The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 7, 1932
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, SMl'THM 1WK 7, l'J32 : ••BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS DADS Two centi a word lor UrM and one cent a word (or ttcb subsequent huerttm No advertisement taken tor tea* tli*n GOc. Count tbe vurd« ana >oud tb» cub. i'hoae 306 MONEY H.W. FOK SALE FOR SALE—'One laise Cary bale, wcbjlit 1410 pounds. Cheap. Burke Hardware Co. . 5C-K12 If you want to buy farm or cily property, sec us. for bes; prices and terms. If you want to sell,, list, with us. Tcny-Worthingloji Title company, Blytheville, Ark., Phone 617. .Gc-klO k'OB FOR HENT—Furnished apartment' 700 West Walnut.' ' SOckU FOR RENT — Unfurnished apartment, Main street, one nlocK from business district. uorum Drug Store. . MC-ktf FOR RENT--Furnished apartment 108 West Kentucky. Phone. 683. 3C-K10 IU:I;IN II;:HK TUIMV •!".% > nilVKSKVll, UcimillKI l;:mU'i. Hlllllihijk nllb lh« ItruvUiuH llitit vXr IIIUKI util rc»nj. ttrc J^ijirrl:!^^, urran^rd Ur her blift- lni:i«!'» Itivtjvr, Hiio na» HHMH'» fi.i[i]nji-r, UIIM N klrnNcc nnTntr, lv;i\l]![: hrr (rri- nl lljr *-n'J pf M ;r^r in luTiiiia- hrr kn"li*nii'M v>ilt In nriuMlftlv <ir M-rwrr K Jlvurr?. Miui.i, [B li)%r trllh hrr hUHbtuiJ'v ni-iiiicu, IIAKIII- r»w.\si:\ii. cl.oustjt ll:irr^ \ijLn MIKE In krr, • Ml, .-.iilHiiy, I.OTIIi: CAIIK ii rt>i:i|iunhm imd thvy krl mil Cur -*»iill* ALiit-rlru, nUvr* 1 Harry nail lirmliL-r, llUli. n-iirk» nt lip mini-. M,.nu lii]|ii<> l,,r n rri'<ini-lll:ilhiti Mllli l}:,rry. Shi- JiUn (<•«•)« llnrrr ^ rnllll, 1 ^ in ti Nliart- uf bis uHt-l«-'« forlur.i- %nt] stnitli. In &ot a wity li> rirnitim- Ihld Irusllly. : l.rn.-uh:K lliril \l-.itrj jiatl Slrv« nrr nit \uciicUu, nl MnllcJ/i^ IslanU, !..• tirl, 1,-in, iu,-lr lio:u'm r,,rl of Siuilri. lirn- Ihi-r nir 10 l i-.irrtlnl liur t-\lilntK] l -.lirlti. I-:. nililEllt lt--:ii;i-i1 FOR KENT—Large bedrcom, twin beds, two closets, steam heat. Mrs. J. G. Suubury. Phone 1. 3P-K8 FOR RENT — Furnished or un- iurnished apartment, 1011 West Ash. Call 610. 3C-K8 FOR PENT—Furnace heated sleeping room. 1116 Chickasawba. Phone C45. 3P-KB FOR RENT—Filling station, two pumps, store and three living rooms, Barileid road. Harry Atkins. Phone 121. "5C-K12 LOST AND LOST—Two Sandy Ridge baseball uniforms with gloves and slices, between Osecola and Wilson. Liberal Rcv.ard. Phone 32. 5P-K8 LOST—White sow, from my farm west of Yarbro. Reward. H. A. Smith. 6c-k8 WANTED WANTED: Gcntl? mule for month or two. Will feed, diaries T. Nash. Clark Street and Railroad. 7pklO MAN WITH CAR wanted lo supply cuslcmcis with famous Watkins Products in Biythcvlllc. Business established, earnings average S2r weekly, pay starts immediately Write J. H. Watkins Company, 1066 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Term ".' '''.' '/^RBONALS ' ' CUSTOM HATCHING — Beginning Sept. 12th. Baby " Chicks, Oct 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytheville 5C-KTF <'lin Hack to New York! Moua felt btr heart tlirol) sharply, her chocks suddenly Krov cold. Stcvo and liaxry wero tblukiug iljcu of their departure! "Don't buy tbosc monkeys yet a while," Barry said hastily ami Mono sighed, reassured. "Wo'ro uot go- Ing lo let Moua and Lottla get awaj tor a Ions time. They haven't seen half