Chillicothe Gazette from Chillicothe, Ohio on April 30, 1910 · 3
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Chillicothe Gazette from Chillicothe, Ohio · 3

Chillicothe, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1910
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THE DAILY SCIOTr GAZETTE, ' SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 1 1910. PAGE THREE. OFFICIAL SCHEDULE OF OHIO STATE LEAGUE-1910 New Repair Shop. . Keep your eye on the new repair If You Love Good Music shop. Upholstering ( repairing and CLUB revarnlshlng of all kinds of furniture. Also will pack furniture for moving. " Orders promptly attended to. Mack & Orleshelmer, - Home phone Y-410. 32 W. Main St. And want to hear it as you never have heard k before, with a beauty and expression of tone entirely new, be sure to bear the VICTROLA, the niuitleal Instrument with the sweetest, most mellow of tones. - Hear John McCormack the Irish opera tenor In selection from 'Lucia and La Iloheme" and then in the old time Irish airs such aa "Klllarney" and "Come Rack to Erin." Hear the Fink University Jubilee Guartet sing the old time Negro Camp Meeting Song "Roll Jordan Roll." Hear Harry Lauder In his. now sea song, "The Bounding Rounder." WE WANT YOU TO II EAR THE VICTROLA. VISITORS ALWAYS WELCOME. ' PORTSMOUTH WALL, PAPER latest styles, new colors, largest stock, lowest prices. CHILLICOTHE Horney & Chapman. ' Every family and especially those who reside in the country should be provided at all times with a bottle of Chamberlain's Liniment. There Is no telling when it may be wanted in case of an accident or emergency. It is most excellent in all cases of rheumatism, sprains and bruises. Sold by all dealers. o LANCASTER . , Chandler's Music Store NEWARK at at at at at at - Portsmouth cihllicothe Lancaster Newark marion lima M",8,!1 May 23 24 25 May 5 6 7 " May 17 18 19 May 20 21 22 June IS 14 15 June 23 24 25 26 June 3 4 5 June 16 17 18 19 June 20 21 22 Jnly 10 11 12 13 July 28 29 30 . July 6 7 8 9 July 21 22 23 July 24 25 26 27 Aug. 15 16 17 18 Sept. 15 16 17 18 Aug. 11 12 13 14 Aug. 27 28 29 30 , Aug. 31 Sept. 1 2 3 rlay I4,' I5 16 May 11 12 13 May 17 18 19 May 20 21 22 May 31 June 1 2 Juno e T 8o June 9 10 1112 June 16 17 18 19 June 20 21 22 July 4 4 5 I JAUly V,7 if if VI ' Ju,y 14 15 16 Juy 21 22 23 Jy 24 25 26 27 Aug. 7 8 9 10 Aug. 23 24 25 26 , - -, Aug. 19 20 21 22 Aug. 27 28 29 30 Aug. 31 Sept. 1 2 3 Sept. 15 16 18 18 Mnv W KUDe 1 2 May 6. L May 20 21 22 May'8 9 10 May 17 18 19 i July 4 4 S June 3 45 , June 20 21 22 June 6 7 8 June 16 17 18 19 iU .1 U JAUly6ii7,8,9,, .1, July 24 25 26 27 July 10 11 12 13 521 22 23 Sept. 4 5 B 6 Aug. 11 12 13 14 Aug. 31 Sept. 12 3 Aug. 15 16 17 18 Aug. 27 28 29 30 May 1112 13 May 29 80 80 May 26 27 28 May 31 June 1 2 May 14 15 16 June 9 10 11 12 June 27 28 29 June 30 July 1 2 3 July 4 4 5 June 13 14 15 July 14 15 16 July 31 Aug 1 2 3 Aug. 4 5 6 Aug. 7 8 9 10 July 17 18 19 20 Aug. 19 20 '21 22 Sept. 11 12 13 14 Sept 7 8 9 10 ; Sept. 15 16 17 18 Aug. 23 24 25 26 May29 80 3O May 26 27 28 May 14 15 16 May 23 24 25 May 11 12 13 June 27 28 29 June 30 July 1 2 3 June 13 14 15 June 23 24 25 26 June 9 10 11 12 July 31 Aug. 1 2 3 Aug. 4 5 6 July 17 18 19 20 July 28 29 30 July 14 15 16 Sept. '11 12 13 14 Sept. 7 8 9 10 Aug. 23 24 25 26 Sept. '4 5 5 6 . Aug. 19 20 '21 22 May 26 27 28 May 23 24 25 May '29 30 30 May '8 9 10 May 5 6 7 ' June 20 July 1 2 3 June 23 24 '26 June 27 28 29 June 6 7 8 June 3 4 '5 Aug. 4 5 6 July 28 29 30 July '31 Aug. 1 2 3 July 10 11 12 13 July 6 7 8 9 Sep 7 8 9 10 Sept. '4 5 5 6 Sept. Ml 12 13 14 Aug. 15 16 17 18 Aug. 11 12 13 '14 MARIOX LIMA . Read down the column for home YESTERDAY'S RESULTS. National League. CIncinnati-Pittsburg, rain. New York-Philadelphia, rain. Boston 1, Brooklyn 0. St. Louis 4, Chicago 3 (11 innings) American League. Philadelphia-New York, rain. Boston 9, Washington 3. Chicago 6, Cleveland 0. Detroit 5, St Louis 0. American Association. St. Paul 3, Milwaukee 2. Louisville 16, Columbus 5. Indianapolis 18, Toledo 3. Kansas City 11, Minneapolis 5. HOW THEY STAND. National League. Clubs. W, L. Pet. Pittsburg . . A . ....... 