The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1937
Page 2
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{•AGE TWO •SATURDAY, JANUARY Id, Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Woman's Auxiliary, First Presbi- terian church, meeting at tlie church, 2 1TJ p m Circles Woman's Missionary Society, First Methodist church l, Mrs.. B. M. Matthews, 1217 W. Ash St.! Circle 2, /Mrs. Edwin Jones, 326 N. 5th St.; Circle 3. Mrs. Harry Kirbj, 812 Chicka<avbi A\e Circle 4, Mrs. B. A. .Lynch, 1115 W Mam st W M U , Tlrst Bapllst chinch, ha>ing program meeting at church, 2 30 p m Y W A, First Baptist church, meeting 1'30 p m Mr. and 1 Mrs. A. G. Shlblcy having reception at.•Hold Noble. 8 p. in. Council TFirsl Christian church meeting at one o'clock with Mrs, V. G. Holland. Golden Rule Sunday school class, First Christian church, having paity at home of Mr and ilrs J Cecil Lowe, 7:30 p. m. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Junioi G A meeting First Bip- fist church, 4 p.m. Intermedia I e G. A., meeting First Baptist church. 4 p.m. Mrs. W. D. chamblhi having Tuesday Bridge club. '.Young Matrons Bddeo club meeting "with Mrs W C Hlgglnson Joint liiectlne American Legion ami its AuMlipiy, G 30 P M, at hut. « WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs c A Cunningham having Wednesday Bridge club Sunbeams meeting Mrsl Baptist church, 4 p m , THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs J Louis Cherry hiulng Mid-Week Budge club Thursday: Luncheon club meet- mi? with Mrs E\erctt B Gee Mrs H A Taj lor tuning Thurb- da^'Bildge club , Thursday Contract club meeting ,\\ith Mis G E Keck FRIDAY'S: EVENTS Betty Isaacs and S-ira Lou Mc^ Cutchen having dancing party Bits of News Petsonal FOR A VERY GOOD REASON By Helen 'Yj'clsiiimer T DO not t.ike the du On wliidi I think you'll be, JJccaiise I am afraii! we'll meet; 'And maybe you will sec IT OW very muui 1m mining j Dear one, I mi glit reveal n casual gesture, lone, or gkmca Precisely howl'feel. A ND so Hliink. till you ate gone Kntil'cly from luy We'd better walk bli separate streets A lialf a mile apart. Declarer Makes His Contract by Anticipating Bad Breaks Mostly :HES For First Lady It Will Be Fashion Inaugural OH GOO CHURCH The llcv. J. P. 1'inkstoi), Evan llsl froln Oklahoma, who h con lucting a revival campaign at his church at Tth and Ash s bringing a series of Inspiring ind stirring messages. These mcs- iages are. not only enjoyable but arc very helpful, The Hev Mi "Inksloli is ah old fashioned, fiery preacher. Special songs .by Misses Peggy Martin and Pauline Davis ire ii "catiiie of the services. The public is Invited to these services, which begin each evening, except Saturday, at 7:45 p. m. LAKK STREET METHODIST CI1U11C1I M. N. Jolmston, I'aslor Sunday school, 0:45. we ^- 0iK that the diiy will be such that thos,° who are afraid to venture mil n rainy day can be with us at that hour. Those who attend and ought to arc invited. . Preaching, 10:40. "What Is Man?' Young people's meeting at 6:15. •Preaching nt 7. We have all been Hi out places of business (luring; the week Wh> cannot «e be at the Loids house on,Sunday? Go to His house and worship Him. Mrs Milton Allenbcrg and Mrs Milton Sllbeiberj, of Memphis, (ire heie for- the weekend as fiuests of Mn Allenbergs fathci, B, 1 H Levy v^R Williams, of Manila is a patient at the Memphis Baptist hospital. L G Nash and Vance Hender•• on,will ietui 11 tomorrow from Ls- land Miss , where thej are attending r to business for a short tlnis J. T. Alfoid Viis tiken to the Memphis Baptist hospital jcstci- day Mr and Mrs George M L°e is- tumcd from Little Rock, «hei< they spent a short time as guests of Mr and Mis O T Kramer v?ho formeily Hied here Lewis Vrtl<=on, of Memphis, attended to business here jesterday The Rev and Mrs H L>m Wade ha\e as tiielr guest, Mis H E Cureton of Coireay'ttho is i sister, of Mrs. Wade, .she accohi- uauied