The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS i* 1 l-'f-i TBS BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS , Published dally except Sundays In the interest of the personnel of the Army Air Forces Ad. v»nced Two Engine Flyjng School ot Blythevllle, by the ' Blythevllle Courier Newj. It contains the news of the Air • Base. .,'..-. i ' Ex-Circus Performer Now Flies Through The Air For Uncle Sam Do you know whal became of the man ' on the flying' trapeze . He's In the Army now. He Ls an aviation cadet at the Blythevllle Army Air Field. . The cadets discovered, who he was the other clay when lie put on his acl impromptu during physeial training period. He Is Aviation Cadet G. P. Decker and before he decided to go up in the air In ships he worked for the Bnrmun and Bailey Circus. Lieut; Cecil Garrison, junior Phys cal (Irector, had laken the cadets lo the athletic area lo show inem a few acrobatics nnd some turns O n the borJzonlnl tars. Mr. Becker, wntchcd attentively. And Ihcn it came his turn. Bv tlie time lie got .through with a scries « rolls, handstands and somersaults there wasn't anything left for Lieutenant 'Garrison. In fact Mr. Becker learned all that stuff long time ago, during the four with the Hilly i', MAY 7, 1!M8 ^ Sehultz Chens .»B»i»- - - •• . - • ?, tt ,,j Negroes Set Pace In Buying of Bonds All bill foiir members of the 945th Negro Quartermaster Platoon have signed for class B War Bond deductions from their pay. The other four members have not yet been intervicewd. This comes close to equaling the record of this organization for subscription to Class A Bond reservations. When this plan was sponsored all but one member of the 945th was signed for a deduction. Corp. B. C. Moore, orderly room clerk, is in charge of the sale ot bonds in the 945th. Bedsole Assigned Tech. Sergt. Andrew W. Bedsole ho.? reported to this station from the Army Air Field nt Marianna, Fla., : and is assigned as Signal Office 'noncom. Sergeant Bedsole enlisted Aug. 29, 1940. In civilian life he was an automobile mechanic nt Gadsden, Ala.' A $75 series E war savings bond will purchase a .330 caliber semiautomatic rifle for a Marine and supply him with a gas mask. Capt. Massey Returns Capt. Faucette ., u. 'Massey has relumed from Cumberland University, where, lie . took, a ' course in Army administration and has been assigned as commanding officei- of the 25th Flying Training Group His promotion from first, lieutenant to captain cumc tn February, soon after lie had reported at the school, UIKJII recommendation made before his departure. • • Captain Gaucelte . formerly was assistant, Post Exchange officer, Sergeant Ladouceur Returns With Bride Sergt. Guy Ladouceur, emcee of the 326th Squadron and member of the Public Relations Office staff, Is back from furlough—with his bride, whom he has known for years, back at Lewlston, Me. They were married last Monday at the at. Peter and Paul Catholic Church of Lewlston. . Tlie sergeant and his bride spent one day In Washington, D. C., and the rest of their honeymoon on the train In an effort to get back to the Air Base-before his furlough expired. iTHIS CURIOUS WORLD By WlUlam Fargutoh BES1N THREE SHORT NOTES AND COMPOSE* 1 ! FASTEST SPEED I AT WHICH A BOMS CAN iKAVEL, ^o MATTER HOW FAR |T FALLS, IS" ABOUT 630 Jtxfs &K sxxs/2, BUT NO PLANE EVER HAS ' GONE HISH ENOU&HTOGtVE ITS BOMBS SUCH VELOCITY. w«. mi n «» SEsnct m* T. ». RCC. U. S. PAT. OFT. DECISIONS REST ON THE OUTCOME COME TAX, Policing The, Grounds A while picket' fence is under construction around (he walks In ""• 703rd . . . It'll bo beiler (linn "Keep oil' The Grass" sign, no grass yet, nnywoy. 