Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on February 8, 1973 · Page 19
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 19

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1973
Page 19
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Pafe 4C ^'£>VS•HEIlAU^, P MUUW aiff, JFU^, timivf, tr^hmuj t, 1073 , VAIUI I MILI. VALUC I ni»i. I • vAtut I mil • « •"'•-1. • • ? _ tunny AND , i MUTCMIHWN ~ VALUC I Mm ^ • spEiiny AND « HUTCHINSON I 1 VAtui 1 mil J • MK«V AND • HUTCHINtON • i ENTERTAINMENT WOBLD **nmMr^lutnm hr a {g«od many decades wit tiMir lieads tonflier at a Urt^ iV party fa New York. One is Ethel Meniuui - her MTtf- the other, Sir Noel Coward. Hie year oCbirtk filiitod M UM.ItliIndeliMte tamnUMi I MH. ^ VALUl I Mill 0 • SPEnKV AND • • HUTCHINSON • MARRIAGB UCEN8ES Luke Arrant, 45, and Janice Sanchez, 33; Willard Boyette, 28, and Barbara Hagan, 30; Robert Brannon, 20> and Suzanne Coleman, 19; Michael Brooks, 18, and Rhonda Mott, 17; John Brown, 19, and Kathy Hill, 17. Walter Carter, 44, and Thelma Polite, 45; Francia Clancy, 64. and Ruth Varner, 55; Arnold Etheridge, 25, and Debra HaU, 20; James Flemming, 24, and Shirley Hines, 22; John Grant Jr., 37. and Elaine Manley, 33. Stephen HuRi[Aireys. 22, and SteidMnie Austin 21; Rex Jemigan, 50, and Stella Weston, 54; POW's Poivnts May Have To Pay Back $10,000 HOUSTON (UPI) - Now that Marine Pfc. Ronald h. Ridgeway, declared killed in Violntim five years ago, has turned up as a living prisoner of war, the Veterans Administration says his parents may have to pay back $10-000 in government- sponsored life insurance. Ridgeway 's parents, who divorced eight years ago, each received $5,000. A V.A, spokesman said Monday a decision on the debt "wiU be made with the utmost compaasion for the retmning prisoner and his family." Mildred Ridgeway, who re- cdved half of the payment in 198S, said she never believed her son was dead and told the Insurance agent that in 1968, "When they gave it to me, I told them, 'If he shows up, I can't ever pay it back,'" Mrs. RMiaway said. The V.A. spokesman said that technically an indebtedness does exist to the insurer—or to the government, which guaranteed the insurance. The decision will be made soon, the spokesman said. "It WiU be strictly considered on the basis ot the hardship it would 1 m p o ae." he said. "Whether this will be pursued- we can not say now in the Ridgeway catee." Chicago Grain Market CHICAGO (UP)), — WhWt ond OOts WW* substnntlallv I MMT , earn Irregularly lewtr and soyotans mixed at trt doie WadfiMtfoy on ttw Chlcaga Board of Trod*. Wheat wn off SM 4o IS cenH) eom off v. fo S'it oot* aff 2M to i; and soybeant off «M I* u» 10. Processor purchases of neorby bean* praducad limit gainc In March ihreugh Auguet, while other contracts were mostly (Ubstantlally lower. Wheat began the day with a small rt- covary, but o Mlling wov* triggered by specufotars brought limit lasses In Mordi and May with near-limit declines In tti* rest. earn losses wera attributed to Commodity Credit