The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on January 17, 1915 · Page 16
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 16

Washington, District of Columbia
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Sunday, January 17, 1915
Page 16
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- I UTt W f r 2 i S - - V sg vi - 0 p jr f - 5 r U - - - c r - 1 Cm - - TLZ H 3i e - 16 j - prf i v - v - V rA - J ta x BSmE AmNaTONOST UOTAY jInUARY ifr 1915 Mtt v V v MOVE FAR INTO PERSIA Turk Forces That TookiTabriz Advance Toward Ispahan i WOUIOJ BBIVlIlIJSSlAllpTJl Moslem Ambassador at Teheran Notifies Shahs Government That Porte Is Ready to Evacuate Province of Azerbaijan as Soon as Muscovites Definitely Quit Country Heir Going to Tabriz London Jan 16 The Turkish troops who recently Invaded Persia - are now - j advancing Jto the interior of the country HItWTlnff 9f n mAWS rilanntnh rfw r w nj cfc ucnp uioaiu ituui 1 c - iierui j up message iohows It Is reported that the Turks when they occupjed Tabriz In Azerbaijan province a few days ago shot the Persian governors of the towns of Soujbulak Maragha and Burat through which they passed in jnaklng their way to Tabriz The siftall Turkish force which went into Tabri is now moving In the direction of Ispahan in central Persia 200 miles southwest of Teheran It is supported by ither Turkish contingents Persian Heir Going to Tabriz Teheran Persia via London Jan 15 The Turkish Ambassador here has notl - fled the Persian government that the porte is ready to evacuate the provincs of Azerbaijan as soon as the Russians definitely move put of this territory and after the heir to the throne reaches Tabriz to assume control The heir to the throne Is to leave Teheran f of Tabriz in a f ew - Alays Renjy to Persian Ultimatum Turkeys ftote to Persia is a reply to a Tersian ultimatum recently forwarded to Constantinople Remanding tiat Turkish invading forces withdraw from Persian territory it Is in accordance with Persias announced Intention of maintaining her neutrality In the war Several towns In - the province of Azerbaijan have been occupied by Ottoman trqops in the present Turkish campaign in northwestern Persia against the Russians On Wednesday Tabriz the capital of the province was occupied by the - Tura after the evacuation of the town by a Russian force - which had garrisoned It PRAISES JAPANS RED CROSS Miss MabeJ Boardman Says It Is Largest in World New York Jan 16 Miss Mabel T Boardman head of the executive committee of the American Red Cross presided at a luncheon given Tuesday by the Japan Society of New York in honor of the unit of Japanese Red Cross nurses and surgeons which sailed on the steamer Megantic Wednesday for the war zone They say that East is East and Wst is West but never twain shall meet said Miss Boardman but they meet today undr the flags of the Japanese and American Red Cross Societies Japan may he prOud of having the largest Red Cross Society in the world Its membership amounting to 1891000 100 times greater than ours and with a permanent endowment ten times as great Takashi Nakamurar Japanese consul general in New York John Bassett Moore and Miss E R Scidmore of Washington also spoke PUTS PERSIA ON FENCE Charles W Russell Says She Is Not Openly for Allies or Their Enemies Deliberate Intention on the part of Great Britain and Russia to misrepresent Persia and to suppress information about the country is seen by Charles VV Russell former American Minister to Persia he told members of the Harvard Club last week at their monthly meeting at the University Club In the present war he declared the sympathies of the Persians were against Russia and England but still not in favpr of the Turks and Germans The follpwing officers of the Harvard Club werejelected for the ensuing year President John W Holcombe vice presidents George N Hennlng Samuel E Winslow Daniel W Shea and W P Tuckerman secretary John W Da - vldge and treasurer Pickering Dodge All but Mr Shea and Mr Tuckerman were reeleptions COL GEORGE L MARTIN DEAD Virginia Soldier Lawyer andrStatesman Expires at Norfolk Home Xorfolk Va Jan 16 Col George H Martin died at his home in this city last nighti He was SI years old Col Martin was a lawyer soldier and statesman He was a lieutenant colonel in the Confederate army and represented Norfolk aqd Princess Anne county in the legislatures and State senate for several terms He also was a railroad commls sioner for Virginia years ago He is survived by his widow a son George A Martin jr of Tazewell Va and two daughters Misses Love and Marina Martin of Norfolk He was an uncle of jAlvah H Martin Republican I national committeeman rrom Virginia f - - V - t - v H S - i BRILLIANTLEADEROSUFfRXJISTSMS INXHARGEOFNEWYORK ELECTION VI s - t s - 1 - - - w r - - Vr f - S flrj - - y FW 3 iv t sa i r hhhhhkm MISS DORIS STEVENS Special to The Washington Post 1 New York Jan 16 New Yerk suffragists are carrying on - a - three peeks program of elections tHaf will ultimately determine their officers platform and policies for 1915 Miss Doris Stevens in charge ofthe - headquarters - is a hand some and brilliant Western woman She was born in OmaTia andwas