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Garfield County News from Panguitch, Utah • 1

Panguitch, Utah
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NUMBER 1,3. Pnnguitch, Utah, Friday, March 25, 1932 THIRTEENTH YEAR HATCH CYCLONE SALLY" AT HE'S MY PAL" Our High School Building LIONS SPONSOR MOVE FOR NEW HIGH SCHOOL (KIRK DALY.) Have you over ridden out to the Roller Mill hlU. during thesum-mer montta ust to ride back and admire the Imposing structure ugh To long avenue of green trees, and in youithful droams Cloned the improvements you may some day help to you ovor dream ot tho day whon more nuBiu side it to take care ot tho growing needs ot our school! Have you, during your spare moments, sketched roughly your plans tor a largd gymnasium where we could havo our basket bait games and dances or a beautiful auditorium whoro wo could present our operas, school playa nnd assemblies? I am sure ovory student who has over attended' tho G. H. S.

has chorishod those dreams. It la among thoso students that tho loss ot our beautiful building will Do most deeply toll- Tho building was our homo, It was a place which each ot ua rait was our own. Thoro was beauty In ovorythlug associated with It. What could be moro beautltul than to go strolling to sohool on a fine spring morning and seq tho reflection ot tho early rooming sun In tho windows, or to leave In tho ovonlng with tho sun shining on tho rear ot tho bulding, casing it to cast a large BhadoW down tho hill, Whether under a mantle ot snow in winter, cmld tho blozo of color in autumn, or tho green foUa'go of spring and summer, tho building lent a note of beauty to our community, Those plcturos which wo havo associated with our Bcliool life are now gone. But, thoro cro those things which moro flames cannot take from ua; things which wo shall carry with us to tho end.

Tho memories and traditions which, have been built up around tho building aro lega DIES AFTER BRIEF ILLNESS Another tragody waB, ndklod id' tho already long list that" has bo' fallen, our community within tho past two w-ooks, In the passing of little' -Norma Hatch, two year old daughter" of Mr. and Mrs. MlUordi B. Hatch; who died Monday morning at eleven o'clock, Tho Utllo child, apparently in per feet health, was playing with hor brothors, when she. became suddenly-' 111 and was solzod with spaema at fivo o'clock nftornoon.

Illgolow was summoned and remained with tho child all night, but all offorW' to save hor wore In It is thought that candy and "pop corn eaten; by tho child shortly bo-faro she was taken 111 was tho causo of hor deatli. Norma is survived by her parents, nnd two brothors, WendoI and Lylo. Funeral services wero held at'thd, Hatch homo Tuesday afternoon. torment was in tho city emotery. Tho doopost sympathy ot tho online-, community goes out to the berWved MARRIED IN DELTA.

Mlsa Rayda Riding, tho, daughtor at Mn and Mrs. J. H. Riding of Delta- and Kdwln Knight, ho son of Mr. and Mrs.

E. D. Knight of Delta, wero', married at the homo of the hrldo Friday March 11, -The ceremony was performed by Bishop Gardner, and later the wedding party' attended tho Junior Prom. Tho young couple are making' their homo In Delta and are receiving. best' wishes for their happiness, Millard' County Chronicle, jH-fi At, tho regular moeting ot tho Liana Club Monday night the matter ot rebuilding our High School was tho principal toplo for A committee consisting ot UonJ.

Cameron Jr Loland Hoywood and Frod Drtihn was appointed to ropresent tho cluh in urging and taking whatever stops thoy dooiiiod necessary tor the con atructlon ot a now high school build Ing, also that It should bo done at once, 'and it possible havo tho build ing ready to uso by fall. With tho wondortul spirit ot cooperation a groat deal could bo done now to got tho building under way. This committee will meet with, the school board mombors at tho earliest pos sible date. Tho matter of hotter firo fighting 'oquipmont was taken up, and flro committee consisting ot A. G.

John son, Walter D. Daly and W. Earl Mar shall was requosted to moot with tho City Council and mayor and see It flomothing could bo done to got bet ter moans of lighting tiros. NAVAJO LAKE ICE FOUR THICK. FEET Carl, Homer and Iteod Jonos, Otto Pita and Tod Collier spent two days at Navajo Lakek last week, having made tho trip principal'y as'fl skiing pxcurslon.

