Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii on July 1, 1912 · 12
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Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii · 12

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1912
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12 ' nOXOT.rLn STAR-Rri-LETIX; MONDAY. .H'LY 1. 1912. ' . it in L' U U BULLET I N'vS FRONT VIEW OF HAWAII AM STAR AfJD EVEiJIMG BULLET IN BUILDIMGS'AS THEY APPEAR TODAY. EACH HAS A SPLENDIDLY EQUIPPED PLANT. iLVvf.ii J VIGOROU: s tartincj as Shipping Sheet, It Rapidly Forged Straight to the Front I Signal Service Done Anncxa- tion and American Citizenship . l 1 M It' i 1 - ' - 4 l'Viy ' " r1" 1-, 1 1 SK: . i IVr'-zr. ! vvi'i -k L.::;-ii -J I ill n te -'l.U -j v ' ? ( 1ft'"- . in? - yrm--t J t; I r , s M ' Imi f:i5 P n ! 1 , 1 i if A 5 i if ' ' 1 GROWTH t '.'- - i On ti.v Jirnt day of JVbruary, ISS2, th Hrs? iiiintM -oiy the "Iaily l!n-tiu" wai postiMl on tli' o!t;-;ilt-uallH of tin "Honolulu Hal"," by tin I nn of J. V. Kolx it uiM ': ., v,f' I i;w - of t ii-in vt a:i.s 1 1 j at fliMt tin' Tl.af tii':;t .it' i.f tlif I Jail y i! il!'tiii wha f'n bv iif ( wi ln--5 in stlj'l pill.tfl on only on sidf tf tl, hb'ft. . -".'ii ; H-rvl!i i; j'lvi n a far-vimilp of that fir: t isxii', anl it v ii 1 be'iiofUcl that th in-rehant.s of that arly day in uh tlto:" of th ir;,nl day, w-r In iif wis bark ward In u.-u:ik lb'.; I'ulb'tin a.n a medium fiir bnsln-.m put-I i t-i r Whi n tlif daily printd issuf of tb 1 : 1 1 lot i 11 wan li.auKiiratfd tb iiroiti- tots of tbr K-bf-t Wfif tho subjfftH f'f j rn aiid jokes by their many friends, who predicted that it would be; a sort of t;oe!ty for a sliort titn; and wuubl then fail by tin- waysid.-. Still, de-. dte the Mti ers and j-iken, the liulletin v ;is u from ib" start, ami Mr. Itobertsoii' bimseir rojfe:s'ied that li" did not exp.-ct the hbeet "would amount to Hindi." As new Mean occurred to bim lie Hashed them on the public, and this paper was one. of theni. The post In t? of the Daily ISullr-tin was at first a novelty, but it. soon became a feature of the city's life. '1 !e people enjoyed reading the posted edition;, ami it wa not lout; until 'Mr. Iloficrtsou received tmuuest ions that it would bi the bluest kind of a huMlneMKinove on lfn part if he would! di-tribute copieM of the paper to inter-; e ted citl.eti.s throughout the city. ! New Paper Grows. i 1 One month after the titvt. printelj ff a . ! . . m t. . . . . 1 . . . r. . . Oh t is-ue iite wi.e 01 1 ne mih'i ai r reaped to 12 by 17 inches, and vas printed tn both sides of tlm iaper, and wa-i further enhanced in value by 1 elnj; distributed free throuifhout tl) ily. The oulv collections at that timo were for tb advertisements that ap-p a red in the sheet. On the twentieth of that same month the-patrons of tho paper were cofilled that a subscription price of 2"i cents a month would be at one; placed on 'the delivered sheet. With ibis price on the paper the subscription Ust wnt rlcht alone crowing. The Advertiser, at that time a rathr t low -koIiik weekly, said all kinds ol srrall sized things ab'out the new Daily Itullf tin venture, and predicted a shgrt lift. As It is ahvavs best to let other tll nf vour biir doincs it i- hen quoted what the Advertiser sai 1 j of this paiter, on the eleventh of Feb-! ruarv. lss2: j "Messrs. .?. W. Robertson i Cxj have commenced the publication tf; I heir Daily Dulletln in printed fort" The tlr.st number of this important a i-j ditiou to cur list of local newspaper , trade its first appearance on the Is .i The proprietor:, contim themselves a' thev were wont to do In thf ir writtc .i bulletin to