The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1938
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1938 BIA'THKVn.LK (ARK.) COU1UUH NRWS PAGE FtVfe CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate jicr lino for consecutive insertions: Due time per line lOc 1'wo times iicr Hue per day ...OBc three time:; per line per day ..(Hie )ix limes IXT line per day .., .050 llonth rate per line We Tards of Thanks 50c & 15c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six I i times tmrt stopped licforc explra- Y..OOII will lie charged for the nuin- I'er of times the add niipearcd and .Ijiistmcnl of bill made. AH classified Advertising copy (UbinlUcd by jwrsoas residing out- Mdc of the city must bo accompanied tjy ,cnsli. Rates may be lastly computed from nbovc table. ; Advertising ordered for Irregular /perilous takes Uie one lime rate. No responsibility will be taken or more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory j SAVK MON1JY ON C'OAlT ntcual JM.III yard Jl'villc 2\lu ............ (on 5.25 (i.2r» :<x<5 ton 6.20 Ion -1,81) • 4.7!i 7.00 G.15 S.80 Culture arc Our classes In In full swln_ Riid let us meet you our school. We will be glad l-lvo full dclalls. Kiigle School Beauty Culture, Cooper Bldg., 2nd & Walnut, lilytheville, Ark. I'honc J1U. senuiy uunure arc •. Visit our shouj 3 lcom house. H,W. 18 at Coppcdgc you nnd show you! Ghl - 0- F. Dunn. 18-|>k-25 drill ItK iTl.iri ...I *"* i-i . . ...... . . i - —. l. -.. i ...__ 40 nc'ic.s with good 5-ioom ho\ise, tarn, 4 miles south Manila. All ID citlllvation. $)50 ca.sli, $250 real note. Jess Bryant, Manila 1'. 0. ll-pk-20 Help Wanted niati >vHli snrall t'iL|>it(il lo iiU; :;cr\'lco sUilion. Call E. IX. 419. 13 ck M. For Sale New, 3-room Pall), liBlils. SOI). fiirniiiheil Reasonable. house. Phone oi 1 Sale—Nice (i room stucco residence loi'ited S12 North Fii'a-i. Sarjjain, small down jwyincnt. Call ' Nltt Klnllci- Mine run lilue. Kiblwii BIlIC ItttlllOK Slack loll ton K.-iU 5,:>o 5.75 (on B.UU 7.5U L!,'.'5 V CURVE IN CAFE On Hi(;hHay Gl al Holland rhoncs f-4 658 Ajmoiincement w« Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 10H Chlckamwba I'honc U" Shoe Repairing Everything for your shoes. Free Delivery. Phone 120. Quality Shoe Shop QUALITY SHOE SHOP _ Lola (I & 10. 1(00 block on I team Bin-gain. Call !«)S. 17-ck-21 or Sale—limntifiil home on East Main. All iuiproveinetils. 2 ucrcs ground with pecan trees ;<nd shrubbery. I'ricc 55000 on easiest terms. room apartment, private bath. Mrs. Wendell Phillips, phone J51. lT-ek-21 phone decorated 3 room furni.shcd Inmit. 'Jl'J No. SOCOJKI, I'M. IV-ck-tt 'J room furn. apt. with bail). Newly decorated. Call 294, 1117 W. Ash. 8-ck-lf room house, hath, garage. (JIM Go. Luke. Call 3S1-J. )S-ck-lf 108 Will pay nil expenses lo party driving me to Indiana. Inquire at 425 K Davis. 