graduated from Oberlln College Miss Stevens has just returned from Washington where she attended the annual meeting of the Congressional - Union arid the suffrage debate in Congress CRIPPLED ON JOYRIDE Girl Gets 20000 Damages From x i - - PfZ - J i V for Auto Injuries t PART - OFHERSPINEREMOinSD Accepted His Invitation to BeTafceri Home in HisNew Car FronVDance at - vFar Rockaway - - ClaImed He Started to iNew - YorkInsteadand on Way Was XLUIl ji - lNewYorkJJan16 A4 Jury In the Supreme Court Queens county awarded 20000 damages Monday to Celia Wel - stead - inshersult against John A Kit gallon Miss Welstead is a cripple She was carried - Into court byHer father Part of her spine has been removed The jr Welstead family llves at Far Rockaway - John Ar Kllgallon 23 years old Is asonofLuke Kllgallon a wealthy real estate dealerjMiss Welstead is16 years old - - - - - T - - Ohvthe night Tof August 20 1915 Miss Welstead attended a dance in Far Rock - away At - 2 oclock fIn the morning It was raining Kllgallon invited Miss Wel - eieaa anaotnergiri3roranae m - jns new automobile r 2 s 5 1 Refused to Take Toy Ride They refused - this off er but accepted his offer to take them to their homes Miss - Welstead was5 the oldest of seven girls who with seven boys and Kllgal lon crowded into the flve - passenger tourf ing cay - - - J The tetlmonyTshowed that - Instead of taking the girls to theirhomesvKilgallon started toward New York at the rate of 160 miles an hour Taking a curveat Lynbrook the automobile sliced a porch off a hotel No stop resulted and r the car tore on At Springfield It emaohed into the rear of a produce Jaden farm wagon going to market c In Hospital a Tear All In the automobile Were hurt Miss Welstead was taken to St Marys Hospital at Jamaica and was there for more than a year Several times itwas thought she would die Part of her spine was removed to relieve pressure on the cord Kllgallon lSxBald to be In Ireland - No defease was put In exceptthatsKllgal - lons attorney set up a claim for contrlb utory negligence on the part of the plaintiff contending that she - took - the risk when she entered the - car Miss Welstead sued for 30000 WINS HELP OF CHILDREN Humane Society - Reports Aid From School Bands of Mercy x J Out of 909 Prosecutions for Cruelty to Animals in Past Year the Society Obtained 875 Convictions Champions to Box Before Prisoners At Sing Sing Says Battling Nelson Special to The Washington Fost - 1 New York Jan 16 Battling Nelson former lightweight champion of the world seems now to be going after the title of champion humanitarian of the world just as liard as he used to go after his ring opponents He is planning to give a boxing exhibition Wednesday afternoon to the inmates of Sing Sing prison according to a letter he has sent to the offices of newspapers here The letter says On the afternoon of Wednesday January 20 the writer will give a boxing tournament to the inmates of Sing Sing inside the prison wUs Arrangements are now in progress for some of the most famous boxers in the world to appear before the inmates I am planning an entertainment which If stagedin Madison Square Garden would cost not less than 25000 Among those who will appear before the Inmates are A J Drexel Biddle of Philadelphia Philadelphia Jack OBrien formerly worlds champion LeacV Cross Young Ahern middleweight champion of Europe Ted Lewis lightweight champion of England Eddie Morgan bantamweight champion of England Freddie Welsh lightweight champion of the world and myselfmyself - Several other boxers niay be taken In the - party - This is the first time such a thing has occurred in the history of the world RODNEYS CAPE ST VINCENT VICTORY WON 135 YEARS AGO TOMY ADDED LOVES DREAM BLIGHTED No Seashore Cottage No Autos So Husband Sues Mrs Vollum Washington Woman Wouldnt Go West With SpouseHe Charges in Divorce Action if Special tollie Washington Post PortIana Oreg Jan 16 He couldnt give her a classy New York home nor a cottage I at the sea shore on bis 125 monthly salary so now she is alone in Washington D C and he is alone in Portland asking for a divorce He is Iaul Vollum of New York a civil engineer She is Marie A Vollum of Washineton It was nn a snnnv rav in June year 1901 that Paul and Marie lirst spun me juaiimse vuwtj 4ne wedding Tvas solemnized in a home near the Capitol building It looked like a love in - a cottage romance at first He was a strugglingj younR cvH engineer eager to advance in his chosen profession Things did not go just right His 125 a month - J - couldnt pay for much out of household expenses and he couldnt afford to buy her costly furs and dresses or provide autos and theater parties as of old according to the complaint as was her wont Vollum alleges that his wife refused to leave Washington or New York when he secured engineering positions in Western cities I sent her rio less than 30 every month jie says but sbe never once T said she twould come to me and help s5 build a cpzy little home FAVORS U S - SPANISH CABLE Yrc Barcelona Spain Jan 16 The cham - fc Der oI commerce has drawn up astrong - x protest against delaysto cablegrams - i hetween Snaln and the United Stnten ijand has requested the