the statement or facs Witliout comment. The Daily Italic-tin niveH riill shipping -"'news to th hour of publication ami brief accounts of local news." On May 1. lsS2. the Advertiser a-peare.l as a daily. This was a spur in further eiTorts on the part of th pioneer daily and the Dally Dulleti 1 came out on April 21th as a four-pa?. paper with a special editor in the per-' sou of Henry Sheldon. From that day on the Dulletin took Its proper plac t in the community affairs of the city, Mid became such u factor that in th-' month of January, lss l, the paper wai fold, for I he reason that it had t;rown to such proper! Ions that Mr. ..Koberi son could no longer devote thi" tim to Die miner from his other business It passed to the proprietorshin of VaT t.r Hill. Later U;as. 11. Kucklau'' took the editorship and from him i passed to Daniel Logan. It was aoou this time that the paper was incor . orated, and It was then given a horn' of its own on Merchant street at th' place adjcinlns the present Associate Sarace, . Troubles Conquered. Duriut; the political trouble in ISO:' the Dulletin gathered to itself a peck of trouble, and was down a numbet . I ..111 vl. t tees nut never oui. ami auoouvu, Lit 11'. ins I' USt tlK e plan'! Urn ii)-rte.aj;e then held against ojo.r was foreclosed, and the sold, the same energy that Is inrorpor j ted in the Dull tin today was cac; of it then, in the person of D. L. Fin j r.ev. and It was soon' demonstrated J that when the plant was sold the Dnl letin did ' not f:o w ith it, and the sub scrib.Ts tot their paper 'just us iff nothlnsT had Tiappened." and to rut! it in a little larder it was male a, daily issti-v of richt patios instead oi four. Not a simile issue was dropped during the trouble. After Finney had gotten the I'ul-h tin well on its feet apain he had an understanding with ,A. V. dear and v.Im were runnlns the '"Inde t-endenr." with tlie result that the In (M'pendent was nosorneu oy iiie ui- Shortly the paper was broueht lot in. under the sole control ot Mr. uear, who ran. it In connection with hi.' large real estate business. In June. KsS,.. . Wallace II. Farrins-i ton took the editor's chair of the Dul-j letin. havint: bought an interest in the pafw with Mr. Hear and the incorporation of the company took place. r.,rfii,!'tnn taking up a larger nlponnt. of the stock. In 190, thej '-ai.v iinlletin was added to the bus r nus. "and it can he found In every T' . a. .11 t A .. j.. rT .. m, a,. 2 a . J . i iin fri a n f li ani IVl 111 UK i vi i in 'i j IU V Wi - - - ' II - ... ., . m a Mr Partington ba continuously held ii,,,' editorship f VW ' ,"5-s i'l v cut and for the last f-w y ars has i it , ) : t .; .. 5 u -ill- i f : i i -. i j i I . - . ' , i ll.? i i i Sr ? r ! .. i i III il , 1- i ! I I t t fill f - j , 4 ; f I - 1 - - ' - - S . . .ill ; J - . i t ; ' . .. t 3 . fi I I I J T"."- .'-f. i ; I . Vf i ? I .ft' ... j: r - j j ; ! 1 . j' - . . - iJyi::1 - ,'j i'jl .!A.ni:s iv. i:o.:i:iitso, i orM "0 SPLCHMULY fcP Dl A WT C I . rlkiil .Ki The Honolulu Star-lUi!ictin begins the Territory for quick type changes. Its career with tn equipment null a and Variety of "faces" or styles, as no nov.?p:iner and puhlishins lint in ! th. lay mail would call them. .The nic.it this Territory ever licfoiv a t uo;h Ii-; uji-to-d;i: e, and ei'feetive machines for ed. In fatt, tht? tonil.ined laisim. .