15-pk-ll) OIRLS: Incrrnsc your Income by Irainlnir a profession llml will afford eonslanl employment. En loll now in (he Beauiy Culture clashes starting Jan. 3rd, lit the Eagle School ol Beauty Culluie Cooper Hlrig. Walnut & Second His., lUyllicvlllc, Ark. RUte aj) Proved school nieetini; nil require incuts for Arkansas and Mi.-iwurl uroiind lini-bor wnli-rs. Kirby'» Active Liver Pillj Arouse Sluggish Liver* Hcllerr* and tbi- room furnished apaiiinont. W. Kentucky, Phone 063. 13-rk-SO ; tir 3 room furn. npta. One : fooiii apt. iijwlulrs. !)14 llo.un. furnished comfortable bedroom. 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-tf Moilcrn furnished with &;is. Private garage. Phone 410. One comfortable- bedroom. Mrs. B. S. Sternbcre, 384, (5 ronm cottage on E. Main Street, en 5 acu's ground. A swell country Ijonie. Co.sL owner S5000. Leaving city, ami 52100 gets it. Thomas Laiut Co. 17-c!c-)S 10S5 •! door Buick Sedan, city driven. Low milcngc. Same ?.s now. S'JUO. Tcniis. Call 19(! before n P.m. 15-pk-lD Will sacrifice my beautiful 7-rooin modern, insnlaied home. Harcl- \voo<l floors, fiiritiice ):oat. Garaye ft servant's house. Scautilul lawns fc jOiruljbery. Corner lot. J. T. PJlillipi-, i'JOl Hcani, Cull 288. Batteries BATTEKT J. ^en Clune ..Wione'8 «it Tom JacV.aon'd .•;••' • . • • GlilSS ' '. 5 A V 1! he Top Of Your Fnmiturc 1 With Glass All desi;:nr, cut & finished. UAH - us hcvillr I'ainl & WalljiiHicr <'». onc 88o HI s. 2nd IMPROVED SUBURBAN ACREAGE 5 1-4 acres, 5 room house, barn en gravel road, right in edge of BlyUicvillc. Offered for few clays at great bargain. Terry Abstract ,t Realty Co. 13-ck-t Grocery store, cheap. Mrs. Thompson, 1C11 W. Rose. . ''.' ' fl-ck-25 room, heated bathroom' and G-ck-2-0 Call 1203' , Actlre l.iT«r 1'illB /pal «tu*« i>l jour rliiKKli u&ke )'oa .'wl like m u«w jffraot). Bid * (mr fjtileut ft purjiluji iiofouiii »- ( th Acllve 1,1 «r Pllli. n«rml«»>, gontln. Holil H »ll Klrltr nni« eiorn. It'Bhiny rivets at any lime o day or nijihl. 'Hie in.ichliio svill Ijo wilhlii a lew mcnlhs. 'I'" lictci-nilni- the river simply cull |||,. inimbi'r (|i ; ,t | lll: , Ix-cn assigned to tile telephone at tl'c iiK.-iMn-ini: point. Tin" roi'civor "I the telephone will lift miiojnm- li'all.v and n wnnu; ncvicc will 11 niit a niiriihcr i.f hum's de- pi'iinlni; nil || H . hcii;IU of |1 M . jivcr 'hr buraes will lie U'iin,slaU-d jn- ''•'•t anil ini-lifs l>y uvaUu-r Hll'll. Four Skcldons Found Sealed Within Tree' IrollliiR. With n illvi-. w'iw lii'jnl lor red, thinking lie Imil hooked Ini'BO Biitnum. Then Joey would P0|> to ilic surface, emit. » sound similar lo a Bronx cheer, droji the KIXXMI and swim mvay to pull the Irlck on someone else. Another of his Irk-ks was Ui steal the bait off (he hooks If a were herring or minnows. Sometimes lie would gel hooked, then he would cry like u baby until (he fisherman unhooked him. Joicns bin k he would a llKlii'i-niiin'K «i>::on and I hi' open sound, The Coinplvlv hi I'AKTS, TUH1CS, Hard a way HKNUV Alain & 5th Service Of IH'UKIKS Co, Repairing 28-ck-28 room unfurnished Very reasonable. 