Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 18, 1956 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1956
Page 21
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PAGE TWENTY-TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 1956 Open 12:45—70c Till 6, Then 85c. Child 25c NOW! 4 DAYS! GRANP ^^f." if'"' 2 Top Attractions On Ow? Hig Proftrnm! A MAN tvtft room Many LOVES OF HILDA CRANE! 201ft fcntury-Foi presents Hilda Crane ClNBMAScOPE MM »» TKHNICOlOt m "'i' m PCH At 2:40 6:00 9:25 «i* WOITK tmrx vcvtiw VMDEII — AT — 1:05 4:30 7:30 Late News Events Open 12:45 Daily—50c Till S, Then 6Sc. Child I5c JEFF MORROW REX REASON IXluH SNUWPEN -GKGGWIMEK- MAURICE MANSON At 1:05 3:55 6:45 9:35 At 2:30 5:20 8:10 EXTRA! CARTOON "PAPPY'S PUPPY" PRINCESS^ FRIDAY - 1 P. M. Open 6:30 OODRIVE li .• II N I mil (iHl Mill I OUI TONITE & THURS. Rum TAYLOR RicittiTODD Dm WYNTER EMONI O'BRIEN COlOl ft; M LUU t/ 2 i HOURS OF GREA 2 ENTERTAINMENT Cartoons Galore 8 STOOGE COMEDY PLUS e, Your Favorite "HILLS OF HOME" A Full Lenfc'tk Feature Everyone Gets a free • 2nd Exciting Hit • Fear, Force and ' The Fire Demon! EXTRA! CARTOON STARTS FRIDAY It Outdoes King Kong! "THE ANIMAL WORLD" "GOODBYE, MY LADY" BRANDON DeUlLDK mum Cartoon Theatre "Ter" featuring Dick Van host. Jaye P. Morgan (COL- WKDN KSDA Y fJVKMNU 6:00— i4i News— Ed (5) Weather report (.16) Sports— .tack Drers 6:05— (, "> i Sports — Ingham l>:10— (•!> Weather— Carmichacl 6:1.>— (4> Les Paul k Mary Ford (5) — News — John Rocdp! 6:20—14) Meet Your Federal Agency 6:30— ill rytoons Dykr (3) OR ) (llfji News — Hayward 6: -15— (5) News Caravan — John Cameron Swa.we (36i Torch Topics 7:00— (4) Godfrey & Friends (3) Press Conference — Miirtha Kountrer acts as "press .secretary" (3ti) Movie — Sheila R y a n and James Brown are starred in story of gamblers trying to fix r basketball game en ii tied "The Big Fix". 7:30— (3) Father Knows-Brst — The newsmen pass up the cup tain of the high school Icnni team to elect Betty as queen o the annual sports banquet. Will Father's help Betty transforms a classmate into a popular young lady. 8:00— (4) The Millionaire — Rob brrt Nichols stars in "The Story of Sam Donovan". A meek anc timid officeworker who is always heckled by his boss and his fi ancee does an about face after receiving his check. (5) Kraft Theater — (COL OR). Paul Langton -stars in "Babies for Sale". A couple who can't have children adopt a baby through a "black market" P H 3 3 5 0 0 CALL 3-3500 Television Service ALL MAKES TECHNICIANS Guaranteed Part* Anrl rube* Mile Wells, lac. ai3 State P H 3 3 5 0 0 CAR RADIO REPAIR EBBLER ELECTRIC 2606 STATE Ph. 3-7588 On TV! with John N. Jones source. i!l) Buckskin Bob — "A Round World". (.'(fit Roller Derby 8: HO—(-11 I've Got a Secrr t— G ry Moore: bos) with Jayne Meadows, Bill Cullon, Fa>e Emerson and Henry Morgan HS panelists. (D> Passing Notes on Music. "Section and Themntic Repetition". (36) Mr. and Mrs. North— "The Man Who Came to Murder". 9:01)— I'D U.S. Sloe! Hour—Lu- t'uT Adler and Mark Ricliman star in "The Partners". A son joins his father in a somisuecess- fill clothing store business. His father hasn't made much money but a lot of friends. His son comes in to make money and npl friends. (51 This Is Your Life — Ralph Edwards guest is the veteran film actress Marjorie Rambeau. (9) Travel Film (3<>f-Boxing. From Chicago Stadium conies the 10-rpund heavyweight bout between Willie Pastrano and Johnny Holman. Jack Drees reports. 