-s of ; nev work, job-pi Intinu; ami hook-tli Star and the liullciln, now iikihI j work "have Leen ihstalletl. " "" j as one, is so j;rcat that two piiiaiimi , How Circulation Is Handled. i pants are to he operate'". J To batuV, ii.s li'cnhnion, much The editorial, principal job printing larnerv than any newspaper in Hawaii ! and -principal -general publishing department.; will be at U'.V Alakea street, the liulletin's headquarters, while a business ollke and a job print- ing anu binding department will also j be maintained at the .present Star; building on Merchant street. The; combination of the two 1 apers. has? : resulted in an organization both Star-P.ulletin easily leads the field, in the newspaper ;.nd general p.ublisli-j The llulietln and the Star had each re-insr departments that is both lar-e and ; cently installed large quantities of etluient. Tiie reportotial and e-nunial , ...r.. .t r.... Kid , lilt" U i u i" i Ji to. a. ttv iiuuuA.:. j i i men employed m-tiio- met naim a I .urns . iob-r'Tlnting ilcrartn-cn,", are a": I '.argc-; lv increased to meet tho demands of; a big p: per. a big circulation and a; big ; print ins? -business. - --. . For newt., publishing and job print-;... ing, the equlpmen; is of jho most ..uiHvj rior kinc. Seven linotype machines con. titute baft i.v that' can handle !! the news and the job work lapui-,- ates.- The oUice and bindery on Mer- ed and three-quarters marneu before Next come tne real nuptial f'tivi-ly i.nd Hit iently. Tho Star-Ilulle-'-hant street are kept busy. On the ' he knows, what his future wife lootcs ties, which mzy immediately follow tin tt'ia tho nn!v I'-oable machine ' third flnnr of thp Al- kev street nlant I HVp - " I th- niV-nh nr eome months after.- : in the Territorv. a "nead-lcttcr" ma - chine that sets beads for the new,- i:ii..-r in lame and clear tv;u The S.'ar-Iiullctm hr. als-j a Mn.fei . mr-chiiH which is the bet equipped in had the general iraur.ucn'er.t of the whole busi:ies a- well. This huhi'lvs not only the hundreds of details connected with the newspaper itself, but the ' management of the largest j.ib printing oliice the Territory, date plalo ::v plant. Every r i e and v. hieh book bindery in includes an up-tiv king and engraving of machinery in ; the wl r.ui! in nlaut. from tl:c's' are an(l aro wen-nzutca ami ai rang-the big hr.dvx per-'. m1 to give both spaco to operate to ie look bindery feet ing prtss. to is of the most modern: make. Ihe t.eor spa-. covered !y t hi, Evening Ihilletin o'.irit i? a p;u-ovi-j matoli-1 12.1"" squnre fi-.d, au l i-? aii': utilized at tbe pn.'scnt iiui. j v - . i 5 i Eit i- vi: mm: iitlkltin if!1 iSILY: L hai before approximated. " the Stav-Bulletfn has the 'only Webb perfecting press in the Territory. Thf.3 press prints and folds an eight-page and runs' otf thousands in short order, and the .scores of healing newsboys get the papers to its patrons. In the matter of type equipment, tht t ype of the latest and mr.u attractive. -f.iA..:. i..,n, r. i, c..., i ; .taTsa; vr u i vi c . v liotiit uoca. m li .or tT:d ne-'.weia per head. The two pepevs ntrjfduuli'.:ate in their. se!ectioiv. and the combined resources ot the; plan's are entirely adequate for a.l I demands. Completely Equipped. The main plant, "on Alakea street, occuines three Iloort, including the! l asement,. .where the big press oper-i tb - located the enmavins; department,! vhieh l.a already f.n.ib'.ished itself ; in mil lie favor bv the uualitv of its r pl'OuUt I, U both for pe vv a no for job woik Tw . luachines. power cutter, punching and ; numbering ma'hir.cs, etc.. are among I ihe 1 event addition to tho printing i and job plant on this floor. ' A large j Miehl pres.