tlio sights yet." "Well, they've seen wlmt mauy a girl In 1'ort of Siialu would give lier eye teeth to sc-o anyhow," Miss Oracle Interposed comfortably. "Whit's tliat. Miss Grade?" Tlio older woman's fut face crln. klctl in a smllo and her klud eyes were bidden for a moment. "This? 1 house." Slio nodded rche iiiently. "Barry and Steve arc popular young men, 1 you know, they come to our liouso — " "Did yon orer know a girl named Celeste?" asked Mona Idly. Harry nnd Stevo glanced at each oilier and burst out laughing. • "Let I.ottio tell you thai one, I Harry. I can't do it justice." "May** w»'d better 'go toou, Lot. !»." MOM icmtrkeil-preKBU; la » low.rote*. "lictore rou'ro talked about tt» ill or Bnytblng to liarry;" Moca spread botb bands «ldt. "How can 1? I might possibly at; something U Steve but neither ne— " "Neither one hai recognized your marring," llulshcd Ix)[llc, rlslog. "Well, I'm ready to BO it you any BO, Mona. but my advice h to get lulo action! Listen, tomorrow, I'll corral place. Stcvo ond take- lilin somt Tliat Kill leave you and rrun. \o\v riti <>.\ Him TIII-; s'i CllAI'TEIl Xl.lll I'pllEY listened lo Lottie's divert- pOU all Lottie's artful [ilannlns. j - 1 „,„ TOrslon ot lhc n[rair m t||C dinner at Holiday Ilouso ihatjijoai hut when she rolat&J the cifl evjiilns wasaiusularly unromnnlle. jot Harry's portrait to Celeste Ihe There ivcrc no lovely towns and there v;aa no llngsring over a cun-: •lie-lit table, no alrollins in ilic evcuiuy since lhc girls' arrival that no one dressed for diuuer. was delayed, Ihe carpenters a Krcat deal of lime to decide llnalty they coulil not hesin vvori; on Ihe hangar for at least a week. The motor ho:it lefl iho harhor two hours later th-jii they Isnd plnnnci]. Sain, the native Iwy. v;as at the wheel while Darry and ateve spent rno.n of the tri|i in rather disgruntled discussion. When they arrived at the house they fuiini! the Inhlo nn the veranda still set for dinner, the Dowers drooping under tbe electric light and fireflies gathering on the terrace. Tho food in tho kilchen hae? long since cooled and lost its flavor- "1 sent tho maids homo for the night." Miss -Grade said, unner- lurhed. "theto seemed to bo no knowins when you'd, come. I thought you might hnve diucd at "Well, wo can't luro those carpenters hero for a ivcck yet," Stove announced. "I was golug to buy this girl "a| pair ot mpniM's to tako back cat on tho omnilug (ttllncM *ftb* topic night, Mona uroto aud, walklug to th« window, drew In great breathe ot tho sweetened air. lay whit* icii liecame instantly soher. "Great heavens, tint practically "it proved To"ho the ll'rst | constitutes an-cnsaBement!" Stove exclaimed. , "Cut she wac honest, anyhow, she Their clcp:inre from Grenada ' insisted Harry hndn't paid much at- lentioii to her." retorted Lottlo. Steve rose. "Yes, that's honest, only a litHe too mild. You inisht as well say a man pays uo attention fi a mosquito buzzing around him 21 hours of the day." "1 think Til say good night," Vona dec'ifkO, rising. "I'm tired, hot and have a heodaclie." "Anyhow ice had a lino trip." Lottie announced, as £110 rose to follow her friend. "Well, good ulghU" As the two girls mounted the stairs Lottie said quietly, "At least Barry doesn't want us to hurrr Bray!" '•(Si, I don't know!" .Mona's voice vas wcsry. "Ho could