Corporation otterlngs ond reports thot Italy Is offering corn for re-sola at lower than apparent world prica*. Oats were featureless. Outside markets were lower. • William Keeney H, 20, and Deborah Frost, 19; Johnny Kirkland, 23, and Helen Strickland 16; Jack- McKeithen, 18, and Theresa Brock, 21. Robert Rose. 37, and Barbara Coffey, 34; Glenn Sanders, 20, and Siiaron Hill, 19; Kenneth Schreiner, 29, and Antoinette Be valet, 20; Royal Stephens Jr., 21, and Jacquelyn Hall, 20; Lynn Trammel], 19, and Nancy Martin. 17; Dean Wiseman, 44, and Shirley Rourke, 36. BUaiNBBS UCEN8E8 Tommy Tucker, distributors, 307 West 5th St., retaU. BUIUDING PERMITS Lewis M. Bush, 1809 TyndaU Drive, enclose patio, ?2,0GO; John F. Davidson, 717 Bunkers Cove Road, enclose garago. $3,600; First Florida Building Corp.. 287 West 1.5th St., food service, $55,000. Edward H. Franklin Jr., S4 Oak Ave,, repair, $1,090; Emma Graham, 820 East 121h Court, repair, J15,00O; Arlin Hamm, 443 South MncArthur Ave., carport and patio. $750; K. P. Nichols, 206 West 7th St., enclose carport, $3,000. Pete Pilcher, 640^2 Oak Ave., warehouse addition, $9 ,000; Dr. Stephen M. Smith. 812 Bunkers Cove Road, swimming pool, $8,701; Sunshine Food Stores, 1700 June Ave., maintenance grarage, $4,900; Royce Tlce, 1308 Florida Ave., office and showroom, $31,000: WPAP, 1200 West ISttt St., trailer, $5,000. sum vjuat The New York Bank tor Savings vs. Robert £. Barnes, mort- K«ca tonOtmft Jaf <dan Grant vs. Walter N. Carter Jr. (Miracle Stri> Yacht Basin) damages in excess of (2 ,500; Christopher Robinson and Ernest Robinson vi. Gilbert Hall Jr., damages in excess of $2,000. Freddy Lee Clark and Lais Clark vs. Kermit I. Johnson and David C. Johnson, damages; Jim Burnette vs. Hamilton G. Kenner, Associated Investment and Development Corp. and G o r do n Brent, damages of $33,000. James WtBhing :ton, Valentine Wiley and Ernestine Owens vs. Levy Nelson Jr., Lelia Briggs and Eddie Foreman, partition; First Federal Savings And Loan vs. Kenneth PhilUiw and James Miller, mortgage foreclosure. The Metals Art Co., Inc. vs. Post Marked History. Inc., collection of $7,861.06; Restaurant Equipment Finance Go. vs James E. Smith and Brace Adams (Pagoda Lounge and Package Store and Adsmitb, Inc.), security agreement foreclosure. VAIUC I NILL 0 Ma«aa*t(A ' SPESRy AND a ' HUTCHINSON • « vaiui > Mill « 9»ta»aaaa9 • »nnni AND • • HUTCHINSON • ^ VAiui I mil • •••••••a «9 • SVESSV AND • • MUTCHINiON » « V*tUI I Mill 0 9««aast«a9 • SriRRV AND • • HUTCHINSON • « vniut I mil « • SPHRY AND • « HUTCHINSON a ^ VALUC I MtlL 9 •••••aat«9 « SMNNV AND a « HUTCHINSON • « VAI .VI I eul. a • •••a«aa«# • SrCRNV AND • • HUTCHINSON • ^•••e«*»e« « SKRNY AND • « MUTCHINION • ^ VAtVt I Mill • HWTCHINISN • LEGAL NOTICES •••••••••• m srcsNV AND • CHICAGO (UPI)— Groin Futures Range Open High Low CIsse Prev. WHEAT 2.32H !.32 »t 2 .«'/4 2.0SH 2.07 J.IS'A 2.07 imi J .17 Mor 3.3V/1 2,41 Sep 2.09 2.13 Dec 2.10 2.1S CORN Mor 1.54V4 1.54% T.50V4 1 .5IW4 1.56% AAoy ^.m 1JS i .4r IM IJI Jly 1.44V4 1.44% 1.42 1 .45'A Sep 1.S9 1.39'A 1.37% 1.37»,4 }.Z9'/i DVEC 1.33'/. 