Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 16, 1897
Page 24
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DAILYJPHABOS SATURDAY, DOT. 16, 1897. GITY NRWS. See New Otto ad. Oysters at Foley's. Pears, 20c a peck.—Traut. Olives 18c quart at Foley's. Onions 37c bushel at Foley's. For good shoes go to Waldea. Puffs only 50c—Will Murdock. Bead, "Now Is Your Chance." Package coffee, 8Jc lb.—Traut. California wine 65c gallon—Foley Plenty celery this eve. —Eotherml Watch hams drop Monday.—Trau Potatoes, 60c bushel.—Eothermel Special sale Saturday at New Otto Grapes, 5c basket this eve.—Both Sweet potatoes, loc peck.—Traut Plenty butter, eggs.—Eotherme) Jersey sweet potatoes 22c peck Foley's. Attend big cloak sale tonight, Trade Palace. Tonight—200 short waist corset only 50c—Golden Rule. Patent flour, 12.35; next grade •1.50 per hundred.—Traut. Save 25 per cent by attending th big store's sale tonight, Trade Palace Wanted—Girl to take care of tw babies. Enquire at 925 High street Mrs. L. L. Kingsbury, of Mont) cello, is visiting Logansport friends Headquarters for wall paper—Lo gansport Wall Paper Co., 307 4th St Money to loan—Large or sma amounts.—C. O. Fenton, 222 4th st Have you seen those jask rabbit at Dwire & Guiney's, 3rd and Broad way? Armour's and Swift's best suga cured hams, without canvas; 1Jc Traut. You will miss it, and you will re gret it If you fail to go to the St Joseph's bazaar next week. Call and see our fancy stock o Minnesota potatoes before buying your winter supply,—Traut. The apple crop of southern Indiana will be small this year. The drough prevented proper development. Best roast potatoes and horn gravy, potato salad, raw oysters and celery at Will Carmell's this Eve The funeral of the late Will Clarki of 1109 Market street, was held thii morning from St. Vincent de Paul church. If you want a new suit or your clothes cleaned and repaired, call at Wm. Gross', 215 Market street, op posite postoffice. Domestic bargains for tonight's sale—Good staple check ginghams SJc; all best prints (none reserved 1 3Jc—Golden Eule. John B. Smith filed the complaint of Anne VanDyne in a suit for di vorce from Moses YanDyne. She alleges abandonment. The eighty-sixth anniversary of the battle of Tippecanoe, November 5, is to be observed by the public schools of the state as patriotic day. The St. Joseph's bazaar is decorated in elegant style. The ladles wll serve supper every evening from 5 to 8, beginning Monday evening, Oct. 18th. Everybody should go. Last evening Miss Jessie Neill entertained the '96 graduating class, of which she was a member, at her home No. 304 Burlington avenue. Elegant refreshments were served. A badly intoxicated individual was pushed away from the rear of a bus! ness house on Market street, yesterday afternoon, and falling on the cement pavement was rendered un conscious and lay in that condition for a short time. George E. Gates and Jessie Smith were united In marriage today at the office of Esquire Walters, that mag gistrate officiating, The couple will reside at Ford's Crossing. The groom is 51 and the bride 50 years of age, and this is their first venture in the matrimonial market. Logangport grain dealers have quit buying corn by the bushel and now buy it by the pound. The reason they give is that this is the only cor reot way to buy the cereal. The same plan has been introduced at Frankfort. The dealers there say the corn is mostly chaffy and will not weigh out. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER WORLD'S FAm,CHICAGO,l893 BETTER THAN LIFE Did Charles Laura Ward Bopp. Love Insane Plan Passion Caused Him • Double Tragedy. to Fired Two Snots at Her, Tfcen Tamed the Weapon Upon Himself. He Is Dead and She May Recover—A Corset Stay Sated Her From Certain Death. What may result in a double trag edy occurred last evening at the home of ex-Councilman Schaefer, corner of North Sixth and Henry streets. While crazed with jealous love and drink, Charles Ward shot his sweetheart, Laura Bopp, and then turned the weapon and fiied two bullets into his own ^body, each penetrating the heart and causing instant death. The girl was shot through the lower part o; the left lung; the bullet en tering between the lower ribs, a half- inch to the right of the center line of the body, ranged straight back and lodged in the muscular walls of the back. The first shot fired by Ward into his own body entered about two inches to the left of the center of the loin of the breast. The second shot, which caused his death, entered his body a half-inch to the right of the left nipple and penetrated his heart. Ward and Miss Bopp were engaged to be married. The latter returned Wednesday from a visit with her cousin at Lansing, Mich., and upon learning that Ward had been intoxicated during her absence, she wrote him a letter, stating that as he had broken his promise to quit drinking, she would have nothing further to do with htm, Upon receipt of this letter, Ward began drinking heavily. He appeared at