The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 6
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six. :__„..„ Figures He Is |\Gp6dFor 100 Games In 4'1-^i^ — X" "V-f {IK'IW BUS iE'5F \1934 Race. »t;, STUART t'AMfeRON . \aUt4 Preu Sports Wilor K^V -.VOHK (UP)-Babe Ruth's ! irfure 'in baseball Is the current,i' most Interesting subject tollow- fl of. ,the sport have to discuss. Time was when the Babe Indl- ited each spring that his career o^Jil, go on nearly forever. After died in terms of "one, or maybe ie 1933 season was completed he ro," more good years." Now his iltf thought Is as -to the number f l games, he will be able to play •1834. .His guess is "well over '.:*." 1 Some time • within the next :onth or so the most Interesting '• lluy'(other than one's own) will »ve been determined, for the i rte and hts' boss. Col. Jacob Rup. ert, unless all signs fail, will ul- matelv come to an agreement. ' Clit H*Us Upper Hand .Colonel Ruppert holds the upper knd.this time. Technically, he al- fajt has been in this position, tr . he's the employer. But the TT York Yanks then, os now, *ded the Babe as much as he eeds the Yanks. The chief dtf- »*nc>. is that Ruth, an honest •n, : can no longer lay claims to tag fit as ever. It. 'should be remembered that " Babe doesn't need to work at _b»ll, . or anythlni; else. Much the slightly less than »1,000,000 to him In baseball salaries. y nothing of tlie tens of KHisahds he has won Indirectly, salelv stored «way. But base- 01 is. his life. The Babe now Is eettln? started 'ith a radio broadcast, which ne tes almrvst us much as the game tell. He could continue the •oadcast no matter if he played dll, fall or marbles, but he realize that his name, and DC* the;, value of his connection th the broadcast, would loom Witer "in the loudspeaker if he .an active baseball player her than an'"ex." This would so, at teaH, until his ether COST was well under way. BLYTHEVIILE, (A'RK.) COURIER_KEWS Out to Uphold Razorback Cage Tradition THURSDAY, JANUARY 1J,'M934 my McLarnln to Europe upon be- i Dundee would come species of bats do not hi-. Snakes expose their tongues uijr .iii-fc«* «v ~« - r -.. « .... ujjtvivQ ui uuu QU not ni-. isimfccs vAywc uicir ipniues BS !n» offered Viiice Dundee as an op- P^ rnate in col[ i weather; the hoary antennae to receive sound vlbra- — at of Newfoundland migrates all tlons, enabling them to hear loud Way tO the Rr>rmnH<<« I nnlwc onrt tnko fllffht - '•• . the way to the Bermudas. Bill Braucher Abbreviated: Is'ni there something fatperly in Jack LJempsey's solicitousness for Max li.ier, as expressed in an article in the January "Esquire": "! only ho;)! 1 Ihls Ho!l/wood biislnt'.ss doesn't ruin him entirely." In only about 12 pounds over' Me .. ! 1.1 m!n . . . ami Pop never was! «-^ ( f— 1 one to give away tuppence, let alone I •*• Jf) If : i;oimds , . . Th» ballyhoo that m ^ * • •••»• flrago Stadium nut out to the riled thai Herr Hitler was dead E?I against Schilling's fijhlln? the J<-.v .':\\ l*evlnsky must be reckonsd .11:10:11; tlis season's masterpiece. . . . Ii sounds like Stadium Press Jy.- Fcley en the \vlre. notos and take flight! BUDWEISER . Tliafs ' the' same Deinpsey ,, , v ,,. \\ Cl .NtllCIi ' ' !l f! >' N<"«™an. Iho pro star and | '-''in'-r Michigan quarterback, is I srcrmry «f Liquor Dls'.ributors n "'- '" Woll • • . 'and has sonic - • • . • ;uf nis dcueli In the ciHerurisn FAYETTEVILM-i. 'Jnn. 11.