6 2 .750 New York .... ... 8 3 .727 Philadelphia 7 3 - .700 Chicago 6 3 .667 Cincinnati ............ 3 5 .375 Boston .............. 4 7 .364 St. Louis...! . ... 3 8 .273 Brooklyn 3 9 .250 American Leaguer Clubs. W. L. Pet. Detroit 8 3 .727 New York 5 . 3 .625 Philadelphia 5 4 .556 Boston 6 6 .500 Cleveland 5 6 .455 Washington 5 8 .385 St. Louis . . 3 5 .375 Chicago , ... ......... 3 5 .375 A Reliable Remedy CATARRH Ely's Cream Balm it quick If absorbed. Gie$ Relief at Once. It cleanses, soothes, heals and protects the diseased mem brane resulting from Catarrh and drives way aCold in the Head quickly. Ilestor the Senses of Taste and SmelL Full ei -i CO -is. at Druggists or by mail. Lujuiv Cream Balm for use in atomizers 75 ct. Elj Brothers, 56 Warren Street. NW v - A Few Good Propositions in Real Estate. 217 acrea two miles from railroad station; good frame house and barn; 80 acres In wheat;- farm well watered. This is a No, 1 stock and grain farm; price for the next 30 days $40.00 per acre. 40 acres three miles from Chilli- cothe; all level; six room frame house; good barn and flue or- chard. Price $4,000 if Bold by March 1st. 50 acres close to Chillicothe on pike; nice frame house and barn; all kinds of fruit; the right location for a truck and poultry farm. 400 acres two and one-half miles of railroad station; all first class land; fair buildings; can sell 100 acres, or more, to suit purchaser Price right to parties Interested. City Property.. An 8 room brick on East Second street, large lot with barn. Price $2600. 6 room brick 'and five lots; all together, on Arch street: good rea-eon for selling. Price right it Interested. 8 room frame, West Second street; modern; an ideal home. For further particulars, Call on WILLIAM JVC. TURPEN 20 EAST MAIN STREET. Office: Home phone 10-11. ADVERTISE IN SCIOTO GAZETTE CHICHESTER S PILLS UVlr TIIKWIA1IONI1 BRAND. A f'M-rkM-ter'l 1'lllB In Krd I Take olhrr nnj of your M Wrnggl.t. Ak fnr C'll H'lf ES-TKBt yun known u Ut, Slest. Aiwtyi H- In the "World of Sport Humnmi BndV lnl bolt nirU.llcV .Hh Rlua Ribbon. V At games; across for games abroad. American Association. CJubs. W. L. Pet St. Paul 10 3 .769 Columbus 7 6 .538 Minneapolis ......... 7 6 .538 Indianapolis ......... 77 .500 Louisville 7 7 .500 Toledo 6 7 .462 Kansas City & 7 .417 Milwaukee 2 8 .200 GAMES TODAY. National League. St. Louis at Cincinnati. Chicago at Pittsburg. New York at Philadelphia. Brooklyn at Boston. v American League. Detroit at Chicago. Philadelphia at New York. Cleveland at St. Louis. Boston at Washington. American Association. Minneapolis at Kansas City. Toledo at Indianapolis. Columbus at Louisville. St. Paul at Milwaukee. Five hundred satelites of the grand old game journeyed League park ward Friday afternoon to see Al. G. Field's famous "Minstrel Kings" cavoort around the league diamond in opposition to our own beloved Indians. It may truthfully be said thai for the first three rounds the opposing 'aggre It a? gation looked real minstrellfled, but by the time the full Journey was com pleted the club looked like an Indian reservation. The battery was made up of local ball tossers and these two were reinforced by Johnny Fryer, Ho- gan and Speedy Loller, who aided the "Singers" after the first three rounds ' For the