The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 11, 1934
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Served by the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEASy ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUttT "^""^ * k ~'' 'tSK .,;',. : '.• 'tf^V ';' ' .'™£ VOL. XXX—NO. 25-1 Blylhevill? Dully News Blylhcvlllc Courier Mississippi Volluy louder lilyiheviHe Humid KLYTI1KV1LLK, ARKANSAS. THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 1!KM FUTRELL PLANS THIRD SPECIAL SESSION m m IN Six Navy Planes Will Reach Pearl Harbor About 5 p. m. Central Time. WASHINGTON. Jail. 11. <UP> — The six navy pianos en route to Hawaii from San Francisco expect to land at the pearl Harb/>r naval base about 5' p.m. central standard time, according to a radio message from CoinmauJer McGinnis ol the flight, squadron, relayed to the navy department. Naval Flyers Approach Goal of 2,400 Mile Pacific Hop SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 1! <UP> —A squadron <jf r:x United States n n v y seaplanes today neared Honolulu after n .sieadv flight through the night Irom San Francisco bay. where U'C longest over v.-atcr moss Jli»ht In aiialion his- lory was slarltd at 2:25 P. M Wednesday. Al 1 P. M., cent' 1 .-.: standard time . the squadron repeated its po.~l- t:on as 350 nWlfs a ! . sea, appronch- ;n*' Honolulu. Powerful motors and Intrepid crews drove the six glam U.S. navy ciews drove six qiant U. S. navy seaplanes steadily ' westward through clear weather over the Pacific ocean. Some anxiety had been felt momentarily for the 10-P-5, which laeged behind Its males around midnight. Fog for a time separated the planes. But Lieutenant) .Tohn Perry. Greenville. S. C., piloting the distressed plane, notified Li. Com. Kneffler McGinnis that he was "following." McGinnis, in command of the squadron, reported thai, all was well. There had been no halt In the flight nor any check on the speed of the ' other planes when P^rrV repbft^d his 'distress. ,. Just oiice'in-the early part_.of the flifjhl, which -fiavy f men de L F-ribed as a "routine transfer," did the squadron experience' unexpect- od trouble. MIR ITCIE5T Senate Removes Debt Clause From Tax Bill _ WASHINGTON, Jan. II. tup)- Tlic .senatii loday removed the Clark amendment from the ll<iuor tax bill uiid again passed u.e rcvc- Tiie vole on. kining ihe Clnrk nini'udincnl. which was adopted j yesterday to the svrpike O f , u |. Ci'ilz Optimistic; Attitudej '"T^'CI"^ '^memi.""," ^^ which have defaulted on ir.el'r war debt-? lo the United Slates. Called Obstacle'.' Diamond Head, slumbering Hawaiian volcano, shown here sllho" etted against billowy clouds, is the majestic landmark for wlllcn U. S. naval airmen scan the Pacific xs they near the end of tn cir hazardous mass flight, from San Francisco to Pearl UnrDor. Diamond Head, loiu; extinct, risins above famous Wa'kiki beach at the southern tip of Oahu. is within sight of Honolulu and near Pearl Harbor, gual of the llfluhl—tons ef.t over-water mass flight in history. 1200 Men Removed from Ditch Cleaning Crews O. Shonyo, OWA anti-malaria! ')'work supervisor for Mis ^ipni andl ' Poinsett counties, today {confirmed ' I a report thai 200 of th;' 520 men . . " . ^ j engaged in the ami-int. : \ ditcli| Petition Lndorsin2 UaUt-. cleaning program in this county W7'll M DC L 'have been laid off. . ney,'. Will llOt be 3en,t lOj siionyo said the reduction Washington-.-:.' \ v i necessary because this county had ; more than" its quota of men em- | ployed in the program to clean appoint-; ditches a health protection OSCEOLA. Ark.—The ment of Congressman W. J. Driver i nieafure. •total of 1.2CO men Is said to Officers Doubt Story One ;-of : Them .Was "Pretty ' Boy" Floyd. Oklahoma Bank Robber; : Suspect Slain in WELLINGTON, Kails., Jan. 11. .