1 + » Stair Sergt. Charles P.' Fnizler chief projectlonlst nl the' post Theater, hurt more fun (linn the IS-yoar-oMs, at Ihe cnriilvnl (lie oilier night. The burly nou-com wns pnrllculnrly Impressive ns lip roite a smnll wooden horse en (he nierry-go-roiiiul, n In l.ono Ranger. (Have you seen his new httlr- t t • Cni>f. Oliver Coppcdge of the Arkansas Stale Guard, and Ueitl Geoffrey Wllloiighby, public rein- tlons oiriccr, were visitors at Hie Carnival, Just looking things over of course. Four oil paintings by Sergt. nice Cairulhers, Negro soldier and artist of Hie 300lh; hang In Ihe lobby of (lie Post Theater. ;They arc pictures of American aircraft. *= * « Corp. Everltle Parker, clerk in the 703rd Orderly nooin', biice sold Florida grapefruit to Callfornlans, He wns a salesman for tho Floi leta Citrus Growers Association • * « The "Jive Bombers," n foiir'pleco Jain band, almost stole the show from the orchestra at the concert Tuesday night.' They lunied out some, hot rhythm nnd Pfc. Walter Lemke, leader and clarinetist, did some tall toolln' on his iml. it looked for awhile' ris though 'some of the jitterbugs wouldn't, bo nule to slny in their seats. . "'.'*"+ • Sinn" Sergl. Phil 'Spataro, '• crew chief in the 2Gth and-ft brand new papa, Is seeking expert counsel on baby care. And he has learned tliat a "certain high-ranking iion- com stationed here, . U jusl the man he's looking for. * + » . ' Corp. Michael Furr, photographer extraordinary, Is the despair of Death Over Japan • +***• ^SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON REQUEST PiloiV.Own Story.-Reveals Tokyo BombingAVas Only Start Of Grim '-Ad venture his friends the contortions FUNNY BUSINESS .•tying tojnd the ; Uime be lost; yesterday !*V . . . viiv 1.UIIIUI UUH^ lie does go through when he takes a picture! • '. •-,-*-* * . Capt. Walter V. Hogan's onions have sprouted «... ht s men in the 309th swear slich' ; 'oiiion!nneVer grew before. •-••'' Warrant Officer Bcf'nhardt Irf K i! schel, director of the tast Band, Had the.heebie Jeebles Tues* (lay night as lime for tlie concert rolled around., .He. was..afral'd there might not be a crowd. And he and iris musicians had. worked so-o-o hard. H he had to worry he should have devoted his attention o -some other problem. Th" Po- 1 Theater was packed. • • • Here it's only May ' and three soldiers have trod the matrimon- al plank in a week. They couldn't vail, for June, supposedly the time and place for such follies. Which goes to prove that even in Ihe Army a man isn't safe anymore '.* * * •Sergt. Ouhine Piickett is on his vay to Memphis, where he'll meet he x missus and bring her back vith him. He's happy over the mole thing, which means that he lasn't yet Irietl locating suitable living quarters. Pvt. William Bohannon Has An Eight-Pound Son Pvt. William Bohannon, radio mechanic assigned to the TOlsl Flying Training Squadron, is the father of an eight-pound son. Tlie child was born to Mrs. Bohannon at Sulphur Springs, Ky., April n, their first \vedding anniversary Tlie baby was named William Russell Bohannon. Private Bohannon was inducted into the Army Aug. 13, and was ordered here In January, following completion of n course In rndlo mechanics at Truax Field, Wise. In civilian life he was an apprentice aviation mechanic at Louisville, Ky. American llycrs who balled out me, China afler tiu-lr mia on ToVvo received ", u «»| ZV^K "u""",'"' <1>S Clllt llhMM ' Pl Walwn ' wtlt> ^J«'»M""I» craw I,, a,,,,,., there to ChungklDB. by st d»n «luh ,,ul (rucks, the peer* Hlcmlly welco.,,,,1 us as if m By CAFT. HAROLD F. WATSON .l 1 1T ,| Time - -• •••••tvBji* i, .vmiia\m Wriiteii for NEA ' — 'stood still, as we' .bombed Tokyo. I looked nt my wa'tcli 1 .From the time we first Dew'Jnto Jhe fink until we Came out after hit- tin gour target, only five : minutes Imd passed. ' ;'.,•"„ Now wllh our'bomb load dropped, we headed wesU-lhroujh still more fink—at a much betler speed The AA fire didn't touch us. At about 1:30 we ivcre out nt sea and figured we were out of danger. 1 relaxed for the first'time, ami discovered my . hands were cramped from gripping the wheel and that I was wringing wet. ; But i hadn't been too", .busy to see Hie Imperial. Palace, about two miles north of our waterfront tar- Bet, or lo notice lhal 'downlowii Tokyo seemed solid nnd weil constructed, and not, the flimsy fire Irap that many.'people-think, i ' The mission had been'n" success, )ut we realised that tlie rest of it was just.'begiiming. 