the Re\ nuii Mrs Wade home after they had attended the 'Bishops Crusade' In Colnuiy this week. Murray Smart jr, who is ill nt his home on w Walnut stieet, is slightly better. B> \VM Secretary, American .Brlilfc League 11 is perhaps human nature to hate to B^ e UP an)thing without a struggle, but the bridge plRjer hmild learn to boix to the Inev- lablc and to cheerfully concede a rick \\hen the simplest of mathematical processes discloses Hint. 11 , « KT31 *8b53 AQ1Q54 VB763 » JO * K C} 10 * A K G 3 2 VKQ2 * A8-1 #A7 Uubbei'—None vul. West South 1 A P.ISS ' 3 A PaSi Priss Pass Opening lead North IN T I A -*K. East Pass Pass Osceola Society — Peisonal Mrr. Hcslcjs Tlic Oceola-Wilson bridge club was -entertained by .Mrs. n. W Bragg at a bridge luncheon at her home on Reiser Ave. on Thursday in. addition to the club members the follow ing were gucsU Mrs. Eheba . Davidson of Union town, Ala.,- Mrs. Charles nose Mrs Ruth Carlisle and Mrs Charles Coleman. — Pint and second prizes wer awarded Mrs Hoy Wilson am Mrs cnarles Rose . • r » Haj! Briilgn; Luncheon Mrs D\vight Blackwood, PSsist- ed by her riaiightei Miss Virginia BlaeVwocd, entertained her three- table club and tuo additional guests \\ilh a tv-o course luncheon at her home jesterday A tomato juice set for highest score Kent to Mrs. J. L. Ward. Mrs P p Travis won cut prize, a painting and the guest prize, a must be lost. Sometimes' this 'ra- hcr. begrudging. liberality, will as- ure him against the loss of two ricks, which might happen if he ailed to adopt safety measures. In loiiay's hand, the only prob- ein facing .declarer Is how to imlt his trump losses to one trick Mr. arid Mrs. A. L. McNiel o£i Little Rock have been the guests Df Mr.: and Mrs. D.wlghl Black-! ucod tins »eck Thej v,enl toi Memphis yesterday to visit a daughter before returning to Little Reck Mr. and Kirs. C. B. Driver left yesterday for a week's visit In SI. Louis with ihe latter's brother. C. K: Richards nnd Mrs. Richards. Mrs. J. C. Gtllisbn and son, David Oillison and, Mra. Gillison of Lake Village, nrc the guesls of the former's sister. Mrs. H. J. Hale and family this week. Mis. Sam Coble left Wednesday night for Chicago where she will visit the furniture marl.. She will go from there to Washington to be the guest of Congressman ami Mrs. W. J. Driver until after the inauguration. pr,-and Mrs. C. M. Harwell ten and He imistilsisc one club arid one diamond, {regardless of how. these suiis are distributed; so the .'trump suit presents him with his :sols brain teaser. " : '• Soulh's -strong" bidding, considering his/.partner's: bust, respoiis f>rhaps was justified. ; by, the tact lliRt ' neither -side was vulnerable fid that, after'nli, he needed little more than an qce, and tliref small trumps in North's'. hand, t'J • make game. If Norttijthcjd ; : mqrt ' than a minimum, three, iio Inmlp might bo innde. ' " , When West's lead of , the club king was niade, South could .si' that - there • was no .way; -to '; play spa'des to avoid losing at least one trick.- One way of- 'playing .the hand-would be to lay .down .the ftce and king, hoping thai'-'trumps licit by East and! West -were divided three and three. - • .- .' : •' South, however, saw a. better ivay out. He., won the opening leat! •with the 1 ace,~ .and then, led a'lo? spade to' the 'jack. This play .could 'Cost little flhd gave 'him one addl- llonal chalice to make the hand, Ii tour trumps were bunched In the West hand. .-,"•" •'-.'