The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1943 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1943
Page 4
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THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 194J5 \ BLYTHEVILLE : (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'PAGE SEVEN . .t ' v IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Courier Newt Will Be CASH ONLY, Ese*(t U EiUbllsbe* firm*. Bceaue the low eon* *f Bed «<l» doe* not Justify tb« ex- enie of bookkeeping and col cctlont, we have adopted Ui alley rmtb« than ft rate* in rate. No Exceptions to this Policy I For Sale 1041 Plymouth Coupe. H»Ulo, lieat- er, 5 good tires. Excellent condition. 19.MO actual' miles. c«Jl Mrs. IXSIiiuo, extension 203, Bly- tlievllle Army.Air Base. 24-))k-'28 Fryers & brollm. phone 2199. Mrs. 1 James I), Clark, 6-23-ck-30 A few gilts left Urea to Square ncnl. Also a tew nice boar pigs double treated, priced right. Josept T. Ciijj'c, 2',-i nil. South Highway 01. 22-ck-tr Two good milk cows wllh young ciilvcs. C. p. Tucker, Promised land. 27-plc-:t9 1911 Chrysler Coupe.. In .excellent comllllon. Two new tires, one recap, others tali-. Equipped with overdrive, fluid drive. Contact Jack Trimble, call 3291. 22-pk29 Price sacrificed. Complete Grocery Market. .'111. E. Mall}.' 6-2J'pk'l8 5 i room house with,:uuth'.' .3 'roohi '. hoivrc. - Mrs. Herb; '•TlipmHson,' , 1G05 West Vino,: Street.' 18-pk-25 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecu- ve insertions: nlmiim Chnrge 50o time per line 15c times per line per dfty I2e ;lrijfc per line per day 9c ;lnies per line per ((ay 7c times per line per (lf>y 5c Month per line 90c Kds ordered for three or six times id stopped before expiration will charged for the number of limes le ad appeared and adjustment of 11 mndc. All Classified Advertising copy ibmlHed by persons residing out- de of the city imisl Iw accom- nled by cnsli. Rates may be easi- conipulcd from the above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular serllons lakes Ihe one time rate. Mo responsibility will be laken ir more than one Incorrect liiscr- on of any classified ad. For Rent our room furnished house. At Yarbi'o. Call 117 or see Mrs. E. B. Lloyd. 22-pk-29 50 head of flue. ur.ed • Jersey, cows. Some with calves /at side and others due lo foal '-.nils'? •.spring.- Bang nnd-T.B. tested. 1 >No finer cows can • l>c; found : anywhere and Ihe prices'aii ;right.'. Coihe and see them, Write or phbiifc W. T. Denll, Phone 7F4, Wilson', -Ark. • ia-pM-3 Electric posting machine. Box 388, Osceola, Ark. 6-9-ck-tI arge bedroom, clwe In, convenient lo bath. Rmployctl couple or employed women. 1)10 Walnut. 21-pk-28 arge bedroom, couple or business girls preferred. Phone 25U. 21-pk-28 ood grocery store building and fixtures. 517 W. Ash. Phone 2552. 3-18-ck-tf Ladles' deluxe bicycle; Like,'new. $40. May be seen' at Courier Office. • . ' 6-n-uh-tl Help Wanted Herdsman to take car*. of hogs. Man under 40 preferred. J. R. Whistle, Duroc Farms, Phone 67. Manila, Ark. . 