The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS BIL mm m m IF S1[J MEET Wcs FerHl Defeiuls Diamond We in Tournc) At Savasdta Texas Twins' Toes Twinkle UY'.HAKKY. GBAYSON NEA Sports Editor SARASOTA. Fla., Jnn. 15.— .Bare'jall' talent holds gocd in E«lf. iiidlcaliiu; tlmt the gnmes me ccinuatlble, although you'll get mnny nil argument on Hint score .from athletes who excel at both. Good Mitel's nre • consistently long drivers. Pitchers generally nr» 'deadly, accurate nt putting, where control: to!_ls tha story. Uabe Hutn. -. : Jimmy Foxs. Paul Wnncr. J 1 )"} Heinle'. Manush obtain niag- in'fl'-ent distance. Dizzy Dean, Hill Swift...Lloyd Brown, and Garland Braxton sink six and clght-fool- cr« consistently. Wcslev Feiretl's game Is ns well rounded • ns.'lt ,1s in American .League parks, which is why the famous rielit-hnnder and uinch- i'lMer of the Boston Ron Sox Is defending the baseball players 1 'clmtnplonshjp In their second on- iMial tournament here. Jan. 21-24. * The tournament promises to become on inslilutiori among the fiinmond luminaries- and lo rlren°lhen Sarasota's position .._ n winter baseball center. It has received llie official sanction of 'he United :Stale5 Golf Assocla- t'on and will lie stngcrt over the loc'al Bobby Jones course with the nni'roval of the Ploiidn Slate h"dy Match plav was the oilglnil plan but the plnyns decided upon medal. riscliall Slars Reillj Train for Golf I'laj More than 25 players had gathered at Sarasola n week before the ftart of the program Including 15 who sncnrt the season here. -> Feriell, ns ptoud of the Powel Croslcy, Ji Uophy won lost Fch- niaiy ns he was of hK 25-on'ne cnmpali»iis. came- down from Gull- foid, N c, just nftci Clnistmns -To him, pilches to Hip green iriean ns much as pitches lo the Plate His biother nnd balleiy mate, Rick, (olned him a ueek Inler deleimined to finish veil up Rick \\nsn t nnioiu; those pies- cnt fnr the first edition Paul Waner bagged the Miami Billmore southpaw last wintei. and has his eye on baseball golfing honor 1 ; Ibis trip The Nnlional League baltln? king has golfed almost dally, since ni living nl his home heie In OctO bcr His brothci, Uojd. Is taking part for the first time Willis Hudliii, the Ctaelnml pltchei m\A' t itinnei-iip in 1030, came alii the ! way ftom Hoi Springs to lake anothet shot nt the title JncV. Russell k having another whit I. The Red So\' hull et iccently ncqiihed the cits championship of his home town Clearwnler. ' Tandi" snd Umpires WriJtil Complete'Show Ferrell faces sterner coinpcll tion on, this occasion' Piactlcallj all of those \\lio pailiclpalcd it. the inaugural again hiue entoi- cd. inchidlm; Dlz« Dean, Paul Denmgci. Lloyrt Brown, Mickey Ccrhraiie. Elden Aukei, Gerald Wnlker, Johnny Cooney. Nick Altrock, Bill Swift, Johnnj Moore. Heime Manush. Butch Henline. and ..Garland Braxton. Jimmy Po\x checked in with the new year, and is nnothei new entrant together vuth Bill Cis\sell. Eddie Moore Roy Spencer, nnd others Jiid»o Lanrlls and a few umnifcs would make the'show complete -aoa»eefu ctnoi slndlu cmfwyp bz Many players refuse to let baseball interfere with their golf Ty Cobb.nnd Trls Speaker still give a Rood account of themselves on the links. Lefty O'Doul pels, around courses as well as he formerly got around the bases, but the finest golfer ever in the baseball ranks was Samuel Dewey Byrd, who has left the Cincinnati Reds to become a professional' in -the line for which he was best filled. It-took took Byrd 11 years to decide that-.he was a mediocre 'outfielder:' By this time, he ..might have been a Sarazen or a'Morion Smith. ^ • Blnin, left, nnd Wayne Hideout, twins of North Te.xns Teachers college at Benton. rocketed' into tho (rack picture in the Sngnr 13o\vl.,nicct: hi New Orleans. Wnync reeled oil the second fnslest two-mile In American hlMory ns the brothers learned to repel Don lash of Indiana. Time: u:0.:i.5. ' Baseball's Best. On The''Links Rohinson Preps 28th Wildcat Swim Team By NBA Sen-ice CHICAGO. — Tom Robinson preoaring .- his , 28th Northwestern University swimming team for Big Ten competition. The 54-year-o!