The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE S3X BLYTH1SVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Alon?o Slajjg and Spin! Lewis Do A m » 7. i n g .Tucks With Teams Spud Duvis-Ever Hear of This Coach? Nt \ KtiVfce Sf.iff iVrili-r SAN FnANCISCO--Tll2 olil order, pa^eth In 1'aclllc coasl foot- tall. The mighty arc tumbling fidhi their thrones; domhjallun of, the nig Tl-rjc hns end.-d, uiui », more i-olurful grid has taken its plac;. Football ccn^ies, In a n:>!(-m- v.'idc j:oll, recently voted Jit; •.'.•:•!••; Harding Jones of (lie Uni/in; of. Southern California the * Aiiipric.'i cc.'idi of tlnni oil. were the poll to be taken on OIL Pacific co;ist, fiKiduiun Jones would late no belter lh:m rccoid itrin.s. Navy Rill Ingram of California wouldn't receive this myllilcn. honor Nor would Tiny Tlunnliill | . ...... - ..... — j ........... -—i «l, the mlKhiy ainnforcl Indians. | tJn ' >v '--">' " f ' i;ul l r '"»=i;:eo Ic.otbull squad, lint frw confcrciKc grid men- 6|>ud— imlil ills little sqiiud ihabbcd the iiowcilul On-im Pro- Texan-Rice Cl;is|i Wi vide Touyh Opponent For Arkansas .Of eoin>:< it you live In San Francisco. jm , prob-.iiily have 1'ew rl]P ings -•MHOS Alciifo Slang, ._„ Brand old man at 7:1, i? the No. 1 \ ' msn on Hie coast at llib writing, j t and Brick M.xcMi ol NcviuU I '• latcs n pretty clo^e s:ccoiul. Cosi- sid i tec, Mike Pecnrovich of Gonzago University, and Spud Lewis of tlie University of San Francisco. They're toasts of Hie loolball-mindecl far w:s(. lii-ard iiuoul film Giil-ilde Slate te;:in, cli.'ilk ml!: to liis HV KAY MOKKISOX Ilc-;i<l Cuuili, SoullitTii MdJmdlsl llnlvt-rslly , DAM.AK, Tex.. Oct. 2:1.— !>roba- bly the most Important Southwestern (Jonfiirence gridiron buttle so lar this ycur will lake- place Oct. :>.! wlicii Texas tangles with Hlcc nl Houston. The- winner of Unit 'EHIIIK prrtmlily will play Arkansas lali-r In the year to.- conference liotli learn;; have powerful .squads, and I can personally vouch for tlie offense and defense o] iCce, having seen our Mustangs IKIIV before Hie Owls, 0-0. Jimmy Kilts, former S. M. U. star, has -J dune a good job in |,[ S ihst year Blind U'Wls. coach of tlie "' nice. .Mi:; eleven's victory over of California knew about J ' OJ '" !n " r NL ' W Orleans, I'urdiie 10-0. Here's the youthful I S( ."! 1 '"•'''" Ml:t "«dlst, and the tic uii. youililul Wltll )IOWDlfll) Louisiana State at- tr.sts to that. Hut 1 - am afraid lhat Jack Ulicvigny -has done just a little LOADED FOR BAER TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1934 By Kro team. It':; not of the close 7-0 score to which College or Pacific— ' Icnm—held Explains Ticket Policy October 23, ism. Sports filltoe, Courier News, Blytlievlllc, Arkansas. ' Uear Sir: It has been brought lo my Attention that nil article in your column - .7 wnini.iiLj wi **\/ii nuix mi )unc]£ in yutir cuimim California tlinl the boys me talk- points to some mlsunclcrstnnclln» ing Nor of ttic scoreless tie it ,regarding tlio policy of the local IE said thy- were o/llcinted out of i schools concerning admission char- ncalnsl N. s n I™* i n .n.i.n .,__... . ... • against N, s. C. It's the way Bes to athletic contests. ,vlny I t.-ikc the Pacific boys I this opportunity to set forth the •- -., Ihcir aerial attack—"wild" i [acts In the case and to clnrifv passes' (lint click; (he color ami j'sftuatfon s]iirlt they Inject in their games.' Stiv>B has brought a new klurl of coichtnj to the Pncltle toast. lnei> is no harking, no .shouting, in Ins system. 1'efoie r, game his toys are on the field warming up. A whistle I" Iicrrd. SU-gg walks on llic field, tile Adult tickets tor single e ames arc rcgi'.larly priced nt lltty cents each, with lictas at livcnty-live cents for high school nml Junior hlgli students, and at ten cents for Rrnde gets down on one knee and his squid mnidles over him. There h« Is rivi.'i.T last-mtmitc instructions nght on the ptnyhig ncld. bpecluoic laughed al the antics cf SHgg's ends in tlia California a whirling dervish, were belm? Hfd danc; off a few feel contest \vould. suddenly line ns signals tin 1 of advising a change in policy that had already been made some time ago, this writer belatedly congratulates