The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 6, 1932
Page 7
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M'UKSDAY. S.F,l'tfiJ .' '! "i'982 CLASSIFIED-ADS Two cents a word for flrst loKfUon tod one <*nl » word for web wbwqiKnt insert** No »dmtli«ment taken for lew thin We. Count the nor da d UM cub. Phone 806 FOR SALE FOR SALE—One large Gary Safe, weight H40 pomiils. Cheap, nnvke Hardware Co. 5C-K1L' If yon waul to buy farm or city pioprty. sec us (or best prices ami t?rms. If you want to sell, list with us. Terry-Worthlnglon 'line company, Blytheville. Ark., Phone C17. Cc-klO TOR REST FOR RENT—Furnished apartment 100 West Wnlimt. SOcklJ FOR RENT — Unfurnished apartment, Main street, one blocs from business district. Bormn Urn; r Store. SOC-ktl FOR RENT—Furnished upartmcnt 1011 West Kentucky. Phone 683. 3C-K10 FOR RENT—Large bedroom, twin beds, two closets, steam Iwat. Mrs. J. G. Eudbary, Phone 1. 3P-K8 FOR RENT — Furnished or unfurnished apartment, 1011 Wrat Ash. Call G76. 3C-K8 FOR RENT- Furnace hctitud sleep- lug room. 1116 Cliickiismba. Phone 045. 3P-K8 FOR RENT—Filling station, two jmmpb, store and three living rcoms, Barficld road. Harry Atkins, 1'hono 124. ' 5C-K12 LOST AND CO UNO LOST—-Two Sandy Ridge basetnl! uniforms with gloves and shoes, between O.'fcoln and Wilson. Liberal nev/ard. Phone 32. 5P-K8 LOST—Whit; EOW, from my farm west of Yarbro. Reward. H. A. Smith. Cc-kf PERSONALS CUSTOM HATCHING — Beginning Sept-, mh. Baby Chicks, Oct. 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, B!ythevl|le. IN THE CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASA'.VBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS ' P.' N. Chandler, Plaintiff, Mo. 5292 vs. Isabel Chandler, Defendant. WARNING OKDER The delei-.dant, Isabel Chandler, t» warned to appear in the" court named in the capiion hereof within thirty days aud answer tht complaint of the plaintiff, p., N. Chandler. Witness my hand as clerk ot the said court and the seiil thereof cu tin's 16[h day ol August, 1932. n. L. GAINES, Clerk, By w«.rvcy Morris, D. C Iteid. L'vrard A; Henderson, Attys. for the Pitt. 16-23-bO-i, WARNING . Otis Go7i>, Estclia Goza, N'ettif King. Billi: King, Betty Sue Kins. Jack King, and Nettie King. .M administratrix of tiic estate of J. W. King, deceased, are warned t: appear in (he Char.ccry Court for the ChlckasawbB District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days, and answer tlie complaint, of H. llighlill, H. W. Cowan, as trustee, and R. S. ffarris, as trustee. Daiod this August Ti. inn'. U. L. GAINES. Clerk.' By Elizabeth Ulylhc. D. C Reid. Evrartl ct Henderson, Attys. for Plainliffs. Jestic Taylor, A'ty. Ad Litem. 23-30-G-lo lw<> of t|| C rmcsl ch.iniclcrs in i»«balL \, Mf si.ifcrert ,i,j s \-cnr illO '•linr" j f i ...:_ •""— -»:rt arrows of mUiMire- icilunr-. TIIC mpn nTf nob * '"" 1'rrj.irtenl of I he Boston MONEY PAGE SEVEN. ™ a,« Wjudze owner of (h( , Brav - cs _ Insert MA"'"'™" LcaBlu! r '"''' > caused ,„,,( ,„ co)Iccl on (he f . cn _ v.ay Pars Ininstiips ind sn ;lr c\! ird ink nil nvcr UK b ' ' p nl iiUclv has the ci:ib . rl rccomv M T 0; ' n ',' S ' Sh ° ff " **"" F°vd<?i? 1<! U ° °' '^"'"'"•'"crs/Srtc- fn?^™,'!".; 1 .!? 0 -"-. 10 th c Yankee; HHUl.\ IIKIIE TtU»V SIOA i, fcautim fiiii.-n: utdin*, InfcerKi kfi LUII- hJiiiil', minium ivkl. in, V ruvl»l,i» lluil >lir MIU.C nut rilVfJ. IKr t-iiililiijrr, M:I( » •Irnncr nfTnlr, U-.l*lnn ht-r Irre nt Ihv cnrf .01 a In ni'luallly nr itrcurr A dlittrrt. iirnht-H. IIAKIIY TUWNSKM", CErt-rd lt> TTir MurrllifCe ivbi-N Bbe IhiiiiKhl tlnrry \\nrn l^sl (o lii-r. fltstililA mnijd, n« her Krrrrturr. rjniimnli,n :itiil ihry >ft out for •*>J»ulh Atiicrlp.i, whrrr llnrry BM^ BFTH In n Hlamnntl 'luln^, Mnnn'« l.nillu,. IIUII. n.irk, in Ihc IxlKt-. Monn ho|ir> for n ruronrllt:illon «!lll llarr). She »!