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Honolulu, Hawaii
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1 1 WTO (Ul 11 Sjpoii Section section mm mm rmjm i I J. HONOLULU STAU-B13LLET1N, S.TI i I I i I A Yf II LT 1913. nn fpK'cg rilM Pi MillPn BTO" auMM mlrM) uim-M MH-L WmM r1 JY. WU HORSEMEN ACTIVE IN EVENTS OF FOURTH ON VALLEY ISLAND SPORTS OF ALL SORTS ON THE VALLEY ISLE BIG DOINGS AT HAPIOLAPII PARK Large Delegation of Honolulu Horsemen Will Attend Races Horse Races, Ball Game, Field Sports and Marathon to Furnish Excitement for Fans at Spreckels Park, Kahului r- 1 i 'V i I -V" 1 i I i 1 it js. I 1 iL I I i i With a "splendid card of horse rac3 Opening with tween tho J.

A. baseball game and the C. A. stheduled for the Kahului track, a first class ball game, the finish of a big yacht race, and two hiR excursions A to points of interest on the Valley Isle, Maui ia the magnet that Is draw ing a large number of Honolulans across the water for the Glorious C'h, of the Junior League, the program of sports at Kapiolani Park on tho afternoon of the Fourth of July promises to be a model, which will be well worth repeating in future celebrations With the different features being engineered by persons who have long been prominent in the carrying out of Honolulu's jinks and pageants, little doubt remains but what the 1913 observance of the nation's birthday will be strictly Ameri Fourth. For several weeks past, local horsemen have been counting the days to the fall of the flag for the first race, ana the delegation tnat leavca this afternoon on the Inter-Island steamers Mauna Kea and Claudine representative of the best element in local sportdom.

II. Gooding Field Dr. J. t. Captain W.

E. Bal CVorgc II. tumminifs Jtooen It might be thought that the departure of so large a part of the sport- Jiig for holiday jaunt was TWENTY-FIFTH INCREASES ITS HAWAII SWIMMERS PULL TOGETHER AS A TEAM a a LEAD IN RACE can, and one which will long be re-j meinhered. Shortly after the commencement of the baseball game, which scheduled to be called promptly at, 2 o'clock, number of track events will be run off under the direction of J. C.

Anderson. The events will be as follows: 100-yard dash, free-for-all; G0-yard dash for girls; 100-yard dash for boys under -fourteen; one-mile international relay race, four men on each team; 100-yard three-legged race. The events will be concluded with the finish of the ten-mile marathon "race from Moanalua to Kapiolani Park, for which a number of well-known local long distance runners have signed up. Prizes will- bo awarded the winners in the track events. Considerable Interest should center around the horse races, which will le pulled off Immediately following the track contests.

J. C. Anderson also has chargo of this feature, and what promises to be a lively card has been prepared under his direction. ftfat ravwiH be ft threceigths of- Following Is the program and co mplete entry list of the races at Kahului July 4:, First Race Free-for-all, running, -mile dash. Purse $250: Oneonta, owner, L.

D. Warren; Miss Bryan, owner, F. Brughellij Harvester, owner, J. O'Rourke. Second Race Trotting and pacing, mile heats, 2:15 class, 3 out of 5.

Pu rse $350: El Oro, owner, F. Brug- helli; Maui, owner, A. Gross; Harry Hurst, owner, F. Brughelli. -Third Race-Running race, Hawaiian bred, y-mile dash, first $200, second Athlone, owner, Angus n.

McPhee; Strawberry, owner, J. O'Rourke; Major Collier, owner, Brughelli. i Fourth Race Running race, free-for-all; ponies, 14.2; '-mile dash. urse $125: Young Lady, owner, Francis; Poni Moi, owner, M. Abreu; Jubftee, owner, J.

M. Iedeiros; Indian Boy, owner, J. C. Fitzger- aid. Fifth Race Japanese running race, J-mile dash, catch weights.

Purse Elko, owner, Kawamura; Paia Girl, owner, Kobayashi; Naniwa, owner, Yoshida; Fugl, owner, Baba; Eleele, Boy, owner, K. Ya-manaka. i Sixth Race Running race, free-for-all, maidens, 2 years old, -mile das h. Purse $250: Dorilo, owner, L. von Tempsky; Silina, owner, J.

C. Fitzgerald; Aunty, J. C-Fitzgerald. Seventh Race Running race, Kawaiian bred, -mile dash; first $200, second $50: -Athlone, owner, Angus McPhee; Strawberry, owner, J. O'Rourke; Major Collier, owner, F.

Brughelli. Eighth Race Trotting and pacing, free-for-all, mile heats, 3 out of 5. Purse $500: Maul, owner, A. Gross; Denervo, owner, Angus McPhee; El Oro, owner, F. Brughelli; Wei comeiBoy, owner," W.

