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Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii • 9

Honolulu, Hawaii
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HONDEUOT HTAR BTJLL15TIN, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER, 21, 1914. NINE HEWwr 'IfefTf1 Ull yfTh isSfeKP kdited by The Honolulu Lava Brick Co. is Prepared to Furnish ILAMS MAUI AND IHIII! J. B. PUNAHBUS CLIMB FRANK CHANCE QUITS AS MANAGER OF THE YANKEES ANOTHER RUNG OF TELLS 'EM ALL ABOUT THE GAME PENNANT LABBER Crushed Rock clean and free from dirt and rubbish.

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Selling Agents 177 So. King Street Defeat Hawaiis in an Exciting Game Saturday Look Like Champions Punahous 4, Hawafrs I. An exciting ball game that was anybody's until the final frame cinched Punahou's claims to the Oahu League pennant last Saturday. Al Castle's players have only one more game on their schedule, and even if they lose it the Chinese will have to win both their remaining contests to tie for first place. "Blondy" Williams did the hurling for the Puns, aad made an excellent job of it.

He allowed only five hits and kept them well scattered, and pitched himself out of some tight pinches. Billy Williaais, for the Hawaiis, was more gtnerous with the bingles, being touched for a total of 13. These were crowced into the middle of the game and did much damage. The fourth frame wa3 the deciding one. Lyman showed his speed by beating out an Infield hit and was forced by Henshaw.

Williams hit and was forced at second by Hoogs. Then Sadtler hit a fast hopper that went through White's legs at second, allowing Henshaw to score. Argabrlte delivered the good3 in the shape of a long hit to left which scored both Hoogs and Argabrite. The score: Have Them Developed POLO TEAMS TO MEENN FINAL Valley Islanders Defeat 4th Cavalry With Ease in Rev gatta Day Match Maui 16. Cavalry 2i.

As was generally expect1! by followers of polo, the Maui four haa an easy tJrae disposing of the 4th Cavalry aggregation at Moaaalua field the afternoon of Regatta Day. in the second match cf the inter-island championship series. It was good and bad polo by turns, but, taken ail in all. the game was far better than the score indicates, the horse soldiers holding their opponents in several periods and actually having the better of the argument in two of them. It was a game that gave the holiday crowd plenty of action and held interest until the final whistle, although the result was a foregone conclusion ofter the initial chukkur.

The Valley Island team ran true to form by getting the jump nn their "i-ponents and running up five goals in the first frame to their opponents' nothing. From then on It was more or less of a procession and probably had the Maul men been pressed they cculd have scored more goals th.m they-stally did. Profiting the expedience of last year, whn they ran cp a 20 to 4 score against the Cav-airy and ran the legs off their ponies in so doing, handicapping the team for the match against Oahu that followed, the Maui men were cautioned to play well within they opened up a big lead in the early part of the match and when Saturday's arae was practically won before half time the team slowed up considerably. The Cavalry nlayers, like the Field Artillery tem that wont down before Oahu last Wadnesdav, were greatly handicapoed by inferior mounts, and also by the speed of the game. That fs to say, had they been on ponies h' van view with, Johnny Williams: There is as much difference as day and night between the majr leagues and the Pacific Coast league." remarked Johnny Williams, who has returned to Harry Wolverton from Detroit to finish out the season.

"Everything connected with baseball is faster in the big brush; in fact, playa are executed there that are unheard of here, while the hitting, fielding and pitching is simply marvelous compared to this league. Although every team has several stars in its lineup. Individual playing isn't common there, either, as in this league. Team work is developed into a science and it is woe ta the pliyer that doesn't obey signals' and plays for himself. Of course, players like Cobb, Collins, Jackson, Speaker and Milan and a few others outshine the others, therefore their playing would create an impression that they take the situation into their own hands and play accordingly, regardless of signals.