government to Rodneys victory off Cape St Vincent 135 years ago today January 17 17S0 was one of the fine things In the way of human valor and achievement that we can never afford to tuck away into the dust - covered pigeonhole of oblivion At the time in Question England was in dire straits The American colonies were keeping her busy in the New wona France was fighting her out of revenge for her expulsion from Canada and Spain was at war with herfor the recovery of Gibraltar and between the three fires the tight little island had its hands full Then it was that the value of sea power showed itself Putting up as bold a front - as she could In America England sent her seadogs looking for those of her adversaries Meeting the Spanish fleet off Cape St Vincent Rodney practically an - nihllated it only four Spanish ships getting away With the destruction - of that fleet and the capture of its admiral the naval power of SpainwasgoneGibraltar was safe and one of Englands foes was forever eliminated fromhe reckoning Crushed French Under De Grasse But Rodney was not satisfied with brushing - Hispania from the - seas Later on encountering the Frepch navy under De Grasse in the Westlndleshe treated It even worse than he did - the Spanish armada at Cape St Vincent With his S3 sail of the line the Britisher pitched into the 33 Trench ships and made - short work of them capturihjgCimany vessels and along with them the admlrar and many of his officers French naval prestige went down in the overwhelming defeat at St Domingo Jamaica was saved and the struggle of the Bourbons was over The wooden walls of JEngland had saved her as the same kind of walls had saved Greece more than 2000 jreafs before With his ships Rodney had done for England what Themlstocles with his triremes had done for Greece U S Independence Assured But Rodney did more than that His victories in putting a quietus upon Spain and France upon the ocean - ma - terlaUy aided in bringing about the signing of the treaty which was to end the hostilities In America andforever establish the independence of theUnlt - ea siaies ueiween ttoaney s victory at Cape St Vincent and his victory In the West Indies Cornwallis had surrendered at Yorktown and the American en voys were naturally anxious Jfor the final settlementwithEngIandbutwlth France threatening - - her supremacy on the ocean England hung back from the settlement very much to the chagrin of the itvlctorsi otj - xorKtown - But - wit England was free to treat - with the Americans and in November - following Rodneys triumph there were signed the preliminary Articles which led up to the treaty Of Paris arid the inde pendence of the United States WasSon of Naval Officer George Brydges Rodney was the son of Capt Henry Rodney an English havarojSficer He wasborn in 1717 entered early into the navy and in 1742 obtained the j6mmand of a ship In 1749 he - wasr appointed governor of Newfoundland On his return in 1753 he married the sister tof the Earl of Northampton In 1759 Jie was made admiral of the blue and thesame year de - stroyedthe stores preparedat Havrede GraceFrsncefor - an invasion of Eng - landIn1761Jhe served on the West India station with such activity1 that at the conclusionof the war he was made abaronet In - J768the was elected into Darliament for NorihamDton but the t contest1 fuiried his estate In1771he went - toJamalca as commandercommander - in - chief and - atthe expiration of the term of servfeeretiredto France where overtures were made - to hlm on tneiparuor me government wnicn ne refused with Indignation In 1779 he was again called intoj service and the yearfoUowlrigiJDy - defeatinghe Spanish fleet off Cape St Vincent he saved Gibraltar v Afters - thishe went to the West - Indies where on - ApriM2 1782 he gained - a great vim - ory uver iuuni ae Grasseforiwhich hewasmade a peer Hedied in London May 24 17SZ THIEYESTVJORED BY JEWELER WHO WAS RESPECTED 40 YEARS - N Alfred Rosenthal Sent To Prison at NewYork After Being ExjosedbyPupil Who Was Caught While Attempting 50Q00Jiobbefy the Jeweler Had Planned v Special to The Wahinjton Post p - 4 - NewYdrk - JanlS - For - lo years Alfred - Rosenthal of 128 East 123d street now 65 years old ha3 conducted a jewelry store - During that 11mV - lis - has been looked upon by his neighbors as a model man Today Rosenthal was sentenced byJudge - Wadhamsln general sessions tothepnltentiAryon Blackwells Island for six months onhls plea of guilty to attempted burglary in the third degree In Imposing sentence Judge Wadhams said he had been Informed that Rosenthal for many years had beena fence but because of his shrewdness had never before been brought toustice v K 7 Assistant District Attorney Follette laid bare - Rosenthals history to Judge IVad - hams - He denounced Rosenthal - as the successor of MotherKandelbaum planning burglaries for unfortunate men who had fallen Into hjs clutches reaping the proceeds of their crlmest for himself Mr Follette told Judge Wadhams that for many years the police had suspected Rosenthal of aldlngthievesto dispose of their booty ut t was not until the right of November 15 lasC when a thief caughtrattemptlrig to rob the safe of