>„ rce-l. Biirry N rnfjflril ID n *knri- nr 111* UHcir'* fi>r<un<- nnd irnnt. In Knd n «.t» Id ftrr.inutr Iklg IrKally. f.cnrnlBK «*nl llnrrv nnd Klw« the uirl» lr:ivr- ihrfr l>u.-ii nl I'nrl n( SIIU!H, Ihcrr thrr uifL-t llud who lnlf>-« tlu-iii In Holiday UlanJ Il:irr^ nnd Sli-ve nrr curdlnl Iml tlu-lr utrrllttp liu-U* u:irnilh. ll:irry <]HI-K n ,,T nfc k lor rxjilrxjiu- tliins ar;J Klip C:IIIDUI m:itic llirin. S^V CO (IX WITH THE STOIIV CIIAPTEII XI.1I r PIIU d.iys drifted by. Ixing, s\vcet. •*- drowsy il^ys followed liy long, •tool evenings. Mornings, after early coffee, tlto four notilJ go to (he bench for • su-lni Iu '.!;o motii-tiluc water lint Hooded the tr.iul with transparcal depths. Protected by Uio ualm trees, they would rest on Mi« tauJ, blinking at. Hie glare, drinking Ihc milk ot frail coconuts gatliercil lij- tlio inevKnMu native boya. i The Birla rarely saw liuJ. Ever on tho slcrl, even in this drowsy heat, Bud was dashing for supplies In the boat, rising early ami repair- Ing to Ihc Ecctlon of tuo island set I were ivlilc. apart for tlio airport, swimming' alone, his bronzed body graceful and ! •wift In tho leaping foam. Bud ate. any time, anywhere he happened lo be from deliciously [illed Itays iireparcd by old Maria. " llarry r.ud Sitovo, iu wlillc linen .and pitli helmets, were f.-c<iuenUy summoned lo settle questions at iho nlrpoi : t. Freiiuently, In Hie cool ol the morning they golfed. They would disappear immediately after tho 11:30 luncheon, or "breakfast," as they called It, ostensibly to sleep but frequently to figure >jn paper, lo discuss matters at the mine, lo attend to correspondence. Holiday House, Jloua found, was tho only estate on the island and Holiday Island comprised 25 square miles, A Iriugo ut native huts, close . by but hidden In a tunnel of trees, accommodated the corps of servants. "This place, hero?" Barry re^ pe.-.ted, hi response to Mc-aa's timid luery, Slit- Blill telt 111 to. case wilt him and tho conrcrcallon betwetn them had never veered from ^c^lc^ alitlcs. He looked about affection- ntely at llm liimt houaa tlnnked with Its verltablo Kdcii. "Oh. It's Just an old iihuitntton houee. Tlicy uacd !o raise sugar here for the market, when tliere »as one. Too much dlot- Ini; uowadaye!" "Well," said Lottlo, "raaylw we Hot Lot yon like 113 heller, don't you, tlian It wo looked Hko Miss It." JVTISS GIUC/K wns n recent tm•* pDrtiilloii from I'ort ot Spain, Invited oul ot deference to conventions. Hho was a sort ot cltlelal chaperon, tho Bister ct a college- professor with a Inuiily of Instructor sons. At the moment the iiouso was In her cajialilo linnda. Seated on the terrace, lliey could hear Miss Gracio giving orders to tho servants, who adored her. e buccaneers lived In Iho ntely to"conic with mo to llio high Harry went OL "I don't! bush now w< •• - house," know. Anyhow It has been pretty nincli a ono while." They wero sealed o» (b* terrace in tljc lea hour which bro»s?it the four together, refreshed and freshly Kartell, after tho exisencies oC the inorniiiK- "Whoever lived her* kept is and cash. Thr Awful Toll In i-iie same citv. Hie nmw«i «.+ Qi-l«rl AI.I _ ir " • " L *>1 d\CS to Maranvlllc, "t'to "zr&ns°ii a ^ b ^ Vhc thlci of the fight. Th'c ch b drew good crowds, -•• tho !ta;. r out of the game for two months.