< ccach, who looks at least lo years younger, has- turned out 11 con. rerence championship teams nnc si\ national collegiate title-win ning combinations He has laugh swimming for 31 5 ears Do You Remember? ini'rdlessly he had conquered Hie Creek Indians in Georgia and Alabama, j .'Illicit, irTlBK, iia became cominniuli'r of the defending American ur.iry bt New Orlcar.?;. Jarksim-, h:id fewer than BflOO men. Altrckinj him were ,2(1,000 trained British' soMlicrs nnd a large navnl souadron. ' Jacl:soti en- lienchod him^lf behind strong forlificplion in the s\va:rip land | outside New Orleans. The Uritish I were routed, their killed, | 2000 of their forces were slain. [ Jackson lost'only 71 men. That victory nl New Orleans, rnd Jackson's Inter campaigns in .' 'lorida against Ihe Scminole T .n! (linns, won him si:ch popularity . I tlial he was elccled president in ,,, , „ "'..'"' I 18V8. Ho relired in 1837 and died Wesley Ferrell's game is ns well ;., -0.15 al M,,, .,,,., 0( rounded In golf ns ft is in Amcvl- " can League parks. That Is why the amons pitcher and pinch-hitter of the Boston Red Sox. Is dcfend- ng the baseball players' clittmp- onshlp at Sarnsota, Jnn. 21-24. Introduction of 28.2 Game May Revive BaJklino Billiards I'lV HARUV~r!KAYSON~~ NlvA Sports Killlor NEW YORK, Jan. 13.—For the time In hnlf n century, a new ftyle nf talkllnc blllnrds will ; be ilayed In IhLs country the vreck ?f .Jan. 25-30, when Jake Sclmcfer and V/illie lio])|)B meet In a natch game In Chicago. • . It is the 71.2 liHine whicli has played in Europe the "past aliens permitted live years, but which will bc ! known here us 28.2, the 28 mean- Ing Inches In comparison to-the H. which is centimeters... nalkllne Is n handicap giime originated to fore.stnll long and j tedious runs by masters': Such ex-1 •>erls ns frank Ivcs, 'the elder j Jnke Sclmcfer. ami their contem-1 porttrlcs compiled runs nt ritrnlght,! billiards into the thousands, which I :-o"Suiinnl monotonous lioura, | Then H-2 balkline cam.e into! vcjjue, A line was drawn 14.Inches from each rail, dividing the table into nine spaces. In nil of these spaces, except (he center, n olaycr was allowed to make only two shots, with both object balls, In that space. On the second Eliot' ho was required to drive one oft Hie object bulls across a line. j This broke up Ihe rail and cor-' nci 1 nurse. It forced more driving of at least one object ball, hence Increased the possibilities of error niid placed n greater, premium on control. : As .,ic 14-Inch game became less difficult for the stars, who created by drawing n line ilown tlic center nix! across the middle of the table. This eliminates the center free space, where a player could make any number of shots without driving a ball across n line. ft Increases llic width o[ tno spaces lo 28 Inches and the length to almost twice that. With two in balk FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 1937 play, none can say that nny Jiving" player-is capable of defeating him nt this style. Welker Cochran nnd Frlc Hng- cnlaclier, also former world champion' at 18.2, undoubtedly will tnke up 282. A.S the American leaders become more proficient, it Is cxpecled lhat the foremost balkllnc kings of Ihe other side, including Roger Conli of France,.European tllleholdcr at 28.2, or 71.2, as It Is called there, will come to the United states for a world tournament, thus recall- Ing bygone days when Oils country wns the center of International balkline competition. Keiser and Shawnee. Divide Double Bill . KEISER, Ark. — Keiser split a ! couple of games with Sliawnoe Tuesday night In the Keiser gym, I Die home girls' being victorious, 21 to 15, and the Sliawnce boys, 20 to 11. Anchlin and Crews were about equal in the race for high ire for Keiser, Anchlln tossing points and Crews 9. Clillrtress d Speckr tied for high score for Shawnee, making six points each. The boys game was fast and close, being n tie at Ihe end of perfected a nurse along the line, Ihe handicap vvns Increased.' The lines were movc<l out 18 inches from the rail. Also the' one shot There is no limit lo tin- innn- lirr of shots in llie ttnler zone in 18.2. . . space, the