Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 27, 1956 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1956
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JULY 27, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE NINE Upper Alton News Events Hate N*>wg trt Wftnt to (flint? Phone »-fi«4« REGIONAL MEMBERS HEAR LEADER At TABERNACLE Many of us have become spoiled and forgetful of out blessing^ the 117th annual meeting of the Wood River Baptist Association Inc. was told Thursday night Dr. J. Alfred Wilson, moderator, made the statement in his annual addpess to the association, which is the oldest Negro Baptist association in the nation. Dr. Wilson stated that in our present day world there are too many gadgets and synthetics and our people of the world need to be called back to a greater sense of responsibility. He pleaded for Christians every. where to keep the church on a dignified plane. He further stated that many of us have become spoiled and "forgetful of our numerous blessings." n,. um«« +«M f»,« ..n™,,'., ie iabtnao? Z? I ? f.J ™ f - human race has developed an TUT disturbed attitude and that .they have lost their sense of human neighborliness. The moderator said that con temporary man tries to usurp God's authority and power bu only God can keep us from total ]y destroying ourselves. "A modern tragedy is that we lost sight ot the difference be tween right and wrong," Dr. Wil son added. Man is living in a confused and mixed-up society, he continued and therefore he must listen to the voice of the Christian church He called for a greater reliance on God, The sessions closed this morn ing with election of officers which _were to be announced later. The Rev. J. Allen Wilson delivered an evangelistic sermon. The Rev. E E. Thompson was leader of the closing devotional service. TIIE UNUSUAL CAUSES 2 ACCIDENTS ON BROWN ST. Two accidents occurred Thursday, 5 p.m.,."in the 3000-block of Brown street, under unusual circumstances. ' In one mishap the driver said he struck a utility pole because he suddenly could not see and in the oilier the driver swerved into a parked car when he turned his head at the crash of the first accident, police said. James Burkman of Gipsy, Mo., who is visiting his mother in Cottage Hills, was traveling west on Brown when he suddenly and temporarily lost his sight, he told police, striking the pole. Driver of the other car was listed by police as Harold McCor mick, 831 Spruce St. He told police he heard the impact of the Burkman* collision and turned his head to eee what had happened . and swerved into a parkecl car. The parked machine was owned by Donald E. Hayes, 2605 Grandview Ave. Neither driver was reported hurt. McCormick's car was removed by Haper tow. GARY HENDRICKS TO LEAVE FOR CUBA Seaman Gary Hendricks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Hendricks, 2605 Hillcrest Ave., telephoned here to say goodbye to his wife and parents prior to his being shipped to Cuba. The serviceman is stationed aboard the brand new USS. Saratoga which is tied up in New York. He will be in the Cuba area until Dec. 1. , His wife, the former Romona Scheibe, is making her home with Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks while he is in service. Seaman Hendricks entered the Navy last December. MAN WITH CHILD IN ARMS HIT BY CAR IN CRASH A man and his five-year-old niece were injured Thursday, 5 p. m., in an accident that involved four automobiles. Two of the cars were parked. George Qsborne, 509 Miami Ave., wag treated for contusions of the chest and ..side, and Patricia Turner, 5, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Turner, 3403 Jfranor Ave., was treated for a "laceration above the right ear at Alton Memorial Hospital. The child was grabbed by Osborne and was in his arms when one of the parked cars was slammed up against them. A car traveling on Miami collided with another machine and hit one of the parked cars* which in turn •truck the other. The second parked car belonged to Osborne. Osborne had parked, his machine and had just helped his niece out of the car when the accident happened. Nobody else was reported injured. The other cars were not believed heavily damaged. LEADERS OF TIIE 117MI annual session of the Wood River Baptist Association Inc., which met this week at the Tabernacle Baptist Chtrrch, 2620 Amelia St. It is believed the oldest and largest In area of any Negro Baptist association in the nation. In rear row, from left: The Rev. T; A. Hutchins, Dr. J. Alfred Wilson, moderator, and Mrs. Wilson. In front, from left, the Rev. W. H. Binford, host pastor; the Rev. William Phillips, Mrs. Valdeenia Gninner, Mrs. Irene White and Mrs. Le- The boy is unidentified.