The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1943
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VOLUME XI,—NO. 44. THE DOMINANT NEWBPAHRit ow Nnu-i-HK* s-i- A,,,,..,.,... ... ; ._ ™" ' M~A I ».; K^ Blythevllle D»l)y News Blythcvllle Courier lllythcvllle Herald Mississippi Vullcy lender DOMINANT NKWWM'KR OK NOHTHKA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAffr MI8SOUIU 1 H M'TI IM V11.1 ,10, A It K ANS_AS,_KU I DA V, MAY 7, MM,'! SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT? ALLIES AT OUTSKIRTS OF TUNIS, B1ZERTE —•^ • " -' ' ' „ __ t M> f i Today's War Commentary Aleutians Thrust If Successful, Would Endanger Japan By THOMAS J. IIONOIIUE of Unllrd Fits* Persistent (Jerinai'i warnings Uial American ofVensivc operations arc imminent against Iho Jap-lieM Aleutians may 01- may not be true. The American naval command which is m charge of the Aleutians area is Ucejiinjr its plans well hidden. Hut it may lie significant that the German radio keeps hiirpiiiK on this theme: "Nobody in Japan deceives himself liuhl-heartedlv about, the extraordinarily dangerous situation into wtiicli Jans would plunge if an American thrust over the Aleutians were successful." The Germans know whereof lliey • - - _____ __ speak. For the Jap-held Aleutian Island of Kiska is only 875 miles from Uie Kurilc Islands which lead right to 'Jnpaii ilself. if we hop into Kiska,' thence into the Kurilcs, the big cities ot Japan will be brought within close range of our bombers, ' . Our Springboard There was n time when American military spokesmen scoffed at the occupation of the. westernmost Aleutians ;is of minor Importance. not any more. They Icum as the potential springboard for our ultimate assault on Nip|»n, despite the emphasis laid on southwest Pacific operations. ' li ran be safely .said Hint Japan's occupation of Attu find Kiska was primarily a defensive move. Since her defeat at Midway, Japan probably revised her plans which originally seemed to have called for; nil Invasion of the United States, and concentrated jtistead oh strengthening what, she already had gained and milking it' impregnable to i^sault; , . In Ktokn'.iuid Attu' the ,j;ips have a barrier .against an American offensive uil'-iJajiaii- as- well, as" valuable observation .post, ,'jiic enemy on those islands also has been able' to 'pin .'down 1 a' section.' of the Ainc- rican/flect.'nnd force us' to divert supplies arid troops to pur Aleutian- njf .In addition^' th'e ' ' tlio, .Aleutians route as a possiblc"~suppiy " Une"f,6~ China. IJsert'For Jap Sjubs Kiska lias a good harbor, a fact that Japan learned long through the observations ol so-called "fisherman" who free access lo those- waters and made good use of It. Now, Kiskn harbor is a Japanese submarine base. Without complete prior knowledge of every reef und rock the Japs could not have occupied thc islands last June. Thc fog-bound ':oast of the Aleutians are rocky Jiid worn by thc Hounding of Ihe cold-North Pacific surf. Tlic sea approaches arc exceedingly dangerous tor vessels unless the pilots know exactly where llic channels lie. There is no shore line in Ihc usual sense of the word, for the land rises immediately from the water into bold and forbidding mountains. It never gels very cold or very hot in cither AlUi/ or Kiska, surprising as Ihat may seem, nnd Ihe annual'mean temperature is about 38 degrees above raro. There is only Ihc Interminable fog, cold niurl and oppressive