The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 4, 1914 · Page 8
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The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 8

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 4, 1914
Page 8
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' V l !; THE FORT WAYNE JOURNAIGAZETTE SUNDAY MORNINO, OCtOitSV. f:toresSiestoFs I Styles Approved by New York's Most Renowned Fashion Critics Are shown in ample variety to make your selections an easy matter. Couple the importance of the values with the elegance 'of the modes, fabric and color richness, and you will find your interests served besT: by shopping here. ! Tailored Suits, Coats, Dresses and Waists . 15.00, 17.50, 18.50 and 19.75 Give You a Selection of a Splendid Range of New Fall Suits Which Are Positively the Best Values Procurable First! The good quality fabric, consisting; of mannish and French serges, broadcloth, gaber' dine,, crepe poplin and cheviot. Second t The .mart styles, following in close touch with the line, and effect, of the higher priced models. Thirdt The "building up" of - these suits to our .pecial requirement., faultless tailoring and workmanship and good linings. FIVE BEAUTIFUL NEW FALL SUIT STYLES, LONG COAT MOpELS . . . , 22.75 One handsome fur - trimmed model, the others showing various other trim ming schemes. Poplin, crepe poplin, cheviot, gabardine, wool ottamon, fancy worsted. All showing the Redingote or Russian effects, elegantly tailored and silk lined. Ctimp.ri.on will find favor for each model from the most critical the price give, you wonderful value. SEVEN SPECIAL SUIT VALUES IN TO - MORROW'S OFFERING AT The most .tunning model, the price ever bought Seven of th. newest New York creation, in broadcloth, poplin, crepe poplin, mannish serges, French serge, gabardine, combination brodtil fabric and broadcloth - in color, and black. One of the model, i. exceptionally handsome; it has a vest of embroidered velvet,, this trimming effect is also carried out on collar and cuffs. The material i. a very fine chiffon broadcloth. , 29.75 $27.50 A BROADCLOTH MODEL AT Also a new arrival and one of the smartest "Russian effect" style.. The coat show, the new tuck and shirr effect around waist line; also the latest high stand - away collar. The broadcloth i. of the fine lustrous quality and the lining of an unusual fine grade of peau de cygne. A Very Smart New - Coat Dress at This pretty model is made of fine wool crepe with the sleeveless coat of fine velvet. The Russian tunic i. open at front and is laid in pleats. A very effective model. MOST STUNNING HIGH - flCO Cft CLASS SUIT pD.DU 1. one of a combination of velvet and broadcloth. The coat, which is of velvet, is a novel short' model on which martin fur, contrasting .hade of panne velvet and beautiful .ilk ornaments are effectively employed. The pleated Russian tunic of the skirt i. of imported chiffon broadcloth with the bottom of velvet. aaaHF yQlLX ttfi f ,111 Iratfl W1 fill ii'SlHlI'M lilM lilt fi tfilBf W m fli' pw MIS The Charming Lines of the New Blouses A gathering await, you this week of score, of models with Really perfect lines. Some wide open l.pel. at the throat, other, have the roll collars, many daintily edged with ruffles, other, with waist lines below normal carrying out the new "basqirb" idea. They are carried .out in el the daintiest fabric of silks, messaline, lingerie, lace, .ill. crepe, ana neu A New Shipment of Pretty White Blouses, Rear. SI .50 Val.. Go On Sale To - morrow . . A collection of the newer designed model, made Irorn sheer Dausie. Among them is a .mart .tyle with a pique vest, another a beautifully embroidered creation, another a new Surplice model showing the new simulated collar and deep revere effect. Our dollar assortment of waist, contain, the best values. A Wonderful Collection of Pretty New Blouses: Regularly $5: Special at. .... , A collection of fifteen style consisting or blouses for street wear or tor fancy dress. The materials are taffeta, in plain and stripes, chiffon, all - over laces, net, crepe de chine and messaline silk. This assortment includes several new basque models. They come in white and dainty light .hades; also the new Fall colors. We feature this price to give, the greatest values and be.t assortments. - x neu 1.00 3.75 Roman Striped IT ff Silk Blouses.... 