II. C. Camp-" bell. Ninth Race Running race, free-fo ail, 1 mile dashjsfirst $600, second $1 50: Oneonta, owner, L. D.

Warren; Sonoma' owner, J. O'Rou rke; Harvester, owner, J. O'Rourke. disloyal to Honolulu and her Fourth of July attractions, but. such is not the case, for Maui comes to Oahu cn masse for the floral carnival every year, and it is but right that the locala should return the visit.

Promoters of the local Independence Pay celebration do not consider Maul as a rival this year, and are directing: their efforts toward furnishing amusement for the stay-at-homes who are not lucky enough to secure the time ofr necessary to make the Valley Island pilgrimage. Races the Magnet. The races are probably the main attraction, for the Honolulu sporting fraternity, and with the assurance of seeing clean sport and plenty of it, liral horsemen are busy with the dope sheets. Most of the trotters and gallopers are well known, and have been eeen lii action against their reKpcctlvo fields before, so It is mainly a qucs- SCHOFIELD LEAGUE. L.

Pet BARRACKS W. a a a 2 .859 ,2 .778 25th Infantry 4th Cavalry 1st Field 1st Infantry .223 .112 4 8 W. T. RAWLINS. (Special Star-Bulletin Correspondent With the Hawaii Swimming Team.) SAN FRANCISCO, June 26.

All the Honolulu swimmers stepped ashore at San Francisco in first-class condition, thanks to a splendid trip up on the and a program of regular exercise which was carried out by every member of the team. Wednesday's Game. 25th Infantry 7, 1st Field Artillery 5 a yVe, cstablijshMi ISpecIal -i Star.Bul ltUa Correixmne SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, July 3. Te Ra RBBig-fw JVlai -M He dash? first $125, second $25: tZ Young Lady, owner, M. Fran cis; Eleele Boy; owner, K.

Baby Rose, owner. J. M. Me-, tt deiros; Aunty Rose, owner, J. C.

Fitzgerald; Bingo, owner, K. Nakatnura; Jagray, owner, Matsuoka; Lahaina Boy, owner, Umeda. The veteran pitcher. "Hemler" Mur- tion'of present condition, and the wise ones will probably depend on the observation of the Kahului rail ldrds for a inside information. a mile, free-for-all, with a first prir.e of $50 and a second prize of 510.

Following this will be a trotting and pacing race over a distance of one mil for Hawaiian bred horses. The owner of the horse winning this race will be awarded $100, no second prize to be given. I'onies 14 hands high Eleventh Race Mule race, "2-mile dash. Purse $25: Democrat, owner, George Richardson; Mailed owner, J. K.

Kahue. Twelfth Race Cowboy, three reia ys of yz mile. Purse $50: Cow. Boy, Huluhipa, and Ilolal all owned M. Amoral.

4 a Individually, and as a ball team, the Portuguese Athletic Club players arc bitterly disappointed that they will be cherson, In the third of an inning he was on the mound yesterday, put his team far down in a hole, and nothing but a hard bit of work with the willow finally gave the league leaders the game. Murcherson opened well, by fanning the first wagon-soldier, but be is brand new, and this probably 'ac-counts for it. The -slabster's utter lack of control was evident whem he walked the next two, and then was found for a long double by. followed by two singles tandem, from the "unablo to compete against the Maui picked nine, but the demands of tlu-ir at the Hotel Stewart, and are looking forward impatiently to the Fourth, everyone being keen to take the water in competition. The Hui Nalu and representatives are all in together, exercising, sightseeing and messing cooperatively, so that the Hawaiian team is a tight little bui.

with no club jea-ousies or internal discorGs. Up here, sj far away from home, the Hawaii epirit is strong and everyone is pulling for the good of the team as a whole, and for the honor of Hawaii cei. We had perfect weather all the way over, and the officers of the Wilhelmina couldn't do enough for us. The first afternoon out a swimming tank was erected on deck, and home league come first, and" as the. Portuguese are billed to play the Sta.s at home, they ore chances SAINTS AND PUNS CLASH SULLIVAN TO GET RETURNS will race a quarter of a mile for a purse of $25, entries yto be made at the post, while In the one-half mile free-for-all race the winner will be awarded 100 and the second across the lino $23.

The events will close with a cowboy race. Although dancing is not a sport for some people, at any rate, it Is perhaps one of the most popular pastimes which the city affords, and in the realization of this Tact the committee in chargo of the celebration has made ample preparations whereby the old van, and posted at the Fashion, on Hotel street. The fight returns should begin to arrive about noon, or a little after, while it will probably be an hour or to later before the swimming returns start. Sullivan has made arrangements to receive the name of the winner and second man of each swimming event, together with the time hung up. This will give local enthusiasts a chance to follow the fortunes of, the Hawaiian team, and see if any new records are magic.

