The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1950
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULT 10, 1950 German Refugees from Red Europe Launch Ambitious Political Program (ARK.) COURIER NEWS _ m Is First Set Out for Unified Action KIEL, Germany, July If). (AP) — German refugees from Communist Eastern Europe who showed themselves Sunday to be a strong potential political force In West Germany, today began an ambitions program. In parliamentary votlns yesterday^ they got nearly a quarter of the vote in the Schlcswig-HoLstein elections and won Ifi of the state parliament's 69 scats. There were 1,341,754 voles cast. H WHS the first time West Germany's 10.000,000 refugees hart an opportunity for concerted action. They showed they could be a co hesive force. Future Indicated Nearly 1,000,000 of them live- many In squalor—In this little North German state. West German observers watched their first test at the polls as an Indication of the iuture. Today Walclemar Kraft, first chairman of the Refugee Party (BHE), outlined a brief initial program. Kraft declared thai one of the first moves would-be to organize the refugee party on a West German federal republic level. This done, he said, the refugees voulri demand disolution of the rurrent federal parliament and new elections in which Hie refugee party would take an active part. No complete party platform lias been formally outlined by the' refugees, but their pre-election campaigning stressed these things. 1. Immediate equal sharing of the war burden in West Germany The West German parliament Is contemplating a law which w>~ distribute (he burden among persons financially able to bear it. 2. Quick creation of jobs for UIP riundreds of thousand* of unemployed refugee*. 3. A broad resettlement program to re-locate refugees into «tat*s which do not now have * concentrated population of refugees. 4. Recognition of official rishts 'such as pensions) tor those refugees who held public office before losing them to Nazis or Communists. Not mentioned on today 1 ! program by Kraft but prominent in refugee speeches In West Germany were demands for return of German territories given to Poland by Rasla. The refugees are particularly bitter and anti-Communist on the point of lost territories. The new group cut deeply into the strength of the established political parties. The left wing Social Democratic Party, which has governed Schleswiff-Holsteln for several years, lost its parliamentary majority. It received less than one- third of the vote. Rkht Wing Bloc Wins A right wing bloc—the Christian Democrat 1 !, FJee Democrats anil the German Party—won Jlrst place by pooling their strength behind the fame candidate* in each of the 46 electoral districts. The combine U similar to the right wing coalition federal government »l Bonn, and opposes the state's present socialist planned economy. Final official tabulation cnve tills division of the legislative seats: Right Wing Bloc, 31; Social Democrats, 18; Refugees, 16; south Schleswlg Voters Union, four. Some sources have predicted formation of a government coalition of Social Democrats, who favor socialist economic programs, and the refugees. The official tabula- tion, however, «av< them only M seats, less than a majority. There were indications that the pro-IHnUh Voters Union might throw Iti four vote* behind the right wing bkx, giving such a coalition M votes, or a bare majority. To Extend i'art.r There are some 1,000,000 refugees from East Germany crowded into Scli«les»'ig-Hols<eiu. Their leaders plan nn extension of their new party Into the neighboring state of Ixraer Saxony, also Jammed with the displaced, They also propose to spread Into the U.S. Zone stale PAGE THREB or Bavaria, which is filled with refugee Germans from areas now occupied fcy Poland and Ctecho- £lovakla. Many members ol the refugee party are homeles and Jobless. They based their campaign on complaints that the state and federal governments hnve not done enough to help the refugees. In the West German stale of Hesse, meanwhile, voters approved a constitutional amendment which may deprive the Communists of representation In llw legislature. The amendment authorizes Hie legislature to abandon thn proportional representation system anil opens the way to direct election contests In each district. hk St! this Mate a ieder";'" federal We're Proud of Our Work Machine work Manufacturing Woodwork Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Steel Company Plans Big Free Party To Celebrate Golden Anniversary ^By HAROU1 B. HARRISON' MIDDLETOWN. O.. July 10. I/I')— Here is the kind of birthday party you may have been looking for: The guest -perhaps 50,000 of them —don't have to bring any presents. Everything at the party Is free. That Includes the eats, the drinks nnd the entertainment, which will Include everything from tossing rings on canes to a wrestling snow and an aquacade. And the hosts anrt the fellow workers will do all the work. The party will be held here Wednesday to celebrate Armco Steel Corporation's 50th birthday anniversary. Host will be Armco arid Its em- ployes. Gnest will be anyone in Miridletown, and it.s • environs that wants lo attend. Armco will put on the party and the employes will serve the food and drinks and do the other jobs connected witli entertainment ot the, guest. Charles R. Hook. Armco's chairman, explained R tin's way: "We are Inviting everyone in Middletown to come to our party and help us celebrate our golden