The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1931
Page 5
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\VKDNT.SOAY. M BLYTHEVTLLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NEffS PAGE CLASHF" ADS' Tft-o cents a word for fti'jt Inieilkm and one cent o word 'or e.icli suljit(iuc::t Iiiierlloii. No advcrliiemi-iit taken II.T less limn 60s. CUHill liic words and . sc;ui1 tile cash. l>houc 1)06 . FOR SALE S § LOOK! SAVK: USED CARS Rccomlitiomid I.:ik' Models Diinint V.'liippet Chrysler Chevrolet OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern ,.- ?<r- "\L^ 1.AURA LOU BROOKMAN .Ilin umiPil toward Ills wife. "Make you loncsiimp?" lio asked. O1U-: smiled, shaking lier lip.vl In "Now you BOO wlial wo'vo doue!" Gypsy said lu a low voice. "Listen lic-rei girl, I've found out you can Jance! You nnd I arc clop- liliiK out DUO ot these nlglils soon. Ir.iliul- :,i, li>i!l::ll..,- IriMn \\vir p t tm\\ I,.- Hi.' l'l:i ( illl- I II 1.,111,ill illlllliT. !u- 1i-:U.M u> humr. Ili'Sf* II',- it l,::ltl !inv. llr l> ,!,•:,! Ill III.' i-iid-n-il liy I'.Iuni-r I li !l"0 lij hi. liilil (III.' ILu- utrl Jim looked in her I Some, place where, there's n good I closely. Unless his eyes deceived floor nml snappy musk. You and 1 arc Eotng places!" •That would be fun," Gypsy whether It was happiness or tho blur ot misty fringes that m&do them ladlant. Sho stepped lo Uie mliTor, palling her hair inlo order- JIII.-1 .i!- ll!IM Tiny ( il> .» I JIW« il liy 1.1 WAI. i. AII: I liim tlreie was a tear on Hint eye Hash. Oypsy turned'her head away . - . iti-ul when he lookcil atinlii tho tear! agvccJ. Her eyes wer6 sulnlnc bul ' v.-n3 gone. ovel1 lllc " •" m coiilil not toll He came over and Brink beside her on the davenport. I "Pretty onlcl arountl here, isn't : it?" lie Fiilil. "Ol your llilngn nnd I we'll FCC If «c i-an'l liuil a movie j wiMlli loc-ulns at." I "I'll rather not If you don't j mind," CSypsy answered. Walhi'-i: eyed her cincslleaiugly. I tlri'ti li-nnul hack. Etarlrig into tlie ! lire. Tho click of. Aunt Ellen's knit| linn needles was Ihc only sound lo i tiieal; M>\V CD <>\ WITH the; silence. Kivo minutes piiEscil. Then lliey heard the slirlll linG ot Hie icli'plione. "I'll answer," salil Jim. rising. "Il's probably Harrison." Ho ills- appeared, and cnme back n inlninc later to announce, "Someone lo talk lo yon. Aunt Kllen." f,M.i.;•::•: '.VAI.I.ACK in-oiro a i-oii, Witll __ __,„.,.,, 0 [ . ror 5 nk skins IJ ;•.':.! Imtii-rcil U. "t tr'.'.kcil wltli \ ^unt Kllcn hurried from tliu room, jlr. l.::i:ili;-il of Uie voal estate coin- j jj [u Jropiied again beside the r-aiiy loilny." shu fi!d. addressing | O n the davenport. Irer lu-iihev.-. "TlK-y're going lo let I ,. rm afr!llli R . s _, e(m ,,.,11 nronnd licrc for you." he said, "Listen mi: XIX Authorized I'onl Dualurrj § $ 5 ? 5 $ $ . FOR SALK--U:>.by chicks. All vai-i iulies. hnl(.!i!nij sulitit- ] cd. I,toily:i Hatciicvy, Biyiliuvilk 1 . i rrU-Cll-11- 1 | | Just purchased Hunk- I rni>t stodi of USED CARS 11)30 ChevioK'l Coaches 1U2U Fords 1'onliiic Sedans LEE MOTOK CO. aildi-cssin •"I'lu-y'ro going lu let I me iiruvr in!o I'.ie house down lire jluL't ne\t -.