Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on February 11, 1973 · Page 85
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 85

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 11, 1973
Page 85
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Paida Prentiss Look Back: Starci^t she was working with, the places she'd been—and find me sitting in the apartment, morose, gloomy, depressed. She had to bottle up half of what happened because she couldn't share those things with me, because I couldn't take it. So she held it in. Even when we did our TV show, "He and She',' together, we both became overly sensitive without realizing it. We'd work all week getting the show ready, film it on Friday, and on Saturday we were so depressed and miserable . we couldn't even get out of bed. By Sunday we'd begin feeling like ourselves again, and on Monday we were back at work. Finally it dawned on us what was the matter, and we'd recognize the signals: the oncoming headache, fatigue—and we could handle the situation better. F.W.: To what do you credit your successful marriage? Dick: I think the secret is that we live separate but not separated. By that I mean we are very different in many ways, and we live our own lives accordingly. But we stay together. When we're apart for even a short while because of our work, it's awful. If Paula is not around, I feel very, very lonely. Of course, our feelings hit highs and lows, like a roller coaster. But we understand that. When we feel a depression coming on we immediately clue one another. F.W.: You have no children. Would you like some someday? Dick: I think we are about ready for a child now. At first we didn't want any because we felt they'd tie us down. I guess they will to some extent. But we have friends who just had a baby and they said you suddenly have feelings you never had before. F.W.: Paula, do you ever lose your temper? Paula: Often. And then I yell. This way Dick knows exactly where he stands. F.W.: And what does he do? Paula: He yells back. F.W.: Did you ever hit one another? Paula: Certainly. F.W.: And who won? Paula: It was a draw. F.W.: Dick, what do you do to keep in shape? Dick: I do aerobics. Tony Perkins got me started on that. And I run five minutes in place every day. Tony is fantastic. He can do 20 without getting tired. He also gets me involved in word and parlor games, although I-hate them. But he's the kind of guy who doesn't ask if you want to play. He just says, 'i know a great game, and you do so and so," and before you realize it, he's got you doing it! F.W.: Dick, you're Jewish, and Paula, you're Catholic. Is there ever any conJ3ict? Dick: No, it was never an issue. We both grew away from it, so that by the time we were married, it was no problem. Paula: I think the Catholic and the Jewish religions are very much alike. They are. rich, colorful and beautiful. I like being a Catholic, and I love Jewish people. The other day I went into a fish market and watched this man slice sturgeon. I liked it so much I told Dick I wanted to become Jewish. He didn't think that nm was enough reason KlUI February 11, 1»73 121 NEW DISCOVERY! A Groundcover That Thrives Where Other Plants Despair! Pirftct fir slipas, mhutam^t, where M nwwiag ii pessiMe—iMf' RMUt, Mtt; selfHMlitiMac. Ftireelerfil big-area eeveraie; irfvtwijft, feerien, etc. Strong-Growing Wide-Spreading PenngiftCOROI\IILLA„». TMNSraiM PROBIEM AREAS INTO A SPRMfr • CONTROLS EROSION • NEEDS NO MAINTENANCE • DEFIES DROUGHT • CONDITIONS SOIL AS IT GROWS • BEAUTIFIES STEEPEST SLOPES Dramatic grawtli result* •• aa tfMliM Mil: pietere takte 2 year* afttr a eiaitar af aely 3 crawnt wat itartatf! Once estabtislied, Coronilla, a recently discovered groundcover that spreads vigorously In poorest soil—Iwsutlfies banks, slopes, foundations, borders, edgings and driveways with a dense foot-deep blanket of solid Blooms. Controls erosion even on steep gullies-turns almost vertical slopes into living walls of flowers. Defies drought, needs no maintenance. As a nitrogen-fixing legume, it conditions and improves any soil it grows in. Nothing else like it! Here is the outstanding groundcover discoverythat turns hard-to-plant problem areas into sweeping vistas of floral beauty... and once the roots take hold and plants are established, "provides faster coverage, better and more colorful results with less care or cost than any other groundcover we've ever seen or heard of! — This plant marvel shoots out dense mats of bright, green foliage which lies low to the ground and covers itself with brilliant pink flower masses from spring to fall. Talk of "picture beauty"! Equally important is its dense, fibrous, deep root system which grips sandy or rocky soil, even washed-out gullies so tenaciously that it binds and holds together poor subsoils or eroding cliffs under severe conditions where other plants can barely survive... much less form a thick, solid stand! ideal Far New Hem* li Hanl-te-lilew Areas! Rarely needs any soil preparation! Set 3 ft. apart for strong growth and dense coverage. Neat, low growing. Chokes weeds. Ideal for steep banks! Winter-hardy. Thrives from Texas to Canada! #i.e03tTE . . . COMMIIU ft) MfKfii.n (eevars 4M ^. ft) 100far$2 >.M (eavart tM i«. ft.) 2MlMr$S3 .M (cevere 1WM t*. ft.) WiHn for pcicw on tor|or quantHiM at hufa a«rin«sl LAKEUVND'S Double Guarantee (t) All piants must arrive In par- fact condition and (2) thrlva a^ ter planting or you may rabini fOr raplacamant or refund of price any tinw witHia LAKELAND ytiRSKMEs^ALEs Dept.L -586 HANOVER. PENNA. 17331 USE THIS HANDY NO-RISK COUPON TO ORDER NOW! LAKELAND NURSERIES SALES, Dapt L-S86 HanoMr, Panna. 17331 -#L-OO307E-Coronllla-10 fOr S4.99; 2S fOr SO for $16.99; 100 for 129.99; 200 fOr Add 75$ postage & handling. (Penna. A Md. residents add tales tax) Enclosed is payment in full of. Charge my • BankAmericard; • Diners Club; • American Express • MastaiCharga Int Bank # - .75 My Account Ho.. Expiration Data_ Yf. • Ship C.O.D: 1 enctosa f2 deposit and will pay posbnan balance plus postage and C.0.0. fees on delivery. Name Address ' City State Zip Shipments made at proper time for planting in your locality. — ® Lakeland Nurseries Salaims FREE! n CHECK HERE FOR UKEUND'S NEW BI6 FUU COLM GARDEN CATALM... NO l>URCHASE ' NECESSARY!

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