17 ." N'AVIGATdR BJUSY* Griffin, the navigator, was trying his liesl to try to find a way to get us to China, We knew we :ouldn't make it, but there was still that spark of hopu until Griffin checked Ihe gas against the dis- ance. I got the boys up front nnd we talked it over. I had a plan' for some time—pick mil''a .sampan overpower Its crew, crash-land beside it and sail 11 In to China. The crew agreed. But before we could carry out the plan we picked up a lefinite (all wind of about 35 miles in. hour. That revived the spark oMioiJC and was Ihe deciding factor We letcrmliied to get as far from Ja- Jan as possible and at least reach one of the islands In Ihe China Sea. A light rain began at dusk, and grew steadily worse. I put Ihe .ship ip to 10,000 feet, then io laooo vhich was as high ns we could go vithrml oxygen. But we conldn'l ireak out on top. We came down we ate n couple of candy bars and finished otir coffee. Everyone kept checking his parnchute and .harness. TMIE TO STEP OUT H finally came. The right engine sputtered, and I lowered tho wheels lo reduce our speed. "This IH It, Scott," I said, "out you go." "Ay, nye sir," Scott called buck. "See you Inter." I was the Insl one oul. 1 look n final look around, and suddenly knew how n Navy captain feels when he losses a ship ... Then f slid out of (hat black hole. ' In tlie darkness there wns no sensation of falling. We baited out at' 10,000 feel, but I had no Idea whether 1 was over a .'mountain ponk or level ground. I'walled llll I wns sure T had clcnrcd the ship, llieji pulled Die Mp cord. I felt Ihc silk whip'past my face, ivty right Imnd, which had junl pulled tho cord, became Inhulcd In the chroiul lines. They pulled my, /njriirnp with n IreiiVndous Jerk.. ' iFour weeks Inter, nftcr'hV'X-ray' 111.Chungking, I learned thnl my shoulder wns fractured nnd bndly dislocated, l only knew Ihcn Ihnl it hurl. I couldn't move It, so 1 had to pull It down with "my left arm. I put my right thumb between ny teeth to keep the n nil from flapping around. There was nothing, lo do but inng there nnd, wait. I guess I vas partly "buiV 1 for although I hit the ground prelly hard. It did lot hurl. Using my left hand I abbed the hypodermic needle Into ny leg and waited for;the mor- hnd dropped on|..ot an airplane, tlml my iinii wns hurt, and trmt I wns hungry nnd thinly. I'll never know It those Chinese even know that I- was Amorlenn, or lhal (here wns i\ war going on. but iheygnvo. me miignlflcwit trenl- iiiolil, 1 stayed Iwo days ami nlglito In their dirt-floored fnrmhouso, whose living room unit four small sleeping rooms housed several gen- ernltons of n family thnl totaled 2:1 members. They fed mo bountifully on rlco wllh a (hick meat sinicc mid, of all tilings, frcsli filed eegs, The other crow mbinvjcrfi had landed close together and had been picked up by » band of Chlncsn soldiers. None of them wns hurt, I rejoined them In « small (own on Tuesday. From there to Chungking, by sedan , chair, Ford station wagon and army tniek, we passed through towns and villages where the people literally welcomed UK ns it we iWero gods. ... , : 'riiu climax came on -Mny n, when Mine. 'Ohinng Kai-shek In- vllcd us lo a banquet to be presented to the CJoncrnllsslmo. our dollies woro unbelievably filthy, but she made us feel as wo were there in our dress blues. "I envy you very much," Mine. Chiang lold ns. "You have looked down upon the Japanese." Bride Of Sergeant Puzio To Join Him Here Sunday Spataro A Father Staff Sergt. Phil spataro, n crew chief assigned to the 2Gth Flying Training Group, became tlie father of a nine-pound baby girl Friday. The child was bom to Mrs. S|>ataro at Amory, Miss., and was named Betty Ross Spataro. The Sergeant reported at this field July 25. He enlisted Jan. 27 1041, at Albany, N. Y., where he was a general clerk In the National Auto Stores. only judge where we were by our speed and Ihe time from the Inst checked spot on the chart. We circled what we thought should be our pre-arranged airport, but couldn't sec a thing. So with about an hour's gas, we kepi on, hoping for clear skies. Scott had parachuted a couple of times before, and told us what to do. We planned to Jump as close logelher as possible, slay where we