The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1955 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1955
Page 15
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FRIDAY, itprnnwtR M, MW BLTTMrnLLB (ARK.)' COURIER WJEWt out WARDING HOUSE — with M«I« Willlomi OUT OUR WAY \ TH' BOSS WHISTLIN; \ BUT TH 1 BOS* WIU. I NEVER KE-TCH TK V BULL OF TH' WOODSt LA WHISTLES AN'SMI IWtiDC HIMSELF- HE KNOWS TOD WELL 1 SLBWiPlAy- H«C*6« ~ IT VWOID Pf A CROeu FATS TO ?• Aft.* TO $TKU6i5Le TO , tfooM WITH UH HAVE TO WAIT TILL! CAM KETCH TH'BOLL IMA GOOD HUMOR.' IDKMftTD OWTH 1 »6 FLAKIER? DUFF I* RETiRM NEXT WEEK At>i of <ucrt , TO EACH .TMW TABLE AlNE.' •me HANDICAP or MA' PICK.. ---- MASTHA HER DAILY DASHK UPSTAIRS * OOTCH// MVBACK./ LATIN' TOR A BOSS HO x* GOOD HUMOR.' I WAS SOINS Tb ASKYOUT6 COME A10N6- BOM TON ANP SEE HOW YOU'D LOOK. IN FALL OUTFIT T«l«VNi«ii — T»ni 9 ht, Tamerrew — WMCT Chonn*! 5, ft WHBQ Chonn.l 13 WMCT Channel 5 Ubt, s«rpi M 9:00 Wild BUI HlcXok. 6:30 Lift of Rll*y 7:00 BIB Story 7:90 Stortw of the Century 8:00 Cafftlcadf of SportB 8:45 Ames Brothers 8:00 Hollr*'OOO Bell Hour S:30 N«ws Reporter fl 45 Lorctta Young 10:15 Weather & New* Headlines 10 20 Tonight 11:00 Mystery Theatre 11.30 Sign Off Saturday. Sept. 24 1955 7;30 News & Meditation 7.45 Storytlmff 8:00 Pinky Ler Shox 8:30 PdUl Winchell — Jerry Mahoncy 9:00 Commando Cody 9:30 Western Theatre 10;» Pride of tne Southland 11:00 Cartoon Carnival 11:30 Terry and the Ft- r«tM 12 :M Slim Rhode* 12:30 Adventure Theatre 1:30 Mr, Wlurd 2:00 Footbtll game — Sewn nee at South weitern 4:30 Soldier Parade 5.00 rootball Scoreboard 5:15 Sports Spotlight 5:30 Bob CumminftB 6:00 Perry Como Show 7.00 Ptopl« Are runny 7:30 Donald O' Connor 6:00 And Here's the Show 8.30 Tour Hit P»radi 9:00 City Detective 9:30 Hollywood Mitt Hour 10:00 Father KflOWB Brtt 10:30 The Vise 11:00 Mystery Theatre 1!:30 Drama Theatre 12:00 Sign Off WHBQ Channel 13 Friday night, Sept. 23 6:00 Pantomlne Quiz 6'30 Topper 7:00 tilery Queen 7:30 Ray Mllland 8:00 Name's the Samt 8:30 Camera 4 9-00 Big Town 9:30 Do You Know Why 9:35 Mayor of the Town 10:05 News 10:15 Weather 10'20 Lsie Show 11 ;M Weather Saturday Sept. 24. 195* 8:45 Tops B:00 Winky Dink <k You 1:30 Tales or Teias Rangers 10:00 Big Top 11:00 Andy'B Gang 11:30 Barter Bill 11.45 Dizzy Dean 11:55 Baseball 2:43 Shop Talk With DOn 3:00 Player of the Week 3:15 Saturday Show 3:30 Wild BUI HLckofc 4:00 Buffalo Bill. Jr. 4:30 Annie Oafclev 5:00 P. Burns Western Theatre 5:25 Do You Know Why 5-3Q Beat the Clock 6:00 America's Greatest Bends 7:00 Two For the Money 7:30 J*ord Jubilee 9:00 Million Dollar Movie 10:30 Weather 10:35 Mews 10:45 Lute Show II :30 Weather Continued from prtctding Lott Lost Large gr»y ledger farm bOofc. on Number Win* Ro&d, between Robert Thompson and Gene McOulre. H^arfl. Ph. 3-4746. »« pk K N«tic« We buy u*ed furniture hAl^SELL * WH1T1. 11J • Division Pb 3-6096 3 4 ck « Siltsmtn Wanted We vt»h to expr*** our sincere think* to our frlendi f*nd neighbors (or their sympathy, and flowerl. Especially do we thank Cobb Funcnil Home, Harold Doyle, anil »H thoa« «ho gave donations, ilso Re* 1 . J. Louis Emmert and Rev. James Borem. Ed Slpes and Family S a Jik M German chocolate cate* made ny order Pb 3-3340 Ura Fred Cop el and S'SpX I0.» OfillD BCTHTOIRATOR »*8-t5 up WHTn *.M ci u For Ladles who aew — Save and Save, by buying your" BLACK WATCH" woolens, flannels and corduroys, at the Remnant House In Kennett. Mo 203 S Main. 911 pk 35 HU8BAKD6! WIVES! WANT PEP? Ostre* Tonto Tablet* pep up weak bodies lacking Iron; Mao contain vitamin BI. calcium. 50c set acqqquBtntrd •Ize only «c. in BlythevlMe, Klrby and Woods Drugs; also drugsiits everywhere. 9 23 P K 24 Experienced automobile salesman to Bell new or used cars. J500 a month guaranteed to light man. Commission on sales A« replies eoiiUdenXtal. See i Bud Wilson at Bud Wilson Motors. t 9 21 cfc 9 26 Wanted to Buy Used sidewalk bicycle in good rendition, Ph. 3-6327 aftpr 5 p. m. 19 dh 30 Privat* Comfortable home. Businc* bedroom In private ElrU OUlT Ph. 3-3514 8 25 pk 9 25 Good used cotton trailer with 2-baIe bed Ph. 2-2957. 