-?. two "ponies" tnd seven platen presses round out a complete ly, equipped, job a: plant. The combined p an ui bookbinding ap-j occupy proximately 2.".t:cu square fci?t of floor grcates: r. vrntage and economy of un recess ary steps S3 is Flic Star-llulletln plant standi.; today! a nuuioi ot its kind anu one wnicu ; equipped to meet the 'noeeV, of a BADS : , ' J. S in Xo. 4. .THE Dll BULLETIN. .' Wito till sinmrncaa a oe -.tUlnti of our Birni!i4s BuiJeUn. AfUl Xhli It M'.ll appcdr In )rtolil Conn, Dil will tw (ltll enol every nurn-hffi fr?e. As JiiTv't.ifore w txncss no pition, Kirnply titc lacta ft Ti'y' li be out endevrgr to make this an isterestlng ihm, and 11 It i refieivtel well u oar rrriltcn one were, we will be siitlsrtcd. Thanking the pWie !( tbeir gincrnu npport duriun ik tast jr, we ti-nsi ttufct U suite it! te couslnued. ' J t " Jsn Snnr The Loch Lee brln a cergo of ca.:1 Th'Arofll brings i0,000 ft Jomber wd idb.ouo nJog!e, ; - . . , ,.- The m!( for Sun frMiclsco per D ,C f Mcrraj, doet t I r.u.- Sfhr. Kunol wlH Wive for Litnpatoe-toM to-nioirow. Bl D Scfcr L. G. Mif Mr. 8SX. Fmersorv. In AeaodidHte for .""the U-g'jiiuare to vtfinsMDt W&ialus. " i , -Muse Meeting fre held at Kwima-, kitplll C'horeb and (Ui Music Hull i&wt ' evening.' - - A null cairier iJttQ) lve 'R,e Pot Office for tbe circuit pf U Island at 10 ; ..-A-H9harp-.',i j. j.i ' u'.:i, onnd A ohlli!;s.t!ii(n Vine, whfcli ttfe onth-r can luxitettr apjnyihg at J. W. !totH.rtetu A Co.a. ... ... .. v.. LL ; - ,t .-- e - l'i, Mr Br ft Lr Br bk 4 w ? The T C Murray jialla for S&a Fran- lftY. The ftrilotrtag 'p&iwen. !T were booktil up to liwt evenlnar: Csi. FnhsoB, W.' A. Ungate, Harrj Muter, Mra. Von Srhmldu Next week ttie MVellke will leave on TharsAiTe. the tb, at 4 p. ei., fur wind- A , v;irl porta, tonchlnij, aa ual, ports on lifll, and at Mnhukona and Knwalhae s - iih ut Hawaii. Returning on Sunday ifttrttiBK. : i ' "- P.lf for lUe 'Election of Repre-. m ijvo t tlie comlnsf Legislature .-ir JiKioruiitj( t tf ociock, and iil , M i p. m. A targe Biinir of na-are runnlr.K for tiii diitrUttand frelinT Mesr. J. O. Carter iiiil'. M. tithsoa. , XVriTED. a room near Emma I' Sijuare. AMres stallntf terms U A B C. F. O. Boj V. CKCIL BROWN. AITORXKY and Coana llor t Law, Notary Public, aud Agent for lakina A':ki'wldr-n na of initi um-nt. fortheOland of OAhfc. :! No. n h:utlianiann ;reei, llontt-lulti. , ... 1 K'. CAST 1. r; , Attorney h! ljurag. Nm- ry PiiMic .Atleii.la all tbe oniia f 'h EingOomi I T)rCHARD F. BICKEKTON, " A.toniey ami Contie!or at : Will M tend tile urinaof Court, no . ... i .... inilu. t irk.i .m Mortiratfe.,. Kiwliot.1.. No - JltIUU.nl niicre, "UWl iruiii l MtHinreowalil'a . I G W. MACFARLANE & CO., Importera and Commi.xion Mer. ilianie. - HobinjB's ire-Prool Huii'in?. (Jait. .treet. Huiudulu. 1 U.ioN F E ED COMbANV. A. W, Kuan, Manager. Vn-hooa Celephooe. 17'. A. W. BuS'j'h teieplioae il. I E . S -. C U N H A. Ritall Win Dealer. Cmno rM !., In the rear of tUe "M .wnt'O'. f ;. iiiiilAing. fo. 2J Merrl;nl I : ' ft '" : TIIE ITAILY growing, progressive city and a (1 of wedding festivities, which may not bridegroom, for the last time, and then veloping territory, from every iart of be held Tor some months after the goes back to the house of her moth-which it is given patronage on n basis nikah. er, where the women proceed to stain of Liuiness efficiency and tangible r. SUl .5. NO SPINSTERS IN TURKEY' oril.Oirino II. I Uttrxc i , rr.,. .. r , x nxr i X7 cue nJ oimuoiciiO ill i ui ivt , aw everv.. Turkish . woman counts it he acied right to have a husband.""' Even. the slave gir'.i. after seven years ol service, ' are given their freedom and prsented.wuh t husband. ' The- voung Turk, however, who dc- , .ifa i,ae nm tho richi tr. his OltVa? C a . V, i -. i. -. aaa-.Aa.aj own choice, for it' 1.3 left to his moth- er to pick out his wife, lie i betroth- When the. mother oE. a .young-Turk decides, that it. is time her son should servt with great pomp to the home of he married, or when he. desires tote,:hr husband. The carriers bear on s illustrations, she. in company with sevral other nd-j' their backs coffers and chests and ready to pass the thre.hpb is invett-a new ruling' atives..will visit'the different harems ; furniture; other.? carry baskets- filled td-.