The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 7, 1932
Page 4
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PACE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS .TRB COURIER NSW6 OO, PUBLISHERS O. B. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Adverting Miluger " tote JUUoeJU Advertising Representatives: 'Arkiuu DiUlles, inc., Ner Yortt, Chic«|o, Detroit, St. Louie, Dillis, Kanu* city, Uttle published .Everjr Afternoon Except Sunday. Inttrtj u second class matter at the post pUlce »t BJytlwvUIe, Arkansas, under act ol Ccnpeo October 9, 1917. Berv*4 tii pie United Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES . Py carrier In the city of Blyllicvillc, 15c r*r *'K]t or M.&O per year in advance. By mall within » radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per J»tr, H*3 for six months, 85c for three months; by mall In pottal zones two lo six, Inclusive, |<.50 per year, In zones seven imd eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. t Price Civilization? A returning traveler from the far- off South pacific-landed, in San Fran- ' clfico the other day with news of Or. Frederick Hitter and Knui Hilde Koer- win, formerly of Berlin, who have uei'n living a Robinson Crusoe existence on a remote little i.-land in the GidupiUfos group for the past two years, and are still quite liappy about if. : I'hey told him that they have no intention of (jnilting their tiny para- djso, of which they are the sole inhabitants, and that they expect to live to be 100 years old in the contentment and solitude that is theirs. They have established their home in a rude open- air shack among the trees and live very comfortably, since the equatorial ^ clirnate never varies. Jt is difficult to understand why Dr. Jlifter, once a prominent licrlin pby- sician, and his pretty married nurse (utidivorccd, by tlie way) should choose to give up civilization and hie off to a far corner of. the world to live like Adam and Eve on a tiny island all to themselves. But why worry over trying to understand it? It is .entirely their own affair. . * * * Yet, one cnn't help believing that Dr. Hitter and his companion are just as happy as they say they are. They may have lost a lot of the attractions that civilization has to offer, but likewise *> they have gained a lot—for^.ciyili/ii- . tjon, after all, has its price/feyf/' ''" Far from the world's beaten path, .they have escaped many things. They . have no nosey neighbors eiiger to pry into their affairs, or always ready to bother by borrowing sugar or coffee; if Dr. Rittor chooses to come home slightly tipsy at night (although goodness only knows where lie would be coming from) he need not worry, because there is no one to see him; he is free from worries about pay cuts or losing his job, never bothered by thoughts of the depression, immune from having to crawl out of bed and hustle off to work when the alarm clock rings in the morning, never troubled with the problem of paying bills on the first of the month, exempt from both bouse rent and taxes, never lias to listen to the weary speeches of politicians or read about the scandals of Hollywood movie stars. Fran Koerwin lias her freedom, loo. She doesn't have to worry about try- OUT OUR WAY ing- to uiiikc ends incut in running tli« household, washing dirty dishes, gelling ready for bridge parlies, re-miik- ing hist year's dress to conform with the new full styles or entertaining bore- Home guests who drop in at tlie most' inopportune lime.s and .stay much longer than they are wanted. Yes, there's M lot to lie .saitl iu'l'itvur of a .solitary existence on ii (lo.-ei't island. So much .so, in fael, it's liable lo make one wonder when the next boat leaves for tbii South Sea.s and ilO\V ll)llrj)) || ticket COSl.S. Culton. Free Speech Still Supreme President Hoover deserves commendation for the prompt iniumei- in which he ordered the reinstatement of Hen H. KCMT, a World \Var velerun and clerk in the postoffice at (Jury, lnd., who had been liral iiy a politically- minded PoslolVice Depai'lment for; daring- to express his personal approval of tile soldiers' lionns in a manner contrary to the views of the administration. Air. Kerr, as you doubtless read, introduced a resolution in favor of the bonus at a niecliiifj of his local American Legion post. All this happened after bis day's work at tin- -poston'ice was done, mid it is very clear that he acted 1 merely in his capacity as a private citizen. He was dismissed on it Ilim-sy charge that lie had violated a rule which prohibits gnvernniunt em- ployes from "playing politics". If II r. Kcrr's dismissal had been permitted to stand it would have set a precedent that would have mu/zled the free speech of every employe in the government service. Unless he cared to risk losing his job, no government'' employe could have dared to express his personal opinion on the bomt.