. West was on the spot. If he pu up the queen, South then coult pick up his trumps. If he did no play the queen, ; thc jack would win nnd later, he'could make only one FIRST METHODIST CHUKCil H. Lynn \Vade, Pastor The choir, .under Ilia leadership of Mrs. J. Wilson Henry is iliak Ing splentiid contribution to our worship services in both our morn in g and levelling, hours'6n Siindiv The clibir will slnj;, "op-n Wid- Thy Heart," and Mr. Alvin Huffman jr., will give a solo at th; morning hoi:r. _The pastor will bring a messa'^ ran the subjee'U "TJiinoi, lhat Oinht to Be ' Forgotten The Sunday School will open nt :45. under tlie sulicrihlendency of 'rof. g. K. Ciarrett. At the evening hour the inu'em vill be "A Prayer, 1 ' and the quar et will 8 ive "i Am Listenlue for Us Footfall," by Mrs. Wilson Hen T. Mrs. Edwin Jones,'Mr Herman Rimer, and Mr. Wilson Hcnn The pastor will bring ah cvan icllslio message nt the evinhr> .Cojjie worship with us wheic .cere will be a larjc croad andn welcome for!'till. ' "•"'' FiUST CHIIISTIAN CHUIICH Carroll Cioj-il, I'aslor Bible = School, 9:45, ' T o West irook Slibl. Morning woi-ship, iorso. Sermon Cooperation." sc rm[)i; Evening worship, 7 „„ VJV ,, I •The Disappointments of Jesus. Mid-week service, Weducsda' evening nt 7:30. Lectuic and pic lures 'on. "The Pathway of the i Fathers." .1 ,. ™~ J eonlc ' s Council meeting it 0:30. Business session Council meeting. nt l 50 o elect, with Mrs. V. G. Holland Tins is i social meeting. All membeis ir ;MWI te come. Pot-luck dinner Tea-cup shower. , trick, anyway. •; Hoping that, South'had bid : too riiublV; he played low, and later Ivon Ills brie-trump, instead-of the two h'e hatt hopecl-lo make. handkerchief Mrs W. C Mason Mrs L w Wallers other guest was awarded was the returned last nighl train a dajs visit to Pensacola ria Mobile, Ala. * Misses Jane \VcaihersBi and Edna Ajeis, Marvin Napper and Wayne DLxon visited the Claridgc for dinnei and dancing Thursday night George Basil ;Segravcs is expected home today from Little Rock where he hns been on business the past week ' In addition to the Mississippi county guests present nt the benefit tea and book shower given at the home of Mrs P P. Jacobs at Grlder on Thursday,, afternoon the following ^cre present from over ihe northeast district- Mmcs. Rcnfro Turner," O L Robinson, S S. Morrison, Martin Klcndtworih nhd J. M Jenkins of Eaile, Mrs. Rex Wheeler of Manon, and Mn, Hal Holt Peel of Memphis Miss Helen Shaw, social supei- \lsor at Dyess Colony, and Mrs A T. Holland of the colony also took n pprt on the piogram Mrs Rheba Davidson of Uniontown, Ala, Is heie for a visit iv-ltn her daughter, Mrs Charles Low- f dday's.Obnlract Problem •.South "has, the contract for four'..'Spades: 1 East has won tlic''first'two'heart tricks, and South' is forced to nill tlic tliird. How should lie handle thc'Trump suit,to limit his loss lo ; one trick, : and so make liis contract? '" . >'•"'.- A A 84 3 .. •'.• y j 107 ' '•'•;.• * QJ 53 ' v A K 10 7 2 '."/.••• ¥02' ' .', »Ak-)2 ."; 7. * A 5.4. 1 ". K.ffc VI. vul. Opener—V K. Solution in n.cxl issue. 16 Army Band Failure As Dance Orchestra Mi 5 Ira Wright assumed the position as Western Union operator in the local otficc the tint of the month Mrs \Vright xvas operator heie for Up seals before her marriage, serving occasionally as relief operator since then. Her sister, Miss Emily Clark of Gran- burj, Tex, is here to spend the remainder oi the winter. Mr and Mrs Guj Brjmt spent the. first of the week in day night SINGAPORE (UP)—The band of the Royal InnUkllllng Pustltcr and the 1st Middlesex Regimen can't play-dance music, accbrdlni to the Singaixjrc Swimming club The club, 'which is .one. .of tin biggest social clubs In the "ell; and has more than 4.000 members has decided that in fuUire the Iwc military bands in the colony shal not provide the music for It- weekly dances. They will play onl; once a month, and for the olhc dances the club will fall back 01 As precedent crashes with the nation's first January presidential mantuia) Mis Fnnklln D Roosevelt will be kept busy changing costumes for various inaugural functions. For the forenoon ccre= monies, wheii the President will take the oath of office at the Capitol, the First Lady 'chose the die«s of deep Vicloij Blue' ciepe Superior, shown above. The sheer silk gown (left) of "Eleanor Red, trimmed in gold Persian embroidery, was selected for the White HOUM iLception foi the inaugural ball a siHn go»n (m»ht) of silvery "While House" -blue -with long scarf IrimniLd in fos opic for'the sermon'in. the "eve- ling worehip beginning -at 7:30. Sunday' Church -school starts irompllj nt 9 45 a in with S E Vail as General Siip'ertn'tehdent, •ach department having': its: own eparate organizatioii and-prbgi'am, ffordin'g a fine opportunity'for the greatest possible benefit'-for each one attending regajxlle's of age or type.'