9:30—(5) I Married Joan—Joan Davis and Jim Backus. "Uncle Edgar" (91 With a View to Music 9:45—(36) News & Weather — Hayward 10:00—(4) Screen Director's Playhouse (NEW STATION — NEW TIME). Repeat of series has Linda Darnell in the starring role of "White Corridors". An American woman witnesses a murder in a hospital corridor in an English Hospital. (5) I Led Three Lives — Richard Carlson stars as counterspy "Herb Ppilbrick." (9) Time for Ballet (36) Million Dollar Movie- Ralph Bellamy and Donald Cook star in the comedy "Mistaken Heiress". 10:15—(9) Collector's Item 10:30—(4) Death Valley Days — WE REPAIR Any Make of WASHERS — DRYERS, GAS ft ELECTRIC RANGES Fast *nd Dependable Service. We vAre At Close Ai Your Telephone. DIAL 2-7511 WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES 2607 STATE ST. ALTON Your Favorite Family Drive-IN Route 140 Call** » AT*. Alton, HI. Opens at 7:00 Starts at Dusk Rain or Clear "The Old Ranger" presents the) story "Mr. Godica". A story of a , penniless but enterprising reporter who winds up with a fortune and a beautiful girl. (3) Studio 57 — "Death Dream" stars George Brent and Lorna Tlmyer. 'A businessman confesses to a murder but the police ran't find the body. '9) Weather fnr you 11:00—(4) (r>) News 11:10— (4) (5) Weather 11:15-14) KWK-TV Theatre — Gary Cooper and Teresa \\ right are starred in a comedy of a college professor who does everything on astrological predictions in "Casanova-Brown". (5) Movie*—Harry Morgan and Richard Rober are featured in the drama of small town goes into mass hysteria and racial animosities over the disappearance of a little girl. "The Well". (.16) Weather—Mclntire 11:20—(,16) Nitecap—Norman 12:45—(4) Thought for the Day 12:55—(5) Weather THURSDAY, JULY 1Mb A.M. 7:00— (4) Good Morning Today—Emerson Captain Kangaroo News Gary Moore Show Ding Dong School The Telegraph's Daily Radio Clwrt WEDNESDAY KSf> (NBC) 550 Kt KXOK (ABC) «30 KC KMOX (CBS) 1130 KC KWK (MBS) 1380 KC (5) 8:00—(4) 8:55—(4) 9:00—(4) (3) -ft-30—Ml (5) Arthur Godfrey Time Ernie Kovacs 10:00— (5) Home—Arlene Francis 10:30—(4) Strike It Rich 11:00— (4) Valiant Lady—Serial (5) Feather Your Nest 11:15—(4) Love of Life—Serial 11:30— (4) Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You 11:45—(4) Guiding Light—Serial THURSDAY P.M. Noon~-(4) Recallit & Win (5) Charlotte Peters Show 12:30—(5) As the World Turns 12:45—(4) News Headlines 12:50—(4) Community Album 1:00—(4) Johnny Carson (5) Homemaking 1:30—(4) House Party (5) Tennessee Ernie 2:00-(4) Big Payoff-Quiz (5) Matinee Theatre — (COLOR). A stranger arrives at a summer resort and produces a strange change in the lives of the people living there in the pla "The Feast". (36) Afternoon Film Fest val—Nino Martini and Patrici Roc are starred in the Englfs comedy "One Night With You' An Italian tenor has a chanc 6 .00 .IS .JO 9 00 .IS JO 10 11 .w .18 M A. M. 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 News; Sport* Freddy Martin Npws Musje Hit? Ballroom News: Weather Man on the Go New? One Man's Family. Bob & Hay Show Ballroom Music by Roth Groucho Mnrx Truth. Consequence* News Sports BUI Crnble News; Matinee Matinee Harry Carav Lowell Thomad Nevrs; Queen Roy Queen Bob Burnes Ed Murrow Bin* Crosby Talent Scouts Flr*t Five Revu* News First Flv» News Club 630 Clubhouse Cards vs. Pirates Sports: D. Allen Dave Allen Cecil Brown Dave Allen News: Heatter Sports Gnnf Buster News: Huntle.v Moscow Network Feature News Boxing First Flv» News; SporU AP News Weather Night Music Ballroom News NlEht Music News Sign Off Music Hour News; Sports World News Harry Fender News; Fenrler Harry Fender First Flv» »» *i Melody Time News Diamond* In Musle News THURSDAY Johp Rocdel Today's Almanac AP News Early Show Weather Early show News Country Journal Sunrise Salute Ozark Varieties Weather Jack ft Jerry New* World News Weather; Tempos Tune