The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1934 Chancel lot- A. L. Hutchins Is Speaker al Memorial Program Today Their annual tribute to the memory of the Confederate dead vvai paid l>y tiie united Daughters of the confederacy of Arkansas in n service at the First Baptist eliurcli this afternoon. Chancellor A. L Hutchins of Forrest City delivered the memorial address. The program, opened with an invocation by the Hev. Alfred Carpenter, included a vocal solo bj Mrs. W. W. Sharp and a vocal trio by Mines., Paul L Tipton, (jcorge M. Lee and Russell Parr. Robert Reccler sounded taps. Mrs. Elizabeth Haley Smart was tiie organist .The memorial committee consisted of Mrs. lioss Mathis, cottoi Plant, Mrs. A. I). Howard, Little Hock,rand Mrs. W. T. Oboist Ely thcvllle. Chancellor Hntchins 1 address follows : "You have honored me by youi invitation to "participate . in this memorial service. No higher privilege can come to anyone than the opportunity to raise his voice in commendation of the heroes the ideals, and the women of the South. "We are gathered today for the purpose of paying a tribute to heroes of the Suuth who have answered the last roll call; to say a word in commemoration of their virtues- and to lay flowers from the garden of memory or their common tomb. Kanks Grow Thir<. "As we view the thin, thin ranks of the survivors of the memorable struggle of the sixties and review the long roll call of those who have gone before, «t- irc afaln reminded of the uncertainty of mortal life nnd Impressed v,-:th the truth that "Man like n tree, rlourisheth a little aiid is cut down." Few arc the survivor;, of those who held the lines on memorable battlefield: The dead outnumber the livin» "All they that walk the earth, Are but a handful to the countless tribes that slumber in its bosom Take the wings of the morning Pierce the Barcan wilderness -,0r lose thyself in the continuous / .woods, Where rolls the Oregon, And hears no sound, save his own fdashlngs; Yet! the dead are there." F^ntl the vast assemblage whu sit In the ( audience chamber of the dead outnumbers those who yet must take the silent journey «nd keep the rendezvous with death as the sands of .the seashore outnumber the bnrks the bread ocean bears on its bosom And how silently they have gon- thcss later years. As a peaceful river flowing through a quiet val- cy. kissed by the sunshine and »vcd by the breeze, gently one by one they have drifted into the ocean of eternity with scarce a npple to tell lls they had gone. The realization today comes witn ™re 0 <* nrshat at most in a few of all that gallant host'who" wore the grey.. Rxamplc Is Cherished But the. influence of their mighty character lives on Adlicr ence and loyalty to principle and fidelity to duty marked their car! C ,rf , S ?>?' arm in °" r affection and bright in our memory we l.olrt the virtues of their lives So dear to us are the depait.d and with such fond recollection <Ic we cling to their memory that us w- recount (heir names the m&gnili.Tie of the number appals MS. As we sit in contemplation n Ihc qmel. of cur homes or hear HP roll the barracks ir isicn to Ihc voice of- strangers who f.rcupy [heir places in the busy I'larts of trade, we. like the po=t j;r« (distrained to say: 'When I remember all the friend**> .linked together, j YP seen around me fall , treads alone. faucri the reconstruction of n destroyed land are matters of history, Not, however, without Spartan fortitude of Southern women axnitil this have been accomplished. 'The maid who binds her warrior's sash With smile that well her pain dissembles, The while beneath her drooping lash . One starry teardrop hangs and trembles, 'I hough heaven c,Um( : records tiw icfir, And fame shall never know history, tier heart hns shc-l n drop as dear As e'er, bedewed the field of glory. The mother who conceals her grief Wlille to her brsusv .her son slv.' presses, I'hen breathes a few brave words and urief, Kissing tiie patrict she blesses, \Vilh no one but her secret God To know the pain that weighs upon her, Sheds holy blood as o'er the sod «eecived on Freedom's Held of hun or. •"As the prejudices of that great :anflict die away, more and monj will the historian more certainly record (he sacrifices, virtue, patient suffering and heroic character of the women of the South, iiinu will come when the worn™ of the South, alongside Cornelia and her jewels, the Spartan mother nnd her son, and other illns- trous types of womanhood wi!' shine most brightly as the choicest gtm of womanly courage, valor and virtue. A Precious Heritage "To you, daughters of the South, •s in keeping the most precious h-;ritage of our race. So long as the fires of love burn brightly in your hearts, so long will tiie memory <,f valiant heroes urge us the sons of the South, to emulate die spirit of our fathers of 'fil. . "in tlis South, home of Washington, Jefferson, Lee, Jackson, Forrest, and countless other heroes' named and unnamed, was born our American civilization. Here it endures unsullied by foreign admixtures and'strange isms, hj, . is found ami will be found Ilia' pure Anglo Saxon strain which lolciiup no communiiin, no vlo- :uv,- i.ssauiu on constitutional government, nc, encroachment on Va- iigicis freedom or on civil liberty The South today, as erer -ii« bulwark and 'Jie safeguard of five institutions, the home of a free .inrt mighty pt-op:e, still stands rum 1:1 her convictions of right Em»r B . inij after seventy ;K>r s from a disastrous fratricidal strife she 15 again assuming her proper place m the leadership of the nation But it is still the South, as tin imnortal Grady said: "There is no new South, only tlia South renewed. She is enamored of her new work The light of. a. '.grander day Is falling faiUtOiy her-face" :v sh-> •*'-•' thrilling vim the couscioW- HCSS of .graving, power and pro.v- IKTM-. .