lit that night, and join up the next morning. Tlie gas indicator showed empty, but the engines were still running. We shook hands with Scott who went to the rear hatch. We loaded up with what we wanted— cigaretles, first-aid kils, morphine tubes. We I lied to carry on a conversation, but everybody was pretty busy with his own thoughts. So 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY Ktny t Wibi^ Ph. BU Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drnf Sttrt Main & lake Phone 2822 DODGE & PLYMOUTH REPAIRS The Chrysler Corporation has supplied repair parts to take care of an average of SEVEN YEARS' REPLACEMENTS on each and every Chrysler-made car and truck! Louis George Motor Co. rk Authorized Dodge & Plymouth Dealer Phone 45 ° . Osccola phlne to take effect. Nothing Imp- Sergt. Walter Pilzlo, a clerk In pened. Then I put'the last dose In lllc rl " ns nml Training Depnrt- my right nrm. 1 woke lip al'dawn. ment . wl11 he Joined here Sunday : I was In a vnlley belwccn Iwo ^ llls bride, .Ihc former Miss Helen high mountains. • Immediately I Wlcliiim of Newark, N. J., whom Wondered about the other boys, llc miu '''lcd while on furlough rebut they were nowhere in sight! cc "tly. Tho ceremony wns per- Down the valley I could see some rormei1 on Easter Sunday nl the rice paddies. I made n sling for my Ncw ark Catholic Church. The arm from Die chute, lucked my ' )r ' ll o nnd bridegroom spent four plslol in tho sling and started to- ° 115 ' s '" Ncw Yolk oil -y- ward them. Sergeant Puzio has bcci MET, 0 1 Courtesy --.. — I was In occupied China. I shouted and waved, nnd afler n good deal of talk one man cnmc toward Inc. COULDN'T UNDKIISTAND I grinned at htm nnd repealed "Llshu innygwa, llshu maygwo," which we had been told menus "I am an American." He simply looked mystified. I tried pidgin English with no better luck. But he started smiling nnd nodding when I told him In pantomime that I SMALL LOANS OB Aaythta» *f VtlM, Ea*t Main Lou Co. Church denominations of tho Unllcd States have n lolnl membership of more ihnn (JO.noO.OOO persons. Just 4 Miles To The State Line Service Station SAVE on Phillip, Quality r.*so- iln« A OH. Prompt, Courteous Service. Operated by Mrs. H. I- Reynold*. OPERATING HOURS For A-15-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 9 A.M. to !) P.M. ALL WEEK DAYS 9 A.M. to 12 Noon 1 P.M. (o 8 P.M. FITTED DY Dtctora J. L ami J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLCTBEVILLE SINCE 1922 flPTICDl STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Does Your Car NEED THESE? Battery— Seat Covers Oiiniler-IUdla Fog Lights— Lock G,« C»p A complete line of Polish** in Student Flier One Of Few Who Ever Defeated Capt. Martin Biles Avlnllon Cadet I'liinij) j,t. Davis New Knglnml pavelniii; throwing clinmplon In ItMO, now lenrnlng lo to Ilv two-engine bumber-lpye air- ciall here, Is one of Iho few nlli' who hns ever di'tcalcd Cnpt. D. lilies, asslstiuil pail )li4|»clor. Mr. Dnvls <lu- the officer, who wns na- llonal chninplou jnvelln hwlcr for two yeurti wlille n sUuleril at the University of California, in nu In- Icr'-collCBlnlo iiicel In 1040, Tho cnplnln wns, Mr. Davis lulmlls, de- flnlloly off form nml wns besled by n throw of 105 feet, conslderah- ly below his nntlonnl chninplou losses which ranged W cll over 200 feel. i: >': ( 11 < l The Iwo champions haven't met Blnco Mr. Davis reported ill Oils Station. The cadet is liuslly rnung- cd In learning lo Ily mid ihc captain Is (Icd-down with numerous diilles. But they nrc liulli ho))lnf! they can find lime to renew their friendly rivalry. Mr, Davis enlisted In tlie Army May VlfHS. In clvlllnn life lie «'«.i a. chemist hi New Jersey, lie Is a 1840 graduate of New Jersey.State University. .. Underway The miUliuy courtesy ' cdnt#fc Ith a $50 War Bond as thai Bra* nnd 13 lesser prize* was undet w»y today wilh Iho circulation of th* Miles /or Die contest Posters me displayed wl»h faho- togi aphs which picture ' 1 wcin of tho uniform and violations of customs ana tlons, tho prizes to be tho best llsllngs of th. >..».