—Staff Photo. NOMINATING COMMITTEE NAMED AT WCTU MEETING A nominating committee was appointed at the Thursday, 2 p. m. meeting of the Upper Alton Woman's Christian Temperance Union at the Upper Alton Baptist Church. They will select'a slate of officers to be voted upon next month. Committee members are: Mrs. Mollie. Lamm, chairman; Mrs. Carl Johnson and Mrs. Louise Stutz. Mrs. Eva Paris, vice president, presided at the session because of the recent illness of Mrs. William Gabriel, who, however, attended the meeting. Devotionals were by Mrs. Etta Palmer. She closed with a chajn of prayer and the Lord's Prayer. Reports were made by Mrs. Dorothy Gordon, recording secretary; Mrs. Katherine Tyner, treasurer; Miss Anna Hollard, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Lillie Harris, flower mission; Mrs. Paris, child welfare; Miss Palmer, literature; Mrs. Johnson, Loyal Temperance Legion. History of the three flags was read by Miss Ida Hollard. Mrs. Juanita Harris presented a vocal solo, accompanied on the piano by Miss Ida Kollard. Mrs. Johnson presented a reading, "What Would Jesus Say?" Mrs. Gabriel read & poem entitled, "Alone." Cards were signed and sent to the sick and shut-in. Many names were turned in for the 1957 calendar. It was announced that the 1956 WCTU national convention will be held Sept. 20 to Sept. 26 at Atlanta, Ga. The.SGnd annual state convention will' be held in the First Christian Church in Centralia, Oct. 9 through Oct. 11. Plans are being made by the WCTU for the Illinois State Fair at Springfield, Aug. 10 through Aug. 19. Mrs. Gabriel thanked the union for flowers, cards and remembrances while she was in the hospital. Closing prayer was by Mrs, Gabriel. Meeting was opened by salute to the flags and singing of the WCTU song, with Miss Ida Hollard at the piano. FATHER CROKB IN IRELAND FOR MONTH , The Rev. William Croke has arrived in Ireland where he will preside at the marriage ceremony of his niece. The St. Mathews' Church pastor was expected to be gone a month. The Rev. Croke, left by plane from Chicago which took him non-stop to Ireland. The priest is a native of Ireland and has been back for several visits since becoming pastor of the Milton road church. ST. MATTHEW'S CYO GOES ON ADMIRAL Thirty boys and girls of the St. Matthew Church, Catholic Youth Organization went on the Steamer Admiral Thursday night. Chaperones were: Mr. and Mrs. John R. McConnell Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Joehl, and Mrs. Robert O'Connor and the Rev. John Spreen, who is spiritual director of the CYO and assistant pastor of the church. SLUMBER PARTY IS HELD AT BLUNK HOME Miss Nancy Jeanette Blunk, 2330 Central Ave., gave a slumber party for her house guest, Miss Vivian Tiemann, Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wood, parents of Miss Tiemann, and former Altonians, now reside in Paris, Tex. Miss Patricia Marie Doyan, a niece of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carol Pierson Speaker Godfrey and Alton Girls <j Get Top State FHA Honor GODFREY — Miss Carol Pior- son of Godfrey and Miss JoAnn McKelvey of Alton are the first Alton High School students to receive the top Future Homemakers of America state degree. Miss Pierson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Pierson of 242 Minnie St., and the newly elected national president of the F1IA, addressed the awards ceremony held at the FHA East Bay Leadership Camp, Bloomiflgton, Wednesday night. Miss McKelvey is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul McKelvey of 2409 Amelia St. To win the award the girls must have served effectively in their home, community and school. Only 41 such degrees were awarded throughout the state this year. Some 700 FHA girls, sponsors and guests attended the ceremony. The leadership camp will close Saturday. Among those from the area at \ the ceremony were: Miss Irm/e j Liebig, an Alton High teacher, Mrs. McKelvey and Mrs. Pierson. Victoria Shaw To Wed Actor Roger Smith HOLLYWOOD Wl — Australian actress Victoria Shaw, costar of "The Eddie Duchin Story," and actor Roger Smith will be married Saturday. They met in a drama class shortly after she arrived from Australia. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" Slort 804-06 E. Broadway—in the East End WASHABLE CASUALS $ 4 99 Re*. SA.95 O White e Rrfgr O Blnrk fc Slips 4 to 9 i SCOOP Kp K- $Mfi Nationally Known 99-99 Just Received WASHABLE CASUALS. Sizes 5 to 10 * 10.95 Men's Sample Oxfords 4,9b, 6.96 60 Prs, Reg, $2,95 Children's <|J STRAPS & OXFORDS 1 $1.50 and $l.ff Broken Sized 20,000 PAIRS Men's, Women's t Children's SAVE If UPTO 2• SHOES Pierce, of 2326 Central, who resides in' Pontiac, Mich, also was an honored guest at the party. Miss Tiemann will return to Texas, and Miss Doyan to Michigan, Saturday. Those attending were: Patricia Hanlon, Mary Jane Kunz, Peggy Cambron, Carol Silleland, Sylvia Schwartz, LaVonne Sanders, Sherry Tierney. Miss Blunk was assisted in serving by her mother, Mrs. William R. Blunk, and Mrs. Pierce. S ROYS, 10, NABBED FILCHING IN STORE Three boys, atxmr 10 years old, were caught in the act of shoplifting a pair of swim trunks at the Milton Variety Shop, at 1106 Milton Rd., Thursday afternoon. One of the boys was found to have the trunks rolled up and trying to hide them close to his body, Mrs. Ralph Joehl, who operates the shop with her husband, said. ' No charges will be pressed this time, Joehl said, because of the youth of the boys* This was the second time the Joehls had caught boys in the act of shoplifting within two months ago. The boys were picked up later by Alton police. One of the boys in the incident Thursday gaie a fictitious name, Joehl said. Joehl said the shoplifting problem in Milton has been growing serious in recent months and "someone will have to be made an example of." | SNAKE MAKES COMMOTION WITHOUT WIGGLING ONCE A snake can make its m-esence 4cnown-in-a lot of ways Asides just being thetie, or shaking a rattle or something, a businessman who resides in Upper Alton can tell you. This snake was a resident of the northern plains states until he arrived under less than orthodox circumstances in Alton. An Upper Alton youth is on a ranch up in that area working out the summer as a "hand." A few days ago he was mowing hay when he spotted this bull snake sunning itself. It took an unusual joining of circumstances here to make the rest of the yarn possible. Bull snakes are not inclined to move when they .are sunning, and this boy was one of those curious humans who is fond of snakes. He stopped the mower and picked the snake up, put it in a sack. This boy likes snakes, but he has a brother in Upper Alton who would walk a mile to stroke the cold, scaley hide of one. So the ranch hand brother put this bull snake in a box for shipment. It Happened that the fellow who owned the ranch was driving to Alton that weekend so he was given the box for delivery, with the added information that snakes have a kind of odor when they are in an enclosure, sjch as an automobile. So this fellow drove the hundreds of miles to Alton with the boxed snake and this rather noticeably reminder to his nose that the snake was .there. In Alton he met the father of the boy and told him about the snake. The father took the box to his office, closed the door so if the snake got out he wouldn't tour the building. Several hours' later he returned to the tightly-closed room to be met by a veritable wall of "snake smell." He knew a little more about snakes than the fellow who drove several miles with this one. A happy reptile does not smell that way. He opened the box and the bull snake, of course, had chased his last bull, if that's what they do for a living. The businessman called the son who loved snakes so much, had him remove the dead reptile from the box and discard it, sprayed the office with some kind of odor-kill and went home for the day. AiniToRoutKids, Godfrey Cops Do Rescue Instead GODFREY — Special Deputies Cliff Lee and John Hessel were called to rout youths from railroad property at the end of the Big Arch road Thursday night and it turned into a rescue job. Two young couples had gone into the heavily wooded and brushy area before dark and at nightfall couldn't find their way out, the deputies reported. A half dozen paths in the isolated area confused them and they had to be led out by the police. The deputies reminded area residents that parking or walking on the railroad property was illegal; They have been called there frequently to rout people, especially young people. 4 They said they intended to place charges against the next trespassers in that area. Tourists visiting Spain in 1955 totaled 2,522,000, with the French predominating. 104 Years— /ewe/ers fa Alton PROMPT DELIVERY... NO EXTRA CHARGE We welcome your telephone orders. 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