The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1937
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 1937 l^'""^" 1 i0 ' luo, BLYTHEVILLE, {ARK.? COURIER NEWS ialing in on an Exhibition of Dogged Determination EttJE THREE t «JiS 2>*& ? SK W/& ™4 *. iK*^:"-"-^' 8 ^ **•• ^ -v^W. 1 A i jlaaj^ fcfj. "\.; *'KL ^ . Jme " t15 al "• * onl •)"• " cx? Mabe It's,a ito-l- - |lle; Thompson to his police dog'-jml. Rex. "I guess I'll have, lo answer 'jt." Have a try at It. won't you, Rex? Maybe It's,a itogllnngiiage they're lalkm'. No! No! Put your ear lo the receiver Instead of trying.'.' lo eat It!' ;EKI OUSTER ItoiEs IIDOIE mm "Thnfs the way, old fellow. Listen good now. Ask the What? You can't understand them? Oh, it's nil Peki At Dressing Table? No, Dining! (Continued From Pa<?e. One) r''cent In the equalizing fund. Senator Milum's bill would give Jhe. entire amount lo the equal- birjg" fund. • ;'. 1 Four cents of tile five-cent cig- Iretlc (nx is allotted the two •unds in a law passed several tears ago and the fifth cent is livided . among building funds of liighcr cducntionnl institutions As originally wi-ittcn, tile lav, provided for payment of $750, K)0 to Ihc common school fund |nd 5750,000 to the equalizing ijnci. Tlie first named payment jtis made annually for several wars because of the belief that, was ail.' annual appropriation. Che 1935 report qf State Comp- roller Griffin" Sniltiiv,«illed at- enlion to Ihc "fact that'the law liicl not provide for an annual appropriation, .but only for roymcnt It ~ the two amounts to the two Iimds in the order named, after k'hich equal division of the taj levenuo was provided. Would Delay Marriages Among the house bills intro- |uccd was one by Blount of Wliltc 'liich would require applicants for lairiage licenses to make writ•en application at least, five days •a advance of the issuance. ;Di lorced persons would have to wait BO days to obtain a license. The E-edding ceremony would te performed in the county' in which Ihe license was issued under terms If the measure. The clerk issii- g the license would be' required •o have both Hie contracting par- lies identified. I A bill by Shaw of Poinsctt 'oul.d permit n voter .who is un- Ible to mark- Ills omi ballot to elect any bystander of his or r choice (o enter the pbllin» •ce with him and assist him marking his ballot.. Election pidgcs wnulrt not be permitted assist him. I A committee was 'nppointcd by l.hairman Carlton Harris of the louse judiciary tomm.lttee last -io draft a bill to provide ricier assessments of (axes and cller collections. Representative! D. Bricthouse of Pulaskli .iy was appointed chairman • >fher members are Rcpresenta- ves Gooch of Cross countv • lioinpson of Indeiicndence Ar- •augh O f Nekton, Robsi . ( . s or • aulKner and Holmes of .\Vash- em who It ib j "You llilnk they had the uiong mnnljei, Uo^7 Hal Ha| Hal Baik- oli? >Wi.n WiV "V""."" •>»"•»: ™, s a eingese to >ou,,lng up Hie \uong tiee, soil or Well, jou never cun tell who It will ch? \\ell tell them (o jump In „ dish or chow meln m go plav a • be «hen the phone ,!,„.. u might } me been Mommy calll hot game of Mali Jona" i i_ , ' * William Newton Fislier Succu-mbs .Aflei- Extend- to supper.' ed llness CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — Funeral services for William Newton (Newt) Fisher, proprietor of the Majestic hotel, were held this morning at 9 , o'clock' at Sacred Heart church, the Rev. Pr. p. j. Doyle having charge ' of the services. Interment' :was-at .Uttle Prairie cemetery. Mr. Fisher, aged S9, had been in 111 health for a year or more. spending much of this time in hospitals for treatment. His. 