-.i-c-S." ^ _,__ er Alll]l mien moves you can fix Jim unk<"il up. "Why—1 I'.i'iii't j ^j^ .jiace over to snic yourself lui'iw VLIU >veie thinking of it. Sure y oll know—inahc H look up lo dale Hint's v.-lral you want lo iloT lie | ^n,,, Anne Trowbridse's place ru'Srci!. ] Would you like that?" Mi.-* VY-lkcc nf.iii'.iril. 'Tlievc's nc | ..j',, ] ovc to :" Gypsy (old him. v '.:-.-.x lor lire U-re any lonser." siic j ,. A]1 „,,,_ sU . |T ,,„_, )s „,,..» j - :il: '- . : went on v.'ltli u wave of his hand "'.*t;\-; you Irncv.', Aunt I--llt-n," j --()ioar it all out if you ivant lo Jhi! 1 r-^an, ''yori'iu welcome lo stay !;<:-!c just aj inn;; r:5 you wirnt to <];.:=y nail I a:e lioth slrnl lo luv* Get rW of it. I've hecn \vislilni; th lilrice coulil be flicil up for a Ion; lime lint I dii'.S't waul to liurt Aun Rl'.nr's foplingB—" "lint tlic old thinps are lovely." Uiyiisy Interrupted. "We'll keep all :o;-5 1 . l .':'.l:r.i-^' shonri lier lica:l. "i'vo iDlrl lln-ui I'll lalre ll.e place." «:ru sniil. "-o il'n EC-f.lud. I'm i;i;!ii-' nl tlrcni. Qnly I'd like new cur- to irnve a look :it it Dinorrov; j talus nnd IUBK insleail ot this car- uroniiri'-; and s:c if l!rr-y'vc IKodiiicl. And I'd like lo change i!u.=e tiii.-i.'ii:tn'.^ til'; w.iy ;.:c,rn!.--i!. You iv.i;:lit i: J ai'juud an-1 rr.i'l u'.it wlrrll tile tr:i \. - i!l clialr,e lo ::ir»vo tliey I thai hook caw. Oh, and It wo could 'P1IIJ next six days wero a perloii 1- ot furious activlly In Uio Wai ace liousehold. Gypsy, who alreads onsiilcred Aunt Ellen R model o niciciicy, now marveled at he cncralshlp. InnnmcraulQ boxe vere packed. Thouyli tho move \va nly half a block down Ilia street wry object had to ba crated as or a io'irney. Every closet and cup loard had to bo ransacked. It wa Aunt Ellen's creed that the .hou 1 she was leaving must be as spotless is thoroughly scoured as tho one 1 which she was moving. Cora'Malso came each day during that wee. and worked from early morning u til late at night. There was a now Interest to Gypsy lu planning how tlic rootu were to bo redecorated. Many . tiro most objectionable heirloom \vero being packed aud crated' move to -Miss Wallace's cottage. '11 big living room with Its old-iasa- loncd fireplaco hod splendid proportions. It reminded Gypsy ot a room slio had seen once- ID a museum. She lundo a trip downtown to nn interior decorator's aliop and talked tho matter over tenlotlvelj with the gray-haired, soft-spoken pioprletress. It was agreed that Miss Christopher, the decorator, should come out and view tbe house and submit suggestions. The afternoon before her departure Ellen Wallace climbed the VTMIEItE'S something elso 1 A wanted to tell you, Miss Wai. co continued. "I suppose you uu- e'relivnd I'm taking Harriet?" No—no, I dIJii't understand ha I." "Sorry. DMa't tlilnk to mcnllon before. Hut of course 1 couldn't ot along without Harriot. 1'vo •alned her niysclf. Sbo knows «• clly how I >vanl ovcrylhlnn douo. lakes my tea right." Gypsy nodded. "Of course," sho aid. "I'll telephone on agency. 