the Schaefer house about 6:30 iast evening in an intoxicated condition and asked to see Miss Boop. She . was at supper and went out on the back porch hear what he had to say. He asked her to accompany him to the front yard, and she not only declined but reiterated her determination to break off the engagement. The dec- aration threw Ward into a fit of iealous rage, and with the remark: "Then, take that, g -d you," he drew a 32-caliber "Young Amerca" bull dog revolver and fired two shots at Miss Bopp at short range. The revolver was almost against her body when he fired. The second shot missed her and the bullet penetrated he door casing, near where Miss B. stood. After shooting himself Ward fell upon the porch, where he had stood during the conversation with Miss Bopp. His body lay where it had fallen until about 8:30, when it was removed to the undertaking estab- Ishment of Killian & 3o., on Market street. After she had been sho* Miss Bopp entered the house, and falling into the arms of Mrs. Schaefer, said 'Oh! Charley haa shot x me." Mrs. Schaefer assisted the young woman to a couch in the setting room and telephoned to police headquarters. Coroner Busjahn was then notified, and with Dra, Holloway, Shultz and Hetherington, proceeded direct to the scene of the tragedy. After a preliminary examination, Coroner Busjahn stepped to the rear ot the louse, where tie found the body of Ward, guarded by Officer Liming. The body lay in the same position in which it had fallen after the fatal hot had been fired. The doctors found Miss Bopp suf- ering greatly from her wound. She was able, however, to tell the story f the shooting to those about her. A hypordermic injection was admin- stered and an examination -made cf he wound. Nothing further could ie done than stop the flow of blood. The girl rested easily during the ight, and unless unforseen compilations arise she may recover. I* a art of her garments were carried nto her lung by the bullet there is anger of the formation of an ab- cess.in which event her death would e almost certain. Miss Bopp is about IS years of age nd fairly good looking. She Is a aug'hter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles lopp, who reside at the corner of Homey and Franklin streets, North- ide. She haa been employed as a omestic in the family of Mir. jchwfer for nearly two years, and during all of that time had kept company with the man who attempt ed her life. The dead man was between 27 and 28 years of age. He was a son o Win. H. H. Ward, residing at No 530 Michigan avenue. The latter Ji a veteran of the late war and waa fo a number of years a drayman ID thi; city. He is known to a large numbe: of citizens as "Doc Ward," and hai been employed for several years as delivery man for Stevens Brothers the lumber dealers. Up to two years young Ward drank tc excess, but on Becoming acquaint ed with Miss Bopp, the latter induced him to abstain ilrom ohe use of In toxicants. He kept his promise up to within a few weeks ago, when he went out with some companions for an "evening's entertainment,' and became intoxicated. He was a quiet, unassuming young man, anc had little to say to anybody when sober. Investigation since the shooting proves conclusively that a double tragedy was premeditated by Ward In conversation with a friend, named Will Purdy, Ward said to the latter that he was going to Greenfield Ark., to work for Mr. Howe, and as he might not return, he would leavi the photograph with Purdy. The picture is a tin type photograph o Ward and John Heber, the Vandalia fireman who lost his life in the Wai nut creek disaster a year ago last July. "It Is an old relic," said Ward "and I would like you to take it for I may never see you again." Purdy accepted the picture. In the pock ets of the dead man were also found a photograph of himself and Mis Bopp, taken together; a note writtea In pencil and addressed to "Laura,' which stated, in substance, that he (Ward) had decided to take his own life, and requested that the doctor be prevented from using the knife on his body after death. There was no signature to the note, which had evidently been written in haste. The note bore evidence of having been crumpled and then pressed out again. Strange to say, the bullet which entered Ward's heart passed through the photograph of himself and Mis Bopp. In one pocket waa found eleven unused cartridges. Their brilliancy indicated that they _had beeu newly bought. The revolver with which Ward did the shooting is an old back number affair, spotted with rust. The parents of the girl were summoned immediately after the shoot ing, and were at her bedside when the officers and doctors arrived. A touching scene was witnessed after the arrival of Ward's aged father. The old gentleman was led by his son Harry to the side of the corpse. Coroner Busjahn had just completed his examination of the wounds when the Rider Ward fell upon his knees and looking into the upturned face of his son,began weeping. Considerable persuasion