>•; she stands upright Iii:l sutmvd and equal ii-nuiu; the people of the earth, breathing the keen air, and looking out upon the expanded horizon she understands: that her cman cipation has come, although through the inscrutable wisdom beat°n a 'a',d r he r r aV hon a esT^urZ! "We revere the South yet no iccaaon 1ms arisen when theVo n'" ?,.. a »* uth . "Bve failed to BLYTnEVIIJ.E, (AKR.) COURIER NEWS ward, swing," that those left , rT. bc cqunl| y tol "ant 01 our fratlites and that they nay now and then light a candle on tut altar of memory in comm?mor- nlion ot our sojourn here '•Tliey say the cause was lost. •ut there is „ defeat greater than a seeming rtctorj'— "1 call no fight n losing fi ght If fighting, I have gained some straight nc«- strength; If fighting, i turned ever toward the light, Alt unallicd with forces of the n'.ght; "' q . uivenng ' I coul(i sa y Part lilnSFulll LflST Will Figlil Again Only to Defend Own Soil Says Gen. Rice A. Pierce The United States will never participate in another war unless someone attacks us on our own soil, In the opinion of Gen. fiiee A. Pierce of Union City, Tenn., that grand old southern gentleman who is a Biiesi of honor ut the stale convention of the United Daughters of tiie Confederacy because he is com- mahder-in-chict of the United Confederate veterans. I Mr. pierce declares lie didn't mind fighting when, at the age of H. he joined Cicn. Forrest's eaval- iy, but admits he had enough of war during his three years' enlistment. "The world is in no condition for another war and the i>eople of the United States won't stand for it— that is unless sonic foreigner attacks us and he wouldn't lust Ions; on our home ground," declared the 81-year-old veteran. Admires Roosevelt Ccn. Pierce greatly admires Pres- [ident Roosevelt. On December ID of last year he presented to Roosevelt a cony of the resolution declaring allegiance to Roosevelt, which was signed by every member of the United Confederate Veterans. Tills was (lie first time the veterans had declared their allegiance to a president since the time of Jeffersoii Davis. "You young people think we are loo old for all tills new deal stuff —but we are not. w'e view with interest all of the experiments being tried and if they all don't suc- cedd It is allright with us for we know President Roosevelt Is doing better than anyone else coulfl." Until one hears Gen. pierce viv- iilly discuss the War Between the States it is almost impossible to believe that he is noarlng the 90 mark. He Insists that tlw closest lie ever came to Ming 111 was when three horses were killed under him during the war and the fright almost made him sick! For 32 years lie has been actively engaged in the practice of law at Union City, where lie Is a member of (he firm of Pierce and Pry. He speaks fluently nnd with as much euse ns n man of SI) years, having an unusual knowledge of present day affairs. Hslu-il Here HO Vrars AKU He Is having a good time In nly- thevllle, he declares—almost as good as when he used to hunt nnd /Isli here in 1812 when Dlythcvlllc was n paradise lor spoilsmen, tic enjoys inking vacations by attending gatherings of southern veterans ancf their daughters, having been to 27 of the 45'annual conventions of the United Confederate Veterans. He will be commamlcr-ln-chlef of the fast dwindling army of south- Meuse and Argonne e gun fire 11 , ""= '" ra Argonne sim e & th -i.noi!> irom i)i e rifles O f the in "ir'cl' CmV-v 6 ' 1 "'""' combat at Sliiloh 'ti'iMirirr f gua ' Secn 'l"Bly ih^ iiriicd ih , cannons at Verdun ™. their jrolces^arc, nor'stiilul' for iiEAL Protection C^ARK-Wj}°s C0 ™ A( , Oeiwral Insurance Mmwi B A r-inT CS With a Smllc '^_ • ^ mk - Baker Wilson THE MIRROR TELLS THE TRUTH Unit SchafTner & Marx <:o!hes do >wvc better styli and fit. The mirror will ie!l .von so. Give them thr. MIIinoR TEST. See for yourself! A small thing u> look for; a big thing to nnd! New Mead . Clothing Co. Ours is the duty in spite of past -upcrvenlng mighty events and of remendous upheavals yet to come to keep alive Ehe illustrious record of the days of '61, and this not because of provincialism nor of IKttiuess of spirit, but because of our firm conviction that the Iterpctuation of those ideals and principles will insure the sanctity of our. own homes and institutions and the continuation of a free, democratic and constitutional government." ern voternnj until next May, when nc convention meets at St. Peters& if"' , Tllls wm bc w »•<">« »»"> U:e time Mr. lilcc surremler- « with den. Forrest at Oaiiies- »"« . Ala., after having been n mi>m- ocr or in, body guard for two years. " K '"8 ..... it was a sad day 11,™, n. |.| m . c ls lmp|)y (|KU lh( me its they nre and Ls most frlenil- y t" Ills iiorlliern brethieii-even u j. lire "(Inmn Yankees." Steele Child Dies M ik " llli - ' ..... H'riu services were hekl chun ! 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