1 upposo tlicro Is ono licr'e?" Ellen Wnlluco oyed lier closely, urslng her lips. Tho girl had no only find old-fnshloned wing coiniauy chair instead of that rocker and a Hiiirss." | little (o'at stool to so beside It! You tl. "it you |l:now. this could I \vomlerftil room!" TOR SALE—Gor>d. dry coul: wood, Euchaiv.ui Coil Co., Mior.e 101. I ni--;;N f I FOR SALE—10 acres Cic-rr, Lake, | ! lib'i. wen drain?:! laud. V/ar.uei 1 - , j fill soil. Owner n-.ovcrl a-Auy n-.ul jL •) ;nys sell it—31EOO. No iiioi-lSEse \ Lirjarriii. it. I 40 or 30 AGREE—3-4 inii'.'p or 31y- ; Ciuy:lp.,Bc?.v ioil—^J-'-'iJ an aijTir^j ROOM COTTAGE—m DoU'jan. j Balh and all coiivjiuun-jci. ^r;3'. i ownccJ v;ho has moved avviiy r?jt(jr.'. i Will let, it ijO for sli'i.0. iiu-J 1:15:1. i balance S-U P-> month. Th'jrric-.i' Land Co. 5-i-lC-iir:; | •TH do it." Jim agreed, "it you i l:nolv - ulls tu> "" •» nia(l0 lnto a r0 ";'-' ,i"e «°>-lh!.,g 1 can do to. "Go-alread. 1 think It needs hn- li^ln 1 .'" t!yr?y -j=\;t-A. '•".:? t/ilor v.-nirnn EdiO If d^ni^^^hmed'loTmiil'ir'c. AM : »»o :• lively ilnnee piece. Jim Iwgan t;-.e houre there were arli- \ whistling proVi'iucnl. Say that's a good tune, thr-rci Is"'' il -" , , The radio orchestra hail swung melody ir':-n "'a"""a'\\ls~ "wal'Vce The I nacoiistiouslr. tapped .-'/.ii'v.-u the strc...t !nd sii j lime with lu_e beat.. ^. I-'l.'j Lai! ruorc and Gypsy, one toe in ' Jim grinned and swung tlrc-ir.scrv H V.T.S cn FOR SALE -Itov. . KCD Wclrh l'o£i- FOR RE.-7T air.ntiirei'.i. 1 Call "330.° FOR KV:.\r — Erdrco:)!. puvalt ] bath, close in. I'ho-.-.o 7E3J. Mrs. j Belie M. Woo-a. 13C-TF; ri crK?arra5iUi^ evening; ,1 lo kce;i from sbnn-Eu'j :-...-, ],!: her. Jlr-.. no, : co:i=r^i!ily as^nird hi? li'is home «as lievs n = si-c v.Uiitil, :-.r::!! t 'ii rtlioveil. tlc.^i-rJ ninl office linil br-'en curved tlicy \vc-nt irrlo li; rcutri. A live, as usual. \va» in the (ireiilace. .liin tv.-rsleil the AH' the FOR RE>!T--3 room furnished fla:. i ^nragc and coal house. Call! G7a-W. 7C-T1" J you RKNT — Motlen: Flionc -110. FOR RENT — BcjuliU: Irirnio. with 4 bed ifrc: house. cli:c'iU-i! liurr:^ r,;:d >Ji">i. tukc L.ri'O ul i!. Ti'.o::-..... I .'•="! Co. 3-riiC-KJ7 t-.vo i:o:ircJia;i.s f.oated inlo the "Oil. Jin:: D.l turn lint Ihiasi irfi:" Irir. runrt pi'oiostci!. "Ynu kiuw i There ^vnr, a \vliir of, static and then s',^ of a Flow, nicludlous wn'.tz ^vcetcii their cars. It was the In^l Ti;v, baia oi tho ciiorus. The Ktrirton antroKiiiryr'a voii-e cut in as the Enn:; r-a-iotl. The music \\as bc- ins relayed from a Ke\v. York slairs to Gypsy's room and knocked on tlie door. The girl opened It. "Won't you como In?" she said, her Eururiso apparent. H was the first llrae Miss Wallace bad visited her In lier room. The older woman entered room, declining tho chair Oypsy liut forward. "I've conic to tell you," slia said, "that as soon as I'm settled in nil ho-jsc I'm going to give a dinner party. It will be a house-warming and il will also tie an opportunity for you lo mccl the other relatives We're quite a clan, jrou know. I'd have- had them all n4rx-be!orc if 1 ! hadn't been for till* business o ' moving." trying to look pleased, "that—tba will be very nice." Aunt Ellen did not smile. "Th Wallaces," she said loftily, "hav always kept our family traditions Tlie Wallaces were ono ot the firs families to settle here. Came from N'ew England before that. There ar nol many left now but we manag itfi when Aunt Allen appeared in to get together occasionally. There the iloanvay. my sister, Sopbronia—she's Mr • 1 I J el's dance," he saia. e. Aunt Liienl'o tlis fcci - i'ID uotifv ii>.e!"l-ikG to 1 . 