school ofhclals on their wise course. As to the policy'of I'h.irglna all who watch the games, Including conches ot teams other than those participating, the visiting coach who objected, sntd, he did not have any particular complaint lo make against Uic requirement Dial lie pay to see (he game. Ills objection bs- ing directed more emphatically to what he said was tlie requirement lhat Ills sqim'd members be- chsrgod .it the adult rate. Personally the writer believes it good policy to admit « •—=ii 1 players Uislle can't afford to take 1 many chnnces the rest of Ihe way ,1'lKBOtt, playing Ihe Chicks here this week. 1ms a victory over the Poplar liluff Mules, year in and ycnr out one of the crack teams of Mulheast Missouri, to Us credit Jonesboro, Chicks' opponent next week, can always be counted on for n ding-dong, battle. Walnut nidge, to be encountereil later in Die season at Walnut Ridge w m be as hard a foe ns the Chicks face ail fall, having trimmed Pig- BoU and lost only to the fomiid- and to visitors from other communities. If an error has been made in selling tickets to certain individuals It is because these individuals did not establish their Identity at the gates and not because of (illy regulation governing such sitnlcti thf. ., -—.- «,..,^^ uii 11 icw lee lo the right, then backwards, tin- cut ,\ figure el ' posing linesmci ball would be cn'r" center. , Another "cannon fodder" coach f°" cmi J », '10 a"d C "7' 5 Fo°r years ,™,,i ?• Wolr Pnt* Provided he made bretillius for California, Snntn Clara and St. Mnry's. • « » This jcar Santa Clara drove the N°\adaus ' nit over the Held scoicd at will and r0 ]i e <| U p -10 «?» i 1 1Nevn(1 «'s zera- Califor- in- The" od - n M -° thrush- °he In the light of tlie whole-lieailed support wlilch tbe entire Hlythc- vlllc constituency has given the ever, that Is a very minor matter compared to the necessity tor n:l- Jmicsboro Scouts On I hi ml Two Jonesboro scouts were here Friday night looking over uolli Shawnec and Blylhevllle grid teams, according lo Jonesboro papers. Searcy eleven, There's still able _, „.„,„,,, iiiuivii fillll plenty of dynamite In the Chlckn- ~~ ' path. By Hany Gray son ~»...I*.,..,« lv * m,,- iii;i:'..viity lor U.I- miln \f~-r\ ri , i n • milthiB visiting students ut student ,„, „ ,'h 2Ti ? ," r , ", |lkc < is rales ' l nls Ol(l tricks of legerdemain Illinois this autumn, and I'm going lo take a peek at the Orange and nine al Ami Arbor on Oct. 27 when It attompts .lo whip Michigan for the first time in five campaigns. betlci wltli his University of Texas Longhonis. The former Noire name star backfield man 'lias turned out a .squad In his first year at Austin Ilia I was able to beat Ills alma mater, 7-C, This victory looms up impressively when you consider that Rice beat Purdue, 14-0 and (lint (lie Irish proceeded to drub the lioilennakers. 18-7. The Lonahoi'iis' victory over Oklahoma, too, was impressive. Against one of the strongest teams In the Big Six, Chevigny loosed a passing attack after the Sooners had succeeded in stopping his running threat, Bonn Hilliard Eleven of the 17 jmssrs fried clicked for 185 yards, and most of those passes paved the way for the Longhorns' lliree touchdowns in' Die J9-0 decision. j Chevisny, more so than the man lie succeeded, Jack Mcngher, present Auburn mentor, is a slrict disciple of the liocknc system. Against Oklahoma he started his shock :roops, and those boys held the tooticrs scoreless in (he Bret , in the second, Chevigny ms | lcd n Ins first string backfield and (lie from Norman, Okia., all «l to stop the running of Hilliard, .suddenly found Bonn tl VJHOSt RATHER SWR SEA1TL.6MAN I M> I ING S OM ME-/ < WITH PARK WIEMUE HftMIXS WAS, ONE OV THE PENN EVER' PPmJCtb, PvHb 5>HOOkD HE MEET rXND C£FEf\T BfSn, Ht YJ\U BE THE V1RST BECOME ME AROUND? NEUUE-, program in nltcmntlng to 'he fact.tlml .ninny locli'l supporters f-rio might be deserving of extra consideration hnve purchased tickets without requesting social dis- .„ pcniation, II wns decided Hint, in all Inlrnsss, no exceptions should lo Jonesboro " < j">""5'»- : i r»"", •-.uuuv.-iuy lounti uolm throw- I regli'ct having pnsscd up tlie 1 '"8 Passes, one or them settling in racli ot the ." tols " OI 'v° Slnt - «»sm?ein«nt r pf. '(";. ."