(UP)—'Red Carson, suspected Oklahoma bunk robner, vfas shot to death t here on the streets today In a "pistol ba'.tle with three offl- Whlle It Is apparent Hint there lire .serious obstacles to be overcome if ihe 1034-35 cotton acreage reduction program Is lo go over successfully in this county, -J. E. Crllz. county agricultural agent, expressed himself today'as well pleas-1 ed wllh the start which Ihe county campaign rccelvedjin meetings yesterday at New Liberty, Manila, nntl Leachville. ' : *"' Active, interest arid a general desire for Ihe succc^ of ihe program was revealed at th£ meetings. AL the same ifm?,'. however, there was evidence of an inclination, apparent In previous acreage curtailment efforts', to let trie "other fellow" do the reducing, and then; hns developed a more serious obstacle In tee Inability of land owners and tennnta to" reac.n agree- jtnenls on division of benefits offered by the government. C. G. Smith, who spoke nt the New Liberty and Leachville meetings, sa!U that a better understanding of Ihc government's plan on the part of both tenants and pro- prieors was necessary before signing of (ny large nurriber'of acreage reduction 'contracts could be expected. He said thai BO far as Ills experience reached blame for delay in Ihe program pests principally wllh the land owriers, who have been demanding a larger share of the benefits than Is ^ntendcd for them by the governm.jit. Refusa by landlords to recognize the status FULL BILL FDR STK Measure Provides for Referendum Vote in May of This Year. SlierifT Jess Harrison was shot in the arm during' the furious ex, change of shots in front of the A£i las hotel whe.'e the "suspect spent line night. Officers here repressed dnubl i Af[cr ;,„ fsc ], allsc of 25 or 30 L1TTLE ROCK, Ark., ,Inn. 11 :UP>— Sale of liquor In Arkansas before siimm' ability today , ,, „ . vi , .hnl Gov. j. '•,.. lion Mil favor of eiiactincnt of ri field's bill. appeared a prob- It -vas Icarnci .rcll Is in Rep. Sian- Six hundred miles and six hours °f Osceola as federal judge.for the j A out from the California shore, thin ^^'" C.s.rict of ,^kar:sas ,,j,=nj , mv( of "managing share-tenants" has been a major obstacle, tic 'declared Last night's meetings', at p-,«cri- vllle and Manila were.,'especially welfsttended. J>Mell Brooks, who spoke at Manila, found the situation much Ihe same as that described by Mr. Btntth. Doth , . „ , . ,. , ,,,,,e been the quota for six north-i Judge John E. Martmeaus anlici-, C! , slern Arkansas counties A larg- :ln<1 llvo w °men companions, at. pated promotion lo ihe ^ United | e ~ numbcr " o , men was' employed I Roseland, 12 miles west of hero wisps of fo» obscured the Pacific. The formation split to avoid col- . vl ,,^, lt .^ i „, ,.,^., ...... ^..,.,.„ lirions. McGinnis radioed the U. States court of appeals will meet | jn thjs cmjnty at the starl t , 1!in ! Tuesday night and ""' the "" " * -" ' ~ r ' """"... . ~ - -. V^II.LLIO II^.L ...^n.^u in.i.ut j y\ncr an c-ncnnnge 01 2$ or .w scriocn Dy Mr. smith. Both spvak- todsy that the bandits who com-j shots a bullet fired by II. C. Halnc.s, I crs were questioned, at length by -^andeered a car occupied by John noting J)O lice chic!, Inflicted a mor-! farmers concerning details of the /arrcn. Cardwell, Mo., marshal t al wound in Carson's body. I government's plan. 3. Schenck, standing nearby, to TOh "'e unanimous approval or j iUi quo(a caUcd for tacausc ot thc i prisoners while driving in War-. -* M , ' r .. urn on its floodlights. h « fellow members of the Missis-1 £lowness j,, starting work in other rcn ' s c;lr lo Jonesboro. were really; Charges Meal to City The great searchlights pierced! s 'Ppi county bar in spile of the fact I counc j es ,„ this section "Pretty Boy" Floyd, notorious Ok-j they circulated a petition endorsing Chancellor J. F. Gautncy of Jonesboro for the position before it became known that Congressman Driver was an aspirant. Members of the bar here expres?.- The Chickasawba lodge N'o. 134. i e d indignation at [he news story P. and A. M.. will meet tonight. 7:30-from Joiiesboro carried in Memphis the atmosphere and. guided the planes into clear weather again. Masons Meet Tonight o'clock, in a stated communication. Important, business will also bo transacted. papers yesterday in which it was suggested that Congressman Driv- SUED I lahoma bandit, and a companion. One of the bandits is said to j _ n „ f, m ., n have told Warren, wlien the Card- j wj ^ n ^ ™j , MAMMOTH SPUING, Ark. (UP) demands service that he was Floyd. Warren .mu .1 ,, .