Greason tCo diamond merchants con - fessed that he was working for RosenthalRosenthal - There were 50000 - worth of diamonds Lin the safe thatthe - thief was working on when he was arrested Rosenthal the thief said had Given him a key tos the office and th com - mnatlon of the safe flrhlCh he said he had obtained from oneHof Qreasons - employesemployes Greason Co however had a few weeks prior changed the combination of - their safe and when the thief attempted to open it her was unsuccessful and was caught red handed - Detectives Enright andConroy on the night they arrested Rosenthal at hia home say they found a large quantity of silverware and later learned It was part of the loot of a - robbery 4 Since he has resided In Harlem Rosen thal has been looked upon as a model citizen by his neighbors He has a wife and four children - BALTIMORlPOLICET RAID RACE - BETTORS CONTINUED EBQM FIRST PAGE Eleven thousand six hundred and ten amlnals were examined in the District of Columbia last year by agents representing the Washington Humane Society according to the report of r the secretary John P Heap at the annual meeting of the society in the Shoreham Hotel on Tuesday The secretarys report - showed that the Investigations led to 909 prosecutions on charges of cruelty to - animalsanimals and 875 convictions n the police court vt The report reviews Che work of - the past year In the schools where bands of mercy were organized to distrlbut humane literature and teach kindness t6 animals During the year 1808 of - these bands were organized wlthEa - total en rolment of 71118 children The secretary acknowledges gifts - of two animal drinking fountains from Mrs Thomas F Bayard and twp from Miss Margaret Hanna Officers of the society were elected as follows President Walter Stilson Hutch - ins first vice president Dr John C Wise vice presidents Mrs William E Chandler Mrs CrammondKennedy Miss Harriet B Dorlng and J B T Tupper honorary vice presidents Dr Wallace Radcliffe Mrs John B Henderson Mrs E C HalHday Augustus S - Worthlngton liss Addison Mitchell MrsGharles A Prouty Mrs Edward Douglas White Henry F Blount Nathaniel Wilson Miss Emily V Llndsley Mrs Florence Cairns secretary John P Heap - treasurer W Clarence Duvall members of executive committee Chester A Snow Archibald Hopkins Rear Admiral Charles E Clark US N Rear Admiral SA Staunton U S N R - Ross Perry Frank J Lewis Arthur T Brice Dr C Ernest Smith John B Darner Mrs Seth ML Ackley and Miss Lydla S Biddle BANDITS NIJRSEiryST G0SAYS - WIFE WilljDrop Divorce if Fair Attendants Millionaire Quits Their Home Special to The WashlngtonTost Atlanta Ga Jan 16 Emmet Hlght 4young mlUlonalre - clubman has been sued for divorce by llrs Carrie D Hlght asocialleader Mrs1 - Hight - also asked SOO000 for the - support - of - hefselff and 4 - year - old son and her lawyers got an Injunction - tying uptherhusbands estate untilfthe divorce - suites settled Mrs Hight charged that - 7 her hus - band - ls constantly intoxicated Her principal grievance s however she i says is against NaidaDavsanurser JMrsT Hlght charges that her husband hasturned the affairs of thehouse overtothe nurse JMrsHlght says she hasbeenbarredfromher - thusbands room by the nurse aftd that when she is - allowed in the nurse makes notation hn a - ana BttncijuMieuuB governmento settlement very much to the chagrin of 1 MrsHighU says she vwill withdraw names s Tom Stanfleld and Js lax a - dlirectcablebetweeaSpalhfandjtheitvictorsiojfYorktown5 But withj the suit provided Miss Davis leaves the ner A posse spent the day hui Nw - Yorlu - - v - fv - - - Irrahceout or the way - as a seamenace house Thfe - JtissDavisrefusea to do the fourth niaa I J1 - j - - - - - - i - fc - - - j - - - s CONTINCED FROM FIRST PAGE the railroad tracks whrs the police from Wichita met them It was shortly after 2 oclock this morn ing when the yeggmen cut the telegraph wires in the iMissouriPaciflc station Then they made an attempt Vf break into the telephone exchange Daring of the Hello Girl Miss Dressel who was alone and asleep on a sofa was awakened by the splintering of the door - panels She reached for an automatic pistol and began firing As she shot - jshe pushed the telephone wire plug Info the switchboard number of - Town Marshal - Heldeiv Then - the town began to wakeupf many citizens jumping from their beds - at the first explosion In the baijk vault which sounded like a loud clap of thunder The robbers split up at - the bank two golng Inside and two standingrguard outside For two hours while the safe blowers worked Inside the bankUheir pals stood oft the citizens more than 300 shots be - lng fired No one was hit thouglf there were several narrow escapes - Therdb - bers blew off theoutedoor of the vault I handle the situation he rvislted Baltimore and requested the Baltimore police to make the raid Suspect They Got Big Game While many In the raid gave fictitious names the police believe that they have some well - known government employes in the net - Many prisoners declared they were government clerks but when questioned as to their duties in Washington said they were employed by the government to do clerical work and then smiled None