0.UU Selecting the quality of fabric to be used a. well as the style design, we were enabled to have produced an exceptionally smart and pretty blouse of Roman striped chiffon taffeta silk which comes in a range of color effects. It ha. a plain messaline collar, and long sleeve, with the new" deep cuff. 5.95 A Line of Silk Blouses at. . . . A - range of .tyle. and fabric black all - over lace of white foundation, all black lace and net, messaline silks, taffetas in stripes and plain, plain and striped crepe de chine; Blouse of straight line effects or the new basque models. They come iri white, black and a full range of colors and tints. 15.00 New Russian Style Dresses at. 19.75 Full Russian style with very deep tunic, low waist line and wide girdle; large collar, set - in sleeves. A correct copy of the Russian peasant style and one that shows the unusual in value. A Beautiful Basque Model. 12.50 Fine messaline .ilk, elaborate shirred girdle, bodice shirred, long sleeves, low neck opening. Pretty in style and good in quality. A New Dress Model, at ... . 16.75 Chiffon taffeta .ilk with sleeveless coat effect of velvet, which) is carried out at back jn long tab and ash effect. Russian tunic m .25.00 PRETLIEST NEW VELVET DRESSES . Shown in several .mart new creations, showing the wonderful possibilities of Combinations with messaline silk and application of embroidering in braid. They are wonderful in beauty and reflect real value for the price. A NOBBY NEW PLAID 1f 7C COAT AT ,..., U. I 0 It i. of rough .hod cloaking and shows an effective back and front belt effect finished with large buttons. It can be buttoned close up at the neck or be Worn open with revere effect Most attractively priced. BROADTAIL FABRIC COATS, AT For actual; beauty, service and warmth this garment i. the heighth of value. A large plush collar, and a wide girdle effect of plush below the normal waist line give a rich finish. 16.75 tllatk A NOVEL COAT OF ZIBELINE AT 22.50 "HEADY TO WEAR STnr JIOUZW - BerruSttTWO BtOmmcSSst This fabric is brought out in novelty mesh in colors gray, green or brown. A fancy back, crushed, belt effect at front and velvet piping add to the rich - OQz4FQs?(6h(CF CCpSQsgtfPqPQss t End of All Kingdoms in 1914,'Millennial Dawners 25 - Year Prophecy According to theCalculations of Rev. Russell's "International Bible Students," This Is the "Time of Trouble" Spoken of by - the Prophet Daniel, the Year 1914 Predicted in the Book, "The Time Is at Hand." "Ia view of this strong Bibls evi dence," Rev. Russell wrote in 1889, Mws consider It sn established truth that the final end ot th. kingdoms ot this world and th. full establishment ot th. Kingdom of God, will bs accom plished by th. end ot A. D. 1914." But Jt will pot be accomplished, h. point ed out., until after a "time of troubl. such as never was sine, there was . nation.' In 189 he wrot. his book, "Th. Day of Vengeance," now circulated under th. tltl. "The BatU. of Armageddon." In, which bs outlined from alleged Scriptural authority. Just what tills universal war would b. and who would constltut. th. "army ot the lord." "Can It be," h. asked, that ths people ot God, who. are filled with hi. spirit, shall accomplish th. great work of overthrowing the kingdom, of this world by tb. preaching of th. Gospel? Would that It, might b. so! Bat ths Scriptures shown, that, such will not be the, caa. It Js evidently hot th. saint who are to constltut. th. Lord', great army, referred to by th propb - etc Tb. army ot th. saints Is but llttl. flock i whtl. bar. Is th. Bible'.description of this armyi "A great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like; neither shall be any more after It, area to tb. years of many generations. A Or ! - ,T"HAT the Bible foretell, th. war tf 1 lilt will doubtless seem lucredl - tl. to millions of well - read people to. day. That It distinctly point, out th yerr date ot tb. war, that it declares unmistakably that the war of 1911 will b nor. widespread and disastrous than any otber oonfllct la history, in volving all th. leading world powers and marking th. complete destruction of all thl. will leeem too fantaatle to ths worldly via. .Tea to merit InvesU - catlon. But that th. Blbl. does stat all this ha. been Uught by hundred, of travel ling srangelUU la America for a qusr. ter of a century. It aa .tea neraiaeu la millions of book, and pamphlets. No attempt at secrecy ha been made and there has bees no resorf to Strang., amblruoua phrases. - Look out for Hit!" has been th. .. ... . Af tratihla such as Barer w .inc. tber. w a aaUoa." ThU "? ' " J - - U T I Th. .rmle. oa which they aspen - roehacy of Daniel ha. been IdenU. btod 0!"lt "! 7", for ...,... h. ,.. th. ',.. beaten track do they go forward; and they pass through between warlike .capons, and Changs not their purpose. 