loneliness which make Altu nnd Kiska one of the dreariest, most forlorn fighting fronts of this war. Thc Islands arc treeless and barren, Ihcir only vegetation a carpet of scrubby herbs, grass and .strange wild flowers. Tlie whole chain ceded to the United Slates by Russia in 1867. toast Oiiiird Ilasc Unalnska has long been headquarters (or Ihc American Coast Guard in that area nnd -Dutch Harbor in thc Unnlaska Island has been converted into a powerful naval base. We have moved into Ihe Andrcanoffs, midway between Unalaska nnd Kiska, nnd set uji ;ii fields there. ••' There is lilllc doubt, that the planes which dumped one million pounds of bombs on Ihe Jap islands during April came, at least in part from thc Antlreanofs. in August of 1042, an American naval task force shelled a concentration of Jap ships in Kiska Harbor, around which most of the enemy's Installations are grouped. And last Fcb- 'ruary we bombarded Altu Island, while our navy related llie job on April 22. Thc smashing scries of air attacks on both Kiska and ALlu is a pretty fair indication that we intend lo drive the Japs out of both those places. It may bo that we arc just waiting for the Japs to finish the air field they have been laboring on so diligently before moving in. Saves V. S. tabor The Americans have had a pro- ]>ensity for doing that against Ihc Japs. They moved into Guadalcanal just afler Ihe Japs had completed a fine airfield—which now Is known as Henderson Field—thus saving us weeks of back-breaking labor. No one knows exactly how many troops thc Japs have on Kiskn nnd Au. Bu it's probably in the neighborhood of 15,000. There mlghfhavc been more if our Navy hadn't intercepted n big Jap troop convoy HUFJPUL Motley Taken In Recent Burglaries Recovered By Police Last Night The several recent burglaries in BlythEvillc have been solved wilh Ihe arrest of a 10-year-old youth from Mobile. Ala., und most of the money has been returned lo thc owners after he told officers where the money was hidden. Turned over lo thc Mississippi County juvenile court, he will be tried tomorr'pw before County Judge Roland Green. Working with only the most slender of clues, Police Chief William Berryman, assisted by other city arid counly officers traced the burglaries of the Sclmiiick Scrvics Station, Texaco Service Station, thc station across from Oof f Hotel, and Heath's Pool Room, to the youth whom they trailed throughout yesterday. ..- -. , •: .'-•Arrested early 'last night: at Ihe carnival;, where he was spending niuuey .^Vccly^the .yoiith.later confessed to all, of tlie burglaries and told officers 50 of tlie .money was hidden in a cigar box atop the Johns Building near Ihe pool room where he obtained about $75 Werl- desrtay night in his Intest job.. Tlic fact that only a small hole was made to gain entrance through the pried guards of the pool room window and tliat the money was in pennies, nlcklcs nnd oilier change, gave Police Chief Dcrryman his only chics. Everyone who paid for purchases wllh a number of pennies yesterday were sought by officers aflcr descriptions were given tallied for one youth. Visiting ihe carnival, Deputy Sheriff Don s. Haley spoiled him after the description fitted and his arrest followed. j He said lie entered thc jxwl room window by prying the guard ra!t> wilh a Iwo by torn- limber. Because Miners Kclum To Work Miners on their way.back to work pai.s tlic sign "Un ited Elates Property 1 creeled nt llie MCIII- imperial, Pa. (NEA tclcplmto). Sulur mine Named -Treasurer. 