On these occasions, however, managers allow the 6tars free rein." Williams thinks "Pep" Young, who reports to Detroit next spring, will prove a sensation in the American League. He states that Detroit has been handicapped all season through the lack of a good second baseman, excepting a short time when Kava-naugh played brilliant ball around the keystone sack for Jennings. According to "Honolulu John." Do-nie Bush, the Tiger shortstop, is the greatest shortstop in Ban Johnson's circuit, not barring George Weaver or Jack Barry, and will prove greater with the aid of a good second sacker. Young's hitting may cause him some but Jennings may overlook his batting if he proves to be a good defensive player. Williams brings word that Harry Heilman has more than made good with Detroit Heilman has played the "We are equipped to afford you THE BEST SERVICE Let us finish vour regatta pictures.

"We believe we can please you with our work. WE DELIVER PROMPTLY Leave us your films Saturday night or Sunday and get your work MONDAY AFTERNOON AB IX EH SB PO A .5 1 2 0 2 2 0 Punahou Sadtler, 2b Argabrite, cf 4 0 0 0 0 0 2 O'Brien, rf 5 0 Brewer, ss 5 0 Inman, If 5 Lyman, lb 5 1 Henshaw, 4 1 2 0 11 Williams, 4 0 1 0 0 Hoogs, 3b 4 1 0 0 0 Holiisiteir' IBy Latest Mall Washington Vlierc the team playec a NEW YORK. Frank Chance ha3 three-game series asking to be reliev-resigned as manager of the New York ed of the management on Seember American league club. His resigna- 15, and at the same time requesting tion was accepted Sept. 12 by Frank that he be given his full salary for the Farrell, president of the club.

but. a season. In reply Farrell forwarded a wordy, war at one time threatened to letter to Chance in which he said: result in blows, between Chance, Far- "Of course, you know it was your rell and former. Chief of Police, Wil- own nrnnnsftlnTi Ht nn the Tnnn. FORT STREET Totals 41 4 13 2 27 8 1 Hawaii AB BH SB PO A Chlllingworth, ss.

4 0 0 0 2 5 0 cutfield, cavorting in right center and W. Desha, 4 0 2 0 1 0 1 11 D. Desha, If 4 2 left field, besides first and second base, Ham Devery, who owns a big block of agement of the club 7T7tember 15, end has made good In every position, stock in the club, left it uncertain as which I accept much against my wish-especially first base. The only reason to when the manager will retire. He es.

Your request' for a full season's 0 8 0 equal class to Mauu tney wouia not have been able to hit accurately off them because -the brand of polo played by service teams here is quite different from the tournament brand played by the civilian exponents of the la a wide difference between poio played too soeed and the cantering fcanie which lick of hisrh class liorseflesh makes imperative for .4 0 2 0 Heilman isn't hitting around the .300 1 1 0 had requested to be relieved on Sept. salary I cannot see my way clear to 15, but it now appears that he will grant you. as I know that you do not stay out tne season, want to take, money you did not earn. Franco, Walker, rf White, 2b Byrne, 3b Williams, Brito," 4 0 0 3 a 0 ..3.3.0 mark is because he has played the bench greater part of the season. Williams predicts that Harry will de-velon Into one of the hardest and a 4 Alter i nance had explained his po- I -will see you.

after the game today sillon to newspaper men in Tan-' Frtctloh "between" Chance and Far- Expert Furniture Movers Prices Reasonable Baggage handled with promptness timeliest "hitters of the American- Hee's club hcuse after the game with rell has existed for a long time, but League in a short while. NO BASEBALL YESTERDAY. tne Atnietics, arrell and Devery came the trouble recently was centered on upon the scene. Harsh words were Arthur Irwin, the scout of the club, exchanged and Devery made a move Chance insisted that Irwin be dis-as if to strike Chance. The newspa- charged, as he alleged that Irwin had per men interfered.

been of no use to the club" and was Chance sent Farrell a letter from interfering with his management lun tti'iuiri AMaj i Tk Saturday. by the breaking up of combination work when the Cavalry stick swingers were trying to get every thing -out of their ponies to the sacrifice of team play and accuracy. The Cavalry outfit showed some flashes of brilliant individual stick-work and at time hit the ball as clean nd for as good distance as did the Maui men. Long hitting, however, was at the sacrifice of team work, and the passing and riding off of Maul was far superior. When the Cavalry, men started a run they were not ns a rule lined tin according to the reouire-ments of the game and when there was a miss or an opponent in the way.

thev usually lost the ball and nullified 25TB INNER Union Pacific Transfer Co, LwLj Totals 31 I 2 27 17 4 Punahou, 0 0 3 I 0 0 0 0 4 Hits 1 2232101 113 Hawaii, 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 Hits 0 2 0 1 0 0 1 1 05 Summary hits, Henshaw, Franco, Walker, Argabrite; sacrifice hits. Franco, Argabrite; double plays, Williams to Brito to Franco; bases on balls, off W. Williams 9. off Williams struck out, by W. Williams 3.

by Williams 11; wild prtches. W. Williams; passed balls, Henshaw. Umpires, Stayton and Bruns. Time of game, 1 hour 49 minutes.