Duke got out his Ingenious harness, so that all hands could take swim bats of Curran and Nemesek. Waterhouse replaced Murcherson. who was the first 23th twirler to show any weakness this and he pitched and played a game, that he may frame and hang beside the famous All-Chinese victory of last March. He was found for four hits, but the Artillery failed to bunch them, and they yielded but two runs. Cross, who otherwise caught a magnificent game, made a costly error in the fourth, when; he allowed the third strike on Pastori to get by him, en abling Gray, who had smashed out his second double a minute before, to Ring fans and swimming enthusiasts aike will have a chance to gel the results of the two big Fourth of July sporting events, hot off the wire.

The Ritchie-Rivers fight by rounds, and the details of the swimming meet, in which Duke Kahanamoku and nine other Honolulu swimmers will compete, "will be received by Dick Sulli-. Castle and Joy will be the opposing felabsters tomorrow, when the Puna-hou Athletic and the St. Louis Alumni teams" meet for Jheir third and cecidin gbattle on Moiliili field. Each Team has won a game, and with the star pitchers of both aggregations working, the rubber should i prove both fast and exciting. of losing their grip on the first half of the Oahu Jeague scries by defaulting.

However, the Portuguese Juniors are worthy substitutes, and they should be to give a good account of themselves, even against the fast players of the Valley Isle. Hawaii Turns Back. The speedy yachts Kamehameha rnd Mollilou should finish the annual Honolulu-Kahului race rorae time ihis afternoon. From 20 to 24 hours i. the usual racing time between thn two ports, if the wind is any ways favorable.

The Hawaii, veteran of three trans-Pacific races, was a third starter yes- terday afternoon, and got the best of the start over the other two entrants, but off Diamond Head the Kt iff breeze that prevailed proved too much for a much-used mainsail, and in a few moments the canvas was in Captain Tom King saw nothing lor it but to put back to Honolulu, and very regretfully withdrew from the Other Attractions. In addition to the various other Scientists shatter many prophets when they declare the moon absolutely has nothing to do with the weather. score. Pastori scored from first, which is going some, on Waeker's hit ming exercises in the limited space, 'ihis was our daily routine until arrival at San Francisco, where wre were met "by a number of newspaper men, who gave the boys some first class write-ups. Undoubtedly Duke, as a world's champion, is the big attraction of the coming meet, but the fact that the islands have sent so large a delegation, and that so many of the boys are unknown quantities to the California swimming contingent, has whetted the public appetite for surprises.

People here have so nmch regard for Duke's prowess that they wouldn't be really, surprised if sprung a couple more swimming phe-noms on them The swimming meet itself is going to be a great affair, and the chances Ely in Flying and young alike may trip the light fantastic toe, Indulging either in the more conservative waltz and two-step or the up-to-date rag. The Tango, the Tasmatiian Twist, the Hilo Hop, the Wailuku Wiggle and all other dances classed under the rag will be in vogue, and the big pavilion at the public bathshas been reinforced so as to accommodate without danger a large number of dancers. A nominal admission to the pavilion will be charged to help defray the expenses of the celebration. George Martin Is in charge of the dance, and Kappel-meister Iierger and his assistants will be on the scene to furnish the necessary melody. Following are the entries and officials of the race meeting: t-Z 11 through Willis hands, ending the Ar tillery scoring.

Gray is getting Into the batting spotlight these days and bis fattening of Aviation Sky Vaudeville his batting average yesterday with i two doubles and a single, put him up to and over the .400 mark, a close sec ond to Curran. The fielding of both n3 are that every Hawaiian living in or near San Francisco, who can possibly do so, will be on hand to cheer tae boys to victory. The manage 1 1 fporting events, there is the prospect of some classy boxing bouts, which are being arranged at Kahului, but which will not be definitely announced until the last minute. 1 Two excursions, one to the Iao valley, and the other to Haleakala, will provide entertainment for those who do not care for the sporting features. POLO PLAYERS SHORT HANDED FOR PRACTICE (DIM W3M teams was fine, each catcher contributing a costly error, and Cody, who started in the outfield for the Artillery, made the two worst muffs seen in the series.

The features of the game were the fine base running of the Infantry, Williamson's brilliant running catch of Pastori's fly, the batting of Gray and Cross and the work of the Twenty-fifth battery. The game scheduled for Sunday-next between the Caralry and" the 25th promises to draw the record 3C Three-eights of a mile dash, free-for-all, a purse of $30, with $10 to second horse. Entries--Onie (Lincoln A. Achiu), Clara (George Holt, Dora (J. J.