arrested were from Baltimore It was said by one of the men captured In the raid that no one but Washlngtonians could be members of the club In order to get the evidence Marshal Carter with the sanction of the board of pollde commissioners sent to Washington Leroy Watson a stenographer in the marshals office Watson became acquainted with some members of the club and about three weks ago was taken to Meyers Statton and introduced Was Elected a Member He was given a membership card a yellow card bearing the name ofthe club and in the center the words membership card Across the face in large red letters were numbers With this he made several visits to the club and according to Marshal Carter placed many bets When the police raided the place today he was in the betting room and It is said had placed several bets The police burst In the doors and with drawn revolvers ordered every one to hold up their hands Five men Immediately rushed to surround the big egg stove to prevent any papers being thrown into the fire The police started under sealed orders Only the deputy marshal knew the destination On the train were nearly 100 passengers The last stop was made at Annapolis Junction and the train being an express for Washington was not scheduled to stop at Meyers Station After leaving Annapolis Junction Deputy Marshal House arose and announced to the men that they were to get off the car at Meyers Station and Instructed them in their duties Im eorry Sir but we dont stop there said the conductor - to the deputy marshal Then the train was commandeered byv the police In thename of the governor of the State of Maryland we take possession of this train announced the deputy marshal No Chance for Escape The motorman was instructed to stop at Meyers Station and at first refused n lueui 110 uctiuea w ooey me orders w uw jiuuvw ouu nuciiuicjeis Diauon was reached the car was brought to a sudden stop The doors were thrown open and Hhe police rushed out The notormanpreviously had - been Instructed to start his car as soon as the police were off 1 The police made a rush for the club that Is located abojit 60 feet from the - station Surrounding the place was a barbed wire fence about five feet high Strong - arm men and bulldogs were also on duty Thewlre fence was broken down On the way across the grounds several vicious - bulldogs rushed - at the police but were beaten off 4 Clubhouse Is Surrounded Twenty men were assigned to surround the house and prevent any one escaping from the windows Marshal Carter Deputy Marshal House and Detective Lieutenants Schanberger and fstrong - box butit would not yield vf Second Battle With - Police With the entire rrtown firing - Jin their direction they worked as coolly as if they were giving j a stage exhibition Their third attack on the strong boxex - hausted their supply of explosives The two men - on guard covered thedashof - the others for the machine and under continuous fire they whirled away vr iMiss Dressel 1 In I the meantime had gotten Incommunlcation with tho Wichita police - Seven other officers in charge ovf Sergt Gilmore ot Wichita started along jthe Missouri Pacific tracks GIN more and his band ran into the bandits about 2 miles out of Wichita In the fight which followed one bandit escaped The two - in addition to Smith - gave their names as Tom Stanfleld and Jack Hor ner A posse spent the day hunting fc Carey led the police on the rush to the front Others tinder the command of Sergeant Cobney and Roach went to the rear to prevent any one escaping from the back door Throw - up your hands 1 commanded Marshal of Police Carter and Deputy Marshal House whipping out automatic pistols s - they entered tho building Every one obeyed - Despite a cordon of police around a big stove to prevent the destruction of evidence - several attempts were made to break through thellne of police and destroy cards Jn the possession of the men captured The prisoners were searched and - all evidence foundon them In the way - of membership cards S i was confiscated by the police - f 1ri nivartT Purincr TisT9 x -1 Between - 75 and 100 cards which the police say were betting cards were captured After the prisbners - ii had t been placed aboard the cars Deputy If arshal House and Detective LleuUShanbeer obtained a hatchet and screw driy errand took down seven blackboards on which were Nephew of General Decorated by Kaiser Jailed in Vancouver Vancouver British Columbia Jan 16 Carl Mackensen nephew of the German general recently decorated - Jy the Emperor of Germany for services in Poland was arrested today by the police acting on military instructions Mackensen was seized on his farm at Lerigleyand will be kept a prisoner of war until peace Is restored Dr Redlich a German lawyer of Vancouver was arrested at the same time Both - are in the New Westminster jail - mm 11 morses Animals Bought by Italy Driven Into Sea by Ships Captain yv - - thing - pertaining to making or placing betsr even tol chalk - was - taken by the police - v i - 4 According to Deputy Marshal House in the south end of the room were the blackboards betting sheets and cashiers of fice Behind the cashiers deslr sat two men one of whomhad