Proof of a great amount ot snow in the mountains was brougnt hack in tho form of moving pictures and camera studies. The main lodge and cabins at the lake wore almost completely covered with snow, and measurement -ovealed that the lake vi covered with four feet of ice and seven feet of snow. Iron County Record of March 37 FOR IVY JUD FUNERAL SERVICES cies which ehall llvo long after the building lias boon forgotten. room in tho building ha something associated with it. Thoro exists In our minds a connection between certain rodma and which will mover ho broken down, Each student -will chorish memories of particular rooms, whether It bo tho happy little locker room whore the students rushed poll-moll whon tho bell dismissed them, the assembly halwlth its small Btago which will never be (forgotten for pep assemblies' and spirited student body oloctlon programs, the small library which year after year was growing to be a credit to any high school, tho attractivo principal's office wkoo rested our prized Encyclopedia Britanntca, the domestic science room which was responsible for the delicious odora ot cakes and candies which often lingered in the halls, tho shop which was -responsible ifor the wholosale manufacturing ot milk-stools, the gymnasium which will be remembered for Its "heads, shoulders, knees and toes." or tho regular class rooms whoro our teachora g4o us the inside dope on Nupoleon, 1192,1588, Shakcspear, geninda, subordination; respiration; heredity, hexagons, polygons, monogamy, polygamy, weal-being; contracts, popular sovereignty.

otc.r as tho case' may be. Traditions have been built up around our school. It has mado a name for Itself In scholarship, in competitive athletics, and In many other tields. It has reflected unconsciously a culture Into our community which heretofore never existed. These are the things which will make the school live; the things which make It each our work to go to any means necossary that our building might be immediately erected to carry on tho splendid work which has been accomplished' Ui us far by the Garfield County High School.

HALL MAR. 31 Tha comedy-drama, "Cyclono Sally" in threo nets, will bo prosontod in Social Hall, Thursday night, March 31, oa a part of tho Joiuboroo by tho south, yard M. I. A. (for tho purpose of raising funds toward paying for-tho eolith ward chapol, An evening of fun is promised nil who como to sco It.

It lndood a veritable "cpmody of errors," with a hearty laugh in ovory act. With tho: lively' cast of characters consisting of tho ifbllowlnffv mombors, wo nro suro yon, will got your monoy'a worth "Cyclone Sally" ljthel Hoywood Jonnio', Audria Cameron Ora Loo RuUrfet t. Gwon Hngleatoad VlvlaM l. Thorosa Honrla Harry DoLong neginijjd David Hoywood Willie. Den Hoywood Jim Donnla Loo DR.

-JJEKYLL AND MR. HYDE AT HUB THEATRE SATURDAY NIGHT ONLY. Di'Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will be presented at the Hub -Theatre Saturday' March 20. Robort Louis Stevenson droamod "Dr.j.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyilo," which to considered today one of tho loading mystery thrillers of all time. This Interesting fact wns brought to llltt In rosoilrch Into the spirit of tho jtory at the Paramount, studios whoi Frodrlo March filmed the famous dual-personality role. Investigation ehowa that Stoveneon had '1ean seeking a story la which (o ombody Jiis theory ot tho duality of man's'' nature, Mrs. Stovonson, herself, described the occasion, "In the small hours of ono morn-ingr' sho said, "I was nwaltprted by crieq qt (horror from Touls.

Thinking he' had a lightnifcrp, I asakent-d him. He faiij angrily, 'Why did you wake me up? I was dreaming a fino bogey had awakened him nt tho first scene." hla droam, complete in every detalLoyen. to powders, Stevenson had presented itsolf to him in his isleep, Wlliln a year aftot- the publication ot tho book, tho story was dramatized tor Richard Mansfield, who first produced' It in Boston In 18S7. Adv. CARD OF THANKS.