-"witJi. toariLal aiIfhorltVT"in an odd and the girls wi:l file out in front o':i her for.inspection. Coffee is then serv.- ed in Ismail cups and the visitors scr.uj carefully the "faces of "the girVs. if maiden proves satisfactory to the vib-i sj(, accompany them. itors Ler. mother is immediately in-i Tjp to this time the investigators formed arid then the betrothal "ifv5ralone have ceen the bride, the other are exchanged The young man sencis ; his fianvee.a pair, of earrings or a pair. . of slippers anc. she-.sends him a gittj in return. : Then; comes the nikah or the reli- gious and official marriage by which i the coUule are considered to be legal-! ly married, although the bride andjer the wom.n are gathered together. groom .ao not meet uiuu i sion of Jthe. "dughun ziafete," or wee" j W. ROBERTSON' & BULLEWl HONOLULU, U. L, WEDNKSDAY. FEBRUARY 1. IH"2 TLPaoia Di unotnl He.iJ. Frl) I. J m Wv.iide rlomly; strong N. SL wind; nothing lt vh-. IT Y HAN nuos.; A A Imjtoiti General i i.uaii,ue. tPTIll France. KtUih1. Oer- roaoy, anil Cni--1 Stitta. 2? Merchant M. liouoiuiu.. Jaii.fl mi Vioh l.fkQt4Sewc,tli.. N.S.W Bkrne AiiKiin. rroiij port Blnkt-tey ' Sliip Dukt tiC A'KMai, frim Lurrpoo! !itmr Waiio inalo, from W&lnuuinU) b:hr Ks:iU txm Waijnaa TT YI AN K H O S . Wh.l,.9.iTo i-lt l:r.v r .m,l :H f .Ufnrnia atreet., an r rdncw.co. Jartlcul.ir antl'jn'pald to Cuing and Bhippiac l!ai1 oriWm. ' .' 1 . crPAaitscf. St l.lkel'ke, for WiiulirariJ Port I? A. S C H A E F K H & Co. -A Importers mnl Coiniiiioii Mer, fiinr uennn, tor Molokal and Maul tHinrC K EihH, for Kuuai -iiiir Mokoiil, for Koolna chama. Merchant t.. Honolulu. nUAOKFF.LD -jk. COMPANY, jrt?ncrtii Conifltisim . . A-nt, VE63KUS LEATlSa tlllB ttl. . C Miiri-jty for San4raiK:ico Qnfcen street,- HoixiluUi. - - 1 CiiU.riiui for HabuM T. IK N E H A N & CO., I A. . import.- and Commission Mer- For Winnir1 J'orU, per Like! .Vet tchnf Nauaan St., I!moluIq.. Akamu ui.J wlft. C Afii mid wife, ! p ' ' SoKeikeu, i,e and child. Mit i T H N T. WATEUIU - H - v, He;. J. I. parts. Fat!er i.-! Ininrt?r and rM-ar in- 0?mrl t flu, Laiu Jua, W. O- Vartce, Ch.ut MrhAidise. Out en Hoootulii. 1 H. N. GrwHweil Chen Luntz, J. i - a.-- j srwri,; s. r.. WiHWr, c. L: T?l HOFFSCH LAKGER & - f,'l- UW fllllT, A'l.ii3iUiC Importer And Couq mission Mur- ii rmiuiu, Um VESSELS EIPSCTKD. Mry Tn h. fnm r' . w ilm-. C an UTmkli. Wn. G. Irta. M U a UtHQip, iroiti BrtiH,-ii,flc S! WM.0. IRWIN &. COMPANY lfcIhoa fm l.oa.sH, M.n. it f Lll - fct', I'nwi L.if0t. ;.,.V j Imporur add " ConnuHrtv-m johaiit. and Aart. f r LWyUa nd Aim Kar l-f.j-rCj fl., .is.i.ni. h.m jrnllMn Coyton, wnja t.MiiUi j chant, and A sent, for Linyd m and C.iy f Vew f (rk, ir Sy.luey, Fvbia ", t,ivcrtntit Cndcrrwriter, BriiiuaEj b ' ' j fiffi Marino imuranc Coutpaay, ; j Northern AMuruic CompHny Am Dktu J A I-iKto&oik". ttnt F. . 