The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on December 31, 1911 · Page 1
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 1

Washington, District of Columbia
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Sunday, December 31, 1911
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- VS - i r i I - ti J J - WjC - f - 3 - RS i f - sV - v MMWMmi f - t V THEARieALt rANNOUNCEMENTS - Hw v 1 3fE o Wsterious Personality t f44H4f Persian morn New Yoffciha ists f fc iff fc VSobftWUiWelcome VV i - jm w HEN Abbas EffendJ known 1 io millions of his followers as Our Master and Our JjorcJ arrives In America within - a few weeks there will be amoig us a personality as - myste - rldus and strange as any that lives today on earth For Abbas Effendi manifestation of the Son of God direct Instrument on earth of the Divine Intelligence as bis followers declare him to be possesses an influence over the lives of his followers only comparable to that displayed by the great prophets of the race for vWhom men - died that they might justify their faith Mohammed or Buddha had no more complete sovereignty over the minds and bodies of those that accepted their teachings than has Abbas Effendi the Abdul Baha or son of the Supreme One Thousands have chosen death rather thart deny his name and hiave died uttering his name even as did the Christian martyrs while whispering the sacred naqe of the Founder of their religion The Bahaist of whose religion Abbas Is the head He is unquestioningly accepted as the reflection of God on earth a being that is man yet more than man to touch whose robe is a consecration to be blessed by whom a promise of Paradise Such is the leader of the Bahaist orj Bablsfi - eligion whose following includes six million persons and whose purposes are towards the unification of all - religionsreligions toward a brotherhood arpoijg - the natfonsy the abolition of wars - and - the adoptfon Xtfi a universal language all of whiQh - is ln detail provided for - On - the Ivitatfl Akdasr or book 6f laws and wks st forth in 1S70 by Abdul Batikl father of the present prophet Bahaism as the religion Is now called though Babism was formerly its name originated in Persia in 1844 Then Arose the first of the three prophets of the religion one AH Mohammed who in Shh - az calleif himself the Bab an Arabic word - signifying dobr apd announced himself as preparing for the promised one People crowded to his call and thousands reverently listened to him So deep Was the impression he made that the urjrest of the people alarmed the Turkish authorities He was persecuted for a time then charged with heresy and put to death an act whieh only Te - suited in creating in his followers a more - intense - faith Then followed butchery and floods of energizing blood from which religions grow Ten thousand Babists werej sacrificed within a few years because they refused iorecant their belief in the coming of a dfvinity who was to fuse Christiariity Buddhism Mohammedanism and all the religions of the earth Then the followers fled to Bagdad in the domains of the Sultan of Turkey were later translated to Adria - nople and last to Akka in Syria Its - Simple Tenets In the meantime however a greater prophet than the Bab had arisen Mirza Haseyp - AH was 35 years of age He was renowned for his wisdom He had passed two years In the mountains where - he - had given himself - to preparation and meditation The Bab had con ferred upon him the title of Cllah Glory of God The new prophet declared that be was the manifestation of Godon earth the prophet whose coming the Babnad foretold He it was who was called the lawgiver and wrote the Book of Iaws Second in veneration only to tbeBaha Oollah which name be rwept byi is his son Abbas Effendi