-, prohibition or any other national |issne —if such personal opinion run' con-- trary to tile views of lite administration. Nothing could have been more regrettable, 01- more unjust, in a land where freedom of speech is our oldest and most cherished tradition, the,right of which is guaranteed hy our Constitution. mwm I Eot quite u thrill from b^lng wav <i]i m Ihc air on the Empire Elate building. H is very, very lilyh. —Captain James A. Mollison, trans-Allanlic flyer. I My linn conviction Is that if widespread cnijcn- ic reforms are not adopted during the neiil 100 years or so. our western civllizalion is ir.evi'.iibly destined lo fiich :i slow and gradual ili'cny a.s that which hns been experienced in (lie |mt of every great ancient civilization. --Ur. Cliaiii-s D. Uavenpor:. president ot the Tliinl ln;erna- tlonal Congress or Eugenics. t t * Wise people. «hlle [wcinc. In- forever vigilant. —Mouanl Herriot, prime minister ol France. M * * Mere wishing will not revive biisliu^s <::• i-oin- merce. — Louis Waldrnan. Socialisl. candidate for governor ol New York. By Williams I UUt-m 1M \AIOOO BOV ! 00 SEE. iKiTO MOOR PAMT GET eONvE.TH |K -lCr IMTD -Ti\«T BOX 1»LYT«EV1LI,E. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS ii' ' * • ' ;=rf^ , ..... , ( —- THIS CURIOJJS WORLD ~ Afi£ MING EdUIPPEO NNiTM fAFfry wives TO 8LOATIN6. ONUV A FI=W will carry such recognized Repub- .Ican slates as Pennsylvania, Maine, Vermont, Michigan, Wyoming and Delaware. * • • Majority | n Doubt A majority of electoral votes, although some may now. ' seem more likely to ui one way tKan the other, can be' regarded as Ih'doubt Piull more evidence is available. How great (lie doubt sometimes tecomes among Ihe master minds Is Indicated by the. instance when, after Democratic Manager Jim Farley had publicly conceded Hoover's hcine state of California (o Ihe Republicans, Candidate Roosevelt ojlowed that It wag real fighting ground and tliat he was going out there with the Intent of putting It In the bag. ENURGtD TO HUMAN SIZE.' AND rrS.-,7TRIN6TH INCREASED PPOPOftTlONATUX IT COULD HCM. OtXClf /2O 78W<£ Thousands cf cattic.uie every year, from bloat, bin once the farmer his cows wlllr safety valves," he need no longer worry about sscs from this source. Tlie valve Is inserted on the left side of the limal, between the hip bone and the last rib. The opening is through ic skin, abdominal muscles and peritoneum, into the first stomach, 'hen an excess amount of B ns is termed, the pressure releases a ball live, and the gus escapes. NEXT: What president drans a s»Ury of $2 a month? lharacter of Blood Important Factor in Medical Treatment GERMANS TIIBOW IN JUSKBVES On Sept. 1, 1918. allied forces continued their advance oil a 50-mile [ront In northern France. In places, their net gain was as much as five miles, although the total B round retaken during the day's fight did not match that recovered during the previous day. German resistance stiffened not* iccably as the tried Iroops reached the positions front which their great offensives of March and May had been launched. Fresh German forces, numbering nearly 250.000, had been in reserve on thf Hlndenburg line, and the presence of these soldiers lent » new intensity to the fighting. One of a squadron of German warships cruising off the Island o; Ameland ran Into a mine and sank. British aiiirtanes bombed the German munition and chejpical plants at Mmmheim. SIDE GLANCES By George Carlj BV I)lt. MOKRIS FISHBE1X i Thus, although it Is not yet pos- clilur, Journal (if the jsiblc to say that a certain man Is and cif :thc father of a certain child, it has become possible in some instances lo show that a certain man could not possibly be the father of n ul pcrsonnl. it Is the character nf I certain child. The method also is" e hood. Everyone knows, of the I of value in certain cases of crime Jdnl tests that can