-."Come thou with:us and uc will., do tliec good. i , I'UI.L GOSPEL CHURCH Lilly arid Vine Sis. W. O. Singletcrr.v, Pastor N. W. Trantham, Sunday school siyierinlcndent. Sunday school. :9:45 a. in. Morning worship,. 11 - a. - in. P. Y. P. A. 6:30 ; p.. in. Evening service,. 1 :45 p. .m. The Rev Hastings Allen of Thaycr, Mo., will use as-her., sub ject, "Who is the Lord 'God of Elijnh 0 Come nnd heir these spirit filled messages , in which people are fiimllng tied every eve ninp ollowmg fiom the Bible Wherc- je know not wlul slnll be on ne moirov, Foi what is joui fe?"~ Jatii'es :4:14. The Lesson-Sermon . also in- ludes UlicVfpllowine pafsages from le. Cliristiah - Science textbook. Science ".arid .-Health with. Key to lip Scriptures" by Mary .Baker Eddy. ,"You ; command the self dc- eptlon and not the tiuth of be T." /(Page-.403). Tlii Retding Room is open every uesday and Fiuhy fiom 2 to 5 M..'708- W. Main. •«-ORIJi j.UTltKKAN' ClIURci It. 1 J. KIcImliciiEl, Pnslor Sunday School, 9 n. m Morning worship. 10 a. m. gcr- 1FMIIL I R\EL Dr. Maurice Lyons, Rablii Religious services will be held at 3 o'clock at which occasiol Rnfcbi Lyons wilL,. speak on the "Lives of: Abraham' and Isaac.' The Lutheran Hour over MU tual network. Try WLW, at 12 noon or KLCN 3:30 n. m. Wrltn in «t 5 ^ t i scra " or bronzc " Iat "! c No evening worship this month Religious inslruclion class meets Mondays and Wednesdays. A cordial welcome a walls all. FIRST .CHURCH OF Till 1 ST. srr.niF.N's CHURCii Cbiiicr Sixth and'Walnut Sis. Holy Communion will be held a 11 o'clocck by thV'Rcv. C. C Burke of Marianna. CliltlSTIAN SCIENCH SERVIC Kupha I). licasley, Puslor Sunday school. 9:15 a. m K Evans, superintendent. Morning worship. 11 a . „,. Sc .,.. °" ^"I'J 00 '' "tori's Program N. I. P. s., G:ir> l). in. Evening service, 7:30 » „, Evangelistic incrsaEc on "Whv r Believe In God." We have been enjoying .some veiy fruitful services': recently 0,<lx presence being mahtfoleil n the salvation of the lost. Comb v/orship with us and bring unsaved loved ones. j08 W. Main "Life" is the subject of th Lesson-Sermon which will be rea In all Churches of Christ. Sclent 1st. on Sunday. Ja 1111317 "th. The Golden Text Is "The Lor ii the portion of mine inheritaiic and of my cup: tiiou maintaiues my lot. . . . Thou will shew m the path of life." Psalms 16:5, II Among the citations which con prise the Lesson-Sermon .is : thei Cafuthersville lo Entertain Rbtcs of Three Slates itrcsmlining Cuts Train Expenses $5 an Hour LONDON (UP)—The air reslst- .nce. of. high-speed trains- can be educed bj 50 pei cent without drastic departure from the.accept- ed idea of .a railway-train, F. 'C. Johansen, ^engineering research of- Iccf. of the .London. Midland & Scottish Railwij told i nucting of • the: ; Institution of 'Mechanical FJigineei-s. With ideal streahilining. the Possible reduction In air resistance one,of 15 per cent/lie said. The corresponding fuel economy Is about.:,$5nn hour, at' 100 m.p.h. Alternatively,'the maximum attainable/.' speed could be Increased lip to';.- 25 \p'ci' cent, according to the degree • of • streamlining adopted. . ,,'.;" ".-.•. '-. . '-."_. Streamlining is on lire whole more effective In dealing with the effects of side' winds than againsl CARUTHERSVILLE, '-Mo.—TH e tiotary :Club has completed. :ar- lan'gements foi an mter-city meeting to be held here Tuesday'iiieht, Jan. 19. ,' Rotarlans have been(.