1.34 1.33 1 .33'/. 1.34 Mor 1.35W 1.3* T.lf 14H4 1.3« SOYBEANS Mor 5.38 5.38H 5.» S.3«« 5.28% Moy S.13 S .151/4 4.96 S.IS'A 5.05 'A Jly 4 .95 4 .WVk 4 .7SV« tMM 4UVk AU9 4 .79W 4M'/k 4.641/4 4.MV4 4 .74V4 Sep 4 .28 4.35 4 .26</i 4 .35 4 .36Vi Nov 3.75 3.81 3.73 '/4 3.77 3,«3Vi Jan 3.74 3.77 3.7?V4 3.75W J .ll '/4 AAor 3.72 3.75V4 3.7IM4 1.74« 3.80% Mar, May, Jly ond Auo closed up the limit Sik OLD OATS: AAor .921/j May .89 JIV .90 NEW OATI Mar M Mat .«0K Jly .IM .nvi .90 M SOYSEAN OIL .89 .89 '/4 .95 .87 .88% .92 .87 .87'/j .90'^ M M M 11.40 11.55 11.61 Mor 11.80 12.10 Mav 11.90 12.25 Jly 11.86 12.35 Aug 11.80 12.20 Sap 11.50 1.82 Oct 10.40 10.60 Dac 9.75 10.02 J« 940 MM Mar 9.91 ».« SOYSEAN MEAL m .OR 201,00 1S3 .00 200.00 IM S mm m« I«MO .«e '/4 12.05 11« 12.21 n.fs MM 12.28 11.55 1115 n.t2 1.25 11.12 11.55 10.20 10.M 10.43 10.02 10.00 f.»5 9.65 9.6i5 ».7S 9.85 9M 9.91 198.00 1(9.50 Jly 1IS4 was 1 W.SM 117.20 115.40 sm* mst laSM V TM* IM I M DM iSS ^nM 125.50 126.00 13050 Oct and Jm ctasa 4«wn ttw IMt I* « rongo. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, FOUHTEENTH JUDICIAL CIR- CTIT or THE STATE Or HOR- IDA, IN AND TOR BAY COUNTy m RE: ESTATG OF SAU.Y SPAHB ODUM, DECEASED. NCmCB OF FINAL HEPOHT AND APPU^TION FOR DISCHARGE TO^WHOM rr MAY CONCERN; Notice is given that John F. Daniel, as Administrator of the above estate, lias completed' his idminlt- tration and lias filed in this Court his final report and application for discharge. Objections, if any, ihould be duly Hied with this Court. After filing proof of publication showing that tbli noUct has been publlihtd once a week tor four contMutlva weeks, matter of the approval of the report and the final disciiarse o( the adminlttiator will come belott the Court. John F. Daniel, as Administrator el the Estate of Sally Spahr Odum, OeceBied. 6328: Jan. IS; Feb. 1. 8, IS, 1973 IN THE CIRCUIT COUHT OF THE FOURTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT or THE STATE OF FLORIDA IN AND FOR BAY COUMTy m RE: ESTATE OF C. M. CHAN- DI.EE. DECEASED) ALSO KNOWN AS CHARLES U. CHAMDLEG. NOTICE TO CREDITORS All creditors of the esUte of C. M. Chandlee, deceased, are hereby notified and required to -file any claims or demands which they mav have acainat said estate in the oftlot of the Circuit Judge of Bay County, Florida, In the Courthousa it Pwi- •ma aty, Florida, within Six (I) calendar months from the date of the first publication of this notice. Each claim or demand mtist be in writinc and must state the place of residence and post office addrcts of the claimant and must b* sworn (0 by the claimant, his a^ent, or his attorney, or it will become void according to law. Dated this 30tti day of January, 1073. Earlij Ihompson, Jr. Jack Blsckwell tfeiTttt Brown Executors of the EtMt afC. af, Chandlee, Deceased 0341: r«b. 1, Ik U. a, 1S71 9 vAiaa I Mill e ^•••a«sas9 «• SaSSSV AND • 9 StUTCHINIOfl • , vAtvt I Mill a »«.