The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX I5LYTIIEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Drop Only One of Font- Matches In Craighead County Capita) BY J. i'. FUIEND JONESBORO, Jan. 18,—Brylhe- vllle's amateur boxers pounded out a 3-1 victory over tli e Jonesboro team here last night tit the Community Center, in the first intercity mtitrh. Joe Craig's promising proteges scored a knockout, won two by decisions, earned a draw, and dropped one judges' verdict. Atlas James, clnmky 115 pounder, hung up the only kayo of the even- Ing by putting Joe Stewart away for the count In the first minute of , tiie first round of the first fight. But the crowning event of "the action-filled card was the slum- bang three rounder between James "Bab" Roberts, mid-south Golden Gloves light heavyweight champion. and Cecil Pemberton, giant 190 pound Golden Hurricane tackle, listed as the main attraction. Although Roberts failed to register a knockout, or even a knockdown.. he battered Pemberlon from pillow j to post and easily gained the unnn-! itnous decision of the judges ami' referee. ! Joe Scveer, 128, (ledsloue;! lily- theville's sonny Lloyd, 128. for liic- lone Jonesboro win. I Other results: Herb "Cue Bail" Cliilds (140), Blytheville. dpftxiai Glen Spin-lock 1141). Jonesboro, in 1 three rounds; Aaron Byrd (l-lfli.! Blythevllle, and Adrian Taylor (145), Jonesboro, drew In 3. I Good Slarl • ( An entry list of tit least 50 lor Tiie fairly-large crowd had hard- the Northeast Arkansas Gnldi-n ly ; settled in their scats before Gloves elimination lonrnmneiu to James battered Stewart to the floor. |, e held at the Legion iin-nn here Throwing rights nnd lefts to (lie tomorrow nnrt Tlini-srlny nii'lif; head and body with reckless abnn- i was predicted today by Jot- don, the stocky feather soon hiul director, who said amateur boxers his tall opponent in a bud way. j from us Im- as Newport Ark ami Stewart went down under n volley Kcnnetl, Mo. and other Po])nlarit.y Of Amateu TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1933 Rises Rapidly and was counted out white rcstln? on one knee, obviously out. Jonesboro evened the score by Seveer's decision over Sonny Lloyd. The Courier News' score sheet, however, did not tally wllh the official decision. According to oin- calculation, Lloyd took the second and third rounds by comparatively wi'.le margins, while Sevecr won the first. Lloyd's weaving anil bobbin* caused Seveer to miss badly. He either damagin blocked Seveer's most uamagmg , o r ^ nsenl , llls KM . tlo , „ punch, a straight right, or .-aught Tri -state finals in Memphis Jm'o jnry.31. I Several it on his elbows most of the time. Only: twice did It connect in vital terrtory. On the other hand, Lloyd The toiirn.-imeiu here is sponsored uy the Atli- letlc Club, a member of the nn- tlniil Amateur Athletic Union, with A clever left hoak which Herb Childs kept constantly in Glen Spurlock's face enabled him lo get the nod over the former National Guard champion. "Cue Ball" bat- j the cooperation of lin> Courier tered him badly with the left. (News. Unless an nnusunlly lame Spurlock's nose and mouMi beitis: entry list makes it a gory sight at the finish. Afler ni begin (lie mulches mild first round aclion S IB PLB LEId ILLE PIKE en Glove Contestants Beg.n We i g h i n sr In Wednesday O\Vl\.S US Ibis section liiiw.- indicated llicy will api]?:ir here for the (rial limits. Contestants- will bi'giu wciglilni;' in at tlic Melon hut at, 10 o'clock lomorrow inoniini; and (lie mums of all entrants will be drawn for pairings following that. Around 25 local fiidilers, headed by "Bal>" Hobcrts, winner of the liflit lienvy- wctghl championship In Memphis last year, will compete for places on the learn that will amateurs who appeared repeatedly scored with a two listed I*}™, .ll'l,.''nf'n 0 ! 