We, the family -ot Hannah Crosby, wish to thank all our dear neighbors and frionds for their sympathy and kind aeolstsmce during tho last etcknoss, nnd laying away of our doar mother. for tho boautlful floral offerings, THH CHILDREN OF HANNAH A. CROSBY Mrs. Bessie Chjdester entertained a crown oi cnuaren Haiurxiay afternoon in honor of her Bmall daughter, Joyce's fourth birthday. Those present were Eleanor Leo, Jonelle and Dorothy Henderson, Claudia Adam, Glonna Reid, Rena Chldoster and Ruth Myers.

W. W. Clyde and Co. were awarded tho contract ifor construcllon of SOIA CARD OF THANKS, To all thoao.klnil friends audi 'neigh- bora who assisted in any the sudden iltnoss and. death of'oiir loving wife and mother, We our heartfelt tkanlk ARZA JUDD, "AND, CHILDREN; i 3 TO BE PRESENTED At Social Hatl Friday night, March 25, at ID.

Ilesorvo seat ticket can bo obtalnod for thlrty-flvo cents ot Bryco Canyon Cafo. General admission twenty-tlvo tents Student tickets iftfteon conts. Stud' ont body cards are good for this eliow. He's My Pal," a clever lorhedy- drama, by Lillian Mortimer, which is to bo prosonted at Soclalj Hall Friday night, by tho G. H.

under the direction ot S. Rosa Hunt, promts 08 to bo cno of tho bo4 playi yot given by tho high school. Tho playors havo been well rohoarsed In tholr parts and somo ot tho best talont among our young people havo.tioen choson in order to make ot this' par- formanco tho success we know 'ltf is going to be. Mr. Hunt is very oflChus- iastio over tho work of tho cast and a record breaking house is anticipated Saturday night.

A delectable play, overflowing 'with lively humor and Tho minor rolos include: A hen-pecked husband who learns a new trick in handling a domlnoerlg wife; two cocky salesmen a breezy and slangy beauty specialist; a comical darky cook and tho motherly boarding house keeper, guardian angel of lovers. following Is a brief synapsis ot the play: Would you give up tho girl yet; lov ed to your best pal, it it was for his happiness and tier's, particularly If you owed your life to him? This la Wally Allen's hard dilemma, which (threatens to wreck tho peace Ma Averui's nappy family or. Doaraors, It makes three other persons beside Wally thoroughly unhappy; hW pretty little fiancee, who does not love 'him; his beloved pal, who lias sacrificed an arm for htm; and the quiet llttlo ugly duckling-swan girl who is secret ly in love with. Mm. With her, aid," Wally who is tho game practices a kindly deception upon his' pal, with a view to breaking hla engage ment and leavng the lovers free to marry.

His Belt sacrifice eventually brings happiness to all. RESULTS, OF The United. States Geological Sur vey has Just issued a land classification report for tho State ot Utah, which It, states, embraces more unoccupied acreage on tti Public Domain than, any, other commonwealth except Nevada. Th Nevada land ia discussed la a somowhat similar report issued April 10, 1926. In Issuing the present report the Survey makea the point that throughout the history of the United States the vacant, unroserved, unnapropriat-ed public domain has stood as a challenge to the venturesome, a haven for the homeless, a land of the mys- tery and allure that lie in the unifamll- lar.

There still remains a vast area of such land, and. durng. recent months much interest has been aroused-by pro posals for the establishment ot a new national policy for it administration, Political economists and others interested in land prblems, the re port states, regard an adequate classifications as an essential prere quisite to the study of such problems, it is estimated that the conditions- de scribed in the Utah report prevail throughout approximately SO per cent of tho remaining public domain; henoo tho conclusions of tho report, as well as theories predicated upon Utah conditions, should be widely applicable. The report, which was compiled by John Deeds and Depue Falck, of the Geolglcal Survey, indicates that Utah has; sunEaoo features ranging from desert plains to rugged mountains lying from to move than 13,000 feet above, sea level, Its climate likewise varies within wide limits: Th6' rainfall ranges from 4.62 to more thaii 40 Inches annually, and the frost-free period ranges from less than ono month to 225 days, Within these limits a combination of surface and climatic conditions favorable to crop production Is found only on relatively small areas, which aro 'shown on the map as dry-farrah'S and, irrigated land and' which form about 6 per cent ot tho area classified, A copy ot tho report, with the map, may be obtained from the Director of the United. States Geological Survey, Washington, D.

or the district of fice ot the, Survey at 313 Federal Building, Silt Lako City, Utah, Watch for1 the Big Girls Day Dance, NOTICE FOR BIOS. Npijco isvferoDygiyoiviihLbl(iaJEqr Water Master tor the West Pangultch Irrigation and Reservoir Company tor tho year 1932, will be by B. Heywood. Tho Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. J.