1 " :-;iy TO install ! ^' )C "' r ' ^rnlled ^r.d arose. Jim's Janus slip]ieil alx)iit lier anil they j,. j incved away, swayim; wilh the, Pe'='l- ?!; ""ly <!a:icer. «as a poor surface tml G - v " s > r hllcw ou that Jim was a skillful Ho field her closely. H was the nrra time there Irad been anylliins " j li:;o a carets between this strangely married pair. They were laughing r'riiiio uiid'iUc "voices of j - :111 executing a whirl with n Hour- fi^ i : ],„ infi \v lien Aunt Allen anneared in beard her explosive "Wei!— 1 ." and Jim turned his head. "Come nn in. Aunt Ellen," he called. "Can I have tho next daiico with yon 1 ;" For an Instant Ellen Wallace hesitated, her face a mass of storm clonds. She was about speak when suddenly sho whirled and was out ot Eight. Mcbolson—and Ecn Wallaco an Ills wife and their children. Den Jim's cousin aud so is Abbie Ma ley. Abbtc and her husband live o on Gilford Road. You'll meet tbe all. I was thinking that Wcdncsda would probably bo tho best iiigh 1 "If» lovely ot you to give t' party," Gypsy said. "I'll look f< 1 ward to it." doa what wns back of that enlg- nnllc glance. "There's nn agency," ho woman Eald. Then she turned nnd went from tlio room, closing tho door behind her. There wens two agencies, Gypsy ehrncd when sho consulted Hie lelepliono book. She called ono of Ibcin and the- wociau who answered promised to semi nn applicant at 11) o'clock next morning. It was earlier than usual when Jim camo liomo that afternoon, r had been standing before n window in tho living room nml paw Iho green roadster turn lulo tlio drive. When Jim cnmo up on tlio porch ebo asvung Iho door open (oc him. "Good evening!" sho paid, smiling. "Well—havo wo a new hntlcr? Wiiat's the news ot tho dayj" She told him about Ihc parly next week. "Oh. Lord—another one of those!" tho young man £rnmhlcii. i, this gang of relatives of Ino la prellty terrible. Maybe we n crack up an excuse- for not 'Ing." Gypsy shook lier head. "I'm raid not- H seems we're at least ie of tho reasons the party's tie- t given. It's to Introduce me to .e' family." He nodded. "Oh, yes—sure! 1 .low all about that. And sit oronnil ir three hours listening to Aunt ophroni.i tell over again uow nclo Ezra suffered in Anderson- Illo prison nnd bow the Wallaces on the Civil War!" Together they entered the living ooiu Jim's left baud slipped Inlo is coat pocket. "Gypsy," bo began, "I've sot ometbing I want lo shots- you." "What is il?" "Well, I'll tell you—" Before be could continue Ihey ward Miss Wallace's voice from upstairs. "Ob, Gypsy!" she callril. 'Will you come up hero a miiiulc?" "I'll be right UniiV Iho elrl said, .urnidg lo answer. "I'll liurry." Jim glanced over bis slionliler lo assure himself that she was out of he room. From Iho coat pockei ha drew forib a sniall black plush noi> Tlio lid snapped back, reiealing a square-cut diamond. For an Instant he held It 30 lliat (be light fell on the gem, multiplying and transforming Us rays lo white fire. He moved the ring. Tlio jewel grew more dazzling. Smiling, Jim Wallace closed tlie. case anii returned it lo his pocket. He walked up and down Uie vooir. waiting. There was a book in tlie chair -where Gypsy hail'bcen silllns. Jim picked it tip. Edna Berber's new novel. He turned through Uie pages carelessly, came lo a marker. It was a kodak print. Tho face of a young man, handsome and wearing 3. Frinch beret, smiled up at Urn. CAKES . A I'ALF -TH 7 LAST -TIME. E REMEMBER BEiUfl eArf Trig SUMMER VOUR ARM WAS IM A AS MAS-feT! r Excepr YOUR QRQlAlU 1b A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HI GUT! By MartiL -.