- ^ , , j the won*n were forced out of ; hc Mf»> mo ^ Spring l.ooscgow and ! their own car near the Jonesboro. ^^ ^^cal " "" A. and M. college. Afla _ ^ f ^ ^^ ^ waitcr B ra j| ey Again Heads er would probably not consider be.- u j 437 Cflf) flflf) nn T) | corning a candidate since the pc- ™ d ^ZJUU.UUU On U -.,,/-. ,L York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 11. (UP)—Cot- ion clo&cd steady. op;n high low close 1094 1094 1081 1082 1037 1099 1087 10S9 1113 1114 1103 1100 11X9 1132 1118 1120 1147 1148 1138 1139 titions endorsing Judge Gautney | r originated in Mississippi county anil! were signed by his son, Attorney! E. S. Driver, of Osceoln. Jan. Mar. May July Dec. I1C1 1162 1155 1155 Spots closed steady at 1110. up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 11. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. opjn high \OK close 1030 1080 1019 1079 1090 1093 1083 1081 1108 1110 1101 1101 1123 1125 1115 1117 1H3 1145 1133 1133 1163 1155 1152 1140b posit Senate Ford Tells T (TO . E. S. Driver is nol a son of the | WASHINGTON. Jan. 11. (UP) — plan Mr. Crltz. who personally attended the L?achville meeling. said thai he was slrongly impressed by the large altendance and by the favorable expressions of farmers with whom he talked. He announced meetings for tonight at Dsll, where Mr. Brooks will speak, and at Promised Land, where J. H. Smart jr. will explain the House scntl'iient Is for Ihe bill H was amended ycslerday am there wns lltlle discussion excep for explanation of each amend mcnt. After amendments wen tucked on, the bill went lo the en grossing committee, and will com up for final passage late today. 1 was believed. A similar measure was introduced In the Senate yesterday afternoon. Under the bill a liquor control authority would' x be apirainted b'y the governor. It would consist of three members, would appoint a State-owned be set up and Arkansas would collect the profit from the sale of liquors, but would collect a nominal lax. Before this can be done, however, a vote of Hie people Is scheduled for Ihe first week In May—If the bill becomes law. At that lime the vote, of the slate will determine, whether or not they want liqiior stores. In case they do, and Arkansas did vote for repeal, then Ihoso counties Ihat vote dry can remain so; Will Recall Legislature When Bond Session Is Completed. LITTLE HOCK, Jnn. 11 (UP) — third extraordinary session of lie Arkansas legklalure will be nllcd "soon after- adjournment ol hi! bond refunding session," Gov. J. M. Futrcll sul'l here late this ftcmoon. The primary put pose of this '(•Hticomhig'session is to enact-a nonilovlum law similar to that •eccnlly passed' by the state of Minnesota, which placed a nior- loiiuin on mortei.gcs for three ycura. and which !aw \v-as upheld by the United State/; supreme couit several days ago In an opinion !>y Chief Justice Charles Evans tU'xhcs. Asks for Speed Governor Futrell asked that the hond refunding' Ml! be hurried. He sr.ld he wants the senate to pass liie second $12.00'J appropriation for luglsliitlvo expenses and ho SHU :i message to the upper body to tlmt effect. An amendment ro the bond re- furdlng bill this afternoon would proiltle that "the net shall become null and void" unless a .suit ponding In federal court which har tletl up Arkansas hinhwnv lx>nds, b dismissed. Despite a pica of Governor,J.M. I'\itrell that no amendments be plan. Friday night (here will be a meeting at 40 and 8. lacked on the new bond refunding bill except one for a refund of the tax on gasoline used for. agricultural purposes, four were Introduced in the house today and a fin- fcns beln? prepared. •; • ' i lower bodyvjH&taklng up. Mil, settlor) •'•!