be performed J In showing whether blood stains determine (he presence of. tlis-] are human blood stains or whether se, such as the Wassermanii;tcsi, they are those of a chicken a rab- Mrdbal As£«Hition, Ilysrb the llrnlUi Magazim- If there is any one feature of the iman uccly that Is distinctive cod counting, nnd determination the red coloring matter. Few jicoplc know, however, atom bit. a monkey or of some other species. ?w iicoplc know, however, atom It has been shown by numerous more .rtelicnte reactions such, as \ investigators in all parts of- the -c Involved wlion the fluid matter: world that many of thise qualities the bloori of one person is mixed , of tile blood .ire inherited. Tiie Uh the red cells of the Wood ui | Invesligators inye examined speci- wther. Under such circiiinstiinces mens of blood tfiten from uli of the Crickets Tell Blind Scientist Temperance ROCHESTER, N. H. (UP)—Dr. Edwin B. Frost, former director f Yerlces observatory at Williams >y, Wis., is blind, but he claims be able to tell the temperatuie Knout human aid. He merely listens lo a cricket, he number of cliirps given byitie -iwct. Ip 13 seconds, piu$ 42, is i* i wet temperature of the la« • where the cricket sings; Dr. Proet: says. The blind astronomer visited e»- Hampshire recently to "view" total eclipse of the sun thnugh he eyes ol relatives. unetiines the mixing takes plncc Hhout linim. but in other cases members of vjr.uus .'umiiics fhd from people Df vorlotu -vaces. ic red cells may be dimmed to-1 As, a result of !hes« stutUis it is olhcr in what is called ngglutiua- on or In other instances they may e dissolved, described by tlic word ysls". There aie. fnrtliei-more, tests lilch involve precipitation, which leans that blood which loaks clear ttldcnly becomes thick :|i-,ii cloudy t'Cause of -.( reaction itmr .Jias iken jilace due to some change'' These delicate tests \\itli the locd now form the basis of num- rons Important actions for the dl- ynosis of disease, for the deter- lination of v.hether or not it is ate lo do a bicod transfusion, for elermininj the race from wlilch ti Individual springs, nni] finally, Ithough it is not yet fully csUb- Ishcd, for dctci-mlnlng paternity. now jiosslble to say detl.iitely ; tl:at the Wood groups ate inhrrfe-lafKi tbal they folloiv 'he mcndclliui laws cf heredity as c!om|na:its. in most .'nsUincfS. Tiie use of these les'.» to dclu'r- mine paternity has alr>M-j? been admitted by the rouvlA iri some cnuntries. The most rccmt case occin-rcd in Dublin in Jim. 25. 1932, when a farmer EucccssfiifiJ apixalcd against a djcision lliat hart been made figainst hi n after a Mate palholo.'ist. 'h-c.o nnci legal i-cprcsciit.iiivcji wire pic-scnl at a tist of tte blood of ll.c farmer and of tlie (hiW in question, \vliich . provcj ttin: IIUMI could not IK th« iv.xr cl Hie chiiri. BEHIND THE SCENES IN" WITH )1V UODXKY DLTCim; XKA Service Writer WASHINGTON— Trying to figure nit at this time cf year which iresiriential candidate is uo::ig ' to vin just which electoral votes'is a alhcr silly performance, bm whst if it? There Is even some perfect!*- goad evidence that it is a rel.ilively silly miiicfs almost any old lime. One ecalls that in the last week or so cf the 1928 campaign some of the nest expert and experienced Democratic politicians were talking very seriously about (not merely su?- fi?s(ing> the possibility ol carrying lor Al Snillh such Kcpublicau states ns Iowa and Pennsylvania. And wasn't it Dr. Hiiljm Work niusclf. chaiiiwin of the Jirnubli- nallttiia) committee-, who publicly conceded the loss of Texas \nd ether .•-oiithern stales which Heaver sub.>co_uontly won? ' ' ' I Hie "Surse nf Hope" The party which is gf.'.K lo lose Hie election almost Invanably ex-' pcrier.ces a snree ol hope in the !nsl t\io or Hires weeks before elects™. 1'otsibiy yon remember the ')ic "swlii? to Cox" Jim before the ten me Republican landslide of ip^'0. Even alter ti:e voles arc co.mlcd :'.;e realities are not always plain LO the rtelcaled faction. As aslute a politician as he is—or was—Al Smith has been reminding us since 1PJ8 ihnt a few hundred" tliousand votes. "proiKrly distributed." would have changed his defeat into victory. lie did 1,01 ,ip].-c,n- to roinembcr ;r. li-sli/i- ti!;it the .same had been ^ cr mlslit II.HT been Mid by ni<K( =i'- dlici; i!: Iralcil.