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The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana • Page 2A

Fort Wayne, Indiana
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mooI tup 1 ear a LW. A.ffWfjaiB liiltiHHMWlHnVraHWBwBwv fRAwtsioflif I saaar v4 SKF 'iiriiVBiP3'L'' 1 ST jaaaaaalBBBBBesB SSBF 7 fltt) tm 'VHrlBTjar ggatt xCvl XX YeSBaSaTBBlBSSB raman. Bf sl 'AW 2fiam2ss Zeis a Pc in. asr I Sst. Afiy "jiiMctSja jpSaLvx law BBBBBBBBBBa tenor Mpa'aM A aeS A 9 a Iff I vt vtttsa.

Jk vIw TanaanvJaf few yeare nrn HKknAKUEHDLC 4 W. Z. BSBBn r. in 1 5 ir3rA.i??Si JKS I oounted tXJP SH life for dry batteries has been extended to BlMmJ cpver the entire range of battery usage, at ((('BBif less cost than with the add or wet battery. Ibi1I Users of 0.

K. Giant Dry Rechargeable Bat "vi" WP teries are guaranteed service from their bat wm tery equipment from four to seven times oKVa mm greater than from a wet acid battery. Ji ffH nt other battery evils. Re I SlUfl Hlk MhI charging la simple and nH WWsWaWSSsSsSa LttaHMT) inexpentive. The O.K.

i 111 HHHiH SbSbV iMwBwV Cant Battery hu an liKC IHr WWBw bVHbI swswbV nmazins ife u) wiii MZ1 iv 9LHI anaHaH JjaaHaaHf ather Current Mw if gSH HS fen when discharged, lllZA IDB aKtfe'iliwPB! iaiftSa! fSSSSar to gel you home. daH laM JJ i 4B HI ZftBSir aHHB4aaafaHat BaayiWii aK.1 9 DEMAND fOR CLOSED III CONTINUE QUaSomobilc Ci of tht urprtoM Ot lb) atomI bll tnduiKry thin tumrnii1 the aUadrj axnd rrowlng dtmand for ck4 cmr, li bl? ttp frfm th days whtnl eloMj can, Ik allk hata, wr con' Iqerd moHl npiroprut tor drasi I esiona. Troft vfr th fltvr whw opl awtied lift ana na for aoolal tar tiosu, n4 touring carg for Mleivlwt jtrmvel, I All Ihli la no chanfad Prtop rnota la autonotiva anglnarlnf to vlrrd Ushtweifrit and aoonomlcal eon struct Ion hava brought about cloal eara within lha reach larcar nam br of euyert Good roadaVhav par4 th" war to KTHtet utn tv tdav I oaiT hi matt art. kant atlvo uio in ni eoacd car adwitatraa. I Take lor ln lanct tha thraa or four pam4nar coup.

ght, compact, Sleawintlf dtgn fled It la Just car ar I ua i a or prcfeaiilonal It dn.rta In and cut of traffic Jaira with tana and kuIcIi It la tha aoaoUl "maaaonaer Hi autotnoblta family, In unpleasant weather tha anoloeed rldlnaj cvmpar mnt ailorda offtcc llka comiort. i ruir oaya tna winaowa reiresnina: oranet pleatant social vanlnaT aaaarv KLaec Its roomy Intarlor af fords tha ifposa and stclouanasa ao apprlata'd a family car It la par ha pa Kb art pleasingly dlgnlfled car AUTHORITIES Agree that the dry battery is the simplest of devices for providing electric energy. The life of the ordinary dry battery is too short, however, to make it the most economical for general use. With the perfecting and production of the 0. K.

Giant Dry Rechargeable Battery the Engineera have pronounced the Giant product the electrical marvel of the age after the most severe tests conceivable, some of which were equivalent to 15 to 25 years of actual service The twelve point of superiority have been proved beyond question but a demonstration will be a revelation to you. The special formula electrolyte eliminates the possibility of damage from heat, water freezing, short circuiting, buckling, corrosion and mi aaBBaaBBasaaB lliltllllllllll! Read over the claims ot supenonty and then ask your dealer to order an O. K. Giant, you will thea realize that at last emancipation from battery trouble and experet has arrived. It is genuinely "Fool Proof" and It always O.

the result of 20 years experiments) work. A demonstration of tha K. Cunt Dry RechargeabU Battery some of tha first built over three years ago ate still functioning will convince you that the claims or the manufacturers ar fully substantiated by the Merck you will get. Price is about the, same as the ordinary wet acid battery, but the life is from four to seven tunes greater Install an O. K.