0[ Arkansas Bankers Association At Hot Springs Ham JF. Williams, president of First Nalionnl Bmikv iva.s elected treasurer of .Arkansas Bankers As- socintion, in n • meeting which closed yesterday : in Hot -'Springs. Unable lo attend Ihe first sessions, of the;, convention,"' because of ; the • .illness of his daughter, Msirtha^ Ellcii^. Mr,j. AV.Uha'nis was prcseht'.foiv ll>6 filial-pjfliilou.. ',' '< ' 'Oilier,.. Officers,"nlimed j.wqru. Charles A. ^Gordon of'i'inc Cliill. president, arid . \y.. G. psiojiby of Tcxarkana, vice president The annual baiuiiiet of this group ivns held Wednesday, night at thc Arlington Holel wilh Dr William A. Irwin, education director of llic American institute of Hanking, New York, ns the principal speaker. Mrs. J.N. Swearengcn Dies Late Yesterday Mrs. J. .Ncwlon Sivc.'iieiiycn of Tillaloba. i Miss., mother of Herbert N. Swe'nrengr-n and who spent n part, of her time here, died Intc the money, kept for change, was too heavy 1 0 cany, he cached 550 on top of Ihc adjoining building alter using a nearby step ladder to reach thc hiding place. Thc remainder of the- mony was spent for food ami clothes. He obtained $15 from tlic Sclimuck Station but found no money at Ihc.other two stations. llie youth admitted that he had been m trouble at Mobile but said t was because of not going to Negro Woman Held In Husband's Death . 'vcslcniay afternoon in Mcmplus. 'I She was 82. Death followed a year's illness Stricken with paralysis while visiting -Miv nnd Mrs. 'Swcnrciigen and family here,. she was at Blyllievilln Hospital and lalcr removed to Memphis. • She died at tlic home of ;i dauKhtcr, Mrs. Claude Gilmorc. A member of a 'liionccr family of Mississippi,' she' continued i 0 manage the.' plantation and other fanning interests at Tillatoba nf- ter llic death of tier husband in IMS nnlll l!)3g, when she moved lo Memphis. \Y • Mr. and Mrs. Swrarengen nnd ton, Hcrljcii Jr., had been wilh her for several days nnd Mr. Swcnrciiscn accompanied Ihr. body Kussians Smash On \ Toward Novorossisk Hy United Press Soviet forces uro rtrlvtiiK relentlessly through Ihc mountain clmln of defenses in llic western Caucasus leading lo Novorossisk. Thc iniiln fluhUiii; Is northcas of thc vital ijliick Sen hartoi SKY POLES SPIES an important hlghwiiy and <ic cuuicd n ntiisc of hills, The Ormans arc suirerini; lien vy losses as the Russians pusl them slPadily toward lliu skirts of tin: 'raman Peninsula In one .scclor alone, 1500 Nn^l were killed nnd numerous Axl military supplies'' nocked oii'l ' b cnplurwl. •-' ' " , , I'owcrful fleets flf Soviet plane; nro being 1 .. thr'uy/ii'lntq tht -iuivaicJ 'wlilfli^lias now reached, .iiccordl'iii, to tlic British radio, a point llv miles from Novorossisk. • •, .Russian forces hold mastery o the air not only in ih c nortli Can ciislan bailie Held, . but through out llie eastern front. Twin-en- gined American mid Soviet bomb have destroyed •17n enemy planes' In light raids over 'Afrls dnmaiict mass day bases. rap u,s. Duke Al Miami Denies Rtmi- ors Of Estrangement ; Enroulc To New York MIAfttl, Miiy 7 (OP)— The Ullki and Dulchess of Windsor hnvc nr- nvcd in flic United Stales from Nassau, nahniiins cnroiilc to Now " York on n "liuslnrss trip." to nimore cslranccmcnt l.hc Duke of .says. "I ail) ol a Negro, Jim Wallace, bt. Louis liospilal yesterday ;- l ™, "' his wife, l-'annic Wallace being jnficd on n murder charge aUcr having been freed