or - third of the three prophets of the Bahaist religion And the third prophet it Is whose first visit to this country willl uldbeVrJvefsarjinlfierTfieyJ - main - be made soon tain that tBahaismcanS - actually Such briefly is the history of the Ba haist religion and of its prophets Its tenets of belief are simple and veryclear There ig but one God of whom the great prophets of the raceihaye been so many manifestations io many lanlps reflecting the light of the J3iylneSpiritJ JFor this reason the Bahaiijtssay thesdul - ofall religions is the sanjeand the difference j in ine appeal oi auinprupneiB w wmy accounted for by the difference In time and the character of their followers Thus Moses had ift Jewish worlcl to which to make appeal Buddha was qualified to - teach thQ lesson of the divineo the Indian - people Christ fetched the barbarians of Europe but in the lasi resort all learned from the sameMaster and the structure of all belief is - morality and love Now however the Bahaists say newer countries have been - discovered arid science has linked them by invention The wSrld Is ready for a newer prophet J with an appeal not - to a nation but to a world - The time has arrived when all religions can be accepted and unified upon the basic beliefs mentioned And the Bahaists believe that Abbas Effendi who so soon will visit us himself a prophet and the son of one has been divinely inspired for the work Years before bis birth his coming - was predicted on the day on which he - was born They hold that all the religions foretold the coming of the millennium pr time of universal peace In the religion of Zoroaster was predicted the reign of happy times The prophecy of the - swords being beaten Into plowshares is the Christian manifestation of the Idea Basic Foundation Is Universal Love For this reason the Bahaists assert that it is nojt incompatible with either prophecy or reason that their religion strengthen gpeoplinj thetr owns faith reflectiorTbf theSuprenie t Thiyvcontend that their rejlgion is completer thanany thathas precteded incltidjBghofroly as If oesthebasic1Cdundations of uni yereal toyebutja practlealjmessageto jthe na tions as wejland lawsrforbringing about Theserare ithose thatare contained in the sacred book of laws drawn udTiv the J father ioffAbbas astffarback as 1830 3he3CprpYide for the establishment of hoTiaes T0f4ustiee ofboards of councilors for the elective andTdemocraticprlnciple in government for Ihei - emancipation of women for the adoptlonf a universal language and of a universal peace Icourt wrfWeiifljloniroQrtAftAfArfAXW lf ia crees ThIsiso far as one kflowBwas the first practical - suggestion ever made for a1 peace tribunal - whichVcrudely has come t be - started - - sq many Tears after the composltionofthebookof laws and one tf ondershether It werefrom merei efhapee thaXthfr1 credit f or this later 8Ug - J gesuon came irom tne preentmperor of Russia in wfiosedoralnionstheBa - halsts display their strongest force Appearance of4Abbas Of Abbas himself some - vivid pictures Jiave been drawnby travelers who came tovisithim from all - corners of the earth during that period of 40 J ears when he was bo peculiar a prisoner in Akka for lie has only been at liberty since the ascendancy of the new Turk party So powerful is his influence on those about jiim that no governor was continued in office atAkkafor above oneyear Sev - eralisitors tell pt dinners at which the governor and his staff actually Abbas jailers - stood with bared head till the prophet had seated himsef and only then sat in deference to a gesture from him Prof Edward GranviUe Brown ofj Cambridge University wrote a descrip tion of the master which followers of the newr - cult declare to be a vividS picture of he prophet