player, must drive at least one of the 'object balls across ft line. As the lines are much far- Chick Quint To Take On Manila Five A possible pre-vJew of the finals in the county basketball tourney, to lie played later In' the .season, will be afforded cage fans tonight, when the lilythevllle and Manila high school quintets clash at the Armory. In -'the preliminary game, beginning at 7:30 o'clock, the Blytheville "B" team will meet the Lone Oak boys, the fastest club in the rural school loop at this time. :_ Manila is generally conceded to have one of Ihe best quints in county high school circles and the Chicks ore coining fast. Tonight's game will only be the second of the season for the locals, who beat Osccola- last week, but the Manila cagers should be near lop form wllli several games under their belts. While nothing is certain In a basketball tourney there is a possibility, if not a probability that Elytheville and IP,. , ... v° " ; "• i Manila may clash In an all- of tho i-'I- q " a ,' ''• ?' f 11 ""! 1 " 1 northern district, final in the coun- man e^n ,'?,'" ?'"? ll>i! " "T 1 ty C(1 B C >™<* " bolli »™ on top ? ^"VS"^.^"? ?L£ elr Bflra ? when lhe to1 "-'^ Shawnce's points. son nnd other schqols, taking notice, will be ready'to knock ofTii both teams, in the first round if they can turn the trick. ,( James (Ace) Puckctt, assistant; coach, will be In charge of the f.lilcknsaws tonight. Ti ea d Coach C.iriiey 1-aslie belli" .11:, oi 'tl>-> city. From Orld to Mat CHICAGO-Thrce football men of last season's squad, Fred Lenbardt, halfback, Sam Whileside, lineman, , Ed Valor/, reserve , back, are members of the University of Chicago's Wrestling squad. 'Head Courier N™H Want Ads. Play Billiards! Whnlcsome Recreation _ Moderately Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 310 W. Slah, . Former Home <" -'ell's Pharmacy ,GARNEK AP'PUI'ON MAIIVIM '.CIIAPFELL Wrecker Service - Gas &. Oil OPEN ALL NIGHT Phillips Service Center Simpler (n imi'crstuinl bill harder In plaj than IS.Z balk • line is 28.?. In balk, which became xnown ns the 18.1 game, was evolved. This liter apnrt-thnn-In the 18.2 or 18.1 game, there arc more long drives, which demand more accuracy. The 28.2 or 71.2 game revived interest in balkllnc. in Europe. It has nlmost entirely supplanted the 18-inch style. It is believed .that the story will be the same in tills country, where balkline- has fallen to Its lowest depth because of the : quicker ac-! lion and resultant popularity ol three-cushion billards. The less intricate ^design of 28.2 _nnkes tint gtnie much easiei for, "Ihe spectator to understand when! a plajei Is called upon lo dn\e a' ball out of balk The scierei handicap abbreviates stays at .the (able to nn e\en brgei extent limn the 181 sUle theiebj clmng , ing tlie complexion of play more freriuently. Slatfh Seen as Forerunner of World 28.2. Tournament . No finer exiMheiiU" of : the niore cllfficull 28.2 style could be fountl thin Schaefer and Hoppe, who haie dominated billiaid pUy in America for the 'last three' decades. For 11 years or longer, Hoppe meant that if both object balls're- Wlls supreme throughout the* world sided In any space except the cen- nt -any style of balkline. Sqpie . A'NDREW... J AC;;S(JN , inaUo hi me,n.-,-feiir .nn'.l-.v.'orship 1 hin "Vto'ughVas h= lliaVilhey;:'cnlle,i « uollt 3 » I'"' «nt more tlifficiilt irn >'0hrilicl:ory." 'MKiiy and ''"" l le , ' B ' 2 ; '"^ capable of ifi-cilosslv he had cohoubred the' ru " s . of 2W> at 18.2 saw their best ler court, one Had to be driven i - • - — i-,— across the line on the first shot I Hop ' le at I8 - 2 - He established rec- .?.",•> , , •'• lords unheard of before he rencli- i 'cd his.:peak. • Htrppe. slilliis-the ':! recognized crtfimpton; at^lS.l. W..cause of; his unerring open table New Style Is .10 ;i'er Cent, Mcic Difficult Than 18,1 ; Players found ' the ; 18.1 eame about 30 per cent more difficult . efforts lowered to approximately.! The 28.2 game Is considered 30 per cent more difficult than the!: 18.1, which means that a playcrV stay nl the (able Is decreased cor- rrwmdingly. There arc only four balk spaces, ^^^^*m^*^HB Strange