under bond on n charge of assault with intent to kill. Critically injured when his wife allegedly struck hi,,, OVC r (lie head with an axe March i at their home on South Franklin, Wallace later was moved [ 0 the hospital in St. LOUls. At thc lime of the altercation, officers charged that the woman struck her husband while he was in the early hours of morning. The woman, it is understood, will Plead self defense. She is alleged lo have claimed that her husband was attempting lo allack her wllh a knife when she wielded the nxc. Deputy Sheriff Don S . Haley arrested tlic woman aflcr news of icr husband's death was received here. lo Balesvillc. Miss., while Mrs. ' Swc.-irciiKcn.-ind son returned home. They will go to nntesvillc laic today, nccninpanicd by Virginia and Emadcl Swearengcn, and Mrs Ul. lie Funeral services will be held llicre tomorrow 'tiflcriioon and Ihc Swearengcn family nnd Mrs. sisk will return tomorrow night i 0 Blylhcville. .\ She leave. 1 : another son. Herman . S. Sttrarcngcn of North .Hllc New Orleans Cotton Mch. May July Oct. Dec. open high low close "'" 2002 2011 2055 2056 2032 2035 . 2012 2013 . 2057 2057 . 2036 2036 . 2023 2024 . 201G 2016 2000 2055 2026 2011 2003 2015 2000 2021 2014 it approached thc Aleutians. One Ihing, however, seems Tlic tenacity with which thc Japs clung to their Aleutian hold- ngs through tho Incessant American air attacks shows Ihat they 10 not intend to give them up casi- y. If we do move In, we will have . . . ,, ^. — *' "*""".r /. ii Me uu move and routed it several days ago ns o go in fighting; . flock and her slepd-iu«]ik'r, Miss Hallyc Swcnicngcn nf Memphis. Rotarians Hear Chorus UJicn the notary Club met for Ihcir reguar weekly luncheon yesterday afternoon, at Hotel Noble they were cnterlftined by u mixed chorus from the Blytlievillc High School under the direction of Miss Caroline Haley. They presented: "Slar Dust" by Hoagy Carmlchacl, "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", by Jerome Kern and "Summer Times" by George Ocrsh- Miss Ann Dcen was tlic accom- pnnlsU Bob Berryman, Junior Roladtm representing the Blyihevllle High School, was the only guest. Sergeant Elam Dies SCrgt. Ballard Elnm of Orayson ni y ",. W 'm h j s ** tn stn'ioncd at Blylhcville Army Air Field, died Monday al Kennedy General Hos' . .. think my personal telegram lo the Daily Mail made' thai ([iittc clear. I don't Ihinl: it Is nccc.warv to ro furl her." 'Hie telegram to thc London paper denies emphatically Ihat Him: is any rift between Ihc Duke and Dutclicss. The couple left Miami Immixli- nlcly for Palm Ucach where lliey will spend thc night and continue on to New York by rail. The Duke snys the labor situation in tlic llaliamas, where In: Is Bomnor, is noori nnd that he lully approves the importation of lln- hmnlaii workers lo the Unilcil Stntcs for aid In crop harvests. The couple refused to discuss Ihc war, bid declared themselves highly pleased wllh the Ermtlx Irvm Mrs. C. P. Hogun Di '1CS .Irs. C. P. llogun of Tampa, Fiji., mother of Mrs. I R- Sullivrut, died early tiidav at the home nf a daushlcr. Mrs. f,. T. Jone:, of ,bat city. Stie was 7-1. Funeral arrangements are liimm- plcte but it is expected Dial services will be held in Okolona, Miss.. probably Hitnday. Attending from Blyllicvillc will be Mis. Sullivan, her diiuslil«'r, Mrs. Neville Biakcmore, and .suti, Earl Sullivan and their families. Mrs. flogun hart visited In Bly- tlicvllle several times. She also