locals, Molly took care of the initial sack, while Jimmy Mack, Harms and Windy Schuler completed the inner guard. In the far corners were seen Lefty Lamb, Mike Schroder and "Squirrel" Ebner, fresh from Marion, where he was released by the Digger management. The writer used three, pencils, fill ed a book and wore out his fingers before he finally decided that there was no place like home when the Red Skins had their batting togs on. The poor sphere must have been nearly dead and the sticks were no doubt all seasick, for triples became frequent, doubles numerous and bln- gles quite frequent before the ninth chapter was closed. No attempt was made to cronicle the same, for we had to go to press at three o'clock. When everybody was tired playing ball and even the bugs were getting hungry for something more substantial than "fan feed," the game was called. The Minstrels scored thrice in the nine spasms, while the Indians finished the full course just fifteen times pretty good for the time they occupied. The following is the way the runs were registered by the offi cial scorer, whoever that worthy may have been: Innings. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Minstrels.. 01 100100 03 Indians. .. 1 4 0 5 3 0 0 2 15 . NOTES., "Windy" Schuler, Harms, Lynch and Fisher were credited with triples. Others may have been lost in the shuffle. . "Squirrel" Ebner is apparently a poor sticker, which accounts for his downfall at Marion. Sunday afternoon the Indians and Iloosiers will meet again. If the air is filled with balmy zephyrs there will no doubt be a large crowd on hand. There are several sluggers among the local twirlers, and of these Lynch and Fisher are the kings. The score was big, 'tis true, but all the fans seemed pleased with the game. Five hundred out to a week-day game and an exhibition contest at that, isn't half bad. ;And still the Newark writers had the nerve to class us as unknown quantity. Sunday games; Holidays in black George Selbach, 1 recently released by Lima, appeared on the mound for a few rounds. He has nice curves and a world of speed, but seems to find it hard to locate the rubber. All the twirlers except Huffman worked a round or two. The backstops were also all in the game. Hogan held down the initial sack for the Minstrels, Fryer appeared at short and Loller worked In the left garden. The hospitau received $17.55, the local club's share of the proceeds of the game. Five gardeners are now on deck. Two of these will have to go. Harry Moots, released here recently, is now trying out with the Huntington Mountain State club. TID BITS FROM THE ENTIRE CIRCUIT & Lima Recruits Happy. It was with joy that the Cigarmak-ers welcomed yesterday's sunshine and favorable weather, and with the thermometer rising the lads enjoyed a full day's practice. The park was in as fast a condition as it has been thia year, and Manager Newnhanr took the boys through a good day's work, stirring up the dust in both the morning and afternoon. The boys are all working hard to get into condition to give the Youngs-town O. P. leaguers, who are scheduled for games here on Saturday and Sunday, a good drubbing, and from the rapid strides that have been made since the Canton game, it is not doubted but what the Clgarmak-ers are able to do it. ; The prospects for a pennant winning team are growing daily, and from present indications the locals will not only carry away the bunting at the end of the season, but will also be at the head of the Ohio State hitters. This will be an improvement over last year, as at that time Lee Fohl piloted the team to victory through excellent inside work, but at swatting -the pill the Clgarmak-ers stood near the foot of the list-Lima