1 CUi'A 3. V. Aiunw. STEAMER '-rp LIKE I.IKE p AST LE , COOKE, ShipplBI and C.nniniraloa Mer. chants. ImpoHcra and Jea!rre in Geo. entl Merchandise, No. bo King atreet, HoBOlBlSfc. - . t - I Khiif, Master. Bteamer I jhelik s leaves Honolulu eaiiii TueadAv at 4 p.m., tooehlcjf at IjvhalTia, .Maalaea Btty. Makeua, Mahokona, Kawalhae, Laupahoehoe and Hilo ' 1 eturntr.g, i. in touch at all the al oye porta, arriving at Honolulu each Suii'laj a.m. - .1 A. S. CLEG HORN & CO., Imwirtera and Dealer, in General Mera haLdi.c, Cor. Queea anl tM aweeta. KaaLs ' - 1 JOHN A. HASSlNGEli, Aaeut to take Acknowledirtneirte to HAC1FIO MAIL." STEAMSHIP A. Company. JCootrarn fi- Labor. Ina-rwr FOR PAN FRANCISCO. ; Honolulu. Tlie, aplendid steaniehln "CITY OF NEW YORK," CVihb, t'ommantler. Will leava Honolul fur Snn Franelsto . ou or aoout Mou'lny, ttb. 13. FO SYDNEY via. AUCKLAND The apU-ndlrt ateaiqship 'XV SJ R A L I A," " Cargi! Commander, . Oli or al.'-ot SaTcrtlay, February 19. Fr frc glif and j aaangr apply to Ii. Hwkfe'd dc to., AgpnU. . Q A. P. Carte. C BUEWER .tCO.. 'ShlppiDC and Commiaaiuo Mew:hanti Qaeea fctrt e'. H tn iluiu. WILLIAM -joiINffiOX-.--Marchant Tailor No. C5 Fort t ,ljelow iJr. Stnp;n aid's... - - MRS. A. M, MEU'IS, Fahioahlo ilresa ami eloak maker, 104 Fort at, Honolulu. I TIOLLES & COMPANY, A Siilo Cham Ship Chandler, and Commission Merchants, imij'rt-re aiid leak'r In General MercfouMlla. QUe t., liooo-lu n. . ' I G whIj. for elilpment et .teamirs AFONG, IMI'OBTEB, en.ii now be atoreit, 1rv( ui charge, In I, f the Fire-pro"' Warehtiue neur the: B, Wimlewle and K. t ' il Utfller Sleamrf Vvharf. l t i-:!K.-raj Mert-naum nwt . m,h I ... ... . li je'i. ri,; r.ri NllUauU fctrfnrt. .. . CHA3. BREWER A Co'a p. B.rston Line of J' kcm. w5-T1io ".bark "MiuHlia PaO," . i v.patehed from IJr.aroo for Uono- A. ,.f u. .. . . CI K . WILLIAMS, ' lfcjorter, Mi u'rfacturer, t'ptoi-ti rt r. uvd tlealer In fflroi'ore nf every .i-criotioB. FnniHar Ware-Room. Pcjxom aislilngto order good shipped - S.. 4 Mrt at-s Workshop .tta: Ov Hit. vea l (bould "nail onlra oa a -t.uid on Ituirf . aireet, vroVni Uflore March 13. For furtlicr pariiciilara other Intawla proaipuy aOenaed to. jwi't m t Brewer Co - rJ . V - -A U . A M C B. DOLE. COL"SElXOn J at Law and Notarr Public. tIEo . or Fit and Mrnhmf t-, Honolnlji.l 1- '" . Atiotlotit-cr 4Hr"Commielnn Merohart, nt-en tiaa.. 1-joinrliim. I J Ui KAWAIM'I, ACfcXT'lOJI. mMevtiy var-ty Hf! CHARLES T. ROrHSERS, - '"J I reel R.s.idence, Haftllea H.'.i- J . ttoe In W.c Nf "t.-..-V U.llil III LLETIX AS IT ATI1 L'AItED FEIIIIC Qn the day appointed for the 'nikah ' the brideeroom and his witness repair '-! to the home of the bride and in the telamUk ccuss with her male rel- .linvmpnt -n f lhp nflkiaTl or ilmm- This riuestion settled End the - contract arawn up; me jniesi-piaues - Mmse.f before the door-of the harem wnere me unue anu uei mar atives are gathered. - . The bridegroom then repeats, three times his desire to marry the girl, and, s,, havinir ,niWp,.i in th ii f- JJtJ 11(1 lil l l v . a a- ' " - - firmative three times, tbe couple are corvddered to be married. First the trosseau of the bride is Wih fme linens and behind them walk the srreat " comminv of re'.atives and neighbors. Musicians with flutes and tambourines discoursing strident mu- reiativr anfj bridegroom not yet nav- inq; seen. her; so now comes the feast Df the unveiling of then-bride to tne relatives. The bridegroom s house-1 fille(1 v,ith guests, who dance and fro- 2ic th0 father of the bride being host, , at tp,p home of the bride's moth- q be oriae men tunes .win ii --" - anrt the male guevds, excepting the Co.'s GRATIS. nEOKCK- LICAS, V M f"-rtitnrtr ' Hmivlnlu SVnta Pluniiig MUi, K-pt- , ' tw-it. Htmutuitt-Mmuf.cturait' all kini Monltlto t.rackft!, Wimlnw Kmiw', liimH, wTlt !lHt-.h- Ttiruiiitt, iSrl atl B wil Aavin. Ail tut'i tti .iu,u-. aiivl la.