„ Bethel with a slogan regarding limy couitcsy, discipline or toms of the lervlco, or a 200 ailtclo on HID subject ! U Is Intended that the ilogi nnd in Helta Dial will \>y si\b ' ' will be made use of by life j-»™ and TIiihilng Depnilmoht in 1& program. ' far Hudson, Coleman Transferred Here . Technlclnii Frank E. Hudson nml C'oi'ii, Tnclnilcliin Elvln 0. Colelnnn Irnvo liecn transferred to Ihls-slallon from AUtlcne, Tcxtw, nnd are asslancd lo clerical !lullc# with .the Flnanee Dcimrtmcnt. Sci'Bi!a!it. Iftidson wns Inducted May 14, 1042, nl Shrcvcpwl, Ln., where he was a clerk In the Commercial National nnnk, Since entering tho Army he lias completed ti'iilnlni; In Dio basic finance school, Hi) attended centenary Coltoijc of Law, Shrovcporl. Corporal Colemim was Induuted Nov. 10, at. Knoxvllle, Tcnn., where he «'ns n clc-rk for J. Allen Smith nnd Company, He Is a liK2 graduate of Knoxvlllo High School. WARNING PUIICK 7N THE CHANCERY CO U RT CHIOKASAWUA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AH- KANfJAS.' '',•'••''• Virginia' Rtiberfi, PlnliHiff, '" '- ;; Vs. No. 0103 ' Onll Roberts, Ocfcndnnl. , The defcmlnnl Gnll Roberts Is hereby witrncd to nppcnr within Ihlrty days in the court immcd In tho caption hereof and answer Iho complaint ot the plnlntlll Viiglnli. Roberts. Dntcd this 22 <lny of April, I|)J3. Harvey Morris, Clork Ily Doris Mnlr, D. C. (Seal) -iy23-30-5/7-H J. Graham Sudbury, Ally, lid Mtein a. W. Uailiam," Ally, for pltf. DUTIES ITS Noncoms To Dance A (lance for members of the Noil-Commissioned Officers Club will be held at the chibrooms of the organization on Hie. first floor of the Glcncoc Hotel Saturday night. The dance will begin at 0 o'clock, with music Ijy Sergl. Don Scrlijiier and his electric organ. SucccerJs Sergl. Frank,Cjp- min As Assistant Manager 01 Post Theater 1 Staff Bel tit. Wallace Hake, m*fn- bci of tho Social Servlci Office staff, lins been named ^ tuslaUnt manager of the Post Theatttvto succeed .Sergl. Flunk Domlri.'-'lfc has assumed his now dUtlet *iid will Keep piaottcally Ihc.snme stiff tlml hm bcon on duty nl (he sh*T for soutr lli^i 1 , , ^'u ,"i ;i<i|.» imd cxperlsnc* M ? ! ' • ' ( l.n theater at the . "•. v, Cal. He W- "Qiled \i Jan 13, frtm Jnffcisoi' rlnrrncks, Mo, i, 'Ihe staff at the Post The«t«rta- clndci Scigt, any LadoucfcUr ','<* the 320UI, cnshicr; Pvt David Se's- siim, .liatli, delect taker; Corp Chchtci Wasleltiwsky, 128th, ,«M I'M Ernest WILion 703rd, tuheM'; Staff Seigt olmrlcs P. Frailer, chief projectionist; and Pfc. Fr*nk Heibot, nsilslnnl projectionist."' •, Adams Seeks Games Lieut Bill Adams, Post gthletle olllcci, H tijing lo anaiige ^ K> rles of gnincs Iretwcen so!tb»U loams of Mnltlcii, Wnlnut Ridge i!»d Kpwpou, v,llh. a semi-weekly EchediilB An experimental game Is scheduled foi Sunday, May 18. To Play For Dance Tho Jlvc Bombers will provide the music foi n dance Saturday • nlfjlil at tho Officeis 1 Club iCipT" Joseph o IIORS h In charge.^cf"" niinngemciils , PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Gtminntced Best Priew Kirby Drug Stores Five hundred thousand rivets nre used In a modern bomber; 40,000 In a fighter plane. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn AcroM from Hlfh School Any Shoe Can B« REPAIRED [ If the nppcra are still food. Bring them to oj for qoalltj- "HALTER'S Quality ui w. M«IB The Modern Ice Box COOLKRATOR « t ForEconomy and. Senlc*. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phont MI WE FILL ALL DOCTOBV PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE TOr MOMtT STEWART'S Drue Store Slain & Lake _ Phone tt Remember ; .. Mother's Day Sunday, May 9th THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVERY ANTWBOUT ' GLENCOE HOTEL, BLOO. Phone 491 "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmettet, etc,, In Blythevllle than at Robinson 1 *. Latest n«p**" tain service—»«ndwlche«t Service Men! Meet Your Friend* it RobmMrt! HUDSON CLEANERS Special care taken in cleaning'imifo Buttons carefully handled—Pleats and hand finished—2 day service. Garrison Cap* — Accessories' — t SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA

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