The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1938
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARKJ COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE The New Justice ._.— r-*f ^«.,« Solicitor General Termed Best Lawyer, Worst Politician from Home County WASHINGTON, Jan. 17. — It) nominating Stanley Heed lo fill (lie vacancy on Die United Stales supreme court created by the retirement of Justice George Sutli- / crloiid, President Roosevelt Is I) jitglng the appointment of a Kentucky lawyer who, like Lincoln, emerged from n sturdy, wealner- lieaten log cabin home. And like Lincoln's, Reed's cabin is in Kentucky. But there the resemblance ends. By NEA Service Lincoln's cabin was nn expedient of nature, Reed's is a case of taste (or simplicity and c-uvly American surroundings. Reed's cabin Is a several-roomed log and stone structure, sturdy and framed by trees, modernized and picturesque. It HOS erected before '.lie Civil War and is reached by a corkscrew road np a mountain overlooking Maysvllle ami !-hc Oliio river. Portly, pince-nei'.zed Reed .vff.s rilntier-up on tlie President's appointee list when. Justice Willis Van Devanter resigned, and Reed's prestige since htis increased com- jnandingly. Resignation of Justice Oeorye Sutherland at 75. therefore, turned the spotlight again on this middle- aged government attorney, who vtas nominated to be Sutherland's r' successor. v A Staggering Job \ The crisis of the banking emergency in 1933 first thrust Reed into the front in the Roosevelt counsels. For several years Keed iras attorney for the old Hoover farm board and in 1932 he became general counsel for the RFC under Hoover. Few men \vere to Intimately acquainted with the legal intricacies of federal hanking and finance as was Reed. Mr Roosevelt turned lo him and Reed served the President ably as a legal expert during and after thai historic bank holiday. He was slated (or a feclera judgeship in Kentucky when the President decided he should bi solicitor general. Heed acccptei and thereby plunged himself hue a staggering job—tlie defense <• New Deal laws before the U. t Supreme! Court.' : .Np Gestures, tN,q-Stipw' - His'"arg\lments iiavc indicate I / definite' liberalism along with ilisire to fit New Deal laws hit 'reasonable constitutional' limita tions. He has argued the go! clause case, the AAA, tlie Wagiv Act and many other cases, recen ly with conspicuous success. No man, except the Preside* perhaps, has borne a greater stra in the last two years. On the <la for Instance, that he appeared I) fore the U. S. Supreme Court defend the AAA, Reed also argil for the Bankhead cotton law. At 2:30 p.m. Chief Justice Hughes called for the case o( "U. S. vs. Hoosnc Mills." Up rose Reed, colorless, competent, beginning in monotone a defense of the Agricultural Adjustment Act. No flowers. No showy stuff. No gestures. ' Next day, handsome, tremulous- voiced George Wharton Pepper answered, attacking the power of Congress to pass such an net Vibrant, gesturing, he closed: am pleading the cause for the 'America I love and I pray Al. /nighty God that not in my time ' will tlie land of the regimented be substituted for the land of the free!" But Not Emotionless Reed rose again, pompous ill aspect but not In manner. He said he was just as emotional as Pepper. He told about unfair disadvantage to "30.000,000 farm men. women and children." Then his arms waved. He sliow- • cd that emotion. "General welfare . . . This Is no regimentation!" he shouted, Nose Spray Stirs Fresh Hope In Battle On In- faulile Paralysis Hopes built iilion illsnppolnt- mr-nts . . . nml cllsnpiiolnl- mt'iits tlmt tollow liopes . . . nil the grim, romantic, coura- BCOIIS laboratory struggles to seek out tlie Inith nbom tlmt mysterious murderer, InfnntllB paralysis, are described by fumed Author Paul de> Krulf In a series of four nrtlnles which lie has written for NKA Service . and tlie Courier News. This Is tlie second article. | protected nine out 6( ten monkoyn from Itifiinllle ixmilyds dentil. '•>'ilckl.v fnun tin 1 lulxmilory of Sclnillz In CiiUfomlu ciinie con- flrnmUon of lilt 1 i>uw«'V