-wfir. M'-frlH'iO(C ni Tpti iiitin. "MTjrjr(ipilv ti?nt!eil t fttvl work . trtm!i. - i)rlt-r tstm tlie viher l- B-IS.HOi A CO. bANKKIiS, Dr3wtv. !t ur,vo the Bsnk of CHfr dia. Sail r rc.o. An . tht ir Atjuitk Ha N w Tor, Eouno, rart, Ao?ki;nid, the Onsets BaiikCor r ti.Hi. l,ot4.anfctHir Cmth'in'ts HonukOiiie, SydD.y a4 Melbourne. Hwt Ue. C SI Csoka. LK W-K H S & C OO Kb , I aiKV'-nr to lf-h 4 Dickoo.) I inrKrlr nod fWalere ia Lu::ter and ail kind of Balding Muttrials, Fort atrtw-, Uonulwra. 1 WILUKK & Co., IVaU-r in lomlr, rfiiiit. i.riis NiH, Srilt and Puiidma 5I;iit-rhtU sf every kin.', cor. Fori tid Qsit-v-o st-., Hwsoluiu. I Mr - Hom fvticai ConlctUmr, t?T tbW,oijk and-Heuer. ii n HnUttwC bN tiieW0 eeo ' unarm and Fjji and I A HON' AfiWoiiiC Srltlii', bo OLCLU IRON Co Stiam enirinea. aajrar boiler., crH'lerv iron. .bia. and le-i la-stine.; tnacliinerv evvry derriptuui ina!. to ur.ter. Particular .ttentma p-id itt .itip s blrtcV.initliini? Job iTk em uied ra .lirt notua?. - 1 HOl.LlSl Kit COMPANY. Dnt-'i;;ts ArwtUvAHej, an j Imjn rtom of t''rtctt( nt eirrs Airent fir V. I .,iiaM Co., H. K.ji.l.'ll t . Vi"fy Kttir, fKtrt- w!lloXM IlMltT, RlhliHIlAD I-yle'i 'lirstMt r'tui? 1 'iAiWt Crtm'ti iN'ifuiitt-cy ff ixMi-litii, Xiuui m -T'Vwf f'f'kvr ',i: Provision Tt l .ler. Kitnily Grocery Jr jrt vwt. Homitlu, 1 7 10 N F E c t T o n e ii vr, V P M'Itwrny, No. 71 Frt b'-te liotUl stifet, kC:' !ny oo hxtid sn M-strrtjiMtit of 101 Freiirh and C!ifnr. oik inHnnfjwrtari cxrf'-ei?ficr r-, htrfa lw- oii'rr (or l io ihr trUf or at netit. at rlute-1 prices; nifeci th bcM hrano1 of Hjo;c ci.ifarw to hl in the market. Th btt ice rrem. sad w.acr and cord-ift.ft CM1 and try thorn. 1 4 LI. lEIitNS SEEKING Fmplovment, ml al! paiiie either in Hno uia or at any of th Isiard ia the G.vup id aijt of Empioy- ill pif-a Qi.ikt (heir wtnta kiitfa to The nndtr&lgne'l. rta viU do til In Uitff power to fill their or'ier. P. C. June, jr.. J B. Atht-rtoa. B. Dillir-ghato, i.u.jioyoMai CvfatMlttie- V J MCA. - ; -. ; t AW iKlIiCK &' COM PANV,. Phip tfod.r8 atrii CorTitu.Aioa Vetrbiin;?. Ageni for BrHrKJ duiti atl itch LoDcaa, Terry Davjs Puin h"ili-r 4D Q'lern street, Hnt?ri!a. - 1 fmce. 1 i in 1 oW i S . llrra In fitol"tii!jJe ilolhii,?. hut- 'A, : Vu.rV l'M 7ll- . . ', : AIIV l. lss h?r nails with henna. She now returns to the house of the niaseu.mo contingent and has her fih- srs anc palms painted henna. Then comes the with the cochatena, l-idi u the most brilliant of the pre- 5 , . . . , 'i'-k'"uv "-''. c. -iciaiinn - aV 1 . .J .1 i t. . I a.e K,,e eu auu ..nien presejix ' : . 7 I hV? - wnoravf.,y 1 jr'Xn " r ne -taniily fro mthe-evil eye, and aft-; cl x h hride , has . .jiTCA ed her bravery, the men throw coins at her. I The zefaf follow, and is alw-ajY? ce'e-' brated on Friday. The bride, dres-sed 't in tloth of gold, en.ers the corijugtll roof without the. groom, .who will not; arrive until -sunset." 'a'ftei "Bis evening devotion at the mosque. Then he I comes escorted by guests anu when , manner. A relative strikes him three times on the back, while -guests hurl money at him to invoke prosperity, and then leaye tLta he may meet his! bride. ' dinner is served from a small t in the nuptial chamber,the pr!n- cipal disb being two roatted birds,-a! raaie an,i a female.'.which arethei sym.:! fols of conjugal affection and" fidelity. After the servants have placeo the Wishes on the tatde and withdrawn, the husbands walks over and lifts the veil from the face of the bride and g.ces for the first time the face of his wue. . ADDIE- FAR RAH. Star Newspaper As-was' incorporated Ltd., March 1 by J. S. Mitlrcw, John JImnieluth, Gtorge V. Smith and Alfred S. Hart wli, "for the promotion I of the gem ral interests of the people j ol the Hawaiian Islands and with the i avowed and distinct purpose of pro moting annexation to the United States." - i, At a directors' meeting, held on the