The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1949
Page 2
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JAGB TWO THE NATION TODAY '48 Income Tax Law Provides Better Deal for Husband, Wife Through Filing Joint Return (EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is the eighth or 12 statin on who has u> do WB»t »bout hli IMS income tax returns, for the deadline Is March )5.) . " 'By Jsmfs MarJow WASHINGTON, March 2. M>/-If you're married, remember these points about filing j'our 1948 income tux return: In «very CM* where the wife <or husband) ),nd no Income, married couple* will never money by Ming * joint relurn. In many cases ther will s»ve money. ' And in most cases where both have Income they'll save by tiling a Joint return. Why? Because ol the new law which Congress passed lust year to cut taxes and give married couples a break. They can "split" Ihcir income as If each were claiming half. Married couples—whose income under $5,000 and whose deductible expenses don't amount to more than NEWS Stomach Ailments, Weak Kidneys, Rheumatic Pains, Arthritis, Neuritis »nd other eomplainta auch na Headaches, Nervousness, Acids, Toxins, £lo*tlT>g. Lack or Vltnllty «nd EmrBF. Poor Appetite, Dtzay Spells. Drugless Health IF TOU ARE » sufferer of these ailments, try GEO-M1NERAL. You ra»T be astonddcd at the results. Yam need not guess — jou will tee fact*. GEO-MINERAL conic* from *h» earth — Nature's I4>boratorr. OnUJn» NO dope, NO alcohol, NO oil. ONLY Nature's minerals, the oldert, moot reliable remedy for rhewnaiUm, arthritis, kidney mid ttomaeh aiimtnta. GEO-M1NERAI, will enrich your Blood, help to make yon strong;, full of pep, life and enerjr. Lack of mineral* In the blood raa*e« »ne- »!», headaches, nervousness, Min- lerali generate mental brilliancy, <|i»e «p»rklin|r eyes, rti cheeks, fight dl*eue, build up health. Wonder Minerals RHEUMATISM, arthrlll, are dreadful dlMase*. Acid condition in the- blood Is often their r»u». Wh»4 eonW b« Iho remedy? For thommnds of yrara, minerals have ««« "f* «« relieve She nafn of l(ie*e Hit. Doctors send peocle (o mineral aprings to find cure or relief. Th« late President Roosevelt •»ed t« I« t» Warm Sprlnjs In GrorjU. He wan helped or would not bay* font there tvice a year. TEAK after year, people rash to imlnerml apruif* to drink and bmlhe !l ».*«' r "''•ertow water. We have 1 ;e»nJ of the wondrous sprinrj 10 percent of their Income— have NO problem In filing form IOWA or the 1040 short-form. With both forms a deduction if 10 percent already Is taken care o( in the tax table used with those forms. So a couple using them doesn't even huve to claim that deduction ol 10 percent,. It's given wiln- out asking. An automatic 10 percent deduction like that Is a generous allowance. Most people's deductible expenses don't run that high. But— If your Income was untler »5,000 but your deductions run more than 10 percent, you'll lose money by is on form 1C40A or the lOtu short lonn. Uie, Instead, the 1040 long-form. There you'll have to Itemize your deductions, but you can claim UHMII. Remember, though, that part ol your deductible expenses which is inane up ol contributions cnn'1 rim more than 15 percent of your income. 11 a wile or husband, lor any reason, use:; the long-term to Itemize deductions, the other partner must mo it, too. and Itemize. Couples with $5,000 or mate, income, using the long-lorm, are allowed a deduction oj 10 percent up to a limit ol $1,000 to such deductions. Tills Is a standard deduction for them. It doesn't require itemizing. Dt'ihlclloni Kxclaltned (Example: Ariams had 19,500 income. He and his wile, tiling jointly, although the wife tmd no Income at all, get a deduction of BI/YTHBVTLLB <ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'USAF Tests 'Flying Triangle' "i^f £"> , F °, rC M S " e * . researc1 ' Plan*. Model 7002, prepares for a SSS^^^ compared to the 35-de E ree mnximum on any other nlano The tr angular *,ng has "clevons" | n its trailing edges elim notine the U.1 by comb,nm« the funcllon, of aileron and e.lvaior ac ol (U. S Air Jorce photo /rom NEA-Acmc.) Russian Pilot Fled Siberia, Landed Plane in Japan, Army Now Discloses ' - »>noM ", ncicnt Greece -here, I *. endl " crcul ". «l« i*. 