of plnlu iicld (o prevent, tlie liifiinlili' in\- ralysls of inonkovs. when Hits clicmU'iiI wns doni-hi'd or siiruyi'd Into monkey's uivu's Ami tlu 1 Irnth was voik'lu'd lov. UKi. by Ollt.'iky unil his c'oiunuU's in tin 1 HockefdhT lusllliiU'. u n cl In' SeiUTlivr Aycoek lit Hiii'Viuil. Here wiis iln< ureulcst lulviiiKT I in the tight u^iitnsl IntLtntili 1 p:i- ' ralysts since tin 1 original discovery \ llial Hie sickness could lie K\WH to monkeys. | Flehl Tests 1 Arc Promising I New. in the dice of tlie 193U In- 'untlle pnrnlysls epidemic Unit niBed In Ahlmnm, Tennessee, ninl i •;i-U'i|il Phnrlcs ArmslioUK went! into llic- field to lest, the power of | Ills pUilc-nliim nose sprny to guard sotitlieni children. Millions of (loses were sprayed Into the nostrils of young and old. Here tire the truths lhat Armstrong f° lm<1 ' vom llls study: The nosu spray wns csscn- tlnl, liiirinlcss. 'lliere were « large mmilji'i- of complaints, hut they Tvere of a minoi 1 nntiuv—of hPEul- iidie. nuse Iri'llullon, In » few cuses nulii'S. Mtil luyiui'ii I'juinot In! depended upon jiroperly to upl'ly Uiw nose snrny. The endings of the nerves of .smell me lurked away so hWi up inside Ihe iiase Unit they comiot he thoronijlily covered by spruytirg liom im oulliuuy iitoiut/.er in liie luuwls of unskilled, iiun-iiieilli'iil ))i l o]ile. lu :.j)lte ut this. Ami.'ilr >HK foimO Him- evidence lh:it. ufjere (he I'lei'ie-iiliiin spruv was itpplled snl- lleicnlly early 111 Ihe epldeiide. lliere uus an uppiiri'iif di'ereasi* in Hie eases of Inlimtlle paralysis ucnir- ling among tliusi- who'd KOI tlie spruy, tiomjiai't'd (o those win) haon't Ivied II. j New S|iiuy MWT ! I'.lfrvtlve nn MiinUryx | Meanwliile Dr. Si'lmll/. kept limil- tng for new Irulli In Ills InUorutory In California, hinklni; lor a chemical sltll suler, more powerful than picric-acid soliitlun. In I lie winter of l!):tG a weiik solution of viiu .sulphale. pouved or sprayed Into the noses of monkeys, was discovered In protect tltt'tii-iilmost. 100 ]>i'l' ciinl —for a month and even longer, ngnlnst overwhelming, repeated Inucuhitloiis of fatal Infantile pa- rnlysls vlius. In microbe hunting history Ihere luiLi been no more striking experimental MK'cess., in Hie of any! vucehie. or .scnmi, or chemical. The llrsl of the Iwo urenl key truths t have IHTII established; monkeys cnn h ( . Miliilly protected against utlnck by Inhuitlle paralysis virus, Nl;.\ 1: Men ami iniMilehie molill- '!• aciilnst llir crippling lerrur. Tlie peiinut plant, springing from the kernel as a seed, Is low and straggling. As the flowm fade, lht> stem falls over Die t>ecd- pods develop underground. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Ovc-r .Ice Is noes' Htore "WK MAKK 'KM 8KB" Phono 640 Hemorrhoids-Piles ClIKKI) WITHOUT StJItGKKY & (HIAKANTKb;!) Mule, Hire nnil with l«« dUcumforl. All illscasn unil conilltlona of iirrvous «rlgln, fool nllnifiili unil sUn cancers treated uiid cured ut our clinic, DHS. INIES & NIES Physician H Htythtvllle, Ml Main IMiune Ark. BY PAUL DK KltUIF Written for NKA Service The search for truth is as lull of adventure as any other kind o hunting. Dr. K. W. Sehultz, of Stanford Lfntversity, was one of the first to prove the hopelessness of vaccines or serums to save monkeys from in- anllle paralysis. His truth hunt W liking large against the marble backdrop of the U. S. Snprem mrt building wherein he played such a major role In the last two ars defending the New Deal, the figure of Stanley P. Reed seems mbolic here. He Is leaving the Court after his last case as sollci- r general. When the Court resumes its sessions again, Reed will '.ve a place on its bench as all associate justice, succeeding Associate Justice George Sutherland, retired. iation .sold five ecord prices. In tills work lie had become KS- ociated witli the Federal Farm 3oard, bccomlni; general counsel nuler Hoover and lu_" 1932 gen- •ral counsel for the newly-created IFC. Mason counly hoasLs of Reed as ti best lawyer, but old friends I been doubtful whether record c,o,> s at Achievement Seals Awarded 4-H Clubs CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Jan. 19 —The county extension office yesterday announced the awarding of {•old seals of achievement to eight 4-H clubs of Pemlscot county, from the college of Agriculture, Columbia. Clubs-receiving the awards- are:| ad tooted.his own liprn... enough i rSewi , lg i s^anar ClubJ-.. Cafleton. Mrs. W. N. 