hardly have said less, fitovo practically put us aboard tho Mrr«nda." In her flowing negligee 'Mona stood before the mirror, brush in hand, her bvonzi kair floa\uig:oTer her shoulders. For a moment neither girl spoke. Tho brush piled evenly -with long, deft strokes'. Seated on the bed, Lottie swung ono loot reflectively and wttcned her. liirry alono BO you can talk to him. Tell Mm why you came. Tcli blui you !ove> him. You do. don't you! Ho cau't do anything more that) call you a forrard hussy and alter that you'll know where you stand! Tell him you'ra the fourth wealthiest woman In New York now and wnnt to hand over some of your sold. Ask him how It can tie done—" "Uo won't tell mo it iiu knorcs— and I don't think ho does," Mona nrgucd. • • • T OTriE camo a step nearer. "Barry will never let you get that far," she went on. "When you tell hiui you Ion him he'll cltier stop you and saj circrylhlng Is o. k. or else he'll leare you sluing right where you are! 1 think tomorrow at tea lima would bt a good tlm»—" "I sea you hare It all planned," Mona said fiddly. Then her manner changed. She took Lottie by tbe shoulders. "You are a darling, Lot".o! You are!" "Anyhow I mean well," mimicked Lotlle, her faco closo to Mona's own. They both laughed. "I doubt It," Mona added, kissing iier. "I never will trust blonds—or lirunots either. Only I can't do all that, Lottie. It Barry doesn't speak to me Boon It's all over. We'll'jo back home and think of something else to do but I can't speak to Barry about—" "I understand," Lottie agreed soberly. "Well, good night. Go to sleep!" "Oh, I'll Bleep," Mona promised. But she did not Long after Lottie ceased moving about In the neit room, long after lights hnd ceased lo Ehiuo Ibraugrj the Inlltce work at tho top ot the door leading Into the Iwlhvay and silence settled over the entire household Mona lay wide- eyed and heart sick. Shn sat UD ID htr kuca bed. in Far below, (U» the uiwiulljlit. Tho eea murmured. Sbc could hear the waves roll lu, hesitate, churn, on spill Into whispering loam. Sho could hear the ilde droB (li« lost wave/ back, gather, roll til iitalu. OlbcrnlBa the ulghl was 60 etlli that she could hear tbe beating of her own heart. "I believe I'll go down there for a walk." Mona decided presently. "IVrliapa I can think thero a lltllo moro «a«lly, Perhaiio I'll lw able to uink« up my mind what to do." She paused uncertainly. "There Is, of course, only ono thing to ilo-and that la go bomo!" UUll BOARDING HOUSE PAGEFIVi WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIP PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Commonwealth Bunding & Loai Association (ot Little Rock, Ark.) a corporation, PlaintifT vs. No. 5298 XI. Matz e;. al., Defendant. The defendsiiLs M. Matz and Sudie Matz are warned to appear within tliirty days in the court named in the cnp'.ion hereof and answer the complaint of the plamlifl Commonwealth Building & Loan Association, a Corp. Dated August 13, 1932. R. L. GATNES, Clerk. 