then imprisoned at AWta Seldom have I seenone whdse appear ancejttnpsessed me more he wrote JL stronglybuiltman holding himself as straightaswanarrow with white turban and raiment Ion locks reachine almost o the J shoulder broad powerful fore head Indicating a strong intellect combined with an unswerving will eyes - as keen as a hawks and strongly marked but pleasant features such was my first impression or ADbas iisiienai tne mas ten In 1892 an American vsitor wrote on the occasion of a first - sight of Abbas a description of the prophet and his surroundings at the time of his imprisonment Imagine that we are - in the ancient house of the still more ancient city of AKKa vae room m which we are races the opposite wall of a narrow paved street which an active man might clear at one bound Above is the bright sun of Palestine to the right a glimpse of the old sea wall and the blue Mediterranean - As we sit we hear - a - singular sound rising from the javemetit - 30feet below faint at first and increasing It is like thf murmur of human voices We open the window and look down We see a crowd of human beings with patched and tattered garments - It is a noteworthy gathering Many of these men are blind many more are pale and emaciated or aged some are On crutches some are so feeble that they can barely - walk Most of the women are closely veiled but enough are uncovered to cause us well to believe that if the veils - were lifted more pain andmlsery would be seen Some of them carry babes with pinched and sallow faces There are perhaps J00T in this gathering besides many children They aretf - aH the races - one - meetain these streets - Syrlanij Arabs Ethiopians and many others iL T 5 k i ThesjLpeopfe are tanged against Ihe JHtlH Whats the Matter with rashioiiaMe Society Wheii Its en4er est Buds Clamof oi the Turkey Trot tlie Swirling Tango the dyers Walk and the Bunny Hug Apache Dances All of Them s - ir3 rt Showing the Grotesquo rance in t Turkey TrotJ v - O 1 f Minntt r Ill I - - li H p - fin a i u i fj Ps - IBil a I1 flfr - 1 - - - - r mnjiiiifflBKSwin0 1 - - i - - i mi i in invHrn i i wi i - v v iiuii - Br iwmsA i TiiTirTlW VnifTliUlf 1 I llr1 - - 819 HI t M WMiffA T I t f - iB - 1 ililll licit Ha 11 a 11 TmS rumfrllfiilt I - - vbhi 11 ih WinutR i i - it iv gnijiiifii r - iwr - - r BKEiTv - liMv ffl MliE2 m rl V - if WBBMlfff n c iSiSHKliliiiP II 1b zHflHUfflli Il9illl3 I fflfilHirilH H j llllll I JaRJilJnf i i mi zmMMmi wmmtwNmzmzwjmsv w mww i mmBBmuapr - - - y J aTrbearingisimple hut fhere is grac e dignity and even majesty about his m oreaenta r I Jl I - 1 rZ i IJJL - l - tft - St1 iXutjiii t j - n rsiftno tMAcmgii nrin TTAVnikiitKrii aiivPfereiaior60Hrwieana ineeruuiiuapyaicjiu i - - w y - - - ThU the Way th Grizzly Look When It It Danced 5 KBBSSSM bbbk1B3PbbbbH BBKipMlB pBBBbB v IPBBH i isiMtiffBffa - HBfaV9Jft mtifrzjtfstJ - wryti f - HBaBaBaBafaBi BftwJ4rHftV - BlBl BbsSf8IBB k hBBBkJK BhRw K T - tTBBBBBBB r iflBfaBKmSVaffaH I BBBBEuL - V iv nBBBBBBI i IpBbHb - i s - l jSVaVpBBV - lBBHptv TBbH - BBBlIK h IBbI HbHIu tJiki WaIpbbB - - Mitlw - ijiKv TLggstBfafM aFsHasiHliBH lfeXcSBB bhpEbPEsSPbh JMg iTJpyumliififipfflM PPIM IHIIIMlIMM ill II 1PPJII II lill P f jtfrA1 r - iijt - s V - rv event for eiehbu ShVone ner prettiestclptheariand daintiest 4 slippers and smiled oa all herwDrld walfa or seated on5 in an attitude of - expectation A door opens and a man comes out He is of middle stature and strprgly built He wears flowing light - icolored - robes On his head is a light buff fezwith a white cloth bouhd around ft 3le is perhaps 60 years of age His long hair rests on his shoulders Hy forehead is broad full and high Jhfs noseslightly aquiline his mustache and heard thelatter - full though nofheavy nearly