'condition had been serious for .five or six months and the end was not unexpected. He succumbed in one - of Its haid to lell, in these decollettc da>s just when the candid camera has gone formal and when it Ins unadcd milady s drcss'n'» cliimber But tins vas no intiiision, 01 pnvacj, just an intimate closeup of the chaiminf Mrs Jiy F( Carlisle 3 r thq''fonnei Mar- gaiet Moffett, m a Imely evening gov,n at the table with a parly of friends in the Patio, swank Palm Beach resort, Gun Fails But Not Arrow HARTFORD CITY, Ind. J (UP) — Hubert Schisler is of the old school. Failing to get any game with a shotgun on a recent hunt he returned home, armed himsel with a bow and arrow, and soon bagged a rabbit. IF YOU WANT TO BE fresiding Elder WiJI at Yarbro Sunday [•strict, will , )rcac i, t Yarbro lundny afternoon, 2:30 o'clock following the .Wrviccs l,° wni r with officials of the chur al Yarbro. Prombc 5 ^ l"(l Number Nine, who with •icmbcrs are invited to attend. Sells Interest in E. B. Gee Sales Co. IW. A. Affllck has sold his infest In the E. B. Gee Sales hmpany to Mr. Gee. Tho deal fccanie effective today. Mr Af- 'ck- has served as manager of company for the past two Bars. HO. announced that his fu- plans are indefinite at this . but he expects to remain ly>ic flrst lighted beacon on Iho coast of the United Slates 0(I Snn DIeg0 ' ^ alif WITH COLDS UBB Vickg VapoRub . .'.This New Improved Way During thiareadjeroiis winter weather,.™ cold should be neglected. Don't delay. Don't experiment with half-way insures The moment you come down with a cold, go straight to lied and use your old dependable Vicks VapoRub —and use it this new improved way. Then you not only enjoy all the benefits that have made VapoRub the standby of two generations; you actually inreasc its effectiveness. Lengthens and Slrengthen, V.pbRuV, Action-Massage 'it briskly -OK the back (between and below the shoulder blades) as well as on the throat and che3t-/or J fall minutes. Then— spread a thuk layer over the chest and cover with a warmed cloth. Each step of. this "3-Minute VapoRub Massage" helps to lengthen and strengthen VapoRub's famous two-way action. Relieve, a Cold Two W»yi «t Once— Almost before the VapoRub is well rubbed on, it starts to bring relief two ways at once — 2 direct ways: 1. Through the Skin. VapoRub acts direct through the skin like a poultice or plaster. 2. Medicated Vapor.. At the same time, its medicated vapors, released by body heat, are breathed in for hours— about 18 times a minute-direct lo the irritated air-passages of the nose, throat, and chest. ' This combined poultice-and-vapor action loosens phlegm and makes breathing easier-rclieves irritation-eases the cough— helps break congestion, l^g after you re ] ax into comfortable sleep, VapoRub keeps right on working— hour after hour. Often, by morning the worst of the cold 13 over. Avoid. Ri,Ic of ; Stom»ch safe external treatment cannot possibly opaet the stomach, us constant internal "dosing" is so apt to do. It can be used freely, M often as needed, even on the youngest child. T y Note: Any "cold" not promptly relieved by this ^ thorough treatment with Vicks VapoRub should have tho attention of a doctor ' " . the Memphis hospitals' morning. ' Wcd- . Mr. -Fisher came to this-'city In 191G and 'engaged i.ii 'tlie' saloori business with a MrJ' Laughter. Later he sokl his saloon Interests, mid entered the , restaurant business. In 1920 he '; purchased',, the Majestic Hotel, which ho lind op- -••aled since. He had embrnced [lie Catholic fnllli during the past year. In 'addition to his widow, who shared management o( the liolel with him, lie Is survived by two sislcrs, Mrs. Cora Arrlngtou and Mrs. Qarrclt of Jonesboro, -Ark.; three Imlf-slstos, Mrs. Dan Long, Mrs.i'Lucy Hawkins and Mrs. Ltn- dn Feu-ell, one half-brother, John Fisher, nil of Litllc Rock, Ark., nnd ills step-molher, Mrs. Tom Fislier, al£o of Little Hock. Hold Funeral Services Saturday for R. E. Martin Funeral services will be held Saturday morning nt the family residence In Jonksboio for R. E. Martin, 57, fonner well known Blytljeyllle' citizen, who died at the St. Bernard hospital' of Jones- bora yesterday inornlr.J'j. : Mr, Martin, who for' a long time was connected with the Chicago Mill nnd Lumber company here', and later with. the S. J. Cohen Construction company, was supervisor, of the WPA division of labor, Jonesboro, District No. One, comprising 12 counties in northeast Arkansas. 