->fnvited from Cape Giraideau, JacTtson, Illmo-Forniclt, in Missouri, Bly- theviilc and Paiagould in' Arkan sas, and Jackson and ' Dyereburg in Tennessee. J. Bond Wilkinson, .of. Jackson, Tenn., is to be the pricipal speaker. He is a member < of the 'Rotary nternational Staff. In addition, the local .club will .resent a musical program, which .ill be under the direction•'of Miss Marjorie Ash era ft, , high x;hool music instructor. ;. -. The lunclicoii-meeling will be head winds'or in still air,'he said. Twice ', as many men as women wear spectacles. ' ' . TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. Abslracls, Lands . & Loans E. M. Terry, Vrts.andMgr. Phone GW Jllj-iheyille, Ark. voiir KIHST PRKSBVtKUIAN CHL'riCH S. Ii. Salmon, Pastor "Bishop Penny" preaches th- fermon in the morning worshi'1 »t this church tomorrow morning The message will be of vital interest to every hearer, and is absolutely unique in its character H should bo heard by every member of this church, and visitors will be cordially welcomed and benefit- led by the service. "Men, Money, and God" is llio TABLETS for Liquid-Tablets Salve-Nose Drops Price, 2Sc held in the basement of the Methodist Church. At the local club's last meeting, on recommendation of a special committee, honorary membership Was voted to j. Harvey McFarland, member of the county court, recognition of his efforts in restoring financial stability in the, < county government. ' , The club has voted only one other sucli .honorary , membership, that to S. P. Reynolds, .some'.two 01 three' years"'ugo- ; ln -1 recognition of his work toward ^tlifc' 'develop- inent of the county, in promotion ol the work, of drainage,, and river protection. The heron's diet consists mainly 'of frogs and fish, which he catches by standing absolutely motionless in tile water. This is to announce that I ain no longer with tire Tom Little Chevrolet Co. I am deeply grateful to 'my friends for blowing me to serve them in the past and hope to continue to do so at an early date. W. A. Edwards DINE WITH US SUNDAY Choice of one: Shrimp Cocktail Anchovy C;ui;ipo Florida Fruit Cup Tomato Juice Tlils action followed coniplalUls Mr, and Mrs. J. H.' Low well and flcm "'embers that the bands did daughter, Mrs Thad of .. ______ . ranee, and sister, Mrs Joe Cromci. Texas home, Kouston Te\as, icturned last night from ten days \isit to another daughtei, Mrs Hugh Hughcy and family Ui Jacksonville, Jla Mrs Felton will I'elnain licit another week before returning to her not know how to play dance sic. , . "Tha: bandsmen 'try hard," .said one in'ember, "but they just can't p!ay dnncc music, flic foxtrots nnd waltzes,' one-steps and tangos all sound the same—just like military inarches." DANCING FREE Every Nighl New $900 Phonograph All New Records SILVER : MOON NIGHT CLUB for Whiter, longer wearing clothes Our scientific methods of washing your clothes in zero hardness water with pure .soap, every garment handled by expeilly trained laundry workers • assures your clothes being returned to you snowy while and perfectly ironed . . . the gentle care they receive assures their longer wear, loo! All buttons sc\ml mi and minor rc- nalrs m.tde. YOU'LL-UKM OUR CLEANING SERVICE, -TOO! Choice of: Cream of Tomato Soup or Consomme a la Napolitaiue Celery Olives Choice of: . Fried Oysters, Tar tare Siiuce 75c trended Pork Chops, Tomato S;uice 80c Hoast Leg of Spring Lamb, Mini Jelly 75c Baked Young Goose, Dressing, Cranberty Sauce 75c Filet Mignon Steak, Jlushrooms $1.00 Choice of two: Stuffed Baked Potatoes Creamed Lima Beans Kaisiu Muffins Choice of: Fruit Ambrosia Orange Meringue Fie Cherry Pic, Whipped Cream Buttered Brussell Sprouts Braised Carrols L'arkcrliouse Kolls Green Apple !'ic, Cheese Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Sundae Gofl'ce Milk Sl'KCIALl.Y I'UKl'AUKl) 1'LATHS KOU CHILDREN'35c HOTEL NOBLE

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