- IXniutratic s'.aiid- U JHl-beoievs ;ot. the- past nml Hial two or three of Ihcm had lost out oil the electoral count even alter winning popular vote pluralities. What with these evidences ot the fallibility ol politicians and tne fact their predictions arc never likely to be conscious underestimates, one Is at least justified in nsscrting that 5tatc-by-statc prognostications and the study of them at this stage of (he campaign ts merely a mi]d form of amusement • • • litre's the Way (o Do It The more cagey political oiiscrv ers. consequently, confine them selves to stating certain very ob vioia facts and reporting the estl males olhers in or on Ihc sideline: of Hie political business who arc willing lo compute. That's oneway to keep readers from arguing will yon now or giving you the razz berry later on. Unfortunately, your correspond cut cannot M this time report an obvious facts that have only re ccntly Income obvious and whicl may lx> described as brand The old ones, v.-htch still persist are chiefly: There are more states general! regarded as "doubtful" than in an recent campaign. The Democrat have opened their campaign wit more assurance than usual and th Republicans'with less, although the Democrats are not »t cockily con fidcni as they were several month, ago and the Republicans ure no as depressed. Much deiwuds, as you lisvc doubt less heard until you wisH peopl would stop bothering to mention I en tiie extent, if any. to »hlc biiiiiiesi improves. TlK Ocmocfai are iJll-.ef certain of carrying II 11.) i'li-i-luii-1 vulcb ul UK- i-ull south and Hoover undoublertli "But, Mrs. Martin, do you understand the fundamental theory of preparing vegetables?" . ; :ll CHURCH EXCUSES :Bjr Gtortt W. I feel tliat I have. Just cause lo | reported them • somewhat under* proclaim myself the happiest woman in this.whole community tor all Is well with the three things I love most of all. To start with, I still maintain leadership In our club though some would-be leaders tried to put me out. Then i learn that my church has a n«w pastor that all the members are crazy about.and that the attendance is Increasing- every Sunday. Then last (and I suppose-I should Bay not least) in meeting the requirements of the .Board of' Edp- catlon I sent the maid with Sister and Junior to have the doctors look them.over and get them ready for school. I am so thanjc- ful that they will not have to spend more than three or four days in the hospital. 'One ftoct,or weight on the'account of ImproiwJ nourlslunent. This I don't Vsi Heve for :r have always • bieen «riij ful to Instruct the maid and cyjfc to *w trat'they had plenty: oj wholesome food. I . tritrik tlii report was.made for spite as thji doctor's vtife at one time wavja member of our Saturday Nt'jbt club and I found it. necessary to put her; in.her place. I thlni -I for have .the. board rembre h'ip this could not happen < if children who have a mother that lovesi'-theriv ,as : I do 'and is careful to see .that they are p erly cared for: - • Read. Courier News VfiiBt Ads/,; • ••'.'- -• ' ' ; •.?:. ; -'iff Au bon marehe" . . through Advertising v? ' c? One of the largest department stores in-Par is-is named, "Au Bon Marche." Translated, it means."at a bargain—cheap." Actually, "an bon marche" indicates to the French what a true bargain does to Americans— fair-prices. When so many shops everywhere are full-of-merchandise on which the "price appeal" is prominent, it is necessary that the wise shopper insist upon .-products of, known value and proven merit. The,clock that will not keep time is hardly a bargain -at;any price. Foodstuffs and drug-store supplies-must contain pure ingredients and be prepared under hy- genic conditions, lest they become notonly cheap but dangerous. Wearing apparel at a mark-down -is only a snare and a lacks the-quality that will result in wear. Wise shoppers, these days, are refusing-substitutes, are weighing true worth against price appeal. They are.using the advertisements in this newspaper as a shopping guide. When a merchant advertises his vyares consistently, you may be sure that he is telling the truth about them. He could not afford to do otherwise, even if he so desired. When a manufacturer of national scope appeals to you through these pages, you can believe < and act upon his words. tf "Au bon marche." Today advertising points-the way to the only real bargains!

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