leaves llnee ««i.s Charles Hogtin of Tnmpa, Bnllard Hogun of Okolona, and Homer Ilo- 6Un of Memphis. . nor huslwnd died three years ago. Moscow Official Makes Specific Charges Of Auti- Soyicl Activity lly Unllrd I'rrss American and Iliillsh diplomats have Struck n new snag In Ihelr cfforls to gel llie Polish nnd nns- sian Rovcrnmcnts back together.. Deputy Foreign Commissar Andrei J. Vlihlnsl:y In Moscow loday made strqng charge/; of an'll-aovkl Tunis Reservoir Captured, Numerous Prisoners Taken And Enemy Faces Disaster U.S. Sub Commander Lost In Saving Ship WASHINGTON. 'Miiy 1. IUI')- -I'hn N.'ii 1 ) 1 i-cvvHlcd today how « morlnlly wounded UnlU>d MlliU'.i .'iiibmarlnc connmiiulcr ordered hit; (,'iufl lo dive to safely while he H 1 - miilni'il lopsldo nflcr a nlKht sur- fnci! cnnagemunt with n Jiipunese liunbonl. The skipper was Commiindvr Unwind W. fillmoro, tl niilli'c of Sclmu. Ala., and u resident of New Orleans. Ills lusl words as he Inv wounded on tliu bridge of lib craft were: '"Hike her down!" The crew obeyed nut! llic .sklppor wns swept nrj'lnlo the sen nnd lost as Hit' submarine dlvc'd. 'I he Navy noted CUImore's hrnvc net In a c(ipiinunl(|Ue rcporllug Hint his (i|il)iwi'rJiu>, on ll« loinlli war patrol, had sunk a mcdlmn- sl/cd .Inininesu cnrgn shl|i, djuii- ii(!i'd n iiifldliim-sirad curco .ship und probably .sunk tho gunboat which wns his last advcrr.ary. These nctlons. raised the score of American niibiuailties hi thc Pncitlc lu IRfi ships .slink, W priilj- nbly sunk and : 4;i dninaueil. Clllmore has IH:CII nwnrdrd thr: Ccnoi-e.'Vilonnl Medal of Honor poslhuiiiou.sly. I The award, highest which cull bu bestowed by tills' counliy on Us heroes, Is tin. llrht Riven lo n submarine man In lhi s wav. Ho previously-tint)won the Navy Cross and a gold slnr for successful 1111- Irob. .'V.. ;Hc cluuncd that Polish'nftlcl'a nsslfincd lo |»st.s -In- Uusslii lui fiigngeil In espionage work. And he chnrgcd tlial. thc Polh govcrmurnt-ln-cxlle violated • I friendship pact with thc Sovic by refnsiiiB to let » Polish nnr light thc Nazis on Russian soil. •Vishlnsky hacked up his allnui lions of espionage activity wilh rccllnl of specific charges. lie declared tliat n number < Polish diplomats and high anr officers were tried nnd convictc of csplonnBc. Mnny of them, I wild, have been punished and oil crs have been expelled. One or Ihc expelled officals li says, is General lloimmld Wol kowskl. former hen t i of the Polls Mililary Mission to Riissin. Among Hie licensed arc nine sec retaiicK or representatives at Polls i-elicf offices in Vladivostok. Arc! iingcl and other places. Tlic rcliL offlt'lal.s went lo the niixslnn cllic prcjiimably to provide for Ihc cai of Poles evacuated from I'olnn when the Germans invaded. Hut Vlsliinsky charged that in Rlead lliey used Iheir (loslllons I spread what he called "defeat!; and provoc.ilii'c minors." And h linked the Polish Embassy dhcctl ' ilh tlie alleged plot. llie secoiid charge. Involving th' Polish army in Russia, Is based 01 the Polish-Russian friendship pac )f July 30. lii-lt. The pact provided hat Poltsh soldiers who were lakci is prisoners when Russia occuplct ^astern Poland In 1030 were lo hi 'ormcd inlo a new army to figh he Oerinan.s-. Vishlnsky charged Hint the armi Vns duly formed but never fought Uarksdale "Will Make More Pegs I'Vn- Army Ten is 'lent pegs for the armed force.