9 19 ck t( We buy used furniture HALSELL * VVH7TK. 113 S DlvlRinn Ph 3-60« 5:4 ck u Bedroom for girl* Ph. 3-2087. Wanted to Rent Hlc* bedroom Men only Ph. 3-4432 913 cktl i 2 bedroom house, unfurn. or partly i turn. Ph 3-6775. 9 21 pS 29 Sleeping room, men onlv- Ph. 2-S54P, Mrs, W. M. LflFerncy. 704 Clear Lake Ave. 5;20 pk 2S 2 bedroom house. Ph- 3-6775. 321 pk 25 Front bedroom. Pvt. entrance. Gas heat. Ph. 3-8291 day. 3-3528 night. 9 22 pk 30 InrHvirluals-Groups-Farm Bureau Blue Cross - Blue Shield Call representative WAYLIN CHESSER P.O Bnx 307 Blylhevllle. Ark. Phone POplar 3-3106 I LOPHD down the corridcy, out Uw door which opened on th« a<J«r deck, ttieo found the Tight window. SomeoM took m« bi the »rm. : Mj nerves had deteriorated bad- lly. I squeaked !ik« t startled | moxj*». i K wa« Lynch. In hi« prowling |h« h»d eomt oo me. Not un- inaturally, h« wondered what I was up to. I told him. A bell rang. The sound cat 'qiearly through the low murmur .of voices in the cabin. It was Meer's telephone. I could hear the German answer it Lynch, who had been listening with me and whose hearing was abnormally acute, plucked at my sleeve »nd began to run softly but swiftly down the deck. I fol- ' lowed him. We reached the aft door of th« port corridor and opened it a cautious crack in time to s*e the door of cabin G open. Lily Wyndam, looking amused, angry, and rather crestfallen all at once, emerged ftrst. Meer followed her at once and closed the door after them. "It may be that I shall not be very long." The Sea Hero's !ace took on an expression like that of .an unweancd and hungry calf. "After when I have finished I shall to your cabin come?" "You certainly to my cabin shall not come," said Lily acidly. "Then to you I shall telephone?" "Yes. Call me up sometime," said Lily, and with a final le«r Siegfried Mcer proceeded up the corridor, "Hist!" I said through th« crack In the door behind her. "Who histcd?" asked Lily In a low voice. As Mcer disipvMred Lily tou*d ua oa UM 4*ck mutt*. "Who phoned him?" Lynch demanded. "Who phoned him?" "Herr Manfred Braun," said Lily bitterly. "He wanted, I gathered, to talk to Meer at once. With Siegfried it was clearly not to reason why. Practically tore him from my arms. I was quite impressed," Lily tittered. Lynch grunted. He seemed ei- cited. "Thank you, Mi» Wyndam. This i« most important. It's the key to their relationship for which we've been looking." With that he cantered down the corridor in the direction Mew had taken. With a hasty assurance to the embittered Lily that I would ttt her around sometime, I charged after him. To my surprise his destination turned out to be Sand's own cabin. • • • SAND opened it himself. Lynch crowded in like a subway rider. "We're sorry to disturb you. sir," he said quickly. "But a conversation if talcing place in Braun's cabin which it is essential we overhear. I believe it will touch mo»t directly on your Interests. If it is in any way possible still to exclude you from those interests, be assured thai is their intention." "So? But I do not think that 1 understand? 1 * Lynch clicked his tongue Impatiently. "We wish. Mr Sand," he said with greit distinctness, "to listen to what is being said in Herr Braun's cabin by means of the concealed microphone you hnvt installed th«r«. While jrou delay, poillbly valuabl* Information U being lost." Vlggo S*nd'i smooth, Uric, puty-blond countenance turntd • vivid lhadt of olnk Then, with * massive gesture ho his back on us ana strode across the room. Apparently now willingly enough, the big man reached among the books and undid some sort of catch. Two sections swung out at .right angles, revealing a conventional enough panel ol dials, knobs and finger switches. With a few touches