^;; DFpiRr M£ KT ot- "may of (he imlvr-r.-c" on it was' BERLIN. (UP) - HanB j ijnnntlty of coultin V.'ANTED S'xi uai'y. \Va5lunjTton, J_ |D. c.. MIK!'. '. 1531. ! vibur-'j.!:!; sri- hor-rbv .-.elicited, to .i=. ZRjllMi! ji, tlie O™ifc> of tlio Suiicrvisiml h'.ht..;, v. ••-. Arclir:-c:. T:--:.'.s'.:ry D.'iwrlniciil,. ^. fcr.Mi-.:: V,'.ir,';iin-lon. D. C.. nl 9 o'clool:, :r. : in., on /.pn 1 . 13. 1631. for Ihc .-r.'.e . LM- ilv-/:'.;ir-:-. 1^ tlic Unrtcc S!nlcsi of j-ii Inr.blv a corner lot con-, iairilii" •'ivju'-rlir.ati-lv 27.000 fiiuaie' fei.'i. v/itii a <ii;r,er,":cii of approximately liJ^) irnr::! feel, en the more 1 :aid by a hen belonging to Mrs. W. .r.-.ab has just been sentenced to n| dispow of them because the entir Propos.-rl.i : C. Hcrrnori here. « opened .. lycar in jail for llu-ft of n large i lot were for I rmriortan' of the f.vo street front-. POULTRY WANTED — Marten. ,,..,,.. ccr .; ra ]!-, r.nJ coiive nirntly ! prices paid at C. L. Ii-ji:r.eit Co. 15,.",-,^ i L , n: i bi-it-jbic [or a Federal Feed Co. ilo N. Uailvuad K:., west 1 ^.J'.,^,',., ,.;,._, M Biythrvi!:?. Arof courthouse, J. E. Fislrcr, l''.-.onc i ... ir; :v ' Ul)OU r.niiiic.ilrcri. the FKKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS ;®.(LD WAV! OBJECTS TO FsecKues IVlS PRESENT OWILS. we EXPLAISIS.TO 21C-II 1 ' prospecti crs. any qujnti-.y. hcryO B. Fourth Si. op Mnrnyn :!e.c- r' 1 ; K-1V WANT TO RORROW-Si50 lor ;i chcrii,!o Doc. Isi. Good J-ERRV K. HEATH, Asviitalll Sec-! rctary. HJC-K2' lain! Co. ISC-K30 Al.I, KINDS OF MACHINE \YOHK Electric a;:d Uas Woldni- done OSUKON HI-ACKS.MITH SHOP llj X. Ir.inV.lin St. York Cotton DlSAPp£ARA(4CE OF MIS P2IZS? COSY.,.,. YOU XKVKR CAN TK1.L! . JOST A WiUJOTG, r-BEOiLES.'.' \WAIT.-. T- THINk: .HELL, IF v/AliTS WE TO ET OUT OF HIS JOOSE t I BETTER GO.... SEE;.i DOUT SEE DiFFEREMCE. It yyj Vcwovj HE'S p .- I CAN GET MUATo L6f IS HGKZ /H.6OT MJAlJ f& O-O rAIHD.- AMD ALLOvjJ.MS TUE Boy To STAY W.S^r 116LP SOWS TH'.S AKVSTSRV A LOT SCOWER.... "^S 1 ,N- ^J /OOR OMIU VMS/, LETS GST BUSY OM THIS ^7 CASE OP M1U£ .'.' oH Boy/' ArJo-rwv HOT soi sss To W.ISS ATHIMS// vY ]•)':•> "'.WASH TUH1JS GLORIOUS . By f'r.'d Invest Vl/ith Safety nnchaiigcd- a'.: A r i'.T Cotton H, EftSV, Kv!0 JE^N SPENP ft DELIGHTFUL, <iU3RlOU& £Vt FlSrtlKSd, SVJIKWIMG WJD PICMICK1M& ToQtTHER. full |i:iid slock, N'.i'O anil lip. Gu:niiiitcoii' by 1'ivsl r!-.(!'.-lff(iSt! to.'ins on lioinori in IJlytlicvillo. Sci'd'otl ami Injured. Blvtheviile BuHdiRg & Loan Association \V. M. 15i:vnr=, See. !;:ot.i crc-srd ti-.'.'ciy a'. 105'.', ~t:r- i .vr;iir.s MA-.' .MAiU'rN. 1 :".n . • l \YORi.n, -An c;rr ' of nr, or- , n&w<« ft ?tfi.Ftcr PEACH 5JSWE. >?. TrtG BE?>T SPORT, AMD TUG MOST CttlWiMlWj fvMV> OtUCiHTf UV- CCW?A^'.CX' HAT sue Hhs SCORED A TREMENOOOS HIT, THE VIW UJiSiiH WO £ft^ FOIWVJ H&P- 6VSP.Y

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