-, ontlnuo lo he made In ulyilie- lllc wllh ihe Harksdiilc Maiwfac- uriiiR company now at work on s third contract for the govcrn- lenl. The work began last July nflcr New York Cotton Mch. -».i^., Mny i-lam of Grayson, Ky." July Body was scut to Orayson. Oct. open high low close for funeral rites and buri< Dc. 1085 2003 1034 1!)3(! 1085 2029 2007 10D5 1088 i071 2021 1995 1983 1972 1071 2023 2003 198-1 ID12 W2 202.) 2003 193 i 1985 demonstrated to government rcprescnUUIvcs that! nc could turn out lenl pegs at an almost unbclloveable rale. Many icnts will be fastened to Ihc ground with pegs made In lily- thcvllle, 10 to a lenl. with mo" working 10 hour shifts. 'Hie work is being done at thc AHsslsslppI County Pair Grounds where thc Negro Exhibit Building has been rented by the contractor. County Men Paroled Of tlic 33 paroles granted by the Arkansas Parole Hoard Wednesday, hi one of tlie longest sessions In icccnl years, two men from Mississippi county were tentatively freed. Guy Parson, serving a seven-year scnloncc for receiving stolen property, , and "Son" Mitchell, Negro, were nmone Hie 14 paroled ffom Eastern counties. Americans Grab Isle Kiska ranao of llic WASHINGTON, May. 1. Tlin NIIVV today aiiiioiinccrl occupation of Amchltka Island In Ihc Alciilluns, piovlillng our iilvmcn wllh u : liiiiic only 03 milCK from Japanese-held Klska iiml % within 1,700 miles of Tokyo. Ainchltkn Ir. now the; nearest United States Iwre lo Tokyo and plncpji our lofii; mngc tioinbcrs within Ihcqrctlcal capital. The Island was occupied by our forces in' the Intlcr part of ..Ian- nary. There was no opitosillon. Since the Inillal landlnic, tlic .Inp- ancso have curried out light Ijoiub- Ing raids nnd iniulo icfoiinaKfiinre over the area. disclosure of the new base so close to Klska served lo explain liow nnd why U. S. filers Imve been able to lilt Klska more Minn 200 limes In a little more than two months desollc Llic usually prevalent dirty Alcullan wciilhcr. A delayed dls|i:itch from nitreell Annabel, United Press correspondent nt Army licnd'iiiarlers In tlic Alcullnns, said the occupation was carried out methodically on January IZlli. Farmers Welcome Rain nnln, which began falling nl 1 o'clock, was heartily welcomed by farmers nnd growers of victory Burdens but It nppcnrcd llmt the rain might be only a shower. Allhotivh much rain fell early In thc Sprine, moisture Ins been needed for some time following planting of /arm und garden crops, New York Stock* Americans Advance Nine Miles To lieaeli Suburbs Of Bizerte Ky Unllrd Pros ,. , l .,. A\is iiKiiliihl Ihu - thurn liiiiism A H|]«ci,il Lommiiniiiuc hioailciisl by i.ulio. Algiers aiinoinu'cs llmt Allied iiiniius have thivui intb Iho in noi- oulnkira of I inns anil Hi/ci lo. • II is (ho /CHI hum— the IUHII ol du.tlli— foi Uio Axis North At'rii'ii Iho !i|iccml <.oimmmi<|iiij <,a\s (h c HntiMi Imvo cun'ttu'ed Iho IiuimrcKoivon after licitc fiKlilmi?, Tho'!'ominiPt .s.iya Uio raflin, alw Imvo j cached (lie 'I inns r.tcu luickfonlv lour miles Iroin Iho hcait (it Tunis Ucy'vo taken the'town ot liiii'ilu on llic DOI Hiwpil oiilaknh. Committee Acts Today On Tax Plan WASHINGTON. Mny 'I, (UI'l — Tho Bcimii! Himnra uummlllcc Is acting with record speed on Ilia pny-ns-you-go lax 1)111. Two days ol lieuilnu were .suddenly ended this atlcrnoon, mid Ihe conmilllce retired lo dnuv up Il.s own -bill. : H upiwiirti Ihat a modlllcd .Kiiml sklp-n-ycfir plun has the Inside track. Chnlrmnii George says tlio cnmnilllcc may start voting Uiilny on whpllior !