Republican-Gazette. Captain Wiloughby has recom mended a young outfielder , by the name of Snyder, who is trying out In the Virginia League. Snyder is up against an ex-big leaguer and may not stick. If he is freed Lewis will bring him on. Marion Star. That the locals have picked up a live -wire in Claude McCarthy, the Zanesville boy, is the honest opinion of all fans who have witnessed the outfield in action. He covers a vast amount of ground and is as fleet of foot as a greyhound. His catches are made in a graceful manner, and he has an arm of great propelling Midnight Doctors are the most unwelcome visitors even the Doctor himself curses the luck that compelled him to leave his comfortable bed. Suppose you try our method, and keep a big 35c bottle of Perry Davis' Painkiller in the house, and let the Doctor stay in bed and enjoy himself. AS A MATTER Exclusive Optician i vy v l face type. force. He is a big, strong fellow, and it looks as if Manager Montgomery of the Zanesville team, did the local magnates as well as the fans a good turn when he recommended McCarthy. He is full of pepper and things will never be dull or listless while Mack is in the field.- Portsmouth Times. WaUh and Young have been released by Manager Wills at Lancaster. Walsh was a would-be third sacker and Young an alleged out fielder. Carl E. Stalger, shortstop for Si Straus River Citys, has received an offer from Marlon in the Ohio State League and may decide to accept the same. He1 is a speedy Bolder and while he has never broken Into print to any great extent, would doubtless prove a good man for the "Diggers." Dayton, 9; Marion, 1. Marlon, April 30. Dayton's Cen tral League team won from Marlon yesterday, 9 to 1, an uninteresting game. Marion's outfield again dem onstrated its lack of class. Zmich was hit hard but received poor sup port. Score by innings: ' Marion 00000 0 01 0 : Dayton..... 10000250 1 9 Hits Marion 6, Dayton 14. Er rors Marion 4, Dayton 0. PICTURES framed promptly, rea sonably and well. Horsey & Chap man. A Healing Salve for Burns, Chapped Hands and Sore Nipples. As a healing salvo for burns, sores. sore nipples and chapped hands, Chamberlain's Salve la most excellent. It allays the pain of a burn almost instantly, and unless the In-Jury is very severe, heals the parta without leaving a scar. Price, 25 cents. For sale by all dealers. e Peel languid, weak, run-down? Headache? Stomach "off" Just a plain case of lazy liver. Burdock Blood Bitters tones liver and stomach, promotes digestion, purifies the blood. d EXAMINERS' NOTICE The regular Statutory Meetings of the Board of School Examiners of Ross County, will be held in the High School Building in Chillicothe, between the hours of 7:30 a. m. and 3:30 p. m., the Teachers' Examination the first Saturday of each month, unless thtvt be a legal holi day: The Pupils' Examination, the third Saturday of - April and the third Saturday of May: The Boxwel Commencement, the Second .Satur day in July The work of the Examination for teachers will be divided into two sections. The First Section shall consist of the branches designated by the State School Commissioner as "Fore-noon Work," the Second Section, of the "After-noon Work." An applicant may take both sec tions in one day. If he or she falls in any one branch, no grades will be transferred to any future examination. The applicant may elect to take one section on one day, and the other Section within two months. No grades from a failure, or a certificate granted, will be transferred to any future examination. s Any applicant, who is known to have entered into contracts annulling or subverting the Statutes of Ohio, will not be granted a certificate. . ' Questions In Theory and