evening of March 27,.lst3' Mr. Walter (I. Smith was made managing editor and the first edit ion of the (new paper was issued March .'S, 1SI3. The paper at once took a prominent place in the community and began to build up a ; strong sentiment among the residents ! of the islands for annexation. Mr, Arthur Johnston, the first reporter of the' new i taper, assumed the editorship on May 1, 18,4, and continued to write ..ftie editorials until le-cenlber T of the same year, when the directors came to an agreement with Messrs.. Ed Tovyse and Frank L. Hoogs whereby the two, mentioned gentlemen were to assume active manager-ship, of both the editorial and business departments of the .paper respectively. ' ' Kir,. Talk of Combine. . This arrangement was renewed yearly until December 31, 1S9.", when the liulletin made overtures with the purpose in view of amalgamating the two properties. This proposition wad considered by the directors but it was decided to continue with the ngree-mt nt made" in 194 with Messrs. Tovvse and Hoogs and the Bulletin-was notified accordingly. This is tbe first instance recorded 'where a proposal, to combine wa made. For two years more. the editorship w as held by Mr. ltd Towse,' who re- ! siged from his poritionotr-January J.S2.L Mr.. A- ,T., Aikinsqti. w:ase!ios-. , en to fill the vacancy and from this dateou the juiiver devoted every effort toward annexation, which was finally ; brought about.in August of the follow-, ling year. .1 J.-.-.:- s .. :. t Co tit ml Purchased. , At the sain time, Mr. Hoogs purchased control of the property with M r. A tk t u son . s t il 1 in the editor's chair. Tjiis arrau gement s wsist, continued .until , Jurte 30, 1104.. when Mr. Atkinson severed his connection , with the paper to take up his duties as Su-; perintendent of Public Instruction. There was no one chose?i to fill the vacancy created by. the resignation of Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Hoogs acting as both editor and manager with Chas. Hhodes as city editor. Mr: Hoogs continued as editor and manager of the aper , until his death in February, 19u8, when the property was sold to Mr. Charles II. Atherton for himself and family. Mr,"Heirrge- P.-1 IenstntH' "-'was "nla Je "' .editor and, manager. and continued the position until March 5, 1 9 10, .when l)e resigned and Mr. Daniel JIgan was made editor. ow Huildin? Erected. V The services of Mr. Walter G. Smith -were secured as editor In January, 1911 and arrangements were made for the erection and equipment of a new building especially for the company. -Many:. improvements were made and steps taken to furnish the paper with the best facilities possible. When the resignations of the editor ; and. business manager, were receive..!. ' n e g t .at ion s ; were begun at once to nil both places and were progTessiftg rap- idly. At this juncture, during the first part of June, a mutual friend orlhe controlling owners of both the Bulletin and the; Star approached both par- Tri'ty iirirlhi, li t-c , , , ,.. I . . ......I.. to' amalgamate the papers. Completing a passage of twenty-two days the American schooner Robert Lewers reached Port Townsend from Honolulu last Saturday. ORANGE. BLOSSOM CANDIES The Most Popular Cand'ea Made on the 'Coast HONOLULU DRUG CO LTD. 1024 Fort St. Telephone 1354 L NEW DRUG STORE SODA WATER FOUNTAIN 'HAWAII DRUG CO. 42 Hotel Street, at end of Bethel Well Stocked with New Drug and Novelties. VHEN YOU VANT Fence The Man t Se Is JJ. C. AXTELL - ALAKEA STREET YOU'LL -FIND WHAT v- AT -THE YOU WANT City Hardware Co NUUANU AND KING STREETS Hawaiian Wire Woven -. ', . r i i

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