The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 12, 1952
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 12, 1952 North Pole Explorers Find New Treasures, Peary Cache BLYTHKVTU,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ANCHORAGE, Alaska Wi — The^ daring North Pole Air Force plane-; lauding party has uncovered more | of Hie arctic's secrets. One, a cache left by the Rear Adm. Robert E. Peary expeditious In the early 1900s, had lain hidden nearly a half century. Others, scientific secrets, are as old as the arctic itself. Th« Air Force told today ot more of the work done by scientists and observers on the historic"flight, May 4 in which Lt. Col. William I P. Benedict, of Paradise, Calif., landed a C4T and took off ihree hours and 10 minutes later from the geographic North Pole. I These were some of the results: The depth of the ocean below the ice was determined by a .seismograph cho sounding at 14,150 feet. Dr. Albert P. Crary and his assistant, Robert Cottell, of the Cambridge Research Center. Cambridge, Mass., bored a 10-foot hole in a thick ice floe and dropped two pounds of TNT and exploded it in ihe experiment. Thaw Opens Cracks The annual spring iha\v was opening great cracks in the pack ice forming the polar ice cap. M, Sgt. Edison Blair, Los Angeles, said new leads varying from a few feet to several hundred feet in width were opening on every side of the Ice flow upon which the C47 sat. It was only by sheer coincidence, Sgt. Blair reported, that such an area, roughly ft half mile in size, t was free from the pressure ridges ^nt the geographical pole. The Adm. Peary cache was found on one of the plane's flights and landings over the region. The plane was traveling at low altitude over Cape Columbia, Ellesmere Island, where the Peary expeditions .left the last land to start a 500-mile trek over the ice. The cache was spotted find upon landing the party found it tained names and dutes between 1900 find 1909. There were four metal and wood boxes. GlaM Jars Left In other work, the expedition left at the North Pole six watertight glass Jars, wrapped in eye-catching luminescent red silk. The jars contained notes about the expedition and any finders were asked to record the date and position found and report to the Air Force Research Center. Such information may supply information on the speed and direction of little-known Arctic Ocean currents. The position of the floe as the geographic North Pole was verified by the navigator, 1st Lt. Herbert Thompson, Alleiiwood, Kan., by ' training his sextant on the sun. Lt. Col. Benedict and Lt- Col. Joseph Fletcher, of Shawnee, Okla.. said they "stacked four empty oil drums into a cairn, topped by an American flag. They also thrust an Air Force flag into the top of another barrel. Tito Blast U.S. For Trieste Act Yugoslav Accuses West of Trickery In Italian Move BELGRADE. Yugoslavia MP» — Premier Marshal Tito has accused America nnd Bill all] or Trickery in letting Italy help rule part nt the disnuted Free Territory of Trieste. lie spoke angrily over Belgrade radio yesterday about last week's agreement to elve Italy broad administrative powers in the British- Amcrlcan zine of the free territory —claimed by both Italy and Yugoslavia. The Allied occupation troops would remain in their area, he said, "only to ccver up what was done while Italy took over control of the economic and political affairs at (lie expense of the Yugoslav minority Slovenes In Trieste." "We must now he very careful because be cheated," he declared. "We retain the right, to undertake necessary measures to assure our rights." Tito's statement seemed to .suggest that he might move for formal annexation of the zone of the Trieste territory now occupied bj Yugoslav troops. The Yugoslav section—Zone . comprises rocky farmlands i fishinK villages. Zone A. under provisional American-British rule includes the strategic port city o! Trieste. Po » er * Bagpipes For Ontario Musician PALMERSTON, Out. Wl — When Ivan Birk plays the bagpipes, n ^acuutn cleaner provides the wind wer. The 36-year-old bulldozer operator got the Idea Rfter he used the cleaner to blow his player piano. He recently was invited to join a pipe band. "I soon discovered that It was too much for me to read the music and wiggle my fingers and keep the thing blown up — all at the safe time. So I hitched up the vacuum cleaner. "That took (he blowing job off my mind and left me free to con- centraie on the other two. The result is that I can nxnv play "The Barren Rocks of Aden" by heart and the opening note's of the "Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee," MISS ATOMIC BlAST-na- diating loveliness instead of deadly atomic particles, Candyce King, actress appearing at Last Frontier Hotel in l,as Vegas. Nev., dazzled U. S. Marines who participated in recent atomic maneuvers at Yucca Flats They bestowed on her the title of "Miss Atomic Blast." finding her as awe-inspiring, in another way, as was the "Big Bomb." PAGE ncprcscntatlrcs of the State of Arkansas nnd by majority of All the Senate, Hie Memlx>rs Elected to Each House Agreeing lion, ntlopt such amendment, Hie j bly shall enact, such enabling l»gi»- Thereto: 5 nme sliall bcixrnie a part of llic Iruion as shall be required to e(tec- the following is lu-rcby pro- Constitution <i( the SJtiue of Ar- tuate the purposes hereof. Mitutlon o ittul upon iioscrt ns an amendment to llio Con- Mit^uUon of the Slute of Arkansas, being submitted to the of the Stnte for approval or rejection at the next xenernl elec- HeinT.scntativos anil Sena majority of the lion for atur.s, If election for Itonresentativos Senators, i! a majority of the .. ,„„ tors voting thereon, at such an clec- | SECTION 3. The General Au*m- and purpose of having the 'lee- i electors vote In the proposition. kansas, to-v,'jt: Amendment No. 18 to the Con- tiK'reon In such election [ read us follows: stitution of the State of Arkansas, ndoptcd by the electors of this Slate at the General Klcction held and conducted on Ihe 6th day of November. 