B. HEYWOOD, Secretary. nrnuinrn nn otnvibta ntm FOR 0. HENR f- 10 o'clock In tho north ward chapel, (or Mrs. Ivy Judd.

EI- dor Wiliord Pendleton conducted the exercises, which wore as follows Choir sang, "Sister Thou Wast Mild and Lovely." Prayer, by F. Gardiner. Choir sang, "I Need Thee Every Hour," Spoakers were Ross Hunt and L. Sargent. Song, Mary Marshall and Nellie- S.

Lee. J. T. Partridge was tho next spoaker. Mrs.

Lydia Lassen a solo. Funoral services wore- hold, Thura chapel for O. Honrloetao hrdlu day afternoon of last week' at th'd south ward chapel, S. A. 'Wortheri conducing tho servicos, which wore aa if ol lows: Song, "My Father Knows," hy Crandall, assisted by choir.

Prayer, by Jamos P. Catnerpn. 't)f' Choir sang, "Rest, Speakers were Mr. Adams of. pirwroj' and Bishop F.

Gardiner. Solo, by Lydia Lassen. The next speaker wis President -W J. Henderson Mrs. Pearl Honrlo.

snng a BlsttHl by Scott, Wbrthon oa the violin' and Mrs. Rula Houston at the The next speaker was B. A. Duet, "I Shall Steer My Noltlo S. Lee and Mary Benodlctiori, by Stephen Walker.

''V- NOTICE. All parties; on tht first Feed Loan can now wnun same slack! Work horses, and cattle 5.p0 per head; sheep fiftycents, until March 31, 1932. VV. J.HENDERSON, County Chairman. MRS.

JOSEPH H. 8WAPP DIES IN PROVO PROVO. Edltha Famsworth Swapp, 43, wife ot Joseph H. Swapp, local woolgrower, died Sunday at the family residence, Bast Sevonth North street, following an illness of several months. Mrs.

Swapp was born at Kanab, May 7. 1888, a daughter of Franklin and Lovinla Farnsworth. FolLowing her marriage, they moved to Glendale, living there eleven years before mov ing to this city. Mrs. swapp was ac tive in the L.

D. S. 'church, having served as president of tho Glendalo Primary association arid secretary of the Genealogical society of the Proyo Manavu ward. She was also aecre- tary of the Daughter of Utah Pioneers I ot that district. Besides her'husband.

five 3ons nnd daughters survive: Farris, Marva, Helen, Maurice and Frank Swapp, Provo; six brotrs and sisters, Mrs. Vinnie S. Jeppaon t.ud Mr3. Ilesslo F. Findla-y, Salt La Frank L.

Fanis-worth and Mm. Dana Flndlay, Kanab; Mrs. Dolna Beddo, Lovelock, Novada; Mrs. Linda Balltmtyne, Winslow, Arizona. Funeral services were conducted! "Wednesday at p.

in the "Mana vu ward with interment in Provo City CARD OF THANKS. The wife and children of the lato O. Henria wish to thank all whe assisted In any way during the death and burial of their dear husband and tfttuer, ana especially iur turn-forttng words spoken at the serv- and the beautiful floral offer ings. MRS. HETTIE HENRI E3 AND CHILDREN Mr.

and Granville Warren and Mrs, Aurella Bauer of Cedar City and Parowan, respectively, aro at the home of their parents, Mi', and Mrs. John F. Worthen. Joseph E. Heywood dedicated' the IN MEMORY OF MY IVY JUDD.