23-ck-7-7 PermaneiH secretarial position open for qualified person.. State age and exiwrlencc when , applying. Box W PC, Courier News.— '; • •'•• 6-19-ck-2fi Kitchen arid /elevator • help. : Also good cook, male aryfejhale.':Need- cd immediately. Apply' Hotel '. Nohie. .-'.,- 19-ck-26 Wanted To Rent Five or six room .house. See Nfr. Bell at Sterling's. 21pk28 Services Let me sell your farms, town lots, business properly! .Write B. E. Moss. 47 Porter-Building, Memphis, Tenn. ." 6-22-pk-29 lomforteble bedroom. Twin bed*. Bteam heat, chlcta^'awba !e 10th. Phone 2413. 11-ck-tf Sjmfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Plione 2516. . 11-7-ck-tf New earaei openings 604-N. Fiflh. Phone 042. Bring in r your liac- tors and cars. ... , ^6-22-pk7-21 Expert piano tuning.'C. 13. Correll, P. O. Box 127; Holland, Mo. ' e-21-pk-27 Wanted To Buy Laundry—rough-dry -only. Mrs. - Mick. 616 Lake-Street. - 19-pk-26 fill pay cash for Blythcville properly. Business or residential. Stale price wanted and location. Box 44-1, c/o Courier. G-22ck28 forfern, five room house. Write BCR, Route 1, Rox 529, Blythe- le. ll-pk-2S iood used visiMe Cardex filing cabinet. Courier News Office. G-4-dh-lf Vill pay cash for 510,000 worth of gflort used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-tf Vill pay 20c per doz". for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleaners. 10-fl-ct-tf Needs -_.„ us your poultry, hog and •tcck health problems. We carry | complete fresh stock of Lederle •frams, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, Main & Railroad. 3-16-ck-tf Lost •lew Ian leather wallet. Lost Tuesday. Finder keep money. Re- tuur papers. Return Courier News. 24-pk-28 Toothpicks were made of silver ,nd gold and often studded with ems, as far back as the 13th enliiry. AH kinds of automobile Insurance: Fire, theft, liability, etc. J. E. Joluifton, 112 N. 2nd SI'...." , 6-lB-pk-lf f, f. Timmi I SCHOOI, is our Arrange For SiinuMr Ctusei in PIANO, ORGAN, and VOICE with Mrs. Dorothy \\. Fowlslon, B. A., M. S. M. Minister of Music, First Presbyterian Church Wrilr. airs. tViwIsfon 1101 Chickisawba »r Pbone 20W FORD REPAIRS ON FALL TERMS Avoid permanent damage to your Ford ky luvlac me4t4 rt- pairs .lone NOW. Our Ford "froiectlve SERVKJE", pntwmed i t>y efTicicnl faclory-lralncd mechanics, usiut ONLY F«rt Gennine 1'arls. Insures economical operation, safe drlvme ud utMth comforlahlc performance. • _NKW_OIL CONTROL RINGS AND BEARINGS NEW HKAKK LININGS AND SHOCK ABSORBERS ___MOTOH TUNK-UP AND NEW SPARK PLUGS ; NKW SUMAUiK WEIGHT GEAR & MOTOR~OrE§ "Protect Your Ford for The Duration" PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. 453 Stk HIGHEST NAVAL AWARD HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted Is the ' U.S. of 13 Turn aside U Pope's triple croWn ISClawi IT Chatters 19 Unaccomp*. Died 20 Onttrlo i; (abbr.) ^ 2S Ignore \ 24 Rumanian \ 25 Concur 27 Duct (anat.) 28 Fur 31 Song of praise 34 Great Lake J5 Simple 56 Menace to •• airplanes 38 12 months'. 