«aofooo9 ' SKSSV ANb 4 . >«WICNISION • > vALUi I am a »*aao«ss»« SnSSV AND • ~JWWN« • MUTCI ^ vAcwa I Mill a • ••aaoooaft « SPSaSV AND • • aauTCHiNiOH • v»t.SH I Mill » fROSTYMORN. FROSTY MORN HICKORY SMOKED SlICID BACON VALUE 1 MILL « VALUE 1 Milk • V»LUt 1 «ILU "• VAII.C 1 MILL « V*tUB 1 Milt • VALUt « WILL » WlUC i «lll » VAU<£1M1LU VALUC I MILL m VALUC I MILL Sf^\ NGS YOU'LL NEWS-HERALD, Panama aty. Fla., Thursday, February 8. 197.1 pajje 5C • HUTCHINSON THE 60-BILLION STATE TAX PIE i Bosed on State tax collections in the year ended June 30,1972 •os»ose#»»»a«asesa«» ••••••••• ••••••• • VALUt I MILL a f a a a a o a a a9 a aPeHMV AND ? I MUTCMINtON • • VALUt I MILL 9 #assaaa«a« a(PERRV AND • 0 MUTCMINSON , • a • =====: • This Week's FEATURE! 3# CAH SHORTENING CRISCO (LIMIT ONE WITH 7.00 ORDER) JvALUt 1 MILL J #aa*aaaaa9 aIPtMNV AND a a HUTCHINSON a SWIFT PREMIUM PROTENFUUCUT ROUNDS Sham PUTS •^v.•.•... 1^ FLOUR ideareeipts PIUSBURY FIOUR S#BAG (UMiroNiwim 7.000SDEI) ^ VALUC I HILL • #sa**.aaea« a SPESRV ANO • a HUTCHINSON • a 0 VALUt I MILL a •eaaaaaaaf • SPERNV AND a a HUTCHINSON a GIANT SIZE 0 VALUE 1 MILL a 0ssaaasos« a SPERRV AND • a HUTCHINSON • a ^VALUE I MILL a • saaaaassa •SPENNV AND • • HUTCHINSON a SWIFT'S PREMIUM PROTEN MAYONNAISE STEAK SWIFT'S PREMIUM PROTEN T-BONE STEAK SWmMfMIIMKOnH PORHR HOUSE STEAK 32 OZ. (LIMIT ONE WITH 7.00 ORDER) KRAFT MACARONI N : VALUABLE 70Z. 100 FREE S&H GREEN STAMPS WmiPMRCIASEOF 7.00 OR MORE FEB.10,1973 RADISHES ONIONS PEPPERS (BUNCH) (PK) EACH SAUSACE |iSBiMBSia «aBisia 5 VALUABLE I I • • I SBssi •••••• aaaa S VALUABLE I a VALUE < MILL « •aaaaaeaeC a SfERRV ANO • a HUTCHINSON a a a ALCOHOL TAX $1.7 biltion, or 3% TOBACCO $2.8 biHion or 5% GASOLINC TAX $7.2 billion or 12% GENERAL SALES TAX $17.6 billion or 29% COItP0RAT^ INCOME TAX $4.4 billion or 7% PERSONAL. INCOME TAX $13.0 billion r 22% OTHER TAXES .$l3.i biiltonor22% SALES TAXES CONTINUE to be the leadfaig aooct •( state tax revenue, accounting for tiie most revenue in 29 states in fiscal 197S (Jnly 1, Id71-Jane 30,197iS). In N otiier statef, liowever, income taxes prodoeed flie great* est revenae, and in New Hampshire it WM motor M. taxes. Total state tax collections Jamped to |St.8 faMMi in iiwsal 1972, np more than |8 billion from VttL Wm chart ifcapi where tbe action wat. Death Hearing Set For Boggs 19 COUPON 0 VALUE 1 HILL « •aoaoaaaaa • SHERRY ANO a a HUTCHINSON a ANCHORAGE, Alaska (UPI) — A presumptive death hearing for former House Majority Leader Hale Boggs, I>La., will be held in Anchorage Feb. 9. Boggs was a passenger aboard a Cessna 310 which disappeared Oct. 16, 1972, with Alaska Rep. Nick Begich, his aide, Russel Brown, and pilot Don Jonz on a flight from Anchorage to Juneau. An Anchorage jury declared the other three men presumed dead Dec. 12. Boggs, at the request of his family, was not included in that hearing. The petitioner in the Boggs matter was James P. Wellington, deputy commissioner of Alaska's Department of Public Safety. The hearing will be handled by Juneau District AttOTney Joseph Balfe who presented evidence in