—Two, Trnvi.f lirasfleld. senior from Sin-ran excellent floor man. He is fror veterans and three sophomores ] ton, Tex., and captain of the quln- will probably see action ut thcltet. Is slated .to perform at the forward positions here Friday and;other forward. Brnsfleld lettered in Saturday nights .when the Unlvcr- basketball in msa nnd 1033 S«Urr Bjibe's Pitit' Further, the matter of salary Is - Se.orpride with Ruth. Most of <" *. fafs, who watch him play, se SUM be delighted to earn as " uch as ts.poo yearly, yet some MiW jbe mean enough to Blbc m If -the man who once 'earned slty of Arkansas Razorbacks Innu- Is due for the best season of his gurate their Southwest Conference rnrecr. season with Francis Schmidt, and! A newcomer „,.„ ,„„ ^ ,,u,,i, Ills. Texas Christian University i of action ngninst T. C. U is Jack Horned Progs as opponents. ;Ncwby, Little Rock sophomore, who •Tuft Moody, a junior 'from Jr.iup. : wns n bli; factor in the Razorbncks' Ark., U the Razorbacks' high scor- ; eight pre-seasoti victories. Newby In pre-season ' games, having, is 6 fl. 3 inches, In height, and performs equally \vcll at forward Wciteru (Jrovf. Ark. Tlnirman Is Fuyrticvlllc Junior. interested In a but at expecting a son of Ms time In si imiiEr. 11:cla.vVi pri;i; l<mg-d:slan«- , '•' - •• - . . . ut •orrylnf gcrs to Leu Little Ca- : ;l tal;[ r- ;ct ll!c y ihrew for liim ti imbia's coadi. who Is seared btiir ' n<'-ntly, he left the room vir.un they ! bout t.'iai opeiilnx game of the """/''i « ! > the fan dancer. : 934 .sc-obiiii . against Yale . . . Bis . w:i'l- Mirfarhn? is Scottish iajne little .sc-obiiii . against Yale . . . Bis . w:i'l- Mirfarhn? is Scottish by e basstoill is sure of at. least j bir'.b. bin this will te his firs', year! tle mi;;n l!ih year, with Joey -of competition in ths BritL ; ;i Os? n I ' - . . Willie is right up among lh; leaders in the winter italf pir.vl» ' . . . Add this to your indoor siyin- ' >•: AS Capsne is becoming a lc:i!ii'i shark at Atlanta . . . Only ,i:'j cf tlie Fiur Horsemen isn't •i '.riiinq fMt'fjll .])taynrs. Don Miller, halfback, wl-.o is -—..M....^ I.,.. L.i.iiiNKii u\:tiyu'j u.ui, ' •' •'•fl'^s la'.v and buildiii' 7 char- vas like be;]i3 en ihe volinuarily • acier nmong the judges in Cleve- etirccl list . . . Today's p;-ize fcr land. _ on t/e job goes to Joe Ja- '. Tony iK-rrcra, El Paso llght- obs. v. I«L' tvvice-bentcn Iwxer. • wviglu. wins l:day's prize for stato- Max Si'hruclliig. h.i s b-en mancu- moiits ... He gave a reporter a •ered into what appears to be nn lead of his ambition to meet Bar- SU.OCU uate with King Ljvinsky in ; r.ey Ross, and' it went like (his: -I'm not the least bii skeptical o'. , 0:1 the Yankees' co.aclnn-i . Suing In U'ork Wonder u.-hm ii:e livelier ball will o to tins? National Ix^uc fK'.-l- m-eiages? . . . Infislders wlie rent fro:n ihe American to the K.i- ionat L>ji!g!;i; in other years s.ii:i He's iliL> National League ball Pop Foster d;-c;dcd to take Jim- him beating me." SMALL FARMS for SALE 50 A. NEAR -18 SCHOOL 80 A. NEAR 48 SCHOOL HO A. NEAK 3JURDETT 3—40 A.TRACTS NEAR POPLAR CORNER 2—80 A. TRACTS NEAR POPLAR CORNER (i—40 A. TRACTS NEAR MARIE 5—50 A. TRACTS NEAR LEPANTO ' • 1—fiO A. TRACT NEAR LEACHVILLE 1— 53 A. TRACT NEAR LEACHVILLE 1_8() A. TRACT NEAR LEACHVJLLR 1—40 A. TRACT NEAR LEACHVILLE ' Also have many more places not mentioned for sale cheap with small cash payment nnd balance spread over term of years. • . • J. IV. BADER BlyUieville, Ark. Becaiiso ol tiny differences between th; larynx and t'ne palate I of the Chinaumn and those of the Ull see plenty I Anglo-Saxon, Chlnmnrn cannot 6,000 yearly iras.cut to a. paltry whistle Friday nijjht. DMA. nr tQ/t /UM CLn i* «m..U«i* !