whitef His eyea Rumor whisnered that extradancing men had been asked in No far Ot j are gray and blue Jarge and both soft not having partnersyvchuckled tlie nudsl and penetrating His bearing is simpie TheSwui th Tango Argentine The older matrona called the danced trR Nfiw Ttfrk Junior Cotillions and matrons to be able to lean back i ro the most exclusive pub - comfortably And say Oh the dear chil - just outrageous hugging matches The pcripilon dances given in this Urenl Haw innocently they are enjyirig younger matrons and the girls said rWe country Tliey were organized Vhpnwves - I do hope they wont have ne to tid - hugglngi posts we adore the j v I too much trouble when they gi - ow up i Apache dancesl - 11 - iTifli jmo nu t jA - 4 - Thi hViiHHac on Rilf - tin Tilnlnr thur Muh - ay Podge of New Tfork the fashlonablq head of the VntlsulTrage J - cnoe Thtjro are three of these dances given - r in TCe - jy - T6rk The tirst awajs held on tlicsflfsj Tuesdiiyof DeoSmber murks th dibu tantrf most important lhiHduc - tlon toRoctietS A fashionable society butt slnipiy must be lmited to this colulton IJeMypial jfaa - ls decided by lrerprsenqs infl the number of - favors she receives lnviaIvhsare sent out by Mrs bodg audi the patronesses to a carefully se lected list of matrons These matrons must riaseable - The Junibc Cotillion 4t will be seen is ratiite an ihipbftant event in fashionable socletys calendar The jrlsareharriir ingr young1 fresh andr theoretically uiv spoiled n4 untouched by the outerr orJd1 Hjre ttheyit maket their Jjow tOvitheir elders Just - enterlginto manhood he - idea - is toitraniceiiirl ania rJc bgetaCr ttikmledl jThe Iunior CbtilUonclsan au horized qhaperpned opening btposslblij tnajrlaionlal ilists - Jtiis thes rcoghleiJ pmgofsCupidft hunUngXseasonV - OS Ahe DearChorep ociwIy - ls - snneratboi - ihAtiihe s motheij Aubscribea f or her jdaughferjfp w i t T - 7 - - - r T a VT Cofillitui - jiist held has made aniunbeivof an5ious still a bit old - fashioned moth - ersiisk thcirSelves what Is coming over the - Xounger geheratub aiid particularly what - jcarr hdoncyd stop whatever it is Fbctb djejutantei with society aU ready split over tha invasion of Apache I danfces hreiy - thernselves solidly Jn with nojiitioW - y ire Us the Griiily TSke avay your old cotillions arid voot stupid waltzes ybur pretty little st havel debutante daughters op mar - ioldrfashionea gavottes and the weajc - tea jeable - sons - riqt of Tthe i Virginia reel Givensttlio debtanteo BWQ 5edieifprjhB6miKaa4 r - TiiAf eShaJIroorn jafT J - bnsriesstcuhov JtsrimjrierThybTOgerse v lionJ vJafrfstaqdirttlreinctaritl iheircusetKseizedtSeachSbthvid t i r t ept4yherarythejbroipkJ haHvepiljbeta and whirled ar6undvroadyV4he16njt Grizzlythe - Turkey the JBuhriy - ahd the rrarigo Argentine they cried - t iAJI 4hev5seas6h jhe Apache - - dances havej beenr diHurbingsocIety rMostof them hid their origin in thai muslfehMls andpublic - fdahcey iplaceaj of IarJ0ahd I junapni apa were designed to befEStar uing and advahced Those whichdonot depeidflcrfpppularity depetia1 JjpShratf eitreme propiriquityiof partn - XdalpwhsnbusinioXtl SoniiUKethe wrkeyjtrou naveJaiSnft baUorioflb6th thfr PpyeriPwaikv andfefiayelsdeswptive eaougn vnamesu ruipusanasearnest women andmen tinSsocIfetyghaveini A pache dances It waslibped that whfen the - Xfew York season opened the bear arid turkey would die natural deaths Mothers gay stern fcrders to debutante daughters against these dances Mrs John JR JJreyeJ who is one of th4 piost important jnatrons yr vew jsovic isud Newport job daughterJAHce aside and said Now nij dear no grizzly pearl rio turkey trottblswihterL J Mrs Oe Lancey Tficoll topfc her pretty dausrhter - Joseohlna asides and said rfThe Grizzly land