the first hearing. It is believed that Boggs* family requested the haaring here because Louisiana haa no presumptive death provision. Because the other threo persons on the flight have bam declared dead, it Is not anticipated that the haarint wUl be other thaa a sheet procedure. Maj. Henry StsiAMr, the Air Force offioer tAm headed the rescue ooordinaticn center search efforts, may be the only witness called for the hearing. ^ VALUC < MILL a •••••aaaeC • SKRNV ANO a a HUTCHINSON a I I • 8 • I I • a vikcvc I a •••••••••• • SKNNV ANO • .•HUTCHINSON a a a a . a iHlNiMSISSNI ^ a ^ * SPECIALS 0 «aLuc 1 aiLU a #»*«aaaaaa aSriRNV ANO a a HUTCHINSON a 50 n« S&H CREEN STAMPS %$MOKiDHAM EXPIRES FEB. 10,1973 #•'•0O o • o• •••••• PT .49* 6FOR39< 50 n >»S&H CREEN STAMPS ^ VALUE < «ILL , a HUTCHINSON a »• • , a is ^1 ^ VALUC 1 NIIL a . a SPENRV ANO • • MUTCHINSON • 2 «»L«C • MILL a •••••••••• • SrCRRY ANO a • HUTCNMSON a • = - a = a WITH 3 PKS COKLAND LUNCH MEAT : EXFIRE>FEi.10,1973 CHEEZWHIZ •saaaasiaaiHaB I VALUABLE a I • I I I inl WESSON -•--! OIL COUPON 24 OZ. 50 «» S&H STAMPS WITH ANY BEEF ROAST EXPIRES FEB. 10,1973 •••••••ss«aNiai8BBB«««BB »«aiBBaBaiBS *»i I PARADE cur BUIELAKE • LIQUID DOVE 303 CAN PARADE Wt^lOLEKERNEL OR CREAM CORN 2^ PARADE VEItYSMALLEARLY JUNE PEAS JAWTORMA 57* 4/100 4/88« 3 /88* COBBIERS DAYTIME OR OVERNIGHT PAMPERS eU SOOTH ,» 39' 88< AQ< MHIVILIIAKA 2404E.5THSTIIE9 LYNNHAVm «17OHI0AVEa •EACH AREA «700W.HWY.9t ST.ANDREW 2901W.HWYa9t OPEN AUDAY SUNDAY WACH SfORiOPBN ^""^^WiRltEllVEYIflf RIGHT TO LIMIT QUAMTITia. aVALVC I MILL « •••••••••a • SKNNV ANO • •3 Alley Cats May Carry Eye Disease LOS ANGELES (UPI) — «: cat that roams the back fences and woods at night may carry an eye disease to humans but a stay-at-home feline pet constitutes no danger. The danger from cats was related here to the Science Writers Seminar sponsored by Research to Prevent Blindness Inc. G. Richard O'Connor of the Francis I. Proctor Foundaticm in San Franciscmi said cats have been found to be the definitive distributors of a protozoan parasite called toxo­ plasma gondii. The infection from this organism causes a lesion of tfie eye and scarring of the retina. House flies which feed on cat feces may infect the food of human beings, O'Connor said. "Cats that roam pick up ttie organism but if you keep a cat in a house or an apartment and feed it only canned or dried food it will not be the vehicle for toxoplasma. A.s a precaution, however, I would advise child-bearing women to let the man of the house dispose of the kitty litter. Another source may be raw or under-cooked meat. Pregnant women may transmit this organism to the fetus." Dr. Claes H. Dohlman told the gathering of experiments with sott contact lenses which were invented in Czechslovakia. Since March of 1971 when the manufacture in the United States was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, more than 110,000 persons have bPen fitted with the soft lenses, he s£ld. Girl Who Lost Arm To Bear Gets %m MORRISTOWN, N.J. (UPI) — A 9-year-old