-. The .team sorely missed the batting punch and fielding ihility of the former Oregon Ag- i'ie star. Two weeks ago Catcher Bill ::ar2ra\e sullcred a broken ankle ind is pretty sur2 to ce out of he game for the rest of the sea- ion. Bill Urbanski, shortstop, was.out 'or two weeks because of illness ind only recently has returned .o the lineup. Art Shires, nfter a promising ;tart at first base, was badly hurt ind lost to the tenm. Recently Fritz kno'.hc. regular :hird sackei. ,,crious;y injured nis :rae in a' game at' Pittsburgh and' s repoited lo bir out fjr ihe bal- ince of the season. Fred learh has been on the ;ench nics'. of the fcascn with eg injuries. Thus, six men McKcciimc had leix-ndcd u]ioi) as ijjipjrtaiH parts n his baseball machine liad to be • .rial ai a time \v.hcii!;thc Braves) itccfcc! r,ti the Elvcnstli they coiiitl . nu.stcr lo remain in the race with ; lie red-hot Cubs. ?.:uk Tlirniigh Slip Vrar-. It bcrm:> unfair cl Fate lo ATcak tliesc pranks u]j3]i a city a alive with spoils interest. Bos-1 on is one of the l)csl towns in i lie country for all forms of sports. | Ycl the Uravos liavrn'l ended j .he season out of the second divi- icn since 1921. when the club nn- i she;l (oi.rlh, and hasn't Iwen a: jriiiiant iiinnci-'foi 18 sears. That .flH pennant, by the way, was tlie jnly nr.y Rosicn ever won in its !2 years in the National league. Lcavinj lint last year, when the Sc>d Sox rniishcil sixth, that team wound up behind the eight-ball •ix years In a row. f.'i 102-i, the .earn did manage to struggle np to ;cvcnlli plate, yisidinj the cclljr tnancy lo Ihc While Sox., In .922 ami 1523. hov.nvcr. Ihe club %vns up to its old tricks, finishing i hopciew eighth. Tiie Hrri Sox. ho>vf«r. hiis ;rc'U a great. hall learn in some itlicr ycart. \\inriini; pennants in ,9C3. inoi. 1912. 1015. IMS and 918. In the years from 1912 to istlD. ur.der Jake Stall]: Bill Car- Ignu. Jack Barry aud Ed Barrow, he club was in the first division. Alter 1018 came the deluge. The ;Iub has not been ol the ccor.d division since. Injured and Receiver Finds Bank a Handicap COLORADO SPRINGS. Colo. . (UP.—Banks . are a drug on the I market. . • •' j F. L. 'Kokrda. receiver for the J defunct l-'irs;, N'atio.'ial Bank of He has finally decided that ho'll (ARK.) COURIER HOARDING HOUSE , ROOPLE-QFP HEDGE/ POOUN*'j'<3 VEH—AN? Y<?U'RE \>i&> vou Wrtv vpu reu. we so '<? -MV WORD.' brine oycr tho mongoose to destroy fV\V I'LL ECLIPSE ON were rcgnrded. "Moisii." «ild l.ollto lliey sat together oil "Are ihcro any ot tlicni asked l.mito fearfully. SCRAPE ii 1 MOSS OFF YoO'LL CECAV.V. da awaiting Hurry's retur man who sold us thla Island Bali) llarry mild— anythlufiT" Ills father liad seen louo wns quid, llfelesa. iijlliliial 1 (jinvij you're all lie ba THOUGHT YOU'D and [lie imtcher at lUirbuila, vvlioro wo loinclliiu's so for supplies, uld ON. ME FOR. $ 14, AT linil died from a whllo< nogollatlns 'J'HKHIJ was a i>;iuso frelsblcd with iiiicsiloiis. "Has siovo snlr! oiiyililiii;?" Mona Ajkcil presently. ' Has ho over uienlloiicil llarry nuil Or lias IID ninl anything nboul ever incnlloncil the he anil Harry wero In to leave yoar nno or my—my or llio money 1 luivo now -nr anything? Una ha ever—" "It's all BO queer," l.oltlo Inter "1 haro n sort of fcellui! Inat Ktevo ninl Rirry tiro for 113, iiei-lm|<3. to open tho Bill) a salo our mun didn't tell us tlml! TOTTIirS eyes were on Hie Lori- 'zon following a trail of smoke blag cut ngulnst tho water Mown hy the \vlnrt. "Then there uiny bo sonic here yet." him said casually. "And you live here! "I've lived In Florida," linrry answered, "yet ilicro aro bimkc» there," "Maylio tlmt's different!" tumiscilly. "If I askcil you "1'arlliiK." 