from his friends was necessary to induce him to leave the scene. Harry Ward, spoken of-above, a brother of deceased, was employed in the postofBce during Mr. Tomlinson's administration as postmaster. Mi. Schaefer stated today that his wife and Miss Bopp were at supper when there was a knock at the kitchen door. Mrs,Schaefer responded and upon opening the door Ward asked to see Miss Bopp, who left the table immediately to converse with him. Mr, Schaefer's son George was the only witness to Ward's suicide. He was in the stable at the rear of the house, and after the report of the first shot hurried out to ascertain the cause. As he stepped out of the barn door he saw the Sash of the last shot and saw Ward stagger and fall upon the porch. When Ward fell the revolver was thrown against an out-building, near at hand, and fell upon the ground, at least ten feet frem where the suicide lay. Considerable excitement was occasioned early in the evening by wild rumors concerning the tragedy. One rumor .was to the effect that Mr. Schaefer had accidentally shot himself. A representative of the Pharos was early on the scene. He accompanied Dr. Nye. A large and excited crowd was found in and about the house, and it took some time to obtain any reliable information concerning the shooting. Additional information, abtained today, is to the effect that Ward wrote Miss Bopp a letter, telling her that he had been on "a spree," and asking Ler to forgive him; that she id not answer the letter, and when she returned she declined to pardon lim for the offense. The doctors today say that Miss Bopp's life was saved by a corset stay. The bullet struck the stay and glanced off to the right. Had It not seen for the stay the bullet -would have penetrated her stomach, and her death would have been certain. Dr. Hetherington arrived at the Schaefer residence twenty minutes after the shooting and gave the wounded girl Immediate attention. His last report, at 2 o'clock this aft- THE GOLDEN RULE. GRAND CLOAK OPENING SALE; Yourself and friends are cordially invited to visit their superb exhibition of ; Fall and Winter Styles in Ladies' Misses and Children's Cloaks.; We are exhibitin" the verv Latest and Choicest Styles in Novelties and High Class Cloaks and Wraps as now are pr»-> vailin" in Paris. London and Xe'w York. Such a magnificent collection has never been equalled in Logaasport. Our specif efforrs D in preparin" for this seasons offerings have been in the direction of securing an even higher station of excellence in. ctvles and materials and at price? lower than ever before offered m this city. Prices of labor and materials are steadily a<U vancioo- and it would be impossible for us to duplicate our stock at anything like the prices we will offer you. JACKETS The New Russian Blouse is one amongst the Fashionables. We have them in Black, New Greens, Royal Blue and Black Vedour. We have them in all prices up to _ S3O-OO We are showing a. complete line of Capes and Children's Wraps at very low prices. See this line before you purchase a Garment. THE GOLDEN RULE. —THE— Very Newest H Shoes... And every pair Leather Lined, making them comfortable and water proof, so you can keep from wearing Rubber Overshoes. In BOX CALF ENAMEL TAN and Yiei Kid, made on the latest style lasts. Boll Dog Coin, Dollar and Half Dollar Toes. Ladies and Children's ROYAL PURPLE the newest colors in very fancy Silk Vesting Tops, making them very attractive. See them. 408 Broadway. If You 'Want lo be in the Swim You had better'le HOOLEY —Make Your— Fall Suit Or Overcoat He will Fit You When all others fail. i —i ernoon, was, that while the wound s a serious one, the indications are favorable for her recovery. In his opinion the bullet lodged near to and ID the right of the spinal column, and n the event of her recovery no at- iempt will be made to extract It un- css certain complications should arise. Coroner Busjahn will begin taking testimony in the case this evening. George Home, a farmer residing north of the city.for whom Ward had worked at different times during the 'ast eight or nine years, stated to- ay that the deceased was an in- dastrlous and honorable young man whose only fault was a seeming uncontrollable appetite for strong drink. CTTAED'S FCXEBAL. Ward's funeral will be held st 2 p. m. tomorrow from the residence of the deceased's parents. Interment will be made- in Mt. Hope cemetery. The Second Presbyterian church at Lafayette, lately burned, will be rebuilt at once. THE BIGGEST MAN and the smallest in town, will equal satisfaction In the fit of hi. clothes if our tape line has beet around him. We have a sort of prld In fitting men that other tailor can't please. 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The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6t R B WHITSETT Fall Winter Woolens A Complete Assortment of the Latest Novelties from Domestic and Foreign Markets. Pierce, the Tailoi 318 Marfeet Street

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