Giant Battery on your car and you will not need to remove it until you "junk" your car. Write today far Booklet "race to Face with Facts." O. K. GIANT BATTERY CORPORATION GENERAL OFFICE AT GARY IND, General Office, 10 S. La Salle St Chicago, III.

$2fi00fl00 PLANT AT GARY IND, Read These Proved Claims 20BMrapww 7. No corraisa I IU txatiea nairaJ a. No kncklinf of pUtM i. Fir, a BMr buu, a. nilphatiaa Prk 4.

WiUMthtm 11. Na rvUe plaUaa 5, Mara Kiluf, pw gal Bcaurr loaafiw If. Battrrpuaaad S. Na npain traabk andaa 1 Cox's Brother "Jerks" Sodas iff aaataf WLWJLWLW t'LaVWaaal DAYTON a Wllllia Cos brolb af Jamaa Cos. damocratla caa.

JUTaidat (or prldmt, la tbawa bar at work kakla4 Ik sada feuatala la bis "uiia la Dafton Ant Drolkar Jim alaolH kail kaap a wnrklns lUa lra Sa)a. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS 1U EMt Sarrjf St. UTV Ausut Hausk llaugk at ux a tlnn tnp it as U.l McKown ta Bakula KuaalZ lot It Harm an a Out Una for la Doll Anna Uanti tm Lila 1. Kohrbauaii ki x4 Vordrmarka addition (or Jauu, uanlal MUiaa at ttB to wmura FrladaU, part lot 11 Kocklilll and N.l. ton a addition or Trl Hut Lamn it Truat company to Ranrjr Voutt at us, lota and II block I Woodland Vlaw adlltlun (or horaard R.

Sam. at to rranklln a Hlna rar krta i and I baa R. Barva a Irat add tln (or It4 IXW Trl Suta Uan Iruat company truataa. to Wallaoa K. Uoud.

lot 5 Kanalnstoa Park addition (or II liana Harry VllohaU at to Phoaba Tomklnaon, lot It itanrr Aak ad dlllon for It MS, Wlnaraa ttanoan to vviuuun 11. uah at us. lot ItomiMtona auk lor im. ttwr at ua to Fort Wayna BolUna klUU corporation, kit 171 Bau. a i'iihuJLI Irat at Han lltoit National bank Journal Gazette Want Adi lc a to Jaccb si flhtar lot 71 V.

0 auJ to. li" a aditioa for IM0 Albart Ooilwar at ua ta Prod) Kecks at ux. kt 1 Uurtla I'Uca ad silt Ion fur 14 IM wiutMm uoociauow vi tLtwa at ujl Jeaaph Urn at us Federal aruritlsa ami lnvaatmsal company, part lot 14 Itlll a aub of UUeTa Cut Wota 4 and i lvus ins William If Uacbmaa at ub la. Uauimaa mart aaJtB far aaotloii I for IT.IIi atkmaa Pr aeelioa 11 ti it for ll aUV tSflitM THE CALL OF TRANSPORTATION Tranaportatlon li ealllnf out B. It i tha ftd of help (0 day Tha world la demanding thla aid to meat, soma aaonomlo condition that bb no nwm lmprovln( AutomobUa and motor truck malt ara atiivtng tft do their ahara to B'va employment to tha unam ployed to rtllava tha transportation oituation by delivering cart.

Yt iny are oameo ma opportunu througK ahortaga of material. Iter la an laduitry ranking In third place 'that might atep uo a notfih but raa pot, though la ot vital paccaiUy or ihu eouatrra Irou all narta (tha country and from abroad there la a cry for motor oara and motor truaha tu meat tna eituatloni ta accomplish what no other tnduatrr gaema able to ao Tha manufacturan Id turn atand ready now la meet tha situation. TMy nava proviaea immanasiy an Uraad manufacturing lactlltiea la lariror land arena la huge ddlttona to bulldlnare, la Inorueed machinery capaettlaa. They have Invested mllUona anj haVe dona their urt toward meat Inv a aertove problm that of traaa porta ion need But they ft. ta day dm lad tha prlvllea of dew thrtr part they aavnnot perform unlaaa thsy caa tuva anateriae and waa They eaenot uiand and cannot UuMTtUy aaaial lfUiiiwtUgfl4 (Hr cannot aivo aid to unemployed be oauae they cannot uttllaa their facil Uca they cannot force ahead Much an tha automotive induatry ahluld tike to co ahead much aa it would like to relieve a ieroua lt uatloo it cannot It la throttled It la held back In Ha endeavor, fta development la checked Itg areatnaaai la temporarily at In ted.