1 stren «'*< »i"l youth, It, water* and balhed to be jorerer yotin^. Amazing Results GBO-MINERAL eonlaln, mln- •*™« Joattt at the world's hest .!S±«!;ja teI ; "or ellmlMlloM rrom your baw«Iji a dar or two *fli>r |»rin« »t The -waXe, "black as th" l«o)»i -of , ottr ,),«„_ wi|I , Urt lo »reak away, and yon will SEE It! ^° ,« mm ! n . e *>« "rine. V OU may jaee Irnpnnties— polsonoos wa*le— - icomlnr out of your kidney,, £ erT |nr yon. And then reallie the price- 'Jes. T alae of GEO-MINEK,\L « E 0-»nNERAL t> not a physic . »->' Interfere with the ' But—if the wife had no income and doesn't file Jointly with her hiisbnnd—in the case of a $5,000 or more income couple—he geu a standard deduction of only *500. So they lose by not fllins Jointly. Where a husband and wile, with income of »5,000 or more, file separately, each Is allowed a standard deduction ol only $300. A couple married anytime In 1S48—even on Dec. 31—can file a Joint return on their income for all of 1948, thus Belting the benefit ol the lower "split" income tax on married couples. Suppose you're filing a return and your «iie tor husband) dieil during 1W8. You CBJI file a Joint relurn munching a note pointing out the deaih) and claim the usual WOO exemption for her, even though she died Jnn. 1, 1948. Couples divorced or legally scp- nratcrt at Ihe end of 10+a must fiie separate returns. Each then ge.s one exemption. And even If a husband paid all the support of a divorced or legally separated wife he cnnY gc-t an exemption for her. Alimtmy 1'olioy Varie., A husband and wife living apart .by Dec. 31, 1948, but not divorced or legally separated can file a joint return. On the question—en n I deduct for alimony—you'd better ask a tax expert's advice that Ills your case because the answer varies. Anyone filing n return gels a WOO exemption lor himself, plus *600 ii he's blind, plus »600 If he had reached 65 on Dec. 31, 1948, And it lie's claiming an cxemp- wewUref H we win relund your money may ,,„ wonil( , r »K^-' 1I f|f| . br , ct • ™' eUil Price 6 Bodies SC.OO KIRBY DRUG STORES Bljlhevillc, Ark. Don't waste time. Today, eel a bottle of C-2223. Take It (or muscle aches due to exercise jr exposure (often called rheumatic ^am). or muscular lumbago. You'll | pe so grateful for Ihe help you get. 'Purchase price of flrsl bottle back if not satisfied. For temporary relief of accompanying constipation, take St. Joseph 2223 Laxative Pills. B) Pr.mli J,. While TOKYO. March 2. t/l'i—f, Rusian Army (lior fled Siberia and Inndcfl lils Riviet plant in late last yenr. the IT. S. Army revealed yestcrclny. The filer, Set. Vladnmlr Bnrash- kov, 23, lol<[ newsmen yesterday that RuKSian fliers "hnve the Impression the Soviets hnve the atomic tx)mb," He saW he lelt Siberia to seek a linven in thr Unilcd States, Barnshkov landed the Russl-rf built C-47 typo plane >on Hishlri Island, off Hokkaido, Nov. 10. 