Up News Bruce Hayward Weather >• Bruce Haywurd World News News; Rex Davi* Clockwatcher Sports . News Sports News Time & Tempos Weekday Brurc Hayward World New» Clock Watcher World News Jack & Jerry News Ed Wtlnon News Ed Wilson News Breakfast Club Arthur Godfrey Ed Wilson NewK W«ckdny News', Weekday Weekday True Story Girl Marries Whispering Street Arthur Godfrey KaUiy Godfrey Howard Miller News: Wilson Ed Wilson Bandstand Revu* Carl MctPtire Weather: Melodies Carl Mclntire Top Thirty Warren: New» Kitchen Club Helen Trent Our Gal Sunday News; Revue Bandstand Revu* News News Playhouse Bruce Hayward World News Anut Jenny Young Dr. Malon* Guiding Light FAMILY JrtGHT TONIQHT Adults 25c—Kiddies 3 for 25c Tonight at 6:J5, 9:26 P. M. J. Morrow, F. Domei-giie "THIS ISLAND EARTH" Tonight and Tfiurs. - 2 EXCITING HITS BMWIUM . COHEN GRAY \ Ml DAWS j-a'ra SECOND HIT FUMING PASSIONS! WORD ADVENTURE! SWAMP WOMEN WINDSOR-... MfrlTHEAS- • GARLAND PLUS CARTOON. KIDDIES ADMITTED FREE! FREE LIVK PONV HIDES, MERRY-GO-ROUND, AUTO RIDES. MIRACLE WIIIKL, SWINGS & SLIDES STOCK CAR RACING EVERY SATURDAY NITE MIDGET RACES SUNDAY NITE, JULY 22nd KAIN DATE AUGUST 26iJi AMIS $1.8-Ofelldrm FREE Tim* Triali 7:30 P. M. — RACES 8:30 P. M. ALTON SPEEDWAY Moult 111 Godfrey, III.-5 Miles North of Alton « Sanctioned by Suhaheen and Webb Promotions, Inc., of Springfield, 111. Tonight at 7:59 P. M. J. i'oj'ne, K. Fleming "TENNESSEE PARTNER" Plus Serial and Cartoon Thursday and Friday Stewart Granger Jean Simmons "Footsteps In The Fog" Shown at 8:33 P. M. Bill Haley, Jr. Johnny Johnston "Rock Around The Clock" Shown at 7:00, 10:00 P. M. Playhouse Party News Queen for a Bay Bruce Ha.vward Right to 2nd Mm. Burton Nora Drake Entertainment Jack & Jerry News Jack & Jerry News Weekday Doctor's Wife Woman in House Carl Mclntire Bruce Hayward Ballroom House Party Phi) Stevens E?e«_ol_Fatth Ruad, of Life Backstage WUv Matinee Ed Wilson Newri! Wilson Ed Wilson Tfd Wilson News Cnrl Mclutire News: Bonner Ballroom M I Matinee News: Matinee Matinee First Five Revue News meeting wtih a, girl in a railroad station that leads to hilarious complications. 2:30—14) Bob Crosby Show 3:00—(4) Brighter Day — Serial (5) Queen for a Day 3:15— (4) Secret Storm 3:30—(4) Edge of Night 3:45—15) Modern Romances 4:00— (4) Gil Newsome Show (5) Russ David Show (36) The Ruggles 4; 30—(4) The Little Rascals (5) Maria Riva stars in (5) Playhouse: Maria Riva stars in "End of the Line". A young girl who is a witness to a gangland slaying is the target for the gang who want her silenced at any cost. (36) B 3 g Picture: "Com- THEATRE Air Conditioned Not just one but All roads lead to the Koxana Theatre. TONITE, THURS., FRI. Richard VVidmurk Donna Reed "BACKLASH" Color 8:00 Anna Russell, Frank Roginr "HANSEL & GRETEL" Color 7:38 SELECTED SHORTS menee Firing" 4:50—(4) Look, Listen, Learn 5:00—14) Mickey Mouse Club (5) Wranglers Club (36) Movie: Lash LaRue stars in "Border Feud" 5:30—(5) Wild Bill 'Hiekok — "Masquerade at Moccasin Ridge". Jeanne Moody i Challenges Hugh O'Brien To Dratv Medalist Survives First Round Play •By NEW 'Always 2 Color Cartoons if Kiddies Always Free DUTDOO THEATRE OPEN 7:30 THE THEATRE WITH THE EXTRA COURTESIES Windshield •£ Service "PEPSI- PASSES" Diaper * START DUSK A PICTURE OF EVERYBODY. .. FOR. JENNIFER JONES CINEMASCOPE?