HOW TKEY STAND" FEDERAL LEAGUE. TUG OF WAR TEAMS READY FOR BIG TIME Klmg 'jat to Tunas BM5 :37 Teiepaonea -18 ii OVER BAWAIIS IN GOOD GAME whatever brilliant work had gone be No games in Oahu league Sunday. Wet grounds. didn't confine himself by any means to the back, but took the opposition as it apieared. without fear or favor, and mounted fast penies was able to clear the road for his No.

2 again and again. Frank Baldwin played his position in excellent style and also held the team well together. As usual he pulled off some slashing stroke? that sent the ball far on its way to the other goal. Harold Rice seems better mounted than last year and when he came down the field full tilt be was a gallcplng argument for a clear right of way. Fleming used his head to good advantage and his backhanders to the sideboards when his gcal was menaced were a feature.

As the tournament now stands, the two best matches are still in prospect. Next Saturday the polo supremacy of the islands for this year will be decided by Maui and Oahu and this should be one grand exhibition of the game. Each team has its strong pomts and. this has led to the same differenc of poinion that makes horse racing. To mention only a single offset Maui is much stronger in backhand passing, and in saving shota to the sideboards while, on the showing of the two tournament games played to date, the Oahu men are more ac Special Star-Bulletin Correspondence 25th Infantry 5, Hawaiis 4.

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Sept 21. One of the best ball game3 played this season was the struggle yesterday fore. At making the actual strokes the Leilehua team did excellently, efr pecially in near side work. At riding off they wore not nearly as effective as their opponents. The score by periods was 5 to 0, 6 to J.

8 to 9 to 1. 10 to 1, 11 to 2V4, and 16 to 2. By these figures jt will be seen that Maul was most effective In tha first and last part of the game, the Cavalry holding the team to a single score in the REAL ESTATE ECOMOMY at the post athletic park between the 25th Infantry and- the The 25th won the deciding game of a two- (Including games of Sept 13.) W. L. Pet.

Chicago 73 58 .557 Indianapolis 72 59 .549 Brooklyn 67 60 .527 Baltimore 67 60 .527 Buffalo 64 63 .504 St Louis 67 72 .482 Kansas City 60 68 .469 Pittsburg 52 72 .419. NORTHWESTERN LEAGUE. (Including games of Sept 13.) W. Pet. Vancouver 95 58 .621 Seattle 94 63 .598 Spokane 84 69 .549 Victoria 64 88 .421 Tacoma 66 91 .419 Ballard 60 94 .388 out-of-three serie3.

Considering the fact that a drizzling rain continued during tne entire game, the fielding of both teams was unusually hood. The fast work of Chil- Everything is in readiness for the big tug-of-war tournament that will open at the armory tomorrow night and on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights it is estimated that nearly all Bporting Oahu will be on hand. Teams from the army, the navy, the national guard, the police and. the waterfront are out to get the fat purse hng up for the winner "and rivalry is at a high The last-minute entry of the 2d Infantry has added considerable interest to the meeting. This regiment won the pull at the military tournament last spring, and ever since that time the 25th Infantry has been laying for another chance at them.

Pulling on cleats is somewhat different from hauling on turf, but the huskies of the 2d feel confident just the same. The teams of the Alert and the Navajo are also hoping that the draw will bring them together. The schedule will be so arranged that a team that is beaten twice will be eliminated from the tournament Drawings and final arrangements will be made this evening by the The proper handling of Real Estate an that It shall produce the maximum income and involve the minimum outlay, calls for expert knowledge a well as plenty of time to devote to the matter. For this reason it is most economical and satisfactory to place the management of your real estate in the hands of a thoroughly organized company such as this, which guarantees efficient and economical administration under all circumstances. Consultations invited.