over his head a telephone headpiece and f receiyerThis telephone according to the police con nected with Bowie where the results of the races were received by wire and then telephoned to thexclub - - Nearbywas also a telephone bearing tho number Bowie 229 The police followed the wires which led out of the rear of the club through a woodshed and then down along the ground through the woods to - Bowie about three - quarters of a mile distant Between Bowie and the club - the police found two men whose ydutyltwasto noia up every stranger and inquire - into M3 business These men also watched the wires to prevent any one tampering with them J Wide Range of Occupations While the crowd seemed to take their arrest good - naturedly many wanted to know howthe police were able to get the information owing - to the care exercised in preventing strangers from approaching At the Central district police station the prisoners were at first marshaled In the courtroom on the second floor When all had been brought to the station they were brought downstairs where they were entered onthedocket Many have fictitious names andresi - dences Their occupations varied from bricklayer to government official There were waiters bellboys drivers tinners bartenders students traveling salesmen printers musicians engineers farmery guides lawyers upholsterers druggists and carpenters Names as Prisoners Gave - Them - Those arrested arid the - charges entered against them were - r Charged with accepting and7 taking bets on horse races in Anne Arundel county the prisoners said they were Will - lam Austin 25 - North Capitol street - WilliamWilliam Brooks 22 C street southeast Fred C Curtis Sterling Hotel Sol Fink Twelfth and E streets northwest Henry jiurray rnirteentn and New Y ork avenue Frank Ward Farragut Apartment - all of Washlngton v Charged with placing bets on horse races the prisoners gave the following names and Washington addresses James S Perkins 815 A street north east William Fordham r630 I street northwest Samuel Corey 2222 I street northwest - Thomas Collins 610 M street northwestv Michael Finnan 706 Elev enth street northwest sTheo Carr 425 Thirteenth street southeast - Clarence Garrett 219 I street northwest Edwin w warren 702 Q street northeast J H Mills 15 I street northwest - John D Beaulac 48 S street northwest - J L Cassln Fifteenth and H streets Arthur uook ij4o IarKwood place northwest James Wiggington 49 Conduit road John M Powers 2501 Pennsylvania ave nue northwest Cleveland Arthur 527 Thirteenth street northwest - George vanaeDecK 1201 Florida avenuerH A Rady 606 Pennsylvania avenue Ralph xiik jou ii owed nurunwesi V - arxt Alley 811 M street northwest John Murphy 1005 Fifth Street - northwest Lawrence Erlckson 704 New Jersey avenue northwest William EHowseT i4i win tecum sueei iiprineasi Joan F Barkman 914 C street northeast Frank P Hooyer 1732 First street northwest WHUam Thomas 326 Fif teenth street northeast Robert Henry 1009 H street northwesC Edward Shultz 706 Twelfth street northwest Joseph Lee 34023Ninteenth street norm west jviartin uarney 3u n - teenth street northeast Jeremiah OConnor 214 B street northeast J - E Doty 620 Fifth street northwest Matt Myers 3338 Seventh street northwest i John Collins 608 Sixth street northeast Thomas M White 2626 Georgia avenue northwest L E Moore Seventeenth andU streets northwest Edward L - Rathwell 1120 Eighteenth street northwest - William Brosman 629 I street southwest Arthur G Turner 703 Eastern avenu e JTakoma Park W Casey 1416 K street northwest James H Weaver 910 E street northwest H Burnsr 420 - M street northwest TJ uanes - iziionroe street vy imam ijoug - las Fourteenth and iFalrmont - streets Robert Potea 491 Pennsylvania avenue Warren RelUy 27 Fifth street southeast Leo Oedekoven 1235 New York avenue northwest John Doyle 1022 First street northwest William F Walker 809 Sixth street northwest Jr A Clark 1216 C street southeast John Morris 1202 L street northwest Thomas S Lee Twentieth - andP streets northwest John F Carter - 935 VH street northwest William Callahan 1840 UT street v - - j George Thompson 725 Pennsylvania avenue Albert Caddick 115 H street northwest William Sanderson 106 Second street northwest Frank Huger 610 Ninth street northwest Perry Grant 804 I street northweit Lawrence Higgis 2542 - Sixth street northwest iirnest - sk - rsruoK - i intra street northwest KoDert Downey 1155 Four - and - a - half street southwest Eugene Young 734 - Twelfth street northwest Lester Williams 1428 Fourteenth street - northwest Michael Long 707 Eighth street southeast John W1I - iams 432 Jt street nqrthwest George Quinn 902 Lstreet northwest Joseph D Carr Twelfth and E streets northwest Julian E Gillespie 230 New Jer sey avenue John J Qulgley 436 Tenth oticcL - - iiviiuncoL uivic v - Acnei wail 713 - Fifth street northeast y - - Adolph Hughes 828 Twelfth street northwest John W - Hayne 4717 G street northwest Joseph Walker 519 I street northwest William Wale 652 Eleventh Street northeast wuns Hoi HEIDlHST0i1THKEEPERS Gave as His Reason That They Would Die of - Thirst on Vessel Returned Horsemen Refuse to Discuss Report That It Was Work of Austrian Spies Italy