8-10-2G-2-9 CO.M.MISSIO.Vi-.K'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given tliat tlie iir.rtersigne<l coinmistioiier. in cimiji'.iancc with the terms o[ a decree rendered by Ihe Chancery lor the Chickasiwba District cf Mississippi County. Arkansas. on the 29th day ot September, V331. wherein Bcmiins- (on Co'jiUy Having Hank, u corporation. MS Plaintill, No. -1437, aud Acidic M. Mason, et al.. v.ere Defendants. will sell al public auction to the highest and best bidder. on a credit ot three months. ; » tlic frcn 1 . dnor of tsc Court Hcuse. between the ho'.irs pre- Jcribrd by law. in the Cily ol 'ilMhoullc. Ark,n:M«. on the 211h (lay n ; September. 1032. the tol- ''•'•'• "i; leal estate, lo-wit: T'IS East l-'J or Northwest I -I: allli all that part el tl:e Soutli- " IH '-I lying nonh o! Pcmls- «'l Mayou. in Sect:o:i T'.venlv- "ijrc <-a,. Township Sixteen Keith. R;,nge ElcviT. ill i hail to sat:sty per annum from September 29, 1931 until paid. THE purchaser tit said sale wilt be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of. the purchase money, inu a lien will be retained upon aid property as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. WITNESS iny hand and the seal of said Court, : cm this, the 2nd (lay of Seplcmrjer, 1932. H. L. OAINES, Commissioner in Chancery, /rank C. Douglas, Atty. for Plainiill. 2-9-16 m C07fis C C07.6S.v,,,, \V E R T K MAKI-s 'KM XLi; li co over Joc ]SMC - S Store :N THE CHANCERY COURT OF T1IU CHICKASAW13A DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS S. L. Cantlcy. receiver of the St. Louis Joint stock,Land Bank of Et. Louis. Missouri, a corporation, Plaintiff, No. 5323 VS L M. F. Brownlce. LiTic Carle Brown- Ice, his wife. T. F. Martin. Trustee, Potts Camp Slate Bank, n corporation, Defendants. WARNING OKDKIt The non-resident defendants. Potts Camp State Bank, a corporation of Potts Camp. MiM.iisi|)i)i, is hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty (30) days and answer the complaint filed herein by the plnintilT or Ihe •amc will be taken as confessed. Witness, my hand and seal p.s Clerk of the Chancery Court of j Mississippi County, Arkansas, on I this 3rd day oi September, IDSi. H. L. GAINES. ClClb, 13y Harvey Morris, D. C. r«. 13. Srgraves. A'.ty. for Plainlifl. !. B. HnrrisDii. Ally. Ad Litcm. - CWIPTM suU quietly slio tossert off her pajamas, dvesaol in u while skirt, soft yellow sweater IK) rubber eoleil eh oca. She know t would l» cool on tpc tech. Tho door opened gently and the lairs, fortuuately, mode no sound beneath her (cct. She crept across ho wldo hill to the door rhlch each night one bad learned '.vaa left vido open. Theru were no prowleri o fear on Holiday I IJcucalu the »tnrs MI ths terric* atooil for an luttanl, couslil- crlnE tho silliness which held tin icuso In Its grip. Then tbe looked seaward. Fnr away toward Hie "renadlnes a necklace ot yellow itghls was Huns out on the water. '1'ho rorlllghts of Ihe motor boat bobbed In tbo harbor. As she moved down the pathway the Hamboyimt trees flicked her fare Kently with their frngranco. It did not occur to Maim to bo afraid. She Balncd the, sand. Ah, hero she could really Iblnk! Was it safe lo Ho on Ihe sand nt night or any olhcr time! Of course It was safe! Why nol? Anyhow, it was delightful. Mona stretclieii her slender length nloiiK the shelf ot rock where the shad- OIVB played, her hands bcncalh her head. Thl» w*» comfort. This wai reace. Silence aurt still moro silence. All ot a .sudden Monu felt rather than heard n Bound. Someone was near her! Slid sat upright, tcnso and alert. If hnd hceu foolish to come. Foolhardy and silly beyond words. Who