But True The new two-conl army su,rnp porlrays 'the general, jilongside Gen. \Vinfield Scoll. Toughest for Sloncy NEW YORK —Travis Jackson, i relirlng from the Ne-.v York Glanls' third base lo manage Jersey City's • International League team, says lhat Charley Root veteran Chicago Cub hur'ler. was ':hc toughest he ever faced. U. SI—153T Army.Series ncksoii &• i'coil '(CopyrlBlit. M'3'. i, ,-. Ji,c.) IN'l THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA D1S- i TRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUN- i Winter Sports Title Events at Lake Pkcit? two- One:-Year Ago Today—New Yo University cagers defeated Nor..., Carolina, 55-33, m an intersec-! lional game In New York. Mrs. Ida Hodges, Plaintiff, \AKE PLACID. N. Y.-A ! A «;K<ton niii o°' S 152 <iay . C!ll '» lvnl 0[ championship ; i Ablsson ; Blll > °- Parsons. 1 winter sports events will be hell ad Anna M. Parsons, Dcfcurt-1 .here Feb.- 21-22. .Titles lo be de- j leriiilried during Ihe carnival are [the'Ndflh American two-man bob sled •• championship; Adirondack outdoor Sliced skating honors; nnd North' American four man bob sled leadership. ^^-.u.i. uuij u. t-arsons, Anna! M. Parsons and The Samarllans Lyons on Hi 6 l,l SMe of America, inc., a ,c herewith CHICAGO.-Ted Lyons Chicago Wilhlf tWrtv PP Z r T ^-courtj White' SO* Pitcher, has' vvo,rT 8 6 wiinm thirty days to answer to' games while losing 178 durinz his the Inlcrvenllon.of Avle E. Sulli-1 H years with the club. Witness my hand as Clerk of this Court this the fo January, 1937. nnd Sunshine Long. Defendant and Garnishce. WAKNINC; ORDER The non-resident defendants S A. Slsson. Billy O. Parsons, Anna Easy To Pay - - You can pay fo r a new home jusl like rent with the aid of an •". II. A. I.O.-III...A small monthly •synirnt inrludrs lavc.s, imiiraiKr " anil prlnripal. AVc'll lirlp '•on plan Ihr- liomc am! work on tlic dd.iils for Consul ><ilh us today. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Five Years Ago Today — Steve Hamns^ knocked out Tommy Ixnighran In the second round at Madison Square Garden. Ten Years Ago Today—Broad- \vay Jones won the $2500 A. B. , Dade .Memorial Handicap, at Fair Grounds. New Orleans, . H. M. CRAIG, Clerk. 8-15-22-29 Jtead Courier News Want Ads. "DrrWerTsTwW"" OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE BIAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 640 WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone 1G7 APPLEIUUM HROS. COTTON CO. Bcrtlg BIdg. Blytheville, Ark NOW AGED ONE FULL YEAR NO INCREASE IN PRICE No amount of ageing ' will help whiskey unless it is properly made to begin with. Hut iry .\fint Springs and sec what those twelve enriching months in the barrel can do for . a real Kentucky Hourbon — a Glcn- more-distillcd Hourbon. You'll he atrmcit that so line a whiskey can be priced so low.- GLrNMORE DISTILLERIES CO. Inturvrjlitt Kentucky ©lenmore's (Hint Springs CIGARETTES KIKS, K' ICc CAMKI.S, CHKSTKIU-IKLDS, LUCKIKS, ETC. ONK PACK FOR 10c WITH KACII PURCHASE OF 50c OK GASOMNK OR Oil, AT MARTIN OIL STATION STEBLE, MO. Right from Mead's comes this red HOT # Regardless of rapidly rising prices we present this INAUGURATION SALE •"'..*'• ; ^^.v.iir.ttiiu ' UMI.- Planned to inaugurate the men of Blytheville, not now wearing Hart Schaffner & Marx or Mansiietd clothes, into the r ' great group who already know what this marvelous clothing ' ; means in terms of style, quality and value! Our entire Fall and Winter stock Hart Schaffner & Marx & Mansfield SUITS AN TOPCOATS Suits Only Suits'and Topcoats The inauguration of the President next Wednesday is truly a great historic event. So too, is this great Inauguration Sale at Mead's! During this sale we are interested in only one thing, and that is to inaugurate every man in Blytheville in the great fraternity of men now wearing Mansfield or Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes. Sizes for all! As usual the best buy is always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN STREET Blytheviile's Headquarters for Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes

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