1908, Is hereby amended to adopt -such amendment, the iainc shall become n part of the Consii- tntion of the Stale to wit: SECTION 1. That the tion of the State of Arkansas lie amended modifying Section 19 of Article 7 and Section 3 of Amendment No. 2-1 of .said Constitution, so as to provide for the election of a Comity Clerk in all of Ihe said counties of the State, as follows: "The provisions for the election TYKE UKES STRIKE - Five year-old Joyrr Cole gives her father. B. R. Cole, some support in the picket line at It'" main sate ol the Wichila falls. Tex., planl nt Continental Oil Co. For Jnyce, the ilriltA has ruf-iir.} 7, rhanrr !r. «penrt all rlny \vith her f.iOi*>r For workers, however, the strike has meant a loss of s:!00.000 a day. Meteor Blamed For Fire Blast Strange Object Scares Seattle SEATTLE gators and WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chlclca- sauba District, Misslssisst County, Arkansas. Frances Ing nun Junes. By Next Friend, Myrtle Warren, Plaint it f /Pi—Air Force Invpstl- astrouotners, a f t e r j of eyewitness v.s. Raymond T. Jones, The defendant. No. 12032 Jones, is hereby warned to Defendant. Raymond T. SECTION 1. It being most apparent that privately operated factories, of Arkansas. > industries and transportation facili- i ties are necessary for the dcvelop- Constitu- ment of a community and for the wi-liarr of its inhabitants, an annual tax o! not exceeding one pel- cent ol the assessed valuation of nil taxable property within the corporate boundaries thereof may be levied by cities of the first and second class for the purpose cf proof a County Clerk upqn a population basis are hereby abolished ami there may be elected a County Clnk in like manner as a Circuit Clerk, and in such cases, the County Clerk may be ex officio Clerk of the Probate Court of such county unlll otherwise provided by the General Assembly." This Amendment shall be In full force and effect upon and niter its adoption. APPROVKU. March 20. 1951. Secretary ol State C. O. HALL APPROVED: March 20, W&l. Secretary of Sttt* C. O, HAU, NOTICE Notice is hereby given that th» underpinned has filed 'Aith the Department of Alcoholic Beverag* Ccntrol of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell and disperiM beer at retail on th« premises da- scribed as^ 108 W. Ash St., Blythv- ville, Mississippi County. The undersigned Mates that, he to a citizen of Arkansas, ot good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no licence t« sell beer by th* undersigned has been revoked within Jive yeans last past; and that the undersigned has never been fining funds Io be used lor the acquisition of sites within or without Mich cities and lor the construe- convicltd of violating the laws of lion o such sites of buildings and lms state . or , nv oeher state other facilities, for lease or sale, for | atlv( , to tne Ml( , „, A]f ohMc the aforesaid purposes, cr for the amortization of bonds bearing interest at not more than four per cent per annum issued for such purposes. SECTION 2. When petitioned by not less than (en per cent of the :i,i:ilifictl electors residing therein. PKO!'OSRI> CONSTITUTIONAL AMKXttMKN'T fc'O. 43 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Keprescntalivps of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate of the Stale of Arkansas, a Majority of All Ihe Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas. .. Speedy Unlnaders Four thousand tons of coal cen be unloaded from a ship within eight hours by the cranes, mechanical grabs and conveyors at the electric poiver station on the River Thames at Barking. England, checking hundreds reports, said today a fiery object which exploded with violent force over Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound country early Sunday probably was a meteor. They continued questioning M-it- nesses from Olymnia. 50 miles south of here, to Eellinjjham. 80 miles north, however, and started a search for "strange" materials they said might have come from a meteor. The object, flashed across the sky early yesterday. Airline piloU and ground observers said it exploded with a blinding flare and burst into flaming streamers. within thirty days in the court | named in. Die caption hereof and• an.'nver the complaint of the plain- i liff, Frances Ingrain Jones. \ Dated this 19th day of April. Ifci2. j Gene Bradley, Attorney for Plaintiff Claude F, Cooper, Attorney Ad LUecn. Harvey Morris, Clerk Bv Laverne Ball, D. C, A 21-28-5 S-12 anci upon being submitted io the electors of the State for approval rejection at the next general PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of MEN To men vvlio have sold and men who wanl to Learn to st-IL We olfer year-ronnrt steady employment ullh one ot the moM aggressive sales orKaiilialiotis. VtV Haul onlv men who are sincerely fniercsteil In ]>niiiiolini< ihr-nm-lves in a higher standard ol living, men who ar« hones) anil neal appearing. Must have rar. Manlrd nil-n preferred In your rcTM) 1 stale when you ran see one of our lepresentatlrei In Tour home. Address Kmpluyment P.O. Box 556« Alrmphh, Tenn Uq- uors. Application is for permit to b« 1s- .sucrl for operation beginning on th« 30 day of June, 1952. and to explr* on the 30lh day of June. 1953. Earnest CaMon, Applicant Subscribed and sworn to b^forft the City Council or other govern- < me this 7 day of May. 1952. ing body of any such city shall call for an election to be held not than ninety days thcreaiter for the Commission Pear! Caston. Notary Publie expires: "4-I«-». ^.