(. iv<mts nil IIMU (iixcs canceled, or Just 7ft per cent of ihcin as Urn, ilntr.e^appioud bill provides or some nltciiwilvc ul either plnn. . x 9cnatoi ' V(unl(;iibi|m says Ue'i confld&iU any* uiptoinlsr will Imvi Ihc Uiunl nliin as lUs basls^ lie clrijins eight' Republican iiixl Ufa I)c m tier title vote. 1 prefer -the Riiinl plan, And that'u <i majority of Ihe SI-mini committee. Tlic opinion of Colin • stain; congressional lax expert' limy throw even more support behind Ihe Kuml plnn. Stain suicl , Ihe House measure would Impose force on Individuals above the first swiiix bracket lo pny two yenr's, IJI.TO, ivlthln due year to act on |my us you go. I'rcsldcnt Roosevelt wild today llmt .11 new strike by conl iiiincrtt will not l)e tolcnilcd, lie snld Llic miners are rcdcrnl employees and tlmt lie does not recall liny Him when Federal workers struck againsl their government. Mr. Roosevelt n<lvlsi;d' ncwsmei to heed reports Hint llic' War L-il>or lionnl wants to relax llie Uttli. Keel formula selling \uigc u'lllniji 'llie Hoard continues hrnrlng Un merits of tim miner's cnse. / spokcsmnn for the Northern 'Ap rnlnchlnn operalors called Ihe nincrs' demands nnjusllfcld In tl face of tlic Llllle Sled formula. On tlic diplomatic-front. Mr Roosevelt announced officially II... termer Ambassador Dnvlcs will go to Russia with » .special mrssiigo from the President to Premier Slu- lln. But Mr. riooscvclt declines lo revenl Hit: cunlcnl.'i of (he me: lo Iho noillj, Uio -.pcdal tom- inunli|iiL (Ay,] Iho American tones hnvc iimdc anothci nine-mile ml nut iwiiilinlod tlie '.ub- uibs of nl/cilo Hut it. Ihe (o<l of (he Allied lomtnunlnue, its bmidca-.t by Iho AlBlcri. nullo 'Oin liuupi (.onllnupil Ilidi vlr- loi luus iiilvnncc dm inn tin, y,holu dnv "Ad\aticcd elements of Uio Flint AIIIIV imiclrate.d Into tho subuilis of IiinlH, w litre haul battle i aro liiKlng plate "Numcious pilsoneis lalen ' Iho letunon of llic imrboi li, t . |>cun occupied, 'Tiilrol ilcineiiis peiifluitcd |ho Mibuibs of nl/crlc" Hiem> Kcihtante C'l ntlnucs Hie Atls Is putting up de,pcialo' rcslntniKo u 0 nlnsl Irath llie British, and tlio Yanks Hut the Alii,;, ia (liivitiB lorwaid wltli terrific htii^Lt, and victory Is in >il g hl 1 hoy're pouring h i,ot, the!) nnd lombs into lite uumhlliu! enemy - lit Allied Inking n tcnlfiG p<jiihdlnfj"from"'ni- Cd plaiid Oui ah touo is po"r- I iff a i cellar ribbon of planes all <lny long acrtxbi the enemy llnci,- •"'-'•- them with l»mbh imrt Mn SHIM inu( piling l|,c wrea . »B(. of Axb, vthlvlcs high on then ^ retreat whicli loads (o Iho A\is Dunkirk Nnw Tlic lioili of thc Nuri Oimllik In i unista is "at liund And Iho s^mc Hilllsll 'lommlc, who stoo<| on Hit, ' cncl ' '." lor their - three ye.ns .i t o toiluous Dunkirk, now C k '" W ' lh thc HWc - German Aircraft Hit British Town By United I' .Miiall force of Na'/.l planes : n sharp altnck on nn Kngllsl const lown Ihb morning. east Their Ixiinlus 10 .-persons A T ,VT;:.._ Amcr TohnCWi Anaconda Copper h Htccl Chry.sler Cora Coin :V. i KIcclMc '; Clen Motors klonlpomcry Ward •> Y Central iit Harvester Vorlh Am Aviation nnpnbllc Slcel Radio iocony Vacuuni .. ir>n :i- an i-fl 64 i-:, 7,'l 7-B 100 37 I 51 1 42 3-4 in (55 3-1 17 1-4 II 13 1-4 123-8 >landarri of N J ]..".'.".'. 57 "cm Corp 4!) 5 . 8 'nckard 434 s stcei ;;;;;; 66 Chicago Wheat open hlith low close Illy . 