1 ,*,, ""'' .'I 1 tm ' attack. The least that could have C^ , i , " ( '"'f llcs "' been slven ivas a draw ; Jonesboro last night told Craig Been giien was a dim . . t ,, DJ . wol|U) co|) |n ^ Scores With Hook I elimination series. necessarv |<, began to perk in the second. Spin-lock, tired badly, spent a major part of the second and third cantos clinching. . Childs might have scored a third round knockout had he been more experienced. A short right caught Spurlock flush on the chin and caused his knees to buckle. He fell into a clinch and held on until the haze could clear. Tt'^ Tavlor-Byrd affair was a thrilling go between two evenly matched boys. Taylor, the more experienced battler, outfoxed t h e j willing Byrd, cleverly tying him up j whenever in danger. Byrd scored u; knock-down in the second round. I but Taylor was up without a count. Taylor scored at long range will) n i powerful right hand and kept Byrd I at bay with a straight left. Aaron ] kept boring In throughout and got in his share of the blows. Bothi were bleeding at the nose at the end.. : Thrilling Bout Billed as a grudge fight. Roberts and pemberton gave the fans something to stand up and cheer about. Vastly inexperienced but willing, Pemberton proved to be nothing more than a punching bag for "Bab", but took it standing up. After an exciting first round flurry in which pemberton hemme'd Roberts up in a neutral corner and flayed him with rights and letts. there was no question as to the supremacy. Once fathoming (he awkward southpaw stance, thanks to Joe Craig who seconded all the youngsters, Roberts methodically cut him to ribbons. He slashed boll) eves, battered his nose and cut Ills Up badly. One of the biggest thrills occurred In the second round when Roberts slipped and went to the floor, pemberton. excited and eager for the opportunity, landed several blows before the referee could separate them. It was a corking good scrap, though one sided. Prior to the main go, Hugh Harbert and Cartho! Hyde, Blythevllli get afternoon, Ihe first lioiit will underway nt the U-gion an-nn Wednesday night, at u o'clock Craig suid. All mulches in both ||io novice and open classes will be Mirer two- minnio rounds, the regulation for unmtcur fighters. Decisions will lie rendered by Ihrre judges, who will be seated at, various points at ringside. These .judges will bi- Jeir Roland, former .Mate boxing commissioner, Hugh [faibert aim .p oo Uilcly. local high sdiool conch. Fred Cupehiml, former local tniilmmvelglit fight IT. and Bin-Ion, H-JIO has fought as i lei-weight for the past .six or .years, will alternate as rcl> I'he rapidly t ro«in !; popularity of amateur boxim; who luvo.lukon ,„, „„, ., pt , r( „, lllilll!y (ll . fl , nsi , M11<v i . ;|ii o managerial slundpolnl. ln, s tr:,inin i; a- lo-.-,l l, ; un. In the upper left is C«m;e arc I'. T. irnney m,d Ihmu-r IfelK,r:«.. Hly|],,vi)!, (cammales, will defnul In. c,,,UI,n ( ;| ov ,s tin,. | n II,, low,r elu up piclmv rur: Herber Ilii.l Hyd,., f.'oiich CnnV, ir am .y, Aaron Byrd, K. Blythevlll2 and northeast Arkansas Is atk'.sled by ll,e increasing number of youths m . (|ip boxl|i|! siion |)!U . licu|av| from -, ho CO , !C))| wl Cordell. West Memphis prospect in Ihc center picture ; ,pairin s: in |he upper righl, is Bub Roberts. -Blythavllle IMit heavy wlrj Cl.llds. Besharse, Bill Monlson, Roberts, Henry Muerv'car- Local Cagers To One Engage- T!Y .T. I>. FRIEND With exams on tap which likely will command a great deal of attention, the Blythevllle Chicks play only one game this week. Lcachville comes to the national guard armory, Friday night, for their first appearance of the season. Coach Joe Dlldy has announced of Deering, Mo., to fill tlie open date, February 1. The contest will be played in the Missouri city. Ellorts are being made to book an opponent for February 8. Simultaneously, the cage coach said that .several changes may be made in the present schedule but was not ready to make them public now. Although victorious in tbelr first two starts, the Chicks failed to live up to expectations. In then- opener at Wilson they flashed good form occasionally but as ,1 whole they failed to click as the big chief and fans had hoped. With practically the same team held over from last, year, bolstered by the addition of big Carl Hughes, the fans had r elu up piclmv Lloyd, George I'rnitt and Dick Hou-rls Na/,ci-iaii Victor Over Sid Mike Na !iu]«-<visive t:iis in tli American •;rrj:m vvrn a dii.