1S4R but the Army din not make his arrl- vnl public. Barashkov talked with American correspondents for more than two hours. He snid the election of President Truman nnd the defeat ot Henry Wnllncc Insl year mnde n pro- foimr) Impression on the Russiiiiis Bnrnshkov snid like other Russians he lind hrai led by Soviet propiiBiiiuta In believe Communism was ndvnndng in the world until 'he ncni-rt of <hc Amciicnn piesidential election. The fllri- (o)d newsmen the Red sir force had about 11.000 World War If type plnncs stationed in some 40 airfields scattered through Siberia and the Kurile Islands He said Ihe Russians have no jet planes In [he Asiatic-Pacific area He added there were no four-engine bombers In tli c area, either. Tile young Russian, answerlnjr questions as to whether he felt there was a likelihood of war between Ihe United Slates and Hus- sm. ansvcered: "Slnlin says Dint we wish pe»cc but because we are surrounded fc» capitnlistlc nalions we must be prepared for war, Tlint attitude hM entered into the daily life of th* people of Ihe Soviet Union. Tliojuo- Plf tin not believe I here will ke » war but some lenders fear H.- Enlistmtints Halted WASHINGTON. March 2. I'T, _ The Marine Corps has suspended March enlistments except for 18- y-ar olds and a limiled number of women. ^ Recruiting was halted because of increased recnlistmenls and a cut in strength ol the corps tion for his wife, he sets the usual SSOO for her, plus $600 if she's blind plus $SCO if she's over 65. Remember: a wife is not classified as a dependent. She's entitled to an exemption of $600 if she had no Income and her husband files a return, claiming her exemption or, if— She had income and flips Jointly with her husbnnd. In that case, each gets an exemption o! t&» on the same return. But if— Ths wife had any income—even us small as $1—no exemption ra.i be claimed for her unless she files her own return, separately, or joint- li' with her husband. The pay ol enlisted men tud noncommissioned officers in the. armed services I* tax-free. So three who had no other income don't file a. relurn. Farmall Tractor ENGINE TUNE-UP SPECIAL! • Tune-up Engine • Clean Plugs • Retime Ignition • Check Compression • Clean & Refill Air Filter • Clean & Adjust Carburetor • Adjust Fan & Generator Belts • Adjust Governor Adjust Tappets Adjust Brakes Flush Radiator Tighten all Radiator Hose Inflate Tires to Correct Air pressure Steam Clean Engine .95 COMI IN THII WEEK TO SOUTH2ZPST. House Paiset Bill Giving Radio Newsmen Same Protection as Press UTTLB ROCK, March 1. Ift- Tlie Arkansas House yesterday extended to radio newsmen the name protection for confidential Information sources ns Is now provide* newspaper writers. A bill by fien. Pat Garner of For Smith, a radio news editor, wa passed nnrl sent to the governor I amends an initiated act of 1936 iin der which newsmen caimol be re quired to disclose confidential sour tes of information. Child Thrown Through Windshield, Killed TEXARKANA, Ark.. March 2. If —A four-yenr-old child won killed near here yesterday when she plunged through the windshield of n light 'nick that suddenly left the high- She was Rose Marie Grlggs Her Parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Griggs of Garland City, and another child suffered minor injuries Officers snid Grlgcs forced Ills truck Into a ditch after he sighted another vehicle on the wrong side of the highway. The child's dealh brought to 65 Hie number of nelson., killed In traffic accidents in Arkansas th Roy Rogers and Wife Sued by Producer LOS ANGELES, March 2 t/rt— Cowboy Actor Roy Rogers and his carting lady wife. Dale Evans, have been sued for 4330.000 In a suit which alleges, hi effect, (hat she preferred lo be her husband's leading Indy than th e star at her OW1 westerns. Film Producer Louis Lcwyn filed the ilnmage suit Monday claiming Miss Evans agreed last August to appear In his pictures. But he contends she later refused. l-ewyn claims he spent considerable time and money preparing for Ihe western scries. He alleged Republic Studio, also named a defendant .wrongfully induced Die nct- RrT l ° C0ntlnue ln its rilm starring '. A Arkansas House Makes Kosher Food Kosher _ LITTLE ROCK. March J. r,T>l — The Arkansas House voted yesterday to make