It a facilities cannot he utilised and all becauao It cannot have material. YoirBuy SERVICE When you buy an Sre the 92 1 Model C. H. XINES 432 Main Phone 734 ta believe that In the trtnd for el mmJ i fit tf eight closed cars among la tha 'hast indloatioa ht rloaed moforlata. W.

Jeha CI h1! el under aelieel kef slcDle resterdar Men ShirU made to meajure 00. 248 W. Main St Phone Black 2952. Death of Gem Dealer Qoses "Ghost Book" CHICAGO The audden death1 of Samuel A. UUlm millionaire dia piond dealar after a night of wtne and taxi a haa closed the pacta of a famoue Ohoat Book" which Uftla hue kept up for 11 yeara.

The book wai found In tha dead man a a part mint. Its pagea are of Claaad paper which after being written on, ware created down tha middle causing the wrltlnf blot a a freakish double ameer iaoftla, frlendi aay gave credence to the aignincance af "ghoet aigna. turB." Thla veria oceupita the front pace of the "unoai mook. Vhadowa form In our ghoatly.paet Ho! Hoi young man llal Hot From fori otten gravei they will flee at asi Tt ta ao. youfi anaa It la ao.

Tou may run, feu may dodge, yeu Twlirt you but band The flying phuntome win In (he enci asof hoi pie man. no. ftoi Um Journal Gazette Want Adf TV bring Directory Fraa Barvlca F. E. ANDERSON STORAGE BATTERY SERVICE Work Quarantaad IMS HARRISON 8T.

PHONE 7N Farmarly known as Wlllard Sarvlaa Statian" FAIRFIELD AUTO CO. Dlatrlbutera ACME TRUCKS DORTCARS Cemplata Una af Parts Phana 7SM 202 Falrflaid Ava DIXIE FLYER 8ALES AND SERVICE Firat Claaa Rapajrlrta of All Klnda! HANKE MOTOR CAR COMPANY US Main St Phona 171. SUMMIT CITY RADIATOR WORKS Radlatar Rapalrlna a Saaol.lty AIR TESTED i i 716 Ban St Phone 2822 Raa'danoa Phana 2624 Off ca Phana 4690 BATTERIE8 CHARGED RENTAL BATTERIES FURNISHED FREE SERVICE P. F. MINER, GARAGE etrlbutara PRtSTO LTTE, Store Batteries and Repair Parts ALBO QAS TANKS AND PARTE Opan Day and" Night 7 Dyi a Wk.

119 1 Waahlngtan Blvd WINER Manao.K Anthony Garage LEE HELLER Cafa Bought and Sold CITY CARRIAGE WORKS Recoyenng Tops Nill Herman mmm kHa4AIM4 Auto Slip Cover Co. 120 EAST COLUMBIA ST. PHONE S14S 8ERVICE STATION FOR BIJUR 8YSTEM8. L. BATTERIES and RACINE TIRES AUTO SERVICE CO.

210 West Mam St FOR SPACE in rms DIRECTORY PHONE 4300 REO AND COLE AERO EIGHT CARS, AND ALSO REO TRUCKS MOTOR SALES COMPANY 1110 12 80 HARRISON ST PHONE 952 For This Space Phone 4300 Lafayette Garage Chevrolet Service Station PHONE 4269 603 S07 Lafayjtta Straat Automobile Painting and Repairing Beat aqulppad paint aaa repair shop In city Expert mechanics. tweat prlcea. Work suarsnteed. Aolhorlaed REO, MAXWEIX, and COLC3 fiervlc station The Globe Auto Repair and Paint Shop 1017 Breadway. LEROV GALE, Prop Phana DaADDY VAPORIZER CO.

1317 MAUMEE AVENUE FORT WAYNE, IND JACK BROWN HANKE MOTOR CAR COMPANY SALES AND SERVICE Dletrl.ut.ra far tha "DIXIE FLYER" I1 EAST MAIN ST PH0N( 171 THE FORT WAYNE IRON STORE CO. 320 to 340 East Superior St Phona 33 We handle the lergae line af Autamaklle Aeooeeerlet In Northern Indiana. Tiraa, Tube, and Repair Parte far Fard WHOLESALE ONLY MOTORISTS, for your ear whether It'e'a Llnle at Ralia fteyee. TOD haa tha preaee auterMealie heeajweae fee yeu TOD'S TWO STORES 114 snd 10M CALHOUN ST.

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