'Rnnklri. leader; Jolly Pals Club. Hayti. Mrs. Blair Buckley, leader; Mothers' Helpers Club, Speer community, Catherine Greer and Mrs. H. O. Hedge leaders; Bet- he I reach the "iJupreme Court. He -, a quiet public servant und iiot n agitating one, says J. N. Ke- loe. president of tlie Bunk of ilaysville. Reed married Winifred Elgin of vlaysviile in 1908. They have *.\vo rown sons. nmilvsls Is uniquely a sickness of icrvous (issues. Hidden invay Inside nerve cells, growing inside tliose cells, the deadly disease virus is afc from any virus-killing power hat vaccines might give to blood, llils was bad news for our endangered children. Yet. at the same time Mils curious habit, of the virus to live In. nnd to destroy only nerve tissue ml'flit be at the same time, the weakness of this paralysing sickness, and Schultx was one of the first to see that. Infantile paralysis death cannot -nvndc the soinal cord of a child by way of Us blood. If the death had to sneak in by way of nerve tissues, then it had only one possible gntewuy into the body. That was by way of the delicate, hairlike endings of the nerves of smell, high up Inside the nose. These are the only nerves tlmt lie naked to tlie outside world. Seeking Key lo Lock Door to Nerves It was firmly established truth tlmt mfinkeys can easily be fatally infected with Infantile paralvsls simply by pouring the virus of this p!a?ue into I heir nostrils. Mightn't there, then, he some simple way to shut tills door to paralytic death? While Polnilt/, was experimenting in California, a yleam of new truth arose in tlie Rockefeller In- stitulfe in New York. Drs. Olitsky, I Sabiij and Cox were trying lo \iro- u, aruersve, rs.. ... tl ; mn n Robertson, leader; Sewing I washed out their noses with a little Miss Marjorie Warren Is D. A. R. Contestant Miss Mnrjorle Warren, daughter ,f Mr. and Mi's. Fred Warren, has selected citizenship girl in lie senior class of Blytheville high •L-hool to represent the local cliap- .cr of the Daughters of American Revolution In n state contest. The selection of Miss Warren, '.'/Inch was made by the students and teachers, was based on four [ualities of personality and char- ictcr. They were; dependability service, leadership, and patriotism Miss Warren's name will be sent ,o the State Chairman, along with Mines of girls representing other chapters for consideration as a :.tate representative. The winner nI the stale contest, with her chaperon, will be awarded a trip to Washington. D. C., to represent Arkansas In the Pilgrimage. tcr Living Club, Braggadocio, Mrs. C. J. Long, leader; Healthy Helpers Health Club, Caruthersville, Mrs. C. A. Sisters Club, Netherlands, Mrs. T. J. Greenwell, leader; Cottonwood Helpers Club. Cottonwood, Mrs. W. C. Walson, leader; Hustlers Cotton Club, New Survey, Mrs. C. G. Thompson, leader. tect mice from Ihe virus" of a brain disease of horses. They could give mice lilts sickness by dropping the horse virus Into the noses of these mice, and now here was curious news— The mice couldn't be given the horse brain sickness If you firs Funeral Services Held For Mrs. Mary Pickens holding tlie closely to the ment. Government Court's close of attention his argu- Caruthersville Women Hurt In Joiner Accident lawyers, previously critical of Reed for his lack of force, were delighted. Later that day, arguing for the Baukhead Cotton act. Reed col- ,lapsed. McReynolds and others had R ' pressed htm on a technical issue ,- The strain of It all, especially the AAA, burst suddenly on the so licitor general and he fainted. Stanley Reed is the poorest pol Ittclan and the best lawyer eve to come- out of Mason county, hi Kentucky 'neighbors agree. Tlie remember him when he first hung| out his shingle In Maysviile in! . 