10! till 1008. apartment, W. Afih or 23-ck-tf Gun repairs. Guaranteed work. E M. Damon. 315 E. Main. comfortable bedrooms, private bath. Gentlemen preferred, phone 04-W or 161. 7-ck-tf. Flood Levels To Be Charted Automatically 'mulshed house on Holly. Coll Mrs. S, S. Sternuerg nt 084. 12-ck-tf Room and Board Sleam healed 803 w. Ash. room Phone with board 151. ll-ck-2-ll FKKH INSTKUCHONS In lJltc^t Styles Knitting "IHSKNAT" KNlTTlNd VAItNS Mrs. ht'slic l!n()|iL-r llOa Chickn.sawbii Phono VO'i Hie jiini> itll'i- A a cliwlowd inyiilcry HI In tlic Colof Ihiinei, Korni-o. for IMU. bones oi about lour persons luimd coinirtcti'ly enclosed in mi wililiclnl Kii-lly in Uu- iivinii ul a lire, wbii'li PITTSBURGH IUP> The I- i tur. s, i,,,,,. % l Inllvii In [lie ordinary comw naliiri' when I lie <tl.sri>vrrv iv;iy by ;i j,;nvyrr. u^f ul (lie haul's was c-s- > cxairiiiiiilioii of ihe Lr™ BiiKgt'FU'd Hiitt not le.w limn .'id nor more Ihati U1CI years ayo u \nriel tlx fct'l in IwiKtli had l«'n rfmmva Hi'iii I l.o Mde of the tree nnd (he heart hollowed out to raiiliiln ttu- bonef. Ihc jwnd Uctnu then ro- I'liu-ed and reyaflccl on to Ihc tree again. USED CARS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sates, INC. F.LKCTKIO A ACJ-rrvIJ.Nf, WELDING AT nKS'f, PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co PHONE IS More lliaa 5.000,000 honla; ISnglaud now hnvc elcctriclt)'. PRESCRIPTIONS ARK OUR SPECIALTY + Phone 141 ^ FOWLER DRUG STORE FARM POWER UNITS Ughl Plant HO Volt _ ;jO(JO Walt I'OWKU ltn» SAW Second Hand Safes BARKSDALE MFG. CO. '<SW Nu. Second SI. J. C. EVANS Box 001 iilylJicvllIc, Ark. District MmiH-rr IIAIMU.ION THUS! VVNl) Sponsored liy Ilnnilltuii DrjxBllorii Corp. FARM LOANS 1500 and Up Artauws and Mlsscor) Uwrst rales—lowest tipense Also city proprrllM IX)N H. KASSEKMAN Tliom.TS Land Co. Office P. 0. Ilox -170, Phono 827. three rivers during floods will BOOH be reporting their own height to the U. 8. Weather Bureau and providing the bureau with means lo make more accurate Mood-stage predictions. Tliis was revealed 'by Meteorologist W. 6. Brolzmim as he told of i-TOCivine three new telephone d'.'- Tlie Seal Leaves Sorrow 'Cross the Bar TKA'ITLS i DPI— Joey, u»> seal, wlio for years V.IIK the pet of every .cne on the walerlront, has hecii •l)athn-i'd In his falhern. li- was 'mind flo.-illiiy In the bay ir.-ar one of the piers. No more win penpic l:c anm.seil by h! K tintlcs as lie &CARS 1935 flicv. rJclLu,, ,s;!J5 1931 I'orrf C'oaeli Kvoa (irc.s S-'iS IKS Clicv. 