144% m% 1«',4 143',4 143H ep. . HSii 146 144 144 1457J Chicago Rye open lilijh low close pr.rl. .MVi 50',!, SO «9S !)0',( S2 1 ,; 92'A W, 00!J 02'/, Sun gives as much energy In a ngle minute as man consumes a year. nit so far the Air Ministry has ' nn further details- of the wcalhi-r over the conllncn apparently lictd tlie HA I' Wg nljlil huiiilicrs In their hangars. Meanwhile, there nrc Inrrcasing indirnllons Ihat lllllor Is concen- Irnllnn his lighter plain: strength In western Europe lo try to combat Ihe heavy British-based raids British bombers und Amcrlcai Jitifs Fortresses are rnccifng heavier fghtcr opposition every time they ny over the'continent.' However, the American "Fort" raid on Antwerp, Belgium this week . .shows that Ihe Allies can mnslcr sufficient fighter prolcc- llon to offset Increased Luflwnrrr- re.sisl.incc. Almost 200 Allied fighters held of! thc German Interceptions while :hc I'lylug Fortresses carried out their bombing mission without loss. Livestock ST. l.OUIH, May 7. (UP)—Hog receipts Fl.iiOO, salable (1,000. Top ntcc 14.75; 180 to 270 pounds 11.70-14.75: I40-1GO - poumU 13,75-; sov:s 14.25-14.50. : • Gallic 1.300. salable 600; calves '00. all salable. Slaughter steers I.50-1G.75; slaughter heifers 10.75- G.CO; mixed yearlings and heifers 4,40-15.60; stocfcers and feeder teers 10,75-15,25; canners And enters 7.50-10.75; cows 11.00-13.00. Tiic enemy K bclnu hit wllh cv- ^JthliiB in tUK lusl hour ini ttn . try lo sloimliig forward Our tanks t rolling iu row MIC coahtnl plai, n hhlDgf (lie enemy iwck Allied huivj arlillciy Is p om i nB ,| 1Dll af . ci klicll into tlicli positions und Into the cltfes ot Bi/eitc and rums And the lain of tombs froin tim a i r K iinnicrilful The British field comniandci ot n" the Allied forces Genera IAlc\- indcr, sighted tlie final laiget for pin forte's In his order of tnc day ils inoi nlng ' Calling on the Iroopa to drive onward lo Ihc coming Nn^i Dun k Oen Alexandci s.ild 'llie eyes of thc world nre upon you On lo victory We are going lo ihlvc tlic enemy Into thc eer Allied Bombers Overhead The enemy also is getting a -nm- Plc ol whals In stoic If he trios any .Inrgo-scnle evacuation froiri ninis— Ihe only nltcrnnllvc lo complete sun-wider. Allied bombers arc ranging over llie Medlttcrranean nnd across to Ihe other side to pound enemy .targets. The. port of Regglo de Calabria on tlio toe of Ihc llallan boot — closest imlnt on the inalnland lo Africa— was plaslcrcd with ; 250,00'J pounds of bombs \cstcul.iy 'drop lied by American Liberators. It waa one of tlie most successful and heaviest rnldi jet made by Ltb- :ralors In the Mediterranean thca- Icr They scored direct lids, on .at least two big merchant ships, and slew one of .them up. Only a few lioims before, RAF bombers had taldcd Ihc port for Ihe second lima 'n two days. - :, •' . The .air war against •Italian -ports low isn't so much to; disrupt tho Axis "supply lines' to' Tuiilsla. Tlie main' Allied objective now is to ill-event the enemy from trying to •ompletc Ihe lasb part of the Dunkirk— a successful evacuation. Negro Admits Taking $45 And Reveals Hiding Place Tlio sum of $45 was ; recovered ;y county oflicers after: Ed Slicl- on,. Negro arrested on, a. chm-RC of grand larceny, confessed ' nnd old otflceis \khcro Ihe money was ilddeil. Chirged wllh stealing the money rom. anolhcr Negrb, Freeman Philips, at n DcII cafe Saturday nlghi, 3heIIon made bond of $750 after laung held to Circuit Court ' Deputy Sheriff Don S. Haley ound the money hidden in a snuff '. an irt Shelton's chicken house. -.

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