'Into the city they hasten forward, they shall run upon the wall) they shall climb Into the houses; through the windows they make their entrance like a thief. The earth shall quake bsfo x them; th heavens shall tremble; th sun and ths moon shall b. dark and the .tars shall withdraw their rhlnlng And the lord shall utter his voice before hi army; for his camp Is tery great; for be Is strong that executetb his word; for th. day of th. Lord Is great and vary ter rible, and who can .bid Itr " (Joel It, i 11.) This, these Bible student, hare bees claiming since 1196, Is a Scriptural description of the army which was to overrun th. earth In 1914. But where was there such an armyt In the asms hook Rer, Russell speculated on ths subject and reached two very definite conclusions. First, this description did not apply to any undlsctpllnsd mob. Second, thsr. was so llttl. tlm. for th prophecy to b fulfilled that tb army must, even then, bars keen forming somswhere. Ths author did not declare It as an absolute certainty, but reasoned that the great army whlcn waa to destroy th nation, was the very army already being recruited by things are an Indication that, In the crisis approaching, ths armed and disciplined host, et Christendom may turn their power against the authorities that called them Into being." Not the German army as such, and not the armies ot th. other nations, the strange old Bible student pointed out, would wreak this universal devasta tion. It would b an "army of the Revo lution," an army wlrlch should recog nise son of th existing governments. although probably trained for it work by them. And It real mission would b. not the conquest of one nation by another but th. annihilation ot all. These generalltlea, it must b. said, ers not rsdlclly different from the view - wlth - alarm speeches constantly emitted by statesmen, and by th. edi torial, in coaserratlT journal.. But to s.y thst th troubl must culmlnat la 1914 that was peculiar. For some struge reason, pernans oecauss nev, Russell has a very calnt higher - maths - matlcs style of writing Instead of flam boyant soap box manners, the world in general has scarcely taken him Into account Two years ago be orote: "For forty year, the Armageddon force. have been mustering tor both sides of the great conflict. Strikes, lockouts and riot. bar. been merely Incidental skirmish as th. belligerent, cross each other', paths. The lines of battls are dally becoming mors distinctly marked. Nevertheless, Armageddon can not yet be fought. Gentile times have still two years to run." And la 1914 came war, ths war which everybody dreaded, but which everybody, thought could not really happen. Rev., Russell 1 not .ylng "I told you sol" and h Is not revising the prophecies to suit tb. current history, H. and hi. students ar. content to wait - to wait until October, which they figure to be the real end of 1914. By that time. It Is believed, the realignment (will hare taken place; the troops wl'l I have deserted their former banners a Asm. burnetii th. land Is as tb J If .d" " Mr',,tttat ft,lr M ed by these .vengellst. a. "Th. "'n ,hlU ""i? " T'.f tb. commoa peopl Tb... million. JN W9 M w .,., i - M.a.i - (ham la ass wka tmev.. W MW lWlAWWIi 19V.V, (UCH Will 1Q UK .y ot Wrath." tb. - Battl. of Arm ""' V " Lf """' 'of discipline warrior, h.v. wtvs. and IT... am.. Tim. f irL" and c horses; and as horsemen so ....,.. ... ... .v . geddoo," "Tb. Tim. of th. Lord." and ths so - called "Bad or the woria, - reference, to which fairly All th. Scrip - lures. And wit all th. warnings tb. date 1914 baa been definitely set, net by any arbitrary - claims of seersLIp but by tb. statement that a cartful study of lb. Blbl. reveals that data ietlr. Tet lUr. Chart.. T. Buw.ll ha. beea propounding this interpretation of th. Scriptures .Inc. UT4. Tb. Intern, tional Blbl. Student, somstlmes de. rlslvely call "MWenlal Pawners," Vr. bis followers. sons sad daughters and brothers and sisters and friends In thelrsnksvt ths common people, with whose Interests their own r linked. Their service ot thrones and kingdom is secured, onj by ImperstlT orders, snd msds endurable by a remuneration which thav are - oerore weir lacs ins people snail be fast coming to consider no satisfactory much palasd; ail faces .hall gather compensation for the hardships and blackness. They .hall run liks mighty 'privation they and their families must men, they shall climb the wall Ilk. men undergo, not to mention perils to life shall they run. Like th. noise of chariots on ths tops of tb. mountain, (kingdom.) shall they leap; like the nolae of a flame of fire that devoureth the etubbl. . . strong people set la battle array. of war; and they ahall march every ope on hi ways, and they shall sot break their ranks, and they do not press on .nother j .very on on - hi and limb and health and fortune. Tear by, year these armed boats ar. becoming more and more Irritated snd dissatisfied with their lot Alt ot thes l'mmssa j(4 I " - Stjssr ill li jr v. . .cii.n.r 1 1 V v ;'"" 7i iit"" ., A , .ii xCiNfjl i til. ill ill! nil ThU chart, printed by the Inter national Bible Student. Association fiitecn year afo, identified the year 1914 aa the scriptural "time of trouble." in which the greatest .war of history would be foug - ht. The chart i Intended to represent the whole "Plan of the Ages" aolely through interpretation cf Bible propheciea. and will hare plungea Into the universal war of classes; the naUons will be tumbling headlong into anarchy; our most cherished Institutions wlU fall to rise no more. Tb United States w.111 h no exception, and. In some ways, may suffer worse than Europe. But how can any one claim that Ire year 1914 I. designated in the Bible! It waa a monumental calculation, a the most sceptical of unbeliever, fill agree. The discoverer started on the sasumptlon that every verse la the Bible Is true and agrees with every other verse, and that Jvea Biblical chronology was divinely supervised. And there must have been soms dlvire reason, he Vas sure, for every seemingly Irrelevant text, Even this; "Ma - halaleel lived etity - flvo years and begat Jsred " To made . long story short, he read tb whole list of Old Testament "be. gats," and totalled up the year, fron th. day that Adam wa. created to th Urn. whea "Noah was 600 year, old and th. flood of water, was upon th. earth." - It came to 1.651 years. A easily, be discovered that it was 427 years frord ths end of the flood to th covenant with Abraham, St. Paul and si. Stephen, In the New Testa, ment, furnished the next clue that Just 430 years to a day slapaed between the covenant with Abraham and the departure of th Children of Israel from Egypt With much mors difficulty', but still depending oa Bible chronology, b learned that ths period from th Exodus to th. division ot Canaan was forty - alg years, the period of the Judge. 450 years, tb. period of th. Kings til years, and th. period ot the "Desolation of Israel" seventy years. Beyond that Biblical chronology did not seem to go. But th. date of th. restoration, la lbs first year of Cyrus, seemed well authenticated la secular history, This was tit B. C The commonly accepted biblical chronology has placed tb dat ot the birth ot Jeeus as B, C 4. By a resort to astronomy and tb. known tlm. of certain Rev. Russ.ll disputed this chronology, based upon th statements of josephus, and figured that there was a discrepancy ot only on iyear and three month. In the calendars - . - . ...... w.. BCtuaiiy DorB )n Qcto. ber, EC1 Br this VM - lrnnfn rv... bar, 1914, is seen to be 1,820 year from u suo, in year when Israel became desolate and tha "Tlm.. .i .v. .. Ules" began. Right here readers win .. . that alLof ua didat ii,. - . - . I- . M,. ,U4 JgJ Lord threatened Israel In Lsrlticus losi, u ipey would not hearken unto Him, he would punish them seven Umes. Now, la th Blbl. said Eev. ereno Husseii. - time" used In tbb sense of a m. .v.. ... eral or symbolic If literal, a lunar year ot 350 days Is meant;. If symbolic, each dar r ... ..X In the literal year Is mad to represent, a year, and a armV.1l. 'time" Is S60 Years. s.v. ,t.. would come to J.5J0 years. At the ume or eacn prophecy, he Bald, It H Imposslbl to tell wh.ih.r . 11...I1 -a flguraUv meaning I Intended; but me ja jnai Israel was not punished Just seven years, was in . - k.i. capUve en different occasion, tor mucn longer periods, proves that tb symbollo Interpretations must be to!, lowed. Therefor, th "Time, of th. ' OenUles" must close In October, IJlt, .ltbough ib. Urn. ot troubl. may ex - W. IV 9U. Every oerlod In ih. ......j.. ... . ... - .vvn suaiujy was examined by (hi. uui. .... they all brought bim to the earn '.on. ciusion. - jney also convinced hint that tb. .econd comin m,i. . spiritual preaence, occurred In Qcto oer, j7. just .ix thousand yean from the day that Adam was expelled from Paradise. The period since 18T4 has beea the "harvest" In which Jesus ha been preparing bis saint for their coming reign with Him and blesslag wim prospsruy me unheeding world which baa rushed oa to Its own destruction. This Is the "Mystery which ha been) bid from age and from generation; but Bow mad manifest to th. saints." However, It Is not .Ions to th. salnta that th. "Mlllenlal Dawner.1 ar. as - pealing. For all thoss who ere got saints, they .ay. will soon be give a perfect world to llye In. and a thou - sand year, of wondrous opportunity, It' "t iwjr -

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