$ : ;»fc*<;loj) this - those voting may have the The Cardwell motorists, said to p rescn ted Brown with the check, have been enroule from Memphis,-charge it to the city," he said to Cardwell, were riding on High- — way 18 west of B ylhcville when • re lakj . H / rc!umcd8 to jilU c u ' another car sfdeswlped their machine and forced it off the high-1 way. A man jumped on the run-!D .1 f n nfng board of their machine from j u ™ lner °i ur> „. fci 10 IIUt „ -,„,, wi tllv | \vrtcirni\\-i njf, Jim. 11. vwi ' : ~ - --- - - : ^., _, . congressman and bears no relation- Edscl Ford teslificd loday at sen-. 1 "? other car and forced Warren Oi es a t Birmingham Ala ship lo him. He hastened to make nt,. im-,.sti° n tinn of closed Detroit to wait until they had transferred " ' ship lo him. H it known today, however, thai hi theiv baggage and what was said Rnlph Usrey, of Anniston, Ala.. Foreign Wars Veterans S. R. Bradley, of Osceola, has i been reclccted commander of Ihe Herman Davis post 1591 of Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. Othfy officers named for he new year arc: Jclm T. Lane, lenior vice commander; Jesse See- Jan. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Sl»ts closed steady al 1084. up 3 Chicafjo Wheat May Jiilv M ay- July open 80 3-E 85 high 86 3-4 85 1-2 low close 85 1-4 85 3-8 83 1-2 83 5-8 Chicago Corn open r.igh low close 53 1-8 53 1-4 52 1-4 52 154 5-8 54 7-8 53 3-4 53 3-i Stock Prices' A. T. and T ........... 115 Anaconda Copper ...... 14 Bethlehem Steel ...... 36 3-4 Chrysler .............. 53 1-4 Cities Service .......... 21-4 Coca Cola ............. 91 General American Tank 36 1-2 General Electric ........ 20 1-4 General Motors ....... 355-8 International Harvester 40 Montgomery Ward — 23 3-8 New York Central ...... 34 5-3 Packard ................ 4 Phillips petroleum .... 157-8 Radio ................... 71-8 Simmons Beds ........ 18 3-8 Standard of N. J ....... 44 3-4 Texas Co ............. 23 1-4 U. S Slrel ........ • ••• W as learned. It was staled by men close to ongressman Driver that proffer of '" federal judgesliin. news of ed its larsest balances in the Guardian National Bank of Commute ' company of Detroit. was carried in popular ..—^ ^-..,^v, ,,, , v pjfjumi i .. -IT i »..i gossip" column from Washington. MemOna! DV Little in which has never been confirm- n i i • f d, has unquestionably been made he Oseeoia representative, and it • Backs Legion Program Conflicting reports siorics: uullLJULlllg lUiHJJU-> Ul .-11UI l^.-> . rjr, . told bv Warren and his compan-'. Tho( . deceased, accompanied by Ions were told at Paragould and ^oo'her men. was cnroutc from agoi..^ — , , . Manila. At Manila Warren was *V , " Birmingham when a quoted as saying one of the ban- <,„"'"?!.""" E ** mn S. - N ews truck dits <;".-- .i-- 1.1-.. Pa ing that the bandits said they! e - ts said he was Floyd while nt s j™ ck the car in which they were ragould he was quoted ns say-;""."'• Mr - Usrcy's skull was frac- '""^ Hi5 comanion wer also Parchman Farm Cotton Brings 12.38 a Pound His companions were also . were from New Orleans and en c . r "ically injured but have not yet j route to Oklahoma. • The bandits car. displaying an! Mr - Usrey had planned to come 1 rnrM.Ti""Tiiii,.of"Misstss!ni)l conn- Oklahoma license, was later driven (0 Blythevillc for a stay with Dr. h"mcmora^ Cardwell by Warren after to'™*.™*- Usr 'y wll ° visited htm iiiio the law the "four poinl plan" returned lothc robbery scene, of the American Legion, which 1 provides that the Jt^™! B° venl : m , ..nd it I as learned on the same authority! LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 11 (UP)— hat there is every reason to Ui!