1910. Reed was the only son of a country doctor and was bom on December 31, 1884, In Maysviile. He graduated with A. B. degrees both from Kentucky Wesleyan, 1902 and Yale, 1906, winning there the coveted Bennett prize. He studied law at the University of Virginia, at Columbia and spsnt a year at the Sorbonne, University* of Paris. Doesn't Toot Own Horn Reed a Democrat, served In the Kentucky legislature from 1912- a 16 was first lieutenant In the ar" my in 1918, and In 1922 became Vounsel for the new Burley Tobacco Growers' Co-operative Marketing Association. For five years under Reed's leadership tlie asso- MEMPHIS, Jan. 19.—Mrs. R. L. Ward jr., of Caruthersville sus-' taincd a broken neck and Mrs. B. 0. Bernard, also of Caruthersville. sufTered a broken leg when their automobile swerved olf Highway 01, near Joiner, yesterday. Both were rushed lo the Baptist hospital here. Tile accident was caused, accord- Ing to Mr. Bernard, who came to Memphis later, by a defective steering gear which caused Mrs. Ward to lose control of the car. After leaving the highway the machine plunged down a 10-foot embankment. Two other women pas- HAYTI, Mo. — Funeral services "•ere held Tuesday afternoon at the Methodist church for Mrs. Mary Ann pickens. ; 82. wife of the late R. M. Pickens. The Rev. J. T. Evllts conducted the funeral. ' : Mrs. pickens, who had been suffering from paralysis for a number of years, died at the family home Monday. Survivors are; H. L. Pickens, Cape Girardeau; Mrs. O. B. Martin, Jackson, Mo.; Mrs. Grace Daniels, Cen- lerville; Mrs. H. D. Wells. Miss lima Pickens, and A. G. Pickens. of -Hayti; all of whom are sons and daughters. She is also survived by two brothers, Will Perry, of Poe, Mo., and Claude Perry, of Holcomb and one sister, Mrs. Ollie Wright, of Holcomb. tannin. Work on Oilier Maladies Helps And now at the laboratory of the U. S. Public Health Service in Washington, D. C.. Charles Armstrong discovered that he could iruard mice from the terribly fata! St. Louis .sleeping sickness- simply by washing out their noses, before he Inoculated them, with a weak solution of alum ... Tlie trull of the hunt for an Infantile paralysis preventive, was getting hot. Armstrong bagged his game: simply washing out the noses of his monkeys with this alum, protected seven out of every ten of them from fatal Infantile paralysis, when, a few days after, Its virus was dripped into their noses. Now here was n preventive still more powerful: weak alum mixed with weak picric acid guarded monkeys-for at least a week— sengers were unhurt. Prints of etchings will vary as to quality according to the surface and dampness of the paper, texture of the backing material, and other factors. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilbwl Calomtl-And Yw'11 Jump Oil of M in the Morninj Ruin' loGo The liver ftlumld pour out two pounds of I [quid bile In to your bowels dally. H this bile h not flow Ins freely, your lood doesn't digest It just decay* in the bowels. Gas bToaU up your rtcmceh. Yoii get corntipated. Your whole system Is poisoned end you /eel sour. Bunk and the world looks punk. A mere bowel movement doesn't Ret at the cause. It Ukea those Rood, oM Carter's Uttte liver Pills to get the!" two pounds ot bile flowing fr«ly «nd make you f«l up and up. Tunnies!, gentle, yet ncnai- Ing In-making bite Bon freely. Ask for Carter's Little Liver Pills by name. 260. Stubborn]? r«fui« ftnylhtcg ali«. All Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe trading Brands of Beer, toy, Wine, Gins Anil Cordials Coal — DEALER IN Hay — & — Grains PAID G GAS i3',ic TAX CIGARETTES 2 ilk. 25c or $1.15 per Carton 24 Hour Service II.W. Gl, HOLLAND, MO OUR COMPLETE SERVICE Insures Your Satisfaction * PRESTONE RADIOS HEATERS DEFROSTERS TIRE CHAINS PROTECT YOTJR CAR AGAINST WINTER 2-i Hour Service TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Call 633 f^Tt\t\Ff^ STORES ALARM CLOCK 89 MAIN AT 2ml - Itli I Of' 50COH.MORr : . ' W - raiouiuJcl In K reen j bl.cV o, i.o.y.K..) to r»<l, ,ilv,,cj ,l;.l. / I',r,,r,[ !,.„,!, .Mrll,,w.|onrJ.U,,rl. Gu.r- // >iilr«,l 10 krc;i II.II.. A r..,l.,l,>l,!o ///«.l !!,;> l»w frier. 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