* COLO* b» DC lUXf *%,,*',• fcreciKl I* HENRY KQSTER/X Good Mornin, Dove f CHARTS MEKCER YORK OB — To help enliven the proceedings of an otherwise rather dull summer, Jeanne Moody hereby challenges Hugh O'Brian to a gun-fight, quickest 'one on the draw to win. Nothing personal, you understand. Jeanne just reckons she's quicker. Who is Jeanne Moody? Why, podner, she's a tall, .shapely, languid lass who is frequently cast as a gun-totin' gal on "frontier" , (NBC-TV, Sundays, 5:30 p.m., central standard time). And who is Hugh O'Brian? XVhy, gal, he's a tall, dark and handsome lad who is regularly cast as "Wyatt Earp" (ABC - TV, Tuesday's 6:30 p.m. central standard time). O'Brian, an ex-Marine, has boasted that thanks to 1,500 hours of practice he can draw his shootin' iron in .36 of a second. On just what western set this duel will take place is anybody's guess. We've been trying to contact O'Brian, but everybody says he rode thataway. He's hunting outlaws and Moody's hunting him. It's quite a chase. (Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Hoppy is cleaning his guns...) » Depending on where she hangs I her holster belt, Jeanne Moody has to shift its notches. On the waist L'3 inches of belt is enough. On the hip she has to let it out ti 37. But if she ever should decide on one of those cross-over shoulder holsters the • measurement would be 38. Before she began playing western ladies in "Frontier," Jeanne never handled anything more lethal than a perfume atomizer. "But the producers of 'Frontier' were sticklers for authenticity," she said loyally. "They taught me how to use a real gun — not one ol those they had in old western movies that fired 100 times without reloading. There were real women in those days. They didn't worry about their hairdo's, except HUNTINGTON, W. Va. ne Quasi, supposedly a worrier, should have gotten it all out ol her system Tuesday and become a strengthened favorite in the Women's Amateur Golf Championship. She came as close as you can |to being eliminated in the first j round and still be in the second round today. The sensational young shooter from Everett, Wash., was two holes down to Meriam Bailey o] Palatine, 111., with only three holes to play. Miss Quasi, sophomore at the University of Washington, match ed par four on the 16th and 17tl while her opponent took bogey fives. She shot a birdie two on the 18th. Miss Bailey, who had never been behind after the fourth hole, missed a birdie pull. Today's matches: ' Anne Quasi, Everett, Wash., vs. Mrs, Paul Dye, Jr., Indianapolis; Anne Richardson, Columbus, Ohio, vs. Betty Kerby, Akron, Ohio; Nan Berry, Quincy, [11., vs Berridge Long, Hunting- Ion, W. Va.; Mrs. Berton A. Craig, Morrow, Ohio, vs. Mrs. John Deller, Evansville, Ind.; Ann ?reed, Opelousas, La., vs. Mrs. Mark A. Porter, Havertown, Pa.; :irol Mary tesville, Va.; Ruth Jessen, Kenmore, Wash., vs. Louise Camentz, New Albany, Ind.; Barbara Mc- lntire, Toledo, Ohio, vs. Pat ser, Seattle. Diringer, Tiffin, Ohio, vs. Patton Janssen, Charlot- The hamburger sandwich as we know it today was introduced to the U. S. in 1904 at Ihp St. Louis Fair. Earlier it had appeared at Hamburg, Germany. Junction 66-111, Mitchell, 111. Ends Tonight Greg. IVck, .foimifcr Jones "MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT" mill 'On the Thrtthold of Spact' to make sure they weren't done by an Indian with a tomahawk " Then, raising her pretty chin bravely, she added, "I've seen Hugh O'Brian on television and I'm sure I can beat him to the draw." (Is everybody . positive that O'Brian went thutaway?) The gun slinging Jeanne, a former Miss Alabama, started her career singing in the bathtub. But not at home. The bathtub was on a New York night- she sang operatic the stage of club where arias while swathed in suds. The closest thing to gunfire she heard was the popping of champagne corks. mioort toiHt '"ORE AT! WORLD-FAMOUS RIVER EXCURSIONS AILING ENVOY — U. S. Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce is shown as she arrived in New York last May for treatment of a mysterious ailment. Monday Time Magazine revealed that deadly arsenic dust sifting-d<nvn from the paint of her bedroom ceiling in Rome reportedly caused the Jong series of illnesses that have plagued her. (AP Photo) THUR. Kirk ' DOUGLAS in "Tttliuliin FlfHTER" Robert MITCHUM iu "MAN with a GUN" AND Kory Dale Jeanne Culhuuii Rolifitsou CruJii "CITY O* IAD MEN" DAY TRIPS 10 «m !• 4 pm W«4 . Thtir. Frl . Sun HAl MAVIHO'S MUSIC SAT. AFT, 2:30 H> 7pm MOONLIGHT TRIPS 1:45 pm »« 12 W*4 - Thwi • Fit . $•! - Sun JOHNNY >QUIN'S BAND Fwl »' Wishlnjlon Av»., SI louit Mil PABKINft AT fTIAMII OAVUGH1 SAVING TIMf MA 1-4040 Hirschi Seated As Member Of County Board, EDWARDSVILLE — C. W. Hirschi of Highland was seated today as a member of the Madison County Board of Supervisors to succeed th? late A. P. (Pat) Spencer as supervisor of Helvetia Township. Hirschi, who has resigned as a justice of the peace of Helvetia Township, will serve out. Spencer's unoxpired term ns supervisor by appointment of the township board Friday of last week. A veteran weekly newspaper publisher at Highland until his retirement, spencer had served on the county board since 1948. He died July 5. He was memorialized in a resolution adopted today by the county board, whose members stood in silent prayer 30 seconds for their former associate. County Board Chairman Gus Haller announced that Hirschi would be named to the same committees on which his predecessor had served. Spencer had been chairman of the board's County Tuberculosis Sanatorium Committee for a number of years. ....__&,. Ouatoga Society Dancers Perform For Ki Iranians The walls of Mineral Springs Hotel resounded to the beat ol tom-tom and feet as Ouatoga Society dancers performed for Alton Kiwanians Tuesday night. Eckford deKay, councilor and founder of the society, introduced the dances and kept the beat with Indian drum as his boys went through the patterns of steps. Solos, duets and group dances were featured from the Plains Indians^ mostly. Stage manager Tom Dooley was honored by DeKay for his work with the group, and in recognition of his twenty-first birthday, whiclr occurs today. He received a membership card, Ouatoga, Society T-shirt, certificate of award r ind a special necklace of the Order. Business of the Kiwanis meeting was taken care of by Vice-President Earl-Hicks in ffic absence of President Ed Leamon. The traveling gavel was being delivered by Loamon and several other members to the Litchfield club. In announcements, it was made known :hat the annual Sports Day will be held at Grand Marais Stale Park near E. St. Louis next Wednesday, and that fishing, golf, Softball and other sports would be played before the supper to be served at six-thirty at the park. East Side's OKI Julius Gets Marching Orders EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. «v-"01d ulius" has received his march- ig orders. The controversial statue of • Civil War soldier outside East St. Louis City Hall will be moved to ones Park in about three weeks make room for a city employe arking lot, Building Commission, r Robert J. Keeley announced 'uesday. Keeley termed the area as "dig. ified and well kept and entirely appropriate lor the venerable old soldier." Various groups had been in dispute as to "where Julius should stand. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" Zemo Great For Itch/Skin Rash Z«ino, ii doctor's formula, pioinptlj relievei itching of uurfgc* *kin T.eliei, ecwnm, prickly beat, tthlelc'i loot Zemo utopt scratching and to tidi fwter healing « D d clearing. Buy L Zeino ior (tubborn CAW*.

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