1'U'li-up, K ooil 133U Intcrnoiiomil I'lukiip 51(75 All Trucks (iua rant evil To Pass Stale Inspcclion Delta ments, Inc. Ear-Corn -WANTED- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MAIDEN GRAIN CO. W. O. Reeves, A^eiit K<>. K. It. Street uiylliuvillc, Ark. I'limiu 055 New l,ocatcil ul 101 jyorlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KUWAKBS, Proprlcl«t ll nmkrs of liebulli TypcwrJUirs, Adding MiirhliKs au( Calculators—Itepalrlns-—Vari»_Kltibons I'lmnc tfi COBB FUNERAL HOME l-'unrral Complete la volume set of Stan • dard Reference Books with loose leaf binder. Call 220 or 792. 15-fa-fa 1 __ ___ MAN for Collee Route. Up to .JiS, first week. Automobile (Then ns' JIOIIHS. Write Albert. Mills. .W23 1 Monmoutli, Cincinnati, Ohio. MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. WALLPAPER Nt^s' ]9;;s jKiltrrns. (Mosr- prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 ,Famed Violin ,Maker, 'HORIZONTAL 1 \'iolin maker of the 17th . r centurv. ' B Duration. 13 Motive. M Courses of travel. 15 Frost bile. 16 Fleshy root, If To perform. 20 Not tar tray. 21 Revolved. 23 Pronoun. 25 U'ilhin. i'G Sou!. 27Towceji. 53 Coffee pot. : 29 Compass point 5-1 Gibbo ""-•-- Answer fo Previous I'uzzle CiBjOlOlTll 30 Third-rate , aclor. 31 Burden. 33 GO minutes. S5 Expensive. 37 To loilw. M You and me. •H To piece out. •52 Year. 43 Therefore. « It is. '1C Neuter pronoun. 1 <7 Cubic metci'5. 50 The sky. 56 Relative. 58 Indian spring harvest. GOTIi-cl; soup. Cl Gold coin. €3 He was the finest of his time. Ci His native city V.MS Cremona VERTICAL 1 Senior. 2 Tooth. 3 Foray. machine: 22 To put on., 24 The — of - making his varnish is still unknown./ 26 Barrier. 28 Unopened flo'.vcr. 30 An embrace.' 32 To observe 34 Rowing .„ 36 Related by blood. 38 He was N ., r " in 161-1. 4 Venomous « 0 Satin. r snake. ,«Finc , ~ 5 To accomplish. letter 5'"', . « Lower pai-l of 7 talhcr .. „ ri ,. cs5 8 Wavering. .« Saxhorn flDyewood tree. 49S< 1( |.|]i(j "| 1 ? in(irr . if1; ' ti » n - neighborhood. 11 First wife of 50Small bird. ^ cus - 51 Cetacean. 12 Electrical unil. 52 Circle par»> 17 Musical note. 55 Conslc!i-jlion. ., g And _ 20 His violins nrc still prized.' 57 To 50 Measure of : ' area. 40 Postscript 62 Morindin dye. \ OH, YOU'LL EM JOV A WELL, NOW THAT COTTWEIE.OL' RIG OUTA TH' MUP, WHERE ARE. TH' AW.THEY'RE WOT FAR THEV'LL PRO&A6LV SHOW UP PRETTV QUICK- &UT YOU'LL LEARM LITTLE CLEAN MUD WOW'T "* YOU CAN"!' KAT KOOTS'i'OOI.S. <WICK, WE'LL 5JEAL \ ftN LEAVE 'F.fA P1RATE5 BOAT/'MAROONED. OGOY. 1 . ,tA 'CorS ^ ?,\WFI i inpA / FHBCKUJSANI) HIS >RIEN1)S DCW'T V/ORRY, ^ wit. \^' BE OKAY! S WAVE-T Ak;EN I't't HUUGRV, SOW, AWD A *- LfTTLE COLD ! I V/OWDERikl<3 IF YOU'D LET CUT SOME WOOD"TO COME IUSIDE WHERE IT'S WARM .' WOTHIWG BUT A J.ARGE SIRLOISJ' STEAK AMD SOME FRIED POTATOES/ SOUP WAS .' wow WHAT HAVE Vt)U ME 7D CUT~Z SOLJiJDS LIKE SOMEOWE wis MAW MAY CHAWGE THE COURSE OF NUTTYS LIFE H!M OUT THAT A«/FUL- IPEY'RE DOIUQ VERYTHI TWEV CAU

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