-il.- :ui.l victory n'vi'L' sid MLI»-- fcaliuv mutch on the] l-tuion's wrestUni; card tlic Irishman tlic ihird anil rtn- ciiiiii!- fall. OH'ii ha;! wnn I lie fir.-:l v, itli R |;i,i,l in r: minutes. Miitwic c-anu- back to lake tiu- sn'omi wilh a Jin) l-onUos toi- liold in (PII inlnnte.s br-fufe Ol- M-II foruot his m.mnc-is and sUitl- i'd !-(iii>;im; in i"-:-:k.s'.. Braggadocio Splits Games With Holland HOLLAND, Mo. — The ITnll-mri ^n tUvldec, h 0nw "\!,r £ Braggadocio teams nt. Holland Friday night, when the Ura-ndodo *°" af er , a "'"''I totUD and He Holland boys deleatcd Hie Braggadocio boys 33-19. The Holland girls held tl»> lead until tlu- sccond hair w|,cn nryanl several long shots, nuttinir ijadoclo In the lead. Hold Round Robin Cage Here Tonight w:1 ! round of made l!ra s - of Rihirs M.illcii""'— IX3NDON (UP)-Motlicrs can no longer rock their babies in west Middlesex Hospital and thcv are complaining. Since the matemliv wards were opened every bcrt ixns had a tiny swing cot close beside it so that moltiers «oi-e ;iblc to rock their babies. B,,I i,, „]) , he wards now the cots have been wedged so that they cannot be rocked. 1C Nonh K.'cuiid niijli!, lalilni; Imi ; ;traij;hl lo IhnnniKlily sululiic Hi" Vnri; (Ivor. Nazr-riuii annexed iirj.l frill in I, n iniii:n,~r. itsiirr u IriMtt crolcli mill iiisily >l.un. Hi:; MTond fall was captiiM'il \vilii a jack knife hold »m! txKly : l-nn,s in 1 1 minutes. A stocky, \\cll-hnilt telknv r.e\\ccitnor inadr a v^oivl iuiiJi willi Ihc iin«sider.< ami H Mite Moroncy will ninlwWv stronger ojijiosilion for him in hi:.! , -- ..... -- ,cst a|)priivance In the Uu-nl rini..! In Soviet Uuf-nla, more 1'cifcrr-faccil Ole Olscn went lu'Drr cent of the entire or eye i;oii<;iiis,' in a bii; w.iy n\| piipulatioii was born sine t match with Fdilir Maloiii' un-l'oliilion in 1817. Scythe Treasured By Son of Revolution woonmjiiY, vt. <UP) —winitim Comfort Wlieelcr, 'JO, only living .son of the American Revolution, owns a I IC-ycar-old .scythe his father made nnd used. lli.s father. Comfort Wheeler, served on Gen. Nathaniel Greene's stall in 1175. William was born of iril marriage when his father 80 years old. Peoples of Earth tlio rural .-.-rluiols "in the FoX Hunter Chagrined, C'liu i.usav.l-a district und HKLlu'- fi , n. ft i n 1, vill.- juni,,r high .-clHX>l will Ut>; bllOOts Stutted Pelt played at the armory toni!'ht anili Thiji-.sii.'iy night. > OO.SHEN. N. Y. (UP)—Herbert N - Hoe, secretary of the County Scat Conservation Club, went fox boys, boxed a two round oxhibllior Officials were: John .slaughter referee; Lowell Manning, tin, (Me^-.pi puke and Iv?slic ?;•)• judges. ' ' ' I T'S Fun! T'S Healthful! T'S Entertaining! What?? BOWLING Sudbury's Playhouse HARK T© THE AARDVARKS ^-I'iKio!.-; to play tonight n\y. UlytlH'vni^ junior bays, Yarbro, Ilrown. llirkman. Ekron, I.on« Oak ! hunting. He returned—with the ! .!ckl r >»<l Gosm'll. | inr.tllnttHl jit'H of a sawdnst-stiilf- i hi:.! . '«! 'ox. It, all happened when companions "planted" the stulled fox in n brush and assigned Koe to approach the spot by direct line while they closed in from the sides. Koe fired twice. Sawdust flew into tlio air. The "fox" was annihilated. Exceed Two Billion I1ERLIN (UP) — The population of the world as of 103B lolalleri 2- llti.OOO.rmo persons, the German "Wiriscluift ami statistik" estimates. Of tiie, 526.000,000 live iu Europe, 1,102,000,000 in Asia, 151,- OCO.OOO in Africa, 200,000,000 in America, and 11,000.000 in Australia. I The British Empire heads the list with 5lG.000.000 inhabitants. The population of China is W7.fJOO.000. Russia 171,000.000. United SUites )44.000.0(!i). France 111,090,000. Japan 00.000,000. Germany 03.000.000, and Itnlv 51,000,000. IT SURE IS MILD "MAKIN'S" TOBACCO - SAY LOCAL MEN lhan -i:i present llu- rev- The aardvark says,. Just