to Investigate iNew York Jan 16 Details of the mysterious cause which killed 340 horses on board the American steamship Koelyn between New York and Bermuda in the first week of January were brought into port Friday t by fourteen horsemen who had charge of the drove as agents for the Italian government - i - The anlmalshad been purchased by Italy - ifor use In her army A wireless report received here from some unknown source a few days ago tended to lay the disaster tothe work of Austrian sptee but none of the horsemen arriving today were willing to stand sponsor for this theory jTfJ - - s - - r - - Consul General to Investigate - The facts of thecase are so puzzling that the Intalian consul general has decided upon aninvestigatlonln the name of his government - - - - - Carlo Rocco the leader of the delegation told the Italian - diplomatist in his report on the case that at least 300 of the numberwere thrown overboard alive Thla remarkable action he said was taken atthe instance of Capt A W Barlow commander of the vessel Who explained to the irate horsemen that his watering condensing system had broken down and that the animals would die of thirst on boardif they were not thrown Into the sea - - - IThe captain stood over us - with a gun while this lightering process was going on ran Roccos story He hadfat first ordered u to throw our charges over We refused Then he ordered it done - Saved Few of Horses Rocco - says that he and his fellow agents - contrived to - hide about 65 of the horses in the lower hold of the vessel while the - captain was superintending - the proceedings onldeck Forty of these were drowned when the vessel finally ran ashore on a coral reef about 12 miles from - Hamilton - flooding the hold with water When - the Evelyn docked Rocco says that he and his comrades sold the - remalnlng animals to natives of the Island and invested ihz proceeds in tickets back to America - v - ARREST OPIUM QUEEN Mrs Ghee Accused of Aiding Band of Smugglers - FOUND SIN SMTER00MbK SHIP EnglishWife of Liverpool Chinaman Nabbed by U S - Officers as Liner Docks at New York Admits She Knew - of Drug Plot Couldnt Stand My Husband Any Longer She Says New York Jan 11 Mrs Sophia Ghee known to the police as the opium queen was taken from her stateroom on the steamer Philadelphia when the vessel docked here today and placed un der arrest as the guiding genius of a band of alleged opium smugglers of whom eleven men had previously been locked up in New York Chicago and San Francisco The warrant under which she was arrested charges con spiracy to smuggle opium into the United - States Mrs Ghee is of English birth and Aus trian parentage and the wife of Chow Ghee a Chinese living in Liverpool She sailed from New York on December 23 for Liverpool A day later evidence was found upon which the warrant was Issued The Federal authorities notified Scotland Yard and whenjMrs Ghee reached Liverpool she was sent back to this city on the technicat grounds that she was an undesirable alien - Accused as Opium Smuggler Edwin M Stanton assistant United States district attorney who arrested her said that she was charged with being the American agent of a group ot I opium smugglers with Its headquarters in Liverpool and that thff government was prepared tojprove she was responsible for the distribution of 25000 worth of opium throughout the United States Mrs43hee is aruddy - faced little Englishwoman of 30 She Is rather good looking and is well dressed When seen in the district attorneys office she said that there was nothing to say Whats the use she answered with tears in her eyes Theyve got me I have no lawyer Theres no use for one I cant say that I wasnt mixed up In this for I was tl cant tell a lie Its the first time Ive ever been in trouble and she raised her veil to wipe away the tears f Couldnt Stand Her Husband Yes Im married I left my husband two months ago and the trip I mads here at - that time was the first I had v ever made tothis country I went iritothis thing because I couldnt stand my husband any longer y Mrs Ghee was arraigned before a United States commissioner and committed to the Tombs in default of J15f 000 bail EX - CASHIER BANK ROBBER So Declares Sheriff Who Says Prisoner Confessed Waynesboro Ga Jan 16 Thomas F Burton formerly - cashier of the First National Bank of Waynesboro has confessed that he was the masked man who held up the assistant cashier and attempted to rob the bank last Tuesday according to Sheriff Story Burton who was arrested shortly after the attempted robbery and placed In jail here already was awaiting trial on the charge of embezzling the banks funds while connected with the institution GERMANS LOSE AFRICAN TOWN Forces1 of the Union of South Africa Occupy Port of Swakopmund London Jan 16 The forces of th Union of South Africa have occupied Swakopmund German Southwest Africa according - to a Pretoria dlspatcb - Swakopmund is a port of call at tha mouth of the Swakop River It Is a trading and mission station and Is con nected by rail with Windhoek listed horses running at NewOrleansPer - 018F siT 4 northesV Joseph B - s 1 Sparks Third Btreet - northwest James Juarez and - the Habana - tracks