IingwOrth, the visitor-s shortstop, was a feature of the game. His success Opportunity knocks once, but envy is a continuous hammer wielder. HAWAIIAN TRUST COJ HONOLULU, H.T. I CAPITAL (FULLY PAID) 2 OO.OOO S2 I iiMl ful one-handed dive for a line drive that seemed way too far to one side for him to reach, brought the stands to their feet with wild applause. Ed Desha proved more effective against the 25th Icrantry than any other pitcher they nave faced this season.

Never before have they been held down to six nits in a game. In the fifth inning Desha seemed for a moment to lose that subtle control of the slippery sphere that had kept the soldiers in a quandary. The soldiers laced out several drives in a bunch and scored four runs. During the remainder of the game Desha had them entirely at his mercy, but these four runs gave the 25th a lead that the visitors were unable tc overcome. In the eighth the Hawaiis rallied and nearly tied the score.

With the score 5 to 4 against them the third out was made with a runner on third base. R. H. E. Hawaiis 10010? 0 2 0 I 9 5 25th Inf.

1 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 5 6 5 Batteries Hawais, Ed Desha and Franco; 25th Infantry Waterhouse and Cross. fourth, fifth and sixth periods. In the fifth the Cavalry had decidedly the best of the argument although it was apparent from the sideboards that the brace was only a flash In the pan and that the opposition might have eased up on account of the long lead. The work of Iieut Kimball, the recent acquisition to the 4th Horse, was very favorably commented on. Although he has been out of the game for years and was playing on strange ponies, he proved a tower of strength to the horse soldiers, playing with head as well as hand.

Lieut Hall showed excellent form, his individual stickwork bordering on the brilliant He got good distance knocking out from behind his goal line, and this was especially noticeable when the Cavalry was defending the makal goal where wind and slope are both against the hitter. Hall's light weight be scales only 12S enabled him to get much 8 more speed out of his mounts than was possible for the heavier men of the team, and this forced him to go through with the ball much oftener than is usually the case with a back. The word forced is used advisedly, for it was often a case of carry the ball through or give it up with the Cavalry No. 4. It looked from the sidelines as though a shift o( positions might benefit the Cavalry team, as the men have not played together long enough to permit of flexible interchange between 3 and back.

Lieut Lyman worked hard but was badly handicapped as to mounts, and Lieut Cook, at Na'l, was out of the game a good part of the time because his ponies couldn't get him within the theater of operations. A white animal he rode in the seventh period was one of the finest type of negative polo pony ever seen on an Oahu field. For Maui the hustling riding off of Collins was quite a feature. Owing to the lack of Cavalry combination he Hard to Please. "It's hard to tell just what the public wants these lays." said the theater manager with a sigh.

"It hasn't struck me that way," replied the treasurer, "it seems painfully easy to me. In nine cases out of ten it wants Its money back." curate at shooting for goaL There are half a dozen other points that seem to balance the two aggregations. Next Wednesday the Artillery, and" Cavalry teams meet to determine third place in the series. The scores of the first two games have been so decisive that there is no doubt about ti Oahu and Maui teams outclassing their service rivals, and when the horse and wagon soldiers clash, it will be a fair fight for third position. The fours are about evenly matched as to mounts and while the game will be slow-er than those which have already been played, it will very likely look faster.

F. F. Baldwin has been chosen to referee Wednesday's game and Laurence Redington will referee the final and decisive match of the season. The score of Saturday's game: Maui A. Collins, No.

F. F. Baldwin, No. Harold Rice, No. David Fleming, back.

4th Cavalry Lieut S. W. Cook. No. 1: Lieut K.

Lyman, No. Lieut R. M. Kimball. No.

Lieut H. W. Hall. back. Maul earned 16.

Cavalry earned 3, less penalties total 24. Individual goals: Collins 3. Baldwin 6. Rice Fleming 2. One goal scored for Maui off Kimball's mount Lyman 1.

Kimball 1, Hall 1. Safeties against Kimball and Halt Referee, A. II. Rice. It is strange why some men are careless and dilatory in handling baggage.

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