anniversary. Middletown has played a vital role in Armco's progress. "Because the city and our company have always worked together in a spirit of helpful cooperation. we should celebrate the occasion together." ' Just to give you an example of the kind of party it "ill be. here is the menu: 150,001) hot dogs (someone figured that would be 14 miles of hot dogs if laid end to end): 160,000 bottles of soft drinks; 150,000 ice cream bars: 20,000 boxes of cmckerjacks nnd I5D gallons of mustard. They'll civc away 10.000 balloons. There will be n carnival with H ferris wheel, merry-go-round, several other rides and the usual "skill" games such as tossing rings over canes. There will be a fireworks display and. if the guests still need more entertainment the hosts have arranged a three-match ' wrestling card that will Include such professional wrestlers as Tx>rd Blears and Billy Vcnable. The aquacade will have Bruce Harlan of Ohio Stnte University, champion Olympic diver, as Us star. It also will have a water ballet and rhythm swimming. Middletown's Sunset Park will be the scene of the Mammoth party. It v-;u -•<•>!-{, a t 1 p.m. and last unti 11 p.m. The National Geographic Society says that salt wells provided the chief income of Shaw nee town, III*A have grown together. CerUun.y 1 inois' oldest city, in its early days BUY and PRICES GO UP AUGUST 1 THE FINEST SIWERPLA SEE WHAT YOU CAN SAVE IF YOU ACT NOW gul 52. Piece Set (illustroted above) ...... $69.75 $74.50 6I-Piece Service for 8 .............. 79.50 87.50 Salad Forks ........ Set of 8 ........ 11.33 12.00 Iced Drink Spoons. ..Set 0(8 ........ 11.33 12.00 Butter Spreaders. .. .Set of 8 ........ 11.33 12.00 Savings on oiher Sefs and Open Slocfc Pieces W« have jvil received nolite that lk« pricci for Corr.munlty will advance on Auggtt 1. On all »U pur<!ioled bef&te l)m dote preienl pricrt yylH apply. Buy now ond lave on ony ot Communlty'i 5 lamou* pallernj. BUY NOW AND PAY AS LITTLE AS $1 WEEKLY n n r, i r i s Michigan's Governor i Basis for Plea for Jpping Prison Guard Pay IRONWOOD. Mich., July 10. W) — Michigan's Governor G. Mennen Williams pleads with vigor his case for better pay for prison guards-they helped save his life. The tall, 28-year-old governor was visiting the Marquette prison kitchen Saturday when three desperate convicts attempted to seize him at knifepoint as a hostage for their escape. His bodyguard. State Police Cpl. George Kerr, broke up the near riot by shooting the ring- lender who harl stabbed him lightly. A guard and a kitchen steward also were Injured. But the governor escaped unhurt. Wanted Exceptional Opportunity to earn Unlimited Commissions selling our complete line of major appliances at tremendous savings to our customers. Car is essential. For interview see Mr. Swanner any day this week at BlyHieville strl < 1 N.i SUU N Rf|M>rl of condition of Th« Fgrmen Bank & Tru*t Company ; A , ri " ln "«' " l lh « cl °s<> of busl, 1M , j un « W'xcH ™<1 operatic under the i „ member of the Federal Kewrvc System. erve ank of h IHstrlcl. llshe din ..* by A S S K T S Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance and cairn items in process of collcctlcu. United suites Government obligations, diiTct'Vn'rt ViiaYa.Heed Obligations of Slates nnd political subdivisions xmlameea Corporate stocks (including $18,01)0.00 .stock of Federal "rip' serve bank) ans and discounts (including SI.M0.3I overdrafts! Other "asKls^ " W " eCl $60 ' 000 - M| " lrlltur « ™d fixtures' Vl'.Oo!! 51,000.00 2,619.509.20 60,001.00 TOTAL ASSKTS .M.609,557.07 M A B I 1,1 T I K S Demand dcposils of individuals, partnerships, and corpora- 'of'imllvkllm^;;^ U " 1U ' d SI "' CS fiovcrnm( "" <">cludl»g postal M "' <) * (M ' TOTAL UAIHLITIES (not Including subordinated obllga limlc C|..MI... K~l i *~»'ft" lions shown below) CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital' .Surplus , .. 1 ]1' ]" Undivided profits ..'.'..'.'. °. '.'.I'...'.'."."'. Reserves mini retirement account for (ircictred capYtaij..." .R849.Z45.88 200,000.00 400,000.00 H8.168.66 14,142.52 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 760,311.18 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAUITAL ACCOUNTS $3,609,557.07 •This bank's capital consists of: Common stock with totnl par value of $200,000.00. M K M O K A N n A Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities nnd for other Loans as shown nbove are after*(icdiiclloiiol reserves of!""* 'le'spolso 1, H. L. llnnisttr. cashier of the above-named bank, hereby certify'that the above stalement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. It. \,. nimbler, Cashier Correct -Attest: B. A. Lynch r. E. Wnrren Slate of Arknnsns. County of Mississippi ss: ""*' re ° ""' Sworn to and subscribed before me this 7th day of July, 1950. ' S( ' n1 ' E. 11. Bryan, Notary Public My commission expires March 25, 1051. OUR LAST SALE OF SLACKS WAS A SELL-OUT! Customers Bought Two and Three Pairs NOW! GRABER'S BRINGS YOU THEIR MOST IMPORTANT SALE REG. J5-J6-J7 SLACKS CHOICE OF COOL SUMMER FABRICS: •Famous Burlington Mills' rayons • Fine pin stripes and checks Solid color Luanas • Rayon tropicals > Famous Reeve's cotton cords AT m LOWEST PRICE EVER! rhis Is liy far the grralrsl viilucn MEN'S SUMMER WASHABLE PANTS Find (jllatily rnmWil collon (Ritnlnr'nrd . . . fjibrir. wori'l jhrhik over \%). rxinu stiiple, llKhtly twislcil ynrnft, nivr them n smooth fintl finish. I'tralrM or pluln model*. 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