vTyrkey are ofoiu hiijr dear this winter - TheseApache dances are - riot ladylike iV - 3 tArid Mra Cass IiedyardV most sternr unbending hmtiiini called her - ybtnigest jrirli Jeanitb herjb6udojrdiSaldMyi deV JsTdo nbti twarittyou ioindulgbJri such disgraceful - nances astaaw5last - Augustin Newprfevowidoht forgetl Alice1 JjbsephineS Jeaife and mbzeraftof Othergebutahtwrdrbpdemure lifidaiiiujpiis j sw nen sine taru8 jiarvinej fuiivrs - n vi0 st6uthesetriirnalirmiaash TBaiaihere iwiUSb theseorribleff bugrigdahceaigLg ABU3hb5hSJrepT hepafpneeslgayeStbwghelps carte niancn6finuietuupinF arrange What fun well haveJIl Just imagine the stately scene The big ballroomf cleared for action the palms therflowers the pretty girlsl Mrs Dodge and hejv - aids breathing of dignity and Tepoee shook hands with each arrival and waved them into tha - room At one end Mr Phelps correctly garbed from gardenia to pumps stood ready to lead Everything breathed of peace and caim enjoyment Tne tavors were on view pretty but inexpensive trifles for the bulk of the subscription money was Invested in eats and drinks Dancing is hungry work Also thirsty With the suddenness nf a thunderbolt something broke loose whin Mrs Dodge waved her wand and suggested that the cotillion bein order Irfo one today can tell who started It what curious at - mospKerlc phangeN occurred but sure it is that all of a sudden a dozen two dozen now a hundred dancirig dervishes were tearihg up and down the slippery floor The Turkey and the Bear had arrived They conquered the opposers and from the first - were loudly victorious It was a famous victory But oh the shocked faces of Mrs Dodge Mrs Howland DaYisf Mrs Eric Dahlgreffi - They were helpless before - the onrush Many of the dancing men had had football experience and this helped some too - r Observe poor Mr Phelps He too was helpless l HeTvaved his arms threw favors at the dervishes and even tried to have - the music - stopped Btrbthe Bear and Turkey coud not be controlled The Lights Jo Down After a grim Twenty minutes the pa trnnpsses consulted toeethfer and an - nqunced that agreeing with the opinion but thereA is grace - dignity - and even majestyabout his movements He passes through ihVcrowd and as he goes utters words of salutation We do not understand them but we see the benignity and kindliness of his counte - 1 nance He stations nimseii aKa narryw angle of the streeUand motions to the people to coma toward him They crowd up a little too insistently He pushes them quietly bstckand letsftheirf pass one by one As they come they hold their hands extended In each open palm hs all He caresses them with his hands in the face on the shoulders on ihe - jhead j Some he stop3 ind questions J - s An aged negro who hobbles up he greets with some kindly inquiry The old mans broad face breaks into a aunny smile his white teeth glistehlng against his ebony skin as he replies He stops a woman with a babe and fondly strokes the child As they pass somekisslEls hand To alr - he saysilarhabbah Mar - habbah Well dofle Well done Family Once Wealthiest inPersia During this time this friend of i the poor has not been unattended - jcSeyeral men wearing redfezzes and wtyh earnest kindly faces followed him from theouse stood near Elm and aided ln regulating the crowd and now with reverent manner and at a respectful distance follow him away When they address himithey call him master T - This man who gives thus freelymust be rich you think No far otherwise Once his family was the wealthiest in his fain - nyhaenrexnesaKdyprisonVs but eVenjhfs - Saifers hat hecomef hisfrlends and - honor - and respect - hlnvas if he were their brothers Eor to this manjtis the law to do good tothose who injure him and none want to lnjurehlm when