6ho ivcnl on presently, "wky don't you spenk to him 1 ! Aflcr yon wero Ibo otfenilcr— " ''I'm Hie offender." repeated Moiu •ould you go?" "lint would you ask roe! retorted, cocking her head. slowly. "Oh, l.otllc, It's all tho blg- Here we are, gncslH In tlirlr hciuse, upsclllug all ihelr plain iirobnbly. (ir-HIiiB poor Uiarlc over- lo cliniicron—" likes It. Kho doles oil It!" l.otile said solrcrly. "And lliol, Mona, Is our bitecsl liet!" "Miss Cirnclc?" "Of course. Whoso lilea was II lo "M.iy'jo I wouldn't mind." I.otll&'s eyes roved to Harry. Af- I'Circnlly he had not Heard Ihh (mu- lt was the first personal tiiifc (o enter ihe conversation. Or ucr- liai'3 Barry had heard! Now he slaves," Store said Idly. "The slave owner here." Harry went on, . "resorted to rotten leave of tho others with BOOTS AND HKR 1IUU1HKS trick they learned In St. L'jela. anil noil, sauntered toward tho house. fxiltie and SteTe, unheeding, wore would matter or even enter any' ths (er-dc-lance to keep the slaves onco uior» adrift fn gay hauler. one's head doivti hero If you from running away! "Running away?" Perhaps they would ratlicr be alone just an ordinary person lo IJarry? but Mono, couldn't leave them! OR VVO^VOt ? WH?t GOT would seem too pointed, too much lone Italicized the Mnt Where would tliey rim to?" as Ilioiigh she wero followi mostly to tho high Sho would ho quiet but she would "Do you thinl; lie needs oner KnUlo's glmice UBS withering. ho ivnuts pno?" Fifona pi(r- sued. l.ottlo nodded firmly. "I rto. l-el's not wiiEle any mere time. TO wo BOOTS ? C-WE *. COOXXt TO BUT THE ROB \c, TV\W ootacfr omt grown np, thnt you ECO for mllea Ifemala— for what! And for how beyond tbo golf course. There aro Harry and Steve would ulti- there, they tell me. mately bo leaving Holiday Island though we've never come upon one. Well ,llie. slave owners thought tho Though they seemed In no hurry to slaves would Etreak for the bush, Heaven knows. It's boon don leave, it occurred to Mona that tbey They were always sirperslkious too, might be delaying their departure believed tho slaves had superhuman until she and Lottie had announced : "How cnn wo help .them 7" Tho other girl considered. waya of getting messages to each other from Island to island. Days slid by. .More dro n mocn. We'll drew . in our prettii-sl for dinner. filled \vllh sunshine. They magic Lore In jlain 6islit "lint we alwnys dress. sugar cane fields BO the snake, the launch lo bring back supplies. The to bo Ifcirry'a Wca ol roiu-hlnn II at ibu place lo dress ns ho would on 1'ark Avenue." "Tlio snako was suppoBcd to drl Steve and Carry sought out carpen on, MV isoevi ...- ters who woro to Lo engaged for "To frighten them back! To keen our sweetest. There's t» moonlight and a soft breeze.-. them out of the bush entirely. It Ou these little jaunts ,Mon was » bad move, though. Tho fer- always proud ol the boy». la their .. Te«, .tonight wo'i-u golus lo nnik* scimclhing happen! . did siares. TJiey liad .tiier. looked Ufce West Indian uotcn- • (To Uo-Conllu:ii'(H BRUSHING UP SPORTS HE HIvS EMOOOH UOPe, A HIW. MOW H.IW HANG HIS ftuLL VW1SOM CUUC-KttS. \\.tS, IMTO ^ pfN&EUOus OF UOVK F&DORK. HE yllLV-ftEFUSt TO f>R^?eST^ CHAWIMCi A GlRl. HE WILL SET BULI vna veNoonce — WIP EfVSV VJ11.U , MWM. I WS WITS VS TO TAKe XOU St J3b6P«5 CUB (f IN A So THERE f! 6To3 - M« nr OF Mxwiri't; 1931. — AU. '-H6 LAOS UJEP5 - ; WW1SOM IS MORE OR LKS WM?FOOMt>eD. - VNHKT?STIl.L HAMIWS TROOBLB? 1 W006HT VOOX DOS VJAS AU. O^ER (J2P. DISTEWPER. VEAU. OOCToR* SO D!D -miUK SHE VWAS V,KIE'_L ASAIN-.THEM SUB STARTED FUMMV...FAWTED, AMD HAD A STOAMGE HER. LOOKS AS IP SU£ HAS WHAT IS AS TYPHUS..AUD THOT'S SERIOUS GEE, DOCTOR...., YOU SUE MIGHT WOT PULL CUM OM HOME.!. I'LL GST TQ ' ow ' AWD DO MY LEVEL-BEST- I.FEEL Sonny FOH. HER,..

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