was making tjiat sound? A bird perhaps or tbo wind? A shadosy separated itself suddenly from a clump or trees and moved toward her. The girl slarled to ecream anil :««»d she could not. ttm B* CoBtlBBed)- -And the Wall Is No Thicker Than a Piece of Paper! SECOND HAND ~ FURNITURE See Ua Vi^ K. J. Dodson MI-MJ B. is^ WA11MNU OI'DKK C1IANUKIIY COURT, CHICJKA- SAVVHA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. E. A. Brown. Plaintiff, No. 5OI5 vs. M. Branson, ct al, Deieiiclnnt. The defendant, M. Bianson, First v'alional Bank uf Greenwood, Aiis- lyiipp!, C. C- Hudgcns. Trustee, ir.d Tl'.mnas A. any. arc warned o appear ivithin thirty days In he court named In the caption icrco! anrl anss\er the cotnplaint :f the plaintiff, E. A. Brown. Dated 4-25-1532. R, L. GAINES, Clerk, . By Elizabelh Biylhe, U. C. • Jesse Taylor, I Atty. Acl Litcm. 20-21-3-10 1 01'EN AT .NMGHT Expert Ford Repairs Wrecker Service Conipniiy I'lmnc 810-1)7 j Mail Coach Model Presented i RICHMOND. Va. (UP)—A mod' i of the old-time mail coach, used i to cairy mail in Hie West In the .days wiion Indians swarmed along mail routrs. has been incscnted \'* I'oslrr.asiiT Berkeley Williams' II IKital inuicunf by J. \Vllliam Smlin. a model maker, of Soulh Hlcli- inond. $ E<bM>, JASOJ — tvetzYBoov ,»' '^^l PUT sprvse woNeV IN ^ TOWN TO WHOM i owt wonev WILL \w SOCK To 6 IT « Wt BCotUNCb rW HEfcLS To COU.EC-T, \ YO WOiV lV£A.ti OUT VO I L H H&?1 rew e tX 8EM) ? ACoUNP ™K I OUT OF Trie /Y\ON£V FATriEC GAS/6 ME i AND UMW I W3N ONTrWrVaWSt R/! ( ^ _. L»t-p" i T-'J.A.A- DC/ »iWLfp* fl £ SUITCASE: AND SAV WOT9IN6-T A,rA ( GOING TO SOAAfc F|N£ TTtSOQT MoTEL AND ^-^ 6NJOV MYSELF UWTiL Ti-ie MCVJC OUT/ '^ ' SO'TWO Srt|BT5,T3A,T UOUOAY " " ?AlR. og 5, AN 1 TH ; BOOTS AND HER UUUD1ES ^UHWI "\ TIME TO MOVE! 09 \V!i FOR A VtVl "^rVt "VRfAS. ^<b VKW fN'b "WE.Y .. COUVO 6O Ita6 Nine Children In .School LAPEER. Mich. (UP:—Nine of Hie 55 children attending Martus School, near here, arc sons ami daughters of tho school director. John Swoishc. The director lias eiglil other children, cillicr thru tcliocl or r.ol yet old pnough to AROOMD AW TURBW FOECkLES FOR? GLENS FALLS. K. Y. (UP) — Cooper's Cave, made famon.s by James Fcniniore Cooper in his Uiok. "The Last of Hie Hlohlcans," was so "unbearably" dirty that Mayor Earlc H. Stickiuy had the fire department' flush !t of debris. DETROIT IUP)—Tlic death rale from neglected appendicitis has increased to an "alarming degree" in the past few months, according to Dr. W. L. Babcock. superintendent ot a hospital here. The sii|>crintendcnt. blames economic iOSY OKfc cmv.oR u. COVS. ••\wa.Vi uo VLNCE Fon.u<b.w£ OP WOO GtT CAN WASH TUBBS TAKEN ABOARD! 9r Crane / HOfltST, tKW, I fiflt OOTWS. IF I TWiHS) 1 SSU UOOSE HERE TW5T \ BLAStet) MMSOkl MOWD ME SHOT. '> DOtKST STC I HKTfc NOUS we. K o 1 SOME MM TO C.ET FREE SOON N-, «ie HIT 6Rffi>t. TRUST OSCAR'.S IDKA! -r £• >%w4v 'T^^^^^v.fc ... V ^-.^^^vf^i ;< ~ "Vl>^ • - A-> X ^V^'- fS^zfr^k^-^^s^ to SHCW HIM TWiS LETTER, 2 GOT FRCW\ A GIRL UP iw AMIU.A!-' UOOKI ATHTHE HMD. OF // VMHY.'ODWT Bg-A> ^g'jrS^. HER LETTSB. SWE POT.A V P^'VBELL,...TV)AT- )S|V''; COUPLE; OF X'S.-..\NMAT J) MEjftrJS-SHES ' ,^[f.$M DOES THAT : MBAM? /^LooOStE-CROSSlH'' -JfiS ./ . \ • .' .' • ii» ' '.'. ' "-^cdy: .

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