kosher food kosher H passed and sent lo the governor a bill by Sen. Ernest Maner of Hot Springs making it a misdemeanor lo sell or display any food falsely represented as kosher. Read Courier News Want Ad». •J'"o Home Loans Elberl S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Phone 6228 Eventnci "I just saw Mew- Triqidaire Complete Laundry! »h« Frlgidair* Fully Automallc WASHER— — with "Ijve-Wner" iction. All you dp is pur m clothes and soap, set the dial and forget it ! Fills anJ rmp. tics itscH automatically. In l«s tlun hair an hour your clorh« have been washed clean, rinjcd twice and damp- oricd . . . some ready for ironing! That j onlj- parr of the story. You'll have 10 sec this revolutionary new «'*slicr yourself. r^= j »h« New Frlgidair* tl.ctrie IRONER It irons clottics fMrer, smoothef, ncjtef: all without lifting, backiche, physical strain. The open ends will «lc jh«ts and tableclothi ... easily ! It IMJ many convenience features, such as selective heat control, foot-treadle action, two ironing speeds, roll-stop lor pressing and t ^0-inch toll. th« N.w Frlgidoir* Autamotlf ELECTRIC DRYER This is j,m w h«t vou've wiAed for m«ny iimei, especially on wintry or rainy djys. No fi«vy clothes to han£ out or take down. [t'« automatic l«« put m clothes, i« the tutom.tic "ma . . . ,nd forget it. In 15 to 25 mmutcj a whole vasttrfui of clothes u flufMried hy circulatinir u.jction'-tcady for itomnj! '«' »• Th*i« N«w FrlgMnlr* laundi ong.i . . . Wal.r H. O |«. . Horn, FrwY.n Adams Appliance Co. Inc. J. W. ADAMS, Manager Complete Service Department In Connection. Phone 2071 206-08 W. Mam NOTICE All owners of real property within the following described territory: All of the Southeast Quarter of Section Seventeen, Towiuhip 15 North, Range 11 East except Lot 48 in the southwest quarter ol the aforesaid quarter section, the same being generally known t* the Replat of the J, P. Pride and Gateway Subdivision* to th» city at Blythevllle, Arkansas art hereto notified Uiat a petition ha* been filed with the City Clerk of the City of Blythevllle, purporting to b« signed by two-thirds in value of the owners of real property within said territory, which petition pray* that a local Improvement district be formed embracing said territory for the purpose of constructing sewers therein and that tde cost thereof be assessed and charged upon the real property above described. All owners of real property within said territory are advised tha'. said petition will be heard at the meeting of the City Council to , be held at the hour of 7:30 o'clock P m,, on th« 8th d»y of March IMS ^'^^"W,meeting iwcout' i .J^ 1 ™" 1 * whether (hose g i h * ,'* me owwWut* two- in value of such owners of ; and at »ald meeting , MARCH 2, 1949 all owners ol real property with,, said territory who desire to Ti' heard will be heard ujx,n the r,u« W. J. Maliu, City CJcrl I AUCTION SALE MAIN STREET STORE TO BE CLOSED OUT Everything will be sold at the prie. you'll pay. K Fixtures and Equipment will be sold. WATCH FOR THE NAME SALE WILL START FRIDAY, MARCH 4th SEW this Spring and SAVE! Smart Cottons Lovely Rayons TEXTURED RAYON PRINTS Xfgularly Priced of 98c Yd. , Fine qwolity wilt, the look ond fsal of Imarf Hand wathabli. New geometric dasigni. 39', WASHFAST DRESS CHAMBRAY fr'md at 59c Yd. Kch-tonsd itimning stripes cmd cleor colors for dreises, ploytogs, dropsries! 35*. Printed rw«-eard >h«w dimity m woihable vot-dyed colors. 35 in. Rib w«ov« rayon gafaardin, for luils.rt OC IT O dr»s§es. Hond washable. 39/40'. ~»ur-Mil" myon tii.u. faille—won 1 ) tag or ilrslchl 39'wids. Slob w«v. rayon iKantttng in h» clous spring colors. 39 in. Rayon iriantvng in charming prints on texhjred ilub weave. 39 in. Simpficrry Pattern 25 ef<>

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