41 Throb 43 Fall in drops 45 Soak hemp 47Acetyl J •' (symbol) ^ 49 Girl's name 50 Edward '•••" (abbr.) Answer to Previous Punic 'j 51 Music note 52 Shooter marble 54 East Indies (abbr.) 55 One (Scot.) 56 Either 57 Anger 58 Royal Navy (abbr.) 59 Flag 60 H is the high- v *st and • * medal given to Navy men VERTICAL 1 Brazilian seaport • 2 Us former gold bar pin bore Hie word 3 English river 4 Smooth 5 Written form of Mistress C And (Fr.) j 7 Ncnr ^ 8 Month part 0 Rabbit 10 Verbal 11 Inhabitant of 12 Flowers • 10 On ihcshelt* crcd side 18 Kind of cheese 20 Type ol molding ll 21 North Ulver (nbbr.) 22 Span o( liorsc; 25Inackbinl ol tlic cuckoo family 2G Compass polnl 2!> Foodstuff .. 30 Irritate «t 32 Attempt *" 33 Pay attention to 3fi Shoplicrd 37 Upright shaft 30, Exist 'lOLnrgc slreanxs •11 Slaft of Ufa •12 Inner •courtyard 44Porlray 4C Musical instrument •ISMiin'sname 51 Curd game 53 Married < 5TT lo I WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS 33 DISCOUNT F. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 1 W. Ash j-h. ui Two Uoilgrr Killer* ST. LOUIS <U.P.>-Tlni St. CimllmiLs' flslit wllh Ihe Brooklyn noilgi-rs Ihls year seems likely lo depoiul Ini'Kvlj'. <is u dl<l In 19M, on Mori Cooiwr nnd Mux Ijinler. The two woe pitchers cadi aululnnl tliu Duelers rlvo limes ilurlnjs yi'nr's There me 6i) square miles In tlio District o( Columbia. Wayne Insist 011 Wayne quality when buying fifds uf all kliiJs. HAYS STORE 'REFRIGERATION nnd ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE! F. W. Tiitum, Jr. I'h. 557 : Blytlievlllc, Ark. J. E-JOHNSON Hrr, M(« and ('usually INSURANCE II* N. '*nd Street "Itellor Safe Thnii Sorry" I EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK Ccmplct* Alack *t HARBISON Auto Parti & Carafe Other r»ra rj|nlp 117 W. A*k 24 HOUR i TIRE SERVICE t K»p*trlnf, AU Work tiurtDt«e4t Alabama ltd! Ajh Coil. . H»,. (I Ft. mi FOR SALE Ht*»al mult lilylhcvllle Home* -I'losr In, JI2JW (o j|5o#. 'ivrmv ire »val|jht». THOMAS I, AN I) CO. C'ONC'UK'I'K STOUM SKWKK Kor ,S'at« ALL S1HKS Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. l'hon« US I Ark. STOCK « l>()lll,THY 'I'ONICS & FIOKDS HUJJ. Clmlcru K«rnm STEWART'S Drn( Sttre Main & Lake IMionc W« waat K> • boy BlytheTtlle BMM*. W* h«»e pweluwn for •0 Urn* %f IMIBM. U T«« w«nt TBOMM LAND COMFANT H. C. CaapbtU. •««~~-n , WALTER HENSEN PLUMBING & HEATING n. uo uii: Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist KythMlllf, ArfckBMU SPECIALS Cxtnuttau . fl.H Full Up'r & Lower Plitw |35 up 1912 BlytheTlHe 1M3 Defoe Fnrnitare Co. 1M E. Mala Dl»l SKI Wuted: Cwd rnrnltnre. At. H jtm on tnie j»or *I4 (ondtnre In *n new. 41 sz 5 1 ; (,0 te 11 SJ 4<\ H i H Sd *1 or Safe or Trade DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter M»n" I ROYAIj, BM1T1I, CORONA, AND REMINGTON POHTABLBI TYPEWRITERS | 118 N. 2nd 8TKEET l-IIONK 3382 I (Every-.Transaction Must Be Satisfactory) CREAM PUFFS —With I'lentu Of Cream LIWT IN TIIWM! You can (><•( llu< [ilcl« of llic.cniu of late nxntel carH —fill uircfully si'lirlnl, cily-ilrivon Used Cars wllh nooil I'tiliher. low milt'iiue and |»(s of cxlras. CHOOSK YOU ItH NOW! 111 11 (•Hi:\ r l(()I,Kl' I door 1IHI VOUI) 2 Mnnr I'JII I'ONTIAO I Itiinr IDI; oi.D.s i Dimr )!Hl' UUlCK'<'oii|«' lOli I'ACKAlii) I Dwir Hill CllltVSI.I.K I Duiir l!Ml! IIIIICK Scdunollc 1IH1! OI.IIS 1 Door 1911 (lllttrsi.KK N'cw Vnrk- lilt) CllltVHI.I-K ll)l:i!).lfr Caliilolrt inn i)(ii)<;i; cuiiriuirt lllll NASII I l).»