'He was identified .with the Emergency Relief program, through the c\VA, the ERA and the WPA «tiw Ljit, wi-tt. ^.,.w^ tB , vjeiiimiiv The .Rev. H. ,H. Griffin will or the sixteenth i main.') will be tery. iie Is sinvl' ___ one ilatighler, Mrs. kousek, of Nntchea;, lived liei'C before a brolliers, Wllllali Scdalla, Kan., an,. ., tin, of Toiwka, Knn. vices. •• loged iDoonsliIncrs here. the wnler so rose from Us surface. lt-1 ,'. source (here •• seized n' ember es nnd Hie rc- nkcii to Mciii- moon, 2 •o'clock, rest, Hill ocnie- >y Ills wife, nnd ra. B. 1' I'et- ea;, Miss who hot miiirlnte, i O, Mm tin, of ill Hnrry Mnr- nn. with him, when attend the ser- : Traps Moonshiners ss. (UP)— Moth- n group of nl- here. free while 6th- rlioocl were ice- 10 suspicions of 'fc. lie tliscover- g a liquid Into fin that -steam ncc. te troopers anil ced the pipe to fnhi]hoii.<6 • nncl 1,000-Eallon still men ami n wo- re made al Nur- nt the beginning ^ntnry. Souvenirs of County Distributed at Ball All who nllcnded the rccciilton nnd ilnnce at L.IUle Dock .Tuesdny night honoring Clovcrnoi 1 Cnrl E. Uiilley nnd oilier new officers of Arkunsns were given. 'souvenirs "or thousand ml and white carnations on the county's llont which won llilrd place In {lie pnrnclc, were rcmort'd from the float- and converted Into boiilonuleres, Tlicse wore presented the incii guests at Hie dooi of the lecepllon loom by piclly young girls who lold them 'these nre cbmnllmciitti' of Mls- lliem for their hair. During the reception jack Finley HobhiTOii was asked to tell tho tjucsts 'about the llowcrs and l n hh brier talk he slated they \\cie souvenlit, of the, King Cotton county oMIic world, wnlch Invll- «l cvojbixly lo Ust hcic nl anj time. Old General Store; • j v Goes to Cemetery i ORLEANS, Mass tUPI— Tlita low 113 general store, icmtevous for steadier prophels nnd politicians the past 500 years, soon \UH become a ccnielcru rhnnpl. The building will be moved to the Oilenns ccmctert nnd converted Into ,n clmpel, made In the will of Miss rloiu limit, who died here n jcai ngo Having Iho building and Die inntl on which it ilnncli, lo the cerne- Icry Association. Head Courier Notts Want Ads nhfi COLOS WVU FEVER first day Salve, Hose Drops minutes Try "Uub-flly-TIsm"— World's licst Liniment DANCING FREE Rveiy Night i 1 Now $000 Phonograph All .New Records SILVER JVJOON NIGTJT C;LTJB EVERY DAY NEW THOUSANDS OttllEETO EXTRA VALUE IN SLOW MASH" BOTTOMS UP SENDS SALES IN CLIMB THAT AMAZES WHISKY WORLD! Millions Now Recognize the Outstanding Quality in Bottoms Up TRY IT NOW... AT LOWEST PRICE WE'VE EVER QUOTED TUST try Bottoms Up and find out what you have J been missing! Right along new thousands of men are turning to Bottoms Up and staying with it... because they insist that this famous Slow Mash whisky is richer, heartier, than they ever expected at the price. • Yes, millions now call for Bottoms Up. It just must be extra-good to win such popular favor. And it is good . , .made our good, old-time Slow Mash way that takes more time and more grain. A top-quality whisky at bottom price I Try Bottoms Up today and see for yourself! Kentucky Straight Bourbon 90 PROOF BROWN-FORMAN Distillery CO., Louisville, Ky. KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY SILBKRNAGEL & CO., Exclusive Distributors for Arkansas - Little Rock/Pine liluft, Derm) 11 You'll Say It's SPECIAL At the PRICE

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