they come Joknow - him CSuch is - Abbas Effendi through th eyes of an American visitor Some of the ex - hortations adaressedtolusfollowersare Breathe not the sins of any one so long as thou art a sinner Attribute not to any soul that which thou desirestfnofctobe attributedto - thj - self and do not promise thativhlch thou dost not fulflll - Adorn thyself with deeds rather than wordsr for the principle Of faith is to lessen words and tolncrease deeds Blessedare they who advance - Djeal withone another in patience Boatt not thyself when in honor and be not abashed In abasement CopyrijhUUUby New TerkBer14 Co sAlt jrrighta reseryed - SSFtxEiX to Eat imWhy WILLIAM J MALLORYj K D Instructor ia Medicine at the George Wafhinston jJnlversKyi T may be saldthat a man is known by the food heteats it isvcertaln - iy true that the degree of civiliza tion of a people rnay be measured by tne caret ana jnietngence suuwu In selecting preparing and eating their food Dietetics is the branch of hygiene which treats of the selection preparation Nand application t suitable food Jo the treat I upon an undue - emphasis of someHso - j lated bit of information withoutconsld - eratlonof the other f acts 5 - Thus the knowledge that water - composescomposes about 60 per cent of theweightof the bqdy has induced many attempts t6 modify - weight by - Tincreasing ork decreasing the amount off water takenV Obese individuals in particulars have - attempted rto reduce their eightbydrinklngless jwater - bukaiaturally with verys - unsatisfactoryunsatisfactory results f or water Js - without nutrient value and can influence - the weight only by increasing the amount oi iooa mnnf A irvt - dUAniAn rtflfiAflBri To many people the word diet - suggestiTKasMt may jvhen taken with nieahvor by insufficient or unpalatabiettoodand to reducing the amouht Offoodas it Is apt some even fasting Shis isunfortunatetto when taken lmmediatelybefore meals and sorietfmes leads to Unnecessary dis - t Some misapprehension exisH wltlvre - v im fnr - VArv rfiwrif - card to the effect of1 water pnigestion any dlaeaau are benefited b fasting lnthet4maehr vome peSpft wiirnot while nearly vall may be avorablyin drink ateritnineals torftVat4f fiuencedand pome use of an appropriate dlet - wj actually cured by - the wlll impair digestion by diluting the di - - ti x - eestlveulces If drinking water during WO UJCVVi i V - s - f am Jl lJi t - - T - e 11 unnla haotltltf fl onpi - T - I1T TlllUKHUUIl J i - M mi - - m i - Ayw rt nn tf thiortT unv ninpr iiicoia nas aiij m vtw v - ot tUQ majonij tn coiuuon wui ue giiren ii - wiu iw aj zii Z i Ktxraiinr - fhA ffwiddown before it U Saw up and round dances only will be - in rfil SJSSS thk jv r v - u - u a - T liner Hi ffaatrlC iulce whtih IMA - flpnnmnanifiu JKij - gi - o - - - or - - - - ariarSementaiboKMrllPhelpa aecbnd HarryatehryoutknbwtnlwayB J - eagerjigpreUSjglrJsdf reaayQmiyumujwsneainpnne ballrobmlflobrvitjgSife s IXitfTObolthon1tAflsllMfftVi ttibeltthr5PSaPl at4hetJnnioT - OotilirQoSheis the The wbrtbi cm jZs c MissAEne3 Edgarva peaofafuJ deititante with renewed gusto Then some onewha knows who Some one turned down - the lights - For the first time Jn the history of the Juniois theguests danced in the gloaming and to Bear and theTurkej overrode thedecorouswaJtz and tolerdted - two - stn - i r iltd be - no funttowaltz in the - dark but oh you xjrlzzly Vsaid the dancers r - Andwhat are the main points of these abhorred dances Weljrthy nave been seen at ther best or their worst on some of tho vaudeville staEes The man Usps the girl i around 4he neck and shoulders the girl grips the manaroundhis ncckw - itn onearm and uses the otherlto keep from being choked to death - iChig J3 thewayi the Grizzly lfTnVsandtfpjPls i jt J t 3 