Medeiros). A one-mile trotting and pacing event is second on the card for Hawaiian bred, best two heats out of three for a purse of $100. Entries Ivan Holt (G. H. Wond), Carmalita (W.

R. Hopkins), Treason (John Smith). One-half mile running race for Hawaiian bred, three to enter and two to start for a purso of $100 with $23 to second horse. Entries Pa-lama'Roy (Geo. Holt, Onie (L.

A. Achiu), Express (James P. Stewart), Laurine (Sylvester Marks), Dora ment of tne meet has given me 130 in the choicest section of the stand, and has placed the word "Hawaii in large letters over this section. This is so that the Hawaii crowd can get together, and make its checking" count. The boys have all been given cards to the Olympic Club, and expect to use the tank there to good advantage in preliminary training.

Yesterday afternoon the entire team went out ta the Sutro Baths, where the big meet will be held, and had some trial crowd of the season and run in con-! The regular Wednesday polo prae- nection "with the flight of Aviator tice at Moanalua was somewhat cur tailed yesterday, owing to the absence of several of the regulars. Walter Gunn the crowd win doubtless number several-thousand. Dillingham, Shingle, Rice, Peyton and Andrews were all among these not present, and it was therefore hard spins. The turns did not bother any cf the team, to speak of. work to get together sides for a five- YESTERDAY'S SCORES 1N THE BIG LEAGUES riving his original To h.

p. biplane 70 miles an hour. SKK IIDIDO THE-LATI2ST STUNTS. The Waltz; Glide; Volplaning; Steeplechasing; Quick Climbing; Banking; Diving and many other nerve-getting acts. DON'T FAIL to see the Death Dive from 2000.

feet with deatl engine at the conclusion of flights. GENERAL ADMISSION $1.00 including grandstand or auto parking space. Auto Excursion to Grounds. LAST CALL FOR MAUI EXCURSIONS period, cut-in game. For two periods the sides were three against four, and for three ether einfkkurs, three a aide.

The players who took the saddle yesterday were Castle, Magoon. Pp.M-win, Redington. Wic.hjhac, W. Mac-farlane and G. Macfaiiane.

NATIONAL LEAGUE. At Chicago Chicago 6, Pittsburgh 4. Up to four o'clock this afternoon there will be an to book cn the Claudine, which leaves for (J. J. Medeiros).

Ponies, fourteen hands and under, in a quarter of a mile dash, will furnish the fourth event on the card. The purse will be $23, post entries. Entries Pikake (M. Ferreira), Palama Boy (Geo. Holt.

One-mile cowboy raley race, one-half mile stretch, post entries for which $23 goes to the winnerEntries at post. The last event will be a one-half mile dash, free-for-all, for a purse of $100 with $25 to the second horse. Entries Wet Weather (M. Ferreira), Onie (I j. A.

Achiu), Dora (J. J. Medeiros). Following will be the officials of the meet: at five o'clock, or on the Mauna At Cincinnati 3t. Louis C.

Cir.cin-' natl 4. At Philadelphia New York Phiia-' delphia 4. At 15, Boston 3. I AMERICAN LEAGUE, At Detroit Detroit 7, Chicago 5. At St.

Louis St Louis 2, Cleveland 1 (11 innings). StJ Louis "Coston Cincinnati Kea, which leaves at ten o'clock tonight, both of the steamers carrying the excursionists to the races which American League. W. via be held at Kahului tomorrow. An .3.4 Pet.

or .42:, liiiadpelphia" LEILEHUA Z'i 41 L. 17 ,27 2 Si 42 At New York Philadelphia 8, New Cleveland. York 5. hicaso 42 41 .37 opportunity will he given those who v.ish to pay the additional price, a visit to Haleakala or to Iao Valley. At Boston Washington 5, Boston 0.

Washington Bcston St. "Louis Detroit' New York i ne iare ror tne trip to tne races only and return is nine dollars, that! to the summit of the crater thirty- nine dollars and to Iao Valley nine-! icen dollars. This includes all ex- Judges J. H. Craig, John O'Connor, Captain A.

1 Soule. Timers Walter Pet. National W. New York 42 Philadelphia 3 2s is li f.u 2 P. M.

SUNDAY, TLY GTIi, 1913. MUSIC BY THE HAWAIIAN HAND Drake, W. R. Chilton, John C. Grace.

Clerk of the course Charles Chilling- 'rnk penses of the trip machine, horses and hotel. The steamers will return Saturday and Sunday morning. Tickets al M. A. igar Co.

and Honolulu Picture-Fraining (V s. wonh. Starter Charles B. Wilson. Paddock judge Albert McGurn..

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