—^L. ,—. KENTUCKY STRAIGHf IQUdBQN WHISKY... naturaMy »f*d, FROM THF llff AND VIGOR OF THt GJlAils, | « ta. .i. BlUl! OiSiums coafim, IOJISYIUU UNItKtr • H ttWf • IW MGK ( 4 fUK «• One Atom Raid to Kill Hew York NEW YORK W>—The development of small atomic bombs now makes it opssible for a single enemy air attack to destroy almost all the city of New York. Civil Defense Director Arthur W. Wal- landcr says. Wallander said yesterdav In a report to Mayor Vincent R. Im- pcllitteri that this danger steins from the capability of ft single plane to carry a dozen of the new bombs. He said new bombs are as powerful as the old ones, which were so large that a bomber could only carry one. One plane, Wallander ,iald. could scatter a string of the small bombs in a single run over the Bronx and Manhattan. by Felix Carney It's exciting to learn with television. . . Yes television'* an educator as well as an entertainer. And leade.ra in edu- . cation are banding together | ^everywhere to make use of the new medium. We see that the Film Publishers Inc. of New York are producing a new series of educational film" specially for TV. And that in St. Louis, Mo., educators from 19 states got together to make big plans for the coming year. We mention these particulars only to show the great general trend of learning from television. Looks like the old proverb. "One picture is worth 10,000 words" i.s really taking hold. And certainly it's worth everyone's while to prove this to himself. To see how much longer he remembers something he's seen than what he's only heard of. And learning through TV has R s^pecial significance i n that 'the whole family learns together. It's f u n to watch, these special programs and then talk them over, compare . . . ypii'll see how many discussions will.arise Io rapture everyone's interest. And you'll certainly join with us in saying that television is an exciting and vital way to learning. It's important too, to learn about sets . . . when you're buying. That's why you sl-nu'cl know about GTCNER- AI, KI.KCTRIC. with the famous black daylight tube for r-?sy viewing. See it today. Where sales are backed by servire by pxoert technicians At RI.YTMF.V1I.1.K RAI.KS CO., 10ft E. Main St. Phone: 3616. plus a few dollars more To assure you a dependable water supply through th« years which lie ahead, large sums must be spent within the next decade. Engineers who have been appraising our national needs figure that the hill will run over three billion dollars for the country as • whole. \ And that's just for physical equipment and installations — that's just for the THINGS which make up a water supply system. What about the men who make those things function? Everything about a water works involves big money except the remuneration of Ihe men responsible for its dependable operation. Perhaps no other enterprise in America puts more solemn responsibilities upon men and pays them less for accepting them. Already, water-systems are finding it difficult to enroll and hold on to younger men qualified for advancement to key executive jobs. The will to serve is there but it withers in the face of a dollar that has lost almost half its purchasing power in (he course of a decade. If billions of dollars must be spent on plant facilities. It becomes all the more important that tbe men who direct these purchases and operate these facilities shall he of the highest character and ability, fan we afford not to invest thousands in human Intelligence and integrity? We need to spend a few dollars more. Blytheville Water Co. "Water If Your Cheapest Commodity" GENERAL NO CASH DOWN...Yo» Name the Terms Per Week! Yow old tirts ore tit* Down Paymtnt Nothing is cut but the price. The quality, strength and safety (if iticsc wonderful General Tires is right »t the top... with ('s usual margin of extra strength compared to ordinary tires. If you really want Io drhe « bargain, sec us today for a set ol" General Saf-Y-Milcrs. BARGAIN SPARES thai will keep you going in an emergency. Many carcasses without a single hreak. Some tires with several thousands of safe miles left in them. FROM $095 2 New and Nearly New Tires off New (tin — Famous-name, original equipment tires. Some have gone J few blocks; some a few miles. Take your choice at big savings off new- tire prices. GUARANTEED USED TIRES-Some with 5-7-9000 miles of tread rubber remaining. F.vcry one inspected inside and out and repaired where necessary. $1Q95 19 7 HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 East Main Street - Telephone 2056 760*15 * (plus tax)

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