of his big, yet oddly graceful fingers. Sand showed Lynch how it worked! A turn , of one big, knob activated the whole contrivance. A row of lesser knobs were marked B, through K: Captain, Engine Room, Wireless Room, and so on. Sand touched a switch. "This is the loud speaker.. But I advise you use the earphones." He indicated a pair already plugged in and hanging on a hook. Lynch had already pulled up a straight chair and was beginning to fit (hem to his head. • • • THIS outwardly commonplace little Englishman had a perfect knowledge of German. I knew that he had spent more than a year of World War II inside Germany ae an Allied secret agent At last he pulled the earphones off, turned two knobs, knocked down a couple of switches and sat frowning at the wall. Lynch made mouthing motions and waggled his eyebrows at me to indicate he would have more to say on the subject when we were outside. Something had been preying on my mind, which couldn't wait, "I can't make out Viggo," I whispered. "Didn't he strike you ai remarkably incurious?" Lynch closed one eye in an elaborate wink. Bending down, he opened one of the doors of the built-in cabinet. Even my inexperienced eyes recognized a tape recorder. "While he was showing me the board," Lynch murmured softly, lie turned this on." "So he could listen later at tm leisure?" "But," Lynch whispered hap- ,pu>, -'I turned it oft!" I iX» I Attention: Men of the 461st Wing! Hudson Can Supply All Your Clothing.Needs: • Uniforms • Belts • Caps • Ties • Slacks • Shirts • Chererons • Jewelry Cleaner - Clothier - Tailor Blvtheville, Ark. 'Oon f t do thi», don't do that!' Do you want mt to develop inhibition* or »om«thing?" "Th«jr matter told me not to notica them Wh«« 1H*)F try j to show off I** I PHOWED LAST WISHT. \ I-WE GOT TQ DASH SHE SAC THAT SOU AND ITOTHE AKPOET.TUE Al*e HAVE BEEN JUST . , FLOWED/ IWASWBONSABOUT SHE'S UR MRS. AK3WNGIT THWIAW/ 1DU.! WAS SHOCKED PAETHggfe PASSING. IS IT SAFE TO DROP I BIZOUSHTSOME WkSTZIE at a. Each morn the children leap from bed. Their happy voices Outside the Lark throws back his head Arfd fills the air with Yes, even Oliver seems *lad To <Jreet the new-born day- And so I ask you, man to man, Why can't I feel that way? NEW WOOLENS Make Clothes With A High Fashion Look, at a Low Fashion Price The Howard Cloth Shop North Franklin Bold Fhone 3-4209 BUFFORD SHOE SHOP REPAIRING - CLEANING DYEING 112 S. Broadway Kirby Drug Store $725 For Your Old I ELECTRIC RAZOR on a new Remington, Schick, Sunbeam, Ronson or Norelco RECOGNIZED-The Cheval,or du Mcrilc Commercial for 1855 has been awarded by Trance to Max Hess. Allentown, Pa., retailer. The president of Hess Brothem received the award for h|j contribution! in "developing better economic relation! between your country and Fr«nct." He k credited with brlnElni mor« Trench ashions to tho U.S.A. thnn any Mow MUiltr to UM country. , J. BELIEVE VOU. DO VOu WWT A'»E TO TELL VOU MVHY? NOW mo. /v\e WHAT VOU TURM ID ARSON. I'M WARNING VDU...ONE MOKE STEP. ..JUST ONE MOSE STEP/ .. I HOULPMT U TH*T IF i weee 5UKE ITS (VlBl \ VEAHj EVERYTHING^ 5er,pAu you LOOK. ALL &EF? HOW (MOK6 LIKE ROYC6 WOW nn 11 nntt 1 J- E O- Hey... 50 you PUNKS WAS GONNA PA&5 WEB/! TWO HOUK& 1 SEEN WWTO' : ICAWI B6LIB/6 W/ EVES BUT If* COfTA 8S tOKE'SHLETTD! DO I LOOK? /THMI WS OAEEP HOPE-! DOWW THE RIVER OW THE MEXICJ.W are, TWO CHICAGO HOOPS REACH THE WLLAGe OFOJIklASA. EIGHT YEARS, FKAWKIB! EI&HT V6ARS -&IMCE TH 1 AMD NOW WE'RE OOUMA Ste 1M! 0 .^— —.THERE rr IS, OOP! LOOK! THEREVSITS UP A TREE. GUZ-Atf HE'S WAY 1 A,- SHAK1N' WITH TOQ..I THINK, BUT I FEAR, IT 5EEM5,g WHERE'S TH' ^^. TO BE.' TIGER? WELL.YEH... IT SURE DOES, DONT IT... ...I SHALL MANASE MVSEUr.' SETTIN'THE MEAL ON CBED1T-EAT IT W LEAVE IT.' TAKWY A MINUTE, SIRE, I WOULD HAVE WOBOS WITH YOU) WELL, WHAT IS IT, VA MOOCWN'aUM? THIS HALIBUT IS JELECTABl. HOWEVEP, VEI<V WELL, IN THAT CASE...

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