-1A resolution by Representative leve he has accepted. ment care for nibbled World war JACKSON. M,». JM , n ( UP,-i^r'Sg n c^ n forby V Si of cotton i chariti| , 5 wns Copied unanimous-1 TL c- n • L Inree riremen rerisn u; n Wall Washington Post Hard for Weathermen he parchnin- i'.entlary farm werr : sold today at average price of 12.38 cents '- l< '- r! B t!ng $12.000 for general assembly . The cotton brought approxlmate- •v S'0.000. Confirms Appointment of Renfrb As Coach SIiriKVEPORT, La., Jan. u (UP) -Centenary college athletic board makes a total of house today. This so for for operation of the special bond session of the legislature. i MOUNT WASHINGTON. N. H AURORA, 111., Jan. 11 (UP)—A 1 (UP)—One of the windiest observ- blazing three story front wall of atorles In America Is that atop a downtown building collapsed up- Mount Washington, the highest on firemen today, killing three peak in New 'England, outright and injuring three others, Meteorologists at work on the serlnnslv. - summit * «n..~ iv,.,- _ :i. _u^.. A ! Self-Defense Plea Frees Farmer-Slayer OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. -11. M. M Lay lie, 45. farmer living oil National Ditch \vcsl of O.sceola, was acquitted of a charge of murder when it was shown at his trial-in Justice G. L. Waddcll's court here today llml he shot his son-in-law, Bud Walker, In self defense. The killing took place on the nan, quartermaster: fit c h ardl night of January 6. at Layne': Irown, sergeanl-al-arms; Buford Z. Diwm. of Dell, officer of the day. The post adjutant and members of he committees will be named at a n'.eellng on January 22. It was. announced that because xpenses of tlic service office are »rne by this organization rlaims of the post's members shall x attended lo befcre special work s done for other veterans in thU territory. Miss Carey V.'oodburn. in :hargc of Ihe work, was Inslruclcd to coutinue ns much work as possible for all veterans but to put affairs of the members of the Herman Davis posl flrsl. Mi'.k Flows to Chicago seriously. : summit, more than a mile above Blood Poisoning Brings Death to E. R, Webster Funeral services will be held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock at the Lake Street Methodist church for E. R. Webster. 59 year old billiard hall proprietor, who dledi at 4:20 o'clock this morning ati the Blythevllle hospital. Mr. Webster Is said to have died of complications resulting from blood poisoning. The origin of the Infection is unknown. The billiard hall manager is satd to have awakened at his home. 616 South tfered during UiSC' time;. AmcndmrhU Offered, The four amendments offered re: • •• -,.''. \ I.—Would make all constitution-', al officers members of tlie state . refunding board. 2.—Would reduce Ihe license fees on ton and a half trucks from $35 lo S18. . 3.—Would reduce Ihc license fees • for all automobiles four or more; years old Instead of 4-eyllnder cars five or more years old as provided In the bill. 4.—Would eliminate the Justin Matthews Park Hill improvement* district bonds from refunding. ''." All amendments were referred^ to Ihc refunding commlllee. ; • with rain tonight, and tomorrow/ An amendment providing for] colored gasoline to be taxed --3 cents per gallon and to be used in- farm machinery only will be' offered as nn addition to ihe bill. Representative Buerkle j)f Stuttgart said the amendment would be offered because (he 6-cent gasoline tax on fuel used In farm machinery would work a hardship on the farmer. ^* A heavy penalty is provided for' • using the fuel in automobiles. It.i would be sold in 50 gallon 'lots only. School buses would be ex-; emi>t from paying the gasoline tax^. • Senate Siwcrls Consideration -. Under a resolution giving the new' refunding bill right of way over all legislation, the senate proceeded today with reading and amending the bill. Debate on each amendment was limited lo 10 minutes on each side in a further effort at legislatlvn speed. Only one amendment of any importance was adopted in the early senate session. It increased the membership of the refunding board to seven to include all constltu- • Tl:c survey, a CWA undertaking, tlonal officers and the state bank: will extend to every county in the i commissioner, slate. Although the morning passed In a routine manner fireworks were scheduled later today wren Senator Brooks Norfteet of Forrest City was lo reintroduce his amendment home when according to the proof, the younger man drew a gun on Laync- when the latlcr intcrposc'd In trouble between Walker and his