— —- '-' ' --' '' 6.000 or SSO.WQ." So it wouldn't ! nirpfishiv tb.qomq'-Qf the i great «n's ftleads if he^cnjit the' g«me \OUT than take less tlfgh~«0,'ooo. 'Of.- U'te: fi B ure,; by. [he: way, m ay •^"•S-hei^eppd guess'as to the .ttoate; Ruth larj - stip»t)d. of 1834. ;BjUh'?Mast'.. yeiV '. .'was dropoed OBK.ffi.OOQ- to. fS3,«X), '-IhU,- like 'prythms.' else"-; •'coacernlnfr the ibe,'oJnstitutlh'g' the • largest cut ••pr given a baseb'all player. ' jRuth: weighed in at 235 when he jrted traininif 'early • In Januarj'. Ws was o hiBher ..weight than jy. since '1928, when' he weighed 'jt/but.was'well.under his 25S of -.05. Rulh's (rouble-Isn't merely ^w of-weight—the legs are the .publesome members. •;Some.time Ruth' will'turn man- [•:er, but that's anblher story.. Basket Teams Meet Osceola Friday I .WILSON, Ark,—The Osceola girls I -MS boys basketball teams will meet I > Wilson teams here Friday night. I This will be the third (tam« for I : e boys, who defeated Reiser and I it to Luxora -In pre^holiday games l-ie Wilson lineup will be: Newell I.Hi Quentin Jerome, forwards; •llton Clinton, center; Claud* h.iKh and Marlon Essely, guards; rwie Woodside. Claude Shaw and llliara scrams, substitutes. J .On the girls team are Ruth Mar- h.xitle. Alta Nicholson and Anna 1 ,ith Speck, forwards; Bobbie Lou 1 JUglas, Jo Margaret Carpenle r-«J Virginia Speck, guards. Substi j tes are Gwendolyn Grecr, L;vadi and -Joyce Mann. sturdy French-Canadian race reasini! at a faster rate than I;.? Anglo-Saxon »ud other racia I' the Domnion of Canad! Id now represents 28.22 per ccn j Canada's total population. • observer can be raised 211 I ;t from the ground in 25 second 1 • the telescopic steel mast whicl lithe .pride of the British artil |jy; th* mast is mounted on i true*. iveragcd 11 points a game In the even contests in which he took lart. Sickners kept the C ft, 2 in. •eteran out of the Springfield and rulsa games last week, but he hould be ready for the referee's oryuard. For .substitute forwards Coach Glen Rose will have available Oar- Itnd Wheeler and Carl Tluirmnn. Wheeler Is the smallest innii on the squad, 5 ft. 1 In. tail, but is pioiiouncir the "r" sound with any degree of accuracy. Alaska's experts to Uie Unltix 1 States have an a]jpro.xlmate annual value of SS8.000.000. They consist mostly of salmon and other trcsh ni;<t Azcn fish. Thi; word "acre." taKen from the Anglo-Saxon "aeger," originally meant a field of any size. he consumer gets a break! STYLE CLEARANCE « . 8. AM- ;P**8AD6* TO MEXICO. The Mt* liowB ta » TOUCAN. SIR the Suits — Overcoats by HART SCHAFFNER & MARX $ 27 $ 31 50 Crosby Square, $6 Shot;? 84.8.') Booth, §5 Shoes 83.85 86.50 Suede Jackets 84.8!> 83.50 Hats 82.95 Corduroy Suits 85.45 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. 7n Reply to Your Classified Ad" Four lines or three lines 01- two in the Courier News— nnd a little cafe changes luinds, an AKWV counle nets ntito transiwrtation foutli. two heart-1-rokcn sweethearts are friends again. A telephone story focused into a few clear, economical words by a helpful ail- taker—and the second floor back finds a roomer, Lizzie finds n new garage, Johnny finds his terrier. Strange wants, everyday wants, wants urgent and trivial Imd a voice and an answer in the C'ourier News Classifieds—and bring to even- Courier News reader a page riled with drama often, with thrill* occasionally, with OPPORTUNITY always. COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS

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