>r MANY O'I'HIOKS TO CHOOSE FKOM—if7!) tip. Easy (J.M.A.C. Payment I'lan We Never Close Sales Dept. Open Unli! 9 p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Phone 578 ' WASH TUBHS Slill Ilic AetiH- Ky I-ESMK TUKNKK ICO A. In SB Mo. Well Improved. Ill A. In cultivation. Fenced. $2,000 down, 20 yeajs on balance. Oilier good [arms, reasonable terms. Harry Golden, Manila, Ark. G-28-pk-aa If you want (o buy more War Bonds SKI.L US TIIK FLKNI1UHK YOU AUK NOT USING for cash! Also liberal Iraile-ln allowance for old furniture on new. Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. 301 E. Main Phone Z3M Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Get More and Better rood for your ration book*. I Dellrcrtei Dally C. L NABERS Grocery ft Market IM B. DhWon St. Ph*M HI RED RYDKU Sounds Ominini.s Hy FHBD HAKiMAN ^ TriEM WE'LL tOCK Hlf'N IN 510RE. LASS — TiU. t HIT K^N AGAM.DOC , OR HE'LL NEVER ^RED.RI'DE.1?/ YOU i r POOR wo-SHE. THINKS 1 STOLE. . ' HER SILVER-BUT' I'LL STILL HA.\'E TO DRS. MES & NIES Osteopathic Physicians ""? RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:10 Clinfc 514 Main BJytheville, Ark. Phone 2J21 BOOTSANI) HER HUDDIICS ovo "«6sv£'. K \'M so Hack lo ICnrlh I!v KDOAH MAUHN Your Car FIGHTS On The Home Front! People Go to Work — Production Hums—Supplies Move— While America's automobiles are on the job! They are doing a vital part o{ the work for victory here at home, and it's up to every car owner to see that his car is kept in condition for the duration! That means care— conservation—attention tolitle details! Safeguard your car! ^Change nil ^Replace worn parts *Rotate tires * Regular check-up LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Itae* Servtee OeH. ALLEY OOP On 'I'lioir W;iv , SHOCJT WAR.WA^T ~\S /WELLA n ? NQ VV LET'S THAT'S 1 SEE ...WHERE THAT 1 / WERE \VE* ' OH. VEH... ' TM/VX WMTC^ 11 YOU SURE PLAVErT ..THOSt FWOb \ unn \VITU 'PM T OF SCMJSS.' BUT \ H P»_waH EM...I I 6UESS WE'VE PRETTV WELL CWPOSER OF OUSHTA TAKE A SWAT AT YOU. 1 THEM. BUT W6VE MC«E IMPORTAMT fvWrrERs TO VVOKJC/ ABOUT FIRST... SO C'MOW, LET'S GET ON TO SVRACUSE,' iVltIJ.ti.4U ~l!y V. T- HAMLIN SC*(EPIACE AN'REUIV , I 6ETTW THERE'S tlKELY ' TO BE Tv'/o DIFFERENT THIM6S FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THERS MUSTBC A BOOV.' Give ROTW BARRELS ? LE*=TV, WUERE DID VOU MICE BODY? VHAM— I GAVE BOTJI BARRELS TO OLD MAM JONES.' l.cfly Explains f-~ • AH! Now WE'RE _ SOWewJHERE .' THEN WHAT HAPPENED? By MERRILL BLOSSEK AW.Y WITH THEM IN HIS TRUCK /

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