lend an ear, And words of wisdom you will liear; For everywhere, in every town ' The word U going up and down: • CALL FOR PRINCE ALBERT HAS THE QUALITY FOR MUD 'MAKING SMOKES—AND 15 ITTAJTV— .DOES IT ROLL UP. FAST, NEAT! of Prince Albert Dinner Flown 1,500 Miles ADELAIDE. Australia (UP>— The guests of n hotel at Kntlierinc, in tiie far "outback" Northern Territory of Australia, eat ft Sunday dinner which is flown 1.500 miles i to them. The hotel lins arranged with an Adelaide catering firm to supply the necessary foot! by the regular plane that calls at Kntli- erine. ' begim to work up Interest over possible county and district championships. But unless thf^ Improve greatly over their show? Ing against Shawnee Friday night, they will be fortunate to gel into the district playoff, to say the least of winning It. Dildy is not pleased at all with the team's offense.. The defense has been adequate, but inability to crash the basket Is causing no little concern. It Is likely that he will experiment with new combinations dining the week In an effort to perk up the goal making department. There Is a possibility that Hueties may go to forward, replacing Charles "Peck" llardin. Homer "Bo" He.sharse, an experienced eager, may take the back guard post. In the second half against Sbawnee when Hughes went to forward Hugh Harbcrt was inserted at guard. Lanky Dan Warrington hi the scoring with 20 points for 'thi two games, but even at that he Is far behind his usual form. Hardln. Hie other forward, has tallied only four points. "Wild 1 Bill" Godwin lias tallied 13 points, a small amount for him, too. Russell Mos- Icy and Hughes, the guards, have been able to register but 10 points between them, the former making nine. A redeeming feature lias been in Hie free throw department. In eighteen Iries from the seventeen foot line, the chicks converted ten times. At Wilson they missed ))iit two of seven, and completed live out of eleven attempts, Friday. [BODY and FENDER Repairing Increase the VALUE as | well as the LOOKS of Jyour car by having ; those dents taken out of ithe body and fenders. We'll Make Your Car LOOK and RUN LIKE NEW Genuine Ford Parts Free Test For Urakes, Lights, Battery, 1 Wheel Alignment PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnut Fhorie 810 ATTENTION LADIES PRICES FOR STUDENT BEAUTY WORK !lair Dye With Set . .51.50 tlcmw I'ack, Sliampoo in- lnr liinscs ____ Iffo * 2So Oil Manicures B ''o«' * Arch 25c .......... 50c Uyc ..... Me Shampoo, Set & Dry .-25c Wet Sd 15c Hair Cut 15c Nrck Clip 1(>c Oil Shampoo 50 ° Oil Treatment 75c JVrm.iiirnts Sl.OO. S1.V5 IVrhunrnls §2.50, §3.50 All Work Is Under the Suiicrvisinn Of Our KXPEUTSjAND IS GUAltA\TEED You May Enroll in Our RcntHy School Now! NOTICE - - -~- Mlss Ha/el Uicas Is now connectdl for 11,0 will, n lc Ea B |c Beauty , v iii he glad <o Have hrr riistntners call oil her c careful allenllou and prirrs :K lietflre. School of Beauty Culture Cooper ]!l<lg. 2nd & Walnut Phono 319 Offers New and Modern Auto Repair Shop \VR CAN MEET EVERY AUTOMOBILE NEED Including - - BODY, FENDER REPAIRS WELDING LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Oldsmobile and G. M, C. Trucks Sales and Service 307 E. MAIN ST. PHONE 329 Deering Cagers Win Pair From Holland COOTER, Mo. - Tile Deeriii"- toams won n double header over tiie local teams on the Cooler court Friday night. The girls' game was a close bailie with Deering winning by a score of 30-24. The Deerln^ boys had little dilliculty in defeat" ing th e Cooler team by a score <jf, 32-13. Pale with 23 points for Deer-'fl Ing was high pointer for the girls;/ Fairlcss, Deering, made 12 points', making him high man. Town's Fire Siren Freezes ARROW WOOD. Alta. (UP)_AT- rowwood is not a very hot town in winter, when the home of Albert Simmie caught fir e no alarm could be sounded and the building was a total loss. The town lire siren froze. The superstition that a four- leafed clover brings luck is so old that no one knows its origin.

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