™ s of a tcsimmato across u.n^ m ',,,ivi " la ^""'ter^efow''!'!^^!.!^?!.'^,?;.,. ° . _'"' C ' - « Bill Ruckman. coa... „. Jonesboro junior hlgli loam, an'rt Fercllnand Drehcr, wliosc name used 1(0 -be "t'olson" ivlicn lip with Jonesboro elevens hcviile, were on hand j n years Hie Misstoipiii county T h,,' \\ ehl nla flounder before PitUburgh, for; everybody »Jio snw-Mt, agrees tnil- Ihe Illlni edged oni'lhb I)uckci'cT! ; I" one of the most tlirilliii!; games in vcnrs. " !•- fornia. 7-0, for a work-K Gaels' depnrture; o m r , o Pns Fordhnm rcn thousand kids-at ti dime n .rT' 10 ' 000 Sl - Ml "-5"s fans atchcd i), e imp^iwe Ila , ,„ qUalter ° r "> as aBnlnst the Gaels the game as the scorned uncterdogB repented!" Incl scoring threats to Mclor by a 9-7 score. turned emerge J ttagBinen and Nevada fo Pine- ',„ (lie football sun ,vn Sincerely yours, W. D. McCLURKIN Su|it. of Schools. A Ciood I'tilify II appears trom Hi; above ieltcr by W. D. McClurkin. Blythcville superintendent of schools, that the policy ol admitting students from other schools .is u-cll ns local stu- lt would lie well for thc'oUscr teams in tlie Soiilluveslcrn .Co'ufcr- ejice to forget (hat Bonn Hilliard Is MI great runner ami the star of the Texas team. It they don't, and ^Q M t ID V DAN THOMAS - GEORGE SCARBO Williams and Moore on Losing End; McLeod Is Victor. Freddie Knichel turned back the challenge ol a fast but 'smaller matmaii ifr Scotty Williams al Ihe armory last night to retain his position as n favorite of local wrestling -fans. •.«.*-. Knichel, usually outweighed, found himself on the big end ! ol tlie weight advantage last, night an clwon, two out of three falls. Jonesboro and Slimvnco piny this giving visitors trom O th skillfully lhat trained observers a other capable pcr- either event, Arkansas must pre- but dribble,' relates one •Shawnec [jame In the worst con- j keen observer - dilton they have been called upon "Ami for his Information, meiu- lo meet a foe this season. Lindsey, giiaril, was 111. Locke back, it Inter developed, was play- Ing uilh a si/.calile fever. i'uri|.>, Uur center, was playing under a |bm or both teams did that very :, Imng on a couple of passes. Only the officials saw it. ".hist imafinc this: The the um: n, pi ay on Illlnl Ohio dents to football games here at stu- •'""' rates has been well cstab- lished. . Ths writer is glad to receive the nl-m. i," , '"" wn5 • , v ' rucr ls 8""' to receive the |iot •0-*™^ , CrS o y Ot fe-'ir" 10 ™" 1 '""! «wt such n |»llcv Hns «:e: -U—COitCnCil hv Rrinrl T .-.ii-J. KI.-.H u> r,.,-^.« r-.i ?..,._.. " . i " * --> vjn cijiiiy [ Jrancisco-co.ichc;l by Spud L fonncr Dick Iianicy nssisli journejed to CorvallLs, O<r- there earned recognition b'- .feating n ttron; Oregon s 10-0. , .... - .„„„ un ....,„ serious mental handicap because Slate's 36-ynrd line six men inn of (he death of his grandmother died it, and Ihc same day. 1 Locke played halt the game or more "out of his head," it was re- an end the finally wound up making nn easy -nd zone for a scouting cxpedi- -^r^fft '^F^^^K-^SS ssr r di^nr T^ s '^^-^ ported after tlie ins tlmt game ended. It mentioned with catch t.OUClKloW "Tin- various coast. Anything c.u Inpucii when College of Pa- gl ,e; u. B . C. nnd California mighty bcr.t ; . afternoons- wh»n Sl. Mary's; and when inother 'despLwd \mderdoo Gom-i 81 university, of SpokanV dereit Washington Stale. 13-0, on tilt heels of the. cougars' victory o\cr i e Trojans. t I iii«lnl.-ilii«l. ,\s s tnte<i hi this coi- imni yesterday such discrimin-.uinn woul;l cause resentment Instem of bringing oth» schools lo support of the Chicks. Apparently some mUimderstnml- 1113 resulted in the payment bv members of th e Osceola lilgh school squad of the ndult admission price. H Coach Pickren of Hie Osceola squad will advise officials of the lo, & scliool of tTie number of players y nc '"' Finding himself in the position KNOW WHEN YA WUZ WELL TOLDJA TO BEAT IT ^TROUBLE ' it seems that no one ot Lock's condition. Ills Play, while not up lo former not nolicenbly off two .standards, color ttontl Still Kough looks lifce Carney Lasllc, Chick mentor, is going to have to nurse his squad