girl whose right • ai*m was bitten off three inches below the shoulder by a bear at a state park has been awarded $250,000 in a civil negligenco suit by the State of New Jersey. The girl, Tomi Willis, of Pins Island, N.Y., was bitten at the High Point State Park in Sussex Coimty in November 1966. She had heen feeding a full-grown black bear through cage bars when the accident occurred. The settlement—the first time New Jersey has paid in a civil negligence suit—was approved Monday by Superior Court Judge Brendan T. Byme. It follows a 1970 decision by the state Supreme Court which threw out the so-called doctrine of sovereign immunity making it impossible for anyone to sue the state either for negligence or for failure to perform on a contract. In the suit filed in supei-ioir court, it was alleged the state failed to provide adequate protection and warning for visitors at the park. A superior court judge dismissed the ' complaint citing the sovereign immunity doctrine, but the decision was overturned by a. three-judge panel in the appellate division. The State Supreme Court upheld the appeals court ruling^; and recommended lawmakers create legislation setting up guidelines for negligence and contract suits against the state'i Such a measure was passedi last June. The Pacific Ocean, which cov# ers one-third of the globe, is so huge that it could swallow the seven continents. . VALUE I MILL • f aaeeeeeaa SPENHV AND a a HUTCHINSON a a , VALUE I MILL , a SPERRV AND • a HUTCHINSQN a , VALUE t MILL a • Eraa . „ . ^ , _ - r-^.-^- .. VALUl . m».im VALUt » aiLi.* wiui i aiLt ?vAmc i aiw.? VALUI > attt * VALUI I «tK ^vatul t NIH #W»HH « MILL RVALUE » anf vAtut i ain » v*m> i MILL a ««<.llgiaiUa «*t«(< aiLI. •VALVE I Mill. • VALUC ««*il *S I Nltt.»Wi .M> •«l,l.«VAI.«Ci MILI.* VALUt i aiLk a VALUE . MILL VALUE .HILL a VALUE I MILL, VALUt • NILL , VAIUI I Miau « VALWC I MltV * VAUUO "Ul »V*Lve . "M TZI ; »ALUt • Mlli a VALUE I MILL » VALUE J MIH, . VAtUt t HILl ' • • ^^^^ • . ^ - _ - - - _ ••••••••••teeeeeaaseessssaaeoooooeAooeaeeeaaaaaeeeeeaeaaaaaaeaaeaooaaaCooaoooaoaooooooo^ooooooaoWaooooooo^ooooooo • •ooofoo«oooooooa9s ***<te #«aM «»»»«a «aaaaaaoa«oooooaoo«aoo «aeeoOOOoa «eawaa«eeeo*w»oeo «eoNwe*««««* 5 8 • CO • X • • lU • o On Any Package of Skinner Macaroni. Spaghetti or Egg Noodles Lookt Belter • Cooke Bella* • Tatlaa Batter MK UKOCEK Sivinner MdC<r <oni Ci> »<« tcdcum Ihis coupon loi 7c pins 3C hid- dlinfj it yuii redeem it on youi ol anjr si ;c package ol 5Kinnet Mtcjiom. Spachclli. 01 Egg Noodles foi ptymcnl send lliis coupon lo SKinnei Mir^icw C D . Ofpl PA. P 0 Box 7b. Oownlo*(i Slalior. Omaha, Hf. 68101 7hi5 roupon may not be a-Siisnert or Iranslcrrtd by you invoices proving purctiase ot xulfr. cicnt protlucl lo rover i oiipons prpscnli'il lor reticmplion must be sho^n upon request Vviid where taxerl. restiii 'Icn or uiululiilnl by law Gnoil only m U S A l.'ash vrfloe I ?0C Rerirrryjlion on oiher than oiiirluit spc I I HM I . i.ilslili

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