COUSIN, (Violet W. Anderson.) What can we say when a mother goes? 'TIs sad, moro sad any ono knows, 'Tis like taking a look beyond tho brink, When a mother goes we begin to think, And bow down before our Lord, In humbleness, death leaves us where We can only think of "those up there" Who've gone on ahead of us, that's here. vo" gueonio nay, iiwi raucn is cjear. i Lot It bo in humility, dear Lord And In the awoot way, this mother he Like a flower, all too soon, she was bourne Back into that heavenly home. Where God awaits for his children to come, Again within hla fold.

And Ivy goes unto her Father, As a -most obedient daughter, Smiling with the sweetness at "well Rich in the glory of a. work begun. With all her heart and With patience and perseverance, 'she worked Among us, with no duty shirked And an eagerness and readiness That was her own," cbmbled with steadiness. And loftiness of purpose. Could words say more I should put them here, Because this mother to rue-was dear.

Sweetest memories linger with her chair, But there has been one added to those up there. And I am sura they're happy. Donald Steele came up from St, George and spent a couple ot days with his folks the latter partvof -last wask. The next speaker was Bishop Hans P. Inson.

Choir sang, "Oh My Father." Benediction; was pronounced by Ralph. DoLong, The floral offerings were many and beautiful, A Those ta attendance from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. Grovor Shake-spear and daughter Donna, ot St. aeorge; Mrs, George Church end son, Grant, 61 Delta; Dan Judd of Idaho, and Georgo Shakespoar ot Tropic.

BIRTHS AT TROPIC. Bornr Mr. and Mrs. Franflc Marshall; a girl, February 33. Bo'rn to Mr.

and Mrs. Owon Barton, a March 6. SEMINARY CLASSES CONTINUED S. Ross Hunt, principal of the Sera- Inary, will' continue to conduct classes at tho Semiary building for thrty days longer. He will also present' the high school play, a synopsis of -which is given in another column of this paper wiilr.k ha ihas toad underway for some time.

The play ia scheduled, for March 25, at Social Hall. REQUEST FOR BOOKS FOR LIBRARY "VDo you read the books at ths Pub' lie Library? Don't you think they are ahabby? Have you some books 1 seven anil seventeenth miles of road SW- '-ft: beween, Bryce Canyon Junction and Thoso attssidlner tho aervtces from Hatch. The contract vraa let out for out town were: Mr. and Mrs.4 $77,103, James. Worthtm, Mrs.

Will Carter, Mr. and Glea Mr.aady Mr, and Mrs, James Worthen spent Mrs-- George Adams arid-Mrs. a few days visiting relatives here af- James all of Provo; cad, ter attending the iuneral of Mrs. Wor-j Mrs- Charles Lynn ot Ulntah'Mnii, tl; en's father. Thoy returned to, Provo Owens, and and Mx.

Thursday in company with Verd Ijawrbnce Clark and Francis Worthen, whirwlll visit in Delta wthot Delta; Mr. EvanB relatives and friends before, returntagi ot Hatch. visitor in Panguitch last week. 'y- n.w vvunuaui went with them to Provo, und Willi visit there 'awhlln. Watch for tho Big Girls Day Dance, Shoriff Frank HavcvIr wajt a hnU, Mr.

and Mrs, Fred Bruhn were 11088 'visitor ia EscaWte called to Parowan' last Friday, on ac-i0 week. He was accompanied' count of the Illness of Mrs. Knihut bjl pari Pollook, who hasrbeen i.vlsit-' lnS' In Pangultch ef the home of. "wViiA Ms- Ed(l Seyy, 1 pff if' Miss, Ingra Ipson nana dowttj.foni' 019 B- Y. "to s'pesffthe Ji I 1 father, Mark Guyman, Fred returned Sinday, and IJrs, Bruha' remainod1 with hor fatlier.

Mrs. Mary Ann Worthen has nM Tir 1 4. tursed trom Provo, where' she'speMt the -winter. Wallace Miller ha Salt Late whore Deen you would like to give to that Llb-irary? It you have, pleocs notify tho book committee, Nellie S. Lee and F.

G. Gardiner, and someone will call JMr' and; Ite ClancoroWtftn4' chfldreAwentto riithfleldf.Frlday'' ti. at your home and take them to the librarian, Mrs. Miller. Watch for the Big Girls Day, Dance,.

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