carefully tlie rest of the ien.son. Hitting lop slridc almcxst from the start, tlie Chicks rounded than into shape much earlier usual with either Win 10 made a .ihnrt backwaui one of the , halfbacks. Tlac-k No. •> wheeled n step or "o nnd threw the ball nboiil [eel on a lateral to Back No. •I. Thl.s youni: mnn heaved it in Ihe opiMsltp direction lo Hack N'o 4. Jack Beynon. The lallcr look- en around, took aim. and dropped Ihe ball into 'ihc arms ot DvVrln for the touchdown. ' " ' 'What, was Ohio State ,ioin» nil tills time? Probably what everyone else was—walchiiii! to <,(,<• what would happen nest." soliool or ralleec elevens. Now several arc In a weakened condition. With only a small number N °W I GOTTA SKIN THAT DAW& CAT TMAKEMEA WEDDIM' ROBE TMARRY TH' PRINCESS WOOTI6TOOT — | VE DONE EVERYTHING I CD THINK OF rOtr OUTA THAT - BUT I &UESS I'LL HAFTA GO THCO06H WITH IT/ UPMOST. [T GOT AWAY! \ pare for a tough game Nov. 10 if Rice wins, and~-)ov. 24 if the 1,0113- norns are victorious. A 15-foot tiger slmrt has n 200- out a thorough understanding of he rules. Ueynon threw a pass Into the arms of an Ohio Slate man in (he end zone on third down. The Buckeyes Immediately downed it that is, (lie ball wns brought out to the 20-yard mnrk. Many believed it should have been a safety, counting Iwo points for Illinois. iloivcver. since the pass was intercepted. Illinois lost. poMession Catching the ball behind the goal line. Ihc Ohio Stata back had Iwo options, either to down the ball in Ihe end zone and have it called n touchback, or lo run out with, it. If ho were downed before he crossed into the field ol play, it would still be n touchback. If he got out ol the end /one. (he ball would go into piny al whatever point he was downed. It could not be a safety at any ie, since the Impetus which sent Texas Ghost City May Stage Oil Comeback SAi\f FORDYCE. Texas (UP) —I This lower Rio Orande valley "ghost city" may stage a comeback. Sam Fordycc was the concentration point, as well ns the 'jumping otr plncc," for thousands of American soldiers in 19I(i -rail, hero to courtlier numerous Mexican bandil gangs which infested one of Texas' last frontiers. The town is less Ulan two miles east of the riiscovary well of tlie Hidalgo county oil field. Spurs and sidings i,«.<| _ v ,, llrs ,,„„ , |y troop trains or., r -ore may nnd commercial use. Sam Fordycs founded in 1005 when the Missouri I'acilic railroad,' then Die St. Louis Brownsville nnci Mexico, built its river division from Hnrlingtoii to western Hidalgo county. The town seemed lo sink hopelessly into the realm ol "ghost" cities several months ;o' when the Interstate Commerce Cominh- sicn granled Ihe Missouri Pacific peimitslon to c'ose the depot hero because of lack of business. the halfback behind the goal line ing game that puzzled those with- O IM< BV UtA SCRVICC^INC- T. M RES'. U. S, PAT. OFF. , &UTSO FAR we HA?AJT MO A CU«C£ TO Do EITHER OMTMS KSTiT L£ASro,Ms A&1CLE OF VEW/NG-/(P. LAND FOR SALE 83 acrrs north of Gosncll half mile, good live room house ami lai-fre barn, two tenant houses, good land and all in cultivation and on good road " Ann 0 " 0 mile to scll ° o1 - Pr 'cc $50.00 per aci'o, ^,1,000.00 cash, balance live equal payments. 3-1 acres joins the above land, four room house and ham. [Vice §50.00 per acre, $-100.00 cash, balance live payments. 160 acres at Calumet, all in cultivation, with two sets of improvements, on good road. Price SaO.OO per acre, ?2,000.00 cash, balance reasonable term.s. •If) acres, half mile below Bimtelte on Highway t>i, lour room house and barn. Price $50.00 per "ere, reasonable terms on balance. 75 acre?, joins No. !) farm, all in cultivation, two nouses and barn, one mile to school. Price !>BO.OO per acre, §1.000.00 cash, balance reasonable terms. 80 acres, southwest of Manila 3 miles, all i» So™ (1 ' 011> gootl ilollsc antl barn ' ?' l °-00 per acre, vSOO.OO cash, reasonable terms on balanco. We have cut-over land, well located, which we will sell without a cash payment, or lease. We also have other farms for sale, all of which we own. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Office in Biidcr Building

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