Thtf1 motion is much like thatfof an is heldUstifflyanJa the action js only from - thwaist 0 The turkey is onlyalf bo much of a TmirMife - Trtatnhl In the trot the7Dartners - stand side hv aidfr With clasped arms arid IheiK steps are really like those oi 1Rufus on Parade Everynce in a - wnire mey grip each other madly around the waist and twlrjmore madly tarnd and around This is the Trotat ttsbest rTliPRA are the dances which the debu tantes - oir xms seasoar jnsiok 4niiTui6f Theseare the dances whicharetearingj ewyorkastnider5v - i - - - - f - V t Salubrious jTestimony Seard in Cameo j4arunvyiJU4etonieiHu an caking obs4rvatibn on - the partof a young woman - lna snbwayrtratowhlcaie chancedtQJoverhearvoneniornlng - - She - was - discussing ylth at friend - a much - talked - oX aivorce 8Uitwhenshd i M - Lt 11 S r suacieniy Dursijorim wituj misinterpreted For example Eventweri thci stomach contains soM t laiiinnnsAii tAhave a sour stomach This in true but not abnormal Itwould - - tti rtf - fl - atrt TtrtlPfl - ifth uuahui otcLWvWv M - r - - y food dldnot souriioriiu - iBii gastric dietlon ofmTlkis a curdlfng and fcouring - This is normal itis tne - eruca - tloVlhatiiabnormafrfand this is very fi - eduentlyidueoT taking too large Quantity of food at ph tlme and not lo any disease of the4 stomach a j The nictation of sour fluid is not always asymptomQf excessive acidity of the stomach but lnmany cases is caused iby soroeibthery condition which j affects the storoacn seconoarnyivnronicuibeaj5Si of the gall tladdetand theappendx may ho mentioned5 as examnles - i Excessbr apidlty - of the stomach - when present is rarely duetto lermentationas is jofteor supposed but is frequently caused by overstimulattombll the stomachwith highly seasoned food or by some other dietary indiscretion Tne meaicanaiana dietic remedies applied by i the laitytp fiHotra tM rnnditionare therefore In about 60 per cent of iaseswrpngrfor ivianv of these remedies contain digestive 4erments lor drugs wnfch stimulate the stomach andargive wnen jusr tne Shrjoslteresult - isdesired iThe broths soups and nieatXextraclflso commonly used In thevarlousTorms orinoigestion contrary to the general opinion not only areXnot very nutrftjbusbut they contain extracts audi flavoring materials wHch Irritate rather tthanVsootbe atllseaseAf ni stomach They havetheir place on the diet Jist but shouldhe used th discrimination - f - 4 - - S False ideas - with j - egard to dietetics are vr t1 rinr U - - t teusime itoati ine - lesuraonyi - ra isuHaiu - ti 2 - - - - t ti - vi - uaunieruiuiEW uuiu - JUKCLlTul - xlvl - I j - - - - - i - - ii 4 - j - - T L - - vi - - - - ri - j i iaiuA - v jut ISnfeht SaxrrvedThesdebutante f - vu 7 - - - s - - - - d brkras A hat tneyudgemi naxe w - near noi aiwa a iuo - iu jsiauwv wi uj - cp iaSxJaSntbul kavwfcthiZjt taitameolw Hi f - MosynareustMequenUytiased zmMmrA5 - iH - j9 j wsx v - 5 exercised peculiar selective function and by a sultable - cpntractionjDf its wans forms - a channelr ctnr one side allowing untertn Bass into tlte Intestines - leay - 4ngTth solidooor toiurtner jiqueiauuvn and digestion - j7eiorentvin - - iurn js - b - pclled i YS Fr fallacies About Sweets - ana Fats The popular belief thatfats apdsw eels are uidlgestiblssralthough probabl based unbtt sotaeexterience8 which weroery real is nevertheless - notaUogether cor - fnpti - TihHarticles arfctindlgesuDieit is not because they are sweet or fat butt on account of the form and quantity in whlchthey ataken - Jt is true that put candies fruiti cakemince pies and - certain - fat meats - are dlfllcult to digest They should be eaten in moderate quantities and by somepeTople not at all but these ate extreme examples Plain cake iellies ice jeream Junket and many other - articles although sweet are easily digested andnannless while butter ana cram thoughcompoeed almost entirely - of Jats are very - nutritious and are easily dt - gestedand absorbed t Indeed the sp - caled indigestible foods especially the vegetables are too much neglected for in addition to furnishing - a certain amount of nutrient material vegetables contain salts and acids which are needed by thevJiuraan body and they Teave after digestion a residue wmcnjs Ano nfthe stimulants t normalmove - I nients of the intestines Tpereforevege - i tableStr though reiauveiy lndigestioie should not be omjttea du snouia rorm a part of every normal dletagd evenofa diet forVthe sick - when properly selected - TnaTieglecfof vegetable foods for the BiCessiYeuSeof jneats la probably one of the nTOsV - uniyersaldietary jerrojra of the AmericanHeople and la - a - contributoryt cause of two evils - It increases the cost of liviner - unnecessarily and by casting a greater burden upon the organs pt elimination tends to produce disease ia them if there be anypreexlstlngweak - ness j - J a DangirjnRa Meats 4 Some - erroneous ideas7 exist with regard to thefuse - of raw meat This is jrbbabir due to the fact thaf it has been used so frequently in the - form - of scraped beef for the sick or cbotafesceiitl If raw jneat possesses any advantage it is be - cause Jtis senrped aqdisin a finely divided form and not because it is raw for raw or rare meat is not soaslly or promptly digested as It is when Well cookpd and Jn certain conditions in whiehthedlkestlve - Juices are deficient ft is therefore especially unsuitable In addition to this objection raw pieat ii i nusbmpre liable to convey some form ot llUFClujn vjutii Tiyiuu iiod wcw a - Btrbved by proper cooking HaWbeefior Example is the sburce of themqstcpmmon ot thetapeworrosnaw pork Is the spurceof - a stialler tapeworm andalsol of - a far mere dangerous para site - trichina TJie latter la found in temperature oriauae kills the - parasite bnt smoking havono effect on those inhedeeper parts of the piecer I of meats Raw Jish usually thepike tlie source of - thf largest that ls thev longest - of tfie tapewprms There tsa generalJinpressiorLthatmeat Is thelmost nutrltioUbndstrengthenlnK s of allJtoods AS aThattcr jof facf bread hasaboutthe nutrientValue ofjan eqXial weight of roast be - f Thlssimpfestale ment Tioweverr might be roisleadlngj because fobds should not be considered fronfhe46tandpoint - ot - their nutrient value alone - Meatsand eggs jOn account of tbeilrichne8S in protein oe - eunv a necullannositton among thewvari - ous articles of diet Starches sugars and fats may 10 great ewu oe bvu - stituted for each otherThey are - used by - tthe btfdyvery Inuch - as a fueJfirr nlsning - the heat needed to maintains a proper temperature and theenergyto perform work andflnallyare converted to carbodioxide ari4 watersandejimi - natedt l Protein cannotbe entirely replaced1 by other foods fbrjUt - Jsabsolutelyjjees - sary for the jtormatfonpfnewv tissue and is - VspeciaUy neeaeranT10 growthapd development as - weltaa - for the purpose of repairing or i rebuilding thettlssues whlcji gradually wear outior disintegrate dayydajcij XTJ In addition to this peculiar function protelriican and does servelas asourcej I nf nerev for the - body in the sameman - ner as the - starches and fats but it Js f not so completely consumed theflnal j products are more - varied and complex more difficult to eliminate and when retained in the body may jirodueeTtresults - more orless serious rotem iooa snouia therefore Ae used in moderation - to meet menee03 oi gruwui w ci ouuuoi a squyce oi energy t y a paper preparta for ue wirawa i wnuc j j m T M M

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