wife, Laync's daughter. Evrard and Bowen Will [ Make Farm Land Survey Gordon Evrard of Blylhcvillc and Russell Bowen of Luxora have liccn appointed to make a detailed survey of farm mortgages find land values In Mississippi county, it was announced at Little Rock yesterday by C. O. Rraiinen. state dl- recter of the project. Asks Congress Probe of "Guardianship Racket" WASHINGTON. Jan. 11 <UP>congressional investigation of an raisins; the gasoline tax to seven cents and setting aside one half cent tor refunding of municipal Im- alleged •.'guardianship racket." the P-wsment dblrlc^oMlgatioiis^ In- victlms of which are mentally af- The accident occurred as 15 fire • i) JC sca level, sometimes experience companies from Aurora. Elgin and gales in which the wind reaches a Napcrville battled a $250.000 blaze, velocity of 150 miles an hcur i ii .1 J^ Thc dcatl wcra Cnptain Edvranj One day. instruments revealed. But Dispute Is Unsettled | ^ Captain John Pclerson, and 2 . 2 oo mllcs f , nd „ th ° Ul H . [Captain Charles Hoffman. station. That was an average of 02 miles an' hour. CHICAGO. Jan. 11 CHICAGU. 0311. 11 IYJ1-J— .viiiK' p. . flowed Into Chicago today by truck | Birmingham r 011CC today confirmed the appointment j and railway car. ending a five or E. T. Renfro. atWctlc director at!day drouth, bul dairymen's pro-j Arkansas Stale college, Jcnesboro, 1 tests which led 10 a strike remain- j Ark., as assistant coach at Cente-jcd unsettled. o t O. I C J C ,' Olvorce Cost Risfs aeek stolen squad v-ar, HANNIBAL, MO. <UP> - Judge nary. BTRMTNGHAM, Ala., Jan. 11.. man Alfcrd of the Court of Corn- ordered a raise of S3 « un. , ., . .. . I The- strike was ended yesterday I (UP)— A radio call to all police In the cost of divorces here. All Renfro, former Southwestern con- through a truce arranged by Mayor squad cars was broadcast today In testimony, whether the caso is ference backfield star at the Uni- versilv of Arkansas, will report Mnrcti I. Edward J. Kelly between officials an effort -to apprehend the thieves contested or not. must be recorded of the Pure Milk association and who this morning stole radio pa-; at the cost of 43, Judge Alford ChiraRO dairy rompanlM. trol Mr Nn, 12, ruled. flicled war veterans, wns urged today by Representative Grlswold. (Dem. Ind.). Grlswold Introduced a resolution i calling for appointment of an In- T . ------ ' ..... , ..... „ •, ------ iCHiiuig IOT appointment OL an Lake, one morning a 1 tt e more | VM tlgatlng commlltec of five. than a week ntro complaining of s; . __ UTCATUCD TTtAllttK sore arm. which rapidly became more serious. He was removed to, the hospital B week ASO but the; Infection failed to respond toj ARKANSAS— Increasing cloudl- Ireatmcnt. Webster canic . here ness, occasional rains in west por- teven years a?o from Paragould.|tion. warmer tonight. Friday prob- The Rev. W. J. LcRoy. pastor I nbly rains In cast and south por- of the lake Street church, will of- 1 [ions. delate at the services Interment | Memphis nnrt vicinity — Cloudy will be made nt a Paragould. Ark. | with rain tonight Ind tomorrow cemetery at one o'clock. The Cobb Undertaking company is in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by his widow, Mrs. Ludle Webster, and a son, T, W, W^bii^ri Warmer tonight. dications were that it would be beaten. The senate judiciary committee, to which was referred the house bill approiriattng another $12,000 , fcr exp2nses of the special session, was expected to report this afternoon, that the measure "Is within tr.c purview of the governor's call" All-American Races Open Today at Miami MIAMI, Pla.. Jan. 11. (UP)—Mi- amis sixth annual all-American air races and program of aerial stunts otened at 1 p.m. tcday with parachute jumping to marked spots as The maximum temperature her; the first thriller of the prcgrim. yesterday was 39, minimum 26, clear, according to Samuel p. Nor- rts, ofnclnl weather observer. Thousands looked on. A total of 339 planes were ready to take part in the three-dav prcfrflm

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