TheseJ - 201 H street northeast Ar - ia - ereaWbroughtr to Baltimore Every thur McCort 928 F street northwest - VS i V - - - 5 - r t KANSAS STATESMAN IN DISGUISE OF CABBY DRIVES HIS 0WNTAMILYT0 - hOWN AND PUTS THEM IN NEW HOME I FriendsofRepresentative Philip Pitt Campbellof Kansas who looks like the pictures of Alexander HamiltonHamilton - viewed him with an unusual degree of approval yesterday following the telling of a story of how recently Tvhen an emergency arose he disguised himself - as a cab driver and successfully drove - his family through the streets of Washington unrecognized by any of his acquaintances Mr Campbell had a country place in Virglniajust across the Potomac He decided to move into the city and ordered a carriage to convey his family to the home In town - On the way Mr Campbell made a startling discovery The cabby was intoxicated and was driving so recklessly as to endanger the lives of the carriage occupants The - Kansas statesman decided quickly upon a line of action He took a seat beside the driver and assumed charge of the reins As the vehicle proceeded to the busy section ot the city Mr Campbell suddenly realized that he was giving his political enemies a fine opportunity to make capital should ny of them see him on the box of a cab with a drunken companion So he changed hats with the now sleeping driver the hat being of tha plug variety and pulled his coat up around his ears He droVe up to his new home without being recognized - Canal Zone Police Hunt for Radio e In Operation Near Panama City - Panama Jan 16 - Both Panaman and Canal Zone police are engaged in an energetic search for apowerful wireless telegraph station believed to Je in operation in the vicinity of Panama City The wireless plantvhich was discovered on the tOD of a tall building in the center of Panama Thursday and destroyed by the government authorities proved only a miles but It was of costly construction Sir Claude Mallet British Minister to Panama said today he possessed information which led him to believe a powerful sending apparatus was located within a lew miles ui uic uiy Wireless telegraph operators of the United States navy report that recently they have encountered considerable interference when sending or receiving - receiving station with a radius of 1000 messages Paul Alexander 1310 Calvert street northwest Charles ONeal 45 G street northwest John Lyons lazo u northwest William Lynch 116 Massachusetts avenue northwest Charles Boose 138 Seaton street northwest John 6 Burns 401 G street northwest S JEagan 938 Fourth street north - oot - Prank T Mever9 923 Virginia avenue southwest John IL Chaney 1430 K street northwest fliorns teener Sterling - Hotel Jesse - P Wiley 4SJ N street southwest Fred J Mees 80i Eleventh street northwest Ernest Truesdell 1028 Eighth street northwest Ralph A Howe 3136 Eighteenth street northwest Frank E Deagan S31 High street Michael CKelly1014 IT street north west William M - - Carter 2814 Thirteenth street northwest Charles P White 1709 Euclid street northwest George Dudley Charles Hotel Gus uiotzDacn uit 1 street northeast Jonn ieager Asiona apartments Third and G streets northwestnorthwest - Randolph Moreland 1128 Park place northeast William J Franklin U32 E street northeast Joseph E Hart 1104 Ninth street northwest Frank Kranston 517 Park road northwest Fred Pratt 713 G street northwest William Hanna 1434 Harvard street northwest James J - Keaner ii wapuoi street northwesfc - Charles Kramer 1421 First street northwest F E White 922 Ninth street northwest W J Collins 610 H street soutnwest DTanit xiyynB io TI street northwest John J Lamars sra Ninth street northwest Harold A Jack son Raleigh Hotel Ellas Chellna 731 First street northwest Marvn K Suter 14 Florida avenue - northeast George F Reese National Hotel William R Wiley 122 S street southeast Lawrence W Brennan 2026 East Capitol street John G Chestnnt 3567 Holmead place Leo F Nahman - 3559 Holmead place Charles D l - Jolliffe 533 Irving street northwest John Kurthals 612 Twelfth street northwest Douglas G Moxley 21fi Fifth street northeast William - PT Courtney 2224 Twelfth street northwest John 15 Parker 466 S street northwestf George Griffin 340 Fifteenth street northeast James Coughlln 700 H street northeast Harry Cookt 1930 Eighteenth street northwest BernaVd E Duvall 1353 H street northeast George Houser 326 Tennessee avenue northeast Fred Metcalf 415 G street northeast Chris Burkhardt 1243 Neal street northeast Others besides Washingtoniaps arrested gave the names of PaytOn Polser Roslyn Va James R Smith Cherrydale - Va - John F Wood Rockvifle Md Lewis R Butte Cherrydale Va Samuel D Andrews 1122 East Main street Norfolk Va Thomas Hayden 436 S street New ark N J and W F Behrens Berwlj Md SOS CaUs for Bail Washington sports who were in th cityr and ndt in the raided club congratulated themselves last - night Early in the evening rumors began floating into thecltyfrom Baltimore The ru - mors were followed by news of the raid Then appeals began coming from those - who did not have money with which to bail themselves out of Baltimore cells m t pv v - - fc J

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