and expired on the 30th day ol June 1951. L. M. Cliappell 7-3 Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Malinees Sal. & Sun. l>h. 58 l^ist Time Today "My Friend Irma Goes West" with Marie Wilson as Irma John Lund, Corlnne Cal vet, Dimma. Lynn, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Lust Times Today TULSA with Susan H;iywanl Tuesday 'CUSTOMS AGENT" with WILLIAM KVTHU I,asl Times Today irst Showing in Blythevill* Adventure in Baltimore with Robert Young & Shirley Temple 2 Color Cartoons Tuesday & Wednesday —DOUBLE FEATURE— First Showing in Ulythevill* STROMBOLI with Ingrirl Bergman & Morris Vatle —PHIS— THE PITFALL Dick Powell & Uzabeth Scott COLOR CARTOON DLVTHF.VILLES ALL WHITE THEATRE Huge Convoy Readied SAN DIEGO, Calif.. July 10. Wj —With the Navy dropping the secrecy curtain on some activities, a huge convoy is being readied at this port, apparently to carry troops and equipment to Korea. In port today are the 12.000-ton escort carrier Badoeng Strait, the transport General A. E. Anderson, a cargo ship and four riestroyers. The Badoeng Strait was detached from nuncuvrrs' in Hawaii last \veek. Although the Navy wouldn't say, it was presumed the carrier may ferry planes to the Far East. Platears ol tanks, tractors and other heavy gear arrived yesterday from Camp Pendleton Marine Base. Reds Send More Troops HONG KONG, July 10. IfP) — More Chinese Red troops were reported today rolling toward the Manchuria-Korea border. .The independent Sing Tao Jih Pao said in a Canton .dispatch 10.000 troops of Gen. Lin Fine's Fourth Army leit that city by rail Saturday for the north. This brings to nearly 50.000 the Reti troops reported dispatched', far Manchuria in the past two weeks. Last Times Today —DOUBLE FEATUKF— One Sunday Afternoon with Dennis Morgan and Dorothy Malone PLUS NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given thai the Commissioner of Revenue of the State of Arkansas has issued a permit No. 233 to Roy Children to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described us n West 2nd Street Leachville, Arkansas. This permit issued on the 1st day of July 1950 and expired on the 30th day of June 1951. Roy Ciiildrcss Fleet Commanders Meet PEARL HABOR. July 10. (iP>— Three Pacific Fleet commanders conferred Friday with Adm. Ajthur W. Radford. Pacific fleet commantl- er-in-chicf, the Navy disclosed today. They were Vice Arim. T. L. Sprague. commander air force; Rear Adm. I,. T., commander cruiser-destroyer force, and MaJ. Gen. Field Harris, commanding general of the fleet's Marine aircraft. They arrived by air Friday morning from the mainland and left Reds Censure Paper HONCt KONG, July 10. OF) — Shanghai reports said today the North China Daily News, last non- Communist English language paper published in that Red city, learned the danger of straying from the Communist line. The Reds objected on June 26 to a headline: "North Korea declars War Against South Korea." Everyone knows, the Reds said. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. The Straiten Story •with James Slewart & June Allyson News & Color Cartoon Tuesday & Wednesday —DOUBLE FEATURE— Charter No. 14389 Reserve District No. 8 Report of condition of Ihc First Notional Bank in Blythevilie of Blytheville in the State of Arkansas, at the close of business on June 30, 1950. Published in response in call made by comptroller of the currency, under Section 5211, V. S. Revised Statutes. ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, and cash items in process of collection S2.092.261.75 United Stales Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 2.'H}l,!)r>6.1G! t ligalions of Stales and political subdivisions 335,743.88 I rporate stocks (Including 88,400.00 stock of Federal Reserve banlo 8.400.00 Loans and discounts (including S171.65 overdrafts) 2.101,785.23 Bank premises owned $64,898.70, furniture and fixtures | $11,210.93 82,169.63 Monday & Tuesday 'TARZAN AND SLAVE GIRL" with Lex Barker and .T:mcssa Brown Cartoon & Warner News rr Sorry r Wrong Number" with Barbara Stanwyck & Bert Lancaster —PI, US— Are You Wiih It? Donald O'Connor Also Sporl Reel FREE SILVERWARE! Reg. $274.95 |-H Refrigerator $25995 TOTAL ASSETS $7.012,316.65 I, I A B I I. I T 1 r. S Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations S5.02S.W8.45 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 397.986.47 Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings') 44.649.10 Deposits of States and political -subdivisions 729,092.52 Deposits of banks 13,944.59 Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks. elc.~> 24.112.85 TOTAL DEPOSITS $6.739,533.93 TOTAL LIABILITIES $6,739.533.08 C A I' I T A I. ACCOUNTS Capilal Stock: Common stock, total par S150.000.00 150.000.00 Surplus 130.00000 Undivided profits 52,732.67 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 332,782.67 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 57.072,316.65 MEMO R A N 1) A Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and tor other purposes $ 105,000.00 State of Arkansas. County of Mississippi, ss: I, Jack C. Owen, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear thai the above statement Is true to the best ot my knowledge and belief Jack C. Owen, Cashier. Correct—Attest: Chas. C Rose * H. H. Maudlins E. M. Regenold, Directors. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 6lh day of July, 1(150. (8e»ll Jesse Taylor. Notary Public. SKYLINE THEATRE BLYTHEVILLE'S FAMILY DRIVE IN THEATRE Uox Office Opens 7:30 — Show Starts 7:45 Ail Kids Free! ! LAST TIMES TONIGHT 'ouGom A UNIVERSAMNIERNATIONAL PICTURE ALWAYS A COLOR CARTOON Tues. & Wed. Grcer Garson — Waller Pigeon "JULIA MISBEHAVES" PLUS Fred Astaire — I'auletle Goddard "SECOND CHORUS" Thai's a Bargain You Shouldn't Miss! Imagine a 26 piece set of lovely silverware, a complete service for 6, absolutely free when you purchase this big International-Harvester Refrigerator that is itself reduced in price 815! You save twice! See this exquisitely cuf National Imperial Silverware. .-it's durably plated with pure silver blanks—the material used for the fines! silvcrplnle. Thai's why you KK\. 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