Practice are based on the Ohio Teachers Reading Circle course, of this year and past years. E. T. DAVIS, President. F. C. KIRKENDALL, Vice Prea. W. J BEYERLY. Clerk. OF ECONOMY You could have your present lenses, placed in Shur-On mountings before you drop and break them again. These mountings are so constructed that the guards exert a slight pressure over a large surface of the nose. The total pressure thus distributed holds better than twice - the pressure centered at one point. "A minute's time may mean a life of comfort." Call and see the mounting that gives satisfaction. Hours 8 to 12. 1 to 5. Over People's Shoe Store To Break' In New Shoes Always Use Allen's Foot-Ease; a powder. It pre vents ugntness ana Diisteringr, curve Corns. Bunions, Swollen, Sweating, Aching feet At druecrlRtn. 2Kp Sample mailed FREE. Address A. S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. d Hold on to the Plumber Who is satisfied to do good work at a reasonable price, , SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Wm. F. Kopei & Son Practical plumbers, Heating Eng. Home Phone 1026. Professional Cards DR. H. R. SAMUELS OSTEOPATHY, Office Foulke Block, Room 1. Home phone 620. Bell Main 4BS-W. yiLLIS H, WIGGINS, Attorney-a4-Law. Rooms 6, 6 and 8, Howson Block, Chillicothe. Ohio. IJUSTON T. ROBINS Attorney-At-Law. Office room No, 8, Carlisle Block. Settlements of esvate, guardianship matters, and other legal business carefully attended to. LYLB 8. EVANS Attorney-At-Law, Rooms S and 4 Alston Building Special attention given to settlements of estates. Home phone 253. pRANK. B. MAULLAR'S Real Estate and Ilental Agency Farm and City Property for Sale on Easy Terms. Your Property Rented and Rentals Collected. Both 'Phones. 19 North Paint Street, Chillicothe, Ohio. QHARLES MIESSE, M. D. ' SPECIALIST. EYE, BAR, NOSE and THROAT Room 3 Union Block West Second treet. Home phone office SCO. Res ident, phone 199. Scott'sSaoialfepsinuapsuies A POSITIVE CURE ForInflmmtlon orCtrrfco) tlj Ul&d.lertnd PlMMd Kid. acyi. no cure mo tat. Una quickly and permanently tha wont rnwm of WttaorrlMM. and Hlfft. no matter of hm mag ptamuns. ADiolntaif harmlraa. Sold J dniKRiita Prira fl.'O. or tr mail, poflfr paid, (1.00,1 boiM. .. THE SANTAL-PEPSIN CO. RelMontalna. Ohha. For sale by Wissler Pharmacy. O..'.- 0 o o o o o Our new stock Is large and complete. We make a specialty of nice work; carry a largo , stock of high grade decorations, and give all contracts careful consideration. We make a 8 8 8 o o RJl mi 8 tJJCC Lactone luttermilk j Made with pure rich milk with !: all the butter fat in. , Rich Nutritious delicious. Highly recommended in all stomach or wasting diseases. On Draught at Howson's Soda Fountain The Just Wright Shoe 2?sJ Just Shoe Hrlng your shoe repairing up-to-date work. LADIES' SHOES Geu. 95 North Olds and Automobiles and Olds Gas and Gasoline Engines QUINBY CLIMER, AGENT Office 19-21 N. Mulberry Street GAZETTE WANT ADS. PAY study of Wall Decorations; will yon not let us serve you? Our Spring stork is full of beautiful parlor hangings, rich t hall designs, catchy den papers, dainty bed rooms, and suitable EY1H1WJ 18-20 WEST SECOND STBEET wwwww ww w mmih3C5m w a Carlisle Building twta nrr a tvt , lis Well drettsed If his shoes are I not 1-iitM Hicht in ntylo. right fin material, right in Hhoecraft - here i a lino right In all these ways and right in price. $4.00 Fittml with these you are shod